August 31, 2003
Darshak Invasion


Aravir has a report on a Darshak invasion today.

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August 30, 2003
Mani Reports on Wild Wednesday


Mani has updated his journal with reports on Wild Wednesday and on the return of Maquiladora.

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Kirth Gersen Returns


Kirth Gersen has returned to Puddleby. His journal entry for 82 Spring 551 describes his departure from Clan Hunter and a recent trip he made to the ethereal plane.

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Hor Versus Drakes


Hor's latest journal entry contains reports on some recent hunts and some pictures from Wild Wednesday.

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Bailey Barno's Carnival Has Arrived


Bailey Barno's carnival has arrived in East Farms. You can read more about it in Azriel's recent journal update. Aravir also has a report on the carnival.


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August 28, 2003
Sarir at Mirror


Togoko sent TMN this picture of Sarir, a 'Brion-minion, investigating the South Forest Mirror. As Yor and Sabbit discovered recently, the 'Brion brothers are now very interested in the mirror.

Azriel has a report on Sarir at the mirror.

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Norm Passes Through Mirror


In his journal update for 75 Spring 551 (8/27/03), Norm reports on getting through the South Forest Mirror and studying the Gossamer.

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PTF Visits Ethereal Plane


Drablak has updated his journal with a report on a trip to the Ethereal Plane by PTF.

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Wild Wednesday Report #1



Wild Wednesday has come and gone. I'll have a few more pictures later on.

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August 27, 2003
Chaos Storm #300


Chaos Storm #300 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

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August 26, 2003
Feauial and Aravir Update

aravir.gif feauial.gif

New journal entries from Aravir and Feauial:

Aravir tested a mirror theory and encountered an ice maha. Feauial vanquished a forest drake and got trapped on the way back from a New Bear Cave Rescue.

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Mani's New Journal


Mani has some new entries in his journal:

Felicity and Koric's goodbye fund
Rescue at Lily Pond
Hunting with Baffina
Dark Chamber Rescue

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August 25, 2003
Sprite Transcript


Thanks to DaMoot, TMN presents the following transcript of Sprite's arrival in Puddleby.

You can also read more about Sprite in this discussion at the Winds of Dawn Clan Forum.

When Sprite Comes to Town

Sprite asks, "Excuse me?"
Sprite asks, "You are a healer, is that right?"
Sprite ponders, "Hmm."
Sprite asks, "Is anyone here a healer and ... um... awake?"
DaMoot says, "heh"
(Yosaku chuckles)
J'dy says, "I bet DaMoot is"
DaMoot says, "I am, pretty much"
DaMoot says, "so is J'dy"
Sprite asks, "I wonder, could you tell me about your healing school here?"
Pazuzu asks, "healing school?"
DaMoot says, "well, you found it or you wouldn't have a moonstone"
Pazuzu says, "there's a school"
(Pazuzu grins and chuckles)
DaMoot says, "but it's mostly learn as you go"
Yosaku says, "I think Sprite is talking about the trainers"
DaMoot asks, "have you listened to the trainers yet?"
Sprite says, "Moonstone? Oh, my healing stone! I didn't get this here."
Yosaku asks, "?"
Sprite says, "Oh, no, I'd like to meet them."
DaMoot says, "they're in here"

Inside the Healer's Temple

Sprite says, "Oh, what a nice building."
DaMoot says, "bigger on the inside than the outside"
(Sprite laughs.)
DaMoot says, "if you talk to one, they will tell you what they teach"
Faustus says, "Hail, DaMoot. You are a good pupil of mine."
Faustus says, "I can teach you to improve your healing speed."
Sprite says, "Good day."
Eva says, "Hail, Sprite. You are a good pupil of mine."
Eva says, "Hail, Sprite. You are a good pupil of mine."
Eva says, "I can teach a balanced healing style."
Eva says, "You will learn as you practice."
Sprite exclaims, "Good pupil! I've never seen you before in my life!"
Sprite says, "Your teachers are confusing."
DaMoot says, "she teaches every other trainer, some more, some less"
Faustus says, "Hail, Sprite. To learn and to teach are the greatest joys in life."
Faustus asks, "I see that you carry a training ledger. Would you like to begin teaching others as I have taught you?"
DaMoot says, "heh, you must have unless you trained with an exile trainer"
Sprite says, "Oh, no thank you."
Faustus waits for an answer.
Sprite says, "Oh, no thank you."
Faustus says, "Very well then, perhaps another time."
Faustus says, "Hail, Sprite."
Faustus says, "Hail, Sprite. To learn and to teach are the greatest joys in life."
Faustus asks, "I see that you carry a training ledger. Would you like to begin teaching others as I have taught you?"
Sprite exclaims, "No, thank you, as I already said!"
Faustus says, "Very well then, perhaps another time."
Faustus says, "Hail, Sprite."
Faustus bows deeply.
Faustus says, "Your devotion to the craft is exemplary."
Faustus says, "I can teach you to improve your healing speed."
Faustus says, "You will learn as you practice."
Faustus asks, "Are you sure you would like to train with me?"
Sprite says, "Oh, no. I learned most of what I know from Leth's books/"
Sprite exclaims, "And practicing on him when one of his experiments exploded!"
(Sprite laughs.)
(DaMoot smiles.)
Sespus says, "Hail, Sprite. To learn and to teach are the greatest joys in life."
Sespus asks, "I see that you carry a training ledger. Would you like to begin teaching others as I have taught you?"
Sprite says, "No, thank you"
Sespus says, "Very well then, perhaps another time."
Sespus says, "Hail, Sprite."
Sespus bows.
Sespus says, "You show great devotion to your studies."
Sespus says, "I can teach you to increase your spiritual energy."
Sespus says, "You will learn as you practice."
Sespus asks, "Are you sure you would like to train with me?"
Sprite ponders, "What a courteous group."
Respia says, "Hail, Sprite. You are becoming a master of our art."
Respia says, "I can teach you to recover spiritual energy faster."
Respia says, "You will learn as you practice."
Respia asks, "Are you sure you would like to train with me?"
Higgrus says, "Hail, Sprite. There is not much more I can teach you."
Higgrus says, "I can teach you to improve your physical well-being."
Higgrus says, "You will learn as you practice."
Higgrus asks, "Are you sure you would like to train with me?"
Sprite says, "A fine group of teachers, to be sure."
Sprite asks, "But don't you have anyone who can teach you the secrets of the Spirit?"
DaMoot says, "well, spirtus is in the temple, he might be who you mean"
Sprite asks, "Could you take me to him?"
Sprite exclaims, "Ah!"
Master Spirtus says, "Hail, Sprite. To learn and to teach are the greatest joys in life."
Master Spirtus asks, "I see that you carry a training ledger. Would you like to begin teaching others as I have taught you?"
Master Spirtus waits for an answer.
Sprite says, "No, not today, thanks."
Master Spirtus says, "Very well then, perhaps another time."
Master Spirtus says, "Hail, Sprite."
Master Spirtus bows deeply.
Master Spirtus says, "Let us search for more we might learn together."
Master Spirtus says, "I can teach you how to improve your spirit."
Master Spirtus says, "You will learn as you practice."
Sprite says, "That's more the kind of thing I have in mind."
(DaMoot nods.)
Sprite asks, "But he's not a healer, is he?"
DaMoot says, "it appears you already know a lot"
(Sprite blushes modestly.)
DaMoot says, "he is a trainer of healers, i've never seen him actually heal someone"
Sprite says, "I've done a lot of reading, it's true."
Master Spirtus says, "Hail, Sprite. To learn and to teach are the greatest joys in life."
Master Spirtus asks, "I see that you carry a training ledger. Would you like to begin teaching others as I have taught you?"
Sprite says, "No, thanks."
Master Spirtus says, "Very well then, perhaps another time."
Master Spirtus says, "Hail, Sprite."
Master Spirtus bows deeply.
Master Spirtus says, "Let us search for more we might learn together."
Master Spirtus says, "I can teach you how to improve your spirit."
Master Spirtus says, "You will learn as you practice."
Master Spirtus asks, "Are you sure you would like to train with me?"
Sprite says, "Yes, please."
Master Spirtus says, "Welcome aboard. Practice the exercises I have taught you."
Master Spirtus says, "Hail, Sprite. To learn and to teach are the greatest joys in life."
Sprite says, "Hmm."
Sprite says, "Interesting exercies."
(DaMoot smiles.)
DaMoot says, "I only learned a little from him"
DaMoot says, "I study more with eva, horus, and respia"
Sprite says, "It seems to me that his lessons aren't really ideally suited to healers' needs."
DaMoot says, "he doesn't teach you to recover your spirit"
Sprite exclaims, "Oh, but that's one of the most important things for a healer!"
DaMoot says, "so you ought to learn from respia, too, when you learn from him"
Sprite says, "Even *I* could teach that."
DaMoot says, "well, yes and no. you can overdo respia's lessons"
Sprite says, "That's true. A good mix of skills is important."
DaMoot says, "Too much respia means you can heal yoursely fast but other slow"
Sprite says, "Given how dangerous this place is,"
Sprite exclaims, "it seems to me that you need all the help you can get!"
(DaMoot nods.)
Sprite says, "I wonder if the teachers in your healers' school would let me teach there too."
DaMoot says, "much better to be part of a group, so healing others is really more important. they can protect you, and you can heal them"
DaMoot says, "sure"
DaMoot says, "you can get a ledger from 3 of them"
DaMoot ponders, "at least 3"
Sprite asks, "A ledger? Oh, for keeping a roster of students?"
(DaMoot nods.)
Sprite says, "Maybe I should do that."
Sprite says, "Old Leth Nimbletoes has been slowing down lately."
(DaMoot shrugs.)
Sprite says, "If he can keep from blowing himself up, I think you need me more around here."
DaMoot says, "probably"
(DaMoot smiles.)
Sprite says, "Maybe I'll go ask them."
Sprite asks, "Over that way, wasn't it?"
(Algernon pushes at the crown that keeps slipping down over his eyes.)
(DaMoot nods.)
DaMoot asks, "did you buy a ledger?"
Kani says, "I thought you were."
Sprite says, "Yes, Sespus gave me one."
(DaMoot nods.)
Sprite shows her training ledger to you.
DaMoot says, "nice"
Sprite says, "Now I just need a place to stay."
Master Hekus says, "Greetings fellow healers"
DaMoot says, "you can stay in the library"
(Kani glances at Hekus.)
(Solas blinks)
Mordred Maerii ponders, "well, this is different"
Sprite asks, "Will students be able to find me there?"
Cirnahl says, "Hello, Master Hekus."
DaMoot says, "no"
Solas says, "Hello Master Hekus"
Master Hekus says, "Hello"
Sprite says, "Hm, that doesn't sound so good, then"
DaMoot says, "Hello Master Hekus"
Master Hekus says, "Perhaps one of you could help me"
DaMoot says, "no, you do need to come out so students can find you"
(Cirnahl winks to Kani.)
(Sam smiles)

A Letter of Recommendation

Master Hekus says, "I have a letter of recommendation from an old friend, Leth Nimbletoes, that a friend of his is coming to town."
You concentrate on sending your message to Yosaku.
You think to Yosaku, "master hekus is in TC!"
DaMoot asks, "is that you sprite?"
Master Hekus says, "He recommends that she would make an excellent teacher."
Master Hekus says, "But, the name is all smeared."
Solas asks, "What would she teach?"
Kani ponders, "Sespus I bet."
DaMoot says, "Sprite just appeared, and she can teach a lot."
Master Hekus says, "I was hoping to ask her."
Master Hekus asks, "Pardon me?"
DaMoot says, "Sprite, you should introduce yourself to Master Hekus"
Master Hekus ponders, "Sprite?"
Sabbit says, "er"
Sabbit says, "hi"
You concentrate on sending your message to Sprite.
You think to Sprite, "you should introduce yourself to Master Hekus"
Master Hekus asks, "Who is this "Sprite"?"
DaMoot says, "She says she's a student of Leth Nimbletoes"
Sprite says, "I'm Sprite! I sometimes help Leth when he gets hurt in an experiment."
Master Hekus asks, "You're Leth's friend?"
Sprite says, "Oh, yes."
Master Hekus exclaims, "Very good!"
Cirnahl ponders, "What does she teach?"
Master Hekus ponders, "I don't remember giving her a moonstone"
Master Hekus asks, "What do you teach?"
Sprite says, "Well, I think it's important to have a variety of skills."
(Master Hekus nods)
Highlander ponders, "snores lightly"
Sprite says, "I just asked Master Spirtus to show me his lessons..."
Sprite exclaims, "And they look pretty good, but he doesn't teach any spirit recovery at all!"
Master Hekus says, "Ah"
Master Hekus asks, "I see. So, you would like to correct that?"
Sprite says, "It seems to me that his lessons are not really suited to healers' needs."
Sprite says, "Well, you see..."
Cirnahl ponders, "Unspirtus?"
(DaMoot chuckles.)
Sprite says, "Leth doesn't need me as much as he did before."
Sprite exclaims, "He hasn't blown himself up in months!"
Master Hekus ponders, "His skills must be improving!"
(Master Hekus chuckles)
Sprite says, "This place is so dangerous, I think they need all the help they can get."
Master Hekus says, "I can certainly agree with that."
Sprite says, "So yes, I was hoping to see if I could teach these other healers anything."
Sprite says, "I bought a training roster from Sespus..."
Sprite says, "But I still need a place to stay where students can find me."
Master Hekus asks, "Would you like to join our staff then?"
You concentrate on sending your message to Yosaku.
(Cirnahl kicks Kani.)
Kani ponders, "oof."
Sprite asks, "Oh, could I?"
Master Hekus says, "Certainly. We can always use another qualified trainer."
Master Hekus says, "Especially if you plan on concentrating on a healer's spirit training."
Sprite says, "That would be wonderful."
Master Hekus exclaims, "Well, welcome aboard!"
(Goblin claps!)
Sprite says, "Yes, I thought I would teach how to improve one's spirit, like Master Spirtus does..."

Where Should Sprite Stay?

Master Hekus says, "Let's go find you a place to stay."
Sprite says, "But with an emphasis more on a healer's needs."
Sutai asks, "How about in the mystic academy?"
Cirnahl ponders, "Unspirtus! Where's Unspirtus?!"
(Master Hekus nods)
DaMoot exclaims, "ACK!"
Ma'Ja'Kar says, "Yes..."
(Valtrim grins.)
Sprite says, "All right."
Master Hekus says, "Let's find you a good spot."
Sutai says, "... we need spiritry rove too"
Sutai exclaims, "I wirr pay shiny coins!!!"
(Master Hekus grins)
(DaMoot chuckles.)

* NOTE: at this point Master Hekus, followed by many exiles, went into the healer's temple. Sprite did not follow.

