August 31, 2008
York's Eye, Part 4: The Saga Concludes


Here are the final images in the story of York's eye.

Find out more about York here:

York's Puddleopedia Entry

York's Journal














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Radius Healing View


Kitlin sent the following report to TMN:

Dear sir,

The Asklepian staff and Asklepian are the new healing tools to the lands. The radiating healer is able to distinguish the healing aura. I thought it would be of interest to those who see not the difference in healing to note what the healer sees.

This was taken during the ongoing orga incursion. In the attached picture, good Ms. Mehan and Mr. Xenos are not affected by my aura.

Cordially yours,


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August 30, 2008
Orga Threaten to Eat Captured Exiles


Mehan sent the following report to TMN:

The orga battle wages on! A few of us had the misfortune of falling and being chained to a roasting fire by a Warlock. Luckily we got rescued!

As you can see in the pictures, the orga knew Max's name! EEEK! The orga was also nice enough to refer to all of us as 'his food' and kill the rats/birds that were gnawing on us. Surprisingly, when I first fell I was deteriorating, but when rescued, one healer could raise me. I guess being cooked has its perks! The Orga seem fond of reminding York of his loss, of which I approve.





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Report from the Front Lines of the Orga War


Clyde sent the following breaking news to TMN:

Hello Para,

A talented anti-Orga squad breached the walls of the Orga Fort in the East Forest today. Attached you'll find a sketch of the weakness in the Orga Wall. It is at the farthest end of the fort, one east of the entrance into the EF from the marsh. Our group advanced quite well and nearly made it to the slime cave before attrition took its toll. Also attached is a sketch of the group. I suggest that a more dedicated group use this knowledge to their advantage to advance to the slime cave immediately to investigate. I did also find another Orga intent on letting it be known (in not so many words) that the land, and magic contained therein, was theirs.



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Exiles and Orga Skirmish; Exiles Don Veggie Hats


Torin reports at OWE News on an attack on the new Orga Farm, and a counterattack by Orga forces. In an apparently unrelated development, some exiles have begun wearing vegetables on their heads.

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Orga Attack Continues


Savior sent the following report to TMN:


The orga incursions continue. They have built a new hut at the end of the East Forest PF and planted a skull flag at the westernmost edge of that PF. They will not be content until they over run the docks of Puddleby and steal our fish.

Calling all Thoom. Calling all exiles. We must unite to protect the fish!


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York's Eye, Part 3











Check back soon for the final chapter in the saga of York's eye.

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York's Eye, Part 2











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August 27, 2008
York's Eye, Part 1


York sent to TMN these images from the recent Orga conflict.










To be continued...

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August 25, 2008
Orga War Rages On


Kalypso sent these images from the current Orga War. Click here for more of her pictures of the fighting.






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New Tribe Orga Have a Message for Puddleby


Ansset sent the following report to TMN:

Puddleby, 69th Winter, 572:

Today the New Tribe Orga have given me a message to share with Puddleby. I have carefully translated it for all to read:

"We have powerful magic inside the deep east forest slime cave. It's ours. Not yours. Do not try to investigate it, or we will kill you. We have built a wall around our land. Our land. Not yours. Do not come near our land or our wall, or we will kill you. You stay in your walls, we might stay in ours."

When I questioned my captor about the nature of the magic, he responded, "Blood!" -- whether this means the New Tribe Orga possess a kind of blood magic, or alternatively was distracted by his stomach, I cannot say for certain.

One thing is clear, however. Exiles should be cautious and prepared when travelling near their now walled-off territory. This includes the entire southern part of the deep east forest and some of the south Wendecka Passes. Not all the Orga are staying behind their walls.










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August 24, 2008
Largo 3218


TMN has obtained this intriguing imagery from the construction site of the Alliance Castle. At first, you might think this looks like any other typical Puddleby construction site.


If you look more closely, however, you see the following stenciled letters and numbers:

LARGO 3218


What? What can it mean?

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War Between the Centaurs and the Orga

centaur.gif orgaberserks.gif

The Centaurs and the Orga are at war.

sentinel_by_kani.png Find out more about this once-secret war on Clan Lord Sentinel.

