February 24, 2007
Upcoming Downtime


Delta Tao reports:

• Clan Lord will be undergoing maintenance starting at 8:30 AM PST on Monday, February 26. We expect it to take about an hour, during which time the game will be unavailable.

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Ethereal Slugs Infest Eil'daen's Home


Eil'daen sent the following report to TMN:

Hi Paramedic,

The collision of the ethereal plane with our own is already having unusual effects in Puddleby, not just a rupture in the east caves.

Earlier this morning, my home was invaded by Ethereal Slugs. Fortunately, Biro and Ratchet were able to help me clear them out. I fear that if we keep using EP stones for non-emergencies, the planar collapse will only get worse.

Best regards for a safer Puddleby,


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Largo Saves Six


Kalypso sent the following report to TMN:

And if you're not impressed by fancy clothes and kissing babies, have a look at Largo singlehandedly rescuing six from the pod cave tonight. I can't remember what exactly I found so funny, but Largo's very presence seems to promote giggling.


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February 22, 2007
A Fen of Our Times


TMN is proud to present the following interview with Fen Vice President Largo, conducted by Illora Mone.


Illora Mone asks, "so Largo, is your full name what I keep hearing people call you, or are they being cruel?"
(Largo looks concerned.)
Largo asks, "What are people calling me?"
Illora Mone says, "Lardo von Lardovicowtz"
(Largo grins.)
Largo says, "That's just Astral Duck's nickname for me."
Largo says, "My full name is "Largo"."
Illora Mone says, "he's the one I hear calling you that too"
Largo says, "Just Largo."

Illora Mone asks, "does marriage confer a new name?"
Largo says, "I didn't keep my ex's name, if that's what you mean."
Illora Mone says, "just wondering if there's a way to tell if you're married"
Largo says, "Asking is a good way! Or checking for a ring."
Illora Mone says, "true"
Illora Mone says, "seems so ..... intrusive though"

Largo's Clan

Illora Mone asks, "so Largo, is your clan an old clan?"
Largo asks, "Old?"
Largo says, "I guess, relatively."
Largo says, "It's been around longer than I've been in the lands."
Illora Mone asks, "how were you recruited?"
Largo says, "I asked to join. After a while, they let me in."
Illora Mone asks, "what was it about Bane that drew you?"
Largo says, "The goals. Dar'shak are a serious menace that are very often ignored."
Illora Mone says, "they can be easily overshadowed, despite their constant presence in town"
Largo says, "Too few people show any real interest in what are arguably are worst enemies."
Largo says, "Sure, thugs aren't a huge problem."
Largo asks, "But what about when the necromancers start pulling out greater deaths?"
Illora Mone asks, "I saw a lot of skulls in the way to Scarmis. Are they GDs in waiting?"
Largo says, "Uh. I think those are just skulls."
Illora Mone says, "they almost look like they're inactive, in storage"
Largo says, "I guess anything's possible, but I'm pretty sure they're just skulls."
Illora Mone says, "a grim reminder of what lies in wait."
Largo says, "Or just some dead person's head."
Illora Mone says, "some rather big dead person's head"
Largo says, "Okay."

Fending Off the Darshak

Illora Mone asks, "so, Largo, how many Darshak attacks have you thwarted since you joined?"
(Largo shrugs.)
Illora Mone asks, "they attack so frequently?"
Largo says, "Several, I guess. But I can't take credit for any of it."
Illora Mone asks, "What do the Darshak want? Why do they attack us?"
Largo says, "Several reasons."
Largo says, "We're too close to the temple. We kill their little foot soldiers all the time."
Illora Mone asks, "Are we as great a threat to them as they are to us?"
Largo says, "Only if we work together."
Largo says, "On that note, Bane is in fact looking for a few more members."
Illora Mone says, "seems kind of a difficult task, when we change population so quickly"
Largo says, "Interested parties should contact a member."
Illora Mone asks, "who are your members?"
Largo says, "There are only a few of us currently."
Largo says, "Indigo, Luna, Tserr'tsee, Aravir, Hex, Andarius. Me, of course."
Largo says, "Diana D'fey."
Illora Mone says, "I've not seen Aravir since Scabfoot washed up on shores"
Largo says, "As far as I know, he's on an extended break in the library."
Illora Mone says, "pity Scabfoot can't join, he sounds like a natural"
Illora Mone says, "he certainly is a relentless fighter of the Darshak"
Largo says, "I'll be frank. I don't trust Scabfoot any further than I can throw him."
Largo says, "Which isn't very far."
Illora Mone says, "he came to help us when they invaded last time I saw"
Largo says, "We can't trust just anyone who walks up and says they're on our side, especially if they're known to periodically turn into undine."
Illora Mone says, "but he didn't just say it, he fought to falling many times"
(Largo shrugs.)
Illora Mone asks, "was the Necromancer a Darshak?"
Largo says, "Yes."
Largo says, "Once again, though."
Largo says, "Bane is looking for more people interesting in combatting the Dar'shak menace. If any interested parties read this, contact one of us in the lands."