Goblin says, "poop"
Theoden asks, "what's happening?"
Cirnahl ponders, "Where did she go?"
Master Hekus says, "A new trainer has agreed to join our staff."
DaMoot says, "i bet the entrance is crowded"
(DaMoot grins.)
Theoden asks, "what trainer?"
Master Hekus asks, "Escort her in here?"
DaMoot says, "yay, i wanted a better trainer than spirtus"
Cirnahl asks, "Will she be a first circle trainer, or higher?"
Sam asks, "coming Sprite?"
Master Hekus asks, "Is there a problem?"
Sprite asks, "So you want me to go live in the mystic academy?"
Sutai says, "The Academy would be wirring to make a nice donation in order to help with your studies..."
Sutai exclaims, "err... no! They might stone me!"
Drib'thgin says, "no no no, Not in the mystic academy"
(Solas eyes Sutai)
Master Hekus ponders, "Oh my."
Distortions ponders, "Hmm."
(Fyn d'Evon Rhay gets a stone ready for Sutai)
(Sutai thinks.)
Sprite asks, "then... what?"
Sam ponders, "just gave my stones away"
(Drib'thgin motions towards the healer's hall)
(Kani chuckles at Sam.)
Sutai asks, "Maybe you could take vactions to visit our rovery gardens?"
You concentrate on sending your message to Yosaku.
Master Hekus asks, "What's happening, Sprite?"
Sprite says, "Master Hekus, this gentleman says I should be teaching mystics instead."
Valtrim says, "If you trained a student to the point where that student could teach, as well…"
Distortions says, "Ahh, It is Master Hekus."
Valtrim asks, "…perhaps that student could live in our academy?"
Gobo says, "I think he means "as well" not "instead""
Master Hekus says, "I don't think that's a good idea."
Sutai says, "As werr.. sorry.. my accent can be difficurt at times."
Valtrim says, "That's correct. We wouldn't want to deprive healers of your training."
Kani asks, "What if we have Sprite situated in the main temple?"
Sam ponders, "and I thought mystics complained they had too many trainers"
Solas asks, "Why not in the temple where everyone can stop by?"
Kani asks, "What if we had Sprite situated in the main temple?"
(Kani nods to Solas.)
Master Hekus says, "You have all of the skills that healers want."
DaMoot says, "because she teaches a LOT of Faustus"
Master Hekus says, "The Mystic trainers are..."
Master Hekus ponders, "difficult, arrogant..."
Master Hekus says, "special."
(DaMoot snickers.)
Sprite asks, "Maybe I could go meet some of these mystic teachers?"
Valtrim says, "If the lessons are similar to those which Master Spirtus used to teach, we should be able to handle them."
Sutai says, "Me and Ma'Ja'Kar have trained extensivery in old Spiritus's ways. We miss his guidance."
(Ma'Ja'Kar nods)
Gobo says, "I have trained many times with Spiritus as well."
Master Hekus says, "By all means. Go introduce yourself."
Ma'Ja'Kar says, "perhaps your lessons can aid us in our studies..."
Master Hekus says, "You'll not find them as receptive and agreeable as our staff."
Sprite asks, "I'd like to meet your teachers, if I might?"
Drib'thgin says, "She said she was here to help aid "healers" ... ahem"
Sutai says, "And Markor, the Academy Treasurer, would be wirring to make sizeabre donations to you and Hekus."
Ma'Ja'Kar says, "er that would be... difficult"
Drib'thgin says, "..."
Sprite asks, "Why?"
Master Hekus ponders, "He's trying to bribe her!"
Sutai exclaims, "!"
Valtrim says, "I'll see what I can do."
Sutai says, "With.. charity? :o"
Sprite exclaims, "I don't know if I want to work with colleagues who won't even talk to me!"
DaMoot ponders, "it took master hekus that long to figure it out?"
Ma'Ja'Kar says, "They might not open the doors to you... I mean."
Ma'Ja'Kar says, "er..."
Sprite says, "Hrumph! That doesn't sound like much of a working situation to me."
Sprite says, "The healer-school teachers were very nice."
(Ma'Ja'Kar shrugs)
Master Hekus ponders, "Wait until she talks to those trainers."
Sutai says, "Mystics can be very friendry as werr. I promise. :)"
(Lov'sya nods in agreement.)
DaMoot ponders, "that's a FM promise"
Master Hekus says, "Feel free to look around, Sprite. I'll await your decision in the Healer's Hall."
DaMoot ponders, "i promise to promote you to JM...'soon'"
Drib'thgin ponders, "heh!"
Sprite asks, "Oh, I'm sure, but I'd have to... what, sit around outside the mystic school like an unwanted kitten?"
(Algernon mumbles.)
(Master Hekus smiles)
Sutai says, "You might take on a student. It could be fun... who knows.. there could be romance written in the stars? :N"
Gobo says, "none of the unwanted kittens in this town just sit around"
Kani ponders, "Hekus sure looks smug."
DaMoot ponders, "ooh, more subtle bribery"
Sprite asks, "Romance?"
(Sprite peers at Sutai.)
Sprite asks, "Just what are you suggesting here?"
(Lov'sya nudges Sutai.)
Ma'Ja'Kar says, "Yes some Mystics can be quite charming"
Sutai says, "I hear Skryss is singre."
Kani says, "Sprite is a potential trainer."
Sprite asks, "Who is Skryss?"
Curmudgeon says, "She's looking for a place to teach."
Theoden says, "of what skill"
Kani says, "To train something relative to Spirtus' trainings with some spirit recovery mixed in."
Distortions asks, "What do you teach sprite?"
Fyn d'Evon Rhay ponders, "Sutai is lookin' for luv in all the wrong places ..."
Distortions says, "Ahh, I see."
Sutai says, "A very smart Mystic who knows many things about seeking."
Kani ponders, "same situations, with different faces..."
Sprite asks, "Oh, is he... or she?... one of those teachers who won't even say hello to me?"
Fyn d'Evon Rhay ponders, ";D"
(Sprite looks indignant.)
(DaMoot chuckles.)
Sprite exclaims, "Not much chance for romance there!"
DaMoot ponders, "you tell him!"
Sutai says, "It was probabry hard to talk to him because he was stuck behind a rocked door."
Distortions says, "You could just teach from the entrance of the healer temple. Everyone can go there to speak with you."
Sprite says, "I really think I ought to go work in the healer school."
Sutai says, "But berieve me, he was seeeeking you! :D"
Leonie ponders, "i think so too :)"
Theoden asks, "is sprite a 4th circle healer?"
(Sam smiles)
Kani asks, "Is the circle important Theoden?"
Sutai asks, "I wonder if Vartrim has had any ruck talking to one of them?"
Ma'Ja'Kar asks, "perhaps you can take us as students, right now?"
Kani says, "She's obviously accomplished enough to teach."
Gobo says, "Troilus is a charming old gent."
Sprite says, "He sent me a sunstone thought explaning that the teachers were all "indisposed"."
Theoden asks, "kani, I'm not sure if the circle is important, but what has she done?"
Valtrim says, "I can talk with people, but I can't make them respond. ;)"
Kani says, "She's been Leth Nimbletoes assistant."
Sprite ponders, "Sounds to me like they're just being snooty."
(DaMoot nods.)
Valtrim says, "Not in any sort of immediate fashion, at any rate."
Sutai says, "Hmm.."
Sprite exclaims, "All the healer teachers were very friendly!"
Vizer thinks to you, "who is the new teacher?"
Kani says, "Sounds to me like he's giving you prejudices before you have oppurtunity to meet them."
Sprite says, "And the school is just lovely."
Sprite exclaims, "I'd be glad to meet them!"
Ma'Ja'Kar says, "er our fountain is better... Joooooiiiiinnnn usssssssss"
Sprite says, "But all these mystics say they won't talk to me."
Gobo says, "they've never been friendly to me."
Kani sighs.)
Sutai says, "I might hope you consider a friendship with our guird. The trainings you know are very respected among us."
Kani says, "Maybe you'd be better suited to the fighter hall."
Kani ponders, "Eh-heh."
Sprite exclaims, "Oh, I would be glad to be friends with you!"
(Sprite smiles.)
Sutai says, "Yes.. but the snooty ones too. :P"
Gobo asks, "really? And may I come visit you whenever I like?"
Sprite says, "Certainly, sir Thoom, come visit me anytime."
Ma'Ja'Kar ponders, "Master Hekus is quite the bouncer"
(Kani coughs.)
Distortions hums.
Gobo asks, "excellent. you'll speak with the doorman in the healers' hall, then?"
Sutai says, "We aren't arrowed to see your friendry teachers. :("
Sprite says, "Oh, yes, I'll have a word with him."
Ma'Ja'Kar says, "they are not so friendly to us"
Kani says, "Anyway, how 'bout the entrance to the healer hall."
Gobo exclaims, "tell him to add me to the list of invited guests!"
Gobo says, "wonderful."
Kani says, "That way you would be able to converse with Hekus whenever you felt the need."
DaMoot says, "I think you'll like the fountain, sprite"
Kani says, "Since he generally resides there."
Sprite says, "I'm sure I can convince him."
Gobo says, "marvelous"
(Valtrim smiles.)
Sutai says, "From Markor."
(Distortions smiles.)
Sprite exclaims, "Oh!"
Sprite exclaims, "Why, thank you!"
(Algernon whistles tunelessly.)
Sprite says, "That's very kind of you, er, him."
Sutai says, "We don't have much, but this might help to buy a tiny window or something so we may speak to you through it. "
Sprite says, "If you can ever talk your teachers into seeing me, I'd be glad to meet them."
(Distortions laughs.)
(Sprite smiles.)

Sprite's Clothes

DragonClaw asks, "Where are your clothes, Sprite?"
Sutai says, "Hmm... I hope that can be arranged. Unfortunatery they aren't usuarry too responsive to us either. :O"
Gobo exclaims, "She's wearing clothes!"
Sprite is a Halfling, is female, is a Healer, and is not wearing the symbol of any clan.
She is holding a moonstone, and she is wearing a sunstone and a pair of shoes.
Sprite says, "Oh, I usually just wear these old tan things for travelling."
Sprite says, "I saw that the teachers in the hall wear white and blue, though."
Kani says, "Nai need to be a conformist."
You offer a pair of pants named “Darkgreen” to Sprite for free.
\SELL /cancel to cancel the offer.
Sutai whispers, "This might upset him if he heard, but some of us are quite disappointed with what Spirtus is teaching me now."
DaMoot says, "you could wear these, it would add some color to the hall"
Kani asks, "Why nai wear something more exciting to offset the general drabness of the atmosphere?"
You hand Sprite a pair of pants.
Kani ponders, "Perhaps Sutai could donate his cloak as a token of goodwill..."
Sprite says, "Oh, this is a nice skirt."
Algernon ponders, "It feels like it's 8:12 am on Gradi, Day 44 of Spring."
(DaMoot smiles.)
Sprite exclaims, "Thank you!"
DaMoot says, "You're welcome:)"
Sutai ponders, "doesn't seem to healery to me : O"
Sprite says, "Let's see, I think I have a white shirt somewhere in here..."
Sprite asks, "How's this?"
Sprite is a Halfling, is female, is a Healer, and is not wearing the symbol of any clan.
She is holding a moonstone, and she is wearing a sunstone, a shirt, a pair of pants and a pair of shoes.
(Fyn d'Evon Rhay smiles)
Fyn d'Evon Rhay says, "That looks lovely"
Sutai says, "That is nice. :)"
DaMoot says, "that's much better"
(Kani sighs.)
Valtrim ponders, "Healery's more light blue, but not healer turquoise. ;)"
Theoden says, "i enjoy your selection sprite ;o"
Sprite says, "I guess I'll go see Master Hekus now, then."
DragonClaw says, "haha"
(Kani nods to Valtrim.)
(Sam smiles)
Master Hekus says, "Ah! There you are."
Sprite asks, "Master Hekus?"
Sprite says, "I've decided I want to work here, if I may."
Gobo says, "I'm with Sprite, Reck Sinto."
Master Hekus says, "Of course! You are quite welcome here."
Sprite says, "And I was wondering..."
Reck Sinto says, "I'm sorry, Gobo. This training area is restricted to Healers only."
Master Hekus asks, "Yes?"
Sprite says, "The doorman won't let all my friends here in to visit me."
Gobo exclaims, "I'm on the list!"
Master Hekus says, "Well, all of you healer friends will be allowed to visit you at anytime."
Sprite asks, "Could we ask him to let them in?"
Sam ponders, "yer names not down, yer aint coming in"
Sprite says, "But I have other friends now too."
Master Hekus says, "Hrmm....well...."
Kani asks, "She could be situated in one of the rooms off the west hallway?"
DaMoot asks, "all alone?"
Kani says, "Her friends would come to visit her all the time, I'm sure."
(Kani smiles.)
DaMoot says, "that's true"
Master Hekus says, "It is customary that healer trainers only train healers."
Sprite says, "Well... I guess I could come out to visit sometimes."
Master Hekus says, "Certainly."
(Yhoo glances at the southeast corner)
(Sam smiles)
Kani says, "Your mystic friends would be disappointed."
(DragonClaw slips Reck Sinto 20c)
Master Hekus says, "You are welcome to visit them at anytime"
Kani says, "will be"
Sprite exclaims, "I'm sorry, friends, but I don't want to be too pushy on my first day at a new job!"
(Distortions grins.)
Sprite says, "I'll see what I can do later on."
(Fyn d'Evon Rhay grins)
(DaMoot smiles.)
(Sam smiles)
Distortions asks, "What area of the temple do you think she will be in Hekus?"
Sprite asks, "Yes, where can I stand?"
Master Hekus asks, "Would you like to find you a place to stay now?"
DragonClaw ponders, "5•"
(DaMoot chuckles.)
Master Hekus says, "Let's have a look."
Sprite ponders, "I hope it's near that Higgrus fellow. He's dreamy!"
Master Hekus asks, "Are you interested in training all healers?"
Tar-Garon asks, "?"
Sprite exclaims, "I don't see why not!"
Master Hekus asks, "Or, just some of a certain standing?"
(Master Hekus nods)
Sprite asks, "What are my other choices?"
Master Hekus says, "Very good."
Sprite asks, "Oh, only teaching Master Healers, that kind of thing?"
Gobo yells, "some friend you turned out to be!"
Master Hekus says, "Well, you could decide to train only healers that have proved themselves."
(Master Hekus nods)
Master Hekus says, "We call them Circles of training here."
Sprite says, "No no, I especially like helping beginners."
Master Hekus exclaims, "Very good!"
(Leonie smiles)
Master Hekus says, "Then, this room would be perfect."
Sprite says, "Hello again, Sespus. Thank you for the training roster."
(Sprite smiles.)
Sprite says, "Hmm."
Sprite asks, "Whre should I stand?"
Master Hekus asks, "Any preference on location?"
(Sprite glances at Higgrus, then looks away.)
(Master Hekus smiles)
Leonie says, "he is nice"
Sprite asks, "Maybe... um... up by this doorway?"
Master Hekus says, "Certainly"
Seasol ponders, "Higgrus is glancing at her!"
Sprite asks, "Would this be all right?"
Master Hekus exclaims, "Of course!"
(Sprite smiles.)
Master Hekus says, "And...welcome aboard."
Tar-Garon says, "hhmm"
Sprite exclaims, "Thank you!"
Leonie says, "thanks for coming, sprite :)"
Fyn d'Evon Rhay says, ":D"
DaMoot says, "Welcome, Sprite:)"
Sprite asks, "Well, then! Would anyone like to learn from me?"

Sprite At Work

Master Hekus says, "If you have any questions, I'm just right outside of the southern door."
DaMoot exclaims, "yes!"
Leonie says, "me"
Drib'thgin says, "I would, Sprite"
Sprite says, "Oh, thank you, Master Hekus."
Theoden says, "I would"
Sprite asks, "Could you link your spirit to mine?"
Theoden says, "yes"
(Sprite takes out her brand new training ledger.)
Seasol ponders, "Who did Sprite learn from?"
Tar-Garon ponders, "what does her training do i wonder?"
Seasol ponders, "Master Spirtus?"
Theoden says, "I accept Sprite as my teacher."
Sprite writes Theoden's name in her training ledger.
DaMoot says, "leth nimbletoes:)"
Theoden says, "thank you"
Sprite says, "Hail, Leonie. You keep me on my toes."
Drib'thgin ponders, "Sprite: 100-149."
(Leonie smiles)
Sprite says, "I can teach you how to improve your spirit for healing."
Leonie says, "i accept sprite as my teacher"
Sprite writes Leonie's name in her training ledger.
(Sprite smiles.)
Leonie says, "thanks :)"
Sprite says, "Hail, DaMoot. It is good to see you."
Drib'thgin ponders, "Sprite: 10-19."
Seasol asks, "Sprite, will you get a torch behind you too?"
• Sprite offers: “I can teach you how to improve your spirit for healing.”
• To accept her offer, say: I accept Sprite as my teacher.
Sprite says, "I can teach you how to improve your spirit for healing."
DaMoot says, "hello:)"
(Sprite smiles.)
DaMoot says, "I accept Sprite as my teacher."
• You begin training with Sprite.
Sprite writes your name in her training ledger.
DaMoot says, "thank you:)"
Drib'thgin says, "hiya =D"
Drib'thgin ponders, "she's kinda cute"
Sprite says, "Hail, Drib'thgin. You are a good pupil of mine."
Drib'thgin ponders, "Sprite: 40-49."
(Distortions laughs.)
Sprite says, "I can teach you how to improve your spirit for healing."
Drib'thgin ponders, "too bad she's gotta thing for higgrus =/"
(DaMoot smiles.)
Drib'thgin says, "I accept Sprite as my teacher"
Theoden whispers, "to improve my spirt of healing"
Sprite writes Drib'thgin's name in her training ledger.
(Drib'thgin beams)
Drib'thgin says, "thanks! =D"
Sprite says, "Hail, Sam. You keep me on my toes."
DaMoot says, "ooh"
Sprite says, "I can teach you how to improve your spirit for healing."
Higgrus ponders, "The scenery has certainly improved in here."
Sam says, "I accept Sprite as my teacher."
Sprite writes Sam's name in her training ledger.
Drib'thgin ponders, "heh!"
(DaMoot chuckles.)
Astrooa says, "Drib'thgin, you are well on your way to enlightenment. Think of Sprite."
(Pel smiles.)
Sprite exclaims, "Wow, so may wonderful students!"
(Fyn d'Evon Rhay laughs)
Sprite says, "I'm gald I will be able to help you all."
DaMoot says, "I hope you get out to see you other friends, too"
Respia says, "Hail, Sam. You have attained tremendous skill."
Sprite exclaims, "I'll try to get out some!"
Faustus says, "Hail, Sam. Teaching you is a challenge."
Sespus says, "Hail, Sam. Teaching you is a challenge."
(DaMoot smiles.)
Distortions says, "We should ask hekus if he has a tourch to put on the wall ;)."
DaMoot asks, "Sprite, have you heard of Rodnus?"
Sespus says, "Hail, Veer. Teaching you is a challenge."
Sprite exclaims, "Hello, Veer!"
Veer says, "hi :)"
Sprite asks, "Would you like to learn from me?"
Eva says, "Hail, Pel. You have much to learn."
Sprite says, "I can teach you how to improve your spirit for healing."
Veer says, "I'd just like to see how I have trained, if that's ok."
Eva says, "I can teach a balanced healing style."
(Veer smiles.)
Sprite asks, "Oh, certainly. Could you link your spirit with mine?"
Veer says, "aye."
Pel ponders, "I will learn with Eva for now."
Respia says, "Hail, Talin. We are nearly equals."
Sespus says, "Hail, Talin. You keep me on my toes."
Sprite says, "Hail, Veer. Teaching you has taught me much."
Veer says, "thank you."
Sprite exclaims, "Or it would have, if I had taught you!"
(Sprite laughs.)
Veer says, "will you be staying? These old trainers are fuddy-duddies. "
(DaMoot chuckles.)
Sprite says, "I hope so, yes."
Veer exclaims, "great!"
(Veer grins.)
Talin asks, "would you teach me too, sprite?"
(Sprite glances at Higgrus, then looks away, embarrassed.)
Fyn d'Evon Rhay asks, "Can you check my training please Sprite?"
Astrooa says, "DaMoot, you are almost ready for a breakthrough. Sprite talks about you."
Sprite says, "I would be glad to."
(Veer smiles.)
Sprite says, "Hail, Talin. You are one of my better pupils."
Sprite says, "I can teach you how to improve your spirit for healing."
Talin says, "i accept sprite as my teacher"
Sprite writes Talin's name in her training ledger.
Talin exclaims, "thanks a lot!"
Veer asks, "where are you from, Sprite?"
Talin says, "glad you are here :)"
DaMoot asks, "Sprite, have you heard of Rodnus?"
Lorikeet says, "ah"
Sprite says, "Hello, Lorikeet"
Lorikeet says, "Hello"
Sprite asks, "Would you like to learn from me?"
Lorikeet says, "Not now I think thanks ;)"
Sprite says, "Hail, Fyn d'Evon Rhay. We are nearly equals."
Sprite says, "I can teach you how to improve your spirit for healing."
Lorikeet says, "I was curious as to your assessment of my skills"
Seasol ponders, "Thanks to DaMoot for her outfit. : )"
Fyn d'Evon Rhay says, "I'm very glad to hear that, thank you. (pesky Spirtus)"
Sprite asks, "Oh, certainly. Would you please link your spirit to mine?"
Lorikeet says, "sure"
Sprite says, "Hail, Lorikeet. Teaching you is a challenge."
Lorikeet says, "Thank you"
(Sprite smiles.)
Lorikeet says, "=)"
Veer ponders, "a handy amount, to be sure."
DaMoot asks, "Sprite, have you heard of Rodnus?"
Sprite asks, "Rodnus? No, who's that?"
Distortions ponders, "How does her training differ?"
DaMoot says, "He teaches people to be healed faster by others"
Veer says, "a rogue trainer, Sprite. He lives in the Orga Outback."
Sprite says, "Oh! That sounds very useful. I teach a little of that myself."
DaMoot says, "that's good to hear."
Repetun ponders, "Glad I'm no longer the new person around here."
(DaMoot chuckles.)
(Talin smiles at repetun)
Repetun says, "Greetings, Theoden."
Repetun says, "I can exchange advanced circle badges for lower ones, and restore badges to people who have exchanged theirs."
Veer says, "he only teaches fighters, I think."
Repetun says, "Perhaps you might come back to me when you have achieved a higher circle rank."
(Leonie waves)
Sprite asks, "Another snob, eh?"
DaMoot says, "if you need more light, sprite, just ask higgrus to get you a torch. i bet he'd do it for you."
(Veer nods.)
Distortions says, "Poor Respia was the only female in here for a while."
(Fyn d'Evon Rhay grins)
Theoden asks, "where did eva come from?"
DaMoot ponders, "I don't know where the torches are"
(Veer remembers when all the trainers were male.)
Sprite says, "It's all right for now, but maybe I'll ask for a torch later."
(DaMoot nods.)
Talin says, "oh yea"
Seasol asks, "did they suddenly become females?"
Seasol exclaims, "?!"
Talin ponders, "she needs a torch"
(Distortions laughs.)
(DaMoot smiles.)
(Talin smiles)
Distortions says, "They aren't gonna let it go ;)"
Veer says, "be welcome, Sprite. :)"
(Distortions grins.)
(DaMoot waves to Sprite.)
Talin says, "i am glad you are here :)"
* NOTE: Sprite's aura indicated she had become a regular townsman.

