May 31, 2008
New Edition of LA Inquirer


Inu Teisei has posted a new edition of the LA Inquirer:

Vol 1 No 8 - And now for a word...

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Darshak on the Ethereal Plane


Eden has posted a new entry to her journal "The Warrior Thooming":

Ethereal Plane and Darshak


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May 30, 2008
Chaos Storm #548


Chaos Storm #548 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

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May 29, 2008
Sticklord Announcement

sentinel_by_kani.png Discussion on Clan Lord Sentinel.

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May 27, 2008
Clan Destine Members Gather


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail, Para!

I'm excited to be able to offer a couple of sketches of an event that doesn't happen much anymore: a meeting of THREE Clan Destine members, all out of the library at once!

Sabine, Sim, and I were all excited to see each other, and we even did a little healing support together for a brief hunt. And as you can see, Sim had some wry commentary to offer . . . hey, Destine fighters! You been called out! Snap!



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A New Beginning for Salandra


Salandra sent the following to TMN:

Hello Para,

I'm sending in this image along with a letter. I have received many inquires as of late and this letter should bring into light recent events that have taken place concerning myself.

Many thanks,

-Apprentice Salandra

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Smallest Tepui Hunt?


Kerrah sent the following report to TMN:

Hello Para,

Kerrah here, sending you some images from our recent Tepui adventure. This was quite possibly the smallest group to ever attempt the Tepui of Metzetli: myself, Daimoth, Ogant, Thorgal, Lorikeet, and Kisa. As you can see, we knew this was quite unusual.

For Thorgal and Ogant, this was their first venture into the deepest portion of Metzetli Island, and they had never seen most of the creatures. They were most impressed by the Sezuma Yorillas, a.k.a. "Earthquake Monkeys."


Unfortunately, I failed to skin the fur from this impressive silverback;


I ran from fear of Daimoth's disapproval of this failure.


After a lengthy series of lures of the snell due south of us, and some adept bricking/killing/healing maneuvers,


we decided to call it a successful hunt and leave via the Ethereal Plane. As many of you may know, however, the Ethereal Plane is rather treacherous as well nowadays. Upon exiting through to Portal Island, Ogant and Thorgal promptly fell, which was our first warning that trouble was brewing. We had further warning from Lorikeet, who had since heard of what plentiful creatures were ready to ambush us on the isle.


Of course, stubborn fighters that we are, we paid more heed to our apparent invincibility than Lorikeet's timely warning, and plowed right into the main portion of Portal Island, to find, wow, a whole bunch of critters!


This prompted Kisa to remind us of Lorikeet's warning.


Thanks to Ogant's and Thorgal's expert "bricking," Lorikeet's and Kisa's expert healing, Daimoth's and my killing prowess, and a healthy portion of patience, we were finally able to escape from the ethereal trap and return home safely and without departing. All in all a great hunt!


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May 26, 2008
"This Thoom For Hire" Coming Soon


Read more about the upcoming production of "This Thoom for Hire" on the Clan Lord Sentinel.

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Lengthy Meeting with Melabrion


Connie Crete sent the following report to TMN:

ber Para!

Melly were in tha lands taday and here be tha transcript since not everybudy enjoys tha translation o nuance I gives a meetin: It be long long.

After gitn ta tha top o Melly's tower and sittn there ferEVER, only me and Zaerion was about... Oh, Zaerion gots a good selection o bard tunes. I recommends ifn yer sittin still fer hours on end havin a bard about.

(Melabrion stops experimenting and looks over)
Connie Crete says, "ber"
Zaerion says, "oh, hi there"
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "Hello"
Connie Crete thinks, "Melly status: EP & Order be over, he be awake"
Connie Crete says, "good ta see ya Mellybeby"
Zaerion thinks to you, "what'd he say?"
Melabrion raises an eyebrow)
Connie Crete asks, "ya knows dorf Zaerion?"
Zaerion says, "nope"
(Melabrion looks over)
Connie Crete says, "ahh, he said Ber Zaerion, glad yer here"

Melly gits down ta brass taks. He gots sum EP questions and be lookin fer answers:

Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "Is he an Ether scholar?"
Connie Crete says, "he asks ifn ya be an ep scholar"
Zaerion says, "I apologize, Melabrion. It seems I don't speak your language"
Connie Crete says, "he knows 1 mebbe 2 trainers"
Zaerion says, "an aspiring one, however"
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "I guess that's in his favor"
Connie Crete says, "He says "ok, ya knows sum - lets see how this goes""
Zaerion ponders, "gonna have to learn some languages"
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "My Sarir's..."
Connie Crete says, "he says "My sarirs..""
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "I mean...I have heard some things"
Connie Crete says, ""has reported stuff what concerns him""
Zaerion asks, "what sort of reports?"
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "But, perhaps, I should rather speak with Mystics"
Connie Crete says, ""now Ima gonna insult ya causn tha FMs didnt hang around""
(Zaerion nods)
Connie Crete says, "we had Xel and Wangah here, but they left"
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "Hrmm"
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "Well, my experiments have preoccupied me"

We begins chitchattin ta fill tha time and see whatall Melly be wantin.

Connie Crete says, "he said "uh,huh.. jest like FMs never arounds when ya needs em""
Connie Crete says, "no worries"
(Zaerion laughs)
Zaerion says, "it's true"
Connie Crete says, "he says "oops""
Wangah Rah is now Clanning.
Connie Crete thinks, "Melly says it be about time Wangah"
Zaerion says, "look who just showed up"
Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "Who?"
Connie Crete says, "Wangah tha evil FM"
Wangah Rah thinks to you, "You tell that drunken bastard, he's a drunken bastard."
Zaerion says, "(edited)"
(Melabrion raises an eyebrow)
Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "Evil?"
Connie Crete thinks, "I translates tha "spirit" o tha language, not literal"
Connie Crete says, "well, not 100% good"
Connie Crete says, "Wangah says 'ber, sorry he's late'"
(Melabrion looks confused but it passes)

I gits that a lot.

Zaerion asks, "Melabrion, what can I do for you?"
Zaerion says, "You mentioned some concerning news from your Sarirs"
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "I'm not sure. You came to me."
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "I assumed you wanted something from me."
Connie Crete says, "he says ya camed here,"
Connie Crete says, "he kinda figgured ya wanned sumthin"
(Zaerion smiles)
Zaerion says, "well, I came here hoping to help somehow"
Connie Crete asks, "kin we wish fer tha moon?"
Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "Help with what?"
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "I guess you could tell me news"
Connie Crete asks, "ya camed hopin ta help with what?"

