April 30, 2007
Return of Cachus


Torin reports in OWE News on the return of OWE member Cachus and a trip to the Slate Caves.

Posted by Para at 10:53 PM
Aspasia and Xepel: Bard & Bard Master


Xel sent the following announcement to TMN:

This past Lundi, day 69 of Summer, 566, a bard audition was held for the aspiring quester Aspasia.

The audition went off without a hitch, and Aspasia was promoted shortly thereafter to Full Bard status, after showing off her composing skills.


As so often does, an impromptu jam session broke out. Bard Auchore snuck up on us and listened in one a song or two, too!


Shortly thereafter, Perkusi took the stage and announced that Xepel was to be made a Bard Master. I think I speak for most when I say, "Finally!"



The jam session continued, all had a great time, and that's that! :)


Posted by Para at 09:53 PM
April 29, 2007
SNN Added to Favorites


I've added a new Favorites button to TMN for:

SNN (StickLord News Network)

Hoggle reports on the Clan Lord Sentinel that SNN Broadcast #3 is coming soon.


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Ethereal Incursion Aftermath


What happens when an ethereal incursion is not repelled? The following images seem to indicate the lingering effects: a large number of ethereal and non-ethereal creatures roam freely, making the area dangerous for all exiles. It is unclear how long this will continue.

I made these images while accompanying Kani, Janus, Megami, and Gil-Galad on a rescue to recover exiles who had fallen to the ethereal forces near the site of the recent Kismia Island incursion.

I start to beat a hasty retreat as creatures pour in from the north part of the sn'ell.

Kani makes a heroic but futile leap back into the thick of things.


The healers seek shelter to the south while waiting for the monsters to clear out somewhat.

I lure on the left side to help others heal or chain the fallen fighters to the northeast.

We make some progress.

Fenrir, the last remaining fallen, is chained as we get out while we still can.


Posted by Para at 08:50 PM
Sound of Chaotic Energy


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail Para,

Breaking news from the Greymyr Village. After Romuli reported hearing "strange noises" there, Shiner and I came to join him and see what was up. As you and your readers will hear on the attached visionstone, the noise is strange and frightening indeed. MaryJane reports that it is the sound of "chaotic energy."

More to come.

From the GMV,

Posted by Para at 12:26 PM
April 28, 2007
Bestiary Added to Favorites


I've added a new Favorites button to TMN for:

Bestiary (Org du Lac's outstanding encyclopedia of the creatures of the world)

Org du Lac's Bestiary


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April 27, 2007
Limerick for Largo


Aspasia created the following limerick for Largo:

Aspasia says, "A nice limerick, for Largo."
(Largo grins.)
(Aspasia clears her throat.)
Aspasia says, "Largo, a fashionable Fen."
Aspasia says, "Was quite the gentle among men."
Aspasia says, "Proven smarter than dirt."
Aspasia says, "When he wore his orange shirt."
Aspasia says, "Now ThoomCare has a story again."

Posted by Para at 11:23 PM
April 26, 2007
Vagile's Official Personality Bot Contest™


Vagile has announced Vagile's Official Personality Bot Contest™.

Read more about it on the Clan Lord Sentinel.


Recently announced for Vagile's contest: Pengy Prizes!

Pengy says, "Oak Basher or Main Gauche or unique colored cloak or museum space or custom unique trophy item. Whatever the winner chooses."

Posted by Para at 08:27 PM
Comments, Layout, Calendar


For some reason, most of the comments prior to May 2006 are no longer showing up on the site. I'm not sure what the issue is. I still have all the data for those comments in various backups, and they are available when I export the old entries, so they're not lost. I'll see about fixing the glitch.

In other news, I've been making minor tweaks to the layout of the site; mostly subtle changes to address some problems that date back to the launch. The margins and links should look better now.

I have updated the link for the Puddleby Calendar of Events button in Favorites to reflect the new calendar URL. The new calendar is coordinated by InuTeisei.

Interesting times lately! It's great to see such new projects as the OWE News and SNN. Also, Ethereal Incursions have generated quite a bit of exile activity in recent weeks. TMN will continue to cover these events as it prepares to celebrate its fifth anniversary next month. This old Thoom's still got some life left in him.



