January 20, 2007
Channel Master and Toomeria Working to Enhance Champions


Gorvin sent the following report to TMN:

I bring great news for Puddleby's Champions.

Recently, while I was off on a hunt, I heard word that Erthron was in town asking if anyone had seen Channel Master. Apparently Channel Master had disappeared from the Champion Hall without a word. After returning from my hunt, I heard Polerand sunstoning that there was some unusual activity going on in the Greymyr Passes. A group of us went to investigate and found an exceptionally large amount of greymyrs all over the passes, some of which were much stronger than normal. Eventually we were able to fight our way to the Greymyr Chief, and found Channel Master fallen next to him.

After raising him, he told us that he had felt some strange energy coming from the passes, and had come here to investigate. He saw what he thought were greymyrs being "born" from the rocks here. Before being beaten into a pulp, he noticed something strange about these greymyrs. Apparently their energy wasn't coming from the Earth, but from within themselves, similar to what Toomeria teaches Champions to do. However, eventually the energy left them.

Garr inquired as to whether he might be able to channel some of his stored power into his Earthstones to make them more powerful. Channel Master said it might be possible and that maybe we should talk to Toomeria about it. As we headed back, we encountered a large group of greymyrs, which Channel Master felt had a strange energy about them. Possibly they were "young" greymyrs like the ones that attacked him by the chief. After killing them off, Channel Master put two of them on a chain to be brought back.


Apparently Toomeria and Channel Master were not on the best of terms, and were reluctant to work with each other, but Garr eventually convinced Toomeria to consider the idea. She asked Channel Master if she could borrow an Earthstone to study, but he refused, so I offered her one of mine instead. After borrowing my Atkite, Worf's Balthite, and Bon Temps's Dethite, Channel Master gave in and let her borrow his Darkite.


We left them to study the Earthstones and greymyrs together, which they felt would take some time to finish. About a Puddleby-week and a half later, Toomeria approached me to give me my Atkite back. She said they still needed some time to refine their techniques, but no longer needed our Earthstones. She felt that by focusing one's stored Earthpower into an Earthstone, that stone's power could be nearly doubled.


I expect that after Toomeria and Channel Master have finished their studies, we will be seeing many more Champions training with both of them.


Posted by Para at January 20, 2007 05:05 PM

This looks very interesting, although not a champion myself i hope this brings some good improvements to the champion class for you guys :)

Posted by: Fundin on January 21, 2007 05:29 AM
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