October 30, 2008
Pumpkins Indicate Approaching Feast of Tsrrin


Pumpkinheads have appeared throughout Puddleby.


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October 29, 2008
Skirwan Out as Stylunk Campaign Manager


Skirwan is no longer campaign manager for the Stylunk for Fen President campaign.

sentinel_by_kani.png Find out more at the Clan Lord Sentinel.

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Jemma sent the following report to TMN:

Hail, Para.

I was with an exceptional (and exceptionally lucky) group recently when a wandering Boondoggle found us hunting some difficult Arachnoids.

Shortly after his visit, and his mention that he'd recently discovered a place with some colorful natives (including us), we were ambushed! Boondoggle ran off, no doubt to explore more unknown lands. A few of us made a narrow escape and managed to recover to rescue those who had fallen.




We fought hard against the Tr'ools that had ambushed us and followed them through a dense thicket, with fresh healer help in tow. On the other side, we found a long and hard adventure. We ventured far beyond and saw many sights. I do not wish to spoil all of them for your readers, and there were certainly some nooks that we failed to follow, but I would like to warn them that you will find strength in numbers! Be prepared to fight fiercely against not only Tr'ools, but Myrm, Arachnids, and Wurms the likes of which you've never seen before.





Even with the likes of Natas, Talin, and Suu'ub, we had several close calls. Eventually, attrition took its toll, and Natas jumped down a pit in despair, prompting our hasty exit.



If you make it, I request that you bring some refreshments for the friends we found, holed up in a castle. They didn't seem very pleased at their predicament, but were holding up nicely all things considered.


I hope this development will shake the cobwebs off of some adventuresome explorers!


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Tour of Recently Discovered Area



TMN is proud to bring you a tour of the recently discovered new area east of Puddleby, narrated by the esteemed Kerrah. (Spoiler alert: if you don't want to read possible spoilers, please pass over this story.)

(Updated with one new image.)

Hello Para,

This evening we explored a new area that just appeared after our recent Chaos Storm. Included in this new area are two new trainers who appear to train similarly to Atkus, although somewhat differently. Daimoth and Gorvin both received ledgers from Atkia.

aktur.png atkia.png

I'm sure news will be forthcoming about the outdoor areas, but this evening we conquered a maze of buildings containing various trools, myrms, arachnoids, wurms, and even a few snakes. The area is massively large!


Our initial foray into the area brought us to several rooms containing abandoned furniture, chests, and the like, along with this enormous throne.


Hours into our hunt, we found a nest of very difficult spiders, including Mammoth Wall Arachnes and Mammoth Recluse Arachnes. These are found on Metz, but usually not in such large quantities. Mammoth Recluse Arachnes also web the first person who enters a snell, similarly to Black Widows. We also found Banana Arachnes and Mammoth Banana Arachnes, which we have not previously seen.


During our exploration, we found several spots where we had to drop into the unknown to continue on. One particular drop led down a waterfall, with arachne and myrms of various types.


The highlight of our adventure, though, was a huge red arachne that we found in the midst of a pool of lava, and it also webbed in the same manner as the Mammoth Recluse Arachnes that we had previously encountered.


As you can see from the following images, Gorvin could barely contain his excitement at this find.



Best of all, the creature, which we discovered was a Ctenizidae, also dropped a chest, from which each of us received 78 coins!


It's always wonderful to explore a new area. I'm sure we'll be hunting here frequently from now on.


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October 27, 2008
Fen President Balloting Has Begun!


Castior Photes asks, "#464: Who has your support for the office of Fen President?"
Castior Photes says, "a: Inu Teisei"
Castior Photes says, "b: Kallisto"
Castior Photes says, "c: Largo"
Castior Photes says, "d: Stylunk"
Castior Photes says, "e: None of the above"

Do your part for Puddleby! Vote!

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October 25, 2008
Nightli Farming


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail, Para,

Geotzou told me I could send you this sketch of one of his most successful nightli farms ever. Geo has been relentlessly exploring farming techniques for nightlis and blulis, and he has become an expert in this field. But nightli patches seem to be somewhat fickle, so Geotzou was pretty excited by the wonderful spawn he got on this occasion!


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Book 2 Pathfinding Training Expedition


Inu Teisei sent the following announcement to TMN:

Don't forget! If you are a full Book 1 pathfinder (130 ranks) and need Book 2 training, figure out how to make it to this event. I don't know when we (LA) will sponsor another trip, nor when the next trip will be.

Date: Sunday, Oct 26th

Time: Eastern: 2:30pm, Pacific: 11:30am
Chicago: 1:30pm, Denver: 12:30pm
London: 6:30pm, Paris: 7:30pm
Tokyo: 3:30am Monday the 27th
Sydney: 5:30am Monday the 27th

Duration: 2-3 hours.