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April 24, 2007
OWE at Metz Island


Torin reports in OWE News on some recent expeditions to Metz Island by members of the Order of the White Elephant.

A Small Sunday Hunt
Return to Metz
PAG at Metz



Posted by Para at 08:57 AM
April 23, 2007
The CLUMP, OWE News Added to Favorites

the_clump_button.gif owe-news-button.gif

I've added new Favorites buttons to TMN for:

The CLUMP (Clan Lord Unofficial Manual Project)
OWE News (Order of the White Elephant's new news project)

Please click on and support these resources!


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April 22, 2007
Kismia Team Defeated


The team of exiles hoping to repel the Kismia Island Ethereal Incursion has failed. The ethereal forces were too powerful, our numbers too small. Exiles lose...

Posted by Para at 08:30 PM
Kismia Incursion Imminent



MaryJane sent the following announcement to TMN:

Details for the next incursion can be found on the Clan Lord Sentinel.

As predicted by Malkor:
Date: OOC Sunday (4/22/07) at 7PM Pacific Daylight Time.

Crew is gathering right now on CI to work our way to the sn'ell.

It's on KI interior, so there will be lots of fun hunting while we are waiting to start.

Spread the word to all your hunting groups, and friends. We will need a strong crew for this one . . .


Posted by Para at 06:41 PM
Reports from Azriel: 478-487


Azriel has filed several new reports in his journal.


Chaos Storm 487
Chaos Storm 484
Chaos Storm 481
Chaos Storm 478


Posted by Para at 11:41 AM
Colorblind Dwarf?


Fundin sent the following report to TMN:

Hi Para,

I recently went to look at purchasing some new rugs for my home. I saw what I thought was a nice orange rug, but when I looked into purchasing it, I was told it was yellow. Rubbing my drunken eyes, I checked again, but sure enough apparently it was yellow! I left a little confused, deciding not to buy such a shoddily labeled item from an apparently reputable store!

I then proceeded back to the pub :0) What next, chairs masquerading as beds? ;)


Posted by Para at 11:33 AM
Aspasia's Bard Audition

ocarina.gif tuborn.gif

A Full Bard audition for Aspasia will be held at 6pm Pacific/8pm Central/9pm Eastern on Saturday, the 28th of April.

Xepel has more information on the Clan Lord Sentinel.

Posted by Para at 11:19 AM
April 21, 2007
Incoming Ethereal Incursion: Kismia's Island

etherealness.gif malkor_profile.gif

Malkor sent the following announcement to TMN:

An ethereal incursion will once again strike Kizmia's Island tomorrow, April 22, at approximately 7PM PDT, in the sn'ell just north of Fat Alice's hut. The tear in our plane lies inland, as best I can tell, and will require a coordinated journey through the island's cave system.

Posted by Para at 07:45 PM
April 20, 2007
PAG Reaches 200


Fundin sent the following announcement to TMN:

PAG had its 200th trip last week; quite an achievement for a motley mix of exiles some of whom didn’t get along with each other at all at the start. I’d like to say the 200th trip was a stunner, but it wasn’t. It was just a normal trip but still fun.

To update people on our progress, we have explored all of the PC and SC areas, and now hunt these areas rather than press into the depths, partially due to needing a FM to get there, and partially as there is no reason to go there.

We are currently teamed up with EAT once a month to explore the Orga Stronghold, a stupendously strong area, with the toughest Orga. Even with our combined groups and lots of guests comprised of many of Puddleby's oldest and strongest exiles, we have yet to break through the sn'ell that we think holds the greatest prize: the elusive 4th PF book. Wish us luck on our next attempt.

Oh, and it's a little known fact that I only got the the second book a month ago. Many people think I was one of the first to reach it, which is sorta true as I found it first by suicide running; but since then my sister Cj Parker has been found to more useful on trips and has taken my place, which leaves me to sit in the pub all day, so everyone's happy :0)


Posted by Para at 08:24 PM
Cloud Moving Party


MaryJane sent the following announcement to TMN:

OOC: Saturday 10AM Pacific Time.

