February 28, 2003
New Journal by Lirr the Thoom


Lirr the Thoom now has a journal. His first entry, for 54 Spring 549, consists of a report on the recent orga invasion, and news of the promotion of Richard to Journeyman mystic.

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Eyes of Puddleby Updated


Himitsu has updated Eyes of Puddleby with new information about the most recent Chaos Storm.

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Hunting Reports from Sielk


Sielk has updated his journal with two reports on hunting. The first covers a Valley hunt, and the second is a report on hunting the Orga Outback and Kismia's Island.

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Ruen's Choreography


Ruen reports on her role in the upcoming Sylvan Spring Festival in her journal entry for Spring 549.

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Wangah Rah Now Orga Ambassador


Wangah Rah has been appointed "Ambassador to the Orgas" after an orga recently came to town speaking his name. Read more about this in Aravir's latest journal entry. Wangah Rah also has a report in his journal entry for 60 Spring 549.


In related news, several exiles have written of the recent orga attack that coinicided with the recent chaos storm. Opxe has a report on the recent orga invasion. Norm's journal entry for 55 Spring 549 (2/27/03) also has news on the orga invasion. Feauial has a report on this orga invasion in his journal entry for 52 Spring 549. (He also reports that the underground passage to the Fighter's Pub has re-opened.)

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Kirth's Report on the Darshak Invasion


Kirth Gersen's journal entry for 56 Spring 549 includes an account of how exiles replied with pies when Kiril Drakesblood called for a truce.

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Stocking the Coliseum


Hor and Leon recently brought a Cave Maha Ruknee to the arena. Read about this and more in Hor's latest journal update.

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February 27, 2003
Spring Festival Overview


Lundar has written an overview of the Spring Festival events which will be taking place this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They include a Feast Hunt, dancing lessons, and a Flower Ball. For more details, read Lundar's latest journal entry.

Posted by Kiriel at 11:45 PM
February 26, 2003
Storm of Labels - Chaos Storm #274


Chaos Storm #274 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

Posted by Kiriel at 02:47 PM
Tyranis Calgar Bids Farewell


Long-time ThoomCare member Tyranis Calgar has left Puddleby. He gave away his possessions in town center, and exiles gathered to say goodbye.

Drablak reports to TMN:
Sadly a good thoom has left the lands. Tyranis Calgar was in town center giving away all his belongings before his trip to the mainland. Zorton, Leos and me made a Spirit Crisis Salute to him as he left. He will be missed.

You can read more about the departure in Opxe's latest journal entry.

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Temple Floor Repaired


The miners have repaired the floor of the temple. Read more about this in Aravir's journal entry.

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February 25, 2003
Museum Space Token Available


Lundar reports that he has a Museum Space Token for sale. He also reports on a wishbone spotted in the East Forest.

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Azriel on Pathfinding


Azriel has some news on pathfinding in his latest journal entry (6 Spring 549).

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Thoom Fashion News


Aravir's latest journal entry concerns similarly dressed Thooms. He also reports that Rot and Wilt are attacking mystics again.

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February 24, 2003
Bard Auditions Announced

ocarina.gif tuborn.gif

There will be two auditions held on Sunday, March 2, 2003.

One Full Bard audition is scheduled for 12:00pm PST. One Bard Quester audition is scheduled for 1:00pm PST. More information is available at the Bard's Guild.

Posted by Para at 09:33 PM
Coriakin's Music Converted


Martin the Dorf has converted Coriakin's songs to MP3 format. You can access them here.

Posted by Para at 09:25 PM
Opxe's New Journal


Opxe has started a new journal. His latest entry is a report on the rarely-visited South Pass Caverns.

Posted by Para at 08:53 PM
Phroon Passes 4th Circle Test


ThoomCare member Phroon passed the fourth circle healers' test today. He has made a visionstone of the test available.

Congratulations to Phroon!

