September 29, 2007
Eden and the Fifth Circle


In her most recent journal entry, Eden reports on being trapped in the library and on trying (and failing) to pass the Fifth Circle test.

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Azriel and Trillbane


In his most recent journal entry, Azriel reports on Trillbane's visit to Puddleby, the Earthwyrm Cave, and the Ethereal Incursion in Greymyr Village.

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September 23, 2007
Ether Flowing Near Dark Temple


Aravir reports in his most recent journal entry on ether flowing freely near the Dark Temple.

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Rebels and the East Farms Mantuan


Fen Vice President Largo reports in his most recent journal entry on the rebellion and the Mantuan recently found in the East Farms.

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Back-to-Back Pathfinding Book Adventures

Yor summarizes the day.

Phineas sent the following report to TMN:


SOMEWHERE DEEP IN THE SNAGGLEWOOD, LOK'GROTON ISLAND -- Today PAG turned the "adventure dial" all the way past 11 and lead a strong group of exiles to not one, but TWO different pathfinding books!

The journey started in typical fashion: the exiles poured into Camp Dred, threw a headlock around the orgas, made them cry "Uncle," and then took their lunch money. The exiles then turned their attention to the arachnoids and swarmed into the caverns below the Snagglewood waterfall. We marched forward and quite suddenly found ourselves at the library holding Gaiyl's Guide to Hidden Ways.

Some exiles began new lessons while others renewed old lessons. Some exiles just kinda skimmed though the book and looked at the pictures.

At this point, with the exiles feeling under-challenged and overly-adventurely, it was decided that we would do the unthinkable: we would push onward to Pathfinding Book Two, "Trillbane's Commentary on Ways." This volume of the Pathfinding Book series is located deep within the arachnoid's lair. Know this, gentle reader: you have not experienced fear—and by "fear" I mean "poop your breakfast into your shorts" kind of fear—until you have descended into the dank and inky depths of these arachnoid caverns.

The exiles repeated numerous fierce battles to gain positions leading to the mystic's teleport booster. Once the last crimson arachnoid was felled and the area was secure, the mystics prepared for the next leg of the journey: the mass teleport.

Natas advises the group that the *real* adventure is about to begin!

Hepta prepares for the journey deeper into the underground complex.

He screamed.

Once the entire group was teleported, the intensity of the battle grew hundredfold! Crimson, pitch, olive, albino and malachite arachnoids swarmed thickly around the exiles! On multiple occasions, this reporter believed that the exile's progress had come to its conclusion, but the cool heads and sure arms of PAG managed to stabilize the fighting line, and the exiles slowly took control the
cavern outside of Book 2.

It was a day of courage.

It was a day of bravery.

It was a day of changing pants.

The last obstacle that we faced was the turning passage that lead to "Trillbane's Commentary on Ways." This passage was thick with arachnoids and the floors were covered with sticky webs. We made repeated attempts to lure arachnoids out from this passage, and with each attempt, our fighting strength lessened as exiles fell to the might of the noids. After a couple of daring chain runs, we were able to recover our forces and we made a final push on to victory!

pythia_eventful-9.gif phineas_adventure-10.gif
It was an "eventful adventure!"

And how.

With the vanquishing of the last arachnoid, the exiles have safe access to their earned reward.

Trillbane's Commentaries on Ways. Studying was never so satisfying.

The exiles involved with both back-to-back Pathfinding Book adventures take a brief and well-deserved respite. (Not pictured: Natas.)

Many thanks to the folks of PAG for taking the time to guide the citizens of Puddleby to both Pathfinding Books. We hope that everyone present enjoyed themselves, and we look forward to another trip sometime soon. Reporting for TMN, this is Phineas.

sentinel_by_kani.png Discussion on the Clan Lord Sentinel.



Torin has posted some thoughts about the expedition on OWE News.

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September 22, 2007
Incoming Ethereal Incursion on KI


MaryJane sent the following report to TMN:

Asenath says, "The next ethereal event will be on KI, before noon on Merdi, 10 Summer (Sunday, 7 Oct approx 11:30 AM EDT)."

See you all there. We have proven that a strong crew can stabilize these things. Come help get this one done too.


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Oh and That Freaky Thing


Norm has updated his journal for Soldi, 40 Spring 568 (9/22/07) with a report on the recent Ethereal Incursion on Metz.

