May 29, 2002
Drablak on Getting to the Ethereal Plane


Drablak the Thoom has updated his journal, with some thoughts on the ethereal helmet and other stuff. Check out his scrapbook too.

Posted by Para at 10:02 PM
Another Report on the Noth Underground


Hor's journal entry for 15 Spring 546 (29 May 2002) describes another party's recent expedition to the Noth Underground.

Posted by Para at 09:38 PM
Puddleby Visionstone Depository


Thuja has created the Puddleby Visionstone Depository. Exiles can download visionstones and upload their own as well.

Posted by Para at 05:19 AM
May 26, 2002
Exploring the Noth Underground

Here are some images from a recent expedition to the Noth Underground.
Click on the images to see them full-size.

Hey, is that Malkor in there?

This forcefield prevented us from making further progress.

Odesseus finds something the spider left behind.

Time for a swim!

We ran into some trouble towards the end of the trip. Fortunately, we pulled through and all got out safely.

Posted by Para at 02:18 PM
Renovation for Bick's


Bick's is closed for renovations. Local thooms are hoping for a new seafood menu.

Posted by Para at 11:56 AM
Mirror Room Images


I've recently rediscovered an old scroll with images of the old south forest mirror room. (Thanks, Lameer!)

Posted by Para at 07:18 AM
May 25, 2002
Picture Gallery

Here are some older pictures that have been gathering dust in my archives. Click on the images to see them full-size.

ThoomCare does make housecalls.

No matter how far from home, Thooms never pass up the opportunity to go fishing.

I really should have read the sign first.

These images are of the aftermath of an attack from the ethereal plane upon the ocean.

Here are some more pictures from the recent large expedition to the Foothills.

Posted by Para at 12:46 PM
Exploring Tenebrion's Keep


Hor's journal entry for 76 Winter 546 (22 May 2002) describes a recent expedition to Tenebrion's Keep.

Posted by Para at 09:34 AM
Experiment #9 Returns to Puddleby

Click image to enlarge

The Juliosaur returned to Puddleby's town center. This time, however, exiles more effectively surrounded and attacked it. As soon the Juliosaur received more than a few hits, it disappeared down a hastily-dug tunnel. Exiles checked the underground areas but were unable to find the gigantic chigger.


In related news, Booboo kitty has been found alive and well. It seems the Juliosaur did not eat the cat after all.

Posted by Para at 09:15 AM
Hunting the Juliosaur

Soon after the most recent chaos storm, I joined forces with a small team of adventurers seeking to find and fight the Juliosaur (aka "Experiment #9").

Click image to enlarge

Along the way, we successfully used kudzu lines of defense.

Click image to enlarge

At times it certainly was more than a little messy.

Click image to enlarge

Action pose!

Click image to enlarge

Unfortunately, our mystic fell among the way and had to be dragged on a chain.

Click image to enlarge

Ultimately, we did achieve our goal. We located and engaged the Juliosaur. It was too powerful for our small team (we expected this) but we gained valuable information along the way for next time.

Posted by Para at 05:15 AM
Interview with Darshak Goliath


Aravir has posted a transcript of an interview with the Darshak Goliath.

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Babajaga's Diary Updated


Babajaga has updated her diary. You can read about the following: ethereal beings at sea, exiles dragged away by the Darshak, a conference with Sarir, a report on the Puddleby Task Force, and a conversation between WorldWalker and Tenebrion.

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Amarais Fina Becomes Fourth Circle Healer


ThoomCare member Amarais Fina has made fourth circle.

Posted by Para at 03:48 AM
Thooms Celebrate Bath House


The bath house is finally open.


Thooms celebrated the long-awaited event with a conga line in town.


Posted by Para at 03:31 AM
May 21, 2002
The Bath House


Sunblaze reports that he recently helped Loom'bir pay the fee to get the bath house opened. Check out the story at Sunblaze's Bath House Adventure.

Update: the bath house is now open.

Posted by Para at 11:56 PM
When Slime Comes to Town


Slime invaded Puddleby today.

slimeattacks.gif slimeenvelopestok.gif slimereachesout.gif

Exiles eventually managed to defend town against the slime onslaught, but many were fallen in town center at the height of the invasion.