Posted by Para at 07:58 PM
February 23, 2003
Grand Tournament in the Arena


Lundar has a report on the Grand Tournament held in the Arena today, part of the Sylvan Spring Festival. Among the highlights, reports Lundar, was the Grand Melee:

The first contest, the Grand Melee, was a contest of the dorfs. After only a few minutes of fighting, there remained only 4 fighters out of the more than 20 original combatants: Charlos, Haze, Gorvin, and Torin. After the dust had settled, Gorvin remained the last one standing.

Posted by Para at 08:51 PM
Hor and the Darshak


Hor has posted his report on the attack on Puddleby by Kiril Drakesblood.

Posted by Para at 04:48 PM
February 22, 2003
Orga Village Rescue


Aravir reports on a rescue in the Orga Village in his latest journal entry.

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Exiles Electrocuted at Dred Passage


Norm's journal entry for 32 Spring 549 (2/21/03) describes a trip to the Foothills that had to turn back at Dred Passage due to excessive lightning.

Posted by Para at 01:13 AM


Rats chew on local sylvans after South Pass ambush. Read more in Aravir's latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 01:05 AM
Spring Festival


Lundar reports on the upcoming sylvan Spring Festival in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 01:00 AM
Mapping the Malachite Lair


Larno the Thoom has created a Map of the Malachite Lair. He's seeking exiles who may have visionstones or pictures of those parts he has been unable to map so far.

Posted by Para at 12:52 AM
Malachite Trouble


Lundar reports on a trip to the Malachite Lair in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 12:39 AM
February 21, 2003
Call for Nominations


Eldon GM is seeking nominations for his contest. Read below to find out more.

Eldon GM is looking for nominations for best roleplayer and/or best roleplayed stories. He says:

"I know of only a handful of stories going on right now, so I think I'm missing a few. You can send nominations directly to me."

mail Eldon GM

Contact Eldon at the address above with nominations, comments and questions. Please remove the word THOOM from the address, and be sure that your message has a subject that says "CONTEST."

Posted by Para at 11:25 PM
Entrance Closed


Feauial has updated his journal with news of a closed underground passage.

Posted by Para at 11:08 PM
February 20, 2003
Daytime Coin Hunt on KI


Azriel reports on a daytime coin hunt on Kizmia's Island with Mujin-kun, Elenis Reyav, Larno and Sephroth in his journal entry for 26 Spring 549.

Posted by Para at 08:08 PM
Return of Drablak


Drablak has updated his journal after a lengthy stay in the library.

Posted by Para at 07:55 PM
Angry Tree Giants


Hor and Leos encounter some trees. Read more in Hor's latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 07:44 AM
Feauial's Journal


Feauial has been keeping a journal of his adventures for quite a while now. Check it out, and my apologies for not linking to it before now.

Posted by Para at 12:37 AM
February 19, 2003
Dun'ilsar Report from Aravir


Aravir served as a judge for the Dun'ilsar contest between the Rat Bastards and the Sun Dragon Clan. He provides a report in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 10:29 PM
Azriel Awakes


Azriel has updated his journal with news of his reactions to recent events he has missed while in the library.

Posted by Para at 10:21 PM
More on Kiril


Aravir has a report on the leadership and strategies of the recent invasion. Lundar has published some transcripts of conversations with Kiril Drakesblood.

Posted by Para at 11:36 AM
Thoom Council Meets


The Thoom Council conducted a meeting in town and fielded questions from passing exiles. Council members wore ceremonial flags and stood in formation.

Posted by Para at 01:52 AM
February 18, 2003
Someone to Blame


Thanks to Althea and Wangah Rah for sending along this picture from the meeting in the Fairgrounds after the Darshak invasion. We now know who to blame.

Posted by Para at 12:11 PM
Training with Spirtus


Spirtus is not training exiles right now. Bob the Archer, however, points this out: "Master Spirtus' twin, the one who lives in Agratis, is still enrolling new exiles in his classes."