Fen Presidential Politics

Illora Mone asks, "are you planning to run for president yourself, or with Manx?"
Largo says, "when election time rolls around again, I'd like to try to run for president myself."
Illora Mone asks, "Do you expect much competition?"
Largo says, "It depends on who runs."
Illora Mone asks, "is running by nomination, or by choice?"
Largo says, "Nomination, I think."
Largo thinks, "Nope. I'm okay."
Illora Mone asks, "given any thought to your campaign promises?"
Largo says, "I'd really like to see some more attention given to the Puddleby Police Department, and Noivad, the sherrif."
Illora Mone says, "he recently added more deputies, I think"
(Largo nods.)
Illora Mone asks, "what attention are you considering?"
Largo says, "They don't have enough authority. They aren't even officially recognized as an affiliation."
Illora Mone exclaims, "they're not?!"
Largo says, "I'd like to work on that."
Illora Mone says, "sounds like a worthwhile goal."
Largo says, "I've also given a lot of thought to the kissing-babies-and-marching-in-parades part of my platform."
Illora Mone asks, "speaking of babies, how's Figwit?"
Largo says, "He's growing up fast. Quite a handful sometimes."
Illora Mone says, "sounds like a baby, all right."
Largo says, "He's not really a baby anymore."
Illora Mone asks, "aren't they always babies, though?"
Illora Mone says, "to their parents, I mean"
Largo says, "I guess."


Illora Mone says, "I see you've been wearing the green shirt more often now."
Illora Mone asks, "retiring the tan one?"
Largo says, "It's not tan, it's orange."
Largo says, "And I'm not retiring it."
Largo asks, "Aren't I allowed to have more than one change of clothes?"
Illora Mone says, "maybe, maybe not"
Illora Mone says, "changing color confuses me, that's how I recognize people."
Largo says, "No matter what color shirt I'm wearing, you can always recognise my by my pretty face."
Largo exclaims, "Next question!"
Largo ponders, "Recognize me, even."
Illora Mone asks, "what have you noticed about fashion lately?"
Largo says, "It's taking a dangerous turn towards purple."
Illora Mone says, "I've noticed that."
Illora Mone says, "I think it's MaryJane's fault."
Illora Mone ponders, "she gave me purple once"
Illora Mone says, "sometimes, there's so much purple, tc looks striped"
Largo says, "Sometimes, there's so much purple, I wish I was blind."
Illora Mone asks, "is purple better than bright pink?"
Largo says, "That's like asking if I'd rather have my eyes salted and pulled out with rusty pliers, or one of my arms severed over a period of several hours by being gnawed on by rats."
Illora Mone asks, "are there any good colors, then?"
Largo says, "There's no such thing as a bad color."
Illora Mone ponders, "a purple miniskirt might look nice"
Largo says, "Even purple looks okay when Relkin wears it."
Illora Mone asks, "what if everyone wore green?"
Largo says, "If everyone wore green, I think I'd get really tired of green. But it still wouldn't be as bad as purple."
Illora Mone says, "why is purple so unpleasant to you in large quantities, if you don't mind me asking"
Largo says, "It's not the color so much as what seems to be an obnoxious culture developing around it."
Illora Mone asks, "the purple haze?"
Largo says, "Don't get me wrong, I like Tina, I like Maryjane."
Largo says, "But they're beating a dead horse at this point."
Largo says, "Every time you sunstone something about purple, I die a little more inside."
Illora Mone says, "I wonder why there is an obsession about purple."
Illora Mone asks, "is it because it's easy to get, if you're female?"
Largo says, "I don't know what the attraction is."
Illora Mone asks, "does your clan watch only the Darshak, or are you also watching the Orga threat?"
Largo says, "Dar'shak are our prime concern."
Largo says, "And, uh, speaking of that, I have a meeting I need to get to."
Illora Mone asks, "I remember reading in Azrael's scrolls a long ways back about the Darshak trading in slaves, has that been stopped?"
Largo says, "Unlikely. But I really need to run."
Illora Mone exclaims, "thanks for talking to me!"
Largo says, "Thank you for the interview, and I'll see you around."
(Largo waves!)


He brings another day, another night, another fight
Well, there's another day done and there's another gone by
He's a fen of our times, a fen of our times
Tonight, tonight, oh he's burning bright

(with apologies to Genesis)

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Planar Collision


Wangah Rah sent the following report to TMN:

While on an expedition in the Ethereal Plane, I sensed strong disturbances in the ether. Ethereal winds ripped past me, nearly knocking me over. I sensed the boundary of the planes dissolving in certain areas. This is dire news . . . it seemed that the merging of the planes has begun. The 'Brions have often warned us about the foolish use of the Ethereal Portal Stones. It appears that those who doubted the 'Brions statements of danger to the planes were nai correct.