Zaerion steers tha conversation ta tha EP.

Zaerion says, "there is an awful lot going on in the Ethereal Plane lately"
Connie Crete says, "ya kin tell him tha news"
Zaerion says, "and Tenebrion keeps messing with my mind"
(Melabrion looks thoughtful)
Zaerion says, "and since he's stuck somewhere in the plane..."
(Connie Crete nods)
Zaerion says, "and Darshaks kidnapped a fellow mystic a few weeks ago"
Zaerion says, "and stole his ethereal items."
Connie Crete says, "so THATS how they made tha kyumn"
Zaerion says, "clearly something needs to be done"
Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "The Darshaks?"
Connie Crete says, "he says "tha shaks?""
Zaerion says, "they took it from him, actually"
Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "The Darshaks MADE a Kyuem?"

Tha shaks havin a kyeum were news ta Melly.

Zaerion says, "the Kyeum"
Connie Crete says, "he says "they made a wha?""
Connie Crete says, "yeppers, they sure did"
Connie Crete says, "it sucks but it works"
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "That is interesting"
Zaerion says, "it's a sad state of affairs, Melabrion"
Connie Crete says, "he says "huh!""
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "I did not think they were capable of that"
Zaerion says, "I saw town invaded from the Ethereal Plane the other day"
Connie Crete says, "he says "@#$!!, they be as smart as exiles""
Zaerion says, "unfortunately, yes"
Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "Invaded by what?"
Connie Crete says, "what invaded, he asks"
Zaerion says, "well, a portal opened and the plane spilled out a hundred terrible creatures"
Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "Ethereal creatures?"
Zaerion says, "if Helios hadn't come in time to close it we might all have died"
Connie Crete says, "he said 'thereal critters?""
Zaerion says, "that's why I'm interested in Ethereal training now"
Zaerion says, "yes, lots of ethereal beasts"
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "We have warned of the improper use of the Ethereal Plane for years"
Connie Crete says, "he says "@#$@@!!!! tol ya so - pesky exiles messin with tha ep - look at tha mess ya has now""
Melabrion ponders, "colorful"

Melly checks up on tha kyuem placement and ep stabilization.

Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "I assume the massive breaches from some time ago were repaired?"
Zaerion asks, "has Tenebrion tried to speak with you?"
(insert lettn Wangah know Melly be awake)
Connie Crete says, "he asks "so what about them breaches""
Zaerion asks, "you mean the portals in town?"
Connie Crete says, "na, tha stuff MJ closed"
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "Amongst other places"
Connie Crete says, "he says "ya, in town and elsewhere""
Melabrion asks in Dwarven, ""MJ"?"
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "Perhaps I should meet this "MJ" person"
Connie Crete says, "(Mary Jane)"
Zaerion says, "the only ones I was around were in town that day"
Connie Crete says, "I mean, MJ be a fine exile"
Connie Crete says, "and ya, ya should meet her"
(Melabrion looks confused)
Zaerion says, "they opened suddenly..."
Connie Crete says, "he asks ifn he oughta meet MJ"
Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "She is evil too?"
Zaerion says, "when we retreated to town center to regroup another opened right before my eyes"
Zaerion says, "it's as though the plane just became weak and broke open"
Connie Crete gives assurances as ta MJ's character.
(Melabrion smirks)
Connie Crete says, "oh - hangon Zaerion, lemme gitcha caught up"

Movin on ta tha old saw about departin from tha EP.

Melabrion says in Dwarven, "Too many have departed from the Ethereal Plane"
Connie Crete says, "Melly asked ifn MJ were evil"
Zaerion says, "ah"
(Zaerion grins)
Connie Crete says, "now he's sayin too many dun departed tha ep"
(Connie Crete shrugs)
Zaerion says, "hmm"
Connie Crete says, "sumtimes ya gotta do whatcha gotta do Melly"
Connie Crete says, "pepples has cut back on EP travels"
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "A wise move"
Connie Crete says, "but - tha critters has gotted pergressively stronger since tha patches was put in place"
Connie Crete says, "and - tha folks what travels regular aint cut back but sum"
(Melabrion ponders)

Talkin about tha ep critters gitn tuff.

Connie Crete says, "befer tha patches, we could hack our way through there - now it takes an ubergroup and there be no garentee"
Connie Crete says, "is a good huntin ground though"

Cue my personal innerest.

Connie Crete says, "brings me fer ta a wish fer tha moon"
Connie Crete asks, "ya gots any spare keys lyin around beggin ta be used?"
Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "Keys to what?"
Connie Crete asks, "specially a portal key fer me and a pass key fer Zaerion?"
Connie Crete says, "Ima wishin fer tha moon here and fully expects a nopers"
Connie Crete says, "he syas "keys ta what""
Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "You wish for a the door on Portal Island?"
Connie Crete says, "but - dunno ifn ya dont ask is my philosophy"
(Connie Crete nods)
Connie Crete says, "he be clarifyin and confirmin I wants a PI key"
Connie Crete says, "ya - is good huntin there now"
(Zaerion nods)

Melly says “small world!”

Melabrion says in Dwarven, "That is the very topic for which I have interrupted my studies."
Connie Crete says, "well aint that a coincedence"
Connie Crete says, "he says "well whatta ya know, that be why I be ehre""
Connie Crete says, "here"
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "One with which I should speak to an Ethereal scholar."
(Melabrion looks around)
Connie Crete asks, "um - ifn I promises ta give it ta Kvynn would that count?"
Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "Is he an Ethereal scholar?"
Connie Crete says, "he says "@#$!!, bring me a shrubbery and an ep scholar""
Connie Crete says, "yeppers"
Connie Crete says, "he makes stuffed clouds now fer ta distract critters"

Poor Zaerion, sucks ta be larnin.

Zaerion ponders, "I guess I don't count."
Connie Crete says, "ya does count Zaerion, jest not too high"
Zaerion says, "true"
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "I am sure he is making good progress."
Connie Crete says, "he says "yer doin a fine job""
Zaerion says, "well thank you"
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "...but I would prefer a full scholar"
Connie Crete asks, "ya know - in that same tone FM uses fer yer studies?"

Oh look, tha grownups is awake. Ya knows old pepples needs their naps.

Zaerion says, "by the way, I noticed that Xel is in your mine, coming this way"
(Zaerion grins)
Connie Crete says, "he says "but ifn he had his druthers, itd be a full EP trained pepple""
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "Very good."
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "I will join him there."
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "Please excuse me."
Connie Crete asks, "yer headed downstairs?"
(Melabrion nods)
Connie Crete says, "ok"
Zaerion says, "so is Wangah, actually"
Zaerion asks, "we're not following?"