Posted by Para at 11:51 AM
Report from the Foothills


TMN received this message today:


Attached is a picture of the safe room beyond the new supernoids, and just short of the advanced PF trainer. After endless assaults on the noids achieved nothing, a few suicidal folks decided to run for it again. AceRimmer and Talin nobly volunteered to run decoy as they lacked sufficient PF training to benefit from the book. The rest of us headed straight there. Not all made it. Alchemist and Lady Chatterley sadly fell to the noids, but four of us were lucky enough to reach the PF spot (seems a easy one by the way) and dived in. Alas, we weren't completely successful, as none of us could open the final path to the book, so we elected to camp out in the safe room and keep trying.

The exit back to hell (noids cavern if you didn’t guess!:D) is top right corner...the path to the book bottom left (where Kensington is in the picture). Once again, many thanks to all those brave folks who helped us to finally reach this place!




We're in! Here is a picture of the inner room and the famous book.


Posted by Para at 11:11 AM
Norm Reports on the Invasion


Norm's journal entry for 15 Spring 549 (2/17/03) contains a report on the recent Darshak invasion.

Posted by Para at 12:53 AM
February 17, 2003
Horror in the Foothills


The most recent expedition to the Foothills seeking Giayl's Guide to Hidden Ways had difficulties getting through the Malachite Arachnoid Lair. Some exiles eventually headed back home, while others made a mad rush for the southwest passage. A few made it, but could not get through the door. They decided to camp out, waiting for the next expedition to arrive.

Posted by Para at 08:36 PM
Scarmis Hive


Hor's latest journal update contains accounts of trips to the Scarmis Hive, Lily Pond, and Ethereal Plane.

Posted by Para at 02:51 PM
February 16, 2003
Victory Over Kiril


Exiles defeated Kiril Drakesblood and her forces today. Lundar has a full report.

Update: Aravir now has a report on the invasion also.

Posted by Para at 08:41 PM
Darshak Invasion


Lundar has ongoing news coverage of the Darshak Invasion, with multiple reports.

South Gate and West Gate have fallen, and Puddleby is overrun.

Update: Lundar has more bad news. "The Darshak invasion shows no sign of diminishing," he writes, "and in fact it seems as if the number of Darshak in town may actually be increasing. "

Update #2: Exiles have hunkered down into selected bunker-like areas in Puddleby, and have made the Puddleby Underground the preferred means of transit throughout town. Exiles are charging out from the bunkers periodically and making slow progress towards removing the Darshak from town.

Rael the Squonk sent TMN this picture of Kiril Drakesblood breeching the west kudzu wall.


Latest word over the sunstone:

Angela thinks, "temple is lost"

Posted by Para at 10:39 AM
February 15, 2003
Spy Captured in Town


A spy was spotted north of the temple listening in on conversations in town center. Exiles chased the spy towards Gaia's Garden. The spy refused to talk, citing fear of Kiril Drakesblood, and eventually committed suicide by taking bitter berries.

Posted by Para at 09:18 PM
Sielk Passes Fifth Circle Test


Sielk has updated his journal with two new entries: one on the new language trainer ledger and his work on the KI bridge, and another on passing the fifth circle fighters test.

Posted by Para at 09:07 PM
Temple Floor Collapses


The floor of the temple collapsed, and the orga attacked south Puddleby. Read more in Aravir's latest journal entry.

Update: Lundar also has a report on the collapse.

Posted by Para at 08:40 PM
Breakthrough in the Foothills


An expedition from Puddleby has discovered a new passage and gained access to new pathfinding knowledge in the Foothills.

I was on a followup trip, which was markedly less successful. We fell here, in the Malachite Arachnoid Lair. Another trip has yet to be organized.


Note new Crimson Noid.

Update: Norm has more information on the recently discovered pathfinding book Giayl's Guide to Hidden Ways in his latest journal entry for 5 Spring 549 (2/15/03).

