December 31, 2002
Kismia's Island Rescue


I was part of a successful and lengthy Kismia's Island rescue in the days before Bawkmas. Look below for more pictures from this expedition.

Posted by Para at 11:22 AM
Abyss Cleared


Before Bawkmas, a group of exiles managed to clear the Abyss and proceeded to have a celebration on the site. For a larger picture, look below.


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Darshak Blade


Aravir has a report of fighting a Darshak Blade in his latest journal entry.

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December 29, 2002


Eyes of Puddleby has a report on the Phantasmonomicon.

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Advanced Hunting with Hor


Hor has a report on some post-Bawkmas hunting in his latest journal entry.

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December 28, 2002
Bridges and Tunnels


Sielk has a report in his latest journal entry on changes at Kismia's Island.

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Bawkmas Reports

aravir.gif himitsu.gif

Aravir's journal has several recent updates, including reports on the opening of the Snowy Place and on the Bawkmas celebrations in town. Himitsu also has a report on Bawkmas events available.

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Azriel Trains Exiles


Azriel reports on training two new students in his journal entry for 59 Summer 548.

Posted by Para at 06:25 AM
Regia Training


Blitz reports in the Antiscian Journal that he is now teaching others the lessons of Regia.

Posted by Para at 06:20 AM
Snowy Area Open Again


Hor reports in his latest journal entry that access to the snowy area in North Field is now available.

Posted by Para at 06:15 AM
Dun'ilsar Scrolls Return


The official Dun'ilsar scrolls are available again, at a new address:

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December 27, 2002
The Thoom Is In


The Thoom is back. Updates to follow shortly.

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December 22, 2002
Bawkmas Approaches


Happy Holidays to all. As we get closer to Bawkmas, it is likely that updates will become a little more infrequent as the editors and contributors to the ThoomCare Media Network take some time off to spend with friends and family. Thoom!

- Para

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Big Red Orgas


Ruen reports on hunting big red orgas in her journal entry for 41 Summer 548.

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December 20, 2002
Cavern Rats


Azriel's latest journal entry for 39 Summer 548 concerns rats and zealots.

Posted by Para at 08:46 PM
Chain Gift


Himitsu Chi has updated her journal with a report on her new chain.

Posted by Para at 07:23 PM
Coins for Noth?


Devil's Pit in the Antiscian Tribe Forum tells of a mystic saying it would cost 500 coins for entrance to Noth Island.

Posted by Para at 07:09 PM
Fun with Undine


Ruen has been spending some time on Ash Island. Read about it in the 23 Summer 548 edition of her journal.

Posted by Para at 06:17 PM
Tower Time for Hor


Hor describes an interesting trip to Tenebrion's Tower in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 04:30 PM
Pubs and Drinks


Drablak has started work on a guide to the pubs and drinks in Puddleby.

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December 19, 2002
Dwarf Gets Myrm Egg


Norm reports in his journal entry for 40 Summer 548 (12/19/02) on a trip to the Myrm Hive.

Posted by Para at 11:16 PM
Cobras and Fire Rats


Sielk has updated his adventure notes for 32 Summer 548 (12/17/02) with a report on Kismia's Island and the Abyss.

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December 17, 2002
Organizing a Hunt


In her journal entry for 19 Summer 548, Ruen has some thoughts on the difficulties of organizing a hunt.

Posted by Para at 01:22 PM
Sylvans and Sun Wyrms


Lundar has a report in his latest journal entry on the recent ELF meeting and hunt.

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December 16, 2002
Bawkmas and Myrms


Aravir's latest journal entries describe a Bawkmas party and a myrm swarm.

Posted by Para at 11:55 AM
"Oh oh...golems"


Hor and friends have been spending some time visiting the Brions' homes. Read about it in his latest journal entry.