We will have porting mystics—plenty of them! You will need to share a mystic!

No tips required, as that is already being taken care of by Laughing Academy and the many generous donations from UoP, a Snow Lemming, Dwarven Militia, Falinea's Blade, and many more!

Party afterwards!

sentinel_by_kani.png Find out more on the Clan Lord Sentinel.

-Inu Teisei

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October 22, 2008
Chaos Storm #569


Chaos Storm #569 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

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October 21, 2008
Kisa's Largo Campaign Poster and More


Kisa has posted some new entries in her journal:

the clicker grieves
Fen president
Another dreaming

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Measle Returns


Measle sent the following announcement to TMN:

Hello Puddleby,

Guess whose Puddleyear break is over?


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October 18, 2008
Coins and Thooms


Kisa has posted the following new sketches to her journal:

I became clumsy
coins…. coins….. COINS!
Thoomi flags
Roll back

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OWE Travels to Metz and TI


Torin has posted the the following updates to OWE News:

TI and Metz
Darshak Expansion on TI
Rain Forest

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Largo's Return


Largo has posted an new entry in his journal about his return to Puddleby.

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Fen Presidential Candidate Stylunk Interviewed



TMN is proud to present the following interview with Fen Presidential Candidate Stylunk.

Hello, good friend Paramedic!

First off, Stylunk am want to thank Paramedic and TMN for am providing some forum for some frank discussion about some future of Puddleby. In these am trying times, it am even more importanter than ever for Puddleby to am come together in some spirit of openness and freedom for am discuss why Stylunk am some best choice for am lead. These am some times that am try Fens' souls. These am some hours of darkness. But with Stylunk and Puddleby am walking side by some side and am standing tall, there am no limit to what Puddleby am able to am accomplish.

1) Why are you running for Fen President? Why Stylunk? Why now?

Stylunk am look around Puddleby, and Stylunk am seeing that Puddlebeans am in pain. Puddlebeans am look at some 700 billion coin castle bailout, and they am hurting. Puddlebeans am look at some Orga war, and they am hurting. Puddlebeans am look at some hideous cloak Inu Teisei am always wearing, and they am hurting.

It am time for some change. Puddley am need to am end years of Largocratic excess, and rehabilitate some image of Puddleby in some eyes of some plane. Can Stylunk am change it? Yes Stylunk am can.

2) Does Largo already have this election in the bag? Are the Largocrats unstoppable?

No. No he am do not, and no they am am not. Stylunk am recently been made aware of some ongoing Puddleby Police Department inquiries into some Largocratic electoral tampering. So-am-called 'voter registration drives' which am run by FFFRFBATNTVAP, some Largo-affiliated 'activist group' which am financed by some wealthy real estate speculator Creed am currently being investigated. If Largo am have any some lead at all in some polls, it am amongst skeletals, hooded corpses, and some detached spirits. When some voter rolls am cleaned, Stylunk am butter them, and then Stylunk am coming out ahead.

3) What do you think are the most important issues facing Puddleby today?

Obviously some first thing that am spring to mind am some Puddlebean financial crisis. But Stylunk am not sure that am really some problem Puddleby am need to focus on . . . in consultation with Stylunk's economic consultants, Stylunk am of opinion that some crisis am some short-term correction, am caused by some severe irresponsibility of greedy persons who am abused some Puddlebean financial system to am generate vast quantities of some fictitious wealth. But am looking beyond some short bleak days that am ahead, Stylunk am believe that some fundamentals of some Puddlebean economics am as sound as ever.

No, Stylunk am think some real greatest threat to some Puddlebean way of life am some Radical Orga. We am already seen some havoc that some Orga am able to bring to some town, and it am time for Puddleby to am take some threat seriously. Stylunk am want to remind some electorate of Largo's am 'checkered' history on some Orga issue; when Largo am first burst on to Puddlebean scene, it am as notable pro-Orga advocate. Am Puddleby able to am afford taking some chance that Largo am still feel some sympathy towards Puddleby's enemies?

4) Yours is an important voice in the Zo community. What will your administration do for the Zo? How will you help ordinary working-class Zos, like Zo the Plumber?

Those who am read Stylunk's cartbiography, Fathers of Stylunk's Father, am know that Stylunk am actually some orphan who am raised by some Sylvans. Stylunk am know nothing about Stylunk's parents; Stylunk am look Zo, but really Stylunk am have no species identity to define Stylunk. And Stylunk am okay with that. Stylunk am want to am move Puddleby beyond 'Zo' or 'Fen' or 'Aki'—Stylunk am want to bring some people together, not am divide them into some groups and tear some apart.

5) Who will your vice presidential candidate be?

