March 31, 2006
Snail Races


Snail races: just one of the many games available beyond the rift.

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Rift in Town


A mysterious rift has appeared in town.

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Ratbane Reads


Measle has turned over his journal to Ratbane for a special edition entry.

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Laughing Academy Firewalks


Pun'isher sent the following report to TMN:

Howdy Para! I am happy to report the most recent Laughing Academy hunt. We started out with our ceremonial firewalk at Prometha. Then we continued on with the spirit of firewalking to Fire Island! Our final hurrah was falling in the Dark Cave. It was a great de-part of our adventure. Look for some more daring stunts . . . er, hunts from Laughing Academy!


Your pal,

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March 29, 2006
Chaos Storm #435


Chaos Storm #435 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

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March 28, 2006
Orga Invasion in the Garden


Zynx sent the following report to TMN:

Heya, Para.

Falinea's Garden was recently full of Orga! Falinea would not approve of her sanctuary being the stomping ground of these beasts!

Anyway, after some effort, some folks, including the likes of Urgelt, Yor, and many others, killed all the Orga in the garden, including their chieftain, an Orga Ire!


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March 27, 2006
Omega Man


Measle reports in his most recent journal entry on seeing Omega without his cloak.

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March 23, 2006
Difficulties Logging In?


Delta Tao reports:

• We appear to be having trouble with our DNS provider. If your friends are unable to connect, tell them to click "Setup Proxy..." in the Preferences window, check "Use a Proxy Server", and enter .

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March 21, 2006
Mr. Toad's Wild Flame Tongue


Haro sent to TMN these images from a recent invasion of Puddleby.




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Zu Town


Icy sent TMN the above picture of large-scale Zu farming in town center, as well as this image of Crius' reaction.

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March 18, 2006
Ranger Sielk


Sielk has become a Ranger. Read more about it in his latest journal entry.

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March 16, 2006
Wangah Rah Promoted


Wangah Rah has been promoted to Full Mystic.


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March 15, 2006
Deathtrap Noids


Azriel reports on the PAG expedition to Deathtrap Noids in his most recent journal entry.


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Hit Me


Largo sent the following report to TMN:

Hello all, it's me again.

During a recent visit to the golden butterfly, I ran into this fine fellow. I was naturally a bit curious, so I sat back and watched him for a time while he played the WORST games of blackjack I've ever seen. Utterly terrible.


I'm no Stinkfist when it comes to gambling, but I know a bit. I tried to advise him, but he wouldn't listen. A real shame, he went home broke.


Posted by Para at 06:38 PM
March 14, 2006
Creed on Marsh Hermit, Zu


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail Para!

As usual, I have a few news tidbits to share with the good people of Puddleby.

The first is purely for entertainment purposes. There was an exceptionally long GrabFoot™ line in tc recently. I wondered whether anyone knows what the record is for the number of exiles engaged in GrabFoot at one time.


I paid a visit to the Marsh Hermit recently to check on the status of my training, and I had the usual somewhat frustrating conversation with him...


But he did say one thing I found very interesting:


Does anyone know who Somerled might be? When I tried to question Marshie, as usual, he became somewhat flustered, and we ended up back in strange territory.


My friend Chance asked me to send you the following photo of a somewhat rare occurrence—a Mini hunt, which took place on Kitty Beach recently. Needless to say Chance, Fiona and Klio laid waste to the fauna of Kitty Beach while chatting about shoes, fashion and the sad lack of variety in hair and skin dyes available in Puddleby.


Last but not least, I'd just like to say that I've been—well, slightly alarmed by the appearance of a number of new, untested kudzu growers/sellers in the lands. I'm not one to disparage the competition, of course. But as the head of the Creed Cooperative, I feel a strong responsibility for the safety of the people of Puddleby! All of my clients can rest assured that they get only the freshest and best kudzu, farmed in the finest soil researched by select Cooperative growers and guaranteed to spawn rapidly and fully. Just look at these testimonials from two recent Valley hunts:




I'm not saying that other zu isn't good. If the exiles of Puddleby wish to save a few coins by choosing—hm—shall we say off-brand zu, that is their choice! Just remember that only Creed™ brand zu has been battle-tested time and again. Which zu do you want in your bag next time the safety of everyone in your party depends on it?

Cheers all!

Posted by Para at 11:20 PM
Puddleby Participants Push Portal, Procure Passage


Phineas sent the following report to TMN:

A group of exiles, including (from left to right) Journeymen mystics MaryJane, Sativa, Shakam, dwarven fighter Bastion and apprentice mystic Moccati, organized and executed cloud mirror access on 04 Winter 562.

