November 29, 2002
Rincewind a Squire


Rincewind has been made a squire of the Order of the Golden Maha.

Posted by Para at 09:49 PM
No Stone from FMOCR


Lundar reports that he was unable to obtain a stone from the power room in the recent FMOCR. His attempt to camp out in the power room ended in some difficulties as well.

Posted by Para at 01:49 AM
November 28, 2002
Chaining Zorton


Kirth Gersen has updated his journal for 38 Spring 548 (11/28/02) with news of a trip east of the Foothills and a report on his new title of Knight of Orion.

Posted by Para at 02:16 AM
November 27, 2002
Update to Nohurt's Scrolls


ThoomCare member Nohurt has updated his scrolls with recent news.

Posted by Para at 04:00 PM
EHC Visits Noth


Hor's recent journal entry provides details on a recent Edarian Hunt Club trip to Noth (accompanied by ThoomCare member Amarais Fina, seen above). Hor also reports on the recent bard audition, and trips to Jannar's Grove and the Snowy Dale.

Posted by Para at 02:50 PM
November 26, 2002
Clam the Thoom Joins ThoomCare

threethoomconference.gif clamapproaches.gif

ThoomCare is proud to announce that Clam the Thoom has joined the clan. Above, ThoomCare members confer before the initiation ceremony.


Posted by Para at 07:44 PM
Kismia's Island: North Side


Azriel has updated his journal for 35 Spring, 548 (November 26, 2002) with a report on a successful hunt on Kizmia's Island with a small group including Michael, Yor, Kojiro, Shobaffum, Tater, Tharloch and Alchemist.

Posted by Para at 05:56 PM
A Visit to the Forge


Drablak's latest journal entry describes a visit to the Forge.

Posted by Para at 11:13 AM
Eyes of Puddleby Updates


There are several updates concerning recent chaos storm changes available at Eyes of Puddleby. Eyes of Puddleby, moderated by Himitsu, is an excellent resource for tracking and discussing the changes that occur after chaos storms. Himitsu has updated her journal as well.

Posted by Para at 02:24 AM
Portals Again Cluster at West Wall


Ethereal portals once again appeared in a cluster around the northern corner of the west wall of Puddleby. They did not seem to be in motion this time, but they did appear to be more numerous (there were 17 portals in all.) Click on the images to enlarge.

Posted by Para at 02:11 AM
Spiders and Bears


In her journal entry for 25 Spring 548, Ruen reports on hunting in the bear caves.

Posted by Para at 02:04 AM
November 25, 2002
Fallen Dwarf Washes Ashore on Beach


Norm reports in his journal entry for 26 Spring 548 (11/24/02) on his attempts at the giant crawler challenge and an unfortunate accident at Smuggler's Rest.

Posted by Para at 01:25 PM
Sylvans in the Snow


In his latest journal entry, Lundar reports on an ELF hunt to the Snowy Dale (with the assistance of ThoomCare member Phroon) and on a project to expand the dictionary of Ilsardinish.

Posted by Para at 01:14 PM
Ethereal Tools Workshop


Drablak has updated his Ethereal Research page with some important new infomation on the recently discovered ethereal tools workshop.

Posted by Para at 12:32 PM
Hor Gets Ethereal


Hor travelled with others to the Ethereal Plane. Read about it in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 12:08 PM
November 24, 2002
Who Rescues the Rescuers?


A hunt in the Mines of Melabrion turned into a rescue this evening, and then back into a hunt and then once again a rescue. All turned out well, though. My thanks to those who helped save me when I fell. Click on the images below to enlarge.

Posted by Para at 03:24 AM
November 23, 2002
Drablak Continues Ethereal Research


Drablak has updated his Ethereal Studies scroll, taking into account recent events such as the ethereal storm in Puddleby.

Posted by Para at 08:22 PM
Dangers of South Forest


Ruen reports on some hunts south of town in her journal entry for 16 Spring 548.

Posted by Para at 08:15 PM
Bard Auditions Held

ocarina.gif tuborn.gif

Aslan was accepted as Bard Quaestor. Aravir has the story in his journal update.

Posted by Para at 08:09 PM
Snowy Dale


More pictures from the recently discovered Snowy Dale. Click on the images below to enlarge.