Posted by Para at 08:01 PM
February 14, 2003
Battle at Sea


Exiles engaged in a series of large battles at sea today. Seen here is a picture of combat in the south KI waters.

Aravir has a report on other current events. The flooding in the temple is getting worse. Also, Kiril Drakesblood was spotted in the islands, and was sued in absentia in Puddleby court. Eyes of Puddleby also has a report on the changes from the recent chaos storm.

Posted by Para at 09:41 PM
Puddles and Pentagrams


Aravir has the latest news on the flood in the temple and Darshak activity at the pentagram on Ash Island.

Posted by Para at 10:06 AM
February 13, 2003
Temple Leak Worsens


Now what?

Update: Aravir has a report on the temple flood and other developments in the wake of the recent chaos storm, as does Norm's new journal entry for 87 Winter 549 (2/13/03).

Posted by Para at 05:15 PM
Hor at Sea


Hor has a report on his recent hunting expeditions in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 05:04 PM
Five Puddles


The northeast corner of the temple is now filled with puddles.

Posted by Para at 11:35 AM
Chat With Wyeth


Sielk reports in his journal about a full moon trip to Kizmia's Isle where he had a chat with Wyeth the boat maker.

Posted by Kiriel at 10:44 AM
Arson and Myrms


Lundar reports that the Crafters of Oblivion struck again, attempting to set fire to the old Mystic Academy. They also chained and dragged Lundar and Ma'Harba, taking some of their blood before abandoning them.

Lundar also has a report on the recent chaos storm, including some details on the changes to the tunnels under Puddleby, the puddles in the temple, and the increasingly frequent Darshak spying.

Posted by Para at 01:20 AM
February 12, 2003
Darshak Spy


Omega sends along this picture of a Darshak spy surrounded by exiles in the temple.

Posted by Para at 07:38 PM
Leaky Roof?


There are now three puddles in the temple. The new one is even larger.

Posted by Para at 05:06 PM
Fighters' Pub Open


The Fighters' Pub is now open. Dwarves sell beverages inside.


The new pub is also connected by tunnel to the Puddleby Underground.

Posted by Para at 04:42 PM
Storm of Change - Chaos Storm #272


Chaos Storm #272 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

Posted by Kiriel at 03:31 PM
"Stop Behaving Foolishly"


Wangah Rah has posted some rare pictures of the 'Brions meeting with exiles in his journal entry for 80 Winter 549.

Posted by Para at 11:08 AM
Exiles Feel Orga Wrath


The recent FMOCR has ended in disaster. The orgas were more than prepared and multiple locks fired volley after volley of lightning. Lundar has a report in his latest journal entry.


Many hours later, rescuers were still trying to save fallen exiles stuck in the orga camps. Here is a picture of Wormtounge serving as a rod point just outside OC 1.

Posted by Para at 11:00 AM
February 11, 2003
Temple Puddle Update


There are now two puddles in the temple.

Posted by Para at 06:02 PM
Newbie with an Axe


Bob the Archer recently updated his journal with a report on the experiences of a rankless newbie and his satisfaction with his new clan.

Posted by Para at 11:35 AM
Welcome and Thanks


Thoomcare.com has recently had a significant spike in the number of viewers and I'd like to say thank you to all of you who view the page regularly and help out. TMN recently underwent a minor facelift (thanks to Rael the Squonk for some design suggestions) and I have added a link to the RSS feed at the bottom of the right-hand column. NetNewsWire Lite is a useful tool for viewing headlines via RSS feeds. Thanks to Bones and Neige for suggesting that I mention the RSS feed here.

Posted by Para at 03:09 AM
Pond in Temple


A pond has appeared in the temple in Puddleby. What has created the pond is unknown. Some exiles have speculated about possible similarities with a pond in the Astral Plane. If you have thoughts on the nature of this pond, please leave them in the Comments section.

