March 29, 2007
Hoggle Wins Largest Creature Contest


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Stron Planter news update:

Hoggle was named the winner of the quest to bring back the largest creature to town and was sold Stron's second "rare leaf." She then revealed yet a third leaf but declined to sell it at this time, saying she needed to be sure of finding more.

She also said she was thinking of moving to town, and that she was weary of wandering all the time. She asked whether there were any good places in town to sell her wares. After several exiles showed her the Grange (aka farmer's market), Stron seemed very pleased and declared she would soon be back to set up shop.

After she left, Hoggle examined his leaf carefully and learned that it enhances a Ranger's ability to track creatures he or she has befriended. Who knows what further herbal mysteries Stron will be purveying in the future (and at what prices...)?



Posted by Para at 11:37 PM
When Stron Planter Comes to Town


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail Para,

Breaking news from Town Center: A stranger to most of us, a lady named Stron Planter, has appeared in town and set the exiles on two quests. She first claimed to have a very rare leaf that had magic properties, and started a bidding war among exiles who wanted to buy it. After some bidding back and forth, Stron proposed a quest instead: she offered to sell the leaf for 700c to the exile who brought her the rarest creature within 15 minutes.

While several groups went a'questing, I tried to get some information from Stron. She told me that she is interested mostly in rare plants, but that she also follows strange and rare animals through the lands because they lead her to rare plants. She likes to dissect dead animals to find out what secrets they hold inside. I thought it was strange that she has never heard of nor met Patti Spring.

Stron did tell me that her rare leaf's properties are accessed by chewing the leaf raw.

Eventually Mellion was named the winner of the leaf for returning with a cave chamelopod. Stron then revealed that she had a second leaf, and asked for exiles to bring her the largest creature they could find, within two hours. One exile was heard to express anger that Stron was asking for exiles to use their chains for this purpose so soon after so many chains were broken in the recent ethereal incursions.


This incident is still going on even as I scribble this scroll. Reporting live from Town Center, I am as always,

Your faithful correspondent

Posted by Para at 11:31 PM
March 28, 2007
Chaos Storm #487


Chaos Storm #487 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

Posted by Para at 10:03 PM
Hooking Up in Puddleby


Measle reports on Puddleby's dating scene in his most recent journal entry. You'll have to read it to see if Measle gets his groove back.

Posted by Para at 12:58 AM
Darshak Invasion


Aravir has updated his journal after a long stay in the library. He reports on the recent Darshak invasion that led to the kidnapping of Fen Vice President Largo.

Posted by Para at 12:52 AM
Upcoming Ethereal Incursion


Malkor sent the following report to TMN:

Many thanks to all those who fought and healed: the flow of ether in the South Forest has been equalized with a kyuem! Let me know if you've any friends in construction. I'm looking for a builder to wall off the portal to the sixth sphere.

Camp Dred will experience another incursion on Saturday, March 31, around 11AM PDT.

I'll be stuck in the library myself, but I trust that Puddleby will have no trouble dealing with the breach given the early warning.


Malkor reports that he is looking for help in gathering the money and supplies needed for the preparation of future kyeums.


MaryJane reports:

The next Incursion will be sometime around Merdi 43 Spring 566 (OOC: 10:33 AM, March 31, 2007 PDT.)

Please help us get another kyuem placed to help our continued efforts to stabilize the planes


Posted by Para at 12:42 AM
March 25, 2007
Darshak Sacrifice of Largo Averted


Today there was a Darkshak invasion and they ended up kidnapping Fen Vice President Largo and hauling him off to the Dark Temple for some sort of peculiar Darshak ritual.

Anyway, a strike force of exiles managed to secure his release.


Posted by Para at 07:07 PM
Team Thoom Ventures Forth Again


Savior sent the following report to TMN:

Greetings Thoom Paramedic,

Many Thoom were indisposed today for the joint EAT/PAG stronghold assault. Because of the lack of Thoom, we decided to go to book two and the fourth book.

Savior and Lox were there representing Team Thoom.

Thoom aren't just part of the healing charge powering these exploration groups. Here we see how Thoom have even influenced tactics. In PC 8, a Thoom inspired battle formation is put to use. (I missed the picture of Fundin's call . . . "Half-Thoomhead Formation!")


Yours in Thoomy Exploration,

-Savior RedShoes
Team Thoom
Rat Bastards

Posted by Para at 04:17 PM
South Forest Ethereal Incident


What follows is a full report on the recent Planar Collision Incident in South Forest. In the image above, exiles gather on the south side of East Farms and wait for word from Malkor. Malkor had determined in advance that the planar collision would open up a portal to the Ethereal Plane in the sn'ell to the south.

Exiles rushed south to confront the ethereal invasion force once the portal opened. Rakshasa got things off to a good start by tail-whipping this Ethereal Skeleton.

Our initial attack did not go particularly well. We beat a hasty retreat to try to preserve our forces. The initial number of exiles prepared to engage the ethereal forces was unfortunately small. As the battle continued, more exiles joined in.

The ethereal forces had no reservations about chasing us north into the East Farms. At one point, we almost lost East Farms and had to seek refuge in the huts.

Here Gilean steps in to prevent Ethereal Slugs from feasting on the fallen.

The kyeum is the key. In order to secure the sn'ell from ethereal incursion, a kyeum needs to be installed and powered up. Some exiles wanted Malkor to hurry up and place it, but Malkor wanted to make sure that exiles could actually hold the sn'ell long enough to allow the kyeum to power up. There was some concern that we might lose this sn'ell early on.

The exile defense force strengthened and better organized itself, however, and eventually established itself in the sn'ell. The kyeum was placed; now we had to wait for an ethereal flow from the portal to power up the device.

Waiting for the flow. By this time, more exiles had joined the battle, helping to secure the sn'ell.

Ethereal forces continued to spawn, however.

The flow begins. Ethereal strands flowed from the portal to the kyeum.

The ethereal flow slowly powered up the kyeum. All the while, exiles continued to fend off ethereal spawn outbreaks, which threatened to disrupt the flow.

Once the kyeum was fully charged, it glowed with multi-colored plasma. As Malkor noted, the sn'ell was now safe from ethereal incusion. No more ethereal monsters could escape into our plane through this portal. The portal remains in place, however, and exiles can travel to the ethereal plane and back through it.

Exiles celebrate.

Unfortunately, the remaining now-open portal exerts a powerful psychic effect on passersby. Exiles who see or approach such a portal suffer from a powerful suicidal temptation to jump inside, even if they know better. This tends to set off a cycle of suicidal leaps and rescues that can go on for extended periods of time and take up valuable resources. Immediately after the celebration, such a cycle occurred. Here, you see several exiles looking at the portal and wondering how best to rescue the fallen therein.

On the Clan Lord Sentinel, Crunch has opened up a discussion about how to counter this suicidal reality distortion field emitted by the portals. Malkor has suggested hiring builders to wall off the open portals.

Rakshasa chews on an Ethereal Slug as the Ethereal Slug chews on Althea.

After a few rescue-and-fall cycles, the rescue was complete.

Special thanks to Malkor and MaryJane for helping to coordinate Puddleby's response to this Planar Collision Incident.

Posted by Para at 10:19 AM
March 24, 2007
Planar Collision: Battle in South Forest


A Planar Collision Incident occurred earlier today. Exiles were engaged in battle at the south side of East Farms. More news soon.




Posted by Para at 11:50 AM
March 23, 2007
Riding the Storm Out with Malkor


Malkor sent the following report to TMN:

The planes will soon collide again (OOC: Saturday, 11AM PDT) in the South Forest. I will be ready with a Kyuem this time. Please join me to hold back the ethereal storm.

Posted by Para at 09:50 PM
Brune and Indigo


Brune sent the following announcement to TMN:


Many years ago I offered a wedding ring to the Lady Indigo, and she accepted it. We intended to have a ceremony "just as soon as this crisis is over."

We have discovered that if it's not a Dark Entity possessing your friends, it's an Evil Priest trying to assassinate your loved ones. If it's not that, then it's a Brutish Pirate on a kidnapping rampage, or a powerful orb awakening Ancient Forces, a wicked witch demanding a blood sacrifice, puppy killers, baby seal clubbers, or an obscure Cult threatening our little town. Don't get me started on Dragons . . .

