September 28, 2008
A Wedding and Some Golems


Arianrhod has updated her journal with two new entries:

Jady and Noivad's wedding...I think?

Golems, contests and coins, Oh my!


Town Hall Meeting with Largo


What follows is a transcript of a Town Hall Meeting with Largo and Althea. Paramedic the Thoom of TMN was the moderator.

Althea says, "Thoom, Paramedic"
Largo says, "Oh, hello Paramedic."
Paramedic says, "Thoom"
Largo asks, "We were just standing here looking respectable. How are you?"
Althea asks, "how are you this fine evening?"
Paramedic says, "Just getting some promotion out on Koppi"
Althea says, "ah good..."
Largo exclaims, "I love promotion!"
Paramedic says, "The big Odesseus interview went up recently"
Althea says, "I saw that"
Althea says, "I didn't think he showed himself well"
Largo says, "Not nearly as much buzz around that as mine, I hear. Nobody wants to observe a dying star."
Largo says, "No offense to Odesseus, of course."
Althea says, "it must be difficult being dated"
(Largo nods.)
Paramedic says, "So it looks like Largo will be one of the candidates, but the others remain unclear"
Largo asks, "Is that so?"
Althea says, "there really is no other candidate"
Paramedic says, "yea"
Illora Mone asks, "not even Kaly?"
Largo says, "The ballot should just be my name four times."
Althea says, "than Largo: Fen on the Move"
Largo says, "It may as well be."
Paramedic says, "Kaly may be running, but we have not yet heard from her"
Evita asks, "What are you running for? Should I be the opposition?"
Paramedic says, "and also, we never know what the slate will be"
Largo says, "Interesting."
Paramedic says, "sometimes the selections for candidacy are surprises"
(Althea): Largo: For Now and For the Future
(Largo): Largo: FOREVER.

Questions for Largo

Largo asks, "Since we're all here, do you have any questions for me?"
Largo asks, "Sort of a followup to the interview?"
Paramedic says, "Hmm"
Illora Mone asks, "how can you expect to lead us when you're so out of touch?"
Althea exclaims, "!"
Largo asks, "Me? Out of touch?"
Illora Mone says, "you've been missing for years"
Paramedic says, "Well, that is a good question"
Paramedic says, "You were gone a while"
Largo says, "I've been observing Puddlebean events from a distance."
Illora Mone says, "you missed a lot of things happening in the lands"
Illora Mone says, "a distance leader is not what we need"
Largo exclaims, "Trust me when I say that I'm always on top of everything!
Althea says, "I have provided Largo with excellent in-depth analysis"
Althea says, "of the events while he was in the library"
(Largo nods.)
Althea says, "he is fully informed"
Largo says, "The Largocracy carried on, even in Largo's absence."
Illora Mone says, "not near the same as experienced"
Largo exclaims, "I'm very experienced!"
Shadrock says, "Do you only clan late at night, Para? I hardly ever see you."
Paramedic says, "I'm not around as much as I used to be, I confess"
Paramedic says, "but I do come out of the library"
Shadrock says, "Ah, oh well. Thanks for keeping thoomcare running. It rocks. I think I'd die without thoomcare."
Paramedic says, "Thanks, Shadrock"

Relkin: Fen Vice President Again?

Paramedic says, "Largo, does Relkin know he is your VP selection"
Largo says, "Yes! Of course."
Largo says, "I think he's the ideal choice. I get to bolster my already impressive experience with his."
Shadrock ponders, "Politics, I see."
Largo says, "He agrees. We're a perfect match."
Shadrock ponders, "I've had enough politics to last me a lifetime."
Paramedic says, "And I hear Hunter wants to be in your administration"
Shadrock says, "I'll join too, if coins will really rain from the sky."
Largo says, "If I am elected, Hunter will serve as Fen Treasurer, yes."
Largo says, "I think that if you research his credentials, you'll be as impressed as I am with him."
Evita asks, "What exactly are you running for?"
Paramedic asks, "Althea, do you have any interest in politics?"
Largo exclaims, "Fen President, of course!"
Shadrock says, "He's running for fen president"
Althea says, "yes Para"
Evita asks, "What does that mean?"
Althea says, "as you may know"
Althea says, "I served as Campaign Manager for Relkin and Largo’s last campaign"
Althea says, "once again I have taken up the Mantle of Service"
Althea says, "for this Campaign season"
Largo says, "Althea is one of my most trusted advisors."
Largo says, "If not my most trusted."
Althea says, "I believe in Largo"

