January 30, 2003
Beach Changes


Aravir notes some changes to Ash Island in his latest journal entry. You'll also find some changes in the river tunnel. Eyes of Puddleby has more on changes from the chaos storm.

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To the Passes with Farhope


Farhope acted as a guide on a recent expedition to the passes. Read about this in Ruen's journal entry for 10 Winter 549.

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January 29, 2003
Juliosaur Bounty Unrewarded


Norm's bounty on the Juliosaur went uncollected, unfortunately. Read about this and more in the 26 Winter 549 (1/29/03) update to his journal.

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Hor Spots New Noids


Arachnoids have a new look, as shown in Hor's latest journal entry.

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Chaos Storm #270


Chaos Storm #270 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

Posted by Kiriel at 11:49 AM
Voting in Puddleby


The most recent round of polls will soon be closing at the Puddleby Election House. Voters are asked to choose between Haze and Noah, select their least favorite full mystic, and indicate their support for candidates for Puddleby Insurance Commissioner.

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Remaining a Mystic


Himitsu has updated her journal with some thoughts on why she has chosen to remain a mystic.

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New Portrait by Laiy


Laiy's new portrait, of Phiros and Topaz, is now available.

Is there any other recent art from Puddleby you'd like to see mentioned at TMN? Let me know in the comments.

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January 28, 2003
Spiders Attack Town Center


Spiders invaded the center of Puddleby yesterday, spinning webs and attacking passersby with poisonous bites.


The spiders also hurled egg sacs towards town residents.

Click on the links below for more pictures.

Spider chomps local sylvan

Spider spins another web

Thoom gets hit with egg sac

Exiles examine the eggs

Shrub tries to reason with the spider

Spider responds to Shrub

Spiders crawl out of the webs and attack

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January 27, 2003
Hunting with the Claw


I was invited along on a Rising Claw clan hunt today. Click on the links below to see some images of our trip to the Kismia's Island cove and glacier.

Rising Claw hunt 1

Rising Claw hunt 2

Rising Claw hunt 3

Rising Claw hunt 4

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Healerless Hunting


Lundar tells of a healerless hunt in the passes in his latest journal entry.

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January 26, 2003
Shael Council Update


Ma'Ta Salandra of the Shael Council has posted an update on the new council's plans.

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Sielk Visits Kismia's Island


Sielk was invited by Jade to a hunt on Kismia's Island. You can read about the details in his latest journal entry.

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Squirrel Squired


Lundar's latest journal entry tells of Squirrel being squired to the Mystic Knight Raldin in the Temple of Falinea.

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The Trouble with T'rools


Hor meets up with a pack of angry t'rools and describes a trip to the Valley in his latest journal entry.

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Save Kintok!


I recently helped on a rescue mission just past Wisher's Gate to save Kintok, who had fallen near the lake. Click on the links below for some pictures of the successful rescue.

Angry orgas

Kintok on chain

Thooms close in to help Kani after vicious Orga attack

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January 25, 2003
Hamster Madness


Polerand's pet hamsters got out of control and attacked the citizens of Puddleby, causing many casualties. Exiles gathered in the library to recover and receive healing from town healers.


Thanks to Bones for the images. Click on the link below for an enlarged image of the scene in the library.

Hamster Triage

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Lava Room Rescue


Before Bawkmas, I helped out on this rescue in the Lava Room at the Dark Temple. The Thooms slowly fished the fallens out with chains, and then we gathered our forces to defeat the liche inside. Click on the links below to view more images.

Lava Room 1

Lava Room 2

Lava Room 3

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Lundar Lake


I recently made a trip out to the secluded vacation spot of Lundar Lake. Fishing is not allowed there, unfortunately.

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January 24, 2003
Bashing Undine


Poesy's journal entry for 4 Winter 549 has reports on hunting undines and myrms.

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Sylvans and Noids


Lundar reports on an ELF meeting and subsequent hunts in his most recent journal entry.

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Valley Rescue


A Valley rescue team was itself attacked and required rescue yesterday. Eventually a large rescue force descended into the Valley and helped to save all those fallen. Look below to see more pictures.

Click on the images to enlarge.

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Super Chicken Leaves


Super Chicken has left Puddleby. He may return, as he has done in the past.

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January 23, 2003
Herbie Visits Noth - The Pet Saga Continues


Mehan reports: "While hunting on Noth with my hunting group, Falinea's Blade, we came across a little froggie. Nicknamed Herbert, Herbie for short, he worked his way into our hearts. He then proceeded to follow us around, showing a great affinity for the sylvan fighter, Clair. We took him to the pond, to the castle, and finally, to the underground. Sadly, Herbie met his end while bravely defending us from a Tuz'Noth in the underground. We'll miss you Herbie!"