Frankly, the list is endless and we have decided that we'll just have to fight the Forces of Darkness AND get on with our lives!

A wedding is planned for the 61st Day of Spring, in the Year 566 (aka Wednesday evening, April 4th . . . about 8PM Pacific time), at the Museum in South Puddleby.

All are enthusiastically welcome. We will provide beer, to keep the short and stout folks appeased.

Afterwards (despite what it is *I'll* want to do) there might be a feast, a hunt, or a mass slaughtering of Darshak—depends on the weather and stuff.


Discussion on the Clan Lord Sentinel.




Posted by Para at 09:45 PM
Puddleby Players Casting Call


Measle sent the following announcement to TMN:

Hello Para and by way of him, Puddleby in general,

Puddleby Players, Lok Groton's foremost dramatic group is holding open auditions to cast its next two plays. These will be held in the West End Theatre, West Puddleby on Thursday, March 29 at 7:00 pm PST.

All current members are also asked to attend so we can run a "Puddleby Idol" style judging panel format.

Actors, jugglers, bards and phantasmists all welcome to attend.

What we really want is a flair for the dramatic and the ability to show up to regular rehearsals, times to be determined.

Good lu . . . I mean . . . break a leg!


Posted by Para at 09:28 PM
Team Thoom


Savior sent the following report to TMN:

Greetings Thoom Paramedic,

As you might know, PAG and EAT recently joined ranks to assault the Orga Stronghold. We Thoom are an important part of this effort.

Team Thoom, the rod support for Mephisto (EAT founder) and the critical Rod B are made up Bulgatra, myself (Savior), Lox, and Nemesis. Guided by Meph's cry "Team Thoom!" we blast MephistoNoPants with our cads, while he runs us through firebombs and crippling chain lightning.

Thoom participation extends far beyond Team Thoom. The cads and horus of Miss Sai and Jeepers, along with the battle-saavy and wise cadding of Kensington, help push the group through many snells of the Stronghold.

Above is a picture of two members of Team Thoom, posing in Katpus' hideout in the Stronghold.

Folks can learn more about the assault on the Stronghold and (and see pictures of Team Thoom in action!) in the Puddleopedia.


Rat Bastards
Team Thoom

Posted by Para at 09:21 PM
Potions and Punches


In his most recent journal entry, Eil'daen writes of his alchemical research and the possible merits of further training in hand-to-hand combat.

Posted by Para at 05:17 AM
Hunt at Deathtrap Noids


The following message may contain spoilers. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the information below.

Fundin sent the following report to TMN:

Last week's PAG trip was unable to hit the usual haunts due to the lack of a skilled porting mystic (and the US timezone change messing things up) so I decided to have a mini hunt at DTN. We knew there were 4 snells as Yor had led many 'mini hunts' there before, and I wanted to finish my Crimson Noid training, so we headed out.

An uneventful trip suddenly became much more interesting and we hit the 4th snell. Expecting nothing but the usual dead end, we cleared the area and found some water in the dead ends. This was interesting enough, until Elenis shouted he had found some new PF!

We quickly gathered our force for entry and upon bailing in we found a lonely dwarf called Ira offering to "to polish your weapon iron for 1500 coins": Anot was the first to do this, and you can see the results below.


Ira's exact words were "I'm sorry, Torin, an iron weapon costs 1500c." or "Anot, do you want me to polish your weapon iron for 1500 coins?" I'm not quite sure what to make of "polish your weapon iron"; perhaps the dwarf is a little uneducated in grammar, or it's just something I don't get. Anyway, after a few people did this, we decided to clear the rubble from the north.


We found another PF area and all entered. That brought us out in DTN1 through a nice shortcut. We quickly cleared DTN1 again, and as a few PAG were late on we decided to head back to the seller again, plus a few others wanted to try the seller out. We ended up pooling coins in the caves.

A second trip gave everyone who wanted one an iron weapon. We then headed back to town.

Discussions surround the true use of the iron weapons. We feel it is a permanent (we hope for 1500c!) coloring of your weapon to an iron shade. We noticed no other effects when you examine the blade nor any noticeable bonuses (barring icon change in the client).


Still, even if its not a +5 weapon it was nice to find some kind of reward at the end of a difficult area; more things like this are great.


Posted by Para at 05:10 AM
New Release from Rakshasa


FowlPlay Records sent to TMN the following announcement:

Rakshasa's highly anticipated release THUG LYFE: The KI Album has finally reached its completion. Eight full-length songs depict the treacherous (yet rewarding) island of Kizmia as it was meant to be musically portrayed. Check it out at


Also, expect to see some improvements to Fowlplay in the near future: the magic of MIDI (Mystically Imbued Dynamic Instruments).

Posted by Para at 03:58 AM
March 20, 2007
Measle Goes to Holy Wood


Measle has added a new entry to his journal, with news on a recent trip to New Pods and ore collecting.

Posted by Para at 06:23 AM
Slugs in Town


Potz sent to TMN these images of a recent Ethereal Slug invasion of Town Center. Potz reports that Bon Temps roasted some of the slugs, and that with the help of Kensiro and many others, Town Center was back to its normal slug-free condition.



Posted by Para at 04:37 AM
Another Incursion


MaryJane sent the following announcement to TMN:


Just wanted to put a warning out. We need to gather a force to fight back the next incursion.

The next ethereal incursion will occur before Noon on Gradi, Day 89 of Winter of the current year.

Exiles can see me for details.



Posted by Para at 03:26 AM
March 18, 2007
Emerald Tok'Han in Town


Jamie sent the following report to TMN:

An Emerald Tok'Han was captured in Town Center recently. It was found in the North Field, and lured to the fenced enclosure in Town Center. A group of powerful Fighters such as Kensiro, Blackhole, and Ragin' Cagin made some attempts to fight it, but failed and fell. Thanks to the work of Great Pumpkin, however, they were continually revived. Eventually, the Tok'Han left the enclosure and was vanquished, although I'm not quite sure how this was accomplished.

An exciting and notable event, in any case!


Posted by Para at 08:37 PM
Eil'daen's Enchiridion


Eil'daen has started a new journal of his explorations and reflections.

Eil'daen's Enchiridion

Posted by Para at 04:50 PM
Bestiary Updated


Org du Lac has updated his Bestiary, a valuable source of information on the various creatures to be found in the lands.

Org du Lac's Bestiary

Read about and comment upon it here at the Clan Lord Sentinel:

Bestiary Revived

Posted by Para at 04:39 PM
March 17, 2007
Connie Crete Speaks with 'Brions


Connie Crete sent the following report to TMN:


So there were an ep invasion/incursion/mess what went on fer a while. And it were beat back. And time passed. I went on a usual mosey and toward tha end, a couple o tha 'brion boys camed out. Melly and Lugy. I were late ta visit with em, but eventuallike showed up and tooked over translatin fer Dagiris. Dagiris does a good job but misses nuances in tha literal translation.

So here be tha cliffnotes version. Tha 'brion boys 'knows' tha ep invasions is due ta overuse o tha ep stones. They was askin whatfer we had larned about unnerstandin tha incursions (that be what they is callin invasions.) Wangah and Malkor represented tha mystics and they dont appear ta know Jack. O course, Jack weren't clannin at tha time.

Blah blah blah—how ta solve—blah blah blah. Tha 'brion boys say they has gived us tha tools. This gits around ta expanded uses o tha amulets and possibly constructin sum Kyeums. ‘frit didn't know that Kyeums could be built and folks has tha parts.

Tha 'brions and Wangah and Malkor talked about observations befer and after tha ep messes. Tha scarrin that Wangah be allays askin about. Tha coalescin feelin mystics rattle about. That whirlpool feelin MJ mentioned durin tadays mess. Basically, tha mystics was busy bein mysticy and tha 'brions was busy bein 'briony that no communication got dun.