Soon after these disturbances were detected, Lugubrion emerged. He reported that indeed, the planes had collided. This has happened some place far east, underground. I am unable to sense more, and Lugubrion could not give a more specific location. Please, I urge exiles to examine the passes and even the caves in the Foothills for disturbances. Do not attempt to address any rifts that may be there, but instead alert myself or another ethereal scholar.

Lugubrion warned to cease use of our portal stones, still. He said another collision would happen, and since he knows we won't stop using the stones, realizes that it is inevitable. This merging will ultimately result in the destruction of our plane of existence. I again urge exiles to cease their use of these stones, or limit their use dramatically. Be wise. If yi wish to learn more about this danger, please see me or an ethereal scholar to learn the implications of this.

In hopes we do not soon perish,
-Wangah Rah

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Asenath: Now a Full Mystic

Asenath celebrating extra mysticky goodness

Rincewind sent the following announcement:

Congratulations to Asenath, who has reached the level of Mystic! May she always feel the warmth and guidance of the sun. There was, of course, much celebrating in town afterwards to mark the occasion.


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February 19, 2007
Wangah Rah's Tournament Update


Wangah Rah sent the following announcement to TMN:

Remember folks, less than a week until the contest! I hope the bards are out there working hard on their songs. So far, only one has expressed interest. The prize money totals 4500 coins so far.

As a reminder, the contest is between the Pirates of the Lok'Grotons and the University of Puddleby, and will occur OOC: Saturday the 24th, around 12 PST. See the previous TMN report and the Sentinel discussion for more details.

-Wangah Rah

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February 18, 2007
Eil'daen Returns


Zhane sent the following report to TMN:

Hi Paramedic!

Yesterday, a most remarkable thing happened. After years of absence from Puddleby, young apprentice mystic Eil'daen made a stunning return. After stumbling out of an ethereal portal into the Puddleby underground, Eil was rescued by BooBoo Kitty, Beer, and Arbitur.

With Eil'daen mumbling and delirious, mystics Ratbane and Sativa diagnosed "Ethereal Post-Traumatic Thingummy" and "Acute Layingdownitus", both very serious complications! Apparently, the young apprentice has no memory of his time while trapped in the ethereal plane, and cannot recall his marriage to Largo and Boo Boo Kitty. His memory for other things in Puddleby appears tentative, but may recover with time.

He hopes that his memory will return quickly, so he can get back into adventuring across the lands. Flowers and chocolates can be sent to his room at the Hospital, where he will be convalescing for a few more days.


Several sketches of his dramatic escape and rescue were made by his rescuers, which I'm enclosing.

rescue2.gif rescue2a.gif


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Fugitive Evades Law'n


Bladebringer sent the following report to TMN:

Swabbie Blackhand managed to slip the town guards some bad kudzu, allowing him to wander town freely as the St'ples commanded him to halt! Law'n repeatedly ran away and in circles but never caught Blackhand for about 12 OOC hours! Blackhand, after seeing how tired she got pursuing him, decided to turn himself in!


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Borkiron Continues Researching "Zo Method"


Borkiron sent the following report to TMN:

Heya Para,

As some folks might know, I've been researching using the "Zo Method" of passing healer circle tests for many years now.

Reports of earlier research are here:

Part 1 (2nd circle)

Part 2 (3rd circle)

Recently, I reached a breakthrough in my 4th circle research. So, these are the scientific results and for the benefit of all, they are published as a step-by-step guide to passing the 4th-circle healer test using the Zo Method:

Step 1: Kill 1 bolok


Step 2: Kill the other bolok


Step 3: Trap 1 maha behind the rocks and block the other maha from the fallen (Glory)


Step 4: Raise Glory


I've made available at the Puddleby Visionstone Repository a visionstone of the research breakthrough (passing 4th with Zo Method).

The Zo Method has always had its doubters. I want to point out that passing the test this way is a MORE effective way out in the real world. Unlike the more usual ways of passing the test, using the Zo Method leaves NO creatures on the fallen who is being healed. All creatures are either killed first, trapped behind a barrier, or blocked from attacking the fallen. Thus a newly raised person will not fall immediately after being raised and can run to safety.

Therefore in conclusion, although the Zo Method is not popular, it is a superior method of both passing the healer tests and dealing with real-life situations.


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SNN News Bulletin: Planar Warming


Hoggle and Skirwan have sponsored a SNN (Sticklord News Network) public service message concerning the dangers of Planar Warning.