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December 15, 2002
Polling Results


Results from the last ballot, closed Summer 17, 548, with 1211 eligible voters:

#281: Who has your support for Zo President?
5 (8%): Michael
12 (18%): Perkusi
21 (32%): Yor
21 (32%): Zos should not have a president.
5 (8%): None of the above
2 (3%): Abstain

#282: Who shall be anointed as His Majesty the Fen King?
6 (10%): Rael the Squonk.
17 (28%): I prefer to waste away in the Fen King's dungeon.
35 (57%): None of the above
3 (5%): Abstain

Posted by Para at 12:04 AM
December 14, 2002
Aravir Updates Package Recipient List


Aravir has updated his Package Recipient Locations list.

Posted by Para at 10:50 PM
New iTornade Journal


Dwarf iTornade now has a journal available.

Posted by Para at 01:51 PM
Natas Rocked


Ruen has updated her journal for 12 Summer 548 with some thoughts on training and a report on the healing of Natas, who had been hit with several rocks in Greymyr Village.

Posted by Para at 12:57 PM
More Ore Available?


Azriel reports in his journal entry for 14 Summer 548 on finding some ore, taking the 6th circle fighters' test, and making a trip to the Valley.

Posted by Para at 12:51 PM
December 13, 2002
Shael Council Unveiled


The Shael Council is a new mystic council made up of mystics who have broken away from the original mystic council. Read about it here and here. Aravir has some commentary.

Posted by Para at 10:42 AM
Sunwyrm Hunting


Azriel's latest journal entry (6 Summer 548) features a report on hunting in the Rocky Cavern and his new plans for working on a Swengus ledger.

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December 12, 2002
Trainer Messages


Looking for a list of the trainer messages? I keep a list here. The list is also reproduced below for convenience.

Ranks Message
0-9 You have much to learn.
10-19 It is good to see you.
20-29 Your persistence is paying off.
30-39 You are progressing well.
40-49 You are one of my good pupils.
50-99 You are one of my better pupils.
100-149 You keep my on my toes.
150-199 It is hard to find more to teach you.
200-249 Teaching you is a challenge.
250-299 There is not much more I can teach you.
300-349 Teaching you has taught me much.
350-399 You have attained tremendous skill.
400-449 We are nearly equals.
450-499 You may be proud of your accomplishment.
500-549 You are becoming a master of our art.
550-599 (bows.) Your dedication is commendable.
600-649 You show great devotion to your studies.
650-699 You are a credit to our craft.
700-749 Few indeed are your peers.
750-799 (bows deeply.) Your devotion to the craft is exemplary.
800-899 It is always good to greet a respected colleague.
900-999 You are truly a grand master.
1000-1199 Let us search for more we might learn together.

Posted by Para at 02:04 PM
Ethereal Stalker Souffle


Wangah Rah's journal entry for 5 Summer 548 has more about the ethereal portal in Haricot's kitchen as well as a report on further ethereal mapping of Devil's Island.

Posted by Para at 01:20 PM
Selling a Crystal Shard


Hor reports in his latest journal entry on finding and selling a crystal shard.

Posted by Para at 12:15 PM
More Polling


Here are the most recent polls at the election house. Be sure to vote soon.

Minja Linfra says, "This ballot will close in 6 days, 7 hours, 22 minutes."
Minja Linfra says, "Here are the current questions to be voted on."

Minja Linfra asks, "#281: Who has your support for Zo President?"
Minja Linfra says, "a: Michael"
Minja Linfra says, "b: Perkusi"
Minja Linfra says, "c: Yor"
Minja Linfra says, "d: Zos should not have a president."
Minja Linfra says, "e: None of the above"
Minja Linfra says, "Please vote with the appropriate letter. You may also vote abstain or defer."

Minja Linfra asks, "#282: Who shall be anointed as His Majesty the Fen King?"
Minja Linfra says, "a: Rael the Squonk."
Minja Linfra says, "b: I prefer to waste away in the Fen King's dungeon."
Minja Linfra says, "c: None of the above"
Minja Linfra says, "Please vote with the appropriate letter. You may also vote abstain or defer."