Melly takes a door downstairs ta meet with Wangah and Xel. Me and Zaerion runs down and catches up.

Connie Crete says, "this is gonna hurt"
Zaerion says, "yep"
Zaerion has fallen to a Guard Commander.
Zaerion says, "hmph"
You start dragging Zaerion.
Zaerion says, "Connie, you're amazing"

We makes it downstairs.


(Xel waves.)
Zaerion says, "thanks"
Wangah Rah says in Sylvan, "Connie will translate."
Connie Crete says, "had ta take tha long way"
Connie Crete says, "Wangah says good ta see ya Melly"
Poi thinks, "Status update?"
(Melabrion smiles)
Connie Crete thinks, "Melly's gone downstairs fer ease o chattin ta FMs"

Melly starts out all conciliatory... with Wangah.

Melabrion says in Dwarven, "I have heard.....rumors...."
Connie Crete says, "he says he dun heard rumors"
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "...that Ethereal scholars are unhappy with our prvevious arrangement."
Connie Crete says, "oh, I asked fer a key and he wants ta talk ta a EPmystic"
(Wangah Rah snickers.)
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "Even though we have fulfilled all parts of the bargain."
Wangah Rah asks in Sylvan, "Which arrangement do you speak of, specifically?"
Connie Crete says, "he says "so ya whiny ep scholors is unhappy even though I ferfilled tha letter o tha agreement""
Connie Crete says, "Wangah says "um, which agreement - he made so many bad trades and is poor now""

Primary bone o contention or “Blah blah blah lawyer mystics”

Melabrion says in Dwarven, "Of providing access to my great creation of Portal Island."
Connie Crete says, "Melly says "tha agreement o gitn access ta PI""
Wangah Rah says in Sylvan, "I have discussed this with Lugubrion at length."
Xel says, "I'd interject that there were several terms and that one of them had gone largely unfulfilled."
Wangah Rah says in Sylvan, "Xel has as well."
Connie Crete says, "Wangay says "talked ta Luggy about it""
Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "Such as?"
Wangah Rah asks in Sylvan, "Did you not retain a copy of the contract?"
Connie Crete says, "Wangah says "what Xel said""
Connie Crete says, "Wangah says "read tha fine print""
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "As we fulfilled all parts, my copy was no longer needed."
Connie Crete says, "Melly says "we did what we said we'd do - suck it up ya whiney exiles""
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "It did make good kindling, though"
Connie Crete says, "Melly says he likes a nice roarin fire with his beer"
Wangah Rah says in Sylvan, "I see. Interesting the respect you hold for a contract with us."
(Xel glances around, confused.)
Connie Crete says, "Wangah says "ya ya, sure ya ferfilled it""
Wangah Rah asks in Sylvan, "Circumstances being as they are, would you like another copy?"
Connie Crete says, "Wangah says "wanna let yer pepples do lunch with my pepples?""
Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "What circumstances?"
Zaerion has been fallen for some time because of a Guard Commander.
Connie Crete says, "Melly says "hmmm, which resturaunt""
(Xel mutters, but not in dwarven.)
Wangah Rah says in Sylvan, "The current circumstances, where you have not fulfillled obligations, but feel you have."

Git over it already.

Connie Crete thinks, "Melly says "we dun gived away tha keys""
Wangah Rah says in Sylvan, "Furthermore...the contract would go on for some time, regarding information on strange stones."
(Wangah Rah glances at Connie.)
(Melabrion rolls his eyes)
Connie Crete says, "Wangah disagrees with tha letter o tha ferfillment"
Wangah Rah says in Sylvan, "Connie, obfuscate the record."
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "Very well. State your grievance."
Connie Crete says, "Melly says "remind me""
Wangah Rah says in Sylvan, "Allow me a moment with my associate."
Connie Crete says, "Wangah says "Connie, ya be tha best translator EVAH:"
Connie Crete says, "Wangah stalls"
Wangah Rah says, "Connie, please discuss the finer points of brewing with Melabrion while I speak with Xel"

Ya may talk amongst yerselves.

You show your cask of honey ale to Melabrion.
• Melabrion offers you a cask of stout for free.
Connie Crete says, "I camed perpared"
(Melabrion nods)
Melabrion hands you a cask of stout.
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "Take this for your services"
Connie Crete asks, "ya wants stout first or ale?"
(Zaerion looks at Wangah Rah)
Connie Crete says, "they is busy /thinkmysticin"
(Melly heals Zaerion up good as new)
Zaerion says, "thank you"
Zaerion is no longer fallen.
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "You are welcome."
Zaerion says, "Connie did an impressive job gettin' down here"
You set down your heavy stout keg, deftly fitting a spigot into the bunghole.
(Zaerion smiles)
You pour yourself a perfect mug of cold stout.
You hand a stout to Melabrion.
(Melabrion looks over at Crete)
You pour yourself a perfect mug of cold stout.
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "thank you"
Connie Crete says, "ber"
Melabrion ponders, "She is reading my mind"
(Insert me and Melly keelin tha keg)

Time fer more talkin.

(Xel takes the Rah chair.)
(Wangah Rah growls slightly)
Xel asks, "Pardon. Rah is feeling a little hot-headed. Connie, would you mind being my ear and word?"
(drinkin be still goin on)
Connie Crete thinks, "Melly says "ber!""
(Wangah Rah spits on the ground)
Xel ponders, "This could end badly."

Here goes nuthin.

Connie Crete says, "oh we is gonna renegotiate and stuff"
(Xel chortles.)
Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "Are you ready now?"
(Melabrion wipes his mouth)
Connie Crete says, "Melly shaysh he be fortified"
Connie Crete says, "and ish all shet ta renegotiate"
(Xel idles for a moment..)
(Melabrion raises an eyebrow)
Xel says, "Would you ask Melabrion.."
Connie Crete says, "melly says he unnerstands common fine"
Xel says, "Ah."
Wangah Rah says, "He'll understand, just is too closeminded to speak so you will understand."
Xel says, "I wasn't too sure of that, my apologies."
Connie Crete says, "Melly says no problemo"
Connie Crete says, "that were tha eyebrow twitch right there"
Wangah Rah ponders, "Looks like the beer is going to her head."