Disappearing for the Greater Good

Paramedic asks, "Largo, what would you say to those people who wonder why you disappeared just before the last election?"
Paramedic says, "When it appeared you were a shoo-in"
Evita asks, "Are going to vote for Noivad for Sheriff during the next election Althea?"
Althea says, "I do not believe I will vote for Noivad, no"
Evita says, "hissss...."
Paramedic says, "Really, a non-Noivad supporter"
Althea says, "really though... what is important is the future with Largo's leadership"
Largo says, "Rest assured that I disappeared for the greater good. Though it pained me to sacrifice the election, the very important secret things that I did took priority."

The Orga Dilemma

Paramedic says, "Largo, what do you propose to do about the continuing Orga problem"
Althea says, "righting the suffering Puddlebean economy..."
Koppi yells, "Largo reports: Vote Largo for a better tomorrow!"
Evita asks, "What does a Fen Presidency have to do with Thooms?"
Illora Mone asks, "how will you address immigration?"
Largo says, "Naturally, this war cannot be allowed to carry on."
Evita says, "War provides jobs and boosts the economy."
Largo says, "I stand by my older, diplomatic stance towards the Orga, but I recognize the need for military action."
Largo says, "Though we must hold our blades high with one paw, we should always be ready to offer the other in friendship."
(Largo calms the cheering crowd.)

The Alliance Castle

Paramedic says, "Also, Largo, maybe you could comment on the add-on to the Allliance Castle that has your name on it"
(Maeght sits down and closes his eyes.)
Largo says, "I fully endorse any plans for a "Largo wing" attached to the Alliance Castle."
Largo says, "Oh! Althea has to go save a mystic. I'll be taking the rest of the questions alone."
Althea says, "pardon me Para. I must rescue a mystic"
Largo says, "What a noble lady, Althea is."
Paramedic says, "Damned mystics, always falling"
Koppi yells, "Largo reports: Vote Largo for a better tomorrow!"
You just received anonymous good karma.
Largo exclaims, "Everyone has their place!"
Largo says, "Mine is in office."

Puddleby’s Economy Cratering?

Paramedic asks, "Largo, do you have any plans to suspend your campaign due to the economic emergency?"
Largo says, "No, I firmly believe that the campaign should carry on during our current crisis. As a symbol of Puddleby's unyielding determination."
(Paramedic nods)
Largo says, "Any less would be a disservice to our fine citizens, I think."

The Harbinger Hole

Paramedic asks, "What's your thought on the Harbinger Hole? Is it a continuing danger?"
Shadrock says, "Largo thinks it should be used as a trampoline."
Largo says, "The Harbinger Hole needs to be more thoroughly examined, to ensure that it is not a continued danger."
Illora Mone asks, "drop Wangah Rah a few more times?"
Largo says, "As Fen President, I'll put our finest mystics on the task."
Largo asks, "Right, Asenath?"
Asenath asks, "drop where, down the deep plunge?"
Evita asks, "Are there any Fen Mystics?"
Illora Mone says, "K'vynn"
Largo says, "Valtrim. Oodles of fen mystics."
Illora Mone says, "never met him"
Shadrock says, "If Largo is elected Fen President, he wants you to go sit on the Harbinger Hole for his whole term in office, Asenath."
Evita asks, "Have you interviewed them to see if they regret their life choices?"
Largo says, "Stop twisting my words."
Largo says, "I never said that."
Shadrock says, "Ah, but politicans never say what they truly mean."
Althea says, "Shadrock..."
Shadrock says, "Thus, we have to translate."
Althea says, "I'm disappointed in your"
Althea says, "lack of faith"
Largo says, "I'm not simply a politician. I'm a hard working fighter, just like you."