Posted by Para at 12:10 PM
December 11, 2002
Return of Joe?


Rumor has it that Joe may be set free from jail soon, and endeavoring to play a greater role in the affairs of Puddleby. You can find a recent interview with Joe here. Some much older interviews, with Caddrel, also remain available.

Posted by Para at 04:41 PM
Sor Made Knight


Sor has been made a knight by Raldin. For more information and images, read below.


Sor reports:
After more than a year as Squire to Sir Raldin, I successfully challenged him and was raised to full Knight. I will now be known as Knight of the Rainbow, and will continue to help, defend and rescue people of Puddleby with increased zeal and honor.

Posted by Para at 04:25 PM
Thooms Investigate Kitchen


Evidence suggests there was recently an Ethereal portal in Haricot's kitchen.

Posted by Para at 02:49 PM
Puddleby Island Map


Some of you may have not seen the official Puddleby Island Map before.

Posted by Para at 01:36 PM
Coin Hunting in South Forest


Ruen has updated her journal for 81 Spring 548 with a report on some hunting in the South Forest.

Posted by Para at 10:45 AM
December 10, 2002
Ethereal Belt


Kirth Gersen reports in his most recent journal entry (1 Summer 548) that PTF has acquired an Ethereal Belt.

Posted by Para at 10:37 AM
December 09, 2002
Antiscian Journal Updated


Blitz has updated the Antiscian Journal for 85 Spring 548.

Posted by Para at 02:59 PM
Orgas and Cobras


Hor has updated his journal with reports of hunts on Kismia's Island and the Orga Camp.

Posted by Para at 02:45 PM
Sylvan Lexicon


Lundar reports in his latest journal entry that Marko has joined ELF and that further progress was made with the Sylvan Lexicon.

Posted by Para at 02:37 PM
December 07, 2002
Fen President Polling Results


The results from the polling for "Fen President" are in, but the results are less than decisive. Most voters picked "None of the Above," indicating either a preference for a Fen not listed in the poll, or in fact no desire at all for a "Fen President." Among those exiles listed on the ballot, Manx came in first with 24% of the vote. Sadly, only 83 of the 1239 eligible voters participated. Less than 7% of the citizens of Puddleby voted.

Results from the last ballot, closed Spring 78, 548, with 1239 eligible voters:
#280: Who do you support for Fen President?
9 (11%): Blitz
15 (18%): Lorikeet
20 (24%): Manx
13 (16%): Odesseus
25 (30%): None of the above
1 (1%): Abstain

Posted by Para at 06:24 PM
Rocks, Liches, and Greymyrs


Norm describes his latest rock gathering expeditions and hunts in his journal entry for 79 Spring 548 (12/7/02). He visits the Snowy Dale and assembles four complete rock collection sets.

Posted by Para at 05:45 PM
Chain Races Report


Aravir has a report on Light & Shadow's Chain Races.

Posted by Para at 05:33 PM
Beware the Juliosaur


Drablak has updated his maps of Cimmbrion's Garden Maze.

Posted by Para at 05:27 PM
Azriel Gets Ledger


Azriel has acquired a ledger from Evus. Read about it in his journal entry for 76 Spring 548.

Posted by Para at 05:16 PM
More Portals Open


A portal opened up at the entrance to the South Forest Mirror circle last night. Those who entered were taken to the Ethereal Plane and promptly fell to Ethereal Stalkers. Savage showed up, and tried to push me into the portal. Fortunately, he missed and I did not fall into it. Other exiles reported over the sunstone that another portal opened in the Myrm Hive.

Posted by Para at 05:05 PM
December 06, 2002
Unruly Orgas


Lundar reports on an Orga invasion in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 12:21 AM
Fen President Polling Nearing Close


Polling for the office of "Fen President" is about to close, and campaigning throughout the lands is stepping up, as seen in the picture above. Be sure to place your vote today.