Blah blah tha contract agin

Xel says, "Melabrion,"
Xel asks, "..Do you recall the item of the contract that stipulated the results of your research on the items we exchanged?"
(Melabrion looks at his Stout and shrugs)
Connie Crete says, "sub paragraph h, item 22"
Xel says, "We gave you no small handful of these fine stones.."
Xel picks up a strange looking stone.
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "Yes. I remember."
Connie Crete says, "he says "oh ya, that""
(Wangah Rah smiles slightly)
Xel says, "And it was part of the agreement that it would be reported to us your findings in researching them."
Xel says, "To my knowledge and understanding, we've had no such exchange."
Connie Crete exclaims, "ahh, that hit tha shpot!"
Xel says, "As far as I know, this has been what my colleagues are most upset about."
Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "This small bit?"
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "All of the knowledge I discovered, I poured into the Ethereal trainers."
Connie Crete asks, "he says "is ya gonna complain about ANYTHIN else ifn he talks about that?"
(Wangah Rah scoffs)
Wangah Rah says, "Who were provided before the deal."
Connie Crete says, "he says "anythin he knows, he dun tol tha trainers ta tell ya""

Melly’s point o sayin he held up his end o tha contract.

Melabrion says in Dwarven, "As a result, you are now about to transport to the Ethereal plane, almost at will."
Connie Crete says, "he says "ifn ya dunno then he duno"
Xel says, "Lugubrion cleared up for us, as least, to me, the only other 'grievance', that of kyuem information."
Connie Crete says, "he says "oh ya, an dnow yer poppin about tha ep at will:"
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "And, from what I am told, you put to good use during the breaches, that you caused."
Xel says, "I know of no other grievance to issue you beside this one."
Connie Crete says, "he says "and ya dun a fine job o fixin yer own messes""
Xel says, "Would you mind, for a moment,"
Xel says, "I'd like to find my copy of the contract and be sure of my statement."

Another innermission

5/25/08 7:39:37p Connie Crete says, "Melly says "beer""
(beer drinkin be still goin on - 2 fer me, 1 fer Melly. Rinse, repeat)
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "thank you Ms. Crete"
Connie Crete says, "anytime"
Connie Crete says, "he says "beer Connie""
Connie Crete exclaims, "beer!"
(Wangah Rah peruses with Xel)
(Xel idlely plucks a harp while he rummages through notes.)
• You hear Xel's music...
Xel starts playing his starbuck harp.
(Xel): Starry Lake Night.
You pour yourself the last of the stout.
You mutter something incomprehensible.
(Wangah Rah whispers a few things to Xel)
You fall over in a heap.
Connie Crete thinks, "Talksh delayed while Shel playsh mushic and tha transhlator gitsh able ta shpeek agin"
(Zaerion claps softly)

Tha mystics finds their contract.

Xel exclaims, "Ah!"
Xel says, "Here we are."
(Wangah Rah face turns a little red)
(Wangah Rah mutters curses under his breath)
Xel says, "The grievance my peers have wished addressed for so long,"
Connie Crete says, "ber"
Xel says, "is that concerning the research you conducted on the stones."
Connie Crete says, "Xel says "didja figgure anythin out about tha rocks""

Point A: Dismantlin Kyuems:

Xel says, "There was also some concern over the dismantling of kyuems, .."
(Zaerion smiles)
Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "You figured out how to dismantle them?"
Xel says, "However, Lugubrion did inform us of dangers related to that."
(Melabrion nods)
Connie Crete says, "Hic."
Xel says, "And I consider it addressed, as well as Rah here."
Connie Crete says, "Melly says "ya takes em apart? is ya certifiably insane?""
Xel says, "It would certainly have been good to know that taking them apart was dangerous before we made the contract, sure."
Connie Crete says, "oh, and beer makes ya drunk"
(Melabrion shrugs)
Xel says, "As you see, we made some mistakes, as did you."
(Melabrion smirks)
Connie Crete says, "Melly's smirk means "live and larn""

Point B: What tha heck did he find out about tha strange stones and tha ep?

Xel says, "But as we see it, all that has been left for some time now is that concerning the stone research."
Xel says, "If you would like,"
Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "What do you wish to know?"
Connie Crete says, "Melly says "whatta ya wanna know?""
Xel says, "I can scribe a copy of my colleagues letter which details the sort of expectation we had."
Xel says, "You would find it more sufficient than anything I could tell you now without boring."
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "You may tell me your expectation, but I can only tell you what I found."
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "Very well"
Connie Crete says, "Melly says "ya kin wish in one hand and !@# in tha other... but I kin only tell ya what I has found""
Connie Crete says, "Melly says "alrightythen""
(Xel glances to Rah.)

Git over it!

Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "So, your unexplained expectations is what is causing the hostility to us?"
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "That seems ...."
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "...petty."
Connie Crete says, "Melly says "so yer panties is in a wad over unexplained expectations?""
Connie Crete says, "Melly says "figgures""
Xel says, "What is expected is what was contractually obligated."
Wangah Rah says, "Not to mention signed in blood."
Wangah Rah ponders, "Showing the lack of value of their blood."
Zaerion ponders, "if nothing was found, how can he say anything about it?"
Xel asks, "In any case. I personally take no issue. Where would I deliver a copy of this letter, also delivered, so long ago?"

Things start ta go downhill fast.

Connie Crete says, "Melly says "hmm, Wangah be sylvan.. that reminds me ta go ta 'Brion Depot""
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "Then I look forward to your unagreed to expectations."
(Wangah Rah slips a small purple stone out of his pack and eyes Melabrion.)
Connie Crete says, "Melly says "I looks forward ta yer unagreedupon expectations""
(Xel sighs.)
(Wangah Rah mutters under his breath.)
(Xel shakes his head.)

Back ta MY innerest.

Connie Crete says, "Pun thinks "so by pissin off Melly, it means more keys is shot ta tha abyss""
Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "You wish more keys?"
Xel says, "You'll find me a more patient Mystic than most of my colleagues, who have been sufficiently annoyed not to want to bother."
Connie Crete says, "I wish fer a neverendin keg too"
Connie Crete says, "but ya, sum folks wouldnt mind keys"
Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "What do you have in trade?"
Connie Crete says, "this be unrelated ta tha mystics there"

Xel has another topic he’d like ta pursue.

Xel says, "I'm not here to barter for keys. Toys need not concern me."
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "I am done with the Mystics here"
Connie Crete says, "nuthin - well, coral"
Connie Crete says, "Melly says "kthxbi""
Xel says, "If other exiles speak to you as such, they do so not as a group."

Wangah’s gotta strange blood fixation.