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September 20, 2007
Reminder - Incoming Ethereal Incursion: Metz


MaryJane sent the following report to TMN:

The next incursion will be on the night of Terrdi, the 36th Day of Spring (OOC: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 07:04 pm PDT) 1 South of the Twilight Village Entry on Metz.

We will need an extra strong crew to fight this incursion. Please try and be there to stabilize this one.



Exiles were victorious.


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Upcoming Trip to Pathfinding Book One


Phineas sent the following report to TMN:

We're baaack!

PAG has again offered to guide all interested parties to Pathfinding Book One!

When: Sun 23 Sep 07
Time: 11:30am PDT
Meet at: Camp Dred portal

sentinel_by_kani.png Assorted details may be found on the Clan Lord Sentinel.

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September 19, 2007
Candygram from a Megamouth?


Eden has updated her journal with some thoughts on hunting, training, and gambling.


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Largo and the Mantuan


Fen Vice President Largo sent the following report to TMN:

Here are a few sketches I managed to make during the encounter earlier.




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Mantuan in East Farms



Puddleby's East Farms were under assault by a Mantuan. The Mantuan has been defeated; more news later.


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September 17, 2007
Dustatia's Renovations


Sonndyh sent the following report to TMN:

I was wandering around earlier, and for fun I visited the building where clans are made. I noticed in the back room, where only clanless can go, that there was a big change. When Snow Lemming was formed, this back room was a simple wooden-walled square.

I spoke to Dustatia and recorded the conversation.

Dustatia says, "Greetings, Mistress Sonndyh."
Dustatia says, "Please pardon our dust."
Dustatia says, "We're doing a little remodeling."
Dustatia says, "Thank you for your patience."

She's not a builder, so I'm not certain what is going on.

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Tarf the Dwarf


Still dead.

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September 16, 2007
A Gaggle of Greater Deaths


Xel sent the following report to TMN:

Hey Para,

I just got in word from a few unfortunate adventurers (Rakshasa, Kyp, and Ragnarok) that the fourth sphere of the Ethereal Plane has been overrun with Greater Deaths, the number being on the order of "At least 10, probably 20".

Additionally, one GD made its way through the portal to Portal Island proper, so any EPS users ought to be wary until further notice from anyone strong enough to deal with them.

I've attached a sketch from Raks who was not enjoying the company, I think.


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Ethereal Plane Rescue Failure


Eden has updated her journal with an account of a failed Ethereal plane rescue.

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September 15, 2007
Darshak Invade, Hunting Metz, Greater Death


Eden has updated her journal, The Warrior Thooming, with some new entries:

Darshak Steal Beer!
Metz Revisited
4th Circle
Lyfe Claw and Sketches
Unbearable Confidence
Ratticus Infestation




Eden's journal has been added to the TMN Favorites button bar.

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Greymyr Village Incursion, Gloaming, Trillbane


Torin has updated OWE News with some new reports:

OS and Trillbane
Sunday Gloaming
GMV Incursion


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Trillbane's Visit


Pe Ell has posted his account of the recent discovery of Trillbane.

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Darshak Invasion: Connie Crete Interrogated


Connie Crete sent the following report to TMN:


So a darshak invasion happened befer a mosey I were headed on. I tried a new strategy since they were bee-linin ta tha brewery. I tapped a keg and had a drink. O course, I falled. Mars also falled (not causn he were drinkin though). And tha darshak pressed on ta town.

So while tha invasion were bein repelled, one o tha necromancers thought they would interrogate us. They started askin about rebels and wherefer they were and whofer they were. O course, Ima simple 2• dorf so dunno nuthin bout nuthin. Mars didn't know neither.

But there be good news at tha end! Tha darshak really dont want beer. That be all a ruse fer sumother foolishness, but in tha end, we dont gotta stress so much about tha brewery causn they be tea-totallers.

Oh ya, and I were about ta be dragged off, but town saved me and Mars befer that happened. Ima sure MJ and folks knows more about tha particulars what happened later. But tha important thing—all tha beer be safe.




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Dun'ilsar: Drunk'n Dinghy


Illora Mone sent the following announcement to TMN:

Snow Lemmings and Laughing Academy would like to challenge all clans to the first Dun'ilsar in eight years!