Stylunk am keeping Stylunk's options open, possibly until after some election. Stylunk am very much value flexibility. Stylunk can disclose at some time that at least one famous and well-respected purplish Fen am extended some 'feelers' to Stylunk's campaign. There am no shortage of some strong non-Largocratic mavericks who am willing to am join Stylunk on Stylunk's quest to am reform some Fen Presidency.

In keeping with the old Fishwrap Magazine tradition, you are now allowed to ask the Thoom ONE (1) question.

Boxers or briefs?

Ah, good question. Boxers, totally.

Stylunk L'Unkunklunk
Stylunk for Fen President 57X

This message and files attached herein may contain confidential data owned by or licensed to the Stylunk L'Unkunklunk for Fen President campaign organization. In this case we probably shouldn't have emailed it to you and sincerely hope it doesn't come back to bite us on the ass.

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October 17, 2008
Political Round-Up Recap Review with a Thoom



TMN has learned that the fourth and final candidate for Fen Presidential Election 573 will be announced shortly. TMN sources indicate that Stylunk L'Unkunklunk has already hit the campaign trail and intends to make his official announcement anytime now.

Stylunk L'Unkunklunk

The Stylunk campaign will be assisted by Puddleby veteran political insider Skirwan.

Skirwan An'han'wan, Director, Media Relations, Stylunk for Fen President 573

Slate of candidates:
Inu Teisei

Exiles, please be on the lookout for images of the candidates in action or explaining their positions and policies. Submissions accepted!

More news as it becomes available.

Posted by Para at 07:09 AM
October 16, 2008
Fen Presidential Candidate Inu Teisei Interviewed



1) Like Kallisto, you are new to Puddleby's political scene. Why are you running for Fen President?

I am chomping at the bit to debate Largo and ahem Kallisto . . . plus I thought "why must only 100% fens run, why not 50-50 or 60-40 . . . " or like you know, whatever part fen you are, why can't anyone run? Oh ya and I want to everyone to have FUN! Oh and for those who don't know, my daddy was Ravenstorm —a fen 100%, who is no MIA. It was just as much a shock to him as it was well to him. I am like SOOO qualified too!

2) Does Largo already have this election in the bag? Are the Largocrats unstoppable?

Well, it depends. Although Largo is the cause celebre at the moment, he needs a real opponent. And sorry, but Kallisto just brings more of the same know-nothing, do-nothing government that got us into this mess in the first place. Actually I admire Largo, and I was until very recently, strongly advocating for him. But then I figured he needed a real opponent, not that fen with lipstick masquerading as a candidate. Also I believe Puddleby is ready for a real change! Why vote 100% fen when you don't have to!

3) What do you think are the most important issues facing Puddleby today?

I don't believe there is any single issue as they are all pretty much related. First off Planar Warming, although naysayers like Skirwan will have you believe it's all a conspiracy just to get us off EPS, the evidence was quite evident during the Ethereal storms that caused portals to appear and mad Ethereal creatures to spew out and keel so many hapless exiles. I believe the collapse in value of Puddleby real estate, caused the mess with the Alliance Castle. But I also believe the lack of exiles coining and coming out of the library is the real genesis of all our troubles. Without enough exiles, the economy weakens, Darshaks invade, Orgas invade, ethereal creatures spew. I mean come on, the Orga just felt sorry for us and left because we are so weak. It will be tough figuring out how to coax more exiles to come out of the library, but I think I can work will all Puddleby citizens on this challenging issue.

4) Zo voters may decide this election. What will your administration do for the Zo?

Oh, Zo are so funny: I always have lots of fun when I hunt with Zo. I just hunted with a group of Zo the other night. They can be hard to heal, but they are also usually the last to fall. I heard various issues that Zo seemed to be thinking about, all of which have left my head for the moment. Oh ya, now I remember, lots of kegs.

5) Who will your vice presidential candidate be?

There can be only one - Pun'isher. We share a daddy, Ravenstorm. So she is eminently qualified to be the Fen Vice President. Of course we won't talk about her momma (Har'lotta), but suffice to say that witch, er I mean step-momma is safely trapped on the mainland.

In keeping with the old Fishwrap Magazine tradition, you are now allowed to ask the Thoom ONE (1) question.

Darn and I had a good one before I drew a blank.


AHA! Darn, it slipped out again . . .

Oh ya, now I remember! Please tell us your thoughts about a 100% Fen President?

Well, that should be up to the voters. I'd just like to remind everyone that there is absolutely no racial qualification for running for Fen President or for voting in the election. Here's Fen Presidency FAQ 2.0; 3.0 coming soon.

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October 10, 2008
Fen Presidential Candidate Kallisto Interviewed



1) Kallisto, thank you for agreeing to answer five questions with TMN today. First question: why have you chosen to affiliate yourself with the policies of Odesseus? You say you are a maverick, yet you are backed by a Puddlebean insider and longtime exile.