I will be heading up a cloud moving party for all those folks who don't have access yet.

I would appreciate help from folks who are aroundl there are lots of ways for folks to give a hand . . .

Meet in the Garden South of Town.


Posted by Para at 08:01 PM
Larger Album Art at FowlPlay


Rakshasa sent the following announcement to TMN:

Larger album arts are now available at FowlPlay Records. Thanks Kani! (and Lundar for the suggestion!)



Posted by Para at 07:58 PM
Deadly Water Poppies


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail Para,

This is a lighthearted submission, but you know I always like to send you sketches of the oddities I see in my travels around the lands.

The other day while a few exiles were healing up and regrouping in the cove during a Metz hunt, we beheld an unusual sight: two deadly poppies growing right on the water!

None of us was particularly surprised, having seen sea chickens and sea orga and having fished on land, but it was amusing.


Posted by Para at 07:48 PM
Got More Horus?


Alatar sent this image of Gunslinger in town needing quite a bit of Horus.

Posted by Para at 07:45 PM
Camp Dred Incursion Repelled


MaryJane sent the following report to TMN:


I am thrilled to announce that the exiles prevailed again at stabilizing the most recent Ethereal Incursion, this time in Camp Dred. It was touch and go for a bit, which made the victory that much sweeter. I only managed to capture one quick sketch, but wanted to send it to you. Malkor and myself continue to seek out Metal, Coins, Ore and Ethercles to continue our efforts to predict and stabilize these Ethereal Incursions. Metal is especially important right now as we continually need to replace broken amulets from all the work we are putting them through.


Posted by Para at 07:41 PM
April 18, 2007
Chaos Storm #490


Chaos Storm #490 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

Posted by Para at 11:01 PM
April 17, 2007
Ethereal Incursion on Gungla


The ethereal incursion on Gungla Island was successfully repelled. Aravir has a report on the incursion. Here are some more images from what turned out to be an epic battle.

At first, our numbers were few.

We were all happy to see the formidable Aldernon show up.

Yor whacks a slug.

Mystic Malkor wisely gets out of the way.

Soon, though, the fallen were piling up like cordwood. It seemed like we didn't have the numbers we needed for this undertaking.

Periodic spawns kept us on our toes. More exiles, like Blue Althea, were joining the fray by this time, however.

Strategic retreats continued in the aftermath of Malkor planting the kyeum.

Soon we got the sn'ell under some degree of control, and the ethereal flow from the portal to the kyeum was underway.

Here we see Aldernon underfoot after getting run over by an Ethereal Scarmis. Nice action shots of Nyla, Dongle, Mr BomBastik, and Xepel here.

Keeping the flow moving out of the portal proved particularly challenging this time.

Me healing Malkor after he slipped on some ethereal goop and fell near the portal.

I foolishly managed to trap myself against the rocks here. Malkor did a great job of directing exile warriors to the battle's hot spots.

Even Puddleby's law enforcement personnel fell victim to the continuing ethereal onslaught.

Many of the participants in this battle were long-time residents of Puddleby.

An impressive chain run by Hunter. Aldernon was struck by the number of deadly Ethereal Clouds.

Me bringing a chainload of badly fallen exiles to the Horus-master, Lorikeet.

A second portal opens up, bringing forth another death-dealing allotment of ethereal beasties to the battlefield.

Noivad delivers an arrow, at point-blank range, to an ethereal forehead.

By this time, we were just waiting for the kyeum to fire up. We'd lost the sn'ell a couple times, but managed to recover ourselves and fight on.


Dongle makes the traditional "We Win" salute.

Malkor pauses before leaping into the portal. Once again, exiles were powerfully drawn toward throwing themselves into the portal despite the dangers within.

There goes Malkor.

There goes Althea.

Exiles make the leap.

Exiles are sucked in like they are going down a drain.


Some manage to escape. Others end up waiting for rescue.

My thanks to everyone who participated and made this a great success, and special thanks to Malkor, who did a great job as an ethereal incursion coordinator.

Posted by Para at 11:40 PM
April 14, 2007
Upcoming Ethereal Incursion


MaryJane sent the following report to TMN:


• You sense an ethereal disturbance will occur here after noon on Gradi, the 14th Day of Summer."