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February 15, 2007
Chaos Storm #481


Chaos Storm #481 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

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February 11, 2007
Org du Lac: Now a Full Mystic


Rincewind sent the following announcement to TMN:

After many years of hard study and research, Journeyman Org du Lac has been granted the title of Mystic. My congratulations, and those of other Mystics to him; may he always feel the warmth and guidance of the Sun. There was a large celebration in town to mark the event!

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Spikes and Firewater


Yor sent the following report to TMN:


During one of the first assaults into the Stronghold, following the invasion, I caught a glimpse of something unusual. Strange spikes were erected not too far from the entrance. It seems that Bartok is fortifying his defenses more. Perhaps he's getting nervous? I also caught a glimpse of a Firewater Potion, hurling through the air, towards my poor companions at the entrance, This potion was most likely fired from the same catapult that had been terrorizing Puddlebeans all day, now positioned within the confines of the Stronghold itself. Needless to say, the potion exploded into a huge fireball, wreaking havok on everybody by the entrance. My fate wasn't much better as dozens of lightning bolts roasted me then kept on tearing through my body long after I fell until my body looked like a lump of charcoal. Bartok will pay for this somebody! I promise!


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Glum Chat with Lugubrion


ThoomCare Affiliate Measle sent the following report to TMN:

G'day Paramedic,

After returning from a FMOCR the other day, I, and every exile in the lands was affected by what appeared to be a disturbance between the ethereal plane and our own. A general disorientation and queasiness was felt by us all.

Shortly after, Lugubrion appeared in the lands demanding to know what was going on ad a small band of us went to Melabrion's conference room to meet with him.


During our chat, I told Lugubrion that I would request a temporary cessation of the use of ethereal portal stones by exiles. I'm a man of my word, and I do so now. Of course, none of you are bound to follow this request, but I make it anyway.

Lugubrion hinted that one of his brothers might assist us in using kyuems to "clean up our mess" so to be taught this, I think stopping EPSing as a gesture of good faith wouldn't be such a bad idea.

Also, we all tried to score some Portal Island keys for wider distribution too but that was always going to be a long shot. Oh well.

Hope this information enlightens you on one of the quietest of the brothers. I've included a transcript below and also posted it on the Sentinel, where discussion has commenced.