Melly suggested more studies needed ta happen. Melly and Lugy discussed where studies needed ta happen and 'that place' they argued. Lugy said 'stay tha heck away'; Melly said 'go and study there NOW.' Other'n I dunno where 'there' be, it seems like a surefire ticket ta depart-city. My bet is it be tha ep where Tenny were found. They is callin that tha Annulus.

Then tha conversation (hah) devolved inta name callin. Melly and Lugy kinda implied that tha scholars (mystics) warnt serious about larnin and mebby they didn't need no more Sarir help. Wangah and Malkor said tha equivalent o 'oh ya? well we likes yer daid brother more."

'thea be stumped as ta why tha ep mess be happenin in south forest since nobudy never ep's from there. Thing be, tha ep aint a parallel plane ta our lands, but more different so tha touchy places and tha weak places aint necessarily where they make sense.

Now, at sum point tha mystics had a sit down with sum o tha 'brion boys about sumthin. Theoretically, Lugy said at that time that a Kyeum in tha wrong place would do more harm than good. Lugy now denies that statement. However, Lugy aint so sure a Kyeum would fix nuthin neither.

This be tha most puzzlin thing: Melly said 'Who says it is one (sic: of?) them (preset Kyeum? something else?) that leaks and not something it (what it? I missed tha antecedent obviously) is stabilizing?'

I'd say findin tha sweetspot fer placin a Kyeum gots a 20% chance o success but at least it be doin sumthin proactive. Considerin tha stabilizin concept—we may be lookin at a equalization thing where tha high pressure (ether) goes ta low pressure (our lands) - and tha resultin rainstorm be an ep event.

Ima sure other reporters will have different takes on tha whole conversation, but that be what I got outta it.


-Connie Crete

3/17/07 12:11:12a Althea says, "greetings Mayor Crete"
3/17/07 12:11:21a Connie Crete says, "pot with every beer"
3/17/07 12:11:44a Connie Crete says, "beer"

3/17/07 12:11:52a Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "Surely you could revise your opinion of their capabilities?"

3/17/07 12:12:06a Melabrion says in Dwarven, "Greetings Connie Crete"
3/17/07 12:12:15a Connie Crete says, "Melly said "surely ya gotta revise sumthin sumthin capabilities""

3/17/07 12:12:17a Lugubrion says, "They have done nothing to prove their worth."

3/17/07 12:12:21a Connie Crete says, "beer, Melly"

3/17/07 12:12:30a Connie Crete says, "ahh, Melly be talkin ta Lugy"

3/17/07 12:12:55a Melabrion says in Dwarven, "I realize this is their fault...."

3/17/07 12:13:12a Connie Crete says, "Melly be claimin "sumthin" be "their" fault"

3/17/07 12:13:25a Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "...but we can surely tell them?"

3/17/07 12:13:35a Connie Crete says, "Melly wants ta tell 'them' sumthin"
3/17/07 12:13:36a Dagiris says, "The ethereal problem, is my impression."
3/17/07 12:13:44a (Lugubrion frowns.)

3/17/07 12:14:19a Connie Crete says, "hiyas Lugy, by tha way - good ta see ya boys about"

3/17/07 12:14:34a Lugubrion asks, "Have you exiles made any progress on understanding the incursions with this "knowledge" you have?"

3/17/07 12:14:48a Connie Crete says, "hell ifn I knows"
3/17/07 12:15:01a Connie Crete asks, "has we guys?"
3/17/07 12:15:05a (Dagiris looks to Malkor and Wangah Rah.)
3/17/07 12:15:06a Wangah Rah says, "It all depends on what you understand as progress."

3/17/07 12:15:08a Mephisto says, "by "you exiles," you mean "Wangah Rah""

3/17/07 12:15:47a Wangah Rah says, "Little new information has presented itself, besides more frequent incursion, as yi certainly know."

3/17/07 12:16:01a (Melabrion smirks)
3/17/07 12:16:06a (Lugubrion sighs.)
3/17/07 12:16:07a Connie Crete asks, "infermation persents itself?"

3/17/07 12:16:20a Lugubrion says, "To those who know how to find it."
3/17/07 12:16:27a Connie Crete says, "uh-huh"
3/17/07 12:16:31a Afrit says, "There are some who chose to...defy our requests to cease use of ethereal portal stones."
3/17/07 12:16:34a Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "Have you investigated these incursions?"
3/17/07 12:16:44a Wangah Rah says, "Indeed."
3/17/07 12:16:48a Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "...and?"
3/17/07 12:16:49a Connie Crete says, "Melly be askin ifn we has investigated tha incursions"
3/17/07 12:16:59a Connie Crete says, "now Wangah's gonna go on about tha eps scarrin"
3/17/07 12:17:10a (Wangah Rah glances at Connie.)
3/17/07 12:17:12a You just received good karma from Melabrion,

3/17/07 12:17:21a Wangah Rah says, "Portals have been closed. Scars have been found."
3/17/07 12:17:23a Connie Crete says, "well damed ifn ya dont ask everytime there be a eps thingy"

3/17/07 12:17:39a Althea says, "the scars are not permanent however"
3/17/07 12:17:42a Wangah Rah says, "Ether has begun to coalesce..."
3/17/07 12:17:42a Althea asks, "are they?"

3/17/07 12:17:51a Wangah Rah says, " the form of new creatures of our own plane."

3/17/07 12:18:26a Melabrion says in Dwarven, "thank you Althea"

3/17/07 12:18:30a Melabrion raises his frothy mug of beer on high, and drains it in one gulp.
3/17/07 12:18:36a (Lugubrion frowns.)

3/17/07 12:18:47a Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "Okay....what was that?"

3/17/07 12:18:54a Althea ponders, "oh my"
3/17/07 12:18:55a Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "You have done little, you say?"

3/17/07 12:19:20a Wangah Rah says, "Our ethereal scholars have examined the incursions."

3/17/07 12:19:27a Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "What have you discovered?"
3/17/07 12:19:29a Wangah Rah says, "As I said. Lugubrion said we can do nothing."

3/17/07 12:19:35a Connie Crete says, "Melly's askin what been discovered"

3/17/07 12:19:45a Connie Crete says, "Mellys sayin "so ya aint dun jack, huh?""

3/17/07 12:19:50a Melabrion says in Dwarven, "Perhaps you give up too quickly"

3/17/07 12:20:05a Connie Crete says, "Melly be sayin our scholars are wimps"

3/17/07 12:20:11a Wangah Rah says, "Perhaps exiles should treat their scholars better."
3/17/07 12:20:13a Mephisto asks, "why do anything...?"
3/17/07 12:20:24a (Wangah Rah glances at Mephisto.)
3/17/07 12:20:50a Althea says, "the annulus may have destroyed the link to the altar, Meph."
3/17/07 12:20:59a Althea says, "if I understand Melabrion correctly"

3/17/07 12:21:08a Connie Crete says, "MJ said sumthin sumthin whirlpool o ether this last time"
3/17/07 12:21:08a Mephisto asks, "what is the annulus?"
3/17/07 12:21:15a Connie Crete says, "tha outside o tha funnel"
3/17/07 12:21:16a Althea says, "where Teneabrion died"
3/17/07 12:21:21a Althea says, "or"
3/17/07 12:21:22a Althea says, "fell."
3/17/07 12:21:27a Althea says, "and disappeared"
3/17/07 12:21:29a Dagiris says, "A funnel-sort of encroachment to the ethereal plane."

3/17/07 12:21:40a (Wangah Rah's sunstone glows a moment.)
3/17/07 12:21:45a Dagiris says, "In the eighth sphere."
3/17/07 12:21:47a (Melabrion shakes his head at Wangah Rah)

3/17/07 12:21:56a Dagiris says, "At least, that's one end of it."
3/17/07 12:21:58a Mephisto says, "there was nothing we could have done about that"
3/17/07 12:22:01a Melabrion says in Dwarven, "You will die."

3/17/07 12:22:08a Connie Crete says, "Melly be sayin 'no secret talkies Wangah'"
3/17/07 12:22:11a Connie Crete says, "and 'ya will die'"
3/17/07 12:22:13a Wangah Rah says, "Do you have a suggestion to avoid that possibility."