Posted by Para at 12:22 PM
November 22, 2002
Lundar Gets Teleport Stone


Lundar has obtained a teleportation stone in the most recent FMOCR. Read about it in his journal entry.

Posted by Para at 12:33 PM
Cloaked Figure


A mysterious cloaked figure named Sarir has appeared in town. He has an Ethereal Amulet.


Crius yells, "It's 10 o'clock, and we've got a situation... There's sarir here..."

After a few moments, Sarir fell down and vanished.

Posted by Para at 12:23 AM
November 21, 2002
Tunnel Hunt


In his latest journal entries, Aravir reports on a swirl of ether, a time limit on deliveries from Heral Didgeon, and hunting with a Zo wearing shorts.

Posted by Para at 11:59 PM
New Portal Cloud


A new, blue portal cloud has appeared at the West Wall, where the ethereal portals stacked up. ShadowEarth reports it leads to the Geharza Plane. Investigation is underway. Some exiles entered it successfully. The portal disappeared not long after appearing.

ShadowEarth has sent TMN some pictures of the Geharza Plane, from when he entered this portal. Click on the images below to view.

Posted by Para at 10:33 PM
Share Your Visionstones


Be sure to take advantage of the Puddleby Visionstone Depository. Exiles can download visionstones and upload their own as well.

Posted by Para at 09:35 PM
Slime in NE Fields


Hor reports on a slime invasion in the northeastern fields in his most recent journal entry, along with news of other hunts.

Posted by Para at 08:46 PM
Thoom Symmetry in Action


Sorry, Archemar.

Posted by Para at 08:24 PM


Thanks to all the readers of TMN. has been up for over 6 months now (OOC) and has logged over 500 news entries. The site now averages somewhere between 200 and 300 unique visitors every day, from all over the world. My thanks to all of you who visit and leave comments here, and also to the TMN affiliates and correspondents who have been an integral part of our success. If you get a chance today, please check out some of the sites listed in the permanent links in the right-hand column.

Posted by Para at 01:46 AM
KI Cove News


Odesseus and Rael the Squonk recently helped ThoomCare in a rescue in KI Cove. Tonoto reports that there's a new path out of the cove area into the island proper, as of this most recent chaos storm. Lundar has more news on this discovery, including news of a newly discovered Snowy Dale, with Frost Giants and Snow Cougars. Read his journal entry for a full report.

Posted by Para at 01:08 AM
November 20, 2002
Ethereal Storm


Drablak and Lundar have made reports available on the recent ethereal storm.

Posted by Para at 10:49 AM
November 19, 2002
Imminent Danger


Ethereal portals are presently marching directly towards town from the beach.

It's 4:56pm on Sombdi, day 8 of Spring, 548. This looks bad.

Update: the portals traveled northeast, leaving a trench in the beach. They stacked together in the corner of the west wall. Many exiles entered them, fell, and departed. Eventually these portals slowly vanished, one by one. All is clear now, and all that remains is the trench behind.


Posted by Para at 09:27 PM
Necro Assaults ThoomCare Member


A Darshak Necromancer tried to perform some sort of ritual on ThoomCare member Phroon during the recent invasion. Read more about this in Aravir's most recent journal entry. Click on the images below for more pictures. See the whole visionstone here.

Posted by Para at 02:25 PM
Dangers of the Ethereal Plane


Drablak has a report on a trip to the Ethereal Plane in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 01:17 PM
November 18, 2002
ELF / WoD Joint Clan Hunt


Three reports on the E'las Loth'mon Ferindril and Winds of Dawn joint clan hunt to the Orga Outback:

Lundar's journal entry

Ruen's journal entry for 89 Winter 548

Winds of Dawn Photo Gallery page

Posted by Para at 06:31 PM
Expedition to the Passes


Hor has been spending some time with the Edarian Hunt Club in the passes. He's also been on a pirate hunt and has some pictures of the Pie Project ceremony. Read about these and more in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 06:07 PM
November 17, 2002
Ethereal Chaos Slideshow


TMN has created a slideshow from the images Bones the Thoom provided of the events after Tenebrion was raised.

Posted by Para at 02:48 PM
Lost Soul


Lundar reports in his journal on the discovery of a lost soul in the ethereal plane.