Wangah Rah says, "You strike a bargain with others for keys. Make sure to sign in blood."
(Connie Crete shrugs)
Connie Crete says, "is why I says all I gots is wishes ta trade"
Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "Ms. Crete, do you have any items of power?"
Xel says, "I do have one other question that may not be difficult for you to answer, unrelated to any of this."
Connie Crete says, "lets see"
Wangah Rah says, "Don't give up your weapon, Connie"
Connie Crete says, "I has..."
You show what looks like Brune's Horus Ledger anna Beer colored crayon to everyone.
Connie Crete says, "and I has"
You show what looks like an übergossbloodaxe-prototype to everyone.
(Wangah Rah mutters)
Connie Crete says, "and Raks jest made me this fer playin when Kvynn gits ta whinin"
You show what looks like tha lands' smallest violène to everyone.
Connie Crete says, "but o power? na"
Connie Crete says, "Ima jest a lil 2• fighter"

Melly steers tha conversation inna place I didnt expect.

Melabrion says in Dwarven, "I have heard rumors....."
Connie Crete says, "not a big fancy sort like a FM"
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "...of a new stone with power."

Xel says this what I didnt catch till I was transcribin

Xel says, "A good while ago, a sarir of yours escaped with what appeared to be a heavily modified shieldstone."
(Wangah Rah strokes his pack gently.)
Connie Crete says, "oh ya - them darkstones what makes Fluffy come play"
Xel says, "Or perhaps something else entirely."
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "I do not know its name, but I have been told it is purple."
Connie Crete says, "Fluffy be real friendly, but ya gotta watch out"
Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "Darkstone?"
Connie Crete says, "yeppers - that be it"
(Zaerion glances at Wangah)


Connie Crete says, "Melly be askin about darkstones"
Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "What do they do?"
Wangah Rah says in Dwarven, "They contain power."
Connie Crete says, "what they does - as far as I knows they gits Fluffy all excited and opens a door"
Connie Crete says, "Wangah says "they has powers""
Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "A door to where and who is this 'Fluffy'?"
Connie Crete says, "Wangah says "my precious!""
Connie Crete says, "Melly says "a door where and who be Fluffy""
Connie Crete says, "Fluffy be Necro's pet"

Uh oh! Mystics caint control Connie

(Xel mutters.)
Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "Necro is an exile?"
Connie Crete says, "me and Manqy likes ta feed her treats and tries ta teach her tricks"
Wangah Rah says, "Quiet, Connie."
Connie Crete says, "Melly says "who be Necro?"
Xel says, "Rah,"
Wangah Rah says, "There's no reason for us to share information at this point."
Connie Crete says, "Wangah says "stop talkin, jest translate""
(Connie Crete sighs)
Connie Crete says, "but Melly gives out beer"

Xel tries ta git control o either Connie or Wangah.

Xel asks, "Perhaps Mela has sighted some Shak messing in the EP?"
Connie Crete says, "fer free everytime we visits"
Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "What is Rah's interest in this Darkstone?"
Connie Crete says, "Melly wunners why Wangah be all greedy about tha darkstone"
Wangah Rah says in Dwarven, "Nothing of your concern."
(Melabrion smiles)
Xel asks, "Have any stout left, Connie?"
Wangah Rah says in Dwarven, "You should be more concerned of the Darshak in EP, and with your fallen brother."
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "Well, that answers that."
(Zaerion wonders why Wangah is standing so close behind him)
Xel ponders, "This crowd is goin to my head."
Connie Crete says, "ok - lets see where was we"
Xel says, "I'd not like the whole thing."

In summary.

Connie Crete says, "Wangah says "I knows and ya dont nannynanny booboo"
Connie Crete says, "Melly said "Wangah be a poopoo head""
(Wangah Rah frowns slightly)
Connie Crete says, "and now we is caught up"
(Xel is ever-so-happy to have a translator.)

A non-mystic deal!

Melabrion says in Dwarven, "Ms. Crete, if you bring to me one of these Darkstones to study, I will give you a Portal Pass key."
Melabrion looks at Wangah Rah)
Wangah Rah shows Darkstone to Melabrion.
Connie Crete says, "Melly says he'll trade me a portal key fer a darkstone"
Xel says, "I have a trade for you, Mela. No contract."
Connie Crete says, "unfortunately - I wants tha key but dont got tha stone"
Wangah Rah ponders, "Closest he'll get to one."
Connie Crete says, "we'll see Melly"

Xel, noble ta tha end, still tries ta play nice:

Xel picks up an orb.
Xel says, "I'll exchange this for your sarirs toy."
Melabrion asks in Dwarven, "Perhaps if you acquire one.... ?"
Connie Crete says, "I'll see - but has ta let folks think about it"
(Melabrion glances over at Rah then back to Crete)
(Wangah Rah hums softly.)
Connie Crete says, "oy, jest dont start chantin"

Things wind down now

• You hear Xel's music...
Xel starts playing his starbuck harp.
(Melabrion nods)
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "I do think I am done."
Connie Crete says, "Melly says "thats all I gots""
(Wangah Rah smirks)
Connie Crete says, "thanks fer tha visit Melly"
Xel says, "I think we've been done, .."
Xel asks, "But weren't you looking for a scholar?"
(Wangah Rah nods a curt farewell.)
Connie Crete thinks, "Melly says "good ta see everybudy - beer ta ya""
Xel asks, "Or did that get covered?"
Wangah Rah ponders, ""Scholar" is relative, to him."
Connie Crete says, "`he were, but we aint got one"
Melabrion says in Dwarven, "I found what I needed"
Xel asks, "We don't?"
Connie Crete says, "he got tha infermation he wanted"

Melly then goes off ta tha part o his castle we dont see. We all ambles back ta town.

Posted by Para at 09:42 AM
May 25, 2008
TMN Word of the Day: "Zesty"


From the TMN Archives, under "Z."

Posted by Para at 01:41 AM
May 24, 2008
Yikes Visits Lundar Lake


Yikes sent TMN some images of his trip to Lundar Lake.





Yikes sent the following image to TMN in response to the comments:


Posted by Para at 08:51 PM
May 23, 2008
Harbinger Hole Barricade


Yikes sent TMN this picture of the current situation at the Harbinger Hole.

Posted by Para at 09:22 PM
Twins Separated at Birth?

real_kvynn.png kvynns_twin.png

Connie Crete sent the following report to TMN:

Ber Para,

Ya may have noticed sum competent help dun be fixin tha mess Fripp made. Well, surprise tha socks off'n me when I saw Kvynn sittn there managin. On closer observation, Kvynn's hair be a different shade. But ya couldn't tell em apart from their work ethic.