3/17/07 12:22:15a (Manquilor chuckles)
3/17/07 12:22:17a Connie Crete says, "in response ta gaia knows what"
3/17/07 12:22:17a Melabrion says in Dwarven, "You must fight this encroachment."

3/17/07 12:22:31a Connie Crete says, "now Melly be sayin Churchill like stuff"
3/17/07 12:22:44a Dagiris says, ""Rise to the occasion, fight the encroachment." sort of thing."

3/17/07 12:22:45a Connie Crete says, "'ya will fight them on tha beaches and in tha towns' and all that kinda rallyin stuff"
3/17/07 12:22:59a Mephisto ponders, "iron curtain between our sphere and the ethereal?"

3/17/07 12:23:06a Melabrion says in Dwarven, "Malkor, this has been explained"

3/17/07 12:23:11a Melabrion says in Dwarven, "...time and time again"
3/17/07 12:23:20a Connie Crete says, "Melly says 'been there, dun that Malkor'"

3/17/07 12:23:32a Melabrion says in Dwarven, "Overuse of the Ethereal Portal Stones will cause...leaks...between the planes"
3/17/07 12:23:47a Downyfoot is no longer Clanning.
3/17/07 12:23:50a Connie Crete says, "'blah blah blah ethereal warmin blah blah'"

3/17/07 12:23:57a Malkor asks, "Dagiris?"

3/17/07 12:23:59a (Wangah Rah chuckles slightly.)
3/17/07 12:24:05a (Dagiris chuckles.)
3/17/07 12:24:08a Malkor says, "I think Connie may have missed a a crucial word."
3/17/07 12:24:09a Althea says, "more literal, Connie"

3/17/07 12:24:12a Melabrion says in Dwarven, "Things were stabilized after we created Portal"
3/17/07 12:24:13a (Malkor frowns.)

3/17/07 12:24:17a Dagiris says, "He says they've warned you before."
3/17/07 12:24:22a Connie Crete says, ""dont use eps dammit - it weakens tha planes""
3/17/07 12:24:26a Dagiris says, "Overusing portal stones will cause planar leakage."
3/17/07 12:24:34a Connie Crete says, "I said that"

3/17/07 12:24:36a (Melabrion sighs)
3/17/07 12:24:41a Althea says, "but the planes leak in places where ep stones aren't used"
3/17/07 12:24:47a Dagiris says, "When they created Portal Island, it stabilized things, but they've been shaken up again."

3/17/07 12:24:52a Althea says, "ie south forest"
3/17/07 12:24:53a Melabrion says in Dwarven, "I have explained this before, as well"
3/17/07 12:24:54a Lugubrion says, "You have sense of distance."

3/17/07 12:24:55a Connie Crete says, "tha ep aint like 1-1 and onto"
3/17/07 12:24:57a (Afrit nods.)

3/17/07 12:25:02a Wangah Rah says in Dwarven, "This has been discussed. As you say. However, ways to combat this directly have not been discussed."

3/17/07 12:25:02a Connie Crete says, "erm I means "I tol ya this befer too""

3/17/07 12:25:02a (Melabrion nods to Lugubrion)
3/17/07 12:25:20a Melabrion says in Dwarven, "You must remember your training, Scholar Rah."

3/17/07 12:25:42a Connie Crete says, "come on folks - remembers Drabby's initial studies? tha ep dont fit right ta our lands"

3/17/07 12:26:06a Connie Crete says, "erm, I means "ya gotta remember yer scholorly trainin, Wangah""

3/17/07 12:26:07a Wangah Rah asks in Dwarven, "How does our training combat this?"
3/17/07 12:26:16a Wangah Rah says in Dwarven, "It barely allows me to keep track of all portals opened by the incursion."

3/17/07 12:26:19a Melabrion says in Dwarven, "We have placed several trainers to help you."
3/17/07 12:26:27a Melabrion says in Dwarven, "...we have given you multiple tools"

3/17/07 12:26:27a Althea asks, "but didn't Lugubrion say that there was nothing we could do at this point? that stone use no longer mattered?"

3/17/07 12:26:38a Connie Crete says, ""what is tha ep trainers? chopped liver?""

3/17/07 12:26:40a (Althea looks at Lugubrion)
3/17/07 12:26:43a Wangah Rah asks in Dwarven, "You speak of kyuems?"

3/17/07 12:26:44a Lugubrion says, "I did not claim that your stone use no longer matters."

3/17/07 12:26:52a Dagiris says, "Althea, if I may be so bold as to address that, it sounded more like Lugubrion had given up on us."
3/17/07 12:26:54a (Althea frowns)

3/17/07 12:26:59a Dagiris says, "Than that he felt we could do no more harm."
3/17/07 12:26:59a Althea says, "I see."

3/17/07 12:27:10a (Althea feels encouraged, then.)

3/17/07 12:27:10a Lugubrion says, "You have simply proved yourself incapable of anything but destruction."

3/17/07 12:27:20a Connie Crete says, "Lugy says "sucks ta be ya""
3/17/07 12:27:21a Melabrion ponders, "I am starting to see my brother's point"

3/17/07 12:27:29a Wangah Rah says in Dwarven, "Lugubrion informed us that using a kyuem , even at an appropriate place, can cause more harm than good."

3/17/07 12:27:52a Althea says in Thoom, "more flies with honey than Vinegar, Lugubrion."
3/17/07 12:28:00a (Althea scowls)

3/17/07 12:28:03a Dagiris says in Dwarven, "Yet, he encouraged us by telling us more about kyuems."

3/17/07 12:28:05a Lugubrion says, "Apparently I have said much that I have no memory of saying."

3/17/07 12:28:13a Connie Crete says, "heh"

3/17/07 12:28:19a Connie Crete says, "nuances"
3/17/07 12:28:23a Wangah Rah ponders, "And I thought Melabrion was the drunk."

3/17/07 12:28:31a Mephisto asks, "so we're destroying the planes, yadda yadda yadda, why are you smirking and scoffing at our studies if this matter concerns you as well?"

3/17/07 12:28:36a Lugubrion says, "There is no knowing what a Kyuem may do to affect the incursions."

3/17/07 12:29:05a Dagiris asks in Thoom, "Would you recommend it as a course of action, Lugubrion?"

3/17/07 12:29:05a Mephisto ponders, "hit a soft spot, I did"

3/17/07 12:29:14a Dagiris asks in Thoom, "Ah, attempting to place a kyuem?"
3/17/07 12:29:19a Althea says in Thoom, "yes."

3/17/07 12:29:22a Melabrion says in Dwarven, "We are here helping you....although, I am not sure why anymore"

3/17/07 12:29:26a Althea says in Thoom, "he said we should find the right place"

3/17/07 12:29:32a (Dagiris nods.)
3/17/07 12:29:32a Althea says in Thoom, "and offered little guidance"

3/17/07 12:29:40a Althea says in Thoom, "and then kicked out all the non mystics"
3/17/07 12:29:43a Lugubrion says, "I have never heard of a kyuem causing harm, except when improperly used."
3/17/07 12:29:46a Althea says in Thoom, "had a private confab"
3/17/07 12:29:46a Connie Crete says, "Melly says he be helpin, but finds us a wee bit ungrateful"
3/17/07 12:29:48a Dagiris says in Thoom, "Ah, yes, I did hear of that discussion."
3/17/07 12:29:51a Melabrion says in Dwarven, "Some of your scholars know what to do, I think."
3/17/07 12:30:02a (Dagiris looks to Malkor and Wangah Rah.)
3/17/07 12:30:19a Dagiris asks, "You know how and where to place a kyuem?"

3/17/07 12:30:19a Althea asks, "how should we show our appreciation then?"
3/17/07 12:30:22a Dagiris says, "Melabrion suggests you might."

3/17/07 12:30:46a (Melabrion shakes his head)
3/17/07 12:30:49a Melabrion raises his frothy mug of beer on high, and drains it in one gulp.

3/17/07 12:31:00a Althea ponders, "'Brions... can't date 'em, can't stick 'em in a trunk"
3/17/07 12:31:01a Wangah Rah says, "We have some knowledge of kyuems, Dagiris."