Sun, 15 Apr 2007 08:13 am PDT

Posted by Para at 02:38 PM
Ethereal Invasion: Southern Ash


An ethereal invasion took place earlier today on Southern Ash Island.



The ethereal invaders were eliminated. No portal was found, however.

Posted by Para at 11:40 AM
Xepel's New Release: Ripples

ripples_art.jpg xepel.png

Rakshasa sent the following report to TMN:

Hey Para,

Xepel's new all-harp album Ripples has just been released on FowlPlay Records, which has been relocated to http://fowlplay.ashensunset.com/. The scroll is also now outfitted with MIDIs available for your downloading pleasure. Rak on Puddleby!


Posted by Para at 11:12 AM
April 13, 2007
Images from Most Recent Ethereal Incursion


Coming soon!

Posted by Para at 12:01 AM
April 08, 2007
Support a Spriggan, Save the World from Ether


Don't miss your opportunity today at 10 AM to help Malkor repel an Ethereal Incursion on Gungla Island.

Malkor says, "Time is of the essence. Please join us to the east of the Gungla landing to quickly repel the incursion."

kyeum_activated.gif malkor_profile.gif

All will go well with your help.


Posted by Para at 06:57 AM
Pretzel Invasion


Dongle sent this image of a pretzel invasion to TMN. Exiles eventually ate their way to victory.

Posted by Para at 06:31 AM
Bakunan Advances


Creed sent the following announcement to TMN:

Hail, Para!

I just wanted to pass along some great news from Clan Destine. Many exiles probably already know this, but our own Bakunan has passed the fifth-circle fighter test!

A sketch of part of the celebration in town center is attached. Congratulations to Bakunan from your clan brothers and sisters!

We were never here!


Posted by Para at 06:14 AM
Wedding of Brune and Indigo


Aravir has a report on the recent wedding of Brune and Indigo.

Posted by Para at 06:07 AM
April 07, 2007
If You Could Be Any Other Exile For a Day...

drablakwithrock.gif cody.gif hoggle_riding_snail.png largo.png
lorikeet_purple.gif classic_malkor.gif skirwan.gif super_chicken_chicken.gif

If you could be any other exile for a day, who would it be?


Tell us about it on the Clan Lord Sentinel.


Posted by Para at 08:52 PM
Another Ethereal Incursion


Malkor sent the following announcement to TMN:

The time will soon be right to mend the incursion on Gungla Island.


Be ready at 10 AM PDT on Sunday.

Posted by Para at 07:04 PM
April 01, 2007
Ethereal Incursion Not Repelled


Exiles failed to repel the most recent ethereal incursion. Issues of timing and tactics combined, ultimately resulting in a destroyed kyeum. Aravir has the details in his most recent journal entry.

Posted by Para at 10:59 PM
New Chicken Builders


Now in Mai's Garden:

Chi'Kun Fowlbane says, "Greetings, Paramedic. I am collecting building materials and coins for not building a statue to chicken glory in the Petting Zoo."
Chi'Kun Fowlbane says, "So far, I have collected no materials."

Chi'Kun Tenders says, "Greetings, Paramedic. I am collecting building materials and coins for building a statue to chicken glory in the Petting Zoo."
Chi'Kun Tenders says, "So far, I have collected no materials."

Posted by Para at 10:13 PM
Pit in the Fairgrounds


A pit has opened up in the Fairgrounds!

It leads to various peculiar and normally inaccessible areas.

An unexplored area?

Footgrabbing for glory.

The Great Chicken toots his horn. Magnificent!

Skirwan mourns the death of the other Skirwan.

Earlier today, many exiles fell victim to an evil variety of kudzu. Aravir has more details in his journal.

The death of Eldon.

Posted by Para at 06:10 PM
Return of Marfisa


Cecil reports today via Koppi that the famous fen Marfisa will be returning to Puddleby. Can anyone confirm or deny this timely report?

Posted by Para at 05:55 PM
Mysterious Portal in Town


A mysterious portal has opened near Town Center.

Posted by Para at 01:01 AM