Posted by Para at 06:00 PM
"This Thoom for Hire"


Measle sent the following announcement to TMN:

G'day Para,

Puddleby Players is proud to announce the premiere of its latest production. "This Thoom for Hire," a hard-boiled crime piece, will be performed on June 1 at Noon Pacific time. Hope to see everybody out of the library and in the West Town Theatre.


Posted by Para at 01:19 PM
May 20, 2008
Kisa's Sketchbook


Kisa now has a sketchbook with some of her drawings and accounts of her adventures.

Posted by Para at 09:27 PM
May 17, 2008
Abducted on TI


Helios sent the following report to TMN:

(The following writing seems scratchy and as though it was written either nervously or in a hurry.)

Hello Para,

I regret to report that I recently let my foolish curiosity get the better of me, and decided to take a peek at Tenebrion's Island, to do a bit of testing. When navigating my boat to shore, I somehow managed to brush some rocks, flipping my boat, hitting my head and dragging me to shore. I laid there for some time before coming conscious, awaking to a Darshak Carouser looking over my body. Once seeing me awake, he quickly attached a chain to my legs and took off running. Silent, he wouldn't even grunt a response to my cries for help and questioning.




I was dragged across the landscape of Tenebrion's Island, and eventually into Tenebrion's conference room, where another Darshak was waiting. They tied my legs to the nearby gate and began shuffling through my satchel. Despite my attempts to redirect them, they were able to uncover a number of Ethereal tools.



A rescue party had finally concluded my location, and were en route. A couple healers—Lathena and Malakar—met me by coming through the Conference Circle, but were unable to chain me to safety. I attempted to redirect the rescue team towards the Darshak camp, but to no avail. Our numbers were simply too few.




I implore any available exiles to continue making ventures into Tenebrion's Island, to hopefully recover these items before the Darshak can study and manipulate these tools for their own uneducated uses. I hope to plan a few trips into the island in the coming days in an attempt to recover these items and look for more information regarding the Darshak occupation.

Please feel free to contact me in the lands.

-H. Lumini

Posted by Para at 07:49 PM
Mr. Fripp's Apologetic?


Helios sent the following report to TMN:

Hello again Mr. Paramedic!

I spent a bit of time vacationing in Peaceton recently I did. While a lovely place, it seems quite dangerous it does. If visiting, I'd suggest making a day trip. The bed and breakfast doesn't seem very secure. While sleeping there, I was kidnapped and woke up in a makeshift prison surrounded by snakes and scarmis, yes yes! My attempts to escape were futile, and I was eventually forced to depart my spirit to the Sun Temple, I was I was.

Other than my short time in prison, the trip went very well. I had the chance to ride in a horse carriage, go swimming in some deep water . . . I even spent some time with Mr. Fripp in the local bar.

He did seem quite apologetic concerning the less-than-perfect job he'd completed on the hole in east town. Indeed indeed.

Hope you enjoy my vacation pictures, I do!









Posted by Para at 07:56 AM
May 14, 2008
Tenebrion's Island and Metz


Torin has updated OWE News with the following new entries:

Darshaks' TI Outpost
Open Metz Hunt


Posted by Para at 10:46 PM
May 12, 2008
FMOCR Succeeds


Salandra sent the following message to TMN:

Hello Thoomcare!

I wanted to write to you to report the latest successful FMOCR. Our group was literally a last minute effort (Yar, my fault) but we were able to successfully kill the Orga Magician and obtain a Strange Stone from Orga Camp 4. As you can see from the sketch we were a small group but after several clearing runs into Orga Camp 4 we were able to setup and then kill the Orga Magician. I cannot thank these fine folks enough for the effort they put in. Great Job!


Posted by Para at 07:33 PM
May 10, 2008
Abyssal Hunter Invasion


Antha sent the following report to TMN:

Greetings to you, Paramedic.

My friend Creed suggested that I send you some sketches I made during the recent Abyssal Hunter invasion.

I was running east to try to help those fighting the invasion when I saw several AHs running west, toward me. I saw that Jeepers had taken refuge on a nearby rooftop and quickly climbed up after him. As you can see, I was very frightened . . . but the worst was yet to come! We were soon entirely surrounded by dozens of the terrible creatures!

I was very glad to have Jeepers there with me. If I had been alone, I would not have been able to stand the fright!

As it was, it took some time for our brave fighters to make their way through the crowd of enemies and rescue us. I am very grateful to them.

Thank you for reading my report. May the blessings of Gaia be upon you.





Posted by Para at 09:45 PM
Twin Zo


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail Para!

It's me again with one more submission. But I honestly have no words for this one.


Posted by Para at 09:16 PM
Matt's Leap


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail Para!

I must share this sketch with your readers! I feel fortunate that I not only witnessed but was able to sketch an amazing event. Recently, I came out of the library just in time to help mop up the end of an orga invasion. I joined a group of exiles at the meadow, and we proceeded west and north to the snell west of the Orga Camp. It was busy but not unconquerable; the fighters quickly cleared the snell and began making fighter runs into OC.

The OC snell was very hot, with a lot of LDV as well. Several fighters had to be chained out to the waiting healers. But Matt . . . Matt made a heroic leap for the snell boundary with his last breath. The sketch shows where he landed. He has NOT been moved! That's how far Matt managed to leap across the snell border toward safety!

I've seen long-distance death leaps, but I've never seen anything like this one. :-)

Thanks for the inspiring leap, Matt!


Posted by Para at 08:57 PM
Stora Speaks


Chance sent the following report to TMN:

Hail Para!

In light of the recent Stora controversy, I thought I would release these never-before-seen sketches of him talking. I've actually witnessed more than just these two incidents, but I don't always have sketching materials available.

Both of these incidents happened during the last Feast of Tsrrin, but on two different occasions—so it wasn't just a one-time fluke.

One sketch simply shows him reacting to a situation in Town Center when several exiles were just hanging out in costume, having a good time.

The other four sketches show parts of a chat that I had in the costume shop with Stora, Finegas and Melben. Since that chat, I have tried to share Stora whenever he heals me, at the very least.






Posted by Para at 08:44 PM
May 08, 2008
Melabrion's Island; Darshak Drink and Attack


Eden has updated her journal with two new reports:

No Healer, No Problem
Drunken Darshak

Posted by Para at 09:28 PM
Chaos Storm #545


Chaos Storm #545 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

Posted by Para at 07:51 PM
May 04, 2008
Stora in More Trouble


Someone slipped another image anonymously under my door this afternoon. Looks like Stora is in more trouble.