3/17/07 12:31:15a (Dagiris nods uncomfortably.)
3/17/07 12:31:26a (Malkor nods to Wangah.)

3/17/07 12:31:31a Lugubrion says, "If you continue to act as you do, the best course of action may be to run and hide..."
3/17/07 12:31:33a Afrit says, "I've not yet heard any developments regarding construction of a kyuem by our people..."

3/17/07 12:31:37a (Afrit looks to the mystics.)
3/17/07 12:31:39a Lugubrion says, "But you may have trouble finding somewhere to go."
3/17/07 12:31:41a Dagiris asks, "How could they fit in with current events?"

3/17/07 12:31:44a Connie Crete asks, "whyfer not jest place a kyum yonder on ki and in tha pitch caves since thems is most often epsed?"
3/17/07 12:31:50a (Dagiris frowns steeply at Lugubrion.)
3/17/07 12:32:35a (Althea sighs)

3/17/07 12:32:36a Wangah Rah says, "Perhaps we simply die then. You do not direct us in what to do....your experience exceeds our own."
3/17/07 12:32:37a Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "Who says it is one them that leaks and not something it is stabilizing?"

3/17/07 12:33:04a (Dagiris looks confused by Melabrion.)
3/17/07 12:33:05a Wangah Rah says, "It is difficult for us to decide a course of action...."

3/17/07 12:33:05a Connie Crete says, "Melly says "whofer says one that leaks aint sumthin it be stabilizin""
3/17/07 12:33:12a Afrit says, "Let us try to set aside our differences for once, and work toward a common goal."
3/17/07 12:33:20a Wangah Rah says, "..when you yourself say placing a kyuem will produce unpredictable results."

3/17/07 12:33:31a Dagiris asks, "Did he say unpredictable?"
3/17/07 12:33:36a Melabrion ponders, "I did?"
3/17/07 12:33:50a Mephisto says, "all I heard was gibberish"

3/17/07 12:33:56a (Mephisto is relying on Connie)

3/17/07 12:34:06a Melabrion says in Dwarven, "As with most knowledge, timing is everything."

3/17/07 12:34:22a Wangah Rah says, "He said there is no knowing what kyuems will do in regards to incursions"

3/17/07 12:34:24a Connie Crete says, ""as with most things, timin be everythin""

3/17/07 12:34:25a (Wangah Rah nods to Lugubrion.)
3/17/07 12:34:34a Wangah Rah says, "Lugubrion's thoughts, not Melabrions"

3/17/07 12:34:35a Dagiris says, "And then, said he hadn't known them to do harm if used properly."
3/17/07 12:34:55a (Wangah Rah mutters)

3/17/07 12:34:57a Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "Who claims the latter, Malkor?"

3/17/07 12:35:07a Connie Crete says, "so where and when matters with tha kyums - innerestin"

3/17/07 12:35:21a Connie Crete says, "Melly says "whofer said that Malkor?""

3/17/07 12:35:38a (Malkor looks around.)

3/17/07 12:35:47a Lugubrion asks, "Is the non-cloaked mystic a mute?"
3/17/07 12:35:59a (Althea looks around)
3/17/07 12:36:01a Malkor says, "No, I speak common."

3/17/07 12:36:04a Connie Crete says, "na, but ya gotta pay him ta talk, Lugy"
3/17/07 12:36:07a Melabrion says in Dwarven, "He flaunts his sustone abilities, brother"

3/17/07 12:36:10a Malkor says, "I'm perplexed at your fondness for other dialects."

3/17/07 12:36:17a Mephisto ponders, "he's been known to throw out a few "Wah-hoo"'s every now and then"

3/17/07 12:36:17a Afrit asks, "Lugubrion, you recently mentioned that our mystics should use their amulets to seek the best site for a kyuem?"

3/17/07 12:36:22a Connie Crete says, "Melly says ta Lugy "Malkor be sustonin me""

3/17/07 12:36:46a Lugubrion says, "Yes, the amulets would help with that."

3/17/07 12:37:03a Melabrion says in Dwarven, "Amulets can reveal much."

3/17/07 12:37:06a Afrit asks, "Wangah, do you know if our mystics have reached a conclusion for such a spot, yet?"

3/17/07 12:37:20a Connie Crete says, ""amulets kin reveal much""

3/17/07 12:37:35a Wangah Rah says, "I know if we have found potentially suitable spots."

3/17/07 12:37:51a Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "You have?"

3/17/07 12:38:00a Connie Crete says, ""oh ya has, has ya?""

3/17/07 12:38:09a Wangah Rah says, "I know if we have or have not."

3/17/07 12:38:19a Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "What does that mean?"
3/17/07 12:38:22a Wangah Rah asks, "Let's say we have. What do you suggest?"
3/17/07 12:38:29a Connie Crete says, ""what tha hell is ya prattlin on about?""

3/17/07 12:38:33a (Malkor eyes Wangah dubiously.)

3/17/07 12:38:45a (Wangah Rah mutters something to Malkor)
3/17/07 12:38:52a Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "What do YOU suggest?"
3/17/07 12:38:54a (Wangah Rah smiles)
3/17/07 12:38:58a (Wangah Rah glances at Melabrion)

3/17/07 12:39:01a Afrit says, "I would think the next step would be to seek the building of kyuem..Perhaps the brothers can,"

3/17/07 12:39:05a Connie Crete says, ""ok smartypants, what does ya suggest?""
3/17/07 12:39:06a Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "What have you learned?"
3/17/07 12:39:07a Lugubrion says, "If you wish to avoid pain and suffering, I suggest you stay far away from that area."

3/17/07 12:39:13a Wangah Rah says, "I suggest you brothers stop giving us conflicting advice."
3/17/07 12:39:16a Connie Crete says, ""jest what precisely has ya larned?""

3/17/07 12:39:18a Althea asks, "from which area?"
3/17/07 12:39:19a (Melabrion frowns at Lugubrion)
3/17/07 12:39:20a Afrit asks, "Tell us of which (if any) material components are needed to build a kyuem?"

3/17/07 12:39:25a Wangah Rah says, "Afrit"
3/17/07 12:39:32a Manquilor says, "We can already make 'em"
3/17/07 12:39:34a Wangah Rah says, "That is known"

3/17/07 12:39:35a Mephisto ponders, "base, power stone, .. ?"
3/17/07 12:39:35a Melabrion says in Dwarven, "I say the opposite."

3/17/07 12:39:36a Connie Crete says, "they gots tha parts"
3/17/07 12:39:38a Lugubrion says, "An area suitable for a kyuem is inherently dangerous."
3/17/07 12:39:40a Afrit says, "Oh. I see. My apologies."

3/17/07 12:39:45a Melabrion says in Dwarven, "You must go there and investigate immediately."
3/17/07 12:39:48a Connie Crete says, ""Mely begs ta disagree" with sumbudy"

3/17/07 12:40:04a Connie Crete says, ""ya gotta go yonder and fall and depart from there immediately ifn not sooner""
3/17/07 12:40:19a Afrit asks, "If that knowledge is known, then...have no attempts been made, yet?"

3/17/07 12:40:37a Connie Crete says, "I know Drabby's got parts and a few others gots parts"
3/17/07 12:40:45a Connie Crete says, "they has been arguin over where ta set tha things"
3/17/07 12:40:48a Althea says, "we have to go to a kyeum place .. one we think is suitable"

3/17/07 12:40:50a Connie Crete says, "and doin mysticalstuff"
3/17/07 12:40:54a Althea asks, "and try departing from there???"
3/17/07 12:40:57a Althea asks, "huh?"

3/17/07 12:40:59a Manquilor says, "Makes sense"
3/17/07 12:41:13a Connie Crete says, "erm.. Melly said "ya must go there and investigate 'mediatelike""
3/17/07 12:41:17a Melabrion says in Dwarven, "I do not think that is wise, Malkor."
3/17/07 12:41:23a Connie Crete says, "Ima extemporaizlin tha depart bit"

3/17/07 12:41:27a (Afrit looks puzzled.)
3/17/07 12:41:28a Connie Crete says, ""wrongo Malkor""

3/17/07 12:41:47a Lugubrion asks in Dwarven, "Could we not simply dismiss the Sarir that assists them, Brother?"
3/17/07 12:42:02a Connie Crete says, ""lets boot tha Sarir what helps em Melly" says Lugy"
3/17/07 12:42:17a Althea thinks to you, "boot?"