Posted by Kiriel at 11:16 AM
No Stone


The latest Full Moon Orga Camp Raid ended in failure. No stone was left behind for Zorton. Read more in Azriel's journal entry for 89 Autumn 548.

Posted by Para at 10:52 AM
Capture the Coins


Hor's latest journal entry contains reports on a game of Capture the Flag and a trip to the Orga Outback.

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January 22, 2003
Archer Updates


Bob the Archer has updated his journal with news that he has abandoned the profession of fighter.

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January 21, 2003
Darshak, Bears and Orgas


Aravir's latest journal entries contain reports on Darshak scouting parties and a trip to the new bear cave. Aravir also helped out with an orga rage, as reported in the 76 Autumn 548 edition of Ruen's journal.

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Kismia's Island Report


Azriel's journal entry for 84 Autumn 548 describes some memorable moments during a recent hunt on Kismia's Island.

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January 19, 2003
Mystic Hunt


Hor reports on a mystic hunt in his latest journal entry.

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"Pink???" "Run"


Aravir's latest journal entries involve a dawn wendecka and Ayella and Luna performing in town.

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January 18, 2003
Ambush on Noth


Kirth Gersen's journal entry for 72 Autumn 548 includes accounts on hunts on Noth, Kismia's Island, and the Orga Outback.

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Laiy Rescued at Darshak Outpost


In her journal entry for 65 Autumn 548, Ruen reports on a rescue on Ash Island, hunting in South Forest, and a gift from Santa Chicken.

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Dwarf Underground


In his journal entry for 71 Autumn 548 (1/18/03), Norm critiques the T'rool construction methods in the Noth Underground and reports that he found an uli flower in the Meadow.

Posted by Para at 01:59 PM
Vote to Name KI Snowy Area


Voting for the official name of the snowy area west of the Kismia's Island Cove has begun. You can vote in the Puddleby Election House.

Minja Linfra says, "#290: What is your choice for the name of the KI snowy area? (Vote "e" to vote for not naming it)"
Minja Linfra says, "a: Snowy Cove"
Minja Linfra says, "b: Snowy Dale"
Minja Linfra says, "c: Snowy Glen"
Minja Linfra says, "d: Glacial Cove"
Minja Linfra says, "e: None of the above"

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Mr. Jinx Comes to KI


A group of exiles encountered a friendly pony named Mr. Jinx on Kizmia's Isle. The pony seemed rather fond of Manx and followed her throughout the isle, even choosing to help out the party by chaining a fallen Sielk through much of the island till the party could obtain enough healer assistance for him. There is a visionstone available for those who would like a closer view.

Posted by Kiriel at 02:07 AM
January 17, 2003
Archemar's Thoomamid


Archemar sends along this picture of a Thoomamid in town. He challenges exiles to identify the Thooms in the picture.

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Clan Lord Macro Archive Returns


Haze has made the Clan Lord Macro Archive available again. Thanks to Haze! The archive has also been added to the list of permanent links on the right side ("Macros" is one of the most commonly searched for phrases on TMN.)

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Trade with 'Brions Soon?


Lundar reports that arrangements are being made to trade teleportation stones to the 'Brions:

"Currently the supporters of the trade are organizing two meetings with the 'Brions. Both will be open to the public to attend. The first meeting will be used to resolve the issue of portal security, and any other issues that exiles may have. The second meeting will be more a ceremony than anything else, during which the stones will be formally handed over to the 'Brions."

Read more about it in the Winds of Dawn Clan Forum.

Posted by Para at 01:42 PM
Coriakin's Music


Those of you interested in music and becoming a bard should be sure to check out Coriakin's Music. Coriakin's pages contain a wealth of information and tutorials. Another valuable resource is Rakster, a library of music maintained by Tonle. Clan Lord Tune Helper is an essential tool for bards and non-bards too.

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Inventory Difficulties?


Himitsu has updated Eyes of Puddleby with information on the latest Chaos Storm. (Some information here may spoil things for those of you looking to find out things on your own, so reader beware.)

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January 16, 2003
Mystic Considerations


In Himitsu Chi's latest journal entry, she reports on a Winds of Dawn clan meeting and shares some thoughts about the Mystic Council.

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Maximum Coinage


In his latest journal entry, Hor reports on a skinning contest including him and other exiles. Exiles can organize such contests with Skorr Brightfur on West Beach.

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January 15, 2003
Hunting Kismia's Island


Azriel's journal entry for 60 Autumn 548 describes in detail a hunt on Kismia's Island that ended with the coming of today's Chaos Storm.