Best regards,


Measle says, "Hello"
Xepel says, "Greetings Lugubrion. Glad you could make it."
Lugubrion asks, "What have you been doing?"
MaryJane says, "Hello Sir"
Measle says, "All hail your wetness"
Lugubrion is a Sylvan, is male, is a Fighter, and is not wearing the symbol of any clan.
He is holding an ethereal portal stone and a wooden shield, and he is wearing a sunstone and an Ethereal Amulet.
MaryJane says, "We had an ethereal storm a couple days ago"
MaryJane says, "nothing major otherwise"
MaryJane says, "some normal exile business"
To'rac says, "My Master is pleased the Armor Deal has been completed."
Measle says, "Whoever is manipulating the the ether, it's not us"
Raul says, "many rifts were opened across puddleby"
Indigo thinks, "Astral plane and pentagram at the Dark Temple are nai affected."
Xepel says, "It was a fairly major storm, though."
(Lugubrion grumbles.)
Xepel says, "Lots of etherael creatures to dispatch."
Lugubrion says, ""Not you?""
Measle says, "Not us"
MaryJane says, "No Sir"
Measle says, "I'm 80% sure"
MaryJane asks, "have you been doing experiments or one of your brothers?"
Xepel says, "Unless you're talking about ethereal portals. We make those. But we haven't linked them to ethereal problems."
MaryJane asks, "Perhaps Tennebrion?"
To'rac says, "My Master is working on a big project. Please keep your voices down."
Lugubrion asks, "Recklessly opening rifts between the planes does not cause problems?"
MaryJane says, "We don't open them recklessly"
(Lugubrion glares.)
Xepel says, "..."
Xepel says, "I'd say we open them more often than we should."
FourWinged thinks, "I'm trying to get my fell blade out of storage, but Storoenna hates me, someone help"
Lugubrion says, "I must return to the plane, before you bring the whole thing down on us."
Measle says, "Perhaps more Portal Island keys would help reduce it, if that's the problem"
Xepel yells, "Anything w can do to help?"
Largo is no longer sharing experiences with you.
Pun'isher thinks, "she was wearing the i hate four winged yesterday"
(Lugubrion sighs.)
MaryJane says, "Sir"
MaryJane says, "if I may"
Measle says, "We are willing to serve"
Diana D'Fey is now Clanning.
Lugubrion says, "Stop doing whatever it is you are doing."
Measle says, "We want not disrupt the fabric of the planes as much as you"
Xepel says, "It's also true - were there more portal island keys, we wouldn't have to use disruptive portals to get to the EP"
MaryJane says, "or more pass keys in general"
FourWinged thinks, "I want to punch her in the nose, she needs to give me my fell blade"
Xepel says, "The portal was built so that we had a solid, safe way to go between the planes."
Smeester thinks, "DC seems normal"
Xepel says, "Unfortunately, it is locked away, so it is hard to get to."
To'rac says, "Nasty beasts are still in the mines."
Measle says, "yet few have acces to it and have been using the stones"
Lugubrion says, "Perhaps you should ask my brother for such favors."
MaryJane says, "Well, your brother is as hard to reach as you are"
Xepel says, "We do not see your brothers often."
Measle asks, "Gladly. can you help us find him?"
Xepel says, "And by often, I mean almost never."
To'rac says, "Nasty beasts are still in the mines."
Lugubrion says, "We've been busy trying to mend the boundary between the planes. It started weakening suddenly."
MaryJane says, "I think that those of us with access to the forge should be able to make a key there"
Xepel says, "If it was sudden, the portal stones probably don't have much to do about it, then."
MaryJane says, "Yes I have noticed"
ShadowD exclaims, "I Blame Bartok!"
Raul asks, "when did it start weakening?"
Xepel says, "The portal stones have been in use for a long time without problems."
MaryJane says, "Since last nights Storm Raul"
Measle asks, "An srtefact broken in pieces has been recovered recently. Could that help reseal the problem if it was mended?"
Smeester thinks, "come on in"
MaryJane says, "we had two storms in the last 10 days Sir"
Lugubrion asks, "An artifact?"
(Measle nods)
To'rac says, "Nasty beasts are still in the mines."
Measle says, "Darkstone shards"
You just received good karma from MaryJane, you shouldn't have mentioned that
Lugubrion says, "I've never heard of them."
Xepel says, "Weren't those found by darshak, though? Darshak don't have much to do with the ether."
(Measle shrugs)
Raul asks, "are our planes about to collide?"
Measle says, "Worth a shot"
MaryJane says, "Sir.."
(Xepel nods)
MaryJane says, "Honestly I don't think our stones have anything to do with this weakness"
MaryJane says, "I am well versued in the ethereal ways"
Chance thinks, "fallingsf"
Nyla is no longer Clanning.
Chance has fallen to an Artak Cougar.
MaryJane says, "and I notice that soemthing is going on"
Xepel says, "We don't have the power to disturb the planes, anyway."
Lassair thinks, "headed sf"
Measle says, "Nonetheless, I will ask for a moritorium on all interplanar travel until the ituation is remedied"
MaryJane says, "but I don't think our stones started it"
Chance is no longer sharing experiences with you.
Pun'isher thinks, "me too"
Xepel says, "Only one of you or your brother's magnitude could do such a thing."
Lugubrion says, "You have far too much power."
Measle says, "I can't gaurantee I'll be listened to but I will try"
MaryJane says, "We don't have the power you have Sir"
Lugubrion says, "We are not careless enough to do that."
Xepel asks, "What can we do? To help, to not hurt?"
BlackHand is now Clanning.
MaryJane says, "nor are we"
Lugubrion says, "We have power, and the knowledge to use it wisely."
MaryJane says, "So do we Sir"
MaryJane says, "those of us with the knowledge"
Raul says, "we lack the power.."
Lugubrion says, "Whatever you are doing to cause the shift in boundaries. Stop it."
Super Chicken is no longer Clanning.
MaryJane says, "I am saying we aren't doing it"
Xepel says, "We dont' have that much knowledge, MaryJane. Just what the Sarir's teach."
Measle says, "And that is only by your brother's leave"
Lugubrion says, "One of you has already said that they are to blame."
FourWinged is no longer Clanning.
Raul asks, "what are.. to blame?"
Xepel says, "Portals."
Xepel says, "Possibly."
To'rac says, "My Master is pleased the Armor Deal has been completed."
Diomedes is now Clanning.
MaryJane asks, "and how much time has that person spent training and studying the ethereal ways?"
