October 31, 2002
Halfling Gathering



Many exiles dressed up as Tater the Halfling for the Feast.

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Feast Celebration Continues


The Feast of Tsrrin continues in Puddleby. Waves of undine invasions have been attacking town, and many exiles have turned into undines.


Azriel has more on the Feast in his journal entry for 19 Winter 548, as well as some thoughts on "kill rates."

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Undine Vagile


Undine Vagile has been rampaging through town. Some exiles blame Polerand (pictured) for this turn of events.

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October 30, 2002
Professions in Puddleby


Tracking data provided by Census. Infographic provided by Rael the Squonk.

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Drablak's latest journal entry has some thoughts on what it is like to be a mystic in Puddleby.

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Undine and Candy


Aravir reports on fending off undine and collecting candy in his latest journal entry.

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October 29, 2002
Feast Celebration Begins


Free costumes for the Feast of Tsrrin are now available in town, and the gathering of candy has started. Lundar reports that exiles have been shivering in anticipation.

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October 28, 2002
Election in Clan Hunter


Kirth Gersen was elected leader of Clan Hunter. You can read about it in his journal entry for 7 Winter 548.

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Chaining in the Cove


Azriel reports on impressive chaining by Cyberbeing at KI Cove and an Angry Mother Sasquatch at Melabrion's beach in his latest journal entry. (83, 88 Autumn 547)

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Dancing the Sun Wyrm


ThoomCare member Larno helped Hor and others evade a Sun Wyrm while hunting the Rocky Cavern. Read about this and more in Hor's latest journal entry.

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October 27, 2002
Ona Berserkers


Aravir reports on a chigger invasion (with new chiggers, the ona berserkers) and the closing of the Newbielympics in his latest journal entry.

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Golems and 'Noths


Lundar reports in his latest journal entries on a trip to visit the Ethereal trainers and a joint clan hunt in the Dal'Noth Underground with ELF and Clan Hunter.

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October 26, 2002
Races in Puddleby


Tracking data provided by Census. Infographic provided by Rael the Squonk.

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Aravir reports in his latest journal entry on the Newbielympics Pushball event and the return of Dr. Tessa Malthus. He also reports that he has regained his skills as a full pathfinder.

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October 25, 2002
Giant Crawler Challenge


Dedera has appeared adjacent to that mysterious barrel of swords in South Forest, and has been accepting volunteers to take the Giant Crawler Challenge. The first winner is K'Pyn, who has a trophy to prove it.

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Two Important Openings


The long-awaited South Forest Outpost, adjacent to the ThoomCare Hospital, is finally open. Inside, Chalta is working on building an altar.


In town, Vaun Gutturt is now accepting chained beast corpses in exchange for coins. The corpses are delivered to Chef Haricot for culinary use.

Read more about these developments in these entries from the journals of Aravir and Lundar.

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Newbielympics Visionstones


Visionstones of the Newbielympics Opening Ceremonies and Trivia Contest are now available at the Winds of Dawn Sketches and Visionstones page.

Aravir has more on the Trivia Contest in a journal entry.

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October 24, 2002
Hor vs. Scarmis


Hor reports on a Scarmis invasion in his most recent journal entry.

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Newbielympics Pictures


Catlin has made available a report with pictures of the Newbielympics.

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Feast of Tsrrin Approaching


(Keemhan recently came to town and told the story of Tsrrin.)

Keemhan says, "Well, you must all know what story it's time for now..."
Lerris asks, "has it changed at all?"
Keemhan asks, "Now, why would a fine story go changing?"
DeathLord asks, "Bawkmas?"
Keemhan exclaims, "Eh heh he, not quite yet!"
Lerris says, "to stay interesting? ;)"
Keemhan says, "But stories are what they are, you can't go changing history just to keep it interesting."
Lerris exclaims, "sure you can!"
Keemhan says, "Bah, maybe you can, but not a reputable storyteller like ol' Keemhan."
Lerris asks, "maybe you could add a bit more violence?"
(Keemhan cackles.)
Keemhan says, "More violence... all right..."
(Lerris nods)
(Keemhan clears his throat.)

(Look below to read Keemhan's story.)

Keemhan says, "Once upon a time..."
Keemhan ponders, "Dang guild rules, I get so sick of that line..."
Keemhan says, "Anyway, once upon a time, there was a young female of the People named Tsrrin."
Keemhan says, "Not T'srrin, or T'serrin, or Tes'rrin, but Tsrrin."
(Keemhan glares around.)
Keemhan says, "Tsrrin lived in a small village in the foothills of the northwest mountains during the time of the Darshak War."
Keemhan asks, "You've all heard of the Darshak War, I hope?"
Keemhan exclaims, "Plenty of violence in that!"
SnowLion says, "Nuh uh"
Keemhan asks, "You haven't? Didn't your parents teach you anything?"
Ayella asks, "Could you tell it?"
Keemhan says, "The Darshak attacked, Emperor Mobius drove them back...Stop me when this starts to sound familiar..."
Keemhan exclaims, "Long, long ago. It's the war that brought Mobius to the throne, for Gaia's sake!"
Keemhan says, "Hmph."
Keemhan ponders, "Sad state of education in the lands these days."
Keemhan says, "Now let me get on with the story. I know you've heard it before, but you asked for it, so listen."
Keemhan ponders, "Mighty thirsty work, storytelling. Sure is a shame beer's so expensive these days."
Keemhan says, "Well. Tsrrin's life wasn't easy, but it wasn't too hard either."
Ebonheart hands you a lager.
Keemhan says, "Oh, thank you, sonny."
Keemhan asks, "Now, where was I?"
Keemhan says, "Oh, yes."
Keemhan says, "Tsrrin worked in her family's garden, and sang, and danced."
Keemhan says, "Sometimes she traveled to the neighboring village to visit her cousins."
Keemhan says, "You see those three planets up there."
(Keemhan points to the sky with his staff.)
Keemhan says, "Well, everybody knows that when they're lined up in a row - like they almost are now - strange things can happen."
Keemhan says, "It's been that way for as long as anybody can remember. We know it, Tsrrin knew it... and the Darshak knew it too."
Keemhan says, "Why do funny things happen, you ask? Don't ask me, I'm just a storyteller."
Keemhan says, "When those three planets line up, strange things can happen."
Keemhan says, "This time I've been talking about, Tsrrin's time, what happened right around then was a Darshak raid."
Keemhan exclaims, "With violence and bloodshed galore!"
SnowLion says, "Yay"
(Lerris nods)
Keemhan says, "All right, maybe that's not so strange during a war. But it was a terrible tragedy."
Keemhan says, "Tsrrin came home from a visit to her cousins' village to find her home burned, the garden trampled."
Keemhan exclaims, "The violent, bloody darshak raid had destroyed her village!"
Keemhan says, "Her friends and family had vanished, every one, carried off by the Darshaks for some unspeakable purpose."
Keemhan says, "Tsrrin may have been young, but she was brave and resourceful."
Keemhan says, "She followed after the Darshaks, tracking them through the hills, until she found their camp..."
Keemhan says, "...shrouded in darkness and smoke and a feeling of evil you could almost smell."
(Keemhan sniffs the air and looks thoughtful.)
Keemhan says, "Off to one side, packed into a wooden pen, huddled her entire village, overcome with exhaustion and fear."
Keemhan exclaims, "And violence and bloodshed!"
Kalian exclaims, "yay!"
(Lerris claps)
(Anfyr grins.)
SnowLion says, "hehe"
Keemhan says, "Guarding the pen were a handful of thugs and a crowd of hooded corpses, ..."
Keemhan says, "and in the center of the camp stood half a dozen priests, chanting something over a blood-red flame."
Keemhan says, "Tsrrin knew she had to free her family, and quickly."
Keemhan says, "With scraps of cloth, mud and leaves, she disguised herself as a hooded corpse,..."
Keemhan says, "and lurched into the camp under cover of darkness and fog."
Keemhan says, "Carefully she wandered nearer to the captives' pen."
Keemhan exclaims, "You'd be careful too, alone in a camp full of Darshaks. She was brave, but she wasn't an idiot!"
(Keemhan cackles gleefully.)
Keemhan says, "Ah, but she was lucky, that she was."
Keemhan says, "She managed to attract her brother's attention, then get close enough to stumble against the latch on the gate."
Keemhan says, "Out swarmed a crowd of villagers, taking the thugs and corpses by surprise."
Keemhan exclaims, "Violently, and with lots of bloodshed!"
(Lerris grins)
Keemhan ponders, "Eh heh heh."
Keemhan says, "The heroine Tsrrin stripped off her disguise and joined her family,..."
Keemhan says, "running from the camp before the priests knew what had happened."
Keemhan says, "And so, every couple of years, when the planets line up like they are now, we celebrate the Feast of Tsrrin."
Keemhan says, "We put on disguises like she did, dodge the sinister carved Darshak and rescue candy."