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Chaos Storm #268


Chaos Storm #268 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

Posted by Kiriel at 11:46 AM
January 14, 2003
New Contributors to TMN

kirielnew.gif odesseusnew.gif

I'm pleased to announce that Kiriel D'Sol and Odesseus have joined the staff of the ThoomCare Media Network as contributors. Thanks to both of them for agreeing to help out.

Posted by Para at 06:30 PM
Lava, Forests and Caves


Poesy's latest journal entry (15 Autumn 548) describes her trip to the Drake Den and to the bear cave of Northwest Forest.

Posted by Para at 05:39 PM
Pathfinder's Ponderings


Azriel reports in his latest journal entry (56 Autumn 548) on a visit to Kizmia's Isle and his attempts to learn the newly in-demand path north of the whirlpool.

Posted by Kiriel at 04:52 PM
NWF Danger


I had a little accident on the way to rescue Odesseus in the New Bear Cave. Thanks to Devil, Raiine, Astor and Caelith for some much-needed help.

Posted by Para at 11:37 AM
January 13, 2003
Dun'ilsar: ELF versus OWE


Lundar has an extensive report on the ELF versus OWE Dun'ilsar in his most recent journal entry.

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January 12, 2003
Darshak Invasion


A large battle was fought today with the Darshak at sea and on Ash Island.

Hor has a report on today's events.

Aravir has a report on the battle also.

Update (January 13, 2003):

Lundar now has a report on the Darshak Horde event.

Ruen has a report in her journal entry for 48 Autumn 548.

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January 11, 2003
Robin Greyhawk Gets Teleportation Stone


Lundar reports on a successful FMOCR in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 11:14 PM
Norm Places Bounty


Norm has placed a 1000 coin bounty on the Juliosaur. Read about it in his journal entry for 42 Autumn 548 (1/11/03).

A reminder:


Bounties do not last forever, so you might want to start hunting Juliosaur sooner rather than later.

Posted by Para at 01:27 PM
Kirth Dresses Down


Kirth Gersen reports in his journal entry for 43 Autumn 548 on a gift he recently received, a trip to the ethereal plane, and the grief he recently received when he started wearing some inexpensive clothing.

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Coliseum Blues


Azriel's journal entry for 38 Autumn 548 contains some thoughts on the recent changes to the Coliseum. "It was fun, but less fun than it has been in the past," he says.

Posted by Para at 01:00 PM
January 10, 2003
Naming Contest for KI Snowy Area


TMN is pleased to host the official (Pengy-approved) naming contest for the snowy area just past the Kismia's Island cove.

Please submit your nominations for a name in the comments. Nominations for names will be open through Tuesday, January 14. After that, a poll will be conducted to determine the most popular name, and the winning name will become the official name.

Posted by Para at 12:25 PM
Rescue by Chain


Hor's latest journal entry features a chain rescue by Kintok.

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January 09, 2003
Training with Angilsa


Azriel reports in his latest journal entry (34 Autumn 548) on a slight setback in his training of others and on a nostalgic coin-hunting tour.

Posted by Para at 09:20 PM
Wrath of Juliosaur


Breaking news: Juliosaur is in town center, in Mai's Garden. Exiles are engaged in battle with it.

Update: exiles surrounded it in Mai's Garden, and damaged it to more than 50% of its health. At that point it burrowed into the ground and escaped.

Aravir has more on the attack of the Juliosaur.

Posted by Para at 06:06 PM
Hunting on Melabrion's Island


Kirth Gersen offers a report on his recent hunts, including trips to the Valley and Melabrion's Island, in his journal entry for 34 Autumn 548.

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January 08, 2003
Joining ELF


Ruen's journal entry for 19 Autumn 548 contains an account of her joining E'las Loth'mon Ferindril.

Posted by Para at 11:58 AM
Kirth and Horus


In his journal entry for 27 Autumn 548, Kirth Gersen reports on reaching a new level with his Horus training.

Posted by Para at 01:52 AM
January 06, 2003
Noth with ELF


Lundar reports on an ELF meeting and hunt on Dal'Noth Isle in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 01:50 PM
Hor Hunts Potatoes


In his latest journal entry, Hor hunts potatoes and joins up with a Valley hunt (seen above.)

Posted by Para at 01:16 PM
Good Fortune for Ruen


Ruen reports in her journal entry for 15 Autumn 548 on winning an auction and going on a successful hunt.

Posted by Para at 01:25 AM
January 05, 2003
Thoom Council


Bones the Thoom sent along some pictures of a recent Thoom Council meeting. To see more, read below.



The assembled Thooms answered questions from exiles in town center and discussed Thoom business.