Posted by Para at 02:41 AM
Return of the Zoo


Exiles collected animals today for display in town center, reviving an old tradition of a zoo in Mai's Garden. Lundar has a report on the zoo also, along with a picture of it after I returned to the library, with more creatures inside. I'm still looking for some news on what eventually happened to the beasts inside; the garden was clear when I came out of the library later on.

UPDATED February 12 (see below)

TMN has acquired exclusive pictures of the savage butterfly attacking the zoo.



Posted by Para at 02:32 AM
Crafters of Oblivion


Rot and Wilt, the "Crafters of Oblivion," appeared in town and led dangerous creatures into the Mystic Academy courtyard. They also chained Wangah Rah and threatened to perform various experiments on him. Read more about this in Lundar's journal.

Posted by Para at 02:20 AM
Singing T'rool


Aravir has a report on a singing t'rool in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 02:07 AM
February 10, 2003
Salubrious Joins ThoomCare


Salubrious the Thoom has joined ThoomCare. Please congratulate him. The clan is honored by his decision to join.


Posted by Para at 03:06 PM
Mahas Chase Fen


Hor describes a recent rescue in the Orga Village and hunting in the Savannah in his most recent journal entry.

Posted by Para at 11:08 AM
February 09, 2003
Norm Meets Wendeckas


Norm's journal entry for 67 Winter 549 (2/8/03) contains a report on hunting in Melabrion's Keep and some thoughts on the sign near the docks.

Posted by Para at 12:20 PM
February 08, 2003
Threatening Sign at Docks


This signpost has appeared at the Puddleby Docks.

Update: Lundar has a journal entry regarding the sign.

Posted by Para at 03:30 AM
February 07, 2003
Insurance Commissioner Interviewed


TMN is pleased to present the following interview with Insurance Commissioner Manx the Fen.

Paramedic says, "Ah, the Insurance Commissioner"
(Manx avoids eye contact.)
Tigger ponders, "@#($*#$ Manx"
Manx says, "*cough*"
Manx exclaims, "oh hello!"
(Manx smiles.)
Paramedic says, "Odesseus says he is preparing to file a number of claims"
Manx says, "yes..."
Manx says, "well..."
Manx says, "I think all the paperwork is in order."
Manx says, "We're processing it right now."
Manx says, "I have my people on it."
Paramedic asks, "Do you have any thoughts on your role in Puddleby? How will you help people?"
Tigger ponders, "She has 'people'? Feh."
Manx ponders, "with an iron fist"
Manx says, "Oh."
Manx says, "I just wanna serve the community to my best ability."
(Paramedic nods)
Paramedic asks, "And why do you think you defeated other candidates, like say, Tigger?"
Tigger says, "grrr"
Hrothgar says, "Heh, at one point I had nearly one of everything"
Knucklehead says, "Tigger sucks"
Tigger says, "He means 'clearly superior candidates' like Tigger."
Manx says, "Tigger's popular and all..."
Manx says, "but I think the people know who can do the best job."
Tigger asks, "So in other words, you'll do nothing yourself?"
(Manx glares at Tigger.)
Paramedic asks, "Do you think there are problems with insurance in Puddleby?"
Manx exclaims, "sure!"
Manx says, "I mean..."
Manx exclaims, "no!"
Tigger ponders, "I wish I had thought of that, it is brilliant!"
Manx says, "Well, yes and no."
(Tigger really likes the idea of doing nothing)
Manx says, "I think it's a perception problem."
Manx says, "Which I intend to repair."
Manx says, "That will be my first priority."
Paramedic asks, "Do you intend to regulate or do you prefer a 'hands-off' approach?"
Tigger ponders, "paws off!"
Manx says, "I prefer not to answer that at this time."
(Paramedic nods)
Manx says, "We're working on a strategy."
Paramedic asks, "Is there anything else you'd like to tell the citizens of Puddleby at this time about your policy plans?"
Manx says, "Yes."
Manx says, "Well, no."
(Paramedic listens)
Manx says, "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it."
(Paramedic writes that down.)
(Manx shuffles some papers.)
Paramedic ponders, "This is good stuff"
Manx says, "Now, if you'll excuse me..."
Manx says, "I have some paperwork to finish up."
(Paramedic nods)
Paramedic says, "Thanks for speaking with Fishwrap"
Manx says, "Anytime."
Manx says, "I'm here whenever you need to know what's going on."
Manx says, "Don't hesitate to make an appointment next time."
Manx says, "Thank you again."