SOMEWHERE SOUTH OF PUDDLEBY, LOK'GROTON ISLAND — Today a group exiles, lead by several local mystics, faced the harsh conditions of the south forest and bravely brought the green portal to the South Forest mirror. The group of mystics then summoned the cloud to the green portal, which in turn opened the mirror and granted access to the cloud.


A local entrepreneur sold admission tickets to the mirror, selling advance tickets for the mere low cost of 50c (this price increased to 100c at the time of access). Some misguided exiles thought that they could circumnavigate the admission gate, but these exiles were apprehended and dragged away from the mirror where they left to the mercy of the savage wild animals of the South Forest.


The location of the cloud could not be seen due to heavy overcast skies. Paratrooper Geotzou volunteered to identify the cloud's location by leaping into the evening sky and landing into the Orga Outback! A rescue party fanned out and brought this selfless hero home safely. Once the cloud arrived at the south forest mirror, many exiles flooded through and, for their first time, stood on the cloud! Journeyman mystic Sativa summed up the effort of the events very nicely when he huffed and exclaimed, "Whew!"


Once it became clear that mirror access had been granted to everyone present who had wished it, the exiles gathered and began the process of returning the portal to Falinea's Garden.


When asked about the planning that went into moving the portal, Journeyman mystic MaryJane stated that it was an improvised event.


It was indeed a quick event, with the round trip clocking just over eight Puddle hours (OOC two hours ten minutes). Today's trip follows another recent portal event on 42 Autumn 561 (as reported by Lirr). The exiles are becoming efficient in moving and returning the portal with minimal disruption to portal access.

This reporter would like to express his gratitude to the combined efforts of all involved. For, this is Phineas reporting.

Posted by Para at 09:16 PM
March 12, 2006
Bones the Thoom: Dead or Alive?


TMN Breaking News

Reports are circulating in Town Center that Bones the Thoom is dead. TMN is seeking confirmation of the news.


Bones has certainly been in some difficult situations in the past.


He's been too hot in Ha'and.


And too pecked.


Bones heading to battle after Chaos Storm 105, with some exiles who shouldn't be Thooms.



Bones has never hesitated to get right in the middle of battles.


The forecast called for frog.


Odesseus is not a lobster.

Posted by Para at 11:38 PM
Upcoming Bard Audition


Xepel reports on the Clan Lord Sentinel:

Hear ye, hear ye!

It's time again for one of those crazy Bard Quester Auditions! This time, our lucky auditionee is Root!

The audition will be held in the Bard Guild Field on OOC: Wednesday, March 15th at 7pm PST. That's 10pm EST, 9 PM CST, 3AM GMT.

I hope to see plenty of people (Bards for judging, others for clapping) there so you can all Root for Root!

Everyone is welcome, so come and enjoy!

Posted by Para at 07:56 PM
Cloud Access


Lirr reports in his journal entry for 42 Autumn 561 on gaining access to the Cloud through the South Forest Mirror and on the considerable exile activity he witnessed up there.

Posted by Para at 10:25 AM
March 11, 2006
Warlocks Have a Penchant for Axes


Largo sent TMN the following report on the peace mission to the Orga.

Hello, it's me again, reporting a follow-up to the peace mission.

Although we had an impressive turnout of eager exiles, the mission was pronounced a failure. Despite our varied attempts to communicate, our warlock friend didn't seem to understand us. All we have proven is that Orga Warlocks have a penchant for axes.


We sent a note back with him, which detailed in pictures our intent for peace. I pray that it reaches the chief.



It should be noted, that although we did not succeed, there was only one casualty, who shall remain unnamed for personal purposes.

Although this incident is discouraging, I plan to continue my efforts. Next time I go, I will be better prepared. I plan on having more healers, less fighters, and more trade goods.

Offering my thanks to all who came, and especially to Fiona, who helped me organize such a large party,


Posted by Para at 05:06 PM
Exploring Deathtrap Noids

cj_parker2.png noivad.png

CJ parker and Noivad have sent to TMN reports on a recent PAG expedition to Deathtrap Noids. The following information may contain spoilers; if you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read below.

Greetings Puddleby. PAG decided to tick something off the exploration list for us today; that something was DTN (Deathtrap Noids). The area did indeed live up to its name, as it took us sometime to setup, and many, many departs from the suicidal ones in the team to help get things working. But get them working we did, and we eventually triumphed and overcame the noids.

We searched around for the goodies and treasure, and also had Leonin and Ansett scan for illusions, while our best PF's looked for paths. We found nothing: no paths, no illusions. We did, I guess, find some treasure, a few iron ores, but nothing like we had hoped for (web shoes, anyone?).

All that said, it was enjoyable to finally overcome the place; we had fun hunting and fighting there through the day; and it's something ticked off our list, plus we proved Puddleby exiles can overcome 'nearly' everything with some effort! We also did an open tour for those who were out of the library at the time.

