August 29, 2007
Exiles Defeat Devil's Island Incursion


MaryJane sent the following report to TMN:

Beer to ya, Paramedic.

I wanted to tell you how exciting it was to stabilize the incursion on Devil's Island this past Merdi. It started with Xel, Kani, Relkin, Suuub and I moving the portal into place. The battle raged for most of the early morning and just after sunrise, the exiles were victorious as the kyuem powered up.

Phroon rallied folks through the battle and managed to lead us into a more stable plane.

Well done, exiles!



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Eden Gets Lyfed


Eden has updated her journal, The Warrior Thooming, with some new entries:

KI and Vermine
Lyfe Sucks
Wyrms, Toks, and Vanqs

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August 28, 2007
Purple Caverns


MaryJane sent the following report to TMN:

Recently in an effort to explore the scorch marks in East Field, Agent the fighter and I followed them around East Forest. Hooking up with Hoggle, we discovered a new cave entrance near the river crossing in East Forest. We waited for Lorikeet to arrive, and several other exiles joined us in exploring this new location. It seems that Fire Dra'ryx populate the cave and were responsible for the scorch marks. At least, that is our assumption until we can explore it further.

I have enclosed a couple sketches I took . . .

As those who discovered it, we have named this place "The Purple Caverns."



[Editor's Note: I am aware of the controversy found on the Clan Lord Sentinel surrounding the name of these caverns. I have chosen to follow my usual practice of initially using the name chosen by the discovering party. If a consensus emerges with regard to a new name, I'll adopt that name for TMN usage going forward. Please carry comments to Clan Lord Sentinel. -Para]

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Incursion Coming to Devil's Island


MaryJane sent the following announcement to TMN:

Dear Paramedic,

Asenath has located the next incursion, just after one went by unchallenged:

"Ether incursion, DI voolcons, early morning of Merdi, 29 Winter (Wed, 29 Aug ~1 am EDT)"


More info on the Clan Lord Sentinel.

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August 22, 2007
Tree Giants; Pathfinding Expedition


Aravir has updated his journal with some new entries:

Bloodshed in Tree Giant Breeding Grounds
Phineas' Pathfinding Expedition

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New Clans: Fenix Fire, Pink Squad


Eden has updated her journal, The Warrior Thooming, with some new entries:

Two Days, Two Clans
Fun Stuff and Pink Squad

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The Dreaded Rear Admiral


Hunter reports on OWE News on the appearance of a Rear Admiral in Puddleby.

Posted by Para at 11:25 PM
Mantuan Hunt; Tip'ii Morphs


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail Para,

I was lucky enough to play a very small part in a recent successful Mantuan hunt right on the beach at Metzetli Island. I managed to capture just a single sketch of the group of valiant exiles who brought down this magnificent beast, which was chained by Yor to be made into a trophy.

I only regret that my sketch caught Yosaku in an unfortunate position. Otherwise, it was a truly breathtaking sight to watch all these strong fighters prevailing against a strong and valiant creature.

I also managed to witness Tip'ii obtaining his Island Panther morph. I don't know how many feline morphs Tip'ii has achieved, but I have to say congratulations on the latest!



Posted by Para at 11:17 PM
Ships Offshore


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Greetings, Paramedic!

I am curious whether any other exiles have been wondering about the two Darshak ships that seem more or less permanently anchored off the docks west of Puddleby town. On a recent occasion, they were shooting enormous cannonballs into the crowd gathered on the docks, killing at least one innocent bystander.


Is this connected in some way with Largo's recent message about providing supplies to the Darshak rebels? Inquiring minds wanna know.


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Chaos Storm #508


Chaos Storm #508 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

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August 20, 2007
Dar'shak Invasion; Hunting Metz, MI, and the Valley


Eden has updated her journal, The Warrior Thooming, with some new entries:

Exploration: Metz and KI
Hunting the Sasquatch Valley
Round 2
The Rear Admiral's Velvet Hat
Walking Fish and Angry Mothers
The Clean-Up Crew


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August 19, 2007
Chat with Necro


Inu Teisei sent the following report to TMN:

This transcript is from 8/18/07 around Midnight EDT. I am not sure what the IC date/time was. It has been heavily edited to remove chatter and my superfluous comments.