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Orga Invasion

temporary stock orga imagery

Althea sent the following breaking news report to TMN:

The orga attacked in force tonight and exiles drove them back to East Forest. They have set up a camp just east of the university.

More soon.

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August 21, 2008
Carrot Zo


Natas has a new look.

More info at Kisa's Sketchbook here and here and OWE News.

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August 20, 2008
Chaos Storm #560


Chaos Storm #560 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

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August 19, 2008
Imminent Orga Attack?


K'vynn sent the following report to TMN:


It's not often I do this, but here is some 'news' or 'dirt' as I might say that should be known:

This morning on Lundi, the 49th day of Winter of this year, we had an advance scouting party of Orga invade the eastern forests and field near Puddleby. At least 3 parties of exiles were about, some in OOB, a group from town hunting these orga, and Falinea's Blade . . . and of course the random exiles doing who knows what in the lands . . . but here I was with The Blade and they were able to get me close enough to divine that this was simply an advance scouting party.

Although I was unable to convince anyone to help me further my divination, I do suspect an invasion is imminent within the zodiac from what I sensed. I do wish to impart more. Some of us seem sensitive to these orga, indeed, some in my group remember the drums . . . "perhaps they are the lake orga?" they said. I do not know. Some of these orga did enter town, and there were several fearless with the dreds and hatreds as well. Perhaps someone more familiar with them would know more.

What I do know is I can ascertain the time of the invasion, seek me in the lands if I have not already found out and imparted the information.

I may not be the only one that knows, but I'll try to be back out soon and see what else I can impart or ascertain.

Support would be appreciated,


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The Return of Largo?


This poster was affixed to the front of TMN Headquarters this afternoon.

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August 18, 2008
Open Hunt Visits Pitch Caves


Torin reports at OWE News on an Open Hunt trip to the Pitch Caves.

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August 17, 2008
Darshak Tighten Grip on TI, Alliance Castle Progresses


Azriel has posted several new entries to his journal, bringing it up-to-date with the most recent Chaos Storm:

Chaos Storm 548
PAG goes to Tenebrion's Island, throne in Tenebrion's conference room

Chaos Storm 551
Darshak wall off their encampment on Tenebrion's Island and begin construction of a new Dark Temple, Darshak install and activate a kyuem, work on the Alliance Castle comes to a standstill, Nylar tampering with Castle construction site, shifting rocks at Lily Pond, Myrms digging in North Field, Azriel wins a chain

Chaos Storm 554
PAG explores temples on Metzetli Island, Darshak encampment on Tenebrion's Island grows stronger, odd crystalline growths on Ethereal Plane, pesky cat eats kudzu, large shipment of wood at Alliance Castle construction site, Nemo the Thoom's North Beach boat service, Romanus the Thoom proposes to build a paved road to the University of Puddleby in the East Forest, Harbinger Hole plugged, Azriel beats the Large Sand Wurm Hunt Challenge

Chaos Storm 557
Path to Northwest Beach shifts, the cemetery and the Bloodpool, recovering blood from beasts, new harbor on west side of Tenebrion's Island, Barny and the proposed embassy to the Darshak on Tenebrion's Island

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August 15, 2008
Who Can It Be Now?


Who? Who?!?

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When He's Alone, He Counts Himself. Ah Ah Ah Ah. One Count...


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Greetings, Para,

With my fur standing on end and whiskers bristled, I bring you and your readers these sketches recently made in Town Center. Parents: You might not want to let your little Thoom and Fen see these frightening images!

A new terror is abroad in the lands of Lok'Groton: Count Revula!



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August 14, 2008
Adventure in that Hole


Azriel has posted several new entries to his journal:

Chaos Storm 533
Harbinger hole, treetop exit from the Deathroot section of Metz, escape from the Gloaming cavern area, hunting Midnight Wendecka in the Foothills

Chaos Storm 536
Cassia Allin and the large Dwarven construction crew, Darshak fashioning kyuems, Ethereal Spume, hunting at Deathtrap Noids, lessons from Naferu, Fergar Eggley and Grefo Toppa

Chaos Storm 539
PAG/EAT trip to the Orga Stronghold, Kalian discovers an axle, continued construction on Alliance Castle, Fergar Egley returns, javelin on the rocks

