May 10, 2003
Ad Art Contest Entries


TMN is proud to begin showing the entries to the Ad Art Contest. Odesseus and I were both honored to judge a fine selection of submissions. The first four entries shown here are not among the winners, but all were much appreciated. It was very hard to pick the winners, and as a result I have added four new prizes to the pool (details to be announced when the winning entries are displayed).

Click below to see four entries by Clyde, Elenis, Xel, and Xepel.

Shiny Metal TMN
by Clyde


Clyde's shiny metallic entry successfully appeals to the Dwarven miner audience. Combining simple utility with the clobber-you-over-the-head sensibilities of a silver ingot, "Shiny Metal TMN" is designed to make Dwarves everywhere remember those three letters: TMN.

ThoomCare Book Spine
by Elenis Reyav


Elenis's stylish ThoomCare "Clan Lord Guide" book spine is pinpoint-precision targeted advertising aimed right at one of the largest audiences in Puddleby: library characters. If you don't bother coming out of the library these days, this book will help to remind you where to go to get your news: TMN.

by Xel


Reminscent of Andy Warhol's famous painting of a can of Campbell's Tomato Soup, Xel's "Thoomies" manages to embrace as well as mock mass market culture. It also leaves behind a burning question about the violent act of thoomicide conducted on the middle left.

Thoom Mafia
by Xepel


Xepel's "Thoom Mafia" capitalizes on the popularity of mob-related dramas as well as the tendency of Thooms to gather together in town center. The viewer is left wondering if perhaps it would be in his or her best interest, if you know what we mean, to keep up on the latest news at TMN.

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