June 29, 2008
Aggressive Negotiations with Penn Venables


Stinkfist sent the following report to TMN:

Arr dear Exiles,

The Pirate King announces the Pirates of Lok'Groton are to "aggressively negotiate" with Penn Venables.

He calls upon all pirates and pirate friendly exiles to come help persuade Penn to see things his way.

Time: sometime around Lundi, the 61st Day of Summer 571, at midnight (OOC: July 9th). More details to come as they are available.

Place: Gather at the docks

See ye tharrr,
Captain Stinkfist, The Pirate King

Phroon was supposed to turn in a much better written article/announcement days ago so throw pies at him for his slow journalism skills.

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June 28, 2008
What's Puddleby Eating II: Fast Food Results


#461: What is your favorite fast food?
2 (11%): Maha Burger
6 (32%): Meshra Strips
3 (16%): Tok'Han Taco
7 (37%): Footlong Foxweir Sandwich
1 (5%): None of the above
0 (0%): Abstain

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June 27, 2008
Powerful Pony Protects Puddleby from Pirates


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail Para!

Breaking news: A brave pony is now stationed on the Puddleby docks, protecting our western shores from several Darshak ships. I've attached some sketches and a visionstone of this strong pony, who refused all attempts from me to heal him or tempt him away with grass or fresh water.




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June 26, 2008
Darshak Invade, Rename Puddleby Briefly


Noivad sent this breaking news report to TMN:

I'm writing to you live from the scene of a great triumph tonight as the Darshak have been defeated after overrunning town for over 12 hours. The scene was chaotic as wave after wave of Darshak invaded town lead by Darshak Admirals Rotbeard and Keelhaul.

Exiles fought bravely and were forced to use guerrilla tactics. Lead by Taryn and Natas, a band of about 20 exiles went through the underground to stage an assault from the hive into the northern part of town. For hours and hours, exiles fought and healed bravely in North Puddleby, with no let-up in sight.

With the leadership of myself, Phroon, the rodding of the brave Tharloch, too many fighters healers to mention, and bloodblades of Revlis, Aldernon, Andarius, and the boosting of Malbec, the citizens of Puddelby struck down Admiral Rotbeard. The tide quickly turned as Keelhaul came to the falling Admiral's aide. The Darshak rallied back behind Admiral Keelhaul and very briefly retook Puddleby.

The exiles retreated back to the hive but when they emerged, Prowl, back from a vacation on the island paradise of Metzetli, had begun their assault on the retitled Venables Town. Admiral Keelhaul called in reinforcements and retook town for mere minutes while the exiles rallied in the library and made one final push that took down Admiral Keelhaul, and dashed the villainous Darshak plans to make a third outpost out of our beloved Puddleby.

Exiles found a chest and a half-dozen or so beer kegs left behind on the dock. Everyone in town gathered on the dock to open the chest together. Kalypso tripped over the chest, opening it, to discover 5000 coins. Lorikeet, fen counting device in hand, counted heads present and divided the coins fairly to all present. Puddleby's citizens then gathered to see what could be done about the new sign in town that read "Venables Town." Since no one had a permit to take down the sign, it was left standing until such time as a proper teardown permit can be obtained.



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June 24, 2008
Grefo Toppa Sells Again


Salandra sent the following report to TMN:

Hello Thoomcare!

I am writing in to report that that Grefo Toppa has started selling shirts once again. But he no longer appears to be making Forest Green shirts. He is now selling Muddy Forest shirts. I've included a sketch of these new shirts with this alert. As you can see, they are definitely not like any other standard shirt by means of color! I haven't had a chance to see what dyes would look like on it but if you catch me in the lands I'll be more than happy to report what I know about different colors.


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June 23, 2008
Return from Gloaming


Torin reports at OWE News on an expedition to Metzetli Island and an attempt at a quick trip home through the Gloaming Caves.

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June 22, 2008
Local Thoom Advances


I passed the sixth circle healers' test today and celebrated with a bath in the sixth-circle healers' room.

Glory yells, "Congratulations, Paramedic, you have passed!"
Glory pats Paramedic on the back.
Glory says, "Now run along. I have work to do."
Glory thinks, "Congratulations go out to Paramedic, who has just passed the sixth circle healer test."