Chaos Storm 542
Darshak Covenant, Deadly Poppies

Chaos Storm 545
Alliance Castle project progresses and spy Nylar departs, another Darshak Covenant, hole to the Ethereal Plane, Darshak entrenched on Tenebrion's Island, new Pitch path, excess Azurtite Noids

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Exasperated Eden


Eden has updated her journal with new stories:

People are fun

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Noivad in the News


Torin has posted some Noivad news to OWC News:

Busy sheriff preoccupied by calls
Noivad makes a career decision

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Laughing Academy Announces New Plans


Inu Teisei sent the following report to TMN:

Hello Para,

The recent celebration in Town Center was for the successful last Book 1 trip organized by Laughing Academy. At least for a few years—other groups will still organize Book 1 trips and Laughing Academy will help out—but Punny and myself are focusing on our next endeavor (see below)!

Anyway, we had great leadership in Ogant with the mighty weapons of BlackHole, Fafnir, Kalian, Kelfer, Lucero, Noivad, Ortlinde, Pun'isher, Raul, SnowLion, Torin to back him up. Their success was due to our excellent healers like: Alexia, Darth Wader, Geraldus, J'jh, Kitlin, Sam, Sarah, and Xaria. We made it to Book 1 rather quickly. About 5-6 (possibly 7) exiles were able to begin studying Book 1 or one of the subsequent chapters. Pun'isher managed to begin the third and last chapter in Book 1!

So many thanks go to OWE who combined the Open Hunt with this trip. Laughing Academy is so happy that the Book 1 trips we organized in which so many have fought in have garnered at least 15 or more Book 1 trained exiles. Some who went today will still require another Book 1 trip, which hopefully will be organized by another group. As for our next endeavor . . .

We hope to team up again with OWE & everyone else . . .

for Laughing Academy's first trip to Book 2, which will be held around Ts'rrin.
Date: 11:05 pm on Terrdi, day 55 of Autumn, 572,
OOC date: Sunday, Oct 26th @ 14:30 EDT, 11:30 PDT.

If you are a teleporting mystic and would like to join us, please contact Pun'isher or Inu Teisei via Sentinel PM or magicmail.

More information is on the Sentinel at:

Once again so many thanks to all who came and helped out!

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August 10, 2008
Castle Construction Site Access Blocked


The Alliance Castle construction site has been closed to visitors due to a surplus of lumber blocking the entrance.



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Harbinger Hole Patched


The Harbinger Hole in the East Field seems to have been adequately patched for now.

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Laughing Academy Celebration


Laughing Academy celebrated a successful hunt today in Town Center with a party and free food.

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OWE on the Move


Torin has news of recent expeditions to the Pre-Pitch Caves, Tenebrion's Island, Deathtrap Noids, Dred Wood, Metz, and the Pitch Caves.

Pre-PC Caves
TI and DTN
Selenite Quest
Ranger Heaven



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August 09, 2008
Cloud the Pony


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail Para!

I just had to let you all know that my Pony returned recently to fight at my side! It was very exciting, as you can see from the sketches and visionstone I've included. The visionstone shows Cloud (as I have named the pony) fighting Stinging Beetles in the valley entrance cave after I was fallen.

Cloud first showed up in TC after I had fallen in the valley exit cave. Kitlin sunstoned me that a pony had appeared in town. Shortly after, Cloud suddenly appeared by my side in the valley! He remained with me throughout my rescue and our group's return through the valley to the entrance cave, following faithfully and even fighting hostile creatures.

When we all returned to town, the pony rested with me and also took a shine to Althea. When I was ready to study, Cloud followed me right into the library! Capt. Stinkfist wanted to recruit Cloud to fight with him while I was busy studying. At first I was a little uncertain . . . and then Stinkfist gave Cloud some "special" zu!! I didn't think Cloud would eat it . . . but he did . . . and it certainly affected him.

I was a little disgruntled by Stinkfist feeding my pony some stanky bud, but I was so tired, I went off to study. I haven't heard that Cloud and Stinkfist did anything TOO embarrassing while I was otherwise occupied.












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August 01, 2008
Orga Spa


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