8/18/07 12:21:34a Jeepers says, "in there"
Necro growls, "I am here now"
Sythe asks, "Why are your forces attacking us?"
Necro growls, "Because I wished it."
Necro growls, "Why are you here?"
Sythe says, "Trying to find out what your up to."
Balbo says, "your troops came knocking on our door"
Necro growls, "I am collecting blood. Care to donate?"
Sythe asks, "Blood for what purpose?"
(Necro's Apprentice sniffs.)
Necro growls, "...rituals"

Inu Teisei asks, "Rituals?"
Necro's Apprentice growls, "Sylvan blood is here."
(Necro's Apprentice sniffs the air.)
Sythe asks, "What sort of rituals?"
(Necro nods to his apprentice)
Necro growls, "You would not understand"
Sythe asks, "Do you work with the Darshak?"
Necro growls, "Work....'work'....hrmmm...."
(Necro mulls that word over)
Sythe asks, "Are they at your service or are you at theirs?"
Necro growls, "When they further my aims, yes."
Balbo asks, "?"
Necro growls, "What are your desires?"
Sythe says, "Our desires? To not be attacked."
Sythe says, "by your minions"
Necro growls, "Very well. Go in peace."
(Necro turns to leave)
(Necro's Apprentice sniffs the air)
Necro is no longer Clanning.
Sythe says, "hmm..."
Inu Teisei says, "He didn't tell us anything"
DragonHawk thinks, "necro left!"
Balbo asks, "Apprentice, have you had any donations recently?"
Necro's Apprentice growls, "I was given what was needed."
Sythe says, "Why has Necro left us? We weren't done with him."
Inu Teisei asks, "Will he be back soon, Necro?"
Necro's Apprentice growls, "The Master comes and goes as he desires."
Inu Teisei asks, "What else does he desire?"
Sythe asks, "What do you do for him?"
Necro's Apprentice growls, "I do what he asks."
Inu Teisei asks, "Does he not tell you why?"
Sythe asks, "What has he asked for? Blood?"
Balbo asks, "is there a reward for donations?"
Necro's Apprentice growls, "Your questions are typical."
Sythe asks, "how so?"
(Mephisto keeps his distance.)
Necro's Apprentice growls, "I am not given to answer."
Necro's Apprentice growls, "I do as I ask."
Inu Teisei asks, "Will any blood do, or just sylvan blood?"
Necro's Apprentice growls, "I do as he asks."
(Necro's Apprentice sniffs the air)
Ugh asks, "what the?"
Sythe asks, "Do you collect Darshak blood?"
Necro's Apprentice growls, "The Master's instructions are clear. I say no more."
Sythe asks, "You will not tell us your masters instructions to you?"
Necro's Apprentice growls, "The Master bids me come."
Sythe says, "Tell him your busy talking to us."
(Necro's Apprentice leaves)

Largo/DH: Full transcript is available if desired, let me know and I will email it to you.

-Inu Teisei







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August 18, 2007
The Dar'shak Rebellion


Largo sent the following report to TMN:


There has been some talk recently about the Dar'shak rebels that've been seen a few times, and questions have been asked. Due to previous contact with these rebels, I think that I can answer some of them. Please take note of the fact that I wanted to be more forthcoming from the start of this whole incident, but I was asked to remain quiet, as Dar'shak would probably pick up on any information that circulated. Now that the theocracy seems to understand as much as I do on the topic, the time's come for me to share what I know.

I became friends with Olivebeard through a series of encounters that took place a few years ago. We helped each other out of several difficult situations that made his status as a traitor to the Dar'shak very apparent. Eventually, an emissary from his group of rebels came to me asking for supplies, as they'd fallen on hard times. I provided what I could, and would have asked exiles for more help had this emissary not expressly asked I keep quiet. After that, I heard nothing from the rebels until the recent events centered around them.

Through asking a lot of questions every time I've had the opportunity, I think I've accurately put together the history and some of the details of this rebellion. Those with good memories or a solid knowledge of history will remember Kiril Drakesblood and her famous invasion that took place eighteen years ago, in the Spring of 549. Previous to this invasion, Kiril and her brother Tyris served as a sort of intermediary between the cult and the pirates. After her death, negotiations between the two began to fall apart. Some of these pirates, led by the charismatic Tyris, severed ties to the theocracy and went into hiding to plan their rebellion. They've managed to elude the cult and gather their forces for several years, but have fallen on hard times, which brings us to somewhat recent events. With nowhere else to turn, the rebels have asked us for supplies.

I understand that there will be suspicion placed on Tyris for a number of reasons, not the least of which being his relation to Kiril. However, we have to remember that we share a strong common enemy with him in the Dar'shak. If we refuse to offer the aid that's been asked of us, the rebels will almost certainly be crushed by the cult, and we gain absolutely nothing. However, if we help as we can, we begin to both forge bonds with a new ally and deal a blow to the theocracy. The supplies needed include food, clothing, lumber, weapons, coins, and of course alcohol for morale purposes. If you're given the opportunity to, I urge you to offer whatever you can.

If anyone has any further questions, there's discussion taking place on the Sentinel.


Posted by Para at 09:10 AM
Lava Bubbles Forth, Hermit Intervenes, East Field Invaded


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Greetings again, Para!