On Fordi, eleventh day of Summer, we are sponsoring a Dun'ilsar event called Drunk'n Dinghy. This event is open to all clans. Each clan should choose a representative who can hold their liquor to run the race.

Racers will start at the brewery, where all will take the celebratory first drink. They will then head to the beach, where they will drink three drinks at the keg there. The next stop of the race is on the beach of Thieves' Island, where a keg will provide each racer with another three drinks. Next the racers stagger to Centaur Island, and take three more drinks. If they've not collapsed yet, the racers must drink three more mugs at the southern beach of Ash. The final leg of the race is a dash to Metz, where they must pull the moderator waiting in the Metz Cove. First person to land on Puddleby beach after Metz is the winner, the rest will take their places in the ranking as they land.

Falling does not disqualify a racer from the race, but they must run back to their last station of the race and drink three more drinks before proceeding.

Discussion on Clan Lord Sentinel.

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September 14, 2007
The LA Inquirer


Inu Teisei sent the following announcement to TMN:

Hello Para!

I am happy to report that I have become the field sketch artist for the all new EPIC! Media Magnet publication, The LA Inquirer.

I posted my fifth story sketch for them on my journal:

My previous four story sketches are posted on TMN.

The LA Inquirer's byline is "Inquiring minds make stuff up." We strive to uphold the highest standards of mustard journalism. Noivad, Pun'isher and DragonHawk are our field reporters; I just draw the pictures of their interviews.

All in all, I am very excited about this publication: "The LA Inquirer—Where news happens, or we make it so."

LA Inquirer Vol 1, No 5

-Inu Teisei

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Blackhand's New Journal


Blackhand has a new journal.

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September 13, 2007
Incoming Ethereal Incursion: Metz


MaryJane sent the following report to TMN:

The next incursion will be on the night of Terrdi, the 36th Day of Spring (OOC: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 07:04 pm PDT) 1 South of the Twilight Village Entry on Metz.

We will need an extra strong crew to fight this incursion. Please try and be there to stabilize this one.


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Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail, Para,

A very interesting personage billing himself as "Puddleby's only male prostitute and blacksmith" has been seen around town lately. I happened to be in Town Center a few nights ago when he made his first appearance in quite some time (apparently).

I believe the sketches I made of his attempts to drum up some trade in town center speak for themselves!






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Chaos Storm #511


Chaos Storm #511 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

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Local Thoom Rocks


Read more about Jeepers' icon on the Clan Lord Sentinel.

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September 09, 2007
Purple Haze and the Ancient Andvari


Hoggle sent the following report to TMN:

So, here we were getting ready to start another Purple Haze hunt. As we gathered on CI, we discussed where we should head to. Metz was eventually chosen. It was then we noticed Andy Var walking towards us.

He told us about an "Ancient Andvari" that he had encountered recently on Metz. Andy then asked us if we would dispose of it and he would show his gratitude. If we brought him the corpse, he would show even more gratitude. We accepted the deal and promptly went in search of the beast. He had last seen it towards the along the river by the caverns.

We saw no sign of andvari till we hit the snell near Gloaming Caves. The water seemed overrun with them.


Purple Haze then ran into a huge cluster of andvari that were quickly dispatched. Just beyond those, we found the Ancient Andvari. We managed to get it stuck in some rocks while we killed all of the other creatures. Possibly because it was distressed, or knew what we were up to, it let out a huge bellow that called forth many more andvari to its aid.


We eventually cleared all of its kin and took it out quickly before it could alert more. Noivad grabbed its corpse with his chain, and then we proceeded to work our way back through the island. This time we had the added challenge that above anything, Noivad must not fall (or we would lose the corpse.)

Would it surprise you to know that during this time we were hit with several ruds and black mambas and what have you? I didn't think it would.


So, after a bit of a setback, we managed to recover and quickly left the island.

Andy Var seemed to be napping when we strolled up to him. He also seemed somewhat surprised that we were successful in his quest. Noivad then sought to squeeze a little more gratitude from him due to the increased difficulty of the beast. Unfortunately, Andy wasn't having any of that, however, and thus we received our originally agreed upon gratitude units. (3000 split 12 ways.)


And with that, we ended the hunt. I wonder if there are any Ancient Boggles also around there . . .