Posted by Para at 12:04 AM
December 05, 2002
Successful FMOCR


Zorton can be seen shouting "Success!" in this picture from Kirth Gersen's journal of the successful Full Moon Orga Camp Raid (FMOCR) today (72 Spring 548). Only one more stone will be needed to complete the deal with the 'Brion brothers.

Posted by Para at 02:29 PM
Hor and Atkus


Hor reports on his training with Atkus and some recent hunts in his new journal entry.

Posted by Para at 02:21 PM
Witkus Expands


Aravir (seen here with Talin and ThoomCare member Stradamus) reports that Witkus has renovated his hut in South Puddleby.

Posted by Para at 02:15 PM
December 04, 2002
A Thoom's Tale


The Tale of Fwammy Fwoomathoom is once again available. Thanks to the author, Pacifist Thoom, for posting it, and to Bones for his help in tracking down Pacifist, who is no longer in Puddleby.

Posted by Para at 11:03 AM
December 03, 2002
Checking Wisher's Gate


I recently went on a trip with an excellent group of exiles to check out Wisher's Gate. I was unable to open it, unfortunately; though I am a full pathfinder I have never studied the gate enough to master the skill. Others did, though, keeping their pathway-opening skills in practice. We pressed on through Hatred's Hollow briefly and into the Trainers' Grotto before making the trip home. Click on the images below to enlarge.

Posted by Para at 07:31 PM
Penguin Problems


The Fairgrounds recently came under assault by Vorpal Penguins. The penguins were eventually defeated after a hard-fought battle. Click on the images below to enlarge.

Posted by Para at 06:55 PM
New Exile Report


Wangah Rah has a report on some new exiles in his journal entry for 64 Spring 548.

Posted by Para at 06:37 PM
Azriel Infected, Cured


Azriel describes his recent infection and recovery from lyfe disease in his journal entries for 60 and 63 Spring 548.

Posted by Para at 06:23 PM
Golem Chains Thoom


I was rescued from the disaster on Melabrion's Island by a Mud Golem, who chained me and several other fallens to safety. This was done by the order of Melabrion, who helped out "in the spirit of cooperation." Wangah Rah has a report on this in his journal entry for 64 Spring 548. I highly recommend reading it.

Those of us rescued were too injured to be healed at the scene. Dandelion dragged us via chain through a variety of dangers out of the caverns and through Tenebrion's Island back to Puddleby. My injuries were rather severe, and it took many healers to help me recover.

In related news, one of Melabrion's guards helped out Yor when he recently fell on the island. Click on the images below to enlarge.

Posted by Para at 05:48 PM
December 02, 2002
MI Traveler's Advisory


Melabrion has warned people to stay away from his island. He claims to be working on "a dig." Golems are swarming and it is very dangerous. Those who fall there are taken back to town in very bad shape and cannot easily be healed. Beware.

Update: TMN Breaking News

This is what happened when I went there:


Posted by Para at 05:07 PM
Fen President?


Details are sketchy, but it appears some preliminary polling is being conducted at the election house to determine prospective candidates for the office of "Fen President." It is unclear what the responsibilities of the position would be.

Posted by Para at 01:23 PM
Chain Races


Light & Shadow Clan is holding chain races on Friday, December 6th, 2002. Click here to read about the events and how to sign up.

Posted by Para at 12:48 PM
Clan Lord QuestTracker


The Clan Lord QuestTracker forum has become more active lately, with recent discussion from Xepel and Luminary of kyuems and the South Forest Mirror.

Posted by Para at 12:29 PM
New Antiscian Journal


Blitz has created a journal for the Antiscian Tribe.

Posted by Para at 12:11 PM
Drablak's Exploration Resources


Drablak has created a new scroll on exploration and another on the new H3O exploration group.