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Puddleby Votes on Wangah Rah

Wangah Rah as portrayed by Hoggle

#460: Is Wangah Rah....
1 (6%): evil
2 (13%): Playing evil
3 (19%): good
6 (38%): Just a dork
4 (25%): None of the above
0 (0%): Abstain


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Exploring Gungla with Purple Haze


Warrior Thoom Eden reports in her most recent journal entry on an expedition to Gungla Island with Purple Haze.

Note formidable Thoom action:

org_whacks.png phroon_whacks.png
Thooms Org Du Lac and Phroon getting it done

Non-Thoom highlights:

daimoth_fallen.png skirwan_retreat.png

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Torin Advances to 7th Circle


Torin reports at OWE News on his passing the 7th circle fighter's test.

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Waterfall Disaster


Torin reports at OWE News on a disaster and rescue at the waterfall snell.

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June 20, 2008
Blackhole, SpiderZo


Connie Crete sent the following report to TMN:


So Blackhole be huntin malachites. I know these is olives, but ya gits tha idea. Geo asked whyfer. Here be tha answer:

Spiderzo, Spiderzo,
Goes whereever a spider go.
Morphs ta spidy alla time
Bashes critters, even slime.
Look out! Here comes the Spiderzo.

Be he strong? Listen bud—
He's got webbers in his blood.
Can he swing from sum silk?
I dunno, it aint M***.
Hey there! There goes the Spiderzo.

With a chain and shieldstone,
At tha cave o the noids,
He rescues all alone,
By usin ranger spirit roids!

Spiderzo, Spiderzo,
Friendly neighborhood Spiderzo.
Wealth and fame, he dont care—
Gitn lasties be his dare.
To him,
Life be a great big mosey—
Wherever spidies be noisey,
You'll find the Spiderzo!

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June 19, 2008
Elaph Sismia and the Asklepian Staff


Odesseus sent the following report to TMN:

During a town incident having to do with an azurite noid and two gloaming wendies, a fellow named Elaph Sisima appeared in the Healer Hall foyer. This fellow claims to have a workshop behind the locked door in the Healer Hall.


It seems he and his cohort Rady Ann have been working on crafting a new healer staff, called an Asklepian Staff, that could potentially add to the healing craft. It uses a type of crystal I’ve never heard of. He mentioned it would be called either “sellenet” or “solumite,” and is a purplish-blue crystal. Rady apparently has been trying to craft the new crystals, but several have exploded during testing, leaving only the one on Elaph’s Asklepian Staff. He claims that a fellow named Chiron may have other crystals, or perhaps we can find them. He suggests Chiron might part with one, if he has it, for about 20,000 coins.


There may be a tenuous connection between the azurite noid and the gloaming wendies, as these made their appearance right after a reported moonstone disturbance. The disturbance may have occurred at the same time one of the crystals exploded in the workshop, sending shockwaves through the healer’s tools and alerting the creatures to the crystal’s existence.

Elaph claims the Asklepian Staff, when properly crafted and tuned, may be able to burst-heal several people at once, although he’s says he not really sure it will do anything other than blow up.

Elaph says any crystals that are found should be given to him and Rady to craft. He says to contact him “leave a note on the door.” I am assuming this is the locked door in Healer hall off the foyer. I don't yet know how to leave this note.


The creatures were banished, Elaph went back to his workshop, leaving a group of puzzled exiles in his wake.

Fen President;
Lead Manager, Fen Emergency Management Agency;
Clan of the Rising Claw

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June 18, 2008
Chaos Storm #551


Chaos Storm #551 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

sentinel_by_kani.png Discussion of Chaos Storm #551 has been moved to the Clan Lord Sentinel.

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June 17, 2008
What's Puddleby Eating II


The new ballot at the election hall is a follow-up to the previous What's Puddleby Eating:

#461: What is your favorite fast food?

a: Maha Burger maha_ruknee.gif

b: Meshra Strips meshra_infant.gif

c: Tok'Han Taco tokhan_lime.gif

d: Footlong Foxweir Sandwich foxweir.gif

e: None of the above

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June 11, 2008
Dandelion's Sketchbook


I've added Dandelion's Sketchbook to the TMN Favorites. Dandelion has assembled an impressive number of images from Puddleby over time, along with a useful keywording system.