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September 07, 2007
Incursion Coming to KI


MaryJane sent the following report to TMN:

The next incursion will be before noon on Fordi, Day 79 of Winter in 568 (OOC: between 4:11AM and 4:32AM on Sept 10, 2007 Pacific Time).

This will happen on the KI snell one north of Fat Alice's Hut.

I won't be able to be there, but will assist any mystic who is willing to fight it.


Discussion on Clan Lord Sentinel.

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September 05, 2007
Lugubrion Returns


Phroon sent the following report to TMN:

Another eventful day in Puddleby as Lugubrion once more appeared in the lands. This appearance was apparently unintentional, as he seemed surprised when he encountered us in his conference room.

Several mystics conversed with Lugubrion and leaned that at least basic maintenance is necessary for the Kyuems already placed.

Lugubrion also suggested that the Ethereal Plane has greatly slowed its approach to the material plane and that a full collision between the planes is now unlikely due to our efforts in stabilizing the planes. As tempers rose, accusations of who was at fault for the incursions were tossed about, with no real progress made. Lugubrion did strongly encourage that we take better care of the planes, lest the incursions become harder and harder to repel.

After the heated discussion over the Ethereal Crisis, this reporter asked for and received clarification about the Melabrion's previous offer of a key in exchange for the location of his lost brother, Tenebrion. The details are in the visionstone, but the exchange ended with MaryJane gaining the use of a pass key. To this, MaryJane commented: "I look forward to using my key to give access to lots of exiles when they need it."

As a final gesture, Xel asked if there was anything that Lugubrion would ask of the exiles given the chance. Lugubrion was confused by the gesture at first, his apprehension of dealing with exiles very apparent. Lugubrion settled with the request that we treat the planes better then we have been, other than that he is content with what he has.

For a more detailed recollection of the events, a visionstone is available in my scrolls as "Second Conversation with Lugubrion":


(Story copyright 568, SNN Wire Services.)

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Trillbane Transcript


Xel sent the following report to TMN:

'lo Para,

I have a report for you from the PAG and EAT combination crew that took the Orga Stronghold by storm several days ago.

I've been remiss in reporting it, because it was my task to clean up some transcripts for your readers. I've stitched together a complete log from when Trillbane was raised, to when he left us, and I suppose there are some who would like to read it. For those with less time on their hands, I have pared down the battle-yelling and garbage (but not subtracted from any of the meaningful conversation). The result below is nearly a thousand fewer lines, so I recommend the edited version.

Edited Transcript 80K, 36 page PDF
Full Transcript 108K, 54 page PDF

To set the stage for the transcript, here are a few notes on how our trek went prior to meeting up with Trillbane.

In seeking him, our rather large party made use of some mystic teleportation via the Slate Caves to enter the Stronghold from a longer but less perilous route. We had to fight some extra arachnoids, but for such a sturdy crew, they weren't much of a match.

On reaching the Stronghold, we had a few close calls, but neared Trillbane's location in reasonable time. What we discovered en route, much to our chagrin, was Trillbane being towed on Bartok's chain! After some fearsome fighting and fleeing, Bartok even had Mephisto in his clutches, severely reducing our ability to pursue him to his hut.

Pressing on, and with some more close calls, we reached the plateau where Bartok lives and eventually raised Trillbane. This is where the transcript leaves off.


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September 03, 2007


Special thanks to all those who have submitted entries or done journal entries in the past few weeks. It's great to have a lot of material to post.

It's time to pay some TMN-related bills, so please consider donating a few bucks with the PayPal link if you enjoy the site.

Thanks, everyone


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Eden on the Recent Incursion and the Fire Rat Invasion


Eden has updated her journal, The Warrior Thooming, with some new entries:

Departure #1
The Incursion
Ratticus Infestation

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Hunting with the Fen Vice President


Fen Vice President Largo has updated his journal with a new entry on hunting the Orga Outback, preparing to become a Champion, and recent Dar'shak activity.

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September 02, 2007
DragonHawk vs. Largo


Inu Teisei sent the following report to TMN:

Dear Para,

DragonHawk and Largo have been duking it out on the Sentinel. I managed to sketch these action shots of their EPIC struggle.

bwa ha ha ha

-Inu Teisei









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Life in the Twilight


Pe Ell has started a new journal: Life in the Twilight.