3/17/07 12:42:34a (Connie Crete shows 'thea a what looks like a boot')

3/17/07 12:42:35a Melabrion says in Dwarven, "We could, yes, brother. Apparently, they are getting little knowledge from it."

3/17/07 12:42:50a Connie Crete says, ""ya, lets Lugy - that Sarir aint doin no good fer em""
3/17/07 12:42:50a (Malkor frowns.)

3/17/07 12:43:23a Melabrion says in Dwarven, "...perhaps the other, as well."
3/17/07 12:43:33a Wangah Rah says, "You suggest we try to stop the incursion . Then threaten to remove those who teach us."

3/17/07 12:43:35a Connie Crete says, ""and tha other (sumthin) as well""
3/17/07 12:43:47a Melabrion says in Dwarven, "You have done little thinking."

3/17/07 12:43:56a Melabrion says in Dwarven, "We give you"

3/17/07 12:44:02a Melabrion says in Dwarven, "...knowledge...and all I hear is whining"

3/17/07 12:44:07a Connie Crete says, ""I aint seen no mystics doin no thinkin.. so this be tha thanks we gits fer givin ya trainin""
3/17/07 12:44:16a Lugubrion says in Dwarven, "Do not forget the demands and begging, brother."

3/17/07 12:44:20a Connie Crete says, ""whine whine whine.. gaia, ya could be a purple mystic tha way ya whines""
3/17/07 12:44:21a (Melabrion nods)
3/17/07 12:44:27a (Manquilor laughs)
3/17/07 12:44:28a (Althea laughs)

3/17/07 12:44:29a Connie Crete says, ""and beggin and suckin up..""
3/17/07 12:44:29a Wangah Rah says, "I hear brothers saying opposite thigns."
3/17/07 12:44:31a (Afrit smirks.)

3/17/07 12:44:33a Melabrion says in Dwarven, "Perhaps it is the beer talking, but I am getting fed up."

3/17/07 12:44:48a Melabrion says in Dwarven, "I say we leave them to it."

3/17/07 12:44:50a (Mephisto doesn't seem to get it.)
3/17/07 12:44:52a (Malkor tries to hide a smile.)

3/17/07 12:44:57a Melabrion says in Dwarven, "We can always find another plane to inhabit."
3/17/07 12:44:58a Althea asks, "which one is the good sentinel and which one is the bad sentinel?"
3/17/07 12:45:00a Connie Crete says, ""I has lost a wee bit o tha patience and prolly should not say nuthin befer sumthin rash gits said""

3/17/07 12:45:08a Lugubrion says in Dwarven, "I have been saying that for years, Brother."
3/17/07 12:45:17a (Melabrion sighs and nods)
3/17/07 12:45:20a Connie Crete says, ""tol ya so, Melly" Lugy says"
3/17/07 12:45:26a Melabrion says in Dwarven, "I will retire now."
3/17/07 12:45:41a (Lugubrion looks at the assembled crowd.)

3/17/07 12:45:45a Melabrion is no longer Clanning.
3/17/07 12:45:51a Connie Crete says, "beer ta ya Lugy - thanks fer tryin ta help"
3/17/07 12:45:53a Althea asks, "what is it you want??"
3/17/07 12:45:55a (Mephisto rolls his eyes.)
3/17/07 12:45:56a Wangah Rah says in Thoom, "Looks like your brother sees your wisdom."
3/17/07 12:46:12a (Lugubrion frowns.)
3/17/07 12:46:16a Althea ponders, "dumb question."
3/17/07 12:46:21a Wangah Rah says in Thoom, "You grow tired. We grow tired as well."
3/17/07 12:46:35a Lugubrion says, "Very well."
3/17/07 12:46:41a Lugubrion says, "I wish you luck."

3/17/07 12:46:49a Wangah Rah says in Thoom, "I doubt you do."
3/17/07 12:46:51a Connie Crete says, "Lugy's swapped ta thoom - he be tired o tryin ta help. Wangah be tired o bein helped"

3/17/07 12:46:57a Althea says, "impart some wisdom."

3/17/07 12:47:08a Wangah Rah says in Thoom, "Condolences about your brother."
3/17/07 12:47:11a Althea says, "clearly you want us to do this"
3/17/07 12:47:14a (Lugubrion frowns.)
3/17/07 12:47:15a Althea says, "to fix this"
3/17/07 12:47:17a Wangah Rah says in Thoom, "It seems only the eldest possess wisdom and charisma."

3/17/07 12:47:30a (Lugubrion growls.)
3/17/07 12:47:34a Wangah Rah ponders, "How I wouldn't love to see him again."
3/17/07 12:47:36a Connie Crete says, "now Wangah be suckin up ta tha departed Tenny"
3/17/07 12:47:45a (Wangah Rah spits)
3/17/07 12:47:47a (Althea sighs)
3/17/07 12:47:51a (Afrit mumbles.)
3/17/07 12:47:54a Lugubrion is no longer Clanning.

Posted by Para at 10:46 PM
Ethereal Incursion Repelled


Malkor sent the following report to TMN:

Exiles repelled an ethereal incursion this afternoon. As many brave volunteers battled the constantly materializing ethereal creatures, I was able to place a kyuem within a rupture between the two planes.

The damage has been mended this once, and we now have a stable gateway to the seventh sphere, but there are many damaged boundaries yet to be dealt with.

I require coins, metal, ethercles, and gems to continue my work to detect these failing boundaries and restore equilibrium between the planes. Whatever assistance you can provide will be put to good use.


Posted by Para at 10:35 PM
Wangah Attracts Ethereal Slugs


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail Para,

I know that you and most exiles are aware of the many incursions by ethereal creatures into the Puddleby area. I do not pretend to understand the meaning of these attacks, but I have tried to help defend our town by healing our fighters and mystics as needed.

Recently, I and my clansister Sabine were among a large group of exiles trying to clear ethereal creatures from the snell south of east farm. Wangah Rah was among us, and we noticed this strange behavior by the ethereal slugs. Whenever Wangah would fall, the slugs would surround him, but pause as if asleep or waiting for something. It was very odd! I don't know what it means, but I offer this sketch in case some exile with more understanding of the planar ruptures and such can use this information.


Posted by Para at 10:30 PM
Wangah Rah's Report on Recent Ether Flow


Wangah Rah sent the following report to TMN:


Though feeling little goodwill towards the general populace, it is of interest to report another incursion of the Ethereal Plane on the northeastern portion of the south forest. Exiles battled long in the southern east farm, continually driving back ethereal beasts to allow mystics to close the portals allowing these creatures to coalesce on our plane.

A few puddledays afterwards, a flow of ether wandered into town from the scout snell. It was a smaller incursion and there were not a spectacular amount of ethereal beasts; however, it seems the merging of the plans is somehow imprinting the Ethereal Plane with our own beasts. The latest creature to appear is shown in this sketch and has been named an Ethereal Chamelopod, due to the nature of their body structure and coloring. Similar to the forest variant, these creatures are relatively easy to hit, but posses a truly fearsome bite.


It would not surprise me if more and more creatures from our plane began to surface in ethereal variants as the planes continue to move closer to unity. Perhaps an apology from exiles will lead me to make my research on these matters more public.

Be well, but not too well,
-Wangah Rah

Posted by Para at 10:26 PM
Malkor on the Next Storm


Malkor sent the following call to TMN:

Gather in town at (ooc) 4PM PDT (right now!) to stop an ethereal storm in its tracks.

Posted by Para at 04:08 PM
March 12, 2007
Trip to the New Pods Cave


Measle, Org du Lac, and Pun'isher were kind enough to escort me on a guided tour of the New Pods Cave. That's Pun behind the tree, looking forward to adventures in exile journalism.

When we arrived, we met up with Astral Duck and Xuxu, who were also there to hunt this cave.

We approach the cave.

Pun poses for TMN.