Posted by Para at 08:40 PM
Wild Wednesday v300


AnnGM sent TMN the following message:

In celebration of 300 weeks of Clan Lord, the v300 Chaos Storm on August 27 will be a Wild Wednesday.

From the official in-game announcement that "nothing counts" until the v300 update is running, nothing will count. Not experience, not departs, ranks, coins, clothing, skin dyes -- nothing.

Although I can't make any specific promises, unusual and nonsensical things tend to happen during Wild Wednesdays. If you prefer to remain strictly rational and IC, or if you don't like the idea that your "work" will have no effect, you may prefer to stay in the library until it's over. On the other hand, many people enjoy it, and rationalize the bizarre events as the result of a particularly strong storm of chaos.

I don't know exactly when the Wild Wednesday will begin, nor when it will end. I would guess it will begin around midday PDT and end sometime in the afternoon or evening, but both of those times depend on the schedules of the people coordinating the update.


Posted by Para at 03:13 PM


Hor reports that more and more exiles are gaining mirror access. Read about this and more, including the return of Kishi and an Orga Village rescue, in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 12:10 AM
August 24, 2003
'Brion Brothers Interested in Mirror


Yor sent TMN the following report:

"Sabbit and I had an interesting conversation with four of the 'Brions today in Umbrion's tower that I thought everybody should know about. Sabbit had fallen in Melabrion's keep so I had to chain him there."

A transcript of the conversation follows. Take particular note of 1) Malkor striking a deal with Tenebrion and 2) the 'Brions expressing a fresh interest in the operation of the South Forest Mirror.

8/24/03 4:43:55p Yor says, "Strim"
8/24/03 4:43:56p Sabbit says, "Hello"
8/24/03 4:44:02p Umbrion says, "Hello."
8/24/03 4:44:11p Yor asks, "Can you heal him?"
8/24/03 4:44:34p Umbrion says, "No."
8/24/03 4:44:34p Yor says, "please"
8/24/03 4:44:39p Yor asks, "no?"
8/24/03 4:44:44p Umbrion says, "His wounds are extensive."
8/24/03 4:44:45p Sabbit whispers, "I'm too fallen"
8/24/03 4:44:48p Umbrion has not disclosed his race, is male, is a Healer, and is not wearing the symbol of any clan.
8/24/03 4:44:48p He is holding a caduceus and a book, and he is wearing a sunstone and an Ethereal Amulet.
8/24/03 4:44:52p Sabbit asks, "How extensive?"
8/24/03 4:44:54p Umbrion says, "I suggest forgetting about him."
8/24/03 4:44:55p Yor says, "I see"
8/24/03 4:45:06p Yor asks, "Forget about him?"
8/24/03 4:45:13p Yor asks, "why?"
8/24/03 4:45:20p Umbrion says, "Perhaps my brother Tenebrion can turn him into some sort of mindless servant."
8/24/03 4:45:22p Yor says, "He is still alive"
8/24/03 4:45:30p Sabbit has been fallen for some time because of a piece of ceiling.
8/24/03 4:45:43p Yor says, "Tenebrion is a mindless servant."
8/24/03 4:45:52p (Yor snickers.)

8/24/03 4:46:10p Umbrion says, "Always such a pleasure to meet with your kind."
8/24/03 4:46:35p Yor asks, "Are you meeting somebody?"
8/24/03 4:46:48p Umbrion says, "I am meeting some of my brothers, if you must know."
8/24/03 4:46:54p Sabbit whispers, "I'll pay for rhp's, if you have any."
8/24/03 4:47:24p Yor whispers, "I have none, sorry. I'll get you healed"
8/24/03 4:47:05p Yor asks, "For what purpose?"
8/24/03 4:47:21p Umbrion says, "I don't see how that is any of your business."
8/24/03 4:47:34p Yor says, "I see."

8/24/03 4:47:55p Yor asks, "May I ask you some questons regarding portal island?"
8/24/03 4:48:05p Umbrion says, "Yes."
8/24/03 4:48:29p Sabbit has been fallen for some time because of a piece of ceiling.
8/24/03 4:48:48p Yor asks, "Melabrion promised to fix the portal so it is 2-way, as promised but this hasn't been the case. Why?"
8/24/03 4:49:06p Yor says, "It's only 2-way occasionally."
8/24/03 4:49:12p Luxor is no longer Clanning.
8/24/03 4:49:14p Umbrion says, "There have been some minor difficulties. They will be rectified shortly."
8/24/03 4:49:24p Yor says, "Graha"
8/24/03 4:49:36p Yor asks, "Have any questions Sabbit?"
8/24/03 4:49:56p Sabbit says, "I'm just curious what called the meeting.."
8/24/03 4:50:29p Yor says, "Also, what about the ethereal creatures that leak out of portal island? This is a problem"
8/24/03 4:50:53p Umbrion says, "As I said, there have been some minor problems."
8/24/03 4:51:01p (Yor nods.)
8/24/03 4:51:11p Umbrion says, "We are working to remedy the leaks."
8/24/03 4:51:19p Yor says, "Excellent."

8/24/03 4:51:33p Yor says, "One more thing.."
8/24/03 4:52:44p Yor says, "I've heard Melabrion gave an exile named Mallkor a portal key. This troubles me for he was opposed with the deal and he and his clan did not help make it happen."
8/24/03 4:53:14p Yor says, "I take serious issue with this and I am not alone in feeling this way."
8/24/03 4:53:18p Umbrion says, "I am not fond of Malkor myself..."
8/24/03 4:53:36p Umbrion says, "But perhaps he provided some service to my brother."
8/24/03 4:54:00p Yor says, "Perhaps, but please tell Melabrion anyway."
8/24/03 4:54:20p Umbrion says, "If I remember to, I will."
8/24/03 4:54:25p Yor says, "graha"
8/24/03 4:54:27p Yor says, "Finally.."
8/24/03 4:54:31p Sabbit whispers, "I have something to ask him when yer done".
8/24/03 4:54:45p Yor says, "go ahead Sabbit"
8/24/03 4:54:52p Sabbit asks, "Umbrion, are any of your brothers healers?"
8/24/03 4:55:06p Umbrion says, "Yes."
8/24/03 4:55:18p Sabbit says, "Perhaps they could assist me, in return for a favor."
8/24/03 4:55:47p Umbrion says, "I am uncertain which of my brothers will be attending today's conclave."
8/24/03 4:56:11p Sabbit says, "I see."
8/24/03 4:56:24p Sabbit asks, "Perhaps you set a time for you to meet?"
8/24/03 4:56:26p Umbrion asks, "and what favor could you provide them?"
8/24/03 4:56:46p Sabbit asks, "What kind of favor do you need?"
8/24/03 4:57:12p Umbrion says, "None I know of that you could provide."
8/24/03 4:57:28p Umbrion says, "We have the stones. Our research advances."
8/24/03 4:57:29p Sabbit is becoming part of the scenery, since falling to a piece of ceiling.
8/24/03 4:57:43p Sabbit asks, "You need stones?"
8/24/03 4:58:05p Sabbit says, "Their value far exceeds the value of my health."

8/24/03 4:58:32p Umbrion asks, "Can you make sense of what he is saying, Forehead?"
8/24/03 4:58:54p Yor says, "no"
8/24/03 4:58:58p (Yor grunts happily.)
8/24/03 4:59:09p Yor asks, "How is the research going. You agreed to share your findings remember?"
8/24/03 4:59:13p Umbrion says, "Perhaps that ceiling falling on him has injured his head."
8/24/03 4:59:27p Yor says, "perhaps"
8/24/03 4:59:59p Melabrion is now Clanning.
8/24/03 5:00:05p Umbrion says, "No doubt we will be discussing what findings are fit to release to you today."
8/24/03 5:00:18p Yor says, "Ahh excellent."
8/24/03 5:00:22p Yor says, "Graha."
8/24/03 5:00:29p Sabbit's body has been all but forgotten, having fallen to a piece of ceiling.
8/24/03 5:00:35p Yor asks, "anything more Sabbit?"
8/24/03 5:00:38p Umbrion says, "Ah. My brother."
8/24/03 5:00:54p Sabbit says, "Nope"
8/24/03 5:00:57p Yor says, "Finally, can you open a doorway to the conference circle so I can take him home? If not, I'm afraid I'll have to leave a nasty ethereal portal burn on your floor so we can attempt to get home."
8/24/03 5:01:18p Umbrion says, "One moment."
8/24/03 5:01:23p Yor says, "Graha."
8/24/03 5:01:27p Sabbit says, "Thanks"

8/24/03 5:02:24p Umbrion says, "Brother."
8/24/03 5:02:26p Melabrion mutters in Dwarven.
8/24/03 5:02:28p Sabbit says, "Hello Melabrion"
8/24/03 5:02:28p Yor says, "Strim, Melabrion"
8/24/03 5:02:32p (Melabrion nods)
8/24/03 5:02:54p Yor says, "Strim, Cimmbrion"
8/24/03 5:03:00p Sabbit says, "Hello Cimmbrion"
8/24/03 5:03:05p Cimmbrion says, "Hello."
8/24/03 5:03:14p Umbrion says, "The injured one proposes some sort of favor should we raise him."
8/24/03 5:03:25p Melabrion mutters.
8/24/03 5:03:29p Melabrion is a Sylvan, is male, is a Healer, and is not wearing the symbol of any clan.
8/24/03 5:03:29p He is holding a Sword of Souls and a gem, and he is wearing a sunstone, an Ethereal Amulet and a sylphstone ring.
8/24/03 5:03:29p Sabbit's body has been all but forgotten, having fallen to a piece of ceiling.
8/24/03 5:03:30p Paranoidos is now Clanning.
8/24/03 5:03:32p Umbrion says, "What he has of value to offer I cannot imagine."
8/24/03 5:03:38p Sabbit whispers, "Speak dwarven?"
8/24/03 5:03:40p Cimmbrion has not disclosed his race, is male, is a Healer, and is not wearing the symbol of any clan.
8/24/03 5:03:40p His hands are empty, and he is wearing a sungem, an Ethereal Amulet, a shirt and a pair of pants.
8/24/03 5:03:43p (Melabrion raises an eyebrow)
8/24/03 5:03:44p Yor whispers, "no"
8/24/03 5:03:50p (Cimmbrion looks doubtful.)

8/24/03 5:03:54p Umbrion has not disclosed his race, is male, is a Healer, and is not wearing the symbol of any clan.
8/24/03 5:03:54p He is holding a Sword of Souls and a book, and he is wearing a sunstone and an Ethereal Amulet.
8/24/03 5:04:00p (Cimmbrion sighs.)
8/24/03 5:04:11p Cimmbrion says, "I suppose we might as well."
8/24/03 5:04:25p Yor asks, "You are all healers. Perhaps together you could raise him?"
8/24/03 5:04:34p Melabrion mutters in Dwarven.
8/24/03 5:04:38p Cimmbrion asks, "What is it that you are offering us?"
8/24/03 5:04:38p Umbrion asks, "Shouldn't we wait to hear his offer, brother?"
8/24/03 5:04:45p (Yor mumbles something in an obscure Zo dialect.)
8/24/03 5:04:45p (Melabrion nods)
8/24/03 5:04:59p Yor says, "Ok Sabbit, offer up."
8/24/03 5:05:00p Umbrion says, "Impetuousness of youth."
8/24/03 5:05:01p Sabbit says, "I offer a favor of your choice"
8/24/03 5:05:01p Melabrion mutters.
8/24/03 5:05:11p (Cimmbrion chuckles.)
8/24/03 5:05:18p Sabbit says, "We can settle the details in private."
8/24/03 5:05:40p Yor whispers, "Malkor's head on a stick? "
8/24/03 5:05:45p Sabbit whispers, "heh"
8/24/03 5:05:43p Cimmbrion asks, "How is it that you think you could be useful to us?"
8/24/03 5:05:44p Melabrion mutters.
8/24/03 5:06:08p Sabbit says, "I am an experienced warrior, I can be of many uses"
8/24/03 5:06:29p Sabbit's body has been all but forgotten, having fallen to a piece of ceiling.
8/24/03 5:06:29p Umbrion says, "I already suggested that he be turned over to Tenebrion for transformation."
8/24/03 5:06:30p Melabrion mutters in Dwarven.
8/24/03 5:06:49p Melabrion mutters in Dwarven.
8/24/03 5:06:57p Umbrion says, "I don't know."
8/24/03 5:07:09p Cimmbrion says, "That would be interesting, but somehow I suspect he may not count that as a fair exchange."
8/24/03 5:07:23p Cimmbrion asks, "What do you say, Sabbit?"
8/24/03 5:07:34p Melabrion mutters in the Dwarven language.
8/24/03 5:07:40p Sabbit says, "Being turned into an undine defeats the purpose of raising me"
8/24/03 5:07:55p Cimmbrion says, "Not so! You could at least move."
8/24/03 5:07:59p (Yor laughs.)
8/24/03 5:08:00p (Melabrion nods)
8/24/03 5:08:04p Umbrion exclaims, "And groan!"
8/24/03 5:08:06p Melabrion mutters in Dwarven.
8/24/03 5:08:07p (Cimmbrion nods.)
8/24/03 5:08:08p Sabbit says, "Not on my own will, however"
8/24/03 5:08:15p Melabrion mutters in Dwarven.
8/24/03 5:08:23p (Cimmbrion murmurs something about being picky...)
8/24/03 5:08:25p Umbrion says, "The groaning would be all your doing, I assure you."

8/24/03 5:08:54p Cimmbrion asks, "Do we need another source of information in Puddleby, brothers?"
8/24/03 5:09:06p (Melabrion laughs)
8/24/03 5:09:08p Umbrion asks, "We may as well do what we can. These beings are our "allies" now, isn't that the theory?"
8/24/03 5:09:10p Sombrion says, "Greetings, brothers."
8/24/03 5:09:13p Sabbit says, "Hello Sombrion"
8/24/03 5:09:15p Melabrion mutters in the Dwarven language.
8/24/03 5:09:20p Melabrion mutters in Dwarven.
8/24/03 5:09:22p Sombrion says, "Hello."
8/24/03 5:09:22p Cimmbrion exclaims, "Ah, hello, Sombrion!"
8/24/03 5:09:23p Yor asks, "What do we exiles have that you could want?"
8/24/03 5:09:28p Yor says, "Strim, Sombrion"
8/24/03 5:09:30p Sabbit feels his spirit drifting away in Umbrion's Tower, his body fallen to a piece of ceiling.
8/24/03 5:09:38p Sombrion asks, "What did you do to that one?"
8/24/03 5:09:42p Melabrion mutters in the Dwarven language.
8/24/03 5:09:44p Sombrion has not disclosed his race, is male, is a Fighter, and is not wearing the symbol of any clan.
8/24/03 5:09:44p His hands are empty, and he is wearing a sungem, an Ethereal Amulet and what looks like a sixth-circle fighter's belt.
8/24/03 5:09:52p Cimmbrion says, "It wasn't us, believe it or not."
8/24/03 5:10:00p Umbrion says, "I did nothing to him. Some sort of architectural failure, I believe."
8/24/03 5:10:02p (Sombrion glances at Umbrion skeptically.)
8/24/03 5:10:06p Sombrion says, "If you say so."
8/24/03 5:10:19p Sabbit says, "Your keep's ceiling badly needs to be fixed, Melabrion"
8/24/03 5:10:26p Cimmbrion says, "He offers us a favor in exchange for our help in raising him."
8/24/03 5:10:26p (Melabrion shakes his head no.)
8/24/03 5:10:34p Umbrion says, "Let us attempt to heal him. It's been so long since I played such games."
8/24/03 5:10:36p Sombrion asks, "Oh? What sort?"
8/24/03 5:10:47p Yor asks, "Sombrion, how did you obtain that sungem?"
8/24/03 5:10:51p Melabrion mutters in the Dwarven language.
8/24/03 5:10:59p Umbrion exclaims, "ah!"
8/24/03 5:11:02p Sombrion asks, "I beg your pardon?"
8/24/03 5:11:08p Umbrion says, "Excellent point, brother."
8/24/03 5:11:13p Yor says, "You carry a sungem"
8/24/03 5:11:30p Sombrion asks, "A sunstone, yes. Surely you know of them?"
8/24/03 5:11:36p Yor asks, "Have you talked with Zorton recently?"
8/24/03 5:11:42p Umbrion utters in the language of magic.
8/24/03 5:11:43p Yor says, "No, a sungem"
8/24/03 5:11:49p Sombrion says, "No, not that I recall."
8/24/03 5:11:56p Yor asks, "Then how?"
8/24/03 5:12:08p Melabrion mutters in the Dwarven language.
8/24/03 5:12:08p Yor asks, "Did you steal it?"
8/24/03 5:12:09p Sombrion says, "I don't know what you're talking about."
8/24/03 5:12:11p Melabrion mutters in the Dwarven language.
8/24/03 5:12:22p Yor says, "That thing on your head."
8/24/03 5:12:24p (Cimmbrion nods.)
8/24/03 5:12:28p Yor says, "The sungem."
8/24/03 5:12:32p Yor says, "The sungem."
8/24/03 5:12:32p Sombrion says, "Yes, a sunstone, I've already told you."
8/24/03 5:12:34p Cimmbrion says, "That would be interesting, certainly."
8/24/03 5:12:38p (Yor growls in anger.)
8/24/03 5:12:40p Yor exclaims, "Ig'ha!!!"
8/24/03 5:12:42p Melabrion mutters in the Dwarven language.
8/24/03 5:12:54p Umbrion says, "We have decided upon a price."
8/24/03 5:12:56p Sombrion asks, "What is this "sungem" you are babbling about?"
8/24/03 5:12:57p Yor exclaims, "A SUNGEM!"
8/24/03 5:13:09p (Yor growls.)
8/24/03 5:13:09p (Yor growls.)
8/24/03 5:13:10p Sabbit asks, "What is your price?"
8/24/03 5:13:15p Yor says, "Nevermind."
8/24/03 5:13:18p Sombrion says, "You're not making any sense."
8/24/03 5:13:23p (Yor mumbles something in an obscure Zo dialect.)
8/24/03 5:13:30p Cimmbrion says, "It's no use trying to get complicated information out of a Zo, brother."
8/24/03 5:13:37p Yor says, "Go ahead, Sabbit."
8/24/03 5:13:47p Sombrion says, "Of course. I should have known."
8/24/03 5:14:03p Sabbit asks, "What is the price, Umbrion ?"
8/24/03 5:14:06p Yor whispers, "How could HE have one of those?"
8/24/03 5:14:13p Sabbit whispers, "beats me"