I have a couple of additional submissions for TMN. These are just items of possible amusement, if not much news value!

I've enclosed two sketches of a strange lava eruption that appeared briefly in north town a couple of puddleweeks ago. As far as I know, it was never explained. Fortunately, it was not actually hot, as it seemed few exiles could resist the temptation to sit in it.


Also enclosed is a brief sketch of a more-than-usually odd conversation with the Marsh Hermit. Since I rarely gamble, I can only guess his commentary must have been directed at Harper . . . *grin*


Speaking of Harper, Chance recently had the opportunity to help our lovely Sylvan healer friend out of a jam in East Field. With Chance's help and that of several other exiles, this mini-spawn of Darshak Thugs was quickly dispersed.




Posted by Para at 08:57 AM
Fellock Aftermath


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail Para!

Yor has already well documented the successful PAG trip to kill the dreaded Orga Fellock, but I wanted to offer a couple of group pictures that we sketched after the adventure.

I thought these varying reactions to the news of the Fellock's death were amusing!




Posted by Para at 08:42 AM
August 12, 2007
Orga Fellock Is Dead


Hunter reports that the Orga Fellock has been defeated in his most recent report on OWE News.

Posted by Para at 05:00 PM
Phineas' Book One Trip Is a Success


Phineas sent the following report to TMN:


SOMEWHERE DEEP IN THE SNAGGLEWOOD, LOK'GROTON ISLAND: Today a large army of exiles marched upon the Pitch Caverns in an attempt to reach Giayl's Guide to Hidden Ways, commonly referred to as simply "Pathfinding Book One." This group, which was lead by the skillful members of PAG, swiftly commanded the areas outside of Camp Dred and controlled the area surrounding the waterfall.

The exiles storm the caverns beyond the waterfall. Treats were served.

Once inside, the exiles methodically dominated cavern after cavern.

The exiles ambush the horrific denizens of the caverns. Casualties were minimal.

Due to the efficient leadership of PAG, the exiles quickly found themselves standing before the pages of Book One!

The exiles reach their goal.

Not only were the exiles successful in their objective of reaching Book One, but they also managed a side trip to "The Tao of Trillbane" (or otherwise known as "Book Three").

The exiles consider combat tactics against the well-protected Book Three.

After an abrupt and decided battle, Sengir begins learning from the advanced pathfinding book.

The entire trip took less than 45 mainland minutes to complete. Many thanks to all who attended, and special thanks to the attending members of PAG for their experienced guidance. For Thoomcare News, this is Phineas reporting.

Discussion at Clan Lord Sentinel.


Posted by Para at 03:50 PM
TMN Web Badges


Just a reminder that TMN has some Web badges available. If you'd like a graphic to use on your Web page to link back to TMN, feel free to use any of these official ThoomCare-approved images.

Click below to see more TMN Web badges.



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August 11, 2007
Fellock Causes Chaos


Torin has a report on OWE News on the Orga Fellock recently described by Yor.

Posted by Para at 11:22 PM
Kyuems Revealed


If you're trying to get caught up on what's going on with the kyuems, check out the helpful Puddleopedia entry:


See also:

Ethereal Incursion

Posted by Para at 08:04 PM
Dandelion's Sketchbook


I just realized that I don't have a link on TMN to Dandelion's excellent sketchbook.

I've placed a link in the right-hand column too.

Dandelion's Sketchbook is a unique and particularly useful resource because she's organized and keyworded pictures of exiles by name.

Posted by Para at 03:15 PM
Azriel Reports on Metzetli and Tepui


Azriel has updated his journal with the following reports:

Chaos Storm #502: Metzetli Island, Tepui Temple, Alchemist's Folly

Chaos Storm #505: Fellock in the NOOB

Posted by Para at 05:29 AM
August 10, 2007
Travel Advisory: Mad Fellock Loose


Yor sent the following report to TMN:

Yesterday PAG was in the NOOB (New Orga Outback), and to our surprise an Orga Fellock appeared and completely caught us off-guard, This extremely rare orga is among the deadliest in the lands with its extremely powerful grenade lightning. It made quick work of us then proceeded to chase the survivors outside the NOOB. The rescue team did manage to lure it into the well, but in the meantime the "picnic area" right outside the NOOB filled up with orga reinforcements (pictured below).


Any group traveling from the Orga Village to the Orga Camp will get targeted by these orga, and perhaps the Fellock if it escapes the well. Extreme caution is advised.

Posted by Para at 10:24 PM
Lugubrion Offers a Key


Lugubrion has said he'd give a Portal Pass Key as a reward for finding Tenebrion. Who should get the key? Find out more on the Clan Lord Sentinel.