Astral Duck doesn't waste any time in clearing the entrance.

Measle shows how it's done with a head-butt move.

It took us a while to make the cave safe for exploration.

We found this fellow, Fallow, towards the rear of the cave.

He didn't want anything to do with me. How rude.

He was willing to speak with Pun, however.


Ow, my ears!

I declined the offer of my traveling companions to allow someone to fall here for the purposes of a good picture.

On the way out, however, Pun got clobbered beyond my abilities to heal.

I dragged her home.

Pun handled the drag home with poise, despite some concern about possible fashion ramifications.

Thanks to Measle, Org du Lac, Pun'isher, Astral Duck, and Xuxu!

Posted by Para at 11:05 PM
March 11, 2007
Wangah Rah: Guilty

largo-sword.gif wangah_rah_animated.gif

In a second trial, Wangah Rah has been found guilty in Puddleby Court.

Trial #1:
Clerus says, "Case #pcl_0566_033_11_11 on 33 Winter, 566 at 11:57..."
Clerus says, "Wangah Rah accused Kerrah of mystic-napping ..."
Clerus says, "The verdict was innocent."

Trial #2:
Clerus says, "Case #pcl_0566_049_17_21 on 49 Winter, 566 at 18:21..."
Clerus says, "Largo accused Wangah Rah of Assault and summoning Orga..."
Clerus says, "The verdict was guilty; 26 minutes in jail, 172c fine and 0 days banished."

Find out more and join the discussion on the Clan Lord Sentinel.

Posted by Para at 10:53 PM
Super Chicken Among Friends


Today I came across Super Chicken relaxing near his fellow chickens who roost near the Alliance Castle.

Posted by Para at 10:33 PM
Walking Fallen


Typ set the following report to TMN:

Dear Para:

These are just two old pix of the dead-walking Lin Bay.

It was a fine afternoon where Night-Bird took Lin and others on a hunt and Lin just happened to fall but not quite fall . . .

Best wishes



Posted by Para at 10:25 PM
Invisible Creatures


Connie Crete sent the following report to TMN:


This be more o a PSA fer thems not used ta tha EP critters. So there SongWren what aint hunted in tha EP or Abyss regular were out moseyin in south forest. He were attacked by an invisible critter and were doubtin his sanity.

So in town after a mosey there be me and Eb and we thought o a whole slew o critters it might could be. Tha ghastly presence topped tha list, but there were also Ratticus, invisible myrs, and Dande said there be invisible zu. Dande had ta study, but knowin about tha ongoin planar collisions and tha recent invasion.. what? a few days ago.. me and Eb went with SongWren ta identify tha critter.

Sure 'nuff, it were a GP. So . . . ifn yer out moseyin around - and ya aint used ta critters what roams tha EP—and ya gits bit bad by an invisible critter, ya aint insane - it be likely a leftover that them lazy invasionbeaterbackers fergot ta clean up. Tha tricky thing be—ifn ya falls ta one o these critters where they aint usually at, yer toggle locator will not do so good a job o findin ya.

NottaMystic thinks ta ya, "Need help? Toggle ifn ya does."

Ya toggles

NottaMystic thinks ta ya, "Hmm... falled ta a gp.. ethereal plane?"

Ya is silent

NottaMystic thinks ta ya, "ok, Abyss? And what is ya doin there! Ya should know better." (NottaMystic allays feels he gotta lecture ya when yer falled)

Ya is silent.

NottaMystic thinks, " be falled ta a gp and aint in tha ep or tha abyss.. I caint guess no more"

LottaSpam thinks, " Prolly EP residue, tha last batch was at "

Eventuallike they gits ta ya. But jest be warned. It could happen.

Posted by Para at 10:21 PM
Malkor on the Next Collision


Malkor sent the following prediction to TMN:

The Ethereal Plane will once again collide with ours on the sixtieth night of Winter, in the South Forest, just below the Southeast Farms. Tell your readers if you think it newsworthy.



Posted by Para at 03:27 PM
Who Is to Blame for Planar Collisions?


As the ethereal disturbances continue, exiles increasingly want to know more about the causes. Is someone responsible?

Posted by Para at 12:30 PM
March 10, 2007
Planes Collide; Rift Opens


Sativa sent the following report to TMN:

I was sitting in town, and I began to feel a tremble in the planes. Shortly after, I felt the encroachment of another plane coming into our own. I attempted to warn Puddleby of what I had felt, and sure enough there were sightings of several Ethereal Stalkers, and a cloud in and around town center! Within moments, a rift tore open in the middle of Town Center, and we began to battle the creatures of the ether, as fog began to emit from this rift, and head towards the ocean. I made a sketch of the rift as I lay fallen in town. The fog was making a strange sound, and I felt very uneasy as it seemed to ooze out.

We holed ourselves in the library, and using underground tunnels, made our stand at the temple. Creatures poured in from every corner, and I spent a good deal of time on my back. Many heroic exiles fought bravely, and kept us alive as throngs of monsters assailed us. The fierce ethereal skeletals nearly defeated us, but somehow we managed to escape their clutches. Every type of ethereal beast imaginable was there.

Fog quickly began to fill the temple, and everything else soon seemed to be inundated with fog. Eventually the portal closed as we continued to fight the monsters. However, another portal was opened near the post office. Wangah Rah came on shortly after, and closed the portal. After that it seemed that we hunted the rest of the creatures, and town was made safe, if only temporarily.

Will post again, if more information is found.

Posted by Para at 08:38 PM
Wangah Rah's Day in Court


Wangah Rah sent the following report to TMN:

Citizens of Puddleby-

I regret to inform you of troubling events. It seems Skirwan's acts to me have spread like a disease to the already questionable fen race. A kitten, much smaller than your average maha, was in the town zoo. I was informed this kitten was friendly, and went in to examine it. Much to my disgust, the creature proved disproportionately strong from its size, and quickly felled me. Seizing this opportunity, the fen known as Kerrah quickly threw a chain around my belt and carried me off to the town's chapel. Though at first terrified she would seek a forced marriage, she found it to her liking to simply abandon me in the records room, a very rare place to be fallen and one of the rarer places to check. Some time passed without me being located, and she decided to chain me around the southern forest while sunstoning requests for interesting places to leave my rotting corpse. Being . . . how do I say it tactfully . . . not too bright or creative at all, she left me for dead in the arena, where Inu and Althea found me and brought me back.

I brought this case before the Puddlebian Court system. In a moment of irony, the original deadly killer was brought in to the jury box with its master, and slaughtered several key jury members. After our cases being given, and Kerrah's words of sarcasm about thinking a chapel was a great place for a healer, and that healers were always at the Arena, the quarter-dead jury proceed to find Kerrah innocent of the crimes she was clearly responsible for.


What dark times have fallen when clear crimes are committed and condoned by town through their lack of condemnation. I felt it important to report the apathetic and pathetic state many of the exiles live in.

-Wangah Rah

Discussion on the Clan Lord Sentinel.

Posted by Para at 07:05 PM
March 07, 2007
Chaos Storm #484


Chaos Storm #484 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

Posted by Para at 07:16 PM
March 05, 2007
SNN News Bulletin: Wangah and Ethereal Activity


Hoggle and Skirwan have broadcast a SNN (Sticklord News Network) Special Report concerning the recent contest controversy, Wangah Rah, and the increase in dangerous ethereal conditions.


This report includes commentary by Phroon Thoom.

Posted by Para at 05:11 AM
March 04, 2007
Ethereal Headache


Ethereal activity may be imminent. Exiles are getting headaches and hearing noises.

• You have a splitting headache.

Ethereal headache factor is HIGH.

Posted by Para at 01:02 PM
Lorikeet Advances


Lorikeet has passed the sixth-circle healer's test.

Posted by Para at 12:50 PM
Gubara Report


Gubara says, "Greetings, Lord Paramedic."
Gubara says, "The most esteemed citizens are: Creed, Paramedic, Hunter, Terise duMiroir,..."
Gubara says, "and Teffin."
Gubara says, "The most reviled citizens are: Xel, Dreek Glost, Lucero, MaryJane, and Yor."