8/24/03 5:14:18p Umbrion says, "We desire a detailed report concerning the workings of the mirror on your island."
8/24/03 5:14:31p Umbrion says, "How it was caused to function."
8/24/03 5:14:33p Sabbit asks, "The one in the south forest?"
8/24/03 5:14:40p Cimmbrion says, "Yes."
8/24/03 5:14:41p Yor asks, "What do you know of the mirror?"
8/24/03 5:14:45p (Sabbit nods)
8/24/03 5:14:48p Umbrion asks, "Isn't your island nothing but mud?"
8/24/03 5:14:54p Sabbit whispers, "don't tell 'em anything until they raise me"
8/24/03 5:14:56p Yor says, "No."
8/24/03 5:15:10p Sombrion says, "There have been disturbances in the air currents nearby recently."
8/24/03 5:15:13p Umbrion says, "My sarirs told me it was nothing but mud. And a little sand."
8/24/03 5:15:27p Sabbit says, "I can offer you some information as soon as you raise me."
8/24/03 5:15:29p Sabbit feels his spirit drifting away in Umbrion's Tower, his body fallen to a piece of ceiling.
8/24/03 5:15:38p Sombrion asks, "You cannot speak now?"
8/24/03 5:15:39p Yor says, "Our island has a diverse topography and environment."
8/24/03 5:15:43p Cimmbrion says, "They have a few small trees, I believe."
8/24/03 5:15:43p Umbrion says, "We would prefer a written report, I think."
8/24/03 5:16:01p Sabbit asks, "What exactly do you want to know about its function?"
8/24/03 5:16:12p Sabbit asks, "Why it opens? Where it leads?"
8/24/03 5:16:30p Umbrion says, "Yes. Those sorts of details."
8/24/03 5:16:32p Sombrion says, "That would be a start."
8/24/03 5:16:34p (Sabbit nods)
8/24/03 5:16:34p Yor whispers, "We'll send this to TMN and get others involved."
8/24/03 5:16:47p Umbrion says, "Whatever you know of its construction, operation, etcetera."
8/24/03 5:16:52p Sabbit says, "I can get the information you need."
8/24/03 5:16:57p Cimmbrion says, "What caused it to open? Will it open again? How does it work? That last would be a good one, though I don't suppose you really understand it."
8/24/03 5:17:22p Umbrion says, "I'm actually just curious to see if he can write."
8/24/03 5:17:27p Yor asks, "Why do you care if you don't go to our "muddy" island?"
8/24/03 5:17:33p (Cimmbrion chuckles.)
8/24/03 5:17:51p Sombrion asks, "What concern is that of yours?"
8/24/03 5:17:57p Umbrion says, "Perhaps we shall pay your muddy island a visit."
8/24/03 5:18:09p Yor says, "Because it's on OUR island."
8/24/03 5:18:10p Melabrion mutters in Dwarven.

8/24/03 5:18:24p Sabbit asks, "Where shall I send this report?"
8/24/03 5:18:29p Sabbit feels his spirit drifting away in Umbrion's Tower, his body fallen to a piece of ceiling.
8/24/03 5:19:03p Umbrion utters in the language of magic.
8/24/03 5:19:34p Sombrion utters in the language of magic.
8/24/03 5:19:43p Melabrion mutters.
8/24/03 5:19:47p Yor asks, "May I ask Melabrion something and get it translated?"
8/24/03 5:19:55p Sombrion says, "Yes."
8/24/03 5:19:58p Melabrion mutters in the Dwarven language.
8/24/03 5:20:03p Yor asks, "Melabrion, I'm told you have given Malkor a portal key. Some, including the mystic council and myself are angry with this for Malkor was against the deal and he and his clan refused to help make it possible. Any comments on this?"
8/24/03 5:20:15p Umbrion utters in the language of magic.
8/24/03 5:20:27p Sombrion mutters in the Dwarven language.
8/24/03 5:20:44p Melabrion mutters in the Dwarven language.
8/24/03 5:20:57p Melabrion mutters in the Dwarven language.
8/24/03 5:21:04p Sombrion says, "Melabrion says that Malkor helped him out."
8/24/03 5:21:12p Yor asks, "How?"
8/24/03 5:21:13p Sombrion says, "He did not offer details."
8/24/03 5:21:20p Umbrion utters in magic.
8/24/03 5:21:30p Yor says, "I would like to know the details.""
8/24/03 5:21:44p Melabrion mutters.
8/24/03 5:21:59p Melabrion mutters in the Dwarven language.
8/24/03 5:22:02p Sombrion says, "Melabrion is not sympathetic to your desire for details."
8/24/03 5:22:08p Melabrion mutters in Dwarven.
8/24/03 5:22:42p Yor says, "What could telling me the details of this hurt? Malkor is merely a puny, inferior exile like me."
8/24/03 5:22:45p Sombrion says, "You may deliver your report on the mirrors to [me]."
8/24/03 5:23:02p Yor says, "Ok."
8/24/03 5:23:18p Sabbit says, "ok"
8/24/03 5:23:27p Melabrion mutters in Dwarven.
8/24/03 5:23:36p Sombrion says, "But you are asking us to help you before we have received your report."
8/24/03 5:23:42p Sombrion asks, "How do we know you can be trusted?"
8/24/03 5:23:52p Sabbit says, "You have my word."
8/24/03 5:23:59p (Sombrion frowns.)

8/24/03 5:24:05p Melabrion mutters in the Dwarven language.
8/24/03 5:24:21p Umbrion asks, "Who gave you your key, Yor?"
8/24/03 5:24:26p Sabbit asks, "What else can I offer?"
8/24/03 5:24:29p Sabbit feels his spirit drifting away in Umbrion's Tower, his body fallen to a piece of ceiling.
8/24/03 5:24:37p Yor says, "You want something we have or get. Up to you to trust us."
8/24/03 5:24:51p Melabrion mutters in the Dwarven language.
8/24/03 5:24:56p Yor says, "Valtrim, a mystic, loaned me his key"
8/24/03 5:25:00p Sombrion says, "Very well, Melabrion."
8/24/03 5:25:04p (Cimmbrion nods.)
8/24/03 5:25:37p Sombrion says, "Healing is outside my area of expertise anyway."
8/24/03 5:25:44p Melabrion mutters in the Dwarven language.
8/24/03 5:25:53p Mordred Maerii is sharing experiences with you.
8/24/03 5:25:57p Cimmbrion says, "Perhaps I can help."
8/24/03 5:26:06p (Melabrion nods)
8/24/03 5:26:17p (Yor smiles.)
8/24/03 5:26:18p Sabbit says, "My Thanks"
8/24/03 5:26:20p Cimmbrion says, "Ah, good."
8/24/03 5:26:22p Yor says, "Graha."
8/24/03 5:26:31p (Sombrion looks slightly smug.)
8/24/03 5:27:00p Sabbit is no longer fallen.
8/24/03 5:27:06p (Cimmbrion smiles.)
8/24/03 5:27:07p Yor asks, "By the way, do you still have Callia's key?"
8/24/03 5:27:23p Cimmbrion says, "Thank you, brother."
8/24/03 5:27:28p Yor says, "I could give it to her for you."
8/24/03 5:27:31p Sabbit polishes his Sword of Souls.
8/24/03 5:27:41p Sarir says, "Greetings, Lord Umbrion."
8/24/03 5:27:43p Sarir says, "I can open or close this door for you on command. Please say "open" or "close"."
8/24/03 5:27:47p Cimmbrion ponders, "Mm, yes, I'll bet."
8/24/03 5:27:48p Sarir says, ""open" or "close". Hurry up."
8/24/03 5:27:49p Umbrion says, "open"
8/24/03 5:27:50p Sarir says, "The door is now open."
8/24/03 5:28:14p Sabbit says, "Thank you"
8/24/03 5:28:15p Yor says, "Ok, she is in my group but it can wait."
8/24/03 5:28:25p Umbrion says, "we must attend to our business now. Leave us."
8/24/03 5:28:33p Yor says, "Graha."
8/24/03 5:28:35p Yor exclaims, "Da'ra Strim!"
8/24/03 5:28:36p Sabbit says, "Goodbye"
8/24/03 5:28:37p (Yor waves.)
8/24/03 5:28:41p (Sabbit waves)
8/24/03 5:28:42p Sombrion says, "Be certain to send that report promptly."

Posted by Para at 09:02 PM
Where is Para?


Who can identify this location?

Posted by Para at 03:51 AM
August 22, 2003
Azriel Meets Miro


Azriel reports on encountering Miro in the passes and on the shortage of ore in his most recent journal entry.

Posted by Para at 11:45 PM
Koric and Felicity Leave Town


Koric and Felicity have given away all their items and left Puddleby.

Posted by Para at 11:42 PM
August 20, 2003
New Trainer: Sprite


Mordred Maerii reports to TMN:

"A new trainer arrived in town today and was greeted by Master Hekus. She seems to train healers in the same manner as Spirtus did not so long ago, before he changed his training methods. Hekus gave her a nice spot in the healer hall where she can train healers of any circle."

Thanks to Mordred, DaMoot, and others for sending accounts. Read the comments for more information.

Posted by Para at 06:57 AM
Noivad Returns


In his journal entry for 43 Spring 551, Azriel reports on the return of Noivad and on expeditions to the Valley and Kismia's Island. He also reports on a swarm of Carrion Arachne infesting the New Bear Cave and on the peculiar behavior of this variety of arachne.

Posted by Para at 04:10 AM
August 18, 2003
Lost Entries Restored


The entries from August 2-11 are now fully restored. Most of the old comments are also restored, but are in the body of the entry rather than in the comments pop-up. Also, I have returned TMN to its usual practice of showing entries for the past 10 days, rather than 18, as it was set for after the crash. TMN is back in full operation, with 8 new entries posted today. Please welcome back Maquiladora to Puddleby when you see her in town, check out Mani's new scroll, and see if you can help Fundin create some timelines for the Puddleby Historical Project.

Posted by Para at 11:45 PM
Timelines for Puddleby


Fundin reports to TMN:

"The Puddleby Historical Project needs you! I'm compiling a Puddleby timeline and would like some feedback and dates from any exile who can help. Check the timeline scrolls to see if you can help fill in some of Puddleby's history."

Posted by Para at 11:30 PM
Maq is Back!


Maquiladora has returned to Puddleby!

Posted by Para at 06:46 PM
Mani the Healer


Mani the Healer now has a journal. His most recent entry describes his struggle with Lyfe disease.

Posted by Para at 06:02 PM
Clouds and Tribulations


Ruen's most recent journal entries, for 6 Spring 551 and 20 Spring 551, contain reports on hunting South Forest and the Dark Cloud.

Posted by Para at 05:39 PM
"This Old Squid" with Norm the Dwarf


Norm reports in his journal entry for 13 Spring 551 (8/12/03) on some adventure at sea and on the various cloud and portal issues that remain the talk of Puddleby.

Posted by Para at 05:29 PM
Return of Feauial


Feauial has returned, reporting on portal and mirror troubles, as well as hunting with the Winds of Dawn, in his journal entry dated Spring 551.

Posted by Para at 05:10 PM
Azriel Seeks 6th Circle Glory


In Azriel's journal entry for 39 Spring 551, he reports on his training with Balthus and on his most recent attempt to pass the 6th circle fighters' test.

Posted by Para at 04:55 PM
Slyph Screams


It was a bad day for Slyph out in the passes. Worse, she ended up fallen in Gaia's Temple. Read about this and the results of the recent "Fen of the Year" award in Hor's latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 06:21 AM
August 17, 2003
Training with Leradla


Himitsu's latest journal entry includes an account of an expedition to meet with the sixth and final ethereal trainer, Leradla, and news of Vermilion joining Winds of Dawn Clan.

Posted by Para at 06:05 AM
Drablak's Definitions


Drablak has begun work on a new glossary project, which provides definitions of terms unfamiliar to new exiles.

Posted by Para at 05:54 AM
Farewell Letter from WorldWalker


Drablak has published in his journal a farewell letter from WorldWalker.

Posted by Para at 05:51 AM
August 16, 2003
Visiting the Valley with Azriel


Azriel's latest journal entry, dated 18 Spring 551, contains reports on expeditions to the Valley and to Kismia's Island.

Posted by Para at 10:13 PM
Fairgrounds Chat with Eldon GM


Galadriel reports to TMN:

"A few days ago, I joined a group of exiles to chat with Eldon GM in the fairgrounds. A variety of topics were discussed..."

Read below to see the full report.

(My apologies for not posting this earlier. I briefly misplaced it, and I was just about to publish it when I started having some difficulties a few days back.
- Para)

"The highlights:

He stated that he was 'nearly done' with his new island. It will have several new creatures, and some new creature AIs too.

He thinks that the Oak Basher is far too powerful a weapon for one that does not require a training investment, and doubts they will become widely available without a decrease in their power. He was pleased that exile vs. exile dueling was not really disruptive.

Complex AIs, like having wounded creatures run away, were discussed, but the consensus was that they might not be as "fun" as they sound for exile hunters.

He stated that he had gone through the exile-generated 'dead end' list, and found fully half of them to NOT be abandoned stories. However, he also stated that real dead-ends do exist and will not be removed, since they represent the conclusions of past stories.

Fishwinkle made a pest of himself by pushing Eldon around, and after some warnings, Eldon had a giant hand reach out the ground and carry Fishwinkle away to the Orga Camp. Fishwinkle ran back and got sent away yet again.

8/6/03 7:15:54p Eldon GM ponders, "someone wants a free trip to Orga Village"
8/6/03 7:16:03p Manquilor exclaims, "Turn him into a baby meshra!"
8/6/03 7:16:04p Fishwinkle ponders, "been there done that"
8/6/03 7:16:34p Ebony says, "Give him a permanent, unremovable dueling glove ;)"

8/6/03 7:19:22p (Fishwinkle thooms in Eldons ear)

8/6/03 7:33:32p Fishwinkle says, "/push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM"
8/6/03 7:33:39p Fishwinkle says, "Uh oh..."
8/6/03 7:33:40p Fishwinkle says, "/push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM /push Eldon GM"
8/6/03 7:33:43p Fishwinkle says, "=D"
8/6/03 7:33:43p Manquilor says, "Byeeee"
8/6/03 7:33:46p Mujin-kun says, "uh"
8/6/03 7:33:46p Sabbit ponders, "thank you"
8/6/03 7:33:47p Urgelt says, "heh"
8/6/03 7:33:48p Famous Shoes says, "hahahahahhahahaha"
8/6/03 7:33:49p Manquilor says, "hehe"
8/6/03 7:33:49p (Galadriel giggles)
8/6/03 7:33:59p Galadriel ponders, "nice touch too"
8/6/03 7:34:03p Eldon GM ponders, "and he can't /curse a NPC"

Posted by Para at 09:05 PM
August 15, 2003
Mirror is Open


The South Forest Mirror is open right now, 12:28am on Lundi, day 29 of Spring, 551. I'm not sure how long it will be open.

Posted by Para at 09:28 PM
Phineas Sings the Blues


Aravir reports in his latest journal entry on Phineas turning blue and on the rescue of Pigpen in the vermine tree.

Posted by Para at 06:32 AM
August 14, 2003
Orga Camp 2003


Hor has a report on the Orga Camp 2003 event as well as an account of some hunting at the Lily Pond and Northwest Forest in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 11:54 PM
Chaos Storm #298


Chaos Storm #298 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

Posted by Para at 11:26 PM
TMN is Back!


I'm back. TMN managed to corrupt its database a couple evenings ago. I've had to go back to the August 1 backup, unfortunately, but I have the most recent entries on file. I'll restore them over the next couple of days. Thanks to Kiriel and Rael for listening to me gnash my teeth over the past 48 hours while I struggled to restore the site.

Posted by Para at 11:03 PM
August 11, 2003
Drake Carries Away Exiles


Baff submitted the following report to TMN:

"A drake came and kidnapped a few exiles from town this morning (K'pyn, Arod and two others). A group of about 15 exiles went to rescue them in the Drake Den on Devil's Island. It seems they were to be lunch for the drake's babies. They are now safely mounted on someone's wall (the drakes, not the fallen exiles)."

Posted by Para at 09:04 PM
Portal Trial


Lorikeet sent to TMN the following transcript of a trial regarding the portal.

While Commodus' case against Klur was found to be frivolous, public anger over moving the portal to inaccessible or harmful places continues to grow.

Is "it creates discussion" a good reason to move a portal? Or was there a miscarriage of justice? Is Pogue Mahone unbeatable in court?

Click below to read the transcript.