Also, mouseover the more recent images for additional information or commentary.

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June 10, 2008
Kisa's Sketchbook


I've added Kisa's Sketchbook to the TMN Favorites. She has added several new sketches!

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Jades and Sarra


Torin has updated OWE News with two new reports:

Deadly Sarra


Posted by Para at 11:10 PM


Eden reports in her most recent journal entry on an unfortunate choice she made in Lugubrion's Keep.

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Stylunk 1.6


Skirwan has made available Stylunk 1.6. Click on Stylunk's enormous noggin to enter a world of fashion.

sentinel_by_kani.png Discussion on Clan Lord Sentinel.

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June 09, 2008
"Super Happy Ranger Fun Time Power!"


Hoggle has posted "Super Happy Ranger Fun Time Power!" to the StickLord News Network.

sentinel_by_kani.png Discussion on the Clan Lord Sentinel.

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June 05, 2008
Another Upcoming Trip to Pathfinding Book #1


Inu Teisei sent the following announcement to TMN:

Just wanted to remind everyone that we will be taking a trip to Book 1 on OOC: June 8 @ 2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific. It is scheduled to last 2.5 hours.

sentinel_by_kani.png See the Clan Lord Sentinel for more details.

We really need some advanced healers/hitters out there for this one and an exile who knows the way! I am hoping we can get to Book 1 quickly (and without NUs or PNDs) so that those who have their stored ranks can start/finish all three chapters. If time permits, we also want to try for Book 2.

The gory details:

I want to hang out at Book 1 about 32 minutes, the minimum required to apply 21 ranks, so that anyone that has ranks stored and just started with Book 1, Chapter 1 can start Chapter 3. With any luck, we will spend about 15 or so minutes getting to Book 2 and anyone who has enough ranks still stored can start their training.

Next Book 1 trip is planned for August 10 @ 2pm Eastern time/11am Pacific time, replacing our LA hunt & Brew-n-Brawl.

-Inu Teisei

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"This Thoom For Hire" Available on Visionstone


Inu Teisei sent the following report to TMN:

Howdy Para!

First off, the Puddleby Players would like to thank all the exiles who helped on the most recent production of "This Thoom For Hire". We were honored by the loaning of some rather valuable items for use in our production. Thank you to: Super Chicken, Jady, and Bleign. We also have to thank Starsword Eojek for his stunning contribution; the crowd really liked that (see below).


We also would love to thank all the exiles who came out to see the play. Your support keeps us going! We love putting on these plays for you.

So without much further ado, here is the link to the Visionstone on the LA site.

There are two files in the zip, one for the preshow, and one for the actual performance.


Also, Puddleby Players has regular rehearsals (more or less) on OOC: Thursdays 7pm Pacific time, 10pm Eastern time. We welcome new members, actors, writers, prop masters, set designers, bards, phantasmers.

One last note, we would like to thank Measle who will be going on an extended study break and will return in time for Ts'rrin. He wrote an awesome script for this play.


I just finished posting the interview I conducted with Measle right before he went on extended studies about the reviews of the latest Puddleby Players production of "This Thoom For Hire."

-Inu Teisei

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June 01, 2008
Tonoto Memorial


A memorial to famous map-maker Tonoto is now in the Memorial Garden.

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Thoom Colors


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hello, Para!

I thought your readers might enjoy a bit of humor in today's TMN.

A warning that these sketches contain some strong language that may be offensive to young children, thoom and alchemists.

Anyway, I happened to capture a few sketches the other day in TC when some of our favorite paint-makers had a good-natured squabble. I was hoping that by posting these, I could help generate some peer pressure on Hoggle to live up to his word and create a new Sticklord offering!





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Stuenora Stuck in the Shadows?


Chance sent the following report to TMN:

Hail Para,

I'm a little worried about Stuenora. She has been acting strangely lately (yes, even more so than usual), and she seems unable to tune sunstones.

Has anyone else noticed this?


Posted by Para at 11:09 AM