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

Posted by Para at 12:19 AM
May 20, 2002
Maps of the Puddleby Underground Updated


Worldwalker's Maps of the Puddleby Underground have been updated and are now available at a new location. Every exile should check out this great resource.

Posted by Para at 11:29 PM
Dun'ilsar Results

Two Dun'ilsar competitions happened in the past few days.

Click image to enlarge

In the ELF vs Rising Claw competition, ELF and RC competed to create names, stories, and poetry for the ELF Arboretum project. Rising Claw was the victor. More information and visionstones are available at Lundar's Library, at the entry for Day 64, Year 546 of the Ascendancy (May 19th, 2002).

Click image to enlarge

The Dwarven Militia vs Winds of Dawn competition was a storytelling contest. In yet another close contest, the Dwarven Militia came away as the winner. A visionstone can be found here.

Odesseus on the ELF vs Rising Claw competition:

Greetings, Dunny Slaw-ers and honorable ELFs!

T'was a battle of the verbs abd nouns of the most rigorous sort! Well,
played, indeed, by ELFers in their prolific plant platitudes! Wonderful,
lovely poems and interesting information. Magnificent works, all.

However, Rising Claw prevailed and retained our spot atop the mountain
using several secret weapons (namely puns and word play, heh!). Truly,
who will be able to forget the tale by Kodo about the trained vultures
hanging on the wall, the wall Russes, all allergic to ku flowers ("ku,
ku, achoo!).

Many, many thanks to ELF for this fun and enlightening Dun'ilsar, and
thanks to our judges Modest, Manx and Kiriel for judging such a difficult

-- Odesseus
Councilor, bard, doodler and power-napper
Clan of the Rising Claw

Math on the Dwarven Militia vs Winds of Dawn competition:

This contest was nothing but fun and entertaining for all parties
involved--both of the clans, the judges, and the spectators. Winds of Dawn
told a great tale of a new exile who must find her way around town, and the
Dwarven Militia told a tale of the first beer ever brewed. We were sure we
would lose, but in the end the judges, after what must have been a grueling
debate and a close vote, awarded the victory in this contest to the Dwarven

Thank you to all who participated! Regards.


Posted by Para at 10:10 PM
A Trip to the Valley

Click image to enlarge

Merlisk needed to head back to the library, and I volunteered to take over his duties on a Valley hunt.

Click image to enlarge

Fortunately, this was an uneventful and lucrative hunt. Here you see Manx and I observe as Sabbit and Gurgi whack a wendecka.

Posted by Para at 09:31 PM
Horrible Accident in Northwest Forest


I was surrounded and fell to a hungry pack of cats in Northwest Forest. Thanks to all those who helped get me back to town and on my feet.


In other news, I had a rare Vagile sighting earlier today.

Posted by Para at 08:49 PM
Rescue at Scarmis Pit

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

Word reached town that an ELF expedition to the Scarmis Pit had ended badly. I joined up with a seasoned rescue team and we were able to clear the area and get ELF back on their feet quickly.

Posted by Para at 08:35 PM
Travel Warnings and Public Announcements


From ThoomCare member Rizal:

"ThoomCare is proud to announce a new service for all exiles. ThoomCare will be publishing Travel Warnings and Public Announcements in order to keep exiles informed of dangerous conditions throughout the lands.

ThoomCare has issued a Travel Warning for the Wendecka Breeding Grounds, and Public Announcements for Kitty Beach and the Northwest Forest. For more information, please visit the ThoomCare Travel Warnings scroll."

Posted by Para at 07:50 PM
May 19, 2002
Nohurt Makes Third Circle


ThoomCare member Nohurt has become a Third Circle healer.

Posted by Para at 07:08 AM
ThoomCare at Work

Click image to enlarge

Moments after Sausage was initiated into Clan ThoomCare, an expedition in the passes needed some help. ThoomCare members Sausage, Tyranis Calgar, and I all turned out for this large rescue.

Click image to enlarge

After the rescue in the passes, I joined an hunting party on Noth, and then subsequently went on rescue patrol south of town.

Click image to enlarge

This was more than a little embarassing.

Posted by Para at 07:02 AM
May 18, 2002
Local Thoom Falls in Savannah


Hunting expeditions in the Savannah often seem to start out well but end in tragedy. TMN has acquired this exclusive image of an unfortunate victim