Journalism and The Fen Presidency

Paramedic asks, "Largo, what will you do to support journalism in Puddleby?"
Shadrock says, "Oh, it's all good. I'll vote for the Largocracy."
Evita asks, "Why do you feel like Fens need a President?"
Althea says, "The Fen President is a long standing tradition in Puddleby"
Shadrock says, "Meh, Fen President is more like Puddlebean President."
Shadrock says, "they're just the ruling majority."
Shadrock ponders, "or are they?"
Largo says, "I think that financial support is in order. I'd also like to have a headquarters built in town for our journalists."
(Asenath giggles)
Evita asks, "Why not run for Puddleby President or President of Puddleby?"
Evita asks, "Do we want or need a President?"
Largo says, "Ultimately, though, buildings are in the jurisdiction of the town elders. I'll lobby hard, though."
Evita says, "You have a good platform. I give you that."

Althea and Politics

Paramedic asks, "Althea, would you ever consider running for Fen President?"
Althea asks, "me?"
Paramedic says, "yes"
Althea says, "gosh... it is an esteemed office..."
Paramedic says, "One does not have to be a Fen of course"
Althea says, "but my support lies with the Largocracy"
Althea says, "I work for their good"
Althea says, "which is the good of the town, of course"
Althea says, "and all exiles"
Koppi yells, "Hunter reports: Vote Largo!"
Althea says, "for now if nominated, I could not accept that nomination"
(Largo nods approvingly.)

Largo Discusses the Darshak

Paramedic asks, "Largo, do you think Puddleby should negotiate with the Darshak?"
Largo says, "Unlike the Orga, the Dar'shak are a highly organized and intelligent group, bent on our ill-being."
Largo says, "I don't think that negotiations are out of the question, but they should be pursued with the utmost caution."
Illora Mone says, "you've been gone so long, you probably don't even know that I delivered supplies to Darshak claiming to be rebel"


Paramedic asks, "Largo, how will you take your campaign to the people of Puddleby?"
Largo says, "I'm always approachable. Any questions about my campaign can be asked directly to me."
Koppi yells, "Paramedic reports: Read TMN's Exclusive Interview with Largo!"
Largo says, "I'm also an every-fen."
Paramedic asks, "Will you be holding campaign rallies? Participating in debates?"
Largo says, "I will bring the Largocracy to all of Puddleby's fine exiles by simply being around them. Hunting with them and generally being a good friend."
Largo says, "Yes, I will participate fully in all debates. I also have plans for rallies, but no dates have been set yet."
Althea says, "Largo is a most excellent friend, too."
Largo says, "Rest assured that Thoomcare will be the first to know about any campaign related news."
(Paramedic nods)


Maeght asks, "so what's in it for the halfling voter?"
Paramedic says, "Excellent question"
Largo says, "For one, I'm strongly pro-pastry."
(Maeght puts a plus sign in his notebook)
(Paramedic makes a note.)
Natas is now Clanning.


Maeght asks, "any action on the price of pies?"
Natas says, "yo"
Maeght says, "hiyas"
Paramedic says, "Greetings"
Althea says, "hi Natas"
Largo says, "I'll be strictly and personally monitoring quality standards in Puddlebean pies."
Maeght ponders, "that covers it for me"
(Maeght nods)

Largo’s Zo Policy

Paramedic says, "Largo, what will a Largo administration do for Zos like Natas"
Natas says, "good question."
Largo says, "Zos like Natas, specifically? I'm against tearing down Deathtrap Noids."
Althea says, "I must take my leave. Time for my volunteer work in the Largo Home for War Orphans"
(Largo nods.)
(Paramedic nods)
Althea says, "farewell Para"
(Althea waves)