Bones says, "Keemhan you tell the same story every year."
Lerris says, "whoo! violence and candy! :)"
Keemhan says, "Not every year, but whenever those planets line up."
Ebonheart asks, "So when do we get to rescue the candy and what not?"
Keemhan asks, "What do you expect me to do, change history?"
Prince Valiant says, "a good story, old man."
Bones says, "how about spicing it up a bit. maybe some fishing"
Raven asks, "Or fish candy?"
Keemhan says, "This year we had extra violence, for that young sylvan over there."
(Keemhan points to Lerris.)

Keemhan says, "Hm. Looks to me like the planets are still a bit apart."
Keemhan says, "I'd guess about another month before they're aligned."

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October 23, 2002
Exploring the Foothills


Lundar reports on a expedition to the Foothills in his latest journal entry.

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Snaggy Hunt with Kirth


Kirth reports on a hunt in Snaggy with Agent and Tippy in his journal entry for 71 Autumn 547.

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Drablak on the Trade


Drablak has some thoughts on trading with the 'Brions in his latest journal entry.

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Sasquatch Skinning


Azriel recovered a 64-coin Young Sasquatch pelt. He reports on this and more in his journal entry for 72 Autumn 547.

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October 22, 2002
More Data from Census


Of the slightly over 1,400 exiles observed by Census:

25% of the exiles account for 81% of the activity.

10% of the exiles account for 55% of the activity.

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Dead Thoom Walking


ThoomCare member Curdsonway found himself in an awkward situation recently on Kismia's Island when he fell yet remained in a walking position.

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October 21, 2002
Thooms in the South Forest Hospital


Thooms and butterflies gathered in the South Forest Hospital during a recent artak invasion.

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Newbielympics in Progress


Kiriel reports to TMN:

Newbielympics events are being held all zodiac. If you are not yet a lord or lady, you qualify to participate! Full event schedule is available here:


Prizes will be given out for all events and there will be a drawing at the closing ceremonies for even more prizes for all participants.

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Swords in a Barrel


This barrel of swords was recently discovered in the South Forest. A Darshak cache? Supplies for the long-delayed Outpost?

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Reedo Baudit Report


Results from the last ballot, closed Autumn 27, 547, with 1190 eligible voters:

#273: Would you be in favor of or support a Puddleby Foundation for the Arts?
48 (53%): Yes, and I'd donate to fund it
29 (32%): Yes, but I won't donate
3 (3%): No, I don't like the idea
4 (4%): No, I hate all forms of art
5 (6%): None of the above
1 (1%): Abstain

#274: Who is the thoomiest Thoom?
16 (19%): Papa
23 (27%): Bones
17 (20%): Paramedic
8 (9%): Hidden
19 (22%): None of the above
2 (2%): Abstain

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ELF vs. Undine


Lundar reports on a ELF expedition to the secret cavern of Nacerus in his latest journal entry.

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October 20, 2002
Noid Surprise


Aravir tells of a hunt in the Noids cavern in his most recent journal entry.

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Travels with Norm


In his journal entry for 63 Autumn 547, Norm reports on trips to the Hive, the Valley, and the Savannah.

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Drake in Savannah


Hor reports on an encounter with a drake in the savannah in his latest journal entry.

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Horus Training


Kirth Gersen writes about horus training and hunting on Umbrion's Island in his journal entry for 64 Autumn 547.

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Valtrim Gets Stone from FMOCR


Lundar reports in his most recent journal entry on a successful FMOCR.

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Darshaks and Newbielympics


Aravir reports in his recent journal entries on Darshak incursions and the opening of the Newbielympics.

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October 18, 2002
Puddleby's Most Active Clans


Thanks to Census, TMN presents here a list of recent clan activity. For the full list of clans observed by Census as well as more information, please read below.

Dwarven Militia
The Winds of Dawn
Puddlebean Ornithological Soc.
Open Hands
Pogue Mahone
Clan of the Purple Tor
Brotherhood of Independents
Order of the White Elephant
The Edarian Alliance
Blue Team
Darkhorse Clan
Light & Shadow
Order of the Mini
Sun Dragon Clan
Rising Claw
The Golden Tree
7 nin no SAMURAI
Les chercheurs
The Zouclougeist Alliance
E'las Loth'mon Ferindril
Rat Bastards
Maximum Rankage
The Hearts of Tan
The Order of Akara
The Scholars of the Blade
Rideo Risi Risum
Sisters of the Sun
The Clan of the Little People
The Great Alliance of Ghoraks
Bane of the Black Heart
The Rua'n Famkul
Neko No Kessha
The Evergreen Circle
Ireen Gehlan
The Fellowship
Knights of the Watch
The Holy Metallic Wombats Inc.
Order Of The Midnight Sun
Lounge Lizards Inc
Christmas Tree
The Red Quill
Clan Foxy
Lords of the Wamphyrii
Ancestral Recall
Prentis'mon Ferindril
The Sisters of Benevolence
The Fashion Police
The Moon
Black Unicorn
The Laughing Academy
Astral Visions
One Heart
R.U.L.Y. Mob
The Kalikanzari
The Angels of Doom
The Oracle of Colaka
any clan
The Bloodneko
The Hobblings
The Emperor Mobius's Inquirers
Loyalists to The Ascendancy
The Crafters of Oblivion
The Prophets of Balance
The Sect of The Rising Fenix
The Silver Drake
Grand Total

Visits = Visits by clan members / day
Members = Number of different clan members observed during polling period

Tracking data provided by Census. Infographic provided by Rael the Squonk.