Posted by Para at 12:57 PM
Darshak, Orga, MI Hunting


Eden has updated her journal, The Warrior Thooming, with some new entries:

Orga Invade!
MI Hunt in Record Time!

Posted by Para at 10:30 AM
Hex Passes 7th Circle


Hex sent the following announcement to TMN:

I guess Glory got tired of seeing my old face and hearing my vulgar opinions of her.



Posted by Para at 09:38 AM
Torn From Today's Headlines: Largo


Someone keeps ripping all the pages out of the journal of Fen Vice President Largo.

Posted by Para at 12:17 AM
Tepui Temple and the Orga Stronghold


Hunter and Torin have updated OWE News with some new reports on Tepui Temple and the Orga Stronghold.

PAG Opens Temple Door
OS Trip Stalled

Posted by Para at 12:08 AM
August 09, 2007
Exiles Lose to Ethereal Forces


Exiles were defeated in the Greymyr Village by Ethereal forces. Find out more on the Clan Lord Sentinel.

Headaches for everyone

Aravir's report

Posted by Para at 11:55 PM
August 08, 2007
Purple Haze Feeds Ethercles to Kyuems


Skirwan sent the following report to TMN:

A coalition of Purple Haze members made an exciting discovery about the Kyuems today. It turns out it's possible to temporarily reactivate the extinguished Kyuems placed during the incursions by feeding them an Ethercle. This, of course, allows easy access to the various spheres of the Ethereal Plane, and could allow strong groups free passage around the lands without the use of Ethereal Portal Stones.

The discovery was made by Purple Haze's resident Ethereal Experts, some of whom are pictured in the accompanying image, following leads provided to Purple Haze member Phroon Thoom by Lugubrion himself.

For a detailed recounting of Phroon's adventure, see a re-enactment as reconstructed by SNN visionstone technicians here:


(Story copyright 567, SNN Wire Services.)

Posted by Para at 11:57 PM
August 05, 2007
Upcoming Incursion: Greymyr Village


MaryJane sen the following report to TMN:


Wanted to let you know the next ethereal incursion will be in the northernmost snell of GMV before noon on Autumn 32, 567 (3:30PM on 8/7/07 Pacific)

We will gather at 3PM in North Pass to stabilize it.


Posted by Para at 06:08 PM
Connie Crete Passes Tests


Connie Crete sent the following report to TMN:


It never happened. It were a dream. Bobby Ewin' be alive.

[The image on the bottom is apparently why she did not pass the sixth circle test. Sorry for the lack of information; Connie's report was short and cryptic. "Bobby Ewin"? -Para.]


Posted by Para at 09:30 AM
August 04, 2007
Running to Stand Still


Aravir reports on being stuck in an awkward position during a recent Abyssal Hunter invasion of Puddleby in his most recent journal entry.

Posted by Para at 11:57 PM
August 02, 2007
Cloud, Scarmis, Chaos Storm Problems


Eden has updated her journal with reports on gaining access to the Cloud, training with Natas, hunting Scarmis, and problems during the most recent Chaos Storm.

Cloud and Natas!
The Great Hunt
Chaos Storm 505

Posted by Para at 10:04 PM
August 01, 2007
Gurgi's Pain, Rhone's Return, Brewery Incident


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail, Para!

It's been a while since I had some news to send you, but I was able to sketch a few recent events in Puddleby that I thought some townsfolk might be interested in seeing.

First of all, I have a few additional sketches of the incredible gathering of Horus healers who turned out to try to raise poor Gurgi recently. As you can see from the sketches, many of these healers brought not only their Horus ranks but their cutting senses of humor with them!

One exile wanted to know how much Horus was gathered . . .


and was answered.


A few folks had opinions they wanted to express . . .



and one paid homage to everyone's favorite fen healer.


Of course, someone wanted to know if this was going to make TMN.


Finally, when all was said and done, Skye jokingly tried to take the credit for healing Gurgi . . .


when in fact the good halfling actually had to depart.

In other news: there was much rejoicing in the lands when Rhone, our own beloved Clan Destine member, returned from a long trip to points all over the compass.


It has been great fun to hunt with him again and see how strong he has gotten from his long studies!

And on a lighter note, some exiles may have wondered about a commotion recently in the Brewery. My good friend Chance unfortunately drank just a little too much of Bacchus' fine cognac and, in a drunken state, stumbled into the hot brazier there and fell.

This by itself wouldn't be all that funny except that a succession of exiles followed her fate, starting with Taryn, who had come to rescue Chance! It took about five more exiles, including Rhys and Moonlight, to drag the fallens out of the Brewery and restore them to health.

As always, I hope your readers enjoy this on-the-spot reporting...



Posted by Para at 11:49 PM
Chaos Storm #505


Chaos Storm #505 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

Posted by Para at 09:52 PM