Paramedic asks, "Largo, would you consider a role in your administration for a Zo?"
Largo says, "Yes, of course. There are many roles to fill, and many qualified Zo candidates up for consideration."
Paramedic asks, "And what would you say to those Zo voters like Natas who don't give a togron nut about politics?"
Largo says, "If you've never been involved with politics before, now is the time to start."
Largo says, "This is the most crucial Fen election in Puddleby history, and I'm the only candidate for the job."
Natas says, "hmm"
Paramedic says, "Hmm."
Natas asks, "Will you fight the other candidates in a cage match?"
Paramedic says, "Good question."
Largo says, "That remains to be seen."
Natas says, "cause zos like that kinda stuff"
(Paramedic takes down notes about possible cage match.)
Largo says, "The Largocracy plans full participation in all election-related activities."
Natas exclaims, "2 fens enter! 1 fen leaves!"
(Largo gulps quietly.)
Paramedic says, "It would be interesting to see the candidates face off in the Badlands."
Largo asks, "What would that prove, politically?"
Natas says, "zo debates"
Largo says, "oh."
Paramedic says, "Well, I think it carries a lot of influence among the Zo"
Largo says, "Well, zo votes are very important."
Largo says, "They're a demographic that's often ignored by lesser parties."
Largo says, "Not the Largocracy, of course."
Koppi yells, "Paramedic reports: Sheriff Noivad: The Interview Now on TMN"
Paramedic says, "It's been good to see some Halfling and Zo issues addressed this evening"
(Natas nods)
Largo says, "Of course! I'm glad to address any and all issues."


Paramedic asks, "Well, this has been a good Town Hall Meeting. Any final thoughts tonight, Largo?"
Largo says, "Everyone should vote for me."
Paramedic says, "Thanks for tonight's chat. I look forward to the debates as the election gets closer"
Largo says, "It's always a pleasure to talk to you, Paramedic. I'm looking forward to the debates as well."
Paramedic exclaims, "Night all!"

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September 25, 2008
Fen President Odesseus Interviewed



TMN would like to conduct an interview with the distinguished Fen President Odesseus. Would you be interested in answering these five questions?

It's my honor to be interviewed by the esteemed TMN.

1) Fen President Odesseus, it's an honor to have you answer five questions with TMN today. Election season is fast approaching, as you know, and your term will be soon coming to an end. Would you give us your thoughts on your legacy? High points? Mistakes?

I'd like to emphasize that I, during my term, never openly over-governed any Puddlbeans. Now some may say that I didn't govern at all, but to that I say HA! The lack of visible governance just proves my effective behind-the-scenes work!

Also, there are plenty of positive things that I have done. Like, ummmm, well PLENTY. Really.

My only regret in retrospect is that I may have done TOO much behind-the-scenes governance. I really had my paws in many things. Unfortunately it's all pretty hush-hush, so you'll have to take my word ok it. Just let me say, ahem, mumbleetherealplaneqmumble. Get it?

2) As I'm sure you've heard, Largo's back. And he's throwing his hat back into politics. Largo has mentioned Relkin's name as a possible Fen Vice President. Holding the office of Fen Vice President twice would be unprecedented. Do you think Relkin will be interested in serving as Fen Vice President again? Or will Relkin settle for nothing less than running for President himself?

Poor Relkin. Always the bridesmaid. Well, he'd look funny in those dresses, anyway. And Largo . . well, in tossing his hat he might miss the ring altogether! HA! That's funny!

Really, Largo's pretty good, but you know what? I personally like Kallisto for the next Fen President. I know she hasn't actually announced her bid yet, but I'd like to be the first to endorse her. Look, Largo actually says he's a celebrity! Do you want a star or do you want a Fen? Plus she's hot, er, smart. I mean she's a female and she wields a sword! What more could you ask for in a Fen president!

3) The Largocrats have blamed your administration for inactivity and incompetence in the face of new Orga attacks and the crash of Puddleby's financial system. The financing and construction of the Alliance Castle project has come to a stop because of the sub-prime mortgage crisis. How do you intend to get Puddleby's economy back on track and put the Orga back in their place in the time remaining of your term?

Who has been on the front lines falling and falling and, er, falling? Largo? No! He's been in some "undislosed location." I've been out there putting my tail on the line for our people, literally! It's still out there! It got cut off in the last skirmish. If anyone finds it, please sunstone me. I know the Orga will relent. But first we need more coins to fund the effort. Get out there and coin! Help the War On War effort!