Posted by Para at 12:28 PM
March 03, 2007
Raid on the Orga Stronghold

A newly found chasm in the Pitch Caves

Hunter sent the following report to TMN:

Greetings, Paramedic and Puddleby!

On behalf of PAG, I bring news of our most recent discoveries. The last PAG expedition was an epic one, as our mission of fully exploring the Pitch and Slate Caves has finally been accomplished! With a great turnout and some revised tactics, we were victorious in a snell of the Slate Caves that has eluded us for a long time. Continuing on our way past deadly throngs of Arachnoids, we penetrated into unexplored territory. However, in a comical moment we soon realized that this mysterious terrain was in fact the Pitch Caves! So in actuality we found an alternate route to one of the teleport boosters and the Azure Mushrooms. From what we learned, the layout of these caves also suggests that they ultimately lead to the Orga Stronghold...

Not only that, mere days later a collaborative effort between EAT and PAG accomplished something even more monumental. We raided the Orga Stronghold, breaking through to discover a massive garrison and Katpus herself! Encountering fierce resistance from all breeds of Orga, the force of about 50 of us came under the barrage of many catapults.

A rough start to our Orga Stronghold raid

Part of our group advancing in an entirely unexplored area

A deadly chieftain hut amidst their incredibly dangerous garrison

It's clear the Orga have been fortifying. The battles were intense and eventually we found a cave where Katpus has been hiding. She didn't have much information as she's been isolated from outsiders for some time, but she did mention the importance of finding catapult parts and plans.

Katpus chatting with the first group to reach her since she set out from the Foothills

We also sensed that Trillbane was very close, yet while searching we were overwhelmed by the shear firepower of the Orga and their minions. Even though we were defeated, we still conquered and explored a great deal of the Orga Stronghold.

A rough end to our Orga Stronghold raid

This has been quite a fun and eventful week indeed. Let the Orga take note, because now we know what to expect and our assault on their homeland has just begun.


Posted by Para at 10:02 PM
Chance Advances


Creed sent the following announcement to TMN:

Hail Para,

I'd also like to report the exciting news that my friend Chance has passed the third-circle fighter test and earned her white belt. I've enclosed a couple of sketches of her triumph. She has worked very hard to reach this point, and I'm very proud of her, as is her husband Yharren.

Congratulations, Chance!



Posted by Para at 09:29 PM
Clan Destine Reunites


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail Para!

I'd like to report the exciting news that Clan Destine has reunited and reactivated. Several members have been on extended study trips, but some were able to come out of the library and attend a formal Clan Destine hunt on Sombdi (last night OOC). We invited Pun'isher along to fill out our fighter strength, and with her help we made short work of Noids, the plains, pods, and the new pods cave.

We then proceeded to MI, where with Kirara's assistance, we attempted to help Pun'isher get lasties on Valley Cougars until it was time for everyone to go. (I say attempted, as that effort didn't go quite as well as the rest of the hunt! :-) )

It was great fun to hunt again with my clanmates, and we also provided a good deal of clan expy to one another! Now we only hope that we can dig Cyan, Sian and/or Bir Guzzyl out of their books and have a full reunion one of these days.

We were never reunited!

Posted by Para at 09:13 PM
Ethereal Disaster


Kani sent the following report to TMN:


Some time before the events depicted in this picture, Tenebrion's spirit was sensed drifting away in the eighth sphere of the Ethereal Plane, having fallen to an ethereal cloud. Around the same time, a major split in the planes was sensed on Tenebrion's Island, which was soon observed to fill with all manner of ethereal and undine beast, punctuated by a host of Greater Deaths.

Some of these unwelcome visitors still remain, though many were sent back whence they came by a hardy taskforce of exiles.

A group then gathered to rescue Tenebrion, but found their progress thwarted by gale-force ethereal flow and more clouds than any exile might hope to see in a single place. It is not yet known what manner of disturbance instigated this tempest.


Posted by Para at 08:57 PM
Bad Day Near the Beach


Rakshasa sent the following report to TMN:

Hey Para,


Much thanks to Yor and others who chained people out of this mess.


Posted by Para at 08:46 PM
Skirwan's Day With Wangah

skirwan.gif wangah_rah_animated.gif

Skirwan sent the following report to TMN:


So somethin' weird happened today, and before Wangah starts spreading his version, I kinda feel like I need get to tellin' folks what really happened.

It all started earlier today - I was sittin' in TC, resting up after a walk through purgatory, when Wangah Rah sunstoned me. We 'chatted', and eventually he convinced me to come to the badlands - he said he was doing an experiment, and he needed to be fallen. And of course, the idea of knockin' Wangah down sounded like great fun to me! Plus, a Mystic at the badlands - what did I have to fear, right?

So we went way south into the badlands, and then into a tunnel below one of the bases, and then came up and went through the woods... I don't know the badlands very well, I was kinda lost. But finally he stops, and tells me to go ahead an' kill him.

So I did. One hit. Good times!

Then the trouble started - he twitched and moaned just like an exile does around the Feast of Tsirrin, only really quick-like. And then he stood up, lookin' for all the world like a greater wraith! Except he musta been stronger than most wraiths, because he ran me down and felled me with no trouble at all.

Then he stopped for a second, and suddenly an ethereal portal opened. Except he wasn't holdin' a portal stone, and it opened too far away from him, on the other side of my body.

Then more weird stuff - he reached down, touched a finger to my sungem, and somehow used it to sunstone stuff so it looked like I was sayin' it! He sunstoned something weird about me wantin' to trade him to the Brions or somethin'... Said something about a 'darkstone' in there too, whatever that is. I didn't really follow.

Then he hooked a chain under my belt, and ran into the portal, draggin' me behind! He ran around the EP for quite some time... the critters there just ignored him, though. I guess they thought he really was a wraith. Heck, maybe he was, I dunno.

We ran for ages - I dunno where we were goin', that place is a mystery to me when I don't have a map ready - until finally he started glowing red. He stopped for a second, and then he started really running - I guess he knew whatever was making him a wraith was wearing off. Finally he just froze in place, and a cluster of purple flame appeared around him, and suddenly he was just a fallen Sylvan in a cloak.

We chatted for a bit - he wouldn't tell me what he was doing or why he was (literally!) draggin' me into it. He didn't seem very happy though.

He told me that we were in the third sphere, and would be an easy rescue, and he told me he was going to blame me for all of this - say that I killed him and chained him in. Like I could survive for more than a few seconds in the EP alone! Then there were people sunstone about quakes in town, and ethereal critters in purgatory, and finally somehow sunstoned that the planes were shifting, and someone else said that we were fallen in the sixth sphere.

I still didn't want to depart, 'cause I know that's not good for the planes and all. He didn't depart either - maybe he's really concerned about planar warming too, or maybe he's like Teenybrain now, and he can't. When I mentioned Teenybrain, he kinda let slip that he had been trying for Teenybrain in the eighth sphere, and that he had made a wrong turn. I guess he was going to save the Brion and leave me there in his place. I don't know why - maybe there needs to be someone to trade for him for some mystical reason, or maybe he just didn't want any witness.

I kept pestering him for more info - I can be really annoying when I want to, ya know - but he kept ignorin' me. Finally I started singin' ten zillion bottles of beer on the wall... and of course, I don't know what a zillion less one is, so I just kept roundin' up to a zillion.

He growled, glowed blue for a sec, and then I found myself standin' in purgatory.

Discussion on The Sentinel.

Posted by Para at 05:08 PM
Tenebrion Fallen


Breaking News: Tenebrion is fallen. Some exiles seek to rescue him; others, like Cinnamon below, wonder if the effort is worthwhile. More news on this story later today...

Cinnamon sent the following report to TMN:

I don't have much to say other than Eil'daen was saying Tenebrion's fallen on the 8th Sphere of the Ethereal Plane. He had no information on if Tenebrion required assistance, but was keen to mount a rescue.

The standard for rescuing exiles has always been a system of goodwill and community. Tips are welcome, but the true rewards aren't measured in coin. Those 'brions aren't exiles and have actively undermined our goodwill and community.

Posted by Para at 06:52 AM