June 28, 2007


Borkiron sent the following report to TMN:

Hi Para,

I heard that there is something called an "iStone" going on sale in Puddleby tomorrow? Do you know where the queue for it begins?

Also, do you know anything about this "iStone"? I heard you can do all of think to others (like a sunstone), listen to bard music, & browse scrolls (like Thoomcare, Sentinel, Puddleopedia, CLUMP) on it.

After a lot of work, I found a picture of what this "iStone" is supposed to look like, & have attached it. It sure doesn't look like any kind of stone anyone's
ever seen before. Do you think this "iStone" is all rumour and hype?


An anonymous source submitted to TMN this unverified rumor:

The rumor is spreading slowly that Stuenora will have a new device for sale starting on Spring 51st, 567.

A few details about it:
The new device is called the iStone and will:
- sell at 5999 coins.
- is supported exclusively by the Mystic Network, who does the "activation" for about 6-700 coins.
- costs only 600 coins per zodiac to maintain service.
- lets you store Bards music (comes preloaded with Xepel's latest album and a Rakshasa compilation)
- lets you play Visionstone movies on the go
- lets you receive your postoffice mail wherever you are!
- is bundled with the handy PuddlebyMaps service
- offers the traditional services of the sungem, but with a better interface and the ability to manage your groups more easily.

Stuenora will only have a few for sale, so get in the line early or miss!

Posted by Para at 10:36 PM
June 26, 2007
iClan 1.2.1


Skirwan's clanning-information application iClan has been updated to version 1.2.1.

More information is available on the Clan Lord Sentinel.

Posted by Para at 07:56 PM
June 24, 2007
Chaos Storm #499


Chaos Storm #499 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

Posted by Para at 08:25 AM
June 18, 2007
Ethereal Incursion Imminent


MaryJane sent the following report to TMN:

Asenath reports: the next ether incursion will be today (6/18, ~8-9PM EDT), in N snell of GMV.

Please pass out as widely as possible. Asenath will be there, I won't be able to be.

Good Luck!

Posted by Para at 06:06 PM
June 16, 2007
Exiles Defeat Noth Incursion


A large force of exiles managed to defeat the ethereal incursion on Noth earlier today. The kyeum was successfully powered up.

Other images:

Exiles lure creatures from the north, where the kyeum was positioned.

Hoggle sent to TMN this image of angry noths reacting to the presence of exiles.

Posted by Para at 12:06 PM
June 12, 2007
Incoming Ethereal Incursion: Noth


MaryJane sent the following announcement to TMN:

Hello Para,

The next Ethereal Incursion will be on Noth, just south of the magical barrier, sometime before noon, Merdi 88 Day Winter (roughly 9 A.M., 6/16/07).


Posted by Para at 11:26 PM
Metz, Sarra, and Noids


Torin and Hunter report on OWE News on a trip to Metz, Lady Sarra's Grave, and some images from Hunter's archives.

Posted by Para at 11:24 PM
June 06, 2007
Dragged by Bartok


Torin reports on OWE News that in the aftermath of the recent Orga Stronghold raid, Afrit, Crunch, Elenis Reyav, Janus, and J'nder were all dragged around by the Orga leader, Bartok.

Posted by Para at 11:39 PM
June 04, 2007
Yor Refuses to Fall


Torin reports on OWE News on Yor refusing to fall despite taking a pounding from earthquakes and Ancient and Basalt Greymyrs.

Posted by Para at 08:26 PM
Expeditions to Sarra and the Orga Camp


Azriel has posted his report on Chaos Storm #493. He describes expeditions to Sarra and the Orga Camp.

Posted by Para at 08:19 PM
Orga Stronghold 13


Torin and Hunter report on OWE News on recent EAT/PAG excursions to Orga Stronghold 13.

Part 1
Part 2


Posted by Para at 08:11 PM
Orga Stronghold: Dredtastic


Azriel has posted his report on Chaos Storm #490. He describes assaults on the Orga Stronghold, Pitch and Slate Arachnoid Caverns, and Metz Island.


Posted by Para at 07:55 AM
June 03, 2007
Greymyrs Bear Brunt of Latest Ethereal Incursion


The most recent ethereal incursion went unchallenged north of the Greymyr Village. Find out more on the Clan Lord Sentinel.

Posted by Para at 09:15 AM
Galadriel Earns Ledger, Sativa Trains, OWE Hunts KI


Torin reports on OWE News the following stories:

Galadriel earns a ledger from AnDeux Faure
Kani leads a group of exiles to help Sativa train
Mujin-kun leads a hunt at KI

Posted by Para at 08:48 AM
Largo On Stage


In his most recent journal entry, Largo reports on playing Thoombalt in Zomeo and Thoomiet and on the assembly of a Darkstone.

Posted by Para at 08:34 AM
Clan Lord Myspace


Javelin sent the following report to TMN:


There is a CL Myspace group set up by a good friend of ours.

We were asked to spread the word and thought of TMN.

-Javelin, Ce'Nedra, and Garion

Posted by Para at 08:25 AM
He's On Fire


Bakunan sent the following report to TMN:

Lava Cloaks and tobacco snuff don't mix.

Posted by Para at 08:02 AM
Laughing Academy Hunts Melabrion's Island


Inu Teisei sent the following report to TMN:

Howdy Para,

Well Laughing Academy was up to fun again.

Tonight in our efforts to have a LA hunt on MI, we met with utter success as the attached sketch shows:


What is missing from that sketch is that Laughing Academy's resident mystic lived!


Ratbane took the opportunity to teach us a valuable lesson.


So we want to thank all who saved us or tried to save us.


Naturally of course, since Ratbane missed his required fall,


he made up for it in due time after the hunt was over and on an entirely different island no less.


Once Ratbane was saved, we quickly went to work on hooking Pun up with a new look.



I've made available a more complete sketch album of our hunt.

Smoochy Boochies,
-Inu Teisei

Laughing AcademyŽ .. We fall so you don't have to! ... Falling at a snell near you .... Charge! er no Run! Run!

Posted by Para at 07:33 AM