Posted by Para at 12:05 PM
Trouble in the Mines


Lundar reports on an ELF meeting and subsequent hunt in the T'rool mines in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 11:56 AM
December 01, 2002
Noth Beckons


Exiles are re-discovering the dangers and profits provided by Noth island in recent days. Hor reports on hunting Noth and Kismia's Island in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 05:42 PM
Aravir and Ruen Update

aravir.gif ruentriumphant.gif

In recent journal entries, Aravir reports that he has regained the professional skills he had before his untraining and that Drenn has become a fourth circle fighter. In other circle test news, Ruen reports in her journal entry for 31 Spring 548 that she has passed the second circle fighters test.

Posted by Para at 05:32 PM
Fishwrap #52 Now Available


Fishwrap #52, "Two Fighter Perspectives," is now available.


* Interviews with Gurgi and Noivad

Read below for the full text.


Issue #52: "Two Fighter Perspectives"
[November 30, 2002]


* Interviews with Gurgi and Noivad


This issue of Fishwrap Magazine is brought to you by the following
* Clan Pogue Mahone
* The Order of the Golden Maha
* Clan of the Purple Tor
* Sor, for Sun Dragon Clan
* Grocha
Tailor with a Training Ledger
* Clan Rising Claw

"TMN: Thoom News You Can Use"

Rincewind a Squire
No Stone from FMOCR
Chaining Zorton
Update to Nohurt's Scrolls
EHC Visits Noth
Clam the Thoom Joins ThoomCare
Kismia's Island: North Side
A Visit to the Forge
Eyes of Puddleby Updates
Portals Again Cluster at West Wall
Spiders and Bears
Fallen Dwarf Washes Ashore on Beach
Sylvans in the Snow
Ethereal Tools Workshop
Hor Gets Ethereal
Who Rescues the Rescuers?

for more information on the above stories, see TMN at:


This month we have interviews with the sheriff of Puddleby, Noivad,
and with renowned fighter Gurgi. Is there someone you'd like to see
interviewed in Fishwrap? Send me a message @

In clan news, ThoomCare is proud to announce the newest member of the
clan: Clam the Thoom.

- Para


Para: 1) Are you still sheriff? Why or why not?

Noivad: Yes. I'm still serving out my term serving up justice. No one
has challenged me for the title either.

Para: 2) What do you think about the recent mystic controversy?

Noivad: I suppose you're speaking of the promotions ruckus and maybe
the clear abuse of the court system. The court situation is easy: I
propose that any individual found to be using the courts to purposely
disrupt a hunt or a quest be given the maximum sentence allowable, so
the community sends the message that such abuse is unacceptable, and
that anyone who still wants to do it has to pay a heavy price.

It's a shame that in a profession that values the pursuit of knowledge
and wisdom, mystics can't seem to realize that working together to
advance their knowledge is much more effective than working alone, and
much more effective than thwarting each other's studies and attempts
to gain items to study. But instead you have this political bullpucky
and in-fighting that is corrupting the very basis for a guild. It
seems to me that wisdom and knowledge of their members is severely
lacking. I can name a few apprentices and journeymen that are much
better than their station. Imagine if we fighters had such a guild
where promotion was determined by the top fighters, and those at the
top were too busy fighting for power by thwarting other top fighters'
hunts (clan wars and individual vendettas not withstanding).

If a clear leader doesn't rise to unite the guild, it seems logical
that the guild will split into two, with many lower-level and some
upper-level mystics forming a more democratic guild. (Sorry if that
answer was too long.)

Para: 3) You've been spotted out in the passes frequently in recent
times. What are you doing out there?

Noivad: Well, there's only so much challenge for a person of 5th
circle to find hunting alone without it being a clear-cut suicide
mission. I used to run through the valley solo, but that's simply
become too dangerous lately. That, and I've noticed more creatures
throwing rocks and such. So, I'm practicing dodging rocks as well. If
you get trapped in GMV you fall very quickly. Given such an incentive,
it pushes me to train until I'm virtually untrappable by a decent
quantity of beasts. Now it's coming down to luck, which you can never
out-train. I've found, however, that the greater the experience one
has at doing something (like not getting trapped) the less one is
likely to get in a situation where luck can take a good swipe at you.