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October 17, 2002
Hor Makes Third Circle


Hor has passed his third circle test. Read about it in his latest journal entry.

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Census Interviewed


TMN has interviewed the new poll-taking exile in Puddleby, Census.

Read below to see what Census has to say.

Para: 1) Who are you and where are you from?

Census: I'm an exile, sent here because my ceaseless quest for truth
and information rubbed the Emperor the wrong way. Also, there
are no good bands on the mainland. When I heard about Slyph and
the Slyphtones, I knew where I had to be.

Para: 2) Why are you asking people questions and taking all these notes?

Census: I'm a researcher. It's what I do. The pursuit of knowledge is
a noble one!

I don't really ask anyone any questions, though. I simply observe,
and record my observations. If someone doesn't record these things,
we leave a poor legacy for the next generation of exiles. I shudder
to think of all the history I have already missed, and which
is now lost forever.

Para: 3) What do you plan to do with the information you are gathering?

Census: To make it public, of course. Research is no good if no one knows
about it. All my findings, kept up-to-date, will be found at
http://census.clanlord.net. I'm still working on how I publish
the information, so check back there periodically.

I will, however, be keeping the detailed data private, to prevent
misuse. But statistical and aggregate data will be shared. Things
like the most active exiles and clans, counts of how many people
are out in the lands at certain times, things like that will
be available.

Para: 4) How do we know you're not a Darshak spy?

Census: Since I never leave the library, and no Darshak ever come into
the library, I think it's pretty clear I don't associate with
them. Besides, what could the Darshak give me that I want? They
don't care about knowledge, and I don't care about money or stinky

The Darshak also have no good bands, so I would never help those

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Pogue Mahone Fields Questions


Blitz, of the Pogue Mahone clan, is taking some questions and hoping to clear up some misunderstandings about Pogue Mahone. Read about it in the Winds of Dawn Forum.

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October 16, 2002
Fishwrap #51 Now Available


Fishwrap #51, "Mystics: Behind the Sparkle," is now available.


* Interviews with Aravir, Callia, and Rincewind
* Himitsu's Report on Clubs

Read below for the full text.


Issue #51: "Mystics: Behind the Sparkle"
[October 16, 2002]


* Interviews with Aravir, Callia, and Rincewind
* Himitsu's Report on Clubs


This issue of Fishwrap Magazine is brought to you by the following
* Clan Pogue Mahone
* Order of Akara
* The Order of the Golden Maha
* Clan of the Purple Tor
* Clan Rising Claw

"TMN: Thoom News You Can Use"

Vermine Problems
Drake in Northwest Forest
Counting Puddleby
Hunting with Hor
Scarmis Attack
A Valuable Valley Panther
Stuck in the Library?
Newbielympics Approaching
Pods and Myrms
Scarmis Invasion
Kirth Gets Caduceus
Hunting in North
Kismia's Island Changes
Red Quill Scrolls Return
Chaos and Fairgrounds
Sword of Souls Changes
Norm Needs Rock Advice
Beyond Wisher's Gate
Eyes of Puddleby Moves

for more information on the above stories, see TMN at:



The controversy surrounding Manticore and Neige as well as the recent
public announcement by the Mystic Council regarding a trade of orga
stones have turned Puddleby's attention toward the mystic community in
unprecedented ways. This issue of Fishwrap contains interviews with
two mystics (Callia and Rincewind) and one former mystic (Aravir). All
three offer significant insight into the issues of the day.

- Para


Paramedic says, "Fishwrap is pleased to present an interview with
Paramedic says, "There are 5 questions to a Fishwrap interview, along
with some followups."
(Aravir nods)
Paramedic says, "Let's start with the question on many people's
Paramedic asks, "#1) Why did you decide to leave the path of being a
Aravir says, "Because of the Mystic Council's action in the Neige
Aravir says, "By refusing to make any statement, they tacitly approved
of what he did"
Paramedic asks, "You were unhappy with their decision there?"
Aravir says, "Indeed, very unhappy."
Aravir says, "The Mystic Council sets the standards of morality for
the entire Guild"
Aravir says, "Both by what they do... and what they choose not to do."
Paramedic asks, "What bothered you about what Neige did?"
Aravir says, "His action harmed many exiles who were participating in
the raid..."
Aravir says, "it gave aid and comfort to our enemies, the Orga..."
Aravir says, "and it harmed the standing of the Mystic Guild in the
Paramedic asks, "Was this a difficult decision for you?"
Aravir says, "Not difficult, but unfortunate."
Aravir says, "I really liked being a mystic, and didn't want to give
it up."
Aravir says, "However, once it was clear the Council approved of what
happened, there really was no choice for me."
Aravir says, "The Council set a moral standard for the Guild that..."
Aravir says, "I simply could not lower myself to be associated with."
Paramedic asks, "Do you think the Mystic Council is likely to change?"
Aravir says, "No."
Paramedic says, "You seem pretty definite."
Aravir says, "Alas, yes."
Aravir says, "I can conceive of situations that might change things,
but they're all very unlikely."
Paramedic asks, "How do you feel about other mystics leaving the
Aravir says, "It's a sad thing."
(Paramedic nods)
Aravir says, "I've been surprised by it, a bit."
Paramedic says, "Let's move on to question #2, about what caused this
whole mess...."
(Aravir nods)

Paramedic asks, "#2) What do you think of Manticore?"
Aravir says, "I finally met him in town, just a few days ago"
Paramedic asks, "how did that go?"
Aravir says, "He seemed nice enough. I saw no sign that he was insane,
or unstable, or dangerous..."
Aravir says, "as various other mystics have claimed."
Aravir says, "Of course, I only talked to him for a short time."
Paramedic asks, "Do you think he deserves to be a mystic?"
Aravir says, "That's not really up to me. The Full Mystics who
promoted him did, though."
Paramedic says, "Interesting."
Paramedic asks, "Why do you think the council does not like Manticore
Aravir says, "I'm not going to second guess who deserves to be a
mystic and who doesn't."
Aravir says, "Every time I've asked a Full Mystic about it..."
Aravir says, "they say, `He's insane,' and then..."
Aravir says, "start talking about all sorts of crazy things that make
no sense to me."
Aravir asks, "Maybe they're all projecting their own mental problems
on him?"
Aravir says, "Although I did hear a rumour..."
Aravir says, "from a few different sources..."
Aravir says, "that Manticore had been trying to get the stone to trade
to the Brions."
(Paramedic listens)
Aravir says, "If true, that would have gotten in the way of the
Council's deal."
Paramedic says, "That leads to question #3 actually."
(Aravir nods)