Xepel says, "Partially."
Lugubrion says, "We will do our best to mend the planes."
(Lugubrion cringes.)
Measle asks, "Any materials you need?"
Lugubrion says, "We are well supplied."
MaryJane ponders, "yes we gave them plenty"
MaryJane says, "Sir"
MaryJane asks, "How are we to know it's not your own studies taht you are trying to blame on us?"
Illora Mone is no longer Clanning.
Stonehand is no longer Clanning.
Lugubrion asks, "What would I have to gain from that?"
MaryJane mutters in the Dwarven language.
Lugubrion says, "I prefer solitude. You have broken it."
Xepel says, "Mary, common please."
Lugubrion says, "If you don't have any information to give me I must return to my work."
Measle says, "We apologise unreservedly for any offence we may have inadvertantly caused"
MaryJane says, "Very well"
Measle says, "One more piece"
Xepel asks, "Will you inform us of how it goes?"
Raul asks, "is there any information you can give us?"
Measle says, "One that touches on your sphere of magic"
Measle says, "Another artefact has been recivered"
Measle says, "A tme of water magic"
Xepel says, "Nautical Knowledge."
Measle says, "Perhaps it was taken from another plane. i know not"
(Lugubrion's eyelid raises.)
Rhys is no longer Clanning.
Xepel says, "I believe it was a book entitled, "Nautical Knowledge""
Chance thinks, "I'm saved by Tip'ii, Lassair, Pun'isher and Maximus!"
Xepel says, "Not exactly water magic, if you're talking about the same thing."
Measle says, "I haven't seen it myself. I only know it by reputation"
Andarius is no longer Clanning.
(Lugubrion looks dissapointed.)
Xepel asks, "Wangah?"
Measle says, "Wangah rah knows"
(Xepel nods)
Lugubrion says, "I have no use for that."
Xepel says, "That's the book."
Lugubrion says, "I suggest you be wary of the Ethereal Plane."
(Measle nods)
MaryJane says, "you always suggest that sir.."
Lugubrion says, "It is in tremendous state of flux. Whether the cause was yours, you are most certainly not helping it."
MaryJane says, "perhaps if you let us forge keys"
Lugubrion says, "I don't deal in trinkets."
Janus thinks, "AMS on MI"
MaryJane says, "Leave it in the forge"
MaryJane says, "we will know what to do"
Xepel asks, "Do you suspect the EP will be more dangerous now?"
Lugubrion says, "It is hard to say."
(Xepel nods)
Lugubrion says, "I believe we can stabilize it."
Lugubrion says, "This time."
Xepel says, "So basically the warning is: Don't make ethereal portals."
MaryJane thinks to you, "please don't share more secrets with the 'brions they aren't our friends"
Xepel asks, "Am I correct on this?"
You concentrate on sending your message to MaryJane.
You think to MaryJane, "They're not our enemies either. And I'm sick of secrets"
Raul asks, "perhaps the orga have something to do with this?"
Lugubrion says, "I am speaking with the one who claims to have caused the...disturbance."
Lugubrion asks, "The orga? They are the makers of those stones, correct?"
Raul asks, "the portal stones?"
You concentrate on sending your message to MaryJane.
You think to MaryJane, "Imagine if the warnings of the invasion of the other day had been kept secret instead of Entil telling everyone"
Lugubrion says, "The teleporting stones."
Raul says, "yes"
Xepel says, "Teleportation stones, yes."
(Lugubrion gasps.)
Xepel thinks, "Janus fallen to a VC, prolly MI, anyone with/on the way?"
Lugubrion says, "Yes. I would avoid portal use."
Yosaku thinks, "kind a"
Xepel says, "One was recovered today, even."
Smeester thinks, "buying iron"
Xepel says, "We do our best to take them out of the Orga's hands."
Lugubrion says, "The fool opened up 30 of them."
Lassair thinks, "You should have been around earlier when I gave an iron away"
Raul asks, "who?"
MaryJane says, "I know Sir"
Xepel asks, "Who did? Someone opened 30 portals?"
Measle asks, "Which fool?"
MaryJane says, "I was about to speak with him"
MaryJane says, "I know who"
Raul says, "I think Malkor did a while ago"
Measle ponders, "Typical"
Lugubrion says, "If you are not careful..."
Lugubrion says, "Very bad things could happen."
Xepel asks, "What about Kyuems? Can they be used to stabilize things?"
Lugubrion says, "Yes, if used properly."
Arbitur is no longer Clanning.
(Xepel nods)
Lugubrion says, "I was attending to the kyuem through this portal."
MaryJane says, "They have yet to be proven useful"
MaryJane says, "to us"
Measle says, "Perhaps you or your brothers could guide us in the construction of one"
Xepel says, "It's true, I don't think I've ever heard of a mystic setting up a kyuem correctly."
Measle says, "We want to do all we can to help"
MaryJane says, "Drablak and a few others have done several Xepel"
Lugubrion says, "Perhaps..."
Panos is now Clanning.
Xepel asks, "Right, but has it done anything, MaryJane?"
Measle says, "Thank, you, your wetness"
Lugubrion says, "I believe my brothers have given you too much power. But maybe we should teach you to clean up your messes."
Measle says, "We would really appreciate that"
Xepel says, "Yes. We will make efforts to correct our misuses of power, if only we knew how."
(Lugubrion sighs.)
MaryJane says, "I would also point out that we have paid great prices for all that your brothers have "given" us"
Lugubrion says, "At the very least, please refrain from using the portals until we fix this current disturbance."
Measle whispers, "Stop antagonisng the all powerful wizard"
(Xepel nods)
Lugubrion is a Sylvan, is male, is a Fighter, and is not wearing the symbol of any clan.
He is holding an ethereal portal stone and a wooden shield, and he is wearing a sunstone and an Ethereal Amulet.
Xepel says, "Whenever you could teach one to teach many on the ways of "cleaning up our messes," it would be good."
MaryJane whispers, "you don't know the relationship this "wizard" has with the guild"
Lugubrion says, "The price you pay is little for what we do to protect you from your own misadventure."
Lugubrion says, "If you will excuse me. I must attend to my work."
MaryJane says, "Very well"
Xepel says, "Good luck"
Xepel says, "No one going to follow? Wink"
Measle says, "Well that seemed to go all right"
(MaryJane hrumphs)
Raul asks, "want to?"
Measle asks, "ow was my begging for a key attempt?"
MaryJane says, "Not really"
Measle asks, "How was my begging for a key attempt?"
Xepel says, "Probably better not bother him."
MaryJane says, "It didn't go well at all"
Xepel says, "Oh, I think we all begged for keys, measle ;P"