Unfortunately, Thoom Council attendance has declined in recent years, as the number of exiles in Puddleby seems to be shrinking. Past meetings were often significantly larger, as can be seen in this old picture from the TMN archives:

Summer 541 Thoom Council Meeting

Posted by Para at 04:38 PM
Life as a New Mystic


Led Boots sends along these impressions of life as a new mystic. Look below to see more.



Top: Business as usual in town.

Bottom: Led Boots finds killer birds blocking his path to Pyr's hut.

Posted by Para at 02:50 PM
Learning from the Aqua-Sylvan


In her journal entry for 8 Autumn 548, Ruen writes of training with Xepel the Aqua-Sylvan and of the difficulties of matching the size of a hunting group with the challenges presented by different hunting grounds.

Posted by Para at 02:03 AM
Twice the Halflings, Same Price


Poesy is now sharing her journal with her foster sister Peony. Peony has a new entry up for 13 Autumn 548.

Posted by Para at 01:55 AM
Investigating the Drake Den


Lundar has two new journal entries:

1) An investigation of the drake den in the wake of the recent town center drake attack

2) An ELF hunt encounters many swamp ferals

Posted by Para at 01:48 AM
Clan Crisis


Himitsu reports on a Winds of Dawn meeting in the Snowy Grove in her latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 01:37 AM
Greymyr and Groar


Aravir's latest journal entries concern Groar and a wandering greymyr.

Posted by Para at 01:22 AM
Saber Owl


Azriel's journal entries for 6-7 Autumn 548 include extensive accounts of hunts on Kismia Island (with a Saber Owl sighting) and Hatred Hollow, as well some interesting new observations about fighter training.

Posted by Para at 01:15 AM
Thoom Larno Knighted


ThoomCare member Larno has been made a Knight by Sleipnir.


"Sir Larno, Knight of the Fish of the True and Gentle Knighthood"

Posted by Para at 12:10 AM
January 04, 2003
Hunting the Valley


Drablak's latest journal entry describes a trip to the Valley and his new membership in the Sun Dragon Clan.

Posted by Para at 11:54 PM
January 03, 2003
Drake Attacks Town Center


A drake attacked three exiles in the center of Puddleby yesterday. All three were scooped up in the drake's claws and carried away to his lair on Devil's Island. A rescue party gathered to save the exiles from what appeared to be the drake's plans to eat them.

It is highly unusual for a drake to be bold enough to attack the center of town in this fashion.

For more pictures, see below.

Drake flies over town center

Drake grabs Kiriel

Drake flies off

Drake carries exiles

Drake flies home

Drake over desert

Drake over forest

The drake lair

Rescue party gathers

Rescue in drake lair

Defeat of drake

Posted by Para at 05:37 PM
Kismia's Island Cove


I recently participated in a hunt/rescue at the cove on the east side of Kismia's Island. Elise was trapped for a while behind some kudzu during some particularly strong lyfe attacks. More pictures are below; click on the images to enlarge.

Posted by Para at 03:35 PM
January 02, 2003
Bawkmas with Drablak


Drablak has two new journal entries: one is a retrospective of recent events, and the other has the story of Bawkmas as told by Keemhan.

Posted by Para at 02:42 PM
Poesy's Journal


Poesy has a new journal. Recent entries describe the Bawkmas celebrations and hunts in the Snowy Dale. Poesy's journal has been added to the list of permanent journal links on the right side of TMN.

Posted by Para at 12:21 PM


Rael the Squonk sent along this commentary on changing shoe fashions in Puddleby.

Posted by Para at 12:02 PM
Mysterious Bird


Rincewind sent the following report to TMN:

"Saw this birdy flying around south of the trees on Alice's beach on Kismia's Island soon after the last chaos storm. Never seen anything like it before; alas, we could not get a name for it."

Posted by Para at 11:59 AM
January 01, 2003
Mystic Raffle


Aravir reports on a skristal available for raffle in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 04:19 PM
Bawkmas with Ruen


Ruen's latest journal entry ("Bawkmas 548") provides details of her adventures over the Bawkmas holiday. Seen above: Ayella shows her new Starbuck harp to TMN affliates Kirth Gersen and Ruen. Mr. Gersen has turned his charm up to 11 for the occasion.

Posted by Para at 04:14 PM
Dwarf Blows Horn


Norm reports on an Axell sighting and on a rescue in the lava room in his journal entry for 2 Autumn 548 (1/1/03).

Posted by Para at 03:49 PM
Hunting Melabrion's Isle


Hor's latest journal entry offers reports on hunting Melabrion's Isle.

Posted by Para at 03:39 PM