Posted by Para at 05:27 PM
Wangah Rah Fan Club


Inu Tensei reports on the Wangah Rah Fan Club in the most recent post to the Laughing Academy Inquirer.

Posted by Para at 11:46 AM
Eden: LEG 8, TI, Harbinger Hole


Eden has updated her journal with the following entries:

LEG 8 Report
What is Becoming of TI?
The Harbinger Hole and Auction House

Sorely underthoomed

Fighting the Darshak on TI

Ground weakening at filled Harbinger Hole?

Posted by Para at 06:44 AM
May 02, 2008
Presidential Report on Stora Situation


Odesseus sent the following report to TMN:

Yes, indeed, Stora is in trouble! Last night, in a fit of boredom in a mood of heroic endeavor, a small band of us in Town Center, after hearing of some stupid prank a single-handed, colossal blow to town, set out to rescue the fallen Stora.

The party consisted of myself, Maeght, Kalypso, and Wangah Rah. Wangah offered to open for us, although he said he would "gladly help us from the rear." I advised that he would be AMONGST us because I don't trust the little bugger he would be safest within our ranks. Admittedly, we had a snowball's chance in the Abyss our numbers were low, but our hope was high.

We got to the Dark Temple without any problem. Inside the Temple, it was eerily quiet. We ascended one staircase and killed some rats quelled some minor spirits. We ascended yet another staircase and found it nearly empty yet still little resistance to our advance.

Our hopes raised, we climbed the third set of stairs and ran into a frikken GD! the horror of horrors, a Greater Death! Dang thing one-hit me Although Maeght and I fought with all our might, the creature overcame us, struck down the little weasel Wangah Rah and continued down the stairs to ravish overwhelm the lovely Kalypso.

We were fallen for a short while, but soon a small band of rescuers arrived. Afrit chained us out, while Naferu did most of the dirty work assisted us in dispatching the GD.

Wangah appeared to be a happy little git seemed to relish the events. One wonders of his hand in this silly stunt nefarious work of sabotage!

Your Fen President,

Note to editor: Please remove all of the struck-out phrases -O

Posted by Para at 03:27 PM
Stora in Trouble


Someone slipped this image anonymously under my door this morning. Looks like Stora is in some trouble.

Posted by Para at 12:08 PM
Puddleby Players Interview


Illora Mone has interviewed the Puddleby Players for TMN.

Dear Para,

Some time ago you asked me to conduct another interview, and I finally pinned down the Puddleby Players long enough to get them to answer a few questions.

Illora Mone says, "first of all, I'd like to congratulate you on your association"
Measle says, "Thank you very much"
Illora Mone says, "I know you've been waiting for it for a long time"
Measle says, "Well our former member Largo was the one always pushing for it"
Miug says, "a pity he is not here to see his dream fulfilled"
Measle says, "Seems ironic that it finally happens after he leaves the lands"
Starsword Eojek says, "poor largo."
Illora Mone asks, "What do you plan to do with your association now?"
Measle says, "Maybe use it as a carrot to get more members"
Measle says, "We're not a hunting group or a clan"
Illora Mone says, "more actors would always be good"
Measle says, "So the association semed the best way to legitimise our group"
Measle says, "Yes"
Measle says, "Anyone able to dedicate an hour a week is more than welcome"
Measle says, "Particularly phantasmers"
Measle says, "We'd like to add more special effects to our plays"
(Starsword Eojek will dedicate more than an hour a week, when it comes to drawing stuff, cus that's how long it takes... but it averages out to an hour a week.)
Measle says, "yes Stars over there is helping us with technical things"
Illora Mone asks, "Are you planning to have more than just actors, then?"
(Starsword Eojek is a stagehand)
Measle says, "He's made a big change for our next play"
Illora Mone says, "Tell me about your next play."
Measle says, "But I won't reveal Stars's contribution yet"
Illora Mone says, "All of you star, I expect"
Measle says, "Saving it for the performance"
Measle says, "Miug is the star of the next show, undoubtedly"
Measle says, "She is onstage for the entire time"
Miug ponders, "I never get a break"
Measle says, "And it all revolves around her character"
Illora Mone asks, "So, Miug leaked to Paramedic already that this play has a Skirwan?"
Measle says, "It does indeed"
(Miug): Skirwan waves
Measle says, "Our heroine is Skirwan the Thoom"
(Inu Teisei): Someone else waves
Measle says, "She's turned up in such bizarre places..."
Measle says, "...we wanted to show why and how"
Measle says, "She's led quite a life"
Measle says, "Albeit a fictional one"
Illora Mone exclaims, "I can imagine!"
Measle says, "We've gone for a pulp noir approach for this play"
Measle says, "The Halfling was an action adventure"
Measle says, "Manticore was a courrtroom historical drama"
Measle says, "And Zomeo and Thoomiet was a comedy"
Measle says, "So a hard boiled crime things seemed the next step"
Measle says, "It's mostly set in the seedy underbelly of KI"
Measle says, "Where she encounters people like Mujin-Kun and Fat Alice"
Illora Mone asks, "any claws?"
Measle says, "Yes, free lyfe claws to everyone that gives us a good review"
Measle says, "Would you and your readers like to see some of the action, Illora"
Illora Mone says, "certainly, slip me a snippet"
Pun'isher asks, "will pun be doing standup?"
Measle says, "And... unfortunately, Pun's stand up"
Pun'isher says, "i want to try something different"
Pun'isher says, "the unstandup"
Pun'isher says, "of course I will be seated"
Pun'isher says, "but still torturing"
Pun'isher says, "moohahaha"
Inu Teisei says, "badum dum"
Measle asks, "Maybe juggling?"
Pun'isher says, "my performance will be chairished"
Illora Mone ponders, "noo don't pun me"
Pun'isher says, "it will be thrill of victory..the agony of deseat"
Miug asks, "so, what do we perform for Illora?"
Measle says, "Why not perform the whole thing and Illora can choose snippets"
Measle says, "It's rehearsal time"



The play is still tentatively scheduled for the end of May, possibly in Pacific primetime. Measle wishes to remind Puddleby that all are welcome to audition for the Players by coming to rehearsals once a week at 8pm Pacific on Thursdays.

-Illora Mone

Posted by Para at 12:02 PM
Darshak Invasion; Wangah Rah Sued


Illora Mone sent the following report to TMN:

Dear Paramedic,
I came in somewhat late, as the fighting was moving from Puddleby to Ash at the time. I did find out that Dar'shak Captains can't really hurt me very much, and can't run fast at all.