Thanks to PAG and guests for a successful hunt day (they don't happen often for us)!

-Cj parker


Today in a thrilling victory, PAG took and held DTN long enough to invite everyone who wasn't studying to see the insides of the cave. (I don't know how long it was held; I was called away on official business after the first 10-15 minutes.) After a rocky start and at least five departs for CJ parker and at least two for Baby, the group managed to slowly wrestle control of the area away from the noids. Unfortunately, I cannot fill you in on the gritty details and the heroic efforts of those in the group. I can tell you it was a long grueling battle, with much waiting, and much fighting. Some might think that the area has been made easier because of the chaos storm. However, as someone who also had to depart during the struggle (many of us did), I can attest that it is in fact still a deathtrap and still as dangerous as always. Enclosed you'll see a photo of PAG's line up. I had to yell at everyone to keep quiet long enough to make the sketch enclosed. As you can see there are several guests, and members that rarely get to come on our trips. Thanks to all that were able to come today. (I should note, Buckwheat is not in the photo. He disappeared sometime when I was fallen, so I don't know if he was eaten or he had to go study more Horus.)

-Sheriff Noivad

Posted by Para at 03:10 PM
March 10, 2006


Connie Crete sent the following report to TMN:


I sawed Haro be back in tha lands. Tha huntin crew decided ta go teach trools howfer ta say 'hiyas' in Haro's dialect with me translatin.

Haro: this aint bein mean. I finds really innerestin things aboutcher dialect what be fun fer ta study. I be in no position ta pick onna body fer how they talks.



Posted by Para at 07:55 PM
March 08, 2006
Chaos Storm #432


Chaos Storm #432 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

Posted by Para at 07:21 PM
March 06, 2006
Sylvan Spelunkers


Fleming reports in the most recent entry at the ELF Blog on Afton becoming a Ranger and on an ELF expedition to Melabrion's Mines.

Posted by Para at 09:15 PM
Mog: Standing Fallen


Pun'isher sent the following report to TMN:

I must report a valiant effort by Mog. In spite of the determination of those pesky artaks and boloks. Mog, though fallen, refused to actually fall!

I hear she might be interested in training Buggus. Anyhow, you can't keep a good healer down, no matter how hard ya try.

All hail, Mog! The standing fallen!



Posted by Para at 08:51 PM
March 05, 2006
Ansset Nabs Another Strange Stone


Yor sent the following report to TMN:

Yesterday, Ansset acquired another Strange Stone as the result of a successful FMOCR. The FMOCR had a rough start as there were only two fighters to begin with: Azriel and myself. We still made it deep into Orga Camp 4 anyway, but I prematurely called a charge on the Magician which ultimately resulted in the group falling just short of our objective. Fortunately, Puddleby's community rallied together, as they so often do, and not only rescued us but also helped Ansset get the Strange Stone. Good job all and graha!


Posted by Para at 10:08 AM
March 03, 2006
That Crumbling Lid


Noivad sent the following report to TMN:

Hi Para,

It's probably already been reported, but if not:
Today PAG made its way to the crumbling lid at the end of the Slate Caves, and again, and heard the now familiar orga drums on the other side. The trip started normally enough. SC 3 took a good hour to clear. And it took another to make it to the port spot. There were several times we almost all fell, but cool heads and experience pulled us through. We had Leonin and Hepta in the party, which really helped setting up some of the more difficult things. Hepta was boosting left and right, making the grueling job a bit easier. Anyway, all in all, it was a good trip. Enclosed is a picture of all of us standing around the ladder leading to the surface. As you can see, we have a few guests this time and some potential members.

-The Sheriff

Posted by Para at 10:36 PM
March 01, 2006
Largo's Mission to the Orga


Largo sent the following announcement to TMN:

Hello, all.

As you may know, I am a staunch supporter of peaceful negotiation with the Orga. I believe they are a misunderstood race and are simply defending their homeland. Unfortunately, our years of bitter conflict with the "old" tribe (found in Orga Camp, Orga Village, etc), and my own experiences with them has lead me to believe that peace with them may never happen.

However, there is still the new tribe (found past the slime cave) to be considered. They are a relatively new discovery on our part, and few attacks have been launched on them. I think that if we simply reach out a friendly hand and show them that we mean no harm, peace talks, and a trade route may happen.

As such, I am organizing a peaceful mission to them. An outreach, if you will. On (OOC date) March 11th, at 4pm EST, I, and whoever else wishes to come, will head to the new tribe, bearing a message of peace, and varied gifts. Coins, baubles, axes, food, etc.

Help me end this bitter waste of life.


Posted by Para at 07:04 PM