September 27, 2023
Exiles Gather at Memorial Garden


Thanks to everyone who participated in or sent messages to the gathering at the Memorial Garden.

Here's a partial transcript from the event:

Largo says, "Some people wanted to send their regards from the library, so I'm gonna relay who those people are."
Dandelion says, "Tanks, Largo"
Shakyamuni says, "Please Largo"
Largo says, "Perkusi and Indigo say "much love to my fellow Puddlebeans!""
Dandelion exclaims, "Oh!"
Largo says, "Yazza says she's here in spirit."
(Dandelion sniffles)
Shadowfire says, ":D"
Shakyamuni exclaims, "ah Yazza!!"
Largo says, "Shadrock says he's gonna try to make it, but might not be able to."
Largo exclaims, "Cecil would like to know where the time has gone, and that he misses adventuring with us!"
Shakyamuni exclaims, "Tell him to come back Largo!"
Largo exclaims, "Odesseus sends his love to all of us!"
(Shakyamuni smiles)
Lassair says, "aww"
(Dandelion smiles)
(Xepel claps)
(Lassair claps)
Largo says, "Daimoth says we're all great people, which is true."
(Shadowfire claps)
(Dandelion claps)
Shakyamuni says, "Kalypso sends her regards"
(Sunoril claps)
(Brisk blinks)
(Shakyamuni claps)
Xepel says, "But how am I supposed to believe that if Daimoth said it?"
(Coriakin smiles)
Lassair says, "Daimoth says nice things?"
(Shadowfire chuckles)
Largo says, "Well that's why I verified it."
Brisk exclaims, "I am suspicious of that Largo!"
(Xepel grins)
Dandelion says, "Daimoff says verrah nice tings sometimes"
Coriakin says, "I'm sure Michael would have some choice language to use, but we'd be happy to have him back"
Lassair exclaims, "hah, Michael!"
Sunoril says, "indeed"
Dandelion says, "Oh shoot. I forgot to invite Michael"

Largo exclaims, "There are a few people whose names I can't quite make out on the notes!"
Coriakin exclaims, "You still have time!"
Largo says, "But it's all on the bulletin board in the Face section of the library. With all the face books."
Largo ponders, ""
Xepel says, "Well I hope you send a big "Hello!" from all of us back to them."
Largo exclaims, "I can probably do that!"
Largo says, "Can we wave to them?"
(Xepel waves to the sketchbook)
Largo says, "On three?"
Largo says, "one two three"
Xepel says, "yes, on three"
(Largo waves!)
(Xepel waves!)
(The Wanderer waves)
(Dandelion waves)
(Arod waves)
(The Wanderer waves)
(Abox waves)
Xepel says, "hmm"
Xepel says, "we were very poorly coordinated"
(Coriakin grins)
(Dandelion claps)
(Paramedic applauds)
(Largo claps!)
Coriakin says, "Being poorly coordinated is also a Puddleby tradition"
(Shadowfire claps)
(Xepel grins)
(Coriakin claps!)
(L'otso claps)
Shadowfire ponders, "'Whoops, I missed the wave"
Largo starts playing his violène.
(Largo): Ode to the Starbuck
Largo says, "Woops"
Largo starts playing his violène.
(Largo): Philae Can't Get Any Stronger Until You Do!
(Largo keeps with tradition.)
(Coriakin chuckles)
(Shadowfire grins)
Hashak ponders, "I forgot to bring fish"
Hashak raises his root beer on high, and drains it in one gulp.
Paramedic ponders, "fish are tasty"
Michael is now Clanning.
(Coriakin smiles)
Kani ponders, "Oh, gosh."
Shakyamuni exclaims, "Michael!"
(Shadowfire smiles)
Xepel ponders, "Michael!"
Paramedic says, "Wow"
(Dandelion invited Michael)
(Kani grins at Dande.)
Paramedic says, "Indeed she did"
Arod says, "it is an honor to have been here this fine day of memoriam"
(Shakyamuni really wants to send a swearing SS just to welcome Michael)
Coriakin exclaims, "Aww!"
(Dandelion waves)
Kani ponders, "Then do it."
(The Wanderer waves)
Largo thinks, "Golly, it's Michael! How the heck are you?"
Kani ponders, "How did my song end up so… elegiac?"
(Dandelion giggles)
Lassair says, "oh wow"
Michael thinks, "alive?"
Lassair says, ":)"
Shakyamuni says, "That wasn't very sweary Largo"
Xepel ponders, "It's, uh... stately."
(Brisk blinks)
Largo says, "I'm *trying*."
(Shakyamuni laughs)
Noivad thinks, "how the fuck are you Michael?"
Brisk thinks, "Surprising! Good to fuckin see you!"
Shakyamuni exclaims, "Heya Fucker!"
Paramedic says, "There he is"
(Coriakin grins)
Sunoril thinks, "Hi, Michael, howzit?"
Lassair says, "LOL"
(Shadowfire inclines her head in greeting.)
Michael says, "sup fuckers"

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September 20, 2023
Upcoming Memorial


Largo sent the following announcement to TMN:

This is the 18th year since Tyndall passed away. He was loved by many in life, and is remembered both as a cherished friend and a Puddlebean legend.

Every year, we mark this time and come together in order to celebrate the lives of friends that we've lost over the years: Xenos & Panos, Baffina & Baffette, Tyndall, Tonoto, Eyeball, and K'pyn. Please join us to share memories, whiskey, cigars, beer, songs, and bonfires in the Memorial Garden outside Alliance Castle on September 27, 2023 @ 7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern / 2am GMT.

Whether you're a constant presence, you've been in the library for a while, or you're somewhere in between, we'd really love to see you. Please also reach out to friends who might not see this message – we'd love to see them, too.


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September 06, 2023
Chaos Storm #1345


Chaos Storm #1345 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments.

2023-09-06 v1345
Searching is half the fun: life is much more manageable when thought of as a scavenger hunt as opposed to a surprise party. — Jimmy Buffett (1946–2023)

  • Experimenting with bloodmage blood drop spirit amounts. Made a change which significantly reduces the bonus for collecting droplets on low health, but significantly increases the “base” amount of spirit. The result is that spirit returns will be slightly less when lower than 7% health, and a lot more when above. On average spirit gain should be a bit higher.
  • You’ll have to explore the world to discover the rest of the changes wrought by this Chaos Storm.
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