As for the castle, the idea of a bailout has come up. If that happens, I'd just like to say that the people's coins will be well invested. We might even make a special vestibule for the non-Alliance people to visit!

4) The recent Orga attacks have called attention to the fact that the University of Puddleby is dangerously far from town. Some exiles propose building a paved roadway out to the campus, but others think this solution is a waste of money. How do you think this problem should be addressed?

Actually, that's good. In addition to learning things at the university, they can learn other lessons, like conflict avoidance, running from hostiles and hostage negotiation! Plus everyone knows that intellectuals never get enough exercise. The walk will do them good.

5) What do you intend to do after leaving office? Is there hunting in your future? Retiring to farm kudzu? Consulting work? Will we continue to see you in Puddleby politics?

Well, I actually plan to continue to do more behind-the-scenes sabota . . . er, guidance in Fen politics. Also, I'd like to get the Rising Claw scrolls back up and the RC statue in the museum. Other than that, I'll still be hanging around being just lil ole me, one of the most influential Fen'neko in Puddleby history.

In keeping with the old Fishwrap Magazine tradition, you are now allowed to ask the Thoom ONE (1) question.

So, Para, have you ever thought of running for Fen president? There's no reason you can't decide you'd be the best choice!

I leave politics to the professionals.

Thank you, Fen President Odesseus, for taking the time to be interviewed by TMN!

Posted by Para at 06:43 AM
September 23, 2008
Hunter: Fen Treasurer in a Largo Administration


Hunter has announced at OWE News that he will be joining the Largo for Fen President campaign and intends to serve as Fen Treasurer should Largo be elected.

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Fen Fixing


Delirium sent the following report to TMN:

After a years of training, most recently with Dandelion, I am now qualified to teach other healers to fix Fen. Just in time too, now that Largo is back in town. He always seems to need fixing. I've already taken on two students, Tas and Snow!

(I "borrowed" these pics from Dande's album because I'm without my own right now)



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September 21, 2008
Largo's Return: The Interview



TMN is proud to present the first interview with Largo the Fen since his return to Puddleby.

1) Where did you go?

I've been here and there. Righting wrongs, doing good, buying shirts, spreading the fundamentals of the Largocracy. Puddleby is a wonderful place, full of wonderful individuals. Sometimes, though, it gets exhausting. People look up to me as a leader, and that's a difficult life to live. I wanted to take a break from the crushing responsibilities of the "political celebrity" status I'm so used to here.

2) Why have you returned?

The current Fen administration has proven itself to be the worst in years—inflation and the Dar'shak situation are in an abysmal place, and our town desperately needs some renovations. It's time for change, and I'm the Fen to bring that change about. In fewer words, I'm here to take charge and start working hard with the rest of Puddleby to fix our problems. I have big plans, Paramedic. Big plans.

3) What did you miss most about Puddleby? Is there anything you didn't miss?

I missed Puddleby's fine citizens and glorious publications the most, naturally! This is a fine town, and in all honesty there are very few parts of it that I like to go without for very long. If I must pick something, though? Wangah Rah.

4) Do you intend to run for office in Puddleby?

I'm glad you asked that, Para. I do intend to represent the Largocratic party in the upcoming Fen election, and I've already begun to piece together my cabinet. If I am elected, Afrit will head the Department of Detha, Rakshasa will lead my personal bodyguards, and Hunter will be Fen Treasurer. Relkin and Althea will be reprising their respective roles as my running mate and campaign manager. This election may just be the most important Puddleby has ever seen, and I'm the only candidate for the job.

5) What do you think about the recent Orga invasion?

I think it's yet another symptom of the foul disease that is our current administration. Things were handled poorly, and the fact that the Orga were able to gather such an impressive offensive is alarming in itself. The fighting dragged on for far too long, our lack of diplomacy was unacceptable, and the sacrifices on our end were too large. It's a shame I wasn't here—the whole ordeal would have taken a different course.

In keeping with the old Fishwrap Magazine tradition, you are now allowed to ask the Thoom ONE (1) question.

