March 31, 2021
ThoomCare Is There For You


TMN received the following report from Fishwinkle today:

Hi Para,

A rare but welcome occurrence happened in town today. Three medics of the illustrious ThoomCare™ Clan managed to take a moment in their busy schedules to form the renowned Thoom triangle. A renowned formation celebrating our noble heritage.

damp regards,

Posted by Para at 07:15 PM
March 08, 2021
Chaos Storm #1214


Chaos Storm #1214 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments.

Delta Tao's "What's New" for v1214:

3/3/2021 v1214
It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart. — Rainer Maria Rilke (1875–1926)

  • Assorted fixes and tweaks to new monsters and areas.
Posted by Para at 05:25 PM
March 01, 2021
Gala Report: One Dorf's View


Connie Crete sent the following report to TMN:

Ber Para,

Writin this down while is still fresh in my head.

Tha pirates held a Gala ta raise money fer somethin nautical related. Ask Stinky he knows tha details. First off, sum really nice decorations. I admit I grabbed this pitcher when I remembered it'd be a good story ta write up, not when was goin on.


Pun were there and she probably gots a more better recollection. I heard her yell out at one point we had 97 exiles in tha lands. I rarely gits out in Eurotime, so was good ta see lots o folks I aint seen in years, like Mjollnir and Farhope and alla other folks is daytime fer me. Yor and Michael also made an appearance.

It started with an auction o stuff - tha high thing were Xepel buyin a tune from Coriakin fer a bazillion (60k) alla other stuff be a blur but that stood out.

Jest as tha auction were windin down and tha bards was about ta bard, sum commotion started around tha bank. Now Stinky had had tha pirates put chains around tha bank in preparation o sumthn or other. Blamo - rocks falled on it. Exiles trapped and/or daid near it. Sumthn sumthin Shadow Guild. Sumthn sumthin mystics in tha cloud doin sumthin ta keep tha Shadow Guild from somethin. Hopin Whirlwind or one o thems from tha rock throwin team knows more about that.


Anyway - bank moved. Sumhow tha mystics got tha bank away from tha Shadow Guild or was playin keep away or whatever they was doin and tooked it ta tha mirror. Don't ask me why. Mystics.

It may have had ta do with Skirwan and Jamboree bein married on tha cloud which 'spains why sum folks was there. Congrats Skirwan and Jamboree.


Come ta find out sum o tha folks at tha Gala was traitors masqueradin as good Gaia fearin exiles. Like that daid Romulus guy - he's a no-good sneaky bad guy tryin ta steal tha bank . . . lots o shadow guild peoples pops outta no where, stabs ya and runs away. Everybudy runs around town, keelin Shadow Guild pepples. And runs around s-forest keelin em. And restores peace. Now tha mystics gotta figgure out how ta git tha bank back ta town. I swear mystics is tha type that jumps outta windows and then figgures out tha landin on tha way down.

Sumbudy figgures ta take tha chains that Stinky had tha pirates put around tha bank an drags it, mystics it and portals it back ta town.


Finally with a mighty heave, pushes it back onta its foundation.


Now we has cracks unner tha mirror from droppin a bank and rocks there. Now tha ground be . . . less that stable. As luck would have it, all mornin, Aymi tha myrm-thoom (thoom-myrm? whatever) had been diggin a hole up around tha dye shop. Asked her ta git her myrm friends ta take tha dirt and go fill in and re-enforce tha mirror ta keep it stable since needs that fer mirror access fer portal placement.


Everythin be good now, but fer an ominous note left behind, "We'll be back fer yer coins. - SG"


Then tha bards started ta play music. I listened a lil, but moseyed off ta report and ta drink beer.



Posted by Para at 02:46 PM