Paramedic asks, "#3) what do you think of the Council's recent
announcement about trying to make a deal with the 'Brions?"
Aravir says, "I'm opposed to it. To this specific deal, that is."
Aravir says, "I'm not necessarily opposed to any deal."
Aravir says, "However, I don't believe that either the 'Brions or the
Council can be trusted..."
(Paramedic listens)
Aravir says, "or will act in the interests of all exiles."
Paramedic says, "Hmmm"
Aravir says, "I'm worried about what's in the deal that the Council
isn't telling us."
Paramedic asks, "What do you say to those who say that we need some
sort of action with the Brions? That Puddleby is falling stagnant?"
Aravir says, "Well, I don't believe that we _need_ some sort of
action, but..."
Aravir says, "I will point out that telling them "no thanks" is also
an action."
Aravir says, "As is negotiating a new deal with all of Puddleby
Paramedic asks, "So you think Puddleby should not trust the Mystic
Council's motives?"
Aravir says, "Not at present. They haven't given us reason to trust
them... but they have given us ample reason to distrust them."
Paramedic asks, "And you think Manticore ended up in the middle of
this mess?"
Aravir says, "If the rumour about his motives for the raid are true,
then it seems likely. But I haven't been able to confirm the rumour
Aravir says, "I only mention it because I've heard it from three
independent sources."
Paramedic asks, "What do you think the future holds for Manticore? Is
he going to be stuck in limbo?"
Aravir says, "I hope not. I think he could make a valuable addition to
Aravir says, "There has been talk of a second Mystic Council..."
Aravir says, "which would almost require his participation to go
Paramedic says, "Ah, the schism theory"
(Aravir nods)
Paramedic asks, "Do you think that could happen? A split in the
Aravir says, "It's more likely than the existing Council reforming..."
Aravir says, "but still not likely."
Paramedic says, "Interesting"
Aravir says, "I don't know of three Full Mystics who would be willing
to do it."
Paramedic asks, "So is mystic life in Puddleby stuck in a rut?"
Aravir says, "Basically, yes. It's in a rut because the Council wants
it that way."
Aravir says, "It is a Guild, after all--and what we're seeing is what
happens when a Guild operates with no external restraints."

Paramedic asks, "#4) Do you think the Orgas or the Darshak are
involved with the 'Brions in some way?"
Aravir says, "Well, I've heard that one or more of the 'Brions have
used Darshak in the past..."
Aravir says, "but unfortunately the sources I need to research are
presently unavailable."
Aravir says, "I don't think there's any involvement with the Orga,
Paramedic asks, "How is your research going these days?"
Aravir says, "A bit slow lately. I've been preoccupied with rat
(Paramedic nods)
Aravir says, "I think it will be picking up a bit soon, though."
Paramedic asks, "Do you think becoming a fighter will hurt your
Aravir says, "No, actually if anything it will help it."
Paramedic asks, "How so?"
Aravir says, "I'll be able to reach more sites without an escort."
Paramedic says, "Ah, that makes sense."
Paramedic says, "That leads us to question 5"

Paramedic asks, "#5) How do you like being a fighter?"
Aravir says, "Actually, it's not much different from when I was a
mystic. I'm weaker now, and I spend more time hunting to regain my
lost knowledge, but..."
Aravir says, "overall the biggest difference is that I can't make
sparklies in town any more."
Paramedic says, "Heh"
Aravir says, "Even as an apprentice, I spent lots of time solo
Aravir is a Sylvan, is male, is a Fighter, and is wearing the symbol
of Bane of the Black Heart.
He is holding a rapier and a wooden shield, and he is wearing a
sunstone, a wooden parrot, what looks like a fedora, a shirt, a pair
of pants and a pair of shoes.
Aravir has a phial of good karma.
Paramedic asks, "How long have you been in Bane of the Black Heart?"
Aravir ponders, "Hmm"
(Aravir trains his weak memory)
Aravir says, "I've been involved, more or less, since before it was
founded, but I didn't join until..."
Aravir says, "the 29th of Winter, last year."
Paramedic asks, "How did clan members feel about your change from
mystic to fighter?"
Aravir says, "They've been very supportive."
Paramedic says, "That's great"
Paramedic asks, "So in general you feel good about the decision to
become a fighter?"
Aravir says, "Well, I wouldn't say I feel "good," because of the
circumstances that led to it, but..."
Aravir says, "I don't regret it at all."
(Paramedic nods)
Paramedic says, "Let me remind our readers here to check out your
scroll, which is an excellent resource."
Aravir exclaims, "Thank you!"
Paramedic says, "I'm glad to see you continue to work on it."
(Aravir smiles)
Paramedic says, "We've now reached the end of the interview...."
Paramedic says, "but in keeping with Fishwrap tradition, you may now
ask the Thoom ONE (1) question."
Paramedic says, "That's 1 (ONE) question."
Aravir says, "Hmm"
Aravir asks, "What's your favorite brand of fish oil?"
Paramedic says, "That's a good question."
Paramedic says, "I like the cod variety best...."
(Aravir nods)
Paramedic says, "but there's been some flounder oil in lately, from a
small oil maker outside of town that is quite delicious."
(Aravir makes a note)
Paramedic says, "In general, fish oil makes life more tolerable here
in Puddleby"
Paramedic says, "It's too bad non-Thooms do not appreciate it fully."
Aravir says, "Well, perhaps it's an acquired taste."


Got Mendin', Inc.: Clothing repair by Serra Lorne and Zero-X

Ripped? Torn? Colors Fadin'?

Call on 'Got Mendin', Inc. for all your mendin' needs.

Free quotes from Serra Lorne or Zero-X in all languages!

Serra Lorne is a Dwarf, is female, is an exile, and is wearing the
symbol of the Dwarven Militia.
She is holding a dagger and a sewing kit, and she is wearing a
sunstone, a shirt and a pair of pants.
(got mendin? bakin' and brewin' donations accepted, too!)


Para: #1) Many exiles were surprised to see the usually quiet Mystic
Council make a public announcement about gathering orga stones to
trade with the 'Brion brothers. Do you think this signifies a change
in policy for the Mystic Council? Will there be other such

Callia: The Council made a public announcement for several reasons (to
my understanding). First of all, the deal in question was one which
had been on the table for over 8 years. Not only that, but many
healers and fighters have been strongly in favor of it. Gathering the
Strange Stones requires the assistance of many exiles. It's my
understanding that the Council wished to publicize the deal, because
of the previously expressed desires of interested healers and
fighters, and to make known the need for the mystics undertaking the
task to be supported.