Posted by Para at 06:44 AM
February 07, 2007
Pictures from the Orga Stronghold


Cj parker sent the following report to TMN:

Hi Para,

Here are a couple of shots for you. A lot might not have seen this, but we sure as hell felt its presence with the fireballs. These were taken on the far west of the Stronghold on the 3rd attempt to take it!

Cj parker



Posted by Para at 08:39 PM
Wangah Rah's Tournament


Wangah Rah sent the following announcement to TMN:

H'loi exiles and lesser races-

As previously mentioned on the Sentinel, I'm arranging a bit of a tournament. A valuable tome on nautical matters has recently been acquired, and I wish for the best group possible to posses and defend it. In light of that, there will be a two-part battle between the Pirates of Lok'Groton and the University of Puddleby!

The contest will be entered by two teams of four, the same four to participate in the two separate parts of the contest. The first part of the contest will be a battle of knowledge, in which the teams will answer questions of increasing difficulty about the lands. This will take place in town center, with points being awarded for correct responses, speed of response, and difficulty of questions. The second will be a battle of strength, in the Badlands. Due to the size of the Badlands, there will be several judges stationed around to observe the battle and record tactics. Points will be awarded both to the winner, and to both teams for cunning use of tactics (if cunning tactics are used). Therefore, simply winning the battle will not be nearly as beneficial as winning through clever tactics. The winner of the combined events will be awarded possession of the tome.

To spice the event up a bit, there will also be a bard competition. All bards are welcome to enter as many songs as they like, with the only rule being the song must be nautically themed. The grand prize will start at 3000c, and increase as donations are made. Please submit your works in advance to wangahrah AT gmail DOT com by OOC Feb 20, and these will be judged to determine which are the three best. The top three will be played between the knowledge and strength competitions, and mob rule will decide the winner!

This event is scheduled for OOC Feb 24, noon PST. Keep your eyes out for Darshak spies, as I'm sure they are interested in acquiring this valuable nautical tome.

If you can help with providing beverages or baked good, please contact me! Donations will be accepted for the Bard contest, as well as instrument parts for prizes.

-Wangah Rah

Posted by Para at 08:19 PM
More Largomania


Largomania continues to sweep Town Center.







Posted by Para at 08:13 PM
February 03, 2007


Town Center was packed with exiles earlier due to rumors of an invasion.

The invasion began from the south, near the Mirror...

Invasion at Mirror sn'ell

Exiles gather at South Gate to repel the invaders

Fighting rages south of Scout

Exiles advance against enemy battle lines

Posted by Para at 10:49 AM
MaryJane Gets Junked


MaryJane sent the following report to TMN:

Beer Paramedic,

As I am sure many of your readers know, I have a long history of studying the cloud. I also happen to be a big fan of sky diving.

Tonight as I went skydiving, I landed in a rough spot: smack dab in the middle of Junko's heap. To make matters worse, I couldn't get out.

I was trapped there until Mr. Ansset was kind enough to come and using his strange stone, port me back to town.

I have attached a sketch for you, and hope you will warn other skydivers to be careful of where they jump.


Posted by Para at 10:39 AM
"I'd Like to Have You Over for Dinner Sometime"


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail, Para!

Your enterprising reporter has a couple of new items of interest for readers of TMN.

Strange doings continue in TC. Not long ago, I entered the social center of Puddleby to find everyone asleep or at least lying down. What happened? Did deadly poppies sprout unexpectedly? Had Tara been through with a plate of wuv muffins? Inquiring minds want to know.

The second report is much more serious.

Yosaku and Chance both report that the Grey Arachnoid guarding the upper/northeast chamber of the noids cavern has begun to speak on occasion. Chance provided several sketches. This creature does not always speak, but when it does, it repeats several phrases much like its counterpart in the main noids chamber.

