July 30, 2007
Gurgi Gets Squashed


Buckwheat sent the following report to TMN:

Gurgi was a victim of a simultaneous rockslide and pebble barrage the other day in the Foothills so a call for Horus rang out. What followed was one of the most impressive gatherings of Horus in the history of Puddleby. There was believed to be well over 10,000 Horus present! Amazingly, it still wasn't enough, as Gurgi remained perilously near death! Sadly, Gurgi eventually had to depart and the army of healers dispersed.


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July 28, 2007
Phineas's Mega-Amazing Book One Adventure


Phineas sent the following announcement to TMN:

Phineas and PAG will be leading an adventure to Path Finding Book One on Sunday, August 12th, 2007 beginning at 11:30am PDT. This trip is open to everyone. We're gonna have so much fun on this adventure that we'll require surgeons to remove the smiles from our faces!

More information on this adventure may be read on the Clan Lord Sentinel.

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July 25, 2007
Eden's New Journal


Warrior Thoom Eden has started a new journal, The Warrior Thooming.

Recent entries cover Mud Golems, reaching 1000 Evus, Island Panthers and Scarmis, and Evus, 4th Circle, and More

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July 17, 2007
Azriel on Sarra, Metz, and Tepui


In his most recent journal entry, Azriel reports on trips to Sarra, Metzetli Island, and the Tepui.


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Reminder: Expired Accounts Open During July

cl_mirror.jpg joe.gif

A message from Joe at Delta Tao:

•We added a free month to all expired accounts, so tell your friends to stop back in and say hi.

Read more at the Clan Lord Sentinel.

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Pathfinding: Is It Worth It?


Pathfinding: is it worth the effort? Mephisto has opened a discussion on the Clan Lord Sentinel.

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Kerrah Announces Skinning Class


Kerrah made the following announcement on the Clan Lord Sentinel:

I will be teaching a class on skinning fun and tactics on Saturday, July 28, at 12 pm PDT. I will probably resurrect my lecture from the one I taught last year. Participants will meet in the brewery at Noon and move on to the University lobby. Lecture will be followed by an in-field demonstration in the Valley. A pathfinding TA would be very helpful, but not vital in an absolute pinch.

Requirements: None. However, if you are a fighter that doesn't have the Atkus to hit Valley creatures, please understand that we'll only be able to hold the creatures for tags for a limited time before they'll need to be killed, to keep the hunt moving at a brisk pace.

Fees: None, although donations would be appreciated (by no means necessary).

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Tepui Backdoor


Hex sent the following report to TMN:

Recently a group of exiles lead by Mephisto made the dangerous backdoor entry to Tepui, with assistance from Xel (not pictured). We explored the region looking for yet unfound paths, though were unsuccessful in that regard. The hunt was a great success, however, and much fun was had by all. Once thought to be a dangerous and thus ignored route to Tepui, our increased strength seems to be making this shorter entrance much more viable.


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July 15, 2007
New Orga Outback


Hunter reports on OWE News on the recently discovered New Orga Outback.

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New Orga Village Path


Torin reports on OWE News on the exploration of a new Orga Village path.

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Kalian Advances


Torin reports on OWE News that Kalian has passed the Eighth Circle Fighters' Test.

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Darshak Liche


In his most recent journal entry, Mouser reports on his studies of the Darshak Liche.

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Fireworks Exhibition


Illora Mone sent TMN some pictures of a recent fireworks exhibition in Town Center. An exile named Sethy seems to have discovered a wand that he proceeded to use to produce the various effects.













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Planar Warming: Fact or Fraud?


So, what happened? Did the incursions stop? Did exiles stop them? Should we be doing something?

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July 14, 2007
Deathtrap Noids and Tepui Temple


Torin reports on OWE News the following stories:

OWE and Friends at DTN
Tepui Temple

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Apprentice Mystic Eil'daen Passed Away


Zhane reports the news of the death of Eil'daen in Eil'daen's journal.

More information is available on the Clan Lord Sentinel.

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Nyssa Remembered; Sativa Denied


Torin reports on OWE News the following stories:

Nyssa Remembered
Sativa Denied

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Animated Chicken, Largo, Daimoth


New animations from Hoggle:

Largo Brand Conditioner
Chicken Horn Duel (new version)
Lil' Daimoth PSA

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July 11, 2007
Chaos Storm #502


Chaos Storm #502 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

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July 08, 2007
FMOCR and a Visit to the Ethereal Plane


Helios sent the following report to TMN:

Hello again Para! Just wanted to keep you updated with the excitement I've had recently traveling throughout the lands.