Posted by Para at 09:47 PM
Eldon GM's Contest


Eldon GM is holding a contest. Read below to find out more.

Updated! Fairgrounds Chat transcript with Eldon now included.

Eldon GM is conducting a contest to encourage role-playing. The intent to facilitate engaging story-lines, involving multiple participants, over the next month. Eldon says:

"My main goal of this contest is to encourage role-playing. I certainly understand the irony of a GM wanting to inspire GM-less role-playing, but this is only a first step. This first contest is very much about 'role-playing in Eldon's mind' since I am the one judging. I would very much like for the citizens of Puddleby to nominate candidates so that I can be on the look-out. I do not want players bombarding other GM's with /pray's, so no /pray's are allowed unless they're IC. So, no '/pray Hey! I'm role-playing! You better be watching!' No GM can be asked to intervene as part of a plot.

"I would like the contest to end near March 1st. If someone has something big planned and it needs a bit more time, that's okay. They should drop me a line though. I want to be as flexible as possible but still have the semblance of a deadline."

mail Eldon GM

Contact Eldon at the address above with comments or questions. Please remove the word THOOM from the address, and be sure that your message has a subject that says "CONTEST."

What follows is a transcript from the Eldon GM Fairgrounds Chat:

• Eldon GM is in the fairgrounds for a brief chat about the contest. Don't make a long trip.

Eldon GM asks, "Has the word spread about the contest?"
[\news: • Roleplaying contest ends Mar 1st. Most engaging, player-driven storyline (in EldonGM's mind) will be rewarded.]
Eldon GM says, "Here's the deal..."
Eldon GM says, "From now until March 1st..."
Eldon GM says, "I'll be watching discreetly"
Eldon GM says, "After March 1st, I'll award what I think.."
Eldon GM says, "... is the most engaging roleplaying plotline that I saw."
Eldon GM says, "If you roleplay in the woods and no one hears. you..."
(Eldon GM grins)
Eldon GM says, "So, get people involved"
Boris says, "Please define what you call engaging roleplaying plotline"
Eldon GM says, "Get it talked about"
Eldon GM says, "No, I'm not defining it"
Valtrim says, "Are you defining "reward"? ;)"
Eldon GM says, "It's all my opinion anyway"
Eldon GM says, "Yes, Valtrim"
Eldon GM says, "Let's say if you win, you'll be pleased."
Eldon GM says, "I promise to not stiff anyone"
Valtrim says, "So you're defining "reward" loosely."
Eldon GM says, "yep"
Eldon GM says, "I want to tell you..."
Eldon GM says, "but I don't want to take the flak for it :)"
Eldon GM says, "But, heck, at least I can tell you this:"
Eldon GM says, "The first 3 winners will get at least one rank"
Eldon GM says, "Plus some other stuff"
Eldon GM says, "Anyway...there are a few caveats..."
Eldon GM says, "1) no GM intervention must be needed"
Eldon GM says, "2) If you /pray that your RPing, you're not gonna win"
Eldon GM says, "3) Cater to EST/CST. I'm sorry, but that's the best I can do."
Eldon GM says, "Now...other GMs are on the patrol"
Eldon GM says, "So..."
Eldon GM says, "It *could* happen at other times"
Eldon GM says, "But, I want to give you fair warning"
Gol'daris asks, "I'm still confused. Are you asking people to 'gather their friends and put on a play' type RP?"
Eldon GM says, "I'm not sure, Goldaris"
Eldon GM says, "Goldaris, I'm not saying it has to be melodramatic..."
Eldon GM says, "...but a one-day affair isn't what I'm looking for"
Eldon GM says, "I'm looking for a story"
Eldon GM says, ""played" out over days/weeks"
Eldon GM says, "With people getting involved..."
Eldon GM asks, "Remember Aargh's moonstone?"
Eldon GM says, "Even Baba/Sleipnir/Prue's pie contest would qualify"
Eldon GM says, "Something that people can get involved in..."
Eldon GM says, "and have fun..."
Jo Ma'ril says, "Well, Eldon to be honest..."
Jo Ma'ril says, "I think a real concern a lot of RPers have is that they don't want everyone involved"
Eldon GM says, "Well, Jo, as long as it involves more than a few, I'm okay with that"
Eldon GM says, "Let me tell one thing that won't win"
Eldon GM says, ""I'm roleplaying a rank whore""
Eldon GM says, "Let's make that #4"
Eldon GM says, "Well, that's all I had"
Day asks, "What if someone decides their character dies as part of the plot? How do they get rewarded?"
Day says, "Another tombstone in the east forest? :)"
Eldon GM says, "Then, well, if you're in first place, 2 of the 3 rewards will still count"
Eldon GM says, "You'll still be happy with the prizes"
Eldon GM says, "Quote: "I promise not to stiff you""
Eldon GM says, "Okay...that's all for me"