Para: 4) Who's the biggest threat to Puddleby? Undine? Darshak? Orga? Why?

Noivad: If it wasn't for the very nature of this island chain, I'd say
the emperor. All you mentioned pose very real threats. If I had to
pick one of the above, I'd say the Darshak, because they're shown the
ability to grow and adapt to our training style faster than any of the
others, and they're been able to almost kill everyone in town a few
times in the last few months. I'm also worried about ethereal entities
coming through the unstable portals we make and destroying the town. I
think our greatest threat is always around the corner, and if it's
not, then boredom is our worst enemy.

Para: 5) What do you see in the future for Puddleby? Working with the
'Brions? A new altar and maybe a library at the South Forest Outpost?

Noivad: I think eventually people will see the necessity of a stable
Ethereal Plane portal. Mystic research could once again shed light on
the nature of the planes, and shed some light on why the South Forest
mirror is misaligned, and how to realign it. Also, if we could figure
out how to build our own portals the benefit would be great. Right
now, the only way to start this process is to deal with the `Brion
brothers. They seemed to have softened their tone towards us, but just
because we're on better terms with them, it doesn't mean we shouldn't
be on guard in case of a trap.

Para: It is a long-standing tradition at the conclusion of a Fishwrap
interview that you are allowed to ask the Thoom 1 (ONE) question. You
may ask your ONE (1) question now.

Noivad: Do thooms have gills?

Para: According to the Encyclopaedia Thoomeria, "The Thoom are
semi-amphibious humanoids, averaging around five feet tall as adults.
Thoom eggs hatch in nursery ponds, and baby Thoomlets can breathe in
either air or water for the first five years of life. Around age five,
their gills transform into throatsacs, and the ability to breathe
underwater is lost. From age five through adulthood, they can still
stay underwater for extended periods of time, however, by inflating
their throatsacs with air before submerging."

Encyclopaedia Thoomeria:


Got Mendin', Inc.: Clothing repair by Serra Lorne and Zero-X

Ripped? Torn? Colors Fadin'?

Call on 'Got Mendin', Inc. for all your mendin' needs.

Free quotes from Serra Lorne or Zero-X in all languages!

Serra Lorne is a Dwarf, is female, is an exile, and is wearing the
symbol of the Dwarven Militia.
She is holding a dagger and a sewing kit, and she is wearing a
sunstone, a shirt and a pair of pants.
(got mendin? bakin' and brewin' donations accepted, too!)


Para: 1) What are the most important issues for fighters today?

Gurgi: I don't think the issues for fighters in general have changed
really. They still have a variety of priorities according to their
clan and their philosophy.

There are still those whose sole purpose is to explore the unknown and
unlock the secrets. Many of these are still searching vigorously for
signs of Trillbane and Gaeyl, and the Orga Stronhold.

For the high-level rank whores, Kismia's Island has become the most
popular hunting grounds. Despite the heavy time demands, many go there
several times a week. For those with less time on their hands, the
Valley and Melabrion's Island, as well as the Cove on KI are popular
spots for short hunts. Though I have not personally been to Noth in
quite some time, I know that many groups still enjoy this area as well.

In the area of training, many fighters train in the bloodblade or fell
blade these days. I have also noticed that trainers like Swengus (or
the equivalent Balthus and Regia) are more popular now days as well. I
believe the discovery of monsters with unbelievable regeneration
abilities has lead to this popularity of faster and more numerous
swings. The accompanying increase in popularity of darkus has not been
as marked as the swengus craze, but it has caused fighters to become
more concerned with tags as monsters seem to fall faster and faster
despite their high level of regeneration.

Even more so now than in the past, fighters rarely benefit from
fighting alone. Especially in the high-level areas, it is standard
practice to bring the maximum five healers, and indeed it is rare for
a party to not have at least 3 healers if they are not forced to (when
not enough healers are available). This is due mostly to the issue of
horus. In every high-level area, there are monsters that can cause a
person to fall quite badly, and there are scavengers now that can tear
a fallen body to pieces with startling speed.