First, during the most recent full moon event, I was lucky enough to join Asenath and a large crew through the Orga Camps to defeat an Orga Magician so that Miss Asenath could use his stone for some fangled Full Mystic tasks. I didn't get a chance to see the Magician, however, due to Yor's deadly assassination skills.

Less than a zodiac later, after careful discussion with my superiors, I organized a group to travel through the Ethereal Plane to visit Mr. Lugubrion's Tower. I'm learning more of the plane each visit I make, thanks to many knowledgeable, strong and kind exiles such as Yor and Lorikeet. Once again, a big thank you to everyone who assisted in our little expedition. Hopefully, our exit will be a bit more organized next time, though. <:

Apprentice Mystic



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July 07, 2007
Upcoming Bard Audition

ocarina.gif tuborn.gif

Phineas reports on the Clan Lord Sentinel:

The Bards' Guild is pleased to hold an open audition on Fri 20 Jul 07 at 8:00pm PDT!

* Please read the requirements for quester/bard auditions.

* mTooth is a very helpful application (OS X only).

* If you have any question, ask a bard (either in town or via PM)!

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July 04, 2007
Expired Accounts Activated for a Month

cl_mirror.jpg joe.gif

A message from Joe at Delta Tao:

•We added a free month to all expired accounts, so tell your friends to stop back in and say hi.

Read more at the Clan Lord Sentinel.

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July 03, 2007
Finding Trillbane


Cj Parker sent the following report to TMN:

We had a relatively a small group, which lacked fighters (for a change!). As a result, we weren't overly confident and it took 2 hours of head banging to get past the Orga Stronghold. We then made pretty quick progress through the other snells and luckily we had about five latecomers turn up to help out (so if you ever think you've missed the trip, just log on you might be able to catch up).

After taking the snell that Katpus resided in, Yor showed the fragment to Katpus, but she didn't react. Slightly disappointed by this after such a hard-won item did not achieve the desired result, we were resigned to having to find more fragments. We decided to look in 13 and see how we could get in deeper.

As it turned out, it was very hot and we decided instead to pile into the PF and map it. Luckily, as we piled through most got in. Some went through a PF that led to Dredwood, some didn't get through and got chained in 13, some backed out into 12. Myself and a few others cleared the small PF area of critters which was surprisingly easy (not much there) and then got everyone else from 12 who was fallen and formed up a group again. We moved back through the PF in 13 and then tried the 3 or 4 PF paths that we saw.

One we didn't take as it went to Dredwood, two other paths we could barely see, and one path with much staring no-one could open until Meph tried and opened it. The shout came up that Trillbane was there, and we all piled in.

Multiple people trained and then we all headed out and suicided in 13 trying to get some more parchments; it was just hard to rod with half the team dead.

-Cj Parker

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July 01, 2007
Trillbane Found


Torin reports on OWE News that Trillbane was found during today's EAT/PAG trip to the Orga Stronghold.

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Catching Up With OWE News


Hunter and Torin report on OWE News the following stories:

The Fall of Superdwarf
PAG at Sarra
Kalian Joins OWE!
J'jh Enters Sixth Circle
Tuska Kalian
Twilight Passes
Myrs and Yorillas
PAG at Tepui



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Tenebrion on Crack


Azriel has posted his report on Chaos Storm #496. Featured in this report:

1) A crack in the Annulus and the fallen Tenebron therein
(Read Yor's report on the Clan Lord Sentinel for more information)
See also: OWE News Report: Ethereal Mystery
2) The fourth joint PAG/EAT expedition to the Orga Stronghold
See also: Shakyamuni's report
3) A trip to Sarra by PTF and friends and the discovery of a curious pool
4) The rainforest on Metzetli Island
5) Uli hunting and the wrath of angry orgas

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Chicken and the Sea


Once again we see the danger presented by the light-emitting evil beacons of the sea. Find out more on the Clan Lord Sentinel.


Org's Bestiary Updated


Org du Lac has updated his Bestiary, a valuable source of information on the various creatures to be found in the lands.

Org du Lac's Bestiary

Read about and comment upon it here at the Clan Lord Sentinel:

Bestiary Version 2.0b Now Published

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