I understand that Thoomcare traditionally stays neutral during Fen elections. Personally, though, do I have your vote?

That remains to be seen. I will do everything I can, however, to make sure that all candidates have a full opportunity to convey their message. It's true that campaign season is approaching, and TMN will be there with all the important election news, starting with the announcement of the candidates.

Thank you for your time, Largo!

And thank you for interviewing me! It's always a pleasure.

Posted by Para at 08:34 PM
Chance Advances to Fourth


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail Para!

I'm excited to announce that my friend Chance has passed the Fourth Circle fighter test. She worked hard for this advancement, and I'm very proud of her and happy for her!

When asked what the best thing is about passing Fourth, Chance said, "I can't wait to wear the black Fourth Circle fighter belt. It goes so much better with my clothes."

Spoken like a true Mini. Congratulations, Chance!


Posted by Para at 09:33 AM
September 20, 2008
Noivad Interviewed



Noivad, it's been a long time since your last interviews.

Fishwrap #48

Fishwrap #52

Seems like this is a good time for a new interview. Interested?

Sure. I'd like to see Largo interviewed. He's probably more print friendly. And Kisa too.

1) Are you still the sheriff of Puddleby?

Yes. None of the deputies seem to want to become acting sheriff while I'm away (I haven't talked to Nyx yet, and Pun seems to be more interested in getting raises and shoes). And no one has come forward (Althea) to challenge my position, so we can't have another election.

2) What is the state of law enforcement in Puddleby these days?

Crime seems to have spiked recently. We have increased Darshak trouble not to mention roving gangs of Fen beating up people for their lunch money, and such. Just policing Kerrah is a full-time job these days.

3) Word is that you have recently become a Ranger. How's that working out for you?

It's kind of tough actually; because of my job, I don't get out very often. I've only learned Haremau thus far. That and I need to focus more training on the blade for it to give me a significant boost. But I'm probably not going to go overboard on it because I prefer core fighter skills that are good anywhere.

4) What is your thought on the current state of relations between Puddleby and the Darshak? Puddleby and the Orga? What's the biggest threat to exiles currently?

Well, with the Darshak and the Orga, they're the same as always: Terrible. There was that one Darshak traitor though—which gives us insight into the Darshak way. I'm hoping for more of those so we can learn more Darshak secrets.

The biggest threat to exiles WAS planar drifting, but luckily, we seemed to have taken care of that, thanks to the combined efforts of the mystics, particularly Mary Jane, who for some odd reason wasn't promoted for those acts alone.

The biggest threat NOW seems to be the Darshak, or rather what they might do to upset the balance of the planes again. Then there are the unseen (to average Puddlebians) threats that my deputies are monitoring; any one of those could blindside us if not monitored carefully.

5) Where are your favorite hunting places these days?

Metz is always fun, but I've been having more fun at Deathtrap Noids.

In keeping with the old Fishwrap Magazine tradition, you are now allowed the ask the Thoom ONE (1) question.

When are we going to see you out at DTN? Natas misses you.

Aww. Alas, I've been stuck in the library quite a bit lately.

Thank you for your time, Noivad!

Thanks Para. I'm surprised you you didn't ask about the manual.

Good question. How's The Clump going?

Posted by Para at 11:22 AM
Largo Interview Coming Soon

Largo, by Hoggle

Coming soon to TMN:

Five Questions with Largo

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Veridalis Trains for the Bloodblade


Veridalis has posted the following new entries to his journal:

Trying to Qualify
Post Qualification Update
Undead and Knowledge

Posted by Para at 05:43 AM
Orga Invasion Over?


Torin has posted the following new stories to OWE News:

Habba Enters 7th Circle
The Education of a Stone Dwarf
An Elephant by Any Other Name
All Quiet on the Eastern Front
Lava Wurm Cave

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Scenes from the Recent Bard Audition


Chance sent the following report to TMN:

Hello Para,

I was in the audience at the recent Bard Audition and made several sketches, as well as a visionstone, of both Ojesi's success and Rakshasa's surprise promotion. I thought your readers might enjoy them. It was a very exciting afternoon at the Bard Field! :-)












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September 17, 2008
Diotima & Afrit, Donk, and Mean Creed


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail Para,

I must say I'm quite full of interesting news tonight!