I am sure many other fighters have completely different issues on
their minds, so it would be difficult for me to generalize.

Para: 2) What do you think about the recent mystic controversy? How do
you see the role of mystics in Puddleby?

Gurgi: I must say that I am quite disgusted with the way mystics fight
like over the teleport stones. It seems to me that actively preventing
the success of an FMOCR is essentially equivalent to aiding the Orga
and it certainly never helps the mystic that ruins the raid. Every
stone that is not taken by a mystic is one more stone for the Orga.
Furthermore, it is quite silly for the mystics to prevent the most
qualified individual -- indeed the EXPERT -- in the area of orga
stones from acquiring one for study. This is indeed quite a foolish move.

I was quite shocked that exiles that supposedly have brains were
somehow convinced that a mystic who was clearly an official full
mystic and had been one for years was a fraud. Nowhere have I seen any
evidence of any such fraud. Indeed, if such a fraud had occurred it is
puzzling that the accuser would wait several YEARS before making his
accusations, and furthermore, that in all that time, the accuser was
apparently not able to acquire one single shred of proof! Furthermore,
it is ridiculous to imagine that the mystic council would fail to
notice a fraudulent promotion considering they promote so very rarely.
Surely a person could not waltz in and fool the council into thinking
they had only FORGOTTEN that they had promoted him. It should have
been obvious to even the most dimwitted individual on the jury that
such charges, backed by no proof whatsoever, had no merit.

As for the role mystics play in Puddleby: I believe they have some
specialized skills that can be useful on occasion. Their ability to
boost accuracy is quite useful when facing a monster with extremely
high defense. Their ability to use teleport stones is becoming much
more useful now that they have learned how to use the stones. I'm sure
the exploration-whores feel this is the best discovery since the town
gate. It is a pity that they foolishly refuse to allow their most
qualified expert in this area to have a stone. I suppose not all
guilds can be run as wisely as the fighters' guild.

Mystics make excellent sandbags for plugging holes in battle as well
and they of course can open doors as always. Some day they may learn
something more about the Ethereal Plane too, but their skills in this
area are not yet very high.

Para: 3) Are the 'Brion brothers trustworthy? What do you think of the
recent discovery of a fallen Tenebrion?

Gurgi: I do not believe the `Brions are trustworthy. Any time it looks
like we won't give them something they want, they threaten to attack
us by force. It would be foolish to deem them trustworthy when it is
so clearly obvious that they will only be nice to us as long as we
give them whatever they want. While I have no proof that they are
actively seeking to destroy us, they certainly would not hesitate to
do so were they to decide that eliminating us would benefit them even

Para: 4) Who's the biggest threat to Puddleby? Undine? Darshak? Orga? Why?

Gurgi: The Darshak are definitely the biggest threat to Puddleby. They
nearly wiped us out in the Ripture War, and I have no doubt they will
try again. Their powers are great and terrible, and more so than the
Orga, they represent true evil. While the Orga certainly want to drive
us from their lands, they are only our enemy due to their territorial
natures. The Darshak, however, have much more sinister motives.

Para: 5) What do you see in the future for Puddleby? A new altar and
maybe a library at the South Forest Outpost?

Gurgi: The most exciting thing I see in the future is the discovery of
Gaeyl and the subsequent discovery of new paths and places to explore.
A library and altar may indeed be built in the Outpost, but permits
take quite a while to be processed so it's impossible to know when.

Para: It is a long-standing tradition at the conclusion of a Fishwrap
interview that you are allowed to ask the Thoom 1 (ONE) question. You
may ask your ONE (1) question now.

Gurgi: What answers would you give to the questions you asked me?

Para: 1) Bloodblades. 2) Troubling. Increasingly important. 3) No.
He's getting careless, endangering many. 4) Probably the Darshak. But
we must never forget that the Orga are armed with a catapult. 5) More
ethereal troubles.

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