As for the policies of the Council and what the future may hold: I
cannot speak for the Council, I do not have the authority or the
right. I speak neither as a representative nor as a member. I can
relay what I expect, but you, and your readers must understand that is
only my own private opinion as a mystic.

The Council specifically is a body whose role is to guide and teach.
It is a scholarly body, not a governmental one. Many exiles have
recently demanded actions and accountability for things the Council
has no power over. The policies of the Council of the Mystic Guild
remain unchanged (again, to my understanding). Public announcements
are likely to be rare events. That does not mean there will be none,
but I think it is likely that the exiles who have demanded things from
the Council of late will continue to be disappointed by the slow pace
of Council deliberation, and the general policy of letting individuals
choose their own paths. The Council does not rule, it only advises.

Para: #2) What do you think of the 'Brion brothers, and should
Puddleby trade with them? Are the 'brions a threat to Puddleby and are
these Orga Stones worth all this trouble?

Callia: Well, that's several questions, I shall address them

The 'Brion brothers, are...interesting. Some time ago, I wrote an
analysis of Tenebrion. While it is dated now, some of it still remains
true, and is worth reading. (In my own opinion, of course.) To
summarize briefly: The 'Brions are arrogant. Their sense of
entitlement is vast. They respect little that cannot hurt them. Their
power is great; I doubt we have seen the fullest extent of it at this
time. However, they are not without limitations as well. I believe
that just as they have concealed at least some of their power, so too
do they conceal some of their limitations. One example of their
limitations: I believe that at least some of their power may be tied
to physical artifacts, and thus, be largely immobile.

They have questionable morals. Tenebrion, for example, is a
Necromancer. They clearly view exploitation as a useful tool in order
to reach their own goals. They mislead exiles, they lie, they attempt
to play us off against one another to their own advantage. They are
capricious, fickle, in an older parlance they might be described as
"tricksie sprites." I think that they want something from us, and that
they have decided that using exiles as tools is the best, most
efficient way of getting what they want.

However, they also represent a source of knowledge which we do not
understand, and do not know the extent of. They appear to have
knowledge which relates to things which concern us greatly, such as
Purgatory. For all that, I mistrust them greatly. I also think it
would be unwise to ignore them or turn our backs on them. The
situation would seem to indicate that our future is threatened, and it
would further seem to indicate that they have knowledge we require to
ensure our future safety. One of the first lessons taught in the Guild
is that not all is as it seems, so...I mistrust appearances, and I
watch the 'Brions closely, and I talk with them when the opportunity

Should we deal with them? Hard to say. There is much going on which we
do not understand. It is possible that we are being manipulated. It is
possible that we are not. They hold knowledge which we do not, which
may affect our safety. In my attempts to research the subject, *I*
have found no other sources for this knowledge. So...in conclusion, I
would say yes, we should interact with them. We need to understand
them better, to determine if they are a threat, an ally, or neither.
We will not learn this by avoiding them.

Should we complete the deal the Council has made regarding the Orga
Stones? Again, hard to say. In theory, the deal will normalize
relations with the 'Brions, possibly allowing future, freer exchanges
of knowledge. Allowing the deal to fall through may sour relations
with them, but for how long? Who can say? Can the deal be
renegotiated, as some exiles have called for? No, the deal is on the
table, we take it, or reject it, and face the consequences. I
personally would have chosen to reject the deal; I would have
preferred to gauge the extent of the force that they are prepared to
array against us. I suspect that this would be an uncomfortably large
amount of force. However, the Council chose to deal and I have decided
that supporting the Council is important, even if I do not agree with
their decision.

The 'Brions are not comfortable to deal with. But unlike some exiles,
I do not think ignoring them is a reasonable alternative. At present,
they are waiting, but deal or not, they will not wait forever. Which
does Puddleby prefer? War now? Or a longer period where we may study
them and learn who they are and what they think?

As for the Stones themselves: The technical Guild term for them is
Strange Stones. Many exiles (and indeed, many mystics) refer to them
as "Orga Stones" but I tend to think that this is both misleading, and
incorrect. The island of Puddleby is covered in ancient ruins. Ruins
which, I think, may predate the Orga occupation of Puddleby. I think
the Stones are an artifact of whatever this civilization was, and that
they are not of Orga origin. The Stones represent great power. They
also represent great cost. Are they worth the trouble? Some exiles
feel that if we do not try to obtain them, then the Orga get them, and
keeping them out of the hands of the Orga is reason enough alone to
try to obtain them. I think that in the hands of a trained specialist,
they represent a powerful tool which can be used to aid exiles and

Para: #3) Are these good times to be a mystic? Bad times? How do you
see the role of mystics in Puddleby society today? What do you see in
the future for mystics?

Callia: Hmm, my response to this question is somewhat mixed. Looking
at things objectively, I would say that this is a time much like any
other, students and members of the Guild go about their daily
business, and their lives, much as they always have. So, objectively,
it is no better or worse to be a mystic now than at any other time.
Subjectively? I find myself to be frequently disappointed by much of
what I read and hear, and by some of the reactions I get from various
exiles. Very few people seem to have a good understanding of what it
means to be a mystic. Expectations are being placed upon us which are
unreasonable, and frankly, a little foolish. Attributions which I
personally find to be vague and mean-spirited are directed at us,
ascribing to us an (apparently) inherent malice and selfishness. When
I probe at these opinions, I find them to be poorly grounded and
vague, and yet their owners hold to them with considerable tenacity,
in spite of attempts on my part to explore the basis for their
opinions. The assumptions of malicious pettiness are the most
disappointing. The good opinions of healers and fighters for specific
students are a compliment rather than a cause for detraction, or

So, I would say that I personally, am disappointed at the present
time. I've worked very hard to try to make Puddleby a better, happier,
safer place, and to serve the Guild to the best of my abilities. And
currently, I feel my contributions are largely being ignored or

But such is life, "Patience with others..." as my favorite teacher
liked to say.

What can mystics offer to Puddleby? Much the same as they have always
offered. Some exiles would say that amounts to nothing. Interestingly,
some of these same exiles can also be heard to complain that mystics
are never around when you need them; a pity that they can't see the
connection. Our "job" is to learn and to know. That is what we do
best. We do not order or direct as a general rule, rather we observe
and advise. Most of the skills which we can bring to bear are related
to perception. Some exiles find these skills useful, many do not. To a
large extent, the degree to which we are useful is irrelevant. Being
"useful" is not what we do. Knowing is what we do. Although sometimes
that can be seen as useful.

That having been said, if Puddleby does not find us to be useful, then
they will not support our Guild, and there will be less of us. Most
notably, there will be less students. I also find it paradoxical that
some exiles would complain about the lack of mystics, and then in the
same breath refuse to support the students of the Guild by way of
protest. If the students are not supported, then the chance that they
will be able to complete their studies is greatly diminished. Simple
cause and effect to my mind.