Posted by Para at 11:54 AM
November 16, 2002
Too Many Greymyr


Ruen reports on adventures in the Eastern Passes in her latest journal entry (84 Winter 548).

Posted by Para at 09:40 PM
Norm and Vaun


Norm's been working with Vaun Gutturt. Red about it in his journal entry for 84 Winter 548 (11/16/02).

Posted by Para at 09:33 PM
November 15, 2002
Kyuem Controversy Continues


Aravir has posted some thoughts about Kyuem construction in his latest journal entry.

Wangah Rah also has more thoughts on ethereal affairs in his journal entry for 81 Winter 548.

Posted by Para at 09:22 PM
Adventures South of Town


Ruen reports on hunting south of town in her journal entry for 56 Winter 548.

Posted by Para at 11:44 AM
Drablak Reports on Kyuem


Drablak has a new journal entry with a report on the kyuem construction test.

Posted by Para at 11:41 AM
Orgas Win Again


The most recent FMOCR was a failure. Read about this and some news on the Ethereal Plane in Lundar's most recent journal entry.

Posted by Para at 10:42 AM
November 14, 2002
Myrm Combat


Aravir has been spending some time with friends in the myrm hive. Read about it in his most recent journal entry.

Posted by Para at 10:42 PM
Lundar's Tenebrion Report


Lundar's report on recent events with Tenebrion is now available.

Posted by Para at 10:31 PM
Battles at Sea


Hor reports on some naval battles in his most recent journal entry.

Posted by Para at 10:24 PM
November 13, 2002
Kyuem Danger?


Wangah Rah has updated his journal for 72 Winter 548 with some concerns about the recent construction of a kyuem.

Posted by Para at 11:06 AM
Package Delivery


Aravir is working on a list of package recipients and locations for the new service available at the post office.

Posted by Para at 11:03 AM
November 12, 2002
Phiros Promoted


Congratulations to Phiros, who has been promoted to full Mystic.

More on the promotion of Phiros can be found in recent journal entries by Aravir and Lundar.

Posted by Para at 10:28 PM
Sielk Visits Foothills


Sielk has two excellent updates to his journal. One entry concerns a trip to the Foothills and a talk with Zapicus. The second entry is about the fifth circle fighters' test and the recent chigger invasion.

Posted by Para at 03:07 PM
Chiggers Attack


Aravir has new reports on a chigger invasion and on Himitsu's new clothing guide.

Posted by Para at 02:32 PM
Kyuem Construction


Drablak has updated his Ethereal Studies scroll with news of the construction of a kyuem.

Posted by Para at 02:08 PM
Fen'neko by Profession


Tracking data provided by Census. Infographic provided by Rael the Squonk.

Posted by Para at 12:21 PM
November 11, 2002
Making Deliveries


Heral Didgeon is looking for exiles to help him make some deliveries.

Posted by Para at 11:30 PM
Norm Makes Fifth Circle


Norm passed the Fifth Circle test. Congratulations to Norm. You can read about it in his journal entry for 63 Winter 548.

Posted by Para at 04:39 PM
Tenebrion Falls; Puddleby Attacked


Lundar has several updates to his journal. Tenebrion was found fallen, and then was revived in Purgatory. Exiles suffered from eating a bunch of bad muffins from Tara, and then later on Puddleby was assaulted by slime along with etheral and fiery creatures.

In other news from Lundar, Xepel and Ailidh joined ELF, and ELF and OWE joined up to rescue Charlos in Melabrion's Mine.

Aravir has a report on Tenebrion falling on the Ethereal Plane due to what Umbrion called a "routine experiment." He also reports on a Darshak invasion in the wake of these recent events. Also, Laiy has provided Aravir with a transcript of the conversation between Tenebrion and exiles after he was raised.

Posted by Para at 04:04 PM
Pie Project Awards Handed Out


From Prue:

The Awards Ceremony went off mostly hitchless. Except that the winner
didn't show up. Nevertheless, the results were:

1st Place: "That's Amoré!" by Sutai

2nd Place: "The Fox, the Knight and the Witch" by Sor

3rd Place: "Fresh Pie (originally Meadow Nuptials)" by Manx and an
unnamed vandal

Honorable Mention: "gIvE uS thE moNEy OR ELse" by Malkor

Fine pieces all.

Manx won a chain in the door prize contest.

Everybody got good and drunk.

Thanks to all the artists who entered, Muzea, Sor (for weaving covers
for the art), Manx (for building the judging area), our seven-exile pie
firing squad, the judges, Baltok (for providing the door prize), and
everyone who attended.

With gratitude,
The Puddleby Pie Project

Lundar has the full story, with pictures, available in a journal entry.

Aravir also has coverage of the award ceremony.

Posted by Para at 01:35 PM
Through Wisher's Gate


Azriel has updated his journal with news of a recent trip to Hatred Hollow (63 Winter 548).

Posted by Para at 12:31 PM
Hunting with Thooms


Hor writes about hunting with Thooms in his most recent journal entry.

Posted by Para at 11:44 AM
November 08, 2002
Flashback: Thoom Concert


Before the Ripture Wars, Thoom Concerts were a common sight at the Mirror Circle. Perhaps this tradition can be revived.

Posted by Para at 10:02 PM
Bard's Guild Announcement

ocarina.gif tuborn.gif

Full Bard and Bard Quester Auditions have been announced. Read the full announcement at The Bards' Guild.

Posted by Para at 03:06 PM


Zapicus is accepting new beasts for use in the Coliseum. Lundar has a full report in his journal. Lundar also reports on an unsuccessful FMOCR effort.

Posted by Para at 01:17 AM
Hunting Kitty Beach


Read about hunting Kitty Beach with Ruen in her journal entry for 49 Winter 548.

Posted by Para at 12:33 AM
November 07, 2002
New Vicious Look for Valley Rats


Azriel reports on changes in Valley Rats and on training strategies in his journal entry for 46 Winter 548.

Posted by Para at 11:36 PM
Hunting with Hor


Hor has some pictures from the Feast of Tsrrin and from recent hunts on Melabrion's Island and the Northern Plains in his most recent journal entry.

Posted by Para at 03:22 AM
Ethereal Invasion


Aravir reports in his latest journal entry on an ethereal invasion and on Worldwalker looking for information on planar travel.

Posted by Para at 02:46 AM
Giant Bronze Duck


The Zouclougeist Alliance has placed a new devotional statue in the Puddleby Art Museum. Norm has more on the duck in his journal entry for 45 Winter 548.

Posted by Para at 02:40 AM
November 06, 2002
Skinning Contest


Skorr Brightfur is now conducting skinning contests.

Posted by Para at 11:32 PM
Myrms Change

newqueen1.gif newqueen2.gif


The chaos storm has brought a new look to myrms.

Posted by Para at 12:54 PM
Pie Project Award Ceremony


From Prue:

The results of the Puddleby Pie Project Commemorative Art Contest will
be announced Saturday, Nov 9, at 2 PM PST, in the Puddleby Museum of Art.

Runners-up will be honored. The winner will be awarded their choice of
3000 coins, or a 21-pie salute. The famous generosity of the Puddleby
Pie Project will no doubt result in door prizes and free booze.

All are welcome.

On a related note, the Project is looking for a few good exiles to
enlist in the Legion of Thoom Temporary Honor Guard. Legioneers will be
responsible for delivering the 21-pie salute, should the winner opt for
that prize. We need seven crack-shot pie-lobbers in total. Black
clothing preferred. Non-thooms welcome. Send a message to Prue if

--The Puddleby Pie Project

Posted by Para at 01:26 AM
Slime Shuffle


Aravir has more on the dancing slime in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 01:07 AM
November 05, 2002
Flashback: Embarassing Moments



I found a couple more old pictures.

Posted by Para at 03:31 PM
Flashback: Fallen Fen


Here's an old picture of Odesseus fallen in the New Bear Cave. Ouch, that must have hurt. Nothing like getting mauled by a bear, is there?

Posted by Para at 02:03 AM
Baltok Leaves Puddleby


Another exile is leaving Puddleby. Baltok is bidding the isle farewell. He graciously gave out gifts and coins in town center today.

Posted by Para at 01:52 AM
Laiy's Portrait of Makie


Laiy has started a page of portraits, and her first one, of Makie, is now available. Go check it out.