Posted by Para at 04:47 PM
February 06, 2003
Poesy Makes Second Circle


Poesy has updated her journal for 8 Winter 549 with news of her passing the second circle fighters' test.

Posted by Para at 12:48 AM
February 05, 2003
Hor vs. Undine and Wyrm


Hor's latest journal entry describes a trip to the Dark Chamber and a battle with a Sun Wyrm.

Posted by Para at 02:59 PM
February 03, 2003
South Towers Open


News from Rincewind:

Erham Pound thinks, "Come visit the newly renovated lookout towers in south
town. Now I'm off for a beer!"

And indeed, south town rat towers are now open. They're rat towers, what more did you expect?

Posted by Para at 04:53 PM
Flashback: Journal of Denn Thoran


Denn Thoran's journal entries offer some interesting insights into Puddleby's past.

Posted by Para at 02:33 AM
Squonk Bait


ELF recently visited the hidden valley of the Eastern Mountains, with the help of Rael the Squonk. Unfortunately, Rael was felled by rocks thrown by wendeckas during the expedition, and he had to be chained back to town. He proved to be useful as fishing bait, however. Read more about this adventure in Lundar's latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 02:02 AM
Hunting Melabrion's Island


Aravir's latest journal entry tells of a trip to Melabrion's island by the Bane of the Black Heart Clan along with various other exiles.

Posted by Para at 12:17 AM
February 02, 2003
Invasion Reports


Aravir reports in his latest journal entry on some recent invasions of wendeckas, myrms, and orgas.

Posted by Para at 06:17 PM
Sand Gets Everywhere


In other Rincewind-related news...

Puddleby's newest full mystic was found fallen in a dusty, dry heap on a remote northern beach. Read more about this as well as Hor's new transparent clothing in the latest edition of Hor's journal.

Posted by Para at 05:59 PM
Rincewind Promoted to Full Mystic


In other insurance-related news...

Today Rincewind, Puddleby's favorite mystic insurance agent, was promoted to the rank of full mystic.

Update: Lundar's latest journal entry has a report on Rincewind's promotion.

Rincewind's first action as a full mystic was to locate a fallen Rael the Squonk.

Posted by Kiriel at 05:16 PM
February 01, 2003
Insurance Commissioner Appointed


The voters of Puddleby have indicated their preference for Manx as Puddleby Insurance Commissioner.

Posted by Para at 09:49 PM