If anyone else has heard this noid speak, or has any insight into this situation, please comment! Chance did notice that several of the phrases reminded her of the poem about the spider and the fly—i.e. "Come into my parlor . . . " Chance and Yosaku have speculated whether skeins of silk will finally have a use.

By the way, Chance would like to add that she was not yelling "Yes!" to the noid in the sketch below—she was answering another exile who asked if she was all right. :-)






Posted by Para at 10:33 AM
MaryJane Makes a Thoom Connection


MaryJane has become a ThoomCare Affiliate.

Posted by Para at 09:01 AM
Blackhand's New Clothes


Blackhand submitted the following fashion update to TMN:

Aye Para, I recently changed tha colour of me shirt and pants!

Quite nice, wouldn't ye say?


Posted by Para at 08:56 AM
Malkor Reports an Orga Gathering


Malkor submitted the following report to TMN in Town Center:

Malkor says, "Para, I have a news item for Thoomcare."
Malkor says, "Mystical business."
Paramedic says, "Really"
Malkor says, "Aye."
Paramedic asks, "A big secret?"
Malkor says, "Sure, but your readers can hear it first."
Foxx exclaims, "Don't do it, Malkor!"
(Paramedic nods)
Paramedic says, "Lay it on me."
Galen asks, "A summoning??"
Foxx ponders, "Too late, it seems."
Malkor says, "There's a gathering of Orga leadership in the Pitch Caves."
Malkor says, "PC9, to be specific."
DragonHawk says, "uh..oh..."
Paramedic says, "Hmm"
Malkor asks, "I know! Interesting enough, right?"
Paramedic says, "Yes, yes"
Malkor says, "But what's downright Shocking..."
Malkor exclaims, "Our own societies for adventure are leaving the Orga be!"
DragonHawk exclaims, "!"
Malkor exclaims, "I smell conspiracy!"
Paramedic says, "hmmm"
Paramedic says, "I'll report this to all"
DragonHawk asks, "how sure are you that the Orga are gathering?"
DragonHawk says, "I mean, you haven't been there"
Malkor says, "Mystics Know."
Foxx asks, "He's a mystic?"
(DragonHawk nods)
Malkor exclaims, "Happy hunting, all!"
DragonHawk says, "hrm"

Posted by Para at 08:37 AM
February 01, 2007
Entil's Orga Warning


Entil'Zha sent the following report to TMN:


I am posting this in hopes of alerting our community to something that may soon become a dire threat to our town.

Recently, a group that I was with found some bloody scraps of clothing caught on a tree in Camp Dred, by the entrance from the Foothills. Upon further investigation, we came upon a tree that had the phrase "Orga - Sombdi" scratched hurriedly into its trunk.

We suspected that the warning had come from Katpus, and we worried that he was in danger. We traveled through the foothills to his cave, but as usual, he was nowhere to be found. We did, however, come across another tree with the message "84th" freshly carved into its trunk.

Sombdi the 84th. I can only imagine what the Orga are up to this time, but if it has Katpus worried enough to risk his life warning us, I'm sure we won't find it pleasant.

The next day, when we returned to see if Katpus had left us any further clues, we were shocked by what we found: The clothing had been removed, and the trees were uncarved. Everything seemed perfectly normal, but of course we knew it wasn't.

I could imagine the Orga removing the cloth scraps and scratching the dates out, but this? As I see it, this means one of two things:

(a) The Orga and the Tree Giants have allied with one another to do Gaia-knows-what. The Tree Giants seem to be the only group that likely to possess the ability to heal a tree's scarring entirely. I can't think of any two groups less likely to work together, and yet, it seems the evidence speaks for itself.

(b) The Orga have learned some new form of magic. A type of illusion, perhaps, but one that no mystic (to my knowledge) has been able to detect or break. This possibility is very disconcerting. The Orga do not research new magicks, they conquer others and take their knowledge. If the Orga have somehow conquered another group of . . . somethings, then they may have recently learned a wide
variety of new magical trickery.

It should also be noted that when PAG ventured to the Orga Stronghold earlier today, we made it through several snells, but found nothing particularly unusual. No allies, no evidence of the Orga amassing troops (well, any more than usual--it was still enough to kill us pretty thoroughly), and no sign of unusual magical abilities.

At any rate, I'm hoping there will be a strong showing of exiles to defend our town against the Orga menace.

OOC: Sombdi the 84th day of Summer will be on Saturday, February 3rd, from about 6:55am to 12:48pm PST.

I intend to cross-post this to The Sentinel as well, in order to get the word out as quickly as possible. I hope this will not cause any copyright issues.

-Entil'Zha Mithraell

Posted by Para at 11:15 PM