Some of the above is, of course, related to the assessments of the
Guild's students by healers and fighters. That is to say, many healers
and fighters judge the students they see and know, and judge what they
see of the Guild and decide that their personal friends qualify for
the highest honors the Guild (currently) has to offer. Honors which
are the reserved prerogative of the Council, and the Council alone to
grant. Most residents of Puddleby have little or no idea what it means
to be a mystic (as I said above). Mystics have many cares and
responsibilities, and most of what we do, is not visible to the
general public. Nor is it likely to become so. We are frequently
maligned for our rigorous maintenance of secrecy. But that is as it
must be. We explain as much as we may, safely, we tell as much as we
can. What we keep hidden, we do to preserve the structure and
integrity of our Guild. This is important to us, indeed, it is
critical. So, indeed, there are many students, and their friends may
feel that they are ready to advance, but their friends are not aware
of the criteria by which such things are judged, nor are they likely
to become so. The specifics of the criteria in question are one of the
secrets we keep.

What do I see in the future for mystics? Hmm...I see a quieter time, a
time when we will be less visible, less obvious. If we do not please,
then we will not be as forthcoming. Though no doubt, this too will
meet with disapproval from the exiles who feel they have reason to
dislike us.

Para: #4) What is your specialty? Could you tell us a little about how
you see your role in Puddleby?

Callia: What do I do? My primary training is as a locator. As such, I
am a skilled expert at finding lost exiles. Sometimes this is useful,
sometimes not. When I was a Journeying Mystic, this was my primary
occupation. Now, I do it less. Locating is a job most often filled by
Journeying Mystics. Some mystics do it as well too, of course, but
mystics have other tasks which occupy their time. Location is probably
the most commonly understood and well-known skill by the rest of
Puddleby. Additionally, I have also trained as an Ethereal expert. I
study the Ethereal plane, I study how Ether interacts with our world,
and why. Most of that would probably be rather boring to most exiles.
Lastly, I have responsibilities within the Guild. As a mystic, I have
a responsibility to see that the students learn the principles of the
Guild, and learn how to use the tools provided to them, and more
importantly, to learn the whys of using those tools. My job is to
watch, to learn, to teach, and to advise.

Para: #5) When you are not in town, what do you like to do? Do you
have favorite hunting grounds? What tools do you use?

Callia: Hmm...I do not "hunt" per se, I find the occupation to be
dull, and dangerous, with few opportunities to learn. When I do travel
outside of Puddleby, it is most likely to be on an expedition to
learn, and to explore. These are the things which most interest me. Of
late, I have spent much of my time focused on the Ether, and the
Ethereal Plane, I go there fairly frequently, to observe. It's rather
dangerous, but I generally go with a group which is familiar with the
problems, and fairly skilled at dealing with them. The dangers do make
it difficult to explore properly, however. There is much which isn't
understood about the Ethereal plane.

As for what I use on such expeditions: I carry a dagger, which I use
for personal defense, should the need arise, however, I seldom make an
effort to attack. I am easily one of the most physically frail members
of the group I work with. It is more important for me to stay out of
the way of the fighting, and to remain healthy, than it is for me to
contribute to it directly. I also find a use for both the Rod of Akea,
and the Orb of Caesindre, though sadly, my skill with both of these
tools is less than the situation often demands. However, one cannot
study everything.

Para: #6) Who is more of a threat to Puddleby and why: Darshak, Orga
or Undine? Do you think any of these work together?

Callia: Hum, a difficult question. Hard to choose which of those three
is a greater threat. I think to start I will say that as things stand
presently, we are at a relative stalemate with all three. If things
remain the same, we will be all right. If things change, then any one
of those three groups might cause us problems. The Darshak and the
Orga represent forces which I see as having volition, and which bear
us malice. The Darshak would seem to bear us malice specifically, and
on purpose, whereas the Orga would seem only to bear malice to every
other living thing. The third group, the Undine, I view as more of a
natural force, perhaps rather like the weather. Sometimes there are
storms, sometimes it is calm.

Of the three, the group most likely to ally itself with the others
would be the Darshak. The Darshak are well known to use Undine, and I
believe that some of their rites may actually create Undine as a
by-product, or even summon some of the more powerful ones
specifically. The Orga most likely would not work with another group
on purpose, but according to the texts of Falinea, when they fought
against the Winged Centaurs, the Orga used a strange bluish stone,
that destroyed any living thing it touched. This calls to my mind the
Soulglasses from the Ripture War. Further research into the journals
of Thoom Hulapop would indicate that the Darshak Theocracy used some
form of tainted moonstone. I tend to suspect a connection there. The
Stones used by the Orga may well have been the same as the Stones of
the Darshak, and may have been provided by them. Further, those stones
may well be Soulglasses. This would imply that the Darshak might be
the source of the Soulglasses, and might well have been the catalyst
for the Ripture War. But much remains unclear. If they were
responsible for the distribution of the Soulglasses, why have they not
repeated the distribution? Perhaps the Soulglasses are a natural
occurrence, appearing every so often, and have been used by the
Darshak, the Orga, and by exiles, at various different times. A
disturbing thought, to be honest.

I have many questions, but few answers.

Para: It is a long-standing tradition at the conclusion of a Fishwrap
interview that you are allowed to ask the Thoom 1 (ONE) question. You
may ask your ONE (1) question now.

Callia: Hm . . . What should I ask? I think perhaps the thing that
would interest me the most would be your own thoughts on the Mystic
Guild, its current (apparent) endeavors, and its future. What do you
think? Where are we (the Mystic Guild) going? What does Puddleby think
of us? Why? Rather more than 1 (ONE) question I'm afraid, answer as
you see fit.

Para (stepping outside of his traditional persona as detached
interviewer): I support the Mystic Council's plan to engage the
'Brions in trade, with some reservations. I think Puddleby needs to
find out more about the Strange Stones and about the abilities of the
'Brions, and only through interaction will that become possible. I do
recommend that mystics heed the advice of those who are cautioning
them to make sure the other orders (healers and fighters as well as
those who have chosen no profession) are involved in the trade. I
suggest appointing representatives from the fighter and healer
communities to be involved in whatever delegation is selected to
arrange a trade. If something goes wrong with the trade, and only the
Mystic Guild is involved, the negative repercussions for the Guild
could be enormous. Mystics should be sure to share the responsibility
of this decision for the good of Puddleby and for their own good as

I think the future of the Mystic Guild is cloudy at this point.
Mystics seem to be at a crossroads. The policies of secrecy have left
many in Puddleby asking if we really even need mystics. Many are even
questioning what exactly makes someone a mystic in the first place, as
the controversy over Manticore has recently so clearly indicated. I
think excessive secrecy has helped to bring about this situation. I
can understand the desire to keep certain mystic secrets. Yet I think
this climate of secrecy has covered the Guild so much that mystics are
increasingly in danger of losing their relevance in Puddleby. I see
the Manticore controversy and the recent public announcement as
important turning points, and I hope to see mystics moving toward a
policy of maintaining those secrets deemed necessary while also
preserving a voice in the community. I think your interview here will
help to heighten public awareness of the issues important to mystics,
and I thank you for agreeing to an interview with Fishwrap.