8/10/03 10:03:20p Klur is now Clanning.
8/10/03 10:04:36p Commodus says, "why did you do it"
8/10/03 10:04:59p Commodus says, "reading thoomcare"
8/10/03 10:05:08p Commodus says, "interestiing stuff"
8/10/03 10:06:51p Klur says, "Do you have a question for me. I was sort
of day dreaming."
8/10/03 10:07:14p Commodus says, "why did you move the portals"
8/10/03 10:07:26p Klur says, "To create discussion."
8/10/03 10:07:33p Commodus says, "why both"
8/10/03 10:07:40p Klur says, "I only moved one."
8/10/03 10:07:49p Reye says, "he was with me, Commodus"
8/10/03 10:07:59p Commodus says, "thats what thoomcare says"
8/10/03 10:08:00p Reye says, "or visa versa however you wanna look at
8/10/03 10:08:01p Commodus says, "yes"
8/10/03 10:08:21p Commodus says, "well you want to discussion"
8/10/03 10:08:41p Klur says, "I'm listening."
8/10/03 10:09:00p Commodus says, "are they not the property of all
8/10/03 10:09:15p Klur says, "Hmm depends on definitions."
8/10/03 10:09:36p Commodus says, "they are like algy over there"
8/10/03 10:09:50p Commodus says, "they should be enjoyed by everyone"
8/10/03 10:09:58p Commodus says, "whether on the cloud or not"
8/10/03 10:10:14p Klur says, "I think Algernon would take offense to
that comment."
8/10/03 10:10:48p Commodus says, "and therefore should be moved where
everyone can enjoy them"
8/10/03 10:11:06p Klur says, "You need to be carefull with many of your
8/10/03 10:11:45p Reye says, "meainign you're speaking for hundreds of
exiles, many of whom would disagree with your definition of enjoy or
good, Commodus"
8/10/03 10:11:54p Commodus says, "well lets have this dicussion on the
record then"
8/10/03 10:12:19p Reye says, "I have no idea what that means"
88/10/03 10:12:24p Althea says, "he's gonna sue you"
88/10/03 10:14:03p * Puddleby Court is now in session.
8/10/03 10:14:03p * Commodus v Klur,
8/10/03 10:14:03p accused of moving the portals and making them
inaccessible .
8/10/03 10:15:33p Bellafae says, "After he comes in, the Judge will
explain each phase of the proceedings as it comes up."
8/10/03 10:15:41p Bellafae yells, "All rise."
8/10/03 10:15:44p Bellafae yells, "This court is now in session, The
Honourable Judge Haengemie presiding."
8/10/03 10:15:52p Haengemie says, "Thank you, you may be seated."
8/10/03 10:15:59p Haengemie says, "This trial is to settle the matter
wherein Commodus has accused Klur of moving the portals and making them
inaccessible ."
8/10/03 10:16:05p Haengemie says, "Commodus and Klur will each be given
a chance to state the facts pertinent to the case."
8/10/03 10:16:11p Haengemie says, "Either party may finish their
testimony and call a witness by saying..."
8/10/03 10:16:18p Haengemie says, "witness: For example..."
8/10/03 10:16:22p Haengemie says, "witness: Klur"
8/10/03 10:16:25p Haengemie says, "Observers, please keep the railing in
the Northeast behind the jury clear for witnesses."
8/10/03 10:16:32p Haengemie says, "If, during the presentation of the
case, either party wishes to conclude early,..."
8/10/03 10:16:38p Haengemie says, "...they may do so by saying the
single word "done"."
8/10/03 10:16:45p Haengemie says, "Now then..."
8/10/03 10:16:48p Haengemie says, "Commodus, you have 90 seconds to
8/10/03 10:16:57p Commodus says, "they should be enjoyed by everyone"
8/10/03 10:17:10p Commodus says, "My argument is not with klur per se.
He seems like a nice guy. But the PM clan on"
8/10/03 10:17:20p Commodus says, "thoomcare admitting moving the portal
and they treat it like their own personal property."
8/10/03 10:17:30p Commodus says, "The portals should be the property to
of all great exiles young and old. Now with both"
8/10/03 10:17:41p Commodus says, "portals away from town it makes the
cloud inaccessible for most. The portal should be treated with respect
and everyone should have access to them. Reyes and Klur admitted"
8/10/03 10:17:52p Commodus says, "to me tonight he moved the portal.
Stop this madness and send a message to PM that us exiles will not stand
for their evil ways. They started this cirlce"
8/10/03 10:18:02p Commodus says, "witness michael"
8/10/03 10:18:04p Haengemie says, "Thank you, Commodus."
8/10/03 10:18:10p Haengemie says, "Michael, please approach the witness
railing, to the Northeast of the jury box. You have 15 seconds."
8/10/03 10:18:13p Michael thinks, "uh dont call me"
8/10/03 10:18:34p Haengemie says, "Klur, you have 90 seconds to speak."
8/10/03 10:18:48p Klur says, "I have been accused of 2 things."
8/10/03 10:18:54p Klur says, "One of moving a portal"
8/10/03 10:19:01p Klur says, "This I accept"
8/10/03 10:19:17p Klur says, "However I hope the court agrees moving the
portals should be accepted."
8/10/03 10:19:29p Klur says, "2nd I have been accused of making them
8/10/03 10:19:43p Klur says, "I assure you I can access them as needed."

8/10/03 10:19:57p Haengemie says, "10 seconds remaining, Please finish
up, or say "done"..."
8/10/03 10:20:05p Klur says, "Like wise any one can put togeather a
group and make them accessable as they see fit."
8/10/03 10:20:10p Klur says, "done."
8/10/03 10:20:11p Haengemie says, "Thank you, Klur."
8/10/03 10:20:17p Haengemie says, "Commodus, you have 120 seconds to
8/10/03 10:20:30p Commodus says, "The PM clan started this whole portal
8/10/03 10:20:37p Commodus says, "he put one of them in the middle of a
lava pool so it would cause people that didnt know to die"
8/10/03 10:20:49p Althea thinks, "PM started the portal problem? huh?"
8/10/03 10:20:51p Commodus says, "now I can't enjoy the cloud"
8/10/03 10:20:59p Commodus says, "and most fighters will die"
8/10/03 10:21:08p Commodus says, "going through them"
8/10/03 10:21:09p Topaz thinks, "no they didn't... other exiles moved it
8/10/03 10:21:14p Reye thinks, "err no."
8/10/03 10:21:14p Zen thinks, "PM is the source of all problems. Old Zen
88/10/03 10:21:25p Commodus says, "they are not the property of PM"
8/10/03 10:21:26p Michael thinks, "i think the problem is where they
moved it"
8/10/03 10:21:44p Commodus says, "and he moved one and started the mess"

8/10/03 10:22:10p Haengemie says, "10 seconds remaining, Please finish
up, or say "done"..."
8/10/03 10:22:11p Commodus says, "done"
8/10/03 10:22:18p Haengemie says, "Klur, you have 120 seconds to speak."

8/10/03 10:22:30p Drib'thgin thinks, "well, there was no "problem" with
it before, it worked, you could go from one spot to another, and not die
upon arrival."
8/10/03 10:22:47p Klur says, "I don't have much more to add. I believe
the portals should be move as any exile sees fit."
8/10/03 10:22:58p Klur says, "However"
8/10/03 10:23:06p Reye thinks, "I disagree with your definition of
problem and I know of at least a dozen others, PM and otherwise that do
8/10/03 10:23:25p Klur says, "I do believe it is desirable for one end
to always reamin in town or close by"
8/10/03 10:23:45p Klur ponders, "Sorry for using town"
8/10/03 10:23:54p Drib'thgin thinks, "dying as soon as someone steps
onto the teleporter isnt a "problem" for you then?"
8/10/03 10:24:11p Haengemie says, "10 seconds remaining, Please finish
up, or say "done"..."
8/10/03 10:24:15p Klur says, "Outside of that one being close by."
8/10/03 10:24:18p Reye thinks, "I didn't say that. If you don't like it
there, why not move it?"
8/10/03 10:24:20p Klur says, "The other shouldn't matter."
8/10/03 10:24:27p Klur says, "I only moved one."
8/10/03 10:24:28p Haengemie says, "Thank you, Klur."
8/10/03 10:24:36p Haengemie says, "Jury, you will adjourn to vote on a
8/10/03 10:24:39p Michael thinks, "because its in a hellish place full
of monsters that he prolly has never even seen, let alone can fight?"
8/10/03 10:24:41p Haengemie says, "After you discuss the case, tell the
verdict collector "guilty", "innocent"."
8/10/03 10:24:48p Haengemie says, "Or vote "frivolous" if you want to
sentence the plaintiff for wasting everyone's time."
8/10/03 10:24:54p Haengemie says, "You will have 4 minutes. Not voting
is the same as voting "innocent.""
8/10/03 10:24:57p Niccolo thinks, "Because Klur and gang would just move
8/10/03 10:25:01p Haengemie says, "Commodus has accused Klur of moving
the portals and making them inaccessible"
8/10/03 10:25:02p Thrund thinks, "the answer is a periodic reset"
8/10/03 10:25:05p Reye thinks, "I've been there. There's no reason you
can't go there."
8/10/03 10:25:07p Haengemie says, "Please remember to vote solely on the
matter of this trial, based only on the testimony heard."
8/10/03 10:25:08p Drib'thgin thinks, "yea and what Niccolo said too."
8/10/03 10:25:13p Commodus thinks, "well we know how malkor is voting"
8/10/03 10:25:14p Haengemie says, "Do not let any bias, good or bad,
regarding previous affiliations enter into your decision."
8/10/03 10:25:19p Michael thinks, "and it would take how long to move it
off KI?"
8/10/03 10:26:07p Michael thinks, "no, i didnt move either end onto kI"
8/10/03 10:26:07p Bellafae hands Haengemie the jury's verdict.
8/10/03 10:26:12p Haengemie says, "Commodus, this court has found your
case frivolous."
8/10/03 10:26:15p Lorikeet thinks, "Neither did we"
8/10/03 10:26:18p Haengemie says, "Klur, you are free to go."
8/10/03 10:26:24p Haengemie says, "Jury, you have found Commodus
8/10/03 10:26:29p Haengemie says, "You will now adjourn to recommend a
8/10/03 10:26:35p Haengemie says, "You will each be given two votes, and
choices of jail time and/or fine."
8/10/03 10:26:40p Michael thinks, "i moved it to the hut once it was on
KI, thats a little different"
8/10/03 10:26:41p Haengemie says, "An officer of the court will be ready
to assist you, should you need it."
8/10/03 10:26:48p Haengemie says, "You will have 4 minutes to make your
8/10/03 10:26:48p Kani thinks, "I put it back in the hut, is that
8/10/03 10:26:54p Haengemie says, "Not voting, with either or both of
your votes, is the same as a recommendation of "no sentence"."
8/10/03 10:27:01p Haengemie says, "Jury, please note: no prior
convictions in the past year."
8/10/03 10:27:08p Haengemie says, "And, because I find the frivolity of
this case to be contemptuous,..."
8/10/03 10:27:15p Commodus thinks, "now is going to move everytime"
8/10/03 10:27:16p Haengemie says, "I'm going to double the maximum
penalty (240 min/2000 c)"
8/10/03 10:27:23p Haengemie says, "I suggest that the jury recommend a
stiff sentence."
8/10/03 10:27:29p Haengemie says, "Jurors, you should take Commodus's
record into account when deciding what sentence to recommend."
8/10/03 10:27:39p Commodus thinks, "they think its theirs"
8/10/03 10:27:47p Thrund thinks, "that isn't a crime"
8/10/03 10:28:09p Commodus thinks, "causing people die is"
8/10/03 10:28:33p Bellafae hands Haengemie the jury's sentencing
8/10/03 10:28:37p Haengemie says, "Commodus, you are hereby sentenced to
spend 7 minutes in the Puddleby jail,"
8/10/03 10:28:45p Haengemie says, "and fined 687 coins."
8/10/03 10:28:49p Judge Haengemie bangs his gavel
8/10/03 10:28:52p Haengemie yells, "This court is adjourned."
8/10/03 10:28:53p Michael thinks, "i would just like to know why PM
thinks the middle of a lava pool is a good spot for it"
8/10/03 10:28:59p Bellafae says, "Commodus, you'll be going to jail to
serve your sentence, now."
8/10/03 10:29:14p Klur thinks, "It creats discussion."
8/10/03 10:29:24p WormTounge yells, "mich Gobo is clicked by a PMer?"
8/10/03 10:29:27p WormTounge says, "ppo ops."
8/10/03 10:29:29p Lorikeet says, "no"
8/10/03 10:29:29p (WormTounge laughs.)
8/10/03 10:29:32p Althea says, "no"
8/10/03 10:29:36p Althea says, "Gobo is not"
8/10/03 10:29:38p WormTounge says, "Well that was silly of me."
8/10/03 10:29:46p WormTounge says, "Sorry about that.."
8/10/03 10:29:47p Commodus thinks, "will that was worth the 700c"
8/10/03 10:29:48p Michael thinks, "thats the best you could come up
8/10/03 10:29:49p Natas thinks, "this is bout as interesting as the NG
aa breaks sunstone"
8/10/03 10:29:53p (Topaz sighs and shakes her head)
8/10/03 10:29:55p WormTounge says, "Well, thanks for answering, Althea
and Lorikeet."
8/10/03 10:30:35p Tserr'tsee thinks, "Well Comm, I like the "PM is evil
and they did it" while you have PM on the jury..."
8/10/03 10:31:15p Malkor thinks, "Actually, that was his most persuasive
argument. His attempts at jury tampering were half-hearted at best,
8/10/03 10:31:18p Michael says, "i am glad you enjoy making people
8/10/03 10:31:20p Oriole exclaims, "wow we need to sue klur more gets
more exiles in town!"
8/10/03 10:31:28p Michael says, "didnt think you were like that Reye"
8/10/03 10:31:42p Reye says, "I don't' think you knwo what I'm like
8/10/03 10:31:58p Malkor says, "You shouldn't assume the worst just
'cause he's a Zo, Mike."
8/10/03 10:32:01p Reye says, "I don't say that to be mean"
8/10/03 10:32:05p Michael says, "i thought you were a decent guy"
8/10/03 10:32:12p Lister ponders, "I thought so too"
8/10/03 10:32:14p Reye says, "Well thanks. I am actually"
8/10/03 10:32:16p Althea says, "he is."
8/10/03 10:32:18p Zen says, "Er, has nothing to do with his
being a Zo."
8/10/03 10:32:23p Oriole says, "Reye is nice"
8/10/03 10:32:26p Thrund ponders, "It's wrong to fuck with people.
8/10/03 10:32:28p Michael says, "but you admitted to an action that will
directly cause people to depart"
8/10/03 10:32:37p Eve says, "Well I had to depart from the lava pool,
8/10/03 10:32:38p Michael says, "doesnt strike me as nice"
8/10/03 10:32:48p Michael says, "or even decent"
8/10/03 10:32:50p Reye says, "I'm sorry for that Eve. I wish we could
put a sign there."
8/10/03 10:33:02p Eve says, "There are sign posts."
8/10/03 10:33:04p Michael asks, "what would it read, "property of PM"?"
8/10/03 10:33:11p Eve says, "Should have invested in one."
8/10/03 10:33:23p Althea says, "should ahve been left on the cloud."
8/10/03 10:33:28p Reye says, "It's as much ours as it is yours imo"
8/10/03 10:33:49p Malkor says, "Every person has a say in its
destination. Put your legs to work."
8/10/03 10:33:51p Michael says, "i am not the one that tried to make it
useless after i couldnt have my way"
8/10/03 10:34:03p Reye says, "couldn't have my way? I did actually."
8/10/03 10:34:10p Reye says, "As did others before me."
8/10/03 10:34:17p Eve says, "Not all of us are super healers, who can
take lava pits."
8/10/03 10:34:33p Reye says, "Actually here's a PM secret: The maze
isn't that hard."
8/10/03 10:34:34p Michael asks, "so why did you put it there Reye?"
8/10/03 10:34:39p Thrund says, "Eve, even some superhealers can't do it"

8/10/03 10:34:44p Malkor exclaims, "Reye, shhhh!"
8/10/03 10:34:48p Reye says, "hehe"
8/10/03 10:34:53p Michael says, "when you start out at next to 0 life on
a pool of lava its pretty fucking hard"
8/10/03 10:35:10p Reye says, "If that were the only way, it would be
very hard indeed."
8/10/03 10:35:28p Malkor says, "Mentus can teach you to better handle
the journey."
8/10/03 10:35:32p Michael says, "its the way most people that had no way
of knowing ended up there"
8/10/03 10:35:51p Lister ponders, "Lets just follow PM around all the
time, it's as space as much as it is their's right?"
8/10/03 10:35:52p Michael says, "and you still didnt say why Reye"
8/10/03 10:36:02p Althea says, "if ou think you can, Lister."
8/10/03 10:36:13p Reye says, "If you're really upset about the location,
why don't you just move it? I still don't understand "it's too hard" I
moved it there and I probably have less ranks than you."
8/10/03 10:36:14p Lister says, "I know a healer that might"
8/10/03 10:36:27p Zen says, "No, they'll kill you and leave you for dead
as Malkor reminds us."
8/10/03 10:36:32p Reye says, "I certainly have less than many"
8/10/03 10:36:35p Thrund ponders, "moving it there is easier than moving
it out"
8/10/03 10:36:46p Eve asks, "What would stop you from moving it back
then Reye?"
8/10/03 10:36:47p Michael asks, "but WHY did you move it?"
8/10/03 10:36:48p Reye says, "yet we moved it there with four exiles...
c an't be THAT hard."
8/10/03 10:36:52p Eve says, "Then our effors would be useless."
8/10/03 10:37:04p Lister asks, "Michael asked a simple question, no?"
8/10/03 10:37:20p Malkor says, "Er, that argument works both ways, Eve."