Recent entries:

The Folly of Invasions
More, More, More
To Kill and Be Killed
The Invasion
Passing 5th

I've added Pe Ell's journal to the list in the right-hand column.

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Trillbane Recovered


Phroon sent the following report to TMN:

Today a routine trip by PAG, accompanied by SNN reporters Hoggle and Phroon, revealed the location of Trillbane fallen deep in the heart of the Orga Stronghold. Once found and revived, Trillbane commenced to teach all the high level pathfinders in attendance with, as he called it, his "ramblings." Trillbane then proceeded to show us a shortcut path between the Orga Stronghold and the Orga Village.

Whether this path can be open by our pathfinders or is two-way remains unclear at this time. After exposing this path to us, Trillbane followed his rescuers all the way to Puddleby and visited for a short time, during which even more exiles learned from him.

After this short visit, PAG member Shakyamuni escorted Trillbane to his book in the Pitch Caves. Sadly, this reporter was unable to join up with this second expedition until it was nearly complete.

For a more detailed recollection of the events, a visionstone is available in my scrolls:


(Story copyright 568, SNN Wire Services.)

Discussion on Clan Lord Sentinel

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I Love the Night Lyfe


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

I love the Night Lyfe . . .

My friend Chance sent me two sketches of an event she witnessed on a recent KI hunt. A group went to hunt at Fat Alice's hut early in the morning, just before sunrise. Unfortunately lyfes were still active, and Dragonhawk was bitten and transformed. Because Dragonhawk was dressed all in blue, with hair dye and skin paint to match, he did make a strikingly . . . well . . . blue lyfe.


As you can see from the sketches, the merry exiles dubbed this "new species" Night Lyfe. Chance was not able to interview Dragonhawk personally, but I do believe he wasn't amused by his new appearance, as the lyfe cure was administered almost immediately and DH can be seen in his original form around town.


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Fire Rats Invade and Dominate Puddleby


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Recently, Puddleby town was subject to a major invasion that started with Fire Bubbles and progressed to ratticus, Fire-breathing Ratticus, regular Fire Rats and Fire Vermine, one or perhaps two Fire Drakes . . . and then a number of frightening new species of ratticus. I'm not sure whether I catalogued all of the names, but some that were encountered included Ratticus Nervosa, Plague Ratticus, and Ratticus Excelsior.

All of these creatures were very strong, and many exiles spent hours lying fallen and being chewed on by the fire rats. It took the combined efforts of large, determined forces, based in the Purple Tor, the brewery and the free library, to eventually bring the town back under control. It then took the efforts of many strong healers to raise all of the fallen, and as of this writing, there may still be exiles who were not raised.

It appears that this invasion was the direct result of the prayers of several exiles who had been petitioning the gods for hours to send something to relieve boredom. Those prayers certainly must have been answered!






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Shocking Police Brutality


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Just a day or two ago, I witnessed a shocking event in TC. The good Zo BlackHand was in town, and suddenly both Kahn and Lawn began shouting hysterically at him. BlackHand proceeded to the Sentinel area, where Lawn continued to shout that she needed to speak to him, but would not approach him. Meanwhile Kahn began literally shoving and pushing innocent bystanders out of the way in her hysterical attempts to reach BlackHand, who was not attempting to flee or do anything out of the ordinary! It's a shame I was able to only sketch these incidents and not make a visionstone. Kahn's strength seemed unnatural as exiles of all size and ability were tossed aside!




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Creed's Pony


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail, Para!

As usual, I have several reports to share with TMN readers. I must share the most exciting one first -- to me personally, that is. I was a guest on a hunt to the NOOB recently, and during a brief break in the action, was having a sunstone chat with Gremlins. He informed me that he had been granted a great gift by the gods: his very own pony!

Faithful readers of TMN know how much I have longed to see the pony Cloud again. I prayed to the gods to send me a pony, and lo and behold! My prayer was answered! Although this pony did not seem to answer to the name Cloud, he looked so much like Cloud, and stayed by my side in much the same way. I only had a little wheat to feed him, thanks to a gift from Usagi. But he followed me throughout the fighting and lightning bolts until I fell, and even then, he stayed by my side for many long hours until all hope of rescue seemed gone.

I was disappointed that the pony left me when I was most in need of rescue -- but the gods work in mysterious ways. I can only hope to see Cloud again soon.









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