I may be the last to know of Diotima and Afrit's engagement, but I believe I am the first to offer sketches of the happy couple discussing their impending nuptials in public. Congratulations, Diotima and Afrit! Inquiring minds want to know when the big day is set!








I also saw a strange and amusing sight on a recent Metz hunt. As you can see from the sketches I've sent, Donk appeared to fall . . . and yet he was only yellow in health. That certainly has frightening implications.



Last, but most shocking . . . we have an impostor lurking in Puddleby! I was appalled to find out that I was impersonated recently by a visitor in Town Center who called herself Mean Creed and said terrible things to my friends. I even have a visionstone of the whole sordid episode! The imposter also tried to pass herself off as Chaste Kerrah, but I don't think anyone was fooled.

Everyone should certainly be on the watch for this brazen fen out there throwing dirt at exiles' good names!

Shocked—simply shocked,



Posted by Para at 07:38 AM
September 16, 2008
Largo Returns


Noivad sent the following report to TMN:

I came out of my office tonight to find both Largo and Stora returned to town.

Which begs the question: COINCIDENCE?

And apparently he's just back for politicking.

Pictures at 11!


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September 14, 2008
Harbinger Hole Gets Pretty


Wabe has planted some grass around the Harbinger Hole.


Posted by Para at 04:15 PM
Chaos Storm #563


Chaos Storm #563 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

Posted by Para at 05:16 AM
September 12, 2008
Like Lipstick on a Fen?


This faded and tattered flyer was found underneath the door of TMN Headquarters today. A leftover from Largo 3218's unfulfilled Fen Presidential campaign?

Posted by Para at 11:42 PM
September 10, 2008
Chaos Storm Delayed


Delta Tao reports:

• Due to unforeseen technical difficulties, the v563 Chaos Storm will be delayed by one or more days. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Posted by Para at 08:37 PM
September 06, 2008
Orga Walls


Althea sends news to TMN that the Orga have built a wall running north and south through the east forest. Exiles are counterattacking.

Posted by Para at 10:02 PM
Ojesi Becomes a Bard; Rakshasa Becomes Bard Master

ocarina.gif tuborn.gif

Xepel reports on the Clan Lord Sentinel that Ojesi has achieved the rank of Bard, and Rakshasa has become a Bard Master. He sent the following images of the occasion to TMN:



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Orga Uprising Images Part 2


More images from the Orga Uprising.

The search for York's eye continues.

The ominous signpost placed by the Orga.

Treasure accumulates along the line of battle.

Some of the Orga huts have large bones placed in the doorway arch.

Time for a strategic withdrawal.

The Orga defensive walls.

The Slime Cave has been packed with enemy forces due to what seems to be a new Orga-Slime alliance.

Dragged to the west by an Orga.

What a drag.

Not good.

As you can imagine, this did not end well for me.

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Orga Uprising Images


The Orga Uprising continues. Here are some images from a few days ago.

Exiles prepare to push forward into the East Forest.

Chaos on the front line.

York's fists.

Orga try to keep exiles from entering the snell to the west.

Exiles attack one of the recently constructed Orga huts.

Sometimes the battles are lucrative.

Exiles rush in to help the fallen.

York still seeking his eye, stolen by the Orga.

I get bolted as we approach the Orga defensive walls.

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Bard Audition and Concert Today

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Rakshasa reports on Clan Lord Sentinel of a Bard Audition about to begin shortly:

The mists clear for a moment -- in the haze, the dark shapes of sinister creatures from distant lands march from the depths of the shadowy forests, their thunderous drums signaling the bloodshed to come. The smell of charred flesh and dark magic lingers in the air. And in the midst of it all there comes...what could it be? THAT'S RIGHT, A Bard Audition.