8/10/03 10:37:29p Malkor asks, "What's to stop anyone from moving it
after you've moved it?"
8/10/03 10:37:36p Eve says, "Nothing."
8/10/03 10:37:54p Eve says, "But moving it to a place where 3/4 of
puddleby won't fall is better then 95%"
8/10/03 10:37:54p Michael asks, "you cant even make up a reason that
wont make you look like an ass can you?"
8/10/03 10:38:23p Reye says, "I don't owe you anything Michael but I'll
tell you I won't move it for now because I like it there."
8/10/03 10:38:36p Michael asks, "and you like it there because you enjoy
people departing?"
8/10/03 10:38:47p Reye says, "I didn't say that."
8/10/03 10:38:50p Thrund ponders, "might makes right"
8/10/03 10:39:03p Michael asks, "ok, why do you like it in the middle of
8/10/03 10:39:31p Michael says, "i can answer why i like it on KI"
8/10/03 10:39:32p Reye says, "Because for anyone to use more, they will
have to take action."
8/10/03 10:40:19p Michael asks, "so action is good?"
8/10/03 10:40:36p Reye says, "depends on the action but in general it's
better than rank whoring imo"
8/10/03 10:40:59p Reye says, "though I try to do my fair share at
8/10/03 10:41:39p Michael says, "it was already pretty useless when both
ends were moved to KI, you just made it a depart for anyone that didnt
8/10/03 10:42:14p Reye says, "I think that the one on KI should be moved
to somewhere else, though kinda rough with the other end where it
8/10/03 10:42:31p Michael says, "i hear your crew likes challanges, go
for it"
8/10/03 10:42:42p Michael says, "i might be an asshole, but even i
wouldnt do what you did"
8/10/03 10:43:35p Thrund ponders, "Michale may be an ass, but he's
8/10/03 10:45:52p Larno says, "'lo town! :p"
8/10/03 10:45:57p Reye says, "Hi Larno"
8/10/03 10:46:21p Larno asks, "So, what brings ya all here, together?"
8/10/03 10:46:29p Oriole says, "Klur got sued"
8/10/03 10:46:30p Reye says, "Mostly yelling at me"
8/10/03 10:46:32p Althea says, "heh"
8/10/03 10:46:32p Lister says, "PM got away with a grave injustice"
8/10/03 10:46:39p Larno asks, "oh?"
8/10/03 10:46:49p Larno asks, "Feel like telling me?"
8/10/03 10:47:07p Oriole says, "Commodus sued Klur for moving portals or
8/10/03 10:47:10p Zen ponders, "oh, yeah, it should be fun for the rest
of the kids to have to take back the world's toys from the bullies."
8/10/03 10:47:16p Oriole says, "was friv"
8/10/03 10:47:22p Oriole says, "700c fine"
8/10/03 10:47:35p Oriole says, "then a public arguement between Michael
and Reye afterwards"
8/10/03 10:47:37p Reye says, "We're royal bastards who moved the portal,
that everyone loved where it was for the benefit of mankind, to a fire
pit that requires skill and effort to move again."
8/10/03 10:47:42p Althea ponders, "oh come on. the ki rankwhores take it
from the small kids o the cloud"
8/10/03 10:47:50p Reye says, "That's the short version ;)"
8/10/03 10:47:56p Althea ponders, "but they were doing it for the good
of exile kind"
8/10/03 10:48:08p Lister says, "they moved the portal to the middle of a
lava pool, and seem to be enjoying that fact that people are departing
because of it"
8/10/03 10:48:22p Natas ponders, "omg they till talkin bout it"
8/10/03 10:48:30p Althea asks, "I don't enjoy that people are departing
from it. where did oyu get the idea that I did?"
8/10/03 10:48:36p Larno says, "I mean - its just a portal"
8/10/03 10:51:38p Larno asks, "Did the portal got outa that heat btw?"
8/10/03 10:51:54p Reye says, "I don't think anyone has tried"
8/10/03 10:51:54p Althea asks, "did anyone try yet?"
8/10/03 10:52:05p Larno asks, "why were folks departing then?"
8/10/03 10:52:13p Althea says, "they took the portal"
8/10/03 10:52:23p Zen says, "because no one knew it lead to death."
8/10/03 10:52:29p Larno asks, "didnt they know where it leads to?"
8/10/03 10:52:31p Althea says, "naw michael tested it early"
88/10/03 10:52:47p Althea says, "he's broadcast far and wide what
assholes "we" are."
8/10/03 10:52:53p Larno asks, "And why did noone try to move it?"
8/10/03 10:53:17p Commodus says, "700 poorer"
8/10/03 10:53:18p Larno says, "this is kinda weird ;p"
8/10/03 10:53:19p Commodus says, "ouch"
8/10/03 10:53:33p Althea says, "you were missing a few facts before you
went into court."
8/10/03 10:53:37p Althea says, "or so it seemed..."
8/10/03 10:53:51p Kani says, "Like the fact that I moved it before the
Pogues ever did? :P"
8/10/03 10:53:56p Commodus says, "they did not vote on the facts"
8/10/03 10:54:05p Commodus says, "they decided on a principlew"
8/10/03 10:54:18p Larno asks, "who exactly put it there, reye?"
8/10/03 10:54:18p Reye says, "damn those cheaters"
8/10/03 10:54:31p Reye says, "well me and klur and two non-PMS"
8/10/03 10:54:46p Larno says, "i mean.. it takes some histia to do that
8/10/03 10:54:49p Reye says, "I doubt they would mind being named but I
didn't ask"
8/10/03 10:55:03p Commodus says, "the names are on thoomcare"
8/10/03 10:55:06p Althea says, "they were named by Michael publicly
8/10/03 10:55:12p Reye says, "oh yeah j'jh was there and saw"
8/10/03 10:55:26p Reye says, "other two were witches"
8/10/03 10:55:33p Larno asks, "Tere and Prue?"
8/10/03 10:55:34p Kani says, "Hurrah for witches."
8/10/03 10:55:54p Niccolo thinks, "The issue of the portal basically
comes down to, PM like to fuck with everyone and push limits. We've
known it for years, what's this make any difference in the scheme of
8/10/03 10:56:30p Commodus says, "I jsust want to able use the portals
and not be a 6th circle to do it"
8/10/03 10:56:39p Althea says, "I agree."
8/10/03 10:56:43p Tserr'tsee thinks, "I think it comes down to... If you
don't like where it is move it... they didn't like where it was so they
moved it."
8/10/03 10:56:51p Reye says, "yeah it was great on the clouds"
8/10/03 10:56:52p Dobbin thinks, "wasn't PM that took away my cloud
8/10/03 10:56:54p Commodus says, "that was my point"
8/10/03 10:56:55p Althea says, "I think it should stay on the cloud,
8/10/03 10:57:00p Commodus says, "and I lost"
8/10/03 10:57:01p Kani asks, "Why, Althea?"
8/10/03 10:57:09p Larno thinks, "no, it wasnt"
8/10/03 10:57:12p Manquilor says, "I just don't like that I can't get
off the cloud without falling now =/"
8/10/03 10:57:22p Laiy says, "I dunno about the cloud town location
though.. Lota youngins falling there"
8/10/03 10:57:27p Kani asks, "On another note, where are both ends right
8/10/03 10:57:28p Reye says, "and I can't even go there... someone took
the portal from there"
8/10/03 10:57:29p Althea says, "because a lot of younger folk are
getting to use it and enjoy and area that's not accessible without
chaining through mirror"
8/10/03 10:57:33p Commodus says, "I think I got a bad jury one PM member
and all"
8/10/03 10:57:39p Niccolo thinks, "Yeah so we move it, then it gets
moved back. That's a great idea. Let's go back and forth until someone
gives in heh...c'mon"
8/10/03 10:57:42p Althea says, "he was 1 of 4"
8/10/03 10:57:50p Kani thinks, "Who said anything about giving in?"
8/10/03 10:57:55p Commodus says, "makes it harder"
8/10/03 10:58:03p Kani says, "Seemed like Malkor stuck it to him on the
coins though."
8/10/03 10:58:06p Commodus says, "means I have to get all the other 3"
8/10/03 10:58:14p Commodus says, "and the coins"
8/10/03 10:58:18p Tserr'tsee thinks, "Just keep moving it... It's not
easy to move it that far... They spend ooc hours."
8/10/03 10:58:22p Larno says, "all we need now is a big invasion..
todistract us ;p"
8/10/03 10:58:53p Natas says, "a strep throat invasion so ppl will just
shutup bout it"
8/10/03 10:58:55p Kani says, "It makes me said that a depart or two is
such a big deal."
8/10/03 10:59:29p Tserr'tsee thinks, "The fighting backing and forth for
moving it is the same concept as trying to sue PM or people who moved it
so that it goes back.. They will move it again, acording to you."
8/10/03 10:59:51p Kani thinks, "Would it be reasonable at all to say
that it will stay where it is? I really doubt that."
8/10/03 11:00:38p Tserr'tsee thinks, "Correct Kani.. but who cares where
its moved.. Someone won't like it."
8/10/03 11:01:07p Kani thinks, "Exactly. Some don't even like the cloud.
And they are even louder complaining about other locations."

Comments to TMN:

EMAIL: root@
DATE: 08/11/2003 08:21:06 AM
Well, seems like Klurs mental problems are more severe than I thought. (He's probably one of the people taking toys away from kids.)
DATE: 08/11/2003 11:32:21 AM
Hunf. More silliness. End of discussion.
DATE: 08/11/2003 02:25:53 PM
Huh? Friviolous? Juries continue to misunderstand the use of 'frivolous'. 'Innocent' or 'Not Guilty', maybe, but certainly not friv. Friv is for trials like: 'Commodus accuses Klur of DIIEE BITCH! HOUEWHWEFSDV"

Get a clue, juries.
DATE: 08/11/2003 03:38:33 PM
..."accused of moving the portals and making them

That isn't a crime.
DATE: 08/11/2003 04:07:15 PM
It could become a crime, Haze, if juries find people guilty of it. That's what case law and precedent is all about. Puddleby doesn't have a written constitution or a written law code, so precedent is what stands. But Puddleby cannot develop legal precedents if the juries rule things as frivolous when they are clearly not.

I agree very much with Bones. This was truly a miscarriage of justice. Finding Klur guilty or not guilty - either one - would have been reasonable decisions. But there is really no good grounds here to rule this as frivolous. How can it be frivolous if people all over Puddleby are talking about it? Dozens of messages are getting posted every day at TMN about the matter of the portal.

The members of that jury ought to be ashamed. Someone get them a dictionary and circle the word frivolous in it. The jury had an opportunity and a responsibility to make an important decision on what is clearly one of the most important public matters of the day, and they failed.
AUTHOR: Malkor
DATE: 08/11/2003 04:39:43 PM
It's frivolous to go around suing people for things that aren't crimes. There's your precedent.
AUTHOR: Michael
DATE: 08/11/2003 06:05:52 PM
Good to know that you think trying to make people depart is not a crime Malkor. I will remember that next time I run into you out in the Passes.

And Comm got shafted by the moronic way juries are picked in CL. There is no excuse to turn down possible jury members and end up with only 4 people (one of whom is an asslicker of the accused).

The court system shoul always try to get 12 people regardless of how many are on. Right now how many it gets is based of off how many are online. I was not selected for jury duty even though it was turned on and I was not asleep.
AUTHOR: Captain Stinkfist
DATE: 08/11/2003 06:08:23 PM
I'm goin with bones on this one, jurries dont seem to grasp the concept of innocence, going to court is basically guilty or friv these days... and 700c fine?? well atleast it wasnt the max of 2k

hey heres an idea, why not hold a town meeting and have people talk about options of where to put the portals, then take the ideas of where to put said portals and vote on it at the voting place?
AUTHOR: Kalian
DATE: 08/11/2003 06:22:59 PM
stinky as much as that sounds good, it wont all , anyone still can and will move it to where THEY want it. there is no way to control where it goes........UNLESS you have ppl watch the end 24/7 and i know that isnt a possibility
AUTHOR: Kjeldor
DATE: 08/11/2003 06:36:31 PM
This is really quite interesting. Sounds to me like there needs to be an appeals court, since there is at least an (yah, I speak good) that there was a mistrial.

This, of course, brings up interesting problems, such as who would serve as judge (or judges), how judges would be chosen, and so on and so forth. I haven't really given this much thought, but I'm sure something could be designed. Perhaps a minimum karma requirement, or a karma to longevity ratio for qualification and then be voted into office.

There would always be the problem of finding judges to preside over appeals trials, as well...

Interesting problem, but perhaps one worth working out.
DATE: 08/11/2003 07:23:55 PM
Here's a thought. Let's retire Haengemie and use Mystics as judges....
AUTHOR: Captain Stinkfist
DATE: 08/11/2003 08:07:47 PM
I know as good idea as it seems it prolly wont work but atleast its a step, even tho a very small and tiny in a direction away from "fuck you, no fuck you ! no fuck you" and so on and so forth. and atleast then we'd know where the community as a whole want it the most, assuming people vote. maybe find a way to make the portals stay where they are after the whole vote thing is over. anyone else got any ideas besides a constant moving portal war of sorts. i'd probably just be happy if the portals went back to the original position every storm.
DATE: 08/11/2003 08:08:12 PM
/action sighs and hands Malkor his dictionary with the definition of frivolous circled in red.

If the jury decides it is not a crime, then they should vote for "not guilty." The whole purpose of the frivolous option was to punish snerts abusing the court system. In this case, Commodus was not abusing the court system. If the jury decides that Klur is not guilty, they should vote that way.
AUTHOR: Exile No. 3
DATE: 08/11/2003 08:13:15 PM
Dear A&AH:

Until jurors are forced to take the court 'seriously' the courts are a joke and will always remain so. This CAN be fixed, but it's up to you kids to gets it done.

As an example of a court system; in "Real World" courts like the United States of Emooreka (a western Imperial provence), jurors are subject to laws and punishment in regards to contempt of court and mistrials. They are also picked based on affiliation, interest, and prejudices or potentials in the four. Well it's supposed to be done this way but mortals are putzes.

How this relates to the Pissant Trials of Puddleby is that unless jurors are held accountable for their contempt or infringements of "law," the court is useless. Unless in some official capacity you kids institute some basic self imposed rules, chaos is law.

Caoí ;

Exile No. 3

p.s. A lawn is a terrible thing to waste, so if you don't wanna get wasted, keep of mine. ;(

Posted by Para at 06:31 AM
August 10, 2003
Sielk and the Serac Wyrm


Sielk has a new update to his journal, dated 78 Winter 551. This report is highly recommended to TMN readers; it covers a variety of interesting topics, ranging from Sielk's training and testing for the 6th circle fighters' test to a detailed and useful description of a recent CoNGA trip to the ethereal plane.

DATE: 08/10/2003 04:26:43 PM
I love ya Sielk, but could you trim your scroll to one or two entries at most.. it takes forever for your page to load.

DATE: 08/10/2003 07:50:00 PM
I have been thinking of having a "Current Entry Page" because of exactly what you are saying. I love reading other peoples journels, but I really like the ones that provide images of areas that I have not been or areas events that I missed. So I have a tendancy to have a lot of images on my page of this same reason. I'll see what I can do.
DATE: 08/10/2003 08:19:28 PM
The images are great; please don't feel the need to cut back on them. Maybe just one entry per page would help those people who are on dialup with the long loading times. You might consider a system something like Azriel uses. Your last report was great stuff.

Posted by Para at 11:19 AM
Ash Island Bash


Ruen reports in her journal entries for 81 Winter 551 and 85 Winter 551 on a trip to Ash Island and on the new dueling glove and blade.

Posted by Para at 11:01 AM
August 09, 2003
The Mirror Challenge


Look, to hell with the portal.

I'm offering 750 coins to the first person to tell me how to determine what times the cloud will be over the mirror, allowing an exile to enter the mirror on that occasion and all future occasions (if indeed this is how it works, as I understand.)

When I receive this information, I will publish it free of charge here on TMN. Once this information is freely available, cloud access will no longer be an issue. And people can drag the portal wherever they please.

The challenge is on.

DATE: 08/09/2003 10:37:13 AM
I'll double that amount.

(That is, whoever gives Paramedic the info will receive another 750 coins from me the next time we're both in town after I've successfully made it to the cloud through the mirror using the info :)


AUTHOR: Commodus
DATE: 08/09/2003 10:47:02 AM
I will pay the person 750 as well next time we are both in town I am sucessfully through the mirrror

AUTHOR: Tserr'tsee
DATE: 08/09/2003 10:48:03 AM
From what I understand, if you touch the mirror and it shimmers the cloud is close. I don't think there is any real time frame when it comes, more of a random thing. But if it shimmers it's close and it's coming, or it's close and already left. When it's open, you will just pop in. You can't see it.
DATE: 08/09/2003 10:48:27 AM
I will put another 1,000 coins on that.
DATE: 08/09/2003 11:15:07 AM
Wow! Where do all these pepo;le get their coins?!?
AUTHOR: Connie Crete
DATE: 08/09/2003 11:31:11 AM

Me and Shard has sum theories about tha cloud. Shard has a couple o ideas on how ta lure it. Talk ta him when ya see him in tha lands. Ta git it ta do right takes tha patience o a mystic.

Tha mirror shimmers when tha cloud be 2 snells or less away.

We caint decide ifn it be a tiny critter like a 'thereal cloud point what that moves like swamp gas and has tha attention span o a 6ï fighter onna newbie hunt or ifn it be a snell wide critter.

Ifn ya sits in tha snell with tha cloud and never moves and nobudy else enters yer snell, then it dont cross.


AUTHOR: Zhirem
DATE: 08/09/2003 05:51:26 PM
Pretty lame challange.

But how about this "sit at the mirror for 2 days and if it doesnt open your just too ugly to get in"

DATE: 08/09/2003 05:57:24 PM
It's not really that simple. Even if you can get on the cloud getting off is less than pleasant unless one of the portals is reasonable.

Many can still get off and survive but probably not most that actually go to the cloud on a regular basis.

In any case one portal has been nicely tucked away it should remain for a while. I don't recommend any one take it. :)
AUTHOR: friend of PM
DATE: 08/09/2003 06:26:03 PM
Honestly Klur, do you only come out of the lib to fuck with what other people have put in place?

and only post here to be arrogant and self righteous about your above mentioned fucking?

go crawl into a hole and die or something. please.
AUTHOR: Sabbit
DATE: 08/09/2003 09:24:25 PM
I hear one end is in lava somewhere. Have we considering adding public execution to the court system?
AUTHOR: Michael
DATE: 08/09/2003 10:07:03 PM
Yes its in the Lava of UK right now (glad I scouted with a throw away alt). I am sure it took either a party or a GM to get it there too. The names I heard were Reye, Klur, Prue and Tere.

This isnt anything that can be confirmed of course, but it was being said by a well known exile that I consider trustworthy. I cant think of another party that could and would in the time I know it happened either, and I REALLY dont think even the biggest asshole of a GM would do this.