We charged into South Ash, fighting mostly midlevel undine and weak Dar'shak. There were some nasty flamers around, one called a High Priest wearing a burgundy robe that Wangah Rah wanted a sample of.

Wangah Rah, portrayal by Hoggle

While he was able to chain one, he was subsequently killed and we had to go find another one. When we took the pentacle room at the top of the tower, we found more High Priests, and the Necro ran from the lands. There was also a Curate, which looked like a Curator but with the same burgundy robes as High Priests.

We cleared the top level and gathered at the pentacle. Wangah Rah returned from taking his sample to his workshop, and was asked to open the portal to the underground complex. As his price of a High Priest corpse had been met, he performed the ritual to open. Natas seemed asleep on his feet, so Wangah Rah ran around behind him and tried to push him in. Apparently, we can only pass through certain portals if we move in of our own volition. The portal closed by the time Natas awoke from his daze and tried to pass through, so Asenath reopened it. A group of us then charged in and fell rather rapidly. Most departed in the next few minutes, as no word came from outside.

When word did come, more departed, as Merlisk reported that no one was willing to reopen the portal to where we lay fallen. Darnok laid all the blame onto Wangah Rah. After he departed, he began to sue Wangah Rah, accusing him of deliberately sending us all to die and then walking away. No jurors were summoned for this case. Darnok tried again, and though we were notifed of possible jury duty, it did not call us past the countdown to ten seconds. A subsequent attempt by Natas snagged both Ratbane and Skye, leaving myself and Starsword behind. Starsword was in the process of d/cing and soon disappeared.

The jury found Wangah Rah innocent of 'being a jerkoff waste of time'.

Disappointed that I'd not been summoned, Darnok sued Wangah Rah again, with a result of only two jurors. Another try resulted in one juror, countdown once again did not advance past ten seconds.

Darnok tried one last time, accusing Wangah Rah of 'To get those fallen out of DT maybe..'. This time, I appeared in the jury box.

Haengemie says, "This trial is to settle the matter wherein Darnok has accused Wangah Rah of To get those fallen out of DT maybe.."

Haengemie says, "Darnok and Wangah Rah will each be given a chance to state the facts pertinent to the case."

[skipping ahead]

Haengemie says, "Darnok, you have 90 seconds to speak."

Clera notes the jurors for the record: Pun'isher, Natas, Afrit, Althea, Manquilor, Illora Mone, Gustave, DragonHawk, Ragi, Baltok, Joel

Darnok says, "I guess I don't need to really present much of a case considering my opponenet neglected to show."

Darnok says, "Wangah Rah got us all to go down to the pentagram under DT,"

Darnok says, "where he proceeded to try and get a High priest so he could open up the portal there."

Darnok says, "He then attempted to push myself and natas into said portal while both of us were afk."

Darnok says, "Although this did not work..."

Darnok says, "will continue"

Darnok says, "done."

Haengemie says, "Wangah Rah, you have 90 seconds to speak."

Wangah Rah says, "Hm"

Wangah Rah says, "It seems I can speak."

Wangah Rah says, "It is clear why I did not show up."

Wangah Rah says, "Darnok repeatedly sues me."

Wangah Rah says, "I was already found innocent in Natas's case."

Wangah Rah says, "Therefore, this entire proceeding should be declared a mistrial."

Wangah Rah says, "I will state facts relevent in the next round."

Wangah Rah says, "Done."

Haengemie says, "Thank you, Wangah Rah."

Haengemie says, "Darnok, you have 120 seconds to speak."

Darnok says, "Point of order, you were found innocent of Natas charges of being a jackass, my charges are completely different."

Darnok says, "So there is no mistrial, as for me sueing you before, everyone know's the court was bugged."

Darnok says, "Continuing what I was saying,"

Darnok says, "You were not the sole reason for us going down there."

Darnok says, "However,"

Darnok says, "You did attempt to push people in and refused to reopen after we all fell to let rescuers in."

Darnok says, "This is why I think you should be punished."

Darnok says, "Also you are always trying to sell this town down the river to the highest bidder."

Darnok says, "This has been seen numerous times in the past."

[jury crosstalk]
Althea whispers, "he's not on trial for that!"
Illora Mone whispers, "except in this, it's not relevant"
Pun'isher whispers, "he is on trial for shoving others though"

Darnok says, "Anyway, I got Illora out of DT so my primary goal is accomplished."

Darnok says, "Good luck jury."

Darnok says, "done."

Haengemie says, "Thank you, Darnok."

Haengemie says, "Wangah Rah, you have 120 seconds to speak."

Wangah Rah says, "Jury, please dismiss what he has said about my past. As the judge says, this is about THIS case."

Wangah Rah asks, "His goal was to get Illora. Why does this require finding me guilty of some vague crime?"

Wangah Rah says, "I did not open the portal. Asenath did."

Wangah Rah says, "Furthermore, I was not even asked to open it again."

Wangah Rah says, "Many departed, saw how difficult it was, and had no desire to go back."

Wangah Rah says, "I was taunted with being a coward, and told to gather a rescue."

Wangah Rah says, "As a humble mystic, I cannot save them, but if asked to open, I would be glad to assist."

Darnok thinks, "Point, that was after we all departed."

Wangah Rah says, "Am I a jackass? Perhaps."

Wangah Rah says, "Am I responsible for a massacre? Not this time, clearly."

Darnok thinks, "And you flatly refused to open unless you were well compensated."

Wangah Rah says, "I rest my case."

Wangah Rah says, "Done."

Haengemie says, "Thank you, Wangah Rah."

Haengemie says, "Jury, you will adjourn to vote on a verdict."

Bellafae hands Haengemie the jury's verdict.

Haengemie says, "Wangah Rah, this court finds you guilty, as accused."

Haengemie says, "Jury, you have found Wangah Rah guilty."

Haengemie says, "You will now adjourn to recommend a sentence."

Bellafae hands Haengemie the jury's sentencing recommendation.

Haengemie says, "Wangah Rah, you are hereby sentenced to spend 30 minutes in the Puddleby jail,"

Haengemie says, "and fined 236 coins."

Judge Haengemie bangs his gavel

Haengemie yells, "This court is adjourned."

* On Autumn 45, 570, Wangah Rah was in court for To get those fallen out of DT maybe..
* And sentenced to 30 minutes in jail, with a fine of 0c, in absentia.
* That sentence is now being imposed.

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