Odesseus is not an insider. He does almost everything outside, except you know, sleep and stuff. Have you ever been on a hunt with Odesseus, and everyone goes one way and he runs off in an entirely different direction? So totally maverick. Odesseus' policies are unprecedented, some may even say they are unobservable, but that's just because he's so amazin' at workin' behind the scenes, way WAY behind the scenes. No, further . . . little more. . . . there ya go! Odesseus is so cool, he's outta sight. Why *wouldn't* I wanna be just like him?

2) The Largocrats are off to an early start in this campaign season. Largo's return has clearly captured the attention of many voters. How do you respond to those exiles who think Largo already has this election in the bag, so to speak?

Well, that's the problem with us Fen, exiles always tryin' to put us in bags. Some sort of joke or something, they laugh their tooshies off when they let us out again. That Largo, Gaia bless him, he's out of touch with that the Fen Presidency is supposed to be about! First of all he's MUCH too visible, always in Town Center, shakin' hands and kissin' babies, yammerin' away about this project or that, talkin' about how he's gonna help everyone. Secondly, he's much too experienced for the job. The way I hear it, the most important qualifications of the Fen President are inexperience, incompetence, and and a desire to do as little as possible. As such, Largo is totally unqualified for such an important position. Lying down is a great position, standing is okay too, you know, if you're into that sort of thing, I prefer kneeling usually.

3) What do you think are the most important issues facing Puddleby today? The 700 billion coin bailout of the Alliance Castle and the crash of the exile financial system? The war against the Orga and their "weapon of mass destruction" known as the catapult? The destructive and annoying personal feud between Maeght and the Sheriff of Puddleby, Noivad? Planar warming? Darshak piracy?


I'm cute *and* fun!

I will say this: my good friend Maeght won't have to worry about that tyrant sheriff for much longer, if ya know what I mean. *wink*

4) Zo voters may decide this election. What will your administration do for the Zo?

I love the Zo. They're such great healers, and those great accents. If I'm elected I'll make sure they get plenty of fish and stuff, you betcha! Can they vote?

5) How do you get your news? What Web scrolls do you read?

Oh, you know, all of 'em any of 'em. You know what one I especially like? I like the Foxwier News Network. It's fair and balanced, unlike the Largocentric SNN. Thoomcare's good too, of course, though I'm thinkin' it's sometimes a little Largocraticly biased, but that's OK, most media is.

In keeping with the old Fishwrap Magazine tradition, you are now allowed to ask the Thoom ONE (1) question.

So, what is it exactly that the Fen President does every day?

I think it depends on the Fen President. The office is what you make of it.

Thanks, Kallisto, for participating in 'Five Questions with a Thoom'.

Posted by Para at 09:50 AM
October 05, 2008
Alliance Castle Bailout Scandal


The Alliance Castle remains on hold as wood blocks access to the construction site. What will it take to get this project back on track?

Posted by Para at 10:26 AM
Kallisto Announces Candidacy for Fen President


Kallisto made the following announcement to TMN:

Para, ya old thoom,

My Gaia, it's with great honor that I accept Odesseus' nomination to be his hand-picked successor to the office of Fen President. As such, I like totally promise to continue every last one of his policies, so that we might all continue to prosper as we have these last four awesome puddleyears.

We'll continue our preemptive strikes on the Orga Stronghold, in order to teach the Orga that they can't cross us Puddlbeans, ya know? Like, they'll learn to share their resources with us gratefully, or feel our pointy, pointy, blades. I know I'm qualified to lead this effort, because like, I can totally see the Orga Stronghold from my house in Arbordale.

Some may think I'm not qualified to lead because of my short time of exile, and relative lack of experience. To that I say, "What. Evar!" I've been clearing South Forest by myself now for 1 year and 9 months or 641 days. Clearly my record will show that I'm SO the right female for the job.

Speaking of female, what's the difference between a haremu and a female fen? Shoulder pads! There ya go!

I'll bring to the People of Puddleby (and other races, I suppose, perhaps not halflings), my totally strong positions on Gaia, clan morals, and celibacy. Celibacy Rocks! I mean, have you heard those stories coming out of the Purple Tor? Do we want our younglings thinking that sort of behavior is all hunky-dory? I thought not.

Ya know, Largo claims to be all about change, but what ya might not know is that he voted to raise storage fees 47 times. 47! Can ya believe it? Times are tough, skins aren't paying like they used to, and Largo's solution is to raise storage fees for hard-working exiles like yourself.

In closing, I'd like to remind you all that unlike that wannabe fashionista stuffed shirt Largo, I'm cute *and* fun!


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October 04, 2008
Sticklord Media Interview with Largo

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October 01, 2008
Chaos Storm #566


Chaos Storm #566 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

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