No suprise to see Klur on the list, we all know he gets off on trying to control things. And Prue is just nasty most of the time (IC or not, she is still a bitch). I dont know whot he fuck Tere is, but I am sure she (he?) is a looser too. Was disappointed to see Reye up there though, I thought he was a decent guy, not someone who enjoyed making exiles depart. I guess being around Klur can turn anyone into an asshole.

AUTHOR: Jeanne
DATE: 08/09/2003 11:32:39 PM
Since one of the portals is in Umbrion's Keep and the other is in the hut on Kizmia's Island, does this mean that even if a person can get to the Cloud there really is no safe way to get off besides jumping?
DATE: 08/10/2003 12:27:16 AM
I have long since given up on the portal. It's become some sort of plaything for the rich and powerful, not for the likes of lowly players to mess with. So screw it. Stupid concept and crappy execution.

I'll add 100 coins to the challenge (hey, I'm poor). Either that or Ethereal Nails to nail the stupid portal in a place where it will provide the majority good, not a convenience for a few who claim to control it.
DATE: 08/10/2003 12:35:20 AM
Who the fuck is Michael to point out how much of an asshole anyone else is?
AUTHOR: cyberbeing
DATE: 08/10/2003 01:43:31 AM
Anyone watched the japan anime "Laputa"? Many people want to go there for wealth & power. But at last it gone forever. Hope the cloud over Puddleby won't have the same ending.
AUTHOR: AwasteOftime
DATE: 08/10/2003 07:27:01 AM
AUTHOR: Bob the Archer
DATE: 08/10/2003 07:32:19 AM
It is a sad state of affairs when Michael would prefer the Mystic Council to be in control of moving the portal to the current pathetic mess.
AUTHOR: Connie Crete
DATE: 08/10/2003 08:13:48 AM
Lemme see ifn I unnerstands this.

Whenever tha portal moves off tha cloud, it goes ta a place what usually takes a couple o hour commitment and not everybudy kin enjoy.

Anybudy who says HH or KI aint a couple o hours dun already spent so much there time that it aint no longer that kinda commitment.

Tha second move tha portal takes either ta tha DP or tha lava room be tha same, jest a different order o magnitude. All tha second move does is puts tha pepple what benefitted from tha trainers grotto/ ki move inta tha same "gee, I caint have fun with that" group as tha exiles what could only hunt tha cloud via tha portal.

Sure, tha portal coulda moved back ta tha cloud, but whyfer should tha lava folks be any more altruistic than tha folks what put it on ki?

AUTHOR: Mjollnir
Why should it be on the cloud on the first place? what makes that area so much more valuable than Ki of FH or OOB?

DATE: 08/10/2003 10:31:08 AM
It would make it a lot easier to get off the cloud alive, Mjollnir.
DATE: 08/10/2003 10:33:00 AM
And right now, there's no way up to the cloud for most people, except via portal. That's why we need this challenge, Mjollnir. So we can get to the cloud when people like you move it away from the cloud.
DATE: 08/10/2003 11:05:03 AM
The porters would make it a lot easier to get away from just about *anywhere* alive, duh. That's why there's an issue in the first place.
AUTHOR: Michael
DATE: 08/10/2003 02:00:24 PM
I have no problem with the teleporters going to different places. KI, Cloud, FHs, whatever. My personal favorite is of course KI (because I go there a lot, and I think its the largest benifit. Face it, new cloud blows.)

What I dont like is people who go out of their way to ruin the fun of others. Moving it to someplace you think its useful is one thing, putting it into the middle of a pool of lava because you are having a hissy fit because it doesnt go where you want it is another.
AUTHOR: Mjollnir
DATE: 08/10/2003 03:22:43 PM
Right now there's no easy way for many people to get onto ki or to OOB, if you're that desperate to get onto the cloud you could always as somebody to chain you in.
DATE: 08/10/2003 03:28:08 PM
"If you're that desperate"; I like the way you denigrate the people who want to use it to go to the cloud, like somehow that's less important than where YOU want to go. How self-centered.

If you're that desperate to go to KI or OOB, you could always form a hunting party and make an expedition.
AUTHOR: Insanelife
DATE: 08/10/2003 04:56:33 PM
This whole portal thing is gettin people so fuckin angry i'm startin to think the GM's should just get rid of it.....
AUTHOR: Sognus
DATE: 08/10/2003 07:01:52 PM
I pretty much agree with Insanelife at this point, really. I like the idea of a portal, but if it creates this kind of disagreement, then I think it should definitly be scrapped.
DATE: 08/10/2003 07:23:43 PM
If there were a safe way onto and off of the cloud through the mirror, I doubt most exiles would care where the portals went.

Assuming someone figures out away to predict (somewhat accurately) when the cloud wiil be over the SF mirror, then getting onto the mirror would be possible for everyone that was interested. I count 3250 coins being offered for that info now.

But, since most exiles (yes, MOST) can not survive being dropped on KI or UK by themselves (or a leap from the cloud) finding a way back to town without departing is still a problem. (FWIW, I'm a 4th circle fighter, and I _might_ be able to survive all 3, if I get lucky, but since I can no longer get to the cloud, I can't even give it a try :P ).

So, if there are any GM's reading this, how about putting a mirror (or permanent portal or whatever) on the cloud that takes you back to the SF mirror? This will allow the majority of us to visit (and return from) the mirror, once we figure out when the cloud will visit the SF mirror.

And the uber-exiles can screw with the portals all they want to make their trips to the fringes quicker without screwing the rest of us that would just like to visit the cloud.


AUTHOR: Sabbit
DATE: 08/10/2003 08:36:40 PM
It's hilarious how many posts have no names. You guys/gals are all pussies. Nothing you write I will ever take seriously until you attach one of your character's names to it.

It doesn't suprise me that people who use their character name have the best ideas.

AUTHOR: Commodus
DATE: 08/10/2003 11:09:15 PM
Well I took Klur to court and lost and it cost me 700C

malkor (4 person and one was PM)

8/11/03 1:38:41a Kani says, "This case symbolized the issue of moving the portals."

8/11/03 1:38:53a Kani says, "We voted along the lines of whether or nai people should be able to move them wherever they want."

I guess people wan others to die when they go through the portal

and they younger exiles 4th and lower to use it

AUTHOR: Malkor
DATE: 08/11/2003 02:04:39 AM
Libel! I'm as impartial as they come!

Without a "hang them both" verdict to choose, I had to let one of the bastards go. Don't be so upset that the coin came up tails.
AUTHOR: Mjollnir
DATE: 08/11/2003 02:47:48 AM
""If you're that desperate"; I like the way you denigrate the people who want to use it to go to the cloud, like somehow that's less important than where YOU want to go. How self-centered."

Arnt you doing exactly the same thing to the people who want it somewhere other than the cloud?

And why exactly is the cloud MORE important?

Why should having it on Ki be any more self centreed that having it on the cloud?

If you get exp on the cloud there are a long list of places where you can hunt and get exp pretty much all of them close to town and dont require any sort of lengthy time commitment.

If you only get exp in places like ki but dont have the time for a 3 hour hunt well then you're screwed because there is no way off ki except to see it through to the very end, thats all the group who put it on ki were trying to put a stop to, and you're trying to say that this idea is self centred?

DATE: 08/11/2003 05:58:57 AM
Having one end of the portals in the lava is extremely rude. It benefits no one except perhaps the sick people who brough it there, most likely in the hopes of causing unsuspecting exiles to fall and possibly depart. Whether they had the right to move it there is another issue. Usually you have the right to be rude, but that doesn't mean it isn't bad behaviour.

Having one end in town and one end on the cloud benefits people like me. Contrary to what some people seem to think, the new cloud is a fabulous hunting ground. For a small party of folks in the high 2nd circle range its a great place to hunt and fills a much-needed niche for those who are rapidly outgrowing South Forest. Having one end in town and one end in the trainers grotto benefits 3rd and 4th circle fighters and those who want to hunt the orga outback. Having one end in town and one end on KI benefits the elite exiles who hunt KI regularly.

Having the portals in any one place means that they only benefit one of these groups, but having them move around too quickly is frustrating to people who were planning on them being in a certain place. I'd like to propose that perhaps a polite convention might be to move them once per chaos storm. Since the chaos storms may move them anyway, whomever gets their act together first can move the portals to their desired location and expect to have them stay there until the next storm. The only caveat on the location would be that one end should be in a relatively safe place near town, and the other end should be in as safe a location as possible in an area useful to a range of exiles, and not in the same place as it was in the previous storm. That way the portal will be of use to a wide variety of exiles, the location will rotate through a few different useful locations, and those who take the initiative to move the portals will get a decent benefit from their hard work.

What I am proposing is just a polite convention, but if people agree with the reasoning behind it I think it will catch on. We have other etiquette rules that almost everyone follows, like not joining hunts uninvited and not trying to hunt the same area another group is hunting in. If people like my proposal and adopt it then I think we can deal with the folks who want to spoil the portals for everyone the same way we deal with people who do other rude things.
AUTHOR: Commodus
DATE: 08/11/2003 06:07:05 AM
I agree with Ruen. It was the moving of both portals that got me upset. I think its ok in moving one of the portals. I all I was trying to point out in court was that we need some etiquette and respect with the portals so everyone can enjoy them

We have other etiquette rules that almost everyone follows, like not joining hunts uninvited and not trying to hunt the same area another group is hunting in.

AUTHOR: Fundin
DATE: 08/11/2003 06:25:10 AM
Having a fixed portal every chaos storm as Ruen suggested sounds good. Like you say first party to get it moving after the storm gets it fixed.

That said i reckon what we need is more portals, then everyone can be happy. Why cant we work out how/why they are here and build/discover/etc some more.

AUTHOR: Mjollnir
DATE: 08/11/2003 06:47:38 AM
At the moment the portals are static, that is they dont move with the chaos storms.

Some rules of etiquette work and some dont, the problem in this instance is there is no way to inforce them and nothing you can do if people dont want to folow them.

If you are hunting in the south forest and some 5th circle fighter charges through slaughtering everything for coins and refuses to stop there is nothing you can do about it except stamp your foot and swear.

There are always people who dont want to play by your rules and will only follow their own.

If somebody decides to move the portals for their own gain or amusement there is nothing we can do but shrug our shoulders and attempt to move them back.

Rules like Dont hunt where another group is hunting or dont join a party univited work because they are things which in your place you wouldnt want to happen to you, something like do not move the portals wont affect those people who want to put it somewhere dangerous for their own amusement, they lose nothing by having the portals moved somewhere different.

When the 2nd portal was moved from town to ki that was done purely out of spite because the portal didnt go where that person thought it should go.

When it was moved even further into the middle of a lava pool in umbrions keep that was done for simple malicious mischief and so they could get a private laugh about the peoplewho portaled in and had to depart.

A rule of etiquette would not bind these people they have nothing to lose by ti being taken away from them.
DATE: 08/11/2003 08:53:16 AM
Mjollnir, I agree that the etiquette convention that I'm proposing would not be followed by the folks who moved the portal to the lava. As far as I can tell that was done by attention seeking bullies who enjoy being rude. I do think that the vast majority of the exiles would agree to the convention. There are penalties that can be imposed for breaking etiquette rule. Personally I'm planning on /ignoring those responsible since its clearly attention that they're seeking. I know they couldn't care less, I'm just some random newbie to them. If its 80% of town that's ignoring them, though, they might loose interest in leaving the library.

If the portals don't change with the chaos storms that's a bit of a wrinkle. Klur and Reye keep saying we should just move them if we don't like them where they are. I think this just proves they are bullies. I have 735 ranks. I'd like to see them try with four people who have that amount of training. Still, I have confidence that some group with super healers will move the portal out of the lava. I do think that moving them once per chaos storm is a reasonable interval.
DATE: 08/11/2003 01:10:10 PM
"We have other etiquette rules that almost everyone follows, like not joining hunts uninvited and not trying to hunt the same area another group is hunting in."

I wonder how many will recall the history of this evolution as I do.

/ponder Game Warden
AUTHOR: Michael
DATE: 08/11/2003 05:59:55 PM
If this game is so boring, then why are you trolling on a CL related website? If the game sucks so bad what could be more boring than reading about it? Looser.

I have no problem with having the portals at different places for each storm. The problem is with the loosers taht will try to ruin it for everyone else just because they can.

Getting the portal out of the lava isnt to hard, its getting it off KI thats going to suck balls. As long as there are people like Klur in the world that can undo your several hours of work (yes thats how long it would take, and thats with a buff ass party) in 10 minutes why bother?

And yes we all still remember what an asshole you are and always have been Klur.

Posted by Para at 09:09 AM
August 07, 2003
Lava Cloak


Mjollnir reports to TMN:

"Viola is the proud new owner of the first lava cloak. A brave group of exiles raided Umbrion's keep to retrieve a lava beetle corpse, which is essential in making a lava cloak. This was only possible due to the new location of the portal, which allows easy access out of Umbrion's keep and off Kismia's Island. The finished cloak had to be submerged in lava to activate it."

The group who helped Viola get the cloak (Spook and Snowlion were also part of the group but are absent from the picture)

DATE: 08/08/2003 06:08:11 AM
AUTHOR: J'nder
DATE: 08/08/2003 06:19:11 AM
Very cool!. What does it do?
AUTHOR: Vandergroth
DATE: 08/08/2003 06:38:37 AM
Yeah, right!

Kewl thang, but... what does it do?

Congrats! :-)
DATE: 08/08/2003 07:11:39 AM
Well, once I have more training I can use it to set monsters on fire.
DATE: 08/08/2003 10:36:53 AM
Another feature is that it mysteriously turns into an ugly poo color when you put it on.
DATE: 08/08/2003 10:51:13 AM
Wow! Cool! Congrats!
DATE: 08/08/2003 11:06:08 AM
AUTHOR: Michael
DATE: 08/09/2003 10:39:32 PM
I am more interested in some of the other abilities? Mostly any that let you add atkus. Learn anything about these yet?
AUTHOR: J'nder
DATE: 08/10/2003 06:17:11 AM
Wow, Viola, that'll be very useful!.. Hah Dredlock take that! =)
AUTHOR: Bob the Archer
DATE: 08/10/2003 07:38:04 AM
If you wear it in the rain- will it sizzle?

Posted by Para at 08:59 PM
Kismia's Island Portal


Mjollnir reports to TMN:

"In a controversial move, a group of exiles has taken one end of the portal from town to the hut on the south beach of Kismia's Island with the aim of providing an easier access off the island. This move has been criticized by some as selfish for stopping people from access to the cloud and applauded by others for providing much easier access to and from Kismia's Island."

You can read more about this development in Azriel's journal entry for 85 Winter 551.

AUTHOR: Mjollnir
DATE: 08/08/2003 03:37:34 AM
Already the town end of the portal has been moved to Noth waters.

Good Idea?

Bad Idea?

DATE: 08/08/2003 05:13:56 AM
So if I got things right... someone exiting KI south hut through the portal will end up in Noth waters? I have to ask... why there? aren't there safer places, closer to town? (centaur island etc)

Unless you mean the end of the portal is *beyond* the Mystic illusion?
AUTHOR: Azriel
DATE: 08/08/2003 10:01:32 AM
The town end was moved fron Noth waters, to the end of the Puddleby docks. It will likely get moved again and again.
DATE: 08/08/2003 10:42:37 AM
As long as the Pogues keep their hands of it and it remains safe in the Ki hut this one might actually prove to be very useful
DATE: 08/08/2003 10:52:33 AM
Bah, I hate KI.
AUTHOR: CheckYerHead...
DATE: 08/08/2003 11:05:01 AM
Are folks really that lazy they cant do a LITTLE work for their ranks?
DATE: 08/08/2003 12:08:29 PM
"As long as the Pogues keep their hands of it and it remains safe in the Ki hut this one might actually prove to be very useful"

I wonder whoever would have said this *Cough* Michael *cough*
DATE: 08/08/2003 01:22:40 PM
"Are folks really that lazy they cant do a LITTLE work for their.." ?
DATE: 08/08/2003 01:25:20 PM

(last post snipped out the lessthan/greaterthan signs)
DATE: 08/08/2003 07:29:31 PM
"I wonder whoever would have said this *Cough* Michael *cough*"

You'll be amazed on how many people would say that. PM isn't the one of the most liked clans.
DATE: 08/08/2003 07:31:44 PM
These latest moves of the portal are a clear slap in the face towards Klur's policy of "policing" the portal.
AUTHOR: anonymous
DATE: 08/09/2003 12:54:09 AM
Bloody hell, move the portal back. we dont want it in snaggy or oob, we dont want it on KI, we want it on the damn !@#$ing cloud because that is the only way to get there for most exiles..... lazy ass KI rankwhores tryin to ruin everything.
DATE: 08/09/2003 02:30:18 AM

moving portal to KI is ok but moving it to OOB is bad?

KI rankwhores are spoiling 3c fighters of an exp hunting ground, great move!!!!
DATE: 08/09/2003 05:43:05 AM
Who is "we"? There is no "we" in the whole portal ordeal. Some people want it on the cloud, some on KI, some other places. If you want it someplace else, get a group and move it, complaining about it does nothing besides show you're a "lazy ass.." coin whore.
DATE: 08/09/2003 07:36:03 AM
Update: Thanks to PM policing the portal again, now *both* ends of the portal are in the hut on KI.
DATE: 08/09/2003 07:41:08 AM
Great job, Pogue Mahone!
DATE: 08/09/2003 07:43:45 AM
Actually, rumor has it that Gobo moved the second end on to KI.

Then again, what do I know. The blame game is boring anyways.
DATE: 08/09/2003 07:52:56 AM
How will we ever administer the portal without the sure and steady leadership of Pogue Mahone?
DATE: 08/09/2003 08:49:22 AM
There are days that I think that PM is trying to be annoying as possible.
AUTHOR: Praetorius
DATE: 08/09/2003 09:14:06 AM
Perhaps PM has nothing to do with it at all? 8-)
DATE: 08/09/2003 11:58:00 AM
Whats next? The abyss? ;p
DATE: 08/09/2003 12:57:12 PM
well well, bring it to pool of lava then.
AUTHOR: Lorikeet
DATE: 08/09/2003 01:56:23 PM
If PM moves the portal, you'll know it, and that wasn't it. The abyss would make more sense :p

AUTHOR: Michael
DATE: 08/09/2003 09:58:45 PM
Posted by some dickless looser:

"I wonder whoever would have said this *Cough* Michael *cough*"

I have enough balls to put my name on ALL of my posts, here and in the NG. To bad you didnt you little bitch, I dont see a name on your reply. Prolly means you arnt even a Pouge, since while they tend to be flaming assholes who could give a fuck about the rest of the world as long as they get what little power Lord Klur can grab up, they at least have the balls to put their names on things.