Please come out to the Bard's Field if you can on this Saturday the 6th at 12:00 Noon Pacific time to see Ojesi audition for Full Bard + most likely a concert afterward. Take a break from fighting, healing, mysticking, or complaining about fighting, healing or mysticking to listen to some OGRA FASE-PUNISSHINGLY GOOD tunes. Plus I will be there and I'm pretty cool.

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PAG Visits Orga Wall and Deathtrap Noids


Torin reports at OWE News on recent PAG expeditions to the Orga Wall and Deathtrap Noids.

PAG at Orga Wall and DTN

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Eye on York


Kisa has posted a new picture of York's disfigurement at the hands of the Orga.

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Town Center Covered in Case of Emergency


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail Para,

I hope I am not overwhelming you and your readers with reports, but I felt this particular information is very important. My fellow healers and I want our friends and fellow exiles to know that when the chips are down, all seems lost, and it's darkest before the dawn, they can count on us to keep Puddleby Town Center safe.

Respectfully yours,



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Veridalis Adjusts to Life in Exile


Veridalis has updated his journal with the following new entries:

Stronger and Stronger
Journey, Welcome, and Training

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September 05, 2008
Local Bear Lumbers Through Battlefield

He was a hairy bear, he was a scary bear

Creed sent the following report to TMN

Hail Para,

I felt compelled to submit the attached sketch as proof of my bear sighting from the other day. Many of the exiles fallen around me laughed and jeered at the idea of a bear wandering around East Field during a fierce Orga battle. Just because they did not SEE the bear, they seemed to think there could not BE a bear.

Well, I offer this evidence that there absolutely WAS a bear.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled Orga madness!


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Mr. Orgachev


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hi, Para,

Even in the midst of a great battle, sometimes the fighters find time for moments of levity. Such was a recent moment when the brave Fiona sought to lighten the fears and burdens of fighters around her by making a joke as they worked to bring down some of the Orgas' newly built walls.

Thanks, Fiona, for giving everyone a smile in the midst of chaos . . .



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Orga Indicate New Attack Via Signpost


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail, Para,

We've all been so busy lately fighting for our lives that my on-the-spot reporting has suffered. However, I wanted to try to get these sketches to you as quickly as possible. On the way back to town after my most recent round of trying to help in the fight, I, along with Dandelion and Ebony, came across these horrifying sights.


As you can see, the orga have issued an even more dire warning than before. If they are threatening to "attack within the zodiac," one wonders what they have been doing up 'til now. I can't even recognize the terribly mangled body . . . perhaps one of our unfortunate farmers who wandered outside the farms while hunting down vermine?

I have more sketches to share when there is a lull in the fighting . . .

Stay strong,

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Orga East Forest Map


Chance sent the following report to TMN:

Greetings, Para,

I'm sure you have your flippers full with news lately, but I wanted to pass along one odd little tidbit. Taryn, Bakunan and I came across a small scroll just lying on the ground while we were exploring the East Forest recently. As you can see from my sketch, the scroll appears to be a crude map of the East Forest area.

As it was found near an orga encampment, we had to wonder . . . are the Orga learning to write? Certainly the "signs" they have put up near town and through the East Forest seem to bear out this frightening conclusion.


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Veridalis Comes to Puddleby


Veridalis sent the following announcement to TMN:

Dear Paramedic of Puddleby,

I am Veridalis, a newcomer to your exiled world.

My journey began over a zodiac ago, as I was forced out of my homeland for practicing a certain unsavory magic. I've began to become used to Puddleby Isle, and would like to become more involved in the affairs of the Puddlebean people and exiles. Therefore, I'd like to reach out my hand in friendship to you, master of the news service of Puddleby.

In the lands I come from, we greet each other by trading enchanted scrolls. I know yours, so I'd like to show you mine. Also, if you could post it for all in the lands to know of my entrance into your world, and to learn of my pursuit, I'd be very grateful.

My enchanted webscroll address is:

My thanks go with you friend, and may you always bathe in the blood of your enemies.

-Veridalis, new friend to Puddleby.

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September 01, 2008
Orga Uprising Continues


The Orga Uprising continues.

More information coming soon. Please submit reports using the link on the right!



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