Posted by Para at 01:47 AM
ThoomCare Member Aldynes Leaving


ThoomCare member Aldynes has decided to leave Puddleby. He is a longtime and valued member of the clan and will be very much missed.


Aldynes has donated many of his possessions to the clan. Nohurt has received his sunstone, and Ducktape his mercurial staff. Both members will put these items to good use.


Aldynes intends to try to sail to the mainland to escape exile. He will be travelling light, taking only his towel. We wish him luck. He's always welcome to return to Puddleby, and if he does so, ThoomCare will help to re-equip him again.


Posted by Para at 01:35 AM
Dancing Slime


Slime invaded Puddleby again, and once again the invasion concluded with a strange and amazing sight. A blob of slime danced in front of a mesmerized and baffled group of exiles. We've seen this before; no one is sure what the significance is.

Click on the image below to enlarge.

Posted by Para at 12:35 AM
November 04, 2002
Drake Takes Fighter Test


Norm reports in his latest journal entry on taking the fighter's test in a drake costume and on further success in gathering rocks which some believe may lead to a recipe for explosions.

Posted by Para at 02:59 AM
Drake Attacks Healer


Ruen's latest journal entry reports on hunting in the Northwest Forest and the Lily Pond and on becoming a hopeful for ELF membership.

Posted by Para at 02:48 AM
Folly Pathway Tasking Exiles


Sielk has updated his Adventure Notes with reports on the unopened Alchemist's Folly pathway, the Giant Crawler Challenge, the South Forest Outpost, Vaun Gutturt''s hut, and the Feast of Tsrrin.

Posted by Para at 02:32 AM
Roasted Fen


Hor spent some time in a lava pool recently. Read about it in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 02:19 AM
Aravir Stew


Aravir reports on a trip to Tenebrion's keep in his latest journal entry. He also reports on a bounty on Darshak from the Bane of the Black Heart and on his recovery of the title of "Master."

Posted by Para at 02:10 AM
Astral Battle


Lundar reports in his latest journal entry on Tardalus joining ELF, and on an ELF hunt to the Dark Chamber, Dark Temple, and Astral Plane.

Posted by Para at 01:58 AM
November 03, 2002
Visiting Alchemist's Folly


A group of us travelled to Alchemist's Folly today. We hoped to further investigate the pathfinder portal that is found in the undine-filled caverns below the undine hut. We decided to dress as undines to slip inside surreptitiously.


We found our way to the portal with minimal difficulties. Unfortunately, while some of us were able to see the portal, none of us were able to enter it. We returned to Puddleby safely after this expedition, but plan to return again to continue the research.


Lundar just posted a report on another such recent expedition. I'd like to encourage others to continue to investigate this pathway. I think it's time we opened it.

Posted by Para at 07:49 PM
Thooms by Profession


Tracking data provided by Census. Infographic provided by Rael the Squonk.

Posted by Para at 01:18 AM
November 02, 2002
Circle Tests


The mysterious Thoom Ann GM recently released some statistics concerning how many exiles have passed the various circle tests.

1st circle: 17%
2nd circle: 19%
3rd circle: 25%
4th circle: 40%

1st circle: 23%
2nd circle: 34%
3rd circle: 27%
4th circle: 10%
5th circle: 5%
6th circle: 1%

apprentice: 62%
journeyman: 29%
full mystic: 9%

Posted by Para at 02:39 PM
Hunting with Ruen


Ruen has updated her journal as of 27 Winter 548 with news of hunts in South Forest, Savannah, and the Scarmis Pen.

Posted by Para at 02:13 PM
Lundar on the Feast


Lundar reports on the Feast of Tssrin in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 02:06 PM
Mystic Coverage Report


Census has released an analysis of full mystic coverage, by day of the week and time. You can see it here:

Posted by Para at 01:34 PM
November 01, 2002
Diotima Returns


Diotima the Mystic has returned to Puddleby. Thanks to Drablak for the image.

Posted by Para at 11:24 AM
Exiles Become Undine


Aravir reports on the undine invasions at the end of the Feast of Tsrrin in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 11:17 AM
Bloodhawk Convention


Hor reports in his latest journal entry on a trip to the Foothills and on an interrupted bloodhawk convention.

Posted by Para at 11:01 AM