AUTHOR: Fundin
DATE: 08/11/2003 06:08:37 AM
Why dont we just let the GM's randomly place them all over the place. Then everyday you go through you dont know where the hell your gonna end up... that would be fun ;-p

Posted by Para at 08:51 PM
Bears Maul Hor & Friends


Sometimes you get the bear, and sometimes the bear gets you. This time, the bears got Hor and his travelling companions. Read more about it in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 08:38 PM
Ethereal Invasion


Tserr'tse reports on an ethereal invasion last night:

"It started off as a invasion of slugs in west Puddleby. We killed those and moved onto the ocean where we had a few troubles. Next, we moved onto the new island, and lightning got us, so we went back to Centaur Island and made a plan. Hex and another healer acted as rods for the lightning, while the fighters killed stuff off. After that, we pressed deeper into the island, and worked our way to the portal. Sabbit suggested we enter it, and we almost did... but we finally decided against it when a few healers and Cutlas said they didn't want to go."

Dragged by Manx
Treebeard gets chewed
Sweet deal
How much damage does a bolt do?
Michael & Cutlas
Tserr'tse looks over the edge
Gathering at the portal

Posted by Para at 08:03 PM
August 06, 2003
Slyph's Coin Problem


Mordred Maerii reports:

"Slyph was counting her money in town. Malkor was annoyed that he couldn't get his hands on it. It seems he figured if he couldn't have it, Slyph shouldn't either."

DATE: 08/07/2003 06:54:12 AM
Someone suggested that openly counting coins in town, a pile of 1000 coppers, is simply torture for a spriggen. This may be true, but I would never try to purposely torture Malkor, even if he is a lying, scheming, petulant little thief.

I would like to tie him up and give him paper cuts.
AUTHOR: Perkusi
DATE: 08/07/2003 08:14:03 AM
Suuuuuuure you wouldn't Slyph. :-P
DATE: 08/08/2003 12:31:33 PM
Silly silly.

Posted by Para at 08:18 PM
August 05, 2003
Puddleby Historical Project


Fundin has started the Puddleby Historical Project. He will be interviewing exiles and investigating the history of Puddleby, going back to the days before the Ripture War. TMN will be publishing the interviews and doing whatever is possible to help Fundin preserve the fading memories of historical Puddleby.

Please visit the Puddleby Historical Project, and if you are interested and qualified, help out Fundin by participating in the interview process. He has established a list of initial topics for investigation.

DATE: 08/06/2003 05:27:20 PM

Posted by Para at 11:40 PM
August 04, 2003
Tiki Mystery


The nosy Thoom continues his investigations!

So what's the deal with the statue? A number of exiles did some research on what happens when you pump the bellows. What were the results? What is the significance?

DATE: 08/04/2003 06:55:06 PM
There's a website somewhere listing hundreds of exiles and what message they got... I think Neige put it together? I cant remember the URL... anyone?
AUTHOR: Callia
DATE: 08/04/2003 07:55:14 PM
A huge, though not complete list can be found at:

Other people had other lists. I think Baff had one which may have had additonal names on it.

Never did figure out what it meant though.
AUTHOR: Sunblaze
DATE: 08/04/2003 08:20:19 PM
I think it is just more of a toy than just a mystery. The GM's must be thinking weird thoughts when that was put in the game.
DATE: 08/04/2003 11:08:32 PM
Probably a few additional names on my list, but not many.

Also, some (not all) of the dups on that list are probably wrong. People heard other people's phrases and thought they were hearing their own.

I keep my phrase on an F-key, and occasionally hit it when I find something new to see if it will trigger anything. Nothing yet. Tried a lot of places that seemed likely when it first appeared, but I don't always remember now.
DATE: 08/05/2003 10:51:43 AM
I researched this for a while (standing on the shoulders of those who had done the cataloging).

The text as far as I can tell means nothing. I have attempted to decipher it in a variety of different ways. So it's either gibberish or I haven't hit on the Rosetta Stone.

So far as I can tell, not a crumb of evidence relating it to anything else anywhere in the lands has come to the surface. It doesn't look like anything anywhere, it doesn't sound like anything anywhere. I think it fell out of the sky from an alien civilization.
AUTHOR: Callia
DATE: 08/05/2003 07:07:32 PM
Well... Some of the names and messages on my list may well be in error, as we did gather some from other lists. But for the ones we gathered for ourselves, we were pretty careful to make sure we were actually having each exile hear their own message, and not someone elses.

We made pretty sure to only have one exile at a time listen, also.. it's the exile standing at the shoulder who is supposed to hear the message. Or rather I guess I should say for whom the message is for. And one shoulder is dominate, although I forget which, might be the right hand one (as you look at the head).

As for what it means.. hmm. I think that the head is tapping into something intrinsic in the makeup of each exile who listens to it. There's a lot we don't know about who and what we are. Ocasionally, one can catch a glimpse of it. The fortune teller at the fair that was held 10 years after the Ripture War was a good example. Another example would be the names we got "apended" to our own when we went down into that Zork (?) maze one April fools day.

I think there's something there.. some meaning.. but I'm not sure how to get at it.
DATE: 08/05/2003 07:59:08 PM
"Zork (?) maze"


Has anyone created a character, found out what their phrase was, deleted their char, recreate their char with the same name, and checked to see if the phrase is the same?
DATE: 08/07/2003 07:52:33 AM
You'd have to wait a couple of months for the same name to be free again.
DATE: 08/07/2003 03:55:15 PM
Thought that might be the case, but a few months isn't that long for a mystery that has lasted years.

I would think Resetus wouldn't change it, but maybe worth the few moments for someone with a pile of junk characters.

Posted by Para at 06:42 PM
Healed by Sausage the Thoom


Ruen's latest journal entries, for 53 Winter 551 and 57 Winter 551, contain reports on the mystic path, hunting the Savannah and Dunes, and the timely appearance of ThoomCare member Sausage for some much-needed healing. Ruen's scrolls now have a new feature for reader comments.

Posted by Para at 06:27 PM
Norm the Slayer


Norm the dwarf received some good news from Smythus and tried his luck at skydiving. You can read more in his latest journal entry for 63 Winter 551 (8/2/03).

Posted by Para at 06:19 PM
Drablak Updates Maps


Drablak has updated his maps of East Forest, Northwest Forest, and South Forest. You can check out his maps and other stuff at Drablak's Hideaway.

Posted by Para at 06:07 PM
New Mahas on the Cloud


Aravir has a report on a trip to the cloud for a Bane Clan hunt.

Posted by Para at 05:53 PM
August 03, 2003
Pond of "You May Not Pass"


"You may not pass"

The nosy Thoom strikes again!! Why may I not pass? And what's inside?!?

AUTHOR: Artesia
DATE: 08/03/2003 05:03:30 PM
Train fully in the ways of unarmed combat and you will gain entrance. Like any proper temple there is a maze of trap doors and secret entrances.
DATE: 08/03/2003 07:41:35 PM
Looks like some sort of bad fish in the pond. I don't even think Thoom would like those fish. :)
AUTHOR: Dolphish
DATE: 08/03/2003 08:22:04 PM
Theres a place you can sleep and you can hide in the black close to the walls... secret entrences included
DATE: 08/03/2003 08:39:12 PM
Thoom like all fish!

mmm fish
AUTHOR: Exile No. 3
EMAIL: blart@deeba.nort
URL: http://blort.naaha.bloop
DATE: 08/05/2003 11:53:28 PM
Dear Adventurers and Assorted Hoodlums (AAH);

Koi taste like chicken, but with less of that nasty aftertaste mersha gives you, but with more of a funkadelic aftereffect. Best grill em' with fried cheese on the side and heavily spiced with marshreed and dandelion; not Dandelion, because that would be bad.


Exile No.3

p.s. Fix the damm fish graphics. The 50% dither blows goats, though don't ask for proof because your a pervert if you just had a mental picture of such depravity. Shame on you.

p.p.s. The next of you bastards I ketch on my lawn gets to feel what it's like to be crushed by 3.25 tons of toejam while it's still connected to a sentinal.

::shakes his scrawny liverspotted fist in golden-age induced angst::

Posted by Para at 04:35 PM
August 02, 2003
Boondoggle's Expedition


Boondoggle says, "Hello Paramedic, I'm collecting coins to fund a cartography expedition to a nearby island. Try: '100 coins'"
Paramedic says, "100 coins"
• You gain experience.
Boondoggle says, "Paramedic, thank you for your donation."

Anyone know anything about Boondoggle's expedition? His name does not exactly inspire confidence in the endeavor.

DATE: 08/02/2003 01:49:02 PM
Boondoggle has been there for a loooong time.
DATE: 08/02/2003 02:14:45 PM
I once threw 26,000c into Boondoggle's expedition. It gave me a third of a rank, I believe. Mind you, this was on Ann GM's server when I couldn't reach the main CL server because of a dead router. Might be worth throwing 30k into him just to see what happens. I'd be willing to pitch in a few 1000c.
AUTHOR: Crystal
DATE: 08/02/2003 02:47:06 PM
He was added pre ripture time for all the high level exiles that wanted a way to buy extra experience. Not really effective but if you have coins to burn. I believe he predates the pay libraries but I could be wrong on that point.

AUTHOR: Sunblaze
DATE: 08/02/2003 10:44:40 PM
You just noticed him. Yikes! O.O

He is a fun guy, but weird. hehe

Does make a person wonder that he'll ever do something? How much money does he have on him now? He must be the richest guy in town.
DATE: 08/02/2003 11:04:53 PM
No, I didn't just notice him (notice I do not say he's "new"); I just thought it would be worth finding out what other people might know. I'll be doing this with other things in town too.
AUTHOR: Speedier
DATE: 08/02/2003 11:10:46 PM
Yes, Boondoggle has been in the Sun Dragon Hut for a very long time. The deal was he would go out and explore the local islands and find safe landing areas for us. I'm not sure how closely his work relates to the opening of new islands. As far as SDC is concerned, he is a tenant we just can't seem to get rid of.
AUTHOR: Perkusi
DATE: 08/03/2003 06:36:23 AM
saayyyyy does that mean Boondoggle is paying SDC rent?! NO FAIR! :-P
AUTHOR: Mjollnir
DATE: 08/03/2003 08:39:48 AM
We Wish
AUTHOR: Phineas
DATE: 08/03/2003 04:24:57 PM
I believe that he used to say "try 5000 coins" or something equally outrageous.
DATE: 08/03/2003 05:41:38 PM
Boondoggle is doing much better than paying a rent. He's actually the SDC treasurer (and a fine trickster, too, mwahahahaha)!

Thanks to all exiles who contributed to our wealth! ;D

(note : this is a joke)
DATE: 08/03/2003 07:39:57 PM
Like people have said above he was put in many many years ago. Originally he was tied to the opening of the different islands but I don't think that is the case now. He also as people have said was a way for people who had tons of money to "buy" experience. I don't think it is the most effecient way to do it but you can literally buy a rank from him if you have the time and money. I remember an experiement several years ago where someone put close to 50k to finally get the rank. Since then I have found other ways to buy a rank and can do it for much less then 50k so I don't find him that usefull. :)
AUTHOR: Lundar
DATE: 08/04/2003 01:23:14 AM
To my knowledge, Boondoggle has never had anything to do with the opening of new islands. Donating money to him is, as his name suggests, a boondoggle: An unnecessary or wasteful project or activity.
DATE: 08/04/2003 11:30:44 AM
Yeah, he's a swindler. A liar. a cheat. Give him a zillion coins and he'll give you some experience. Maybe you'll get a rank! Ooooo! As far as I know he has not once set foot out of the SDC bar. There is a permanent dirty stain on the wall behind him from where he has leaned for countless eons.
DATE: 08/10/2003 12:34:48 AM
Other than that he's a nice guy...

Posted by Para at 01:01 PM
More on Chaos Storm #296


Himitsu has posted the Eyes of Puddleby report on Chaos Storm #296.

AUTHOR: Artesia
DATE: 08/03/2003 10:14:11 PM
Just an update to changes I noticed on the cloud.

The cloud is no longer the place to hunt for coins as it used to be.

Normal maha were removed from the cloud completely and replaced by sky and cloud mahas. The new ai makes them quite a challenge to hunt yet they give no extra experience compared to normal maha and give worse skins then island panthers. After further testing it is true that the mahas will target the healers in a group. They will go so far as to leave the fighter to attack healer. The new mahas also normally appear in packs of 4 or more.

The other cats on the cloud that give good skins (summer artacks, boloks, artacks, and island panthers) are still around but appear far less then they used to. Oddly The vermine still swarm in the large packs like they always did.

The biggest problem with the island now is that you don't really recieve any rewards for the increased danger.

Before if I was surrounded by 4 maha and fought my way out I had a smile on my face and a few coins in my purse.

Now if I face a pack of cloud maha I still have a smile on my face but thats about the only reward.

I thought it was suppose to be with increased danger there was increased rewards. Guess not.

DATE: 08/04/2003 08:42:36 AM
Yes, indeed. It's now more profitable to hunt in the south forest than on the cloud. As a healer, it's not only a pain financially to try and hunt on the cloud, but it's a pain physically. How does it make sense for a creature to go after a healer even when it's about to die from a fighter's blade? I appreciate the innovation in the AI, but at times it's just stupid.

Damn, I was getting to close to getting near starting a small bank account for the possibility of getting close to possibly purchasing a purgatory pendant. Then this update comes along, and now instead of making 500c in 30 ooc minutes in that place, I make 100c in 2 hours.

At least snow vermine give furs.
AUTHOR: Lundar
DATE: 08/05/2003 01:08:56 AM
The new mahas attack the person with the lowest ammount of health-- not just healers. That is, if there are two exiles hunting the cloud, one on 'green' and the other on 'yellow', a pack of mahas will attack the exile with 'yellow' health, regardless of the profession or relative strength of that exile.

I think this makes perfect sense. Exiles use similar tactics when confronted by a pack of monsters-- it's usually wisest to finish off the one with the least ammount of health.

I don't see how this new behavior would affect a solo hunter at all, and a small party of hunters could even use this behavior to their advantage, if they're clever and careful enough.

Posted by Para at 10:49 AM
Melabrion Meets with Exiles


TMN interviewed Tyking II this morning on changes to the Ethereal Portal.

Paramedic asks, "What happened?"
Tyking II says, "Melabrion invited exiles to a conference in his conference room."
Tyking II says, "Of course, none of them spoke Dwarven, so Malkor let me in through the pass to translate for them."
Paramedic says, "Oh really"
Tyking II says, "Anyhoo, the basic idea was that Melabrion made the portal two-way, but he needed a mystic to investigate it."
Tyking II says, "So we did, and it worked fine."
Paramedic asks, "So you can go in and out now?"
Tyking II says, "indeed"
Tyking II says, "of course, it just transports you back to that icky island"

Thanks to Tyking II for sending TMN the images below. Note the presence of ThoomCare member Phroon, with his new purple look.

Meeting with Melabrion
Gathering at the portal
New return portal

AUTHOR: Phroon
DATE: 08/02/2003 07:41:29 PM
Sadly, the purple look is only a bottle of paint.
DATE: 08/02/2003 09:57:07 PM
You call all those Ether creatures leaking out of the portal "it worked fine"?
DATE: 08/03/2003 09:06:41 PM
Tyking is the best representative there was? Sad day for puddleby
DATE: 08/04/2003 08:38:55 AM
Yeah, it did work fine. It transported people out of the EP. How is that not working fine? Melabrion didn't state that it only transported exiles, that wouldn't be possible.

Anyhoo, who is calling me a representative? All I did was translate what Melabrion was saying. Would you have prefered nobody understand what he is saying?
DATE: 08/06/2003 09:02:04 AM
Actually, we had a fine, non-snert, interpreter who was on the way there before Tyking even headed there. Unfortunately, Demian wasn't able to get in through a back door and wasn't allowed to fulfill his interpreter role after Tyking made such a childish fuss when Demian tried. Of course Demian was the first interpreter asked and invited. Just makes us all long for the days that Tyking spent in the library doin whatever it is 13 year-old boys do when they are alone.
DATE: 08/06/2003 09:18:50 AM
In all seriousness, it is not clear to me how those who complain so tediously about Tyking are any less annoying than Tyking himself.

Also of note, Tyking took the time to report on the event, to TMN and to others. Others there did not.

Posted by Para at 09:59 AM
Rescuing a Thoom


Hor reports on artak hunting and helping to rescue Coins and ThoomCare member Xenos in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 06:08 AM
August 01, 2003
Lava Invasion



Exiles fought a lava invasion of town today. A firewalker took up residence in Mai's Garden briefly before it was destroyed by angry exiles.

A Fire Drake appeared afterwards. This Fire Drake appeared to be tougher than usual and exiles were unable to kill it.

Update: The drake was defeated. J'nder reports: "The drake kept roaming town until it was challenged in south town. A group of exiles surrounded it, and after an epic three-hour battle the drake was defeated." Thanks to J'nder for sending to TMN the images below:

Hey Drakey
Pull Silence
Drake defeated

You can read more about the Fire Drake in Azriel's latest journal entry, dated 59 Winter 551. He also reports on Marsh Hermit's path to the forest disappearing and on dispatching Bloodwyrms.

AUTHOR: cyberbeing
DATE: 08/02/2003 12:25:46 AM
A chest will be nice since not all of us can tag it.
AUTHOR: Perkusi
DATE: 08/03/2003 06:41:21 AM
Did anyone get it to talk? Strange that it didn't fireblast anyone.
AUTHOR: J'nder
DATE: 08/03/2003 01:41:43 PM
It wouldn't talk Perki. I tried a few times and it wouldn't respond
AUTHOR: Bungleyed Grok
DATE: 08/04/2003 04:25:47 PM
The reason it took 3 hours was because phin was either Lazy or hiding some place...
AUTHOR: Phineas
DATE: 08/05/2003 10:58:48 AM
I wasn't hiding! I had some, er, important research that took me to the far corner of the library!

Posted by Para at 12:43 AM