Para: #1) What do you think of the 'Brion brothers? Should Puddleby trade
with them?

Rincewind: Hrm, I must admit I've rarely seen very much of the 'Brion
Brothers. They never seem to be around when I'm about, so much of my
opinion is based on third-hand information.

Having said that, it seems they are not terribly dissimilar to many
exiles: good at looking out for themselves, without much interest in
others. More competition to us, than direct threat I feel. If they'd
really been intent on invasion, they surely would have done so ages
ago...and I can't see that possessing a few orga stones would affect
the odds of victory or defeat much at all.

As for trading with them, as long as it done cautiously, and with a
clear understanding of who is getting what exactly, I see no reason
not to. We could well gain important skills or tools from it, though
the cost will doubtless be high. I personally don't see the
'Brions as
a dire threat, but rather in the same way one might greet a strong
warrior from far off lands appearing suddenly. In other words, as
someone to be treated with caution certainly, but also with respect
and the hope that in time one can work together to become allies.

Para: #2) Are these good times to be a mystic? Bad times? Is the
Mystic Council representing mystics well? Is it the job of the Mystic
Council to represent mystics?

Rincewind:Um, interesting times. There have been several recent events
that have focused peoples attention on the mystic class, which overall
is a good thing, even if the events themselves weren't. Mystics are
the least understood and least effectively utilized class. Non-mystics
often have little idea what a well trained mystic can do, and many
mystics lack the practice and experience to use their skills

Many people seem to think all mystics are similar, and therefore
become disenchanted when whomever they ask can't do whatever. However,
mystics tend to vary in skills far more than fighters and healers. For
example, one can roughly predict what a 3rd circle fighter might be
able to solo however they are trained. Yet pick 2 mystics and there
can be a complete contrast. Some have awesome boosts but can't locate
at all, while others can locate a fallen miles away, but can't boost;
yet others can tune sunstones and open illusions but not boost or
locate. Overall, mystics need more experience in using their skills in
the field, and non-mystics need to give them the opportunity to do
so...it might even help! :D

As for the council, it's not their role to represent mystics; it's up
to each individual to build his or her own reputation. The council is
merely there to guide them along the path.

Para: #3) Could you tell us a little about your skills of location?
How can exiles best improve their chances of being located when
fallen? What do you think exiles do not know about location-finding,
but should know?

Rincewind: Sure. To be effective as a locator, one needs much the same
knowledge and skills as a rescue healer: a thorough knowledge of the
lands, how to get from A to B (safely and quickly, with or without
pathfinding) and also a good knowledge of exiles (who hunts with who,
where they like to hunt, and how good the healer offering to go get
them is). While often there isn't much point in trekking out to the
fallen personally as a mystic (you can't do much when one gets there
other than gossip or fall!), one needs to know the area both to
correctly interpret the skristal reading, and also to ensure that
those offering to rescue know how to/can get there, and are likely to

As for improving one's chances: if I don't know that someone is
fallen, I won't know they need help, so \share and toggle (or wait a
few minutess for me to see the fallen message). It's also easier to
locate those with strong mind training...though that's about as
popular as fighters training spiritus to make them easier to heal :D

As I'm often working on getting help for several fallens at once, it
can take time to get help for everyone, and if you're feeling ignored
or forgotten, toggle again! The same applies if you feel that the
locate was off target. Skristals see the world rather differently, so
if you feel the locate isn't right, toggle again. Lastly, it is always
helpful to know if a fallen is being chained or pushed to another
area, so please let me know if a fallen is on the move.

Para: #4) When you are not in town locating, what do you like to do?
Do you have favorite hunting grounds?

Rincewind: Heh, exploring. The only weapons I possess are my wands. I
almost never go hunting, as it's simply not worth it for me. I think
the weakest thing I "kill" is an Orga Fury! Having said that, I do
enjoy joining a group to boost if they are having trouble with a tough
critter, or go on clan hunts to boost the weaker fighters and healers
so they can tag. (Boosting works best in an area where the fighters
can hit all but the toughest critter commonly found there.)

However, mostly I go exploring: poking around in remote corners and
far off places, as well as constantly striving to improve my knowledge
of the lands. I'm constantly looking for clues, or trying new
solutions to puzzles such as how to open the Mirrors or the Muddy
Forest Rose, as well as to see what's new; also so that I can guide
rescuers to anywhere fallens happen to be. There are very few places
that I've never been to, and not many I'd get lost in; mostly those
that require an army to get to (the various mazes under the Brion
castles are the only ones that come to mind, though I've been to them
all at least once). About the only places I'll not attempt a rescue
effort are those one simply cannot enter (for example, beyond an
illusion when no Full Mystics are about) or the Foothills when there
are only 10 people in the world.

Para: #5) Who is more of a threat to Puddleby and why: Darshak, Orga
or Undine? Do you think any of these work together?

Rincewind: Hrm, I'd guess I'd have to say, the Orga. They are the most
widespread, and have put several huge invasion forces together in the
past. When they include bolt throwers into their army, they can be
extremely tough to repulse. While there are tough Darshak and Undines,
I have yet to see any that are worse than an Orga Hatred with a
Hemlock or two backup. Even Greater Deaths can be outrun, and I've
never seen them in an invasion force, luckily. The Darshak thankfully
never seem to have much of a strategy, and so while their numbers may
be great, their invasions lack direction and purpose, and the same for
the undine.

Para: Any last comments for Fishwrap readers?

Rincewind: Mystic skills are enhanced (more effective and easier) when
more people are sharing; this is true even if you're asleep or
gossiping in town. If you've got a spare slot, share a mystic!


After spending some time investigating the exact qualities of the new
clubs, I discovered that Flickering is a relatively new addition to
the other clubs (Bright, Glowing, Brilliant) so I bought the
Flickering club and did some testing in the Monastery. I then
determined that the numbers I'd seen in the past weren't exactly
accurate so I ended up buying all of the clubs and came up with these
approximate numbers.

These new clubs act as regular clubs except they won't let you swing
until you get to a minimum percent balance. This is good because if
you're a fighter who relies on Balthus for most of your defense then
you don't have to worry about getting too low. The bad thing is they
are sticky just like the Gossamer, Fell Blade, and Bloodblade used by
the fighters and the Mercurial Staff used by the healers.

Flickering (10c) - 50%
Glowing (19c) - 65%
Bright (49c) - 80%
Brilliant (108c) - 100%

All of the percentages are rounded to the nearest whole number and are
approximations, except for Flickering and Brilliant, which are exact.
If you think these numbers are off, please let me know. I'm pretty
sure they're correct but that doesn't mean they are.

If you like these clubs, you can buy them from the basement in Wiktus'
shop or from me at cost (quantity 1 each). Prices vary a bit as all
the weapons do but they're around the ones I gave above.

So there you have it, the Light Clubs.

Fishwrap Magazine is produced by the ThoomCare Media Network.

Fishwrap Magazine is available on the World Wide Web.
You can subscribe there and also read all the back issues.

Publisher and Editor: Paramedic

Additional contributors to this issue: Himitsu

Fishwrap is always looking for new stories. If you have news you think
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Scarmis Invasion


Azriel reports in his journal entry for 39 Autumn 547 on a scarmis invasion in the fields near Puddleby.

Posted by Para at 12:38 PM
October 13, 2002
Kirth Gets Caduceus


In his journal entry for 34 Autumn 547, Kirth Gersen tells of his recent successful trip to Umbrion's Island and his decision to purchase a caduceus.

Posted by Para at 01:17 PM
October 12, 2002
Hunting in the North


Kirth's journal entry for 28 Autumn 547 describes hunting in the northern forests and on Noth Island.

Posted by Para at 10:36 AM
Kismia's Island Changes


Kiriel has sent TMN the following pictures of changes on Kismia's Island. One bridge is open, while work on another has begun. There is also a new hut. Click on the images below to enlarge.

Posted by Para at 10:25 AM
October 11, 2002
Red Quill Scrolls Return


The scrolls of the Red Quill clan have been reappearing.

Posted by Para at 05:21 PM
Chaos and Fairgrounds


Lundar reports in his latest journal entries on a meeting in the fairgrounds and some results of the most recent chaos storm.

Posted by Para at 05:15 PM
Sword of Souls Changes


In his latest journal entries, Aravir discusses a recent vermine invasion and changes to the Sword of Souls.

Posted by Para at 04:48 PM
Norm Needs Rock Advice


Norm continues to investigate his rock collection and offers some thoughts on the orga stone controversy in his journal entry for 22 Autumn 547.

Posted by Para at 03:49 PM
Beyond Wisher's Gate


Azriel reports on empty lands after a chaos storm and on hunting beyond Wisher's Gate in his journal entry for 22 Autumn 547.

Posted by Para at 03:31 PM
Eyes of Puddleby Moves


The Eyes of Puddleby forum has moved to a new home. Eyes of Puddleby, moderated by Himitsu, is an excellent resource for tracking and discussing the changes that occur after chaos storms.

Posted by Para at 01:06 AM
October 09, 2002
Kitty Beach and the Passes


Ruen reports on hunting with ThoomCare member Ducktape and with TMN correspondent Hor in the 4 Autumn 547 update of her journal.

Posted by Para at 10:15 PM
Drakes and Dews


Kirth Gersen reports on trips to Orion Woods and Noth Island in his journal entry for 17 Autumn 547.

Posted by Para at 09:44 PM
Raffling and Hunting


Hor reports on his raffle results and his latest hunts in his most recent journal entry.

Posted by Para at 08:53 PM
Sylvan Advances in Healing


Aurian passed the healers' fourth circle test today.

Posted by Para at 08:40 PM
October 08, 2002
Dun'ilsar: ELF vs DM


Lundar reports in his latest journal entry on the Dun'ilsar competition between ELF and Dwarven Militia.

Posted by Para at 11:49 PM
Change in Season


Azriel comments on the change in seasons and the rigors of training in his journal entry for 14 Autumn 547.

Posted by Para at 11:30 PM
Snow Makes Fourth Circle


Read more about it in Aravir's Notebook.

Posted by Para at 12:12 AM
October 07, 2002
Orga Stone Concerns


Ruen expresses her concern about giving orga stones to Tenebrion in her journal entry for 85 Summer 547.

Posted by Para at 07:31 PM
Dews on the Beach


Lundar reports on the recent ELF meeting, the new location of the ELF scrolls, and a visit to Noth Island in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 07:26 PM
The Beach and the Freezer


Kirth Gersen's journal entry for 6 Autumn 547 covers his recent expeditions to the western beaches, Tenebrion's Keep, and Devil's Island.

Posted by Para at 07:17 PM
Ethereal Assistance


Drablak has updated his map of EP-1 and his ethereal amulet mak'ro.

Posted by Para at 07:07 PM
October 06, 2002
Aravir Updates


In his latest journal entries, Aravir reports on the reappearance of Fishylish and corpse warriors in the hut of Witkus.

Posted by Para at 04:36 PM
Lost in the Forest


In his latest journal entry, Hor describes several recent forest expeditions.

Posted by Para at 04:08 PM
Tenebrion Missing?


Lundar reports in his latest journal entry on an expedition to Tenebrion's tower. Strangely, Tenebrion was nowhere to be seen. The Keeper of the Key was also missing and as a result, no one could enter Tenebrion's basement.

Lundar also reports on the recent successful FMOCR raid.

Posted by Para at 12:58 PM
October 03, 2002
Island Explorations


Lundar writes of exploring Devil's Island and Noth island in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 04:46 PM
Pie Judges Please Vote


A note from Prue at the Pie Project:

At this point in the judging, only 17 points separate 1st and 2nd place,
with 137 points yet to be voted.

If you're an eligible judge and you have not voted yet, please do so.

The twelve entries may be viewed at:


--The Pie Project

Posted by Para at 12:01 PM
Shen Calin Almost Undined


Aravir's latest journal entries describe Shen Calin's close call with a Darshak Necromancer and a trip to the home of Leth Nimbletoes.

Posted by Para at 11:38 AM
Hor and Kirth


Hor's latest journal entry tells of TMN correspondents Kirth Gersen and Hor hunting together. Luring monsters resulted in an unpleasant situation for Kirth, unfortunately.

Posted by Para at 11:27 AM
October 02, 2002
Hunting Umbrion's Island


Kirth Gersen reports in his journal entry for 80 Summer 547 on hunting in the passes and on Umbrion's Island.

Posted by Para at 06:31 PM
Fickle Pathways


Azriel reports on forgetting and relearning paths in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 06:14 PM
Orga Stones


Lundar argues in his latest journal entry that orga stones are not weapons but teleportation devices.

Posted by Para at 10:51 AM
October 01, 2002
Wither Red Quill?


As Drablak points out in his most recent journal entry, Babajaga has not been seen in Puddleby for many months now. Also, the Red Quill clan scrolls have disappeared, and other prominent Red Quill members such as Sleipnir and Weezoh have left Puddleby, apparently for good. Is this the end of Red Quill?

Posted by Para at 01:34 PM
More Mystic Fallout


Ruen reports in her journal entry for 68 Summer 547 on news of more mystics quitting the guild.

Posted by Para at 12:10 PM
Ethereal Research Pays Off


Drablak's hard work with his ethereal research has produced a breakthrough. He can now identify the names of sectors of the ethereal plane. You can read about this in his latest journal entry. Drablak has updated his scroll on ether, maps of the ethereal plane, and his travel scroll to take into account this new information.

Posted by Para at 12:02 PM
Alchemist's Folly Rescue


Lundar reports on a recent ELF hunt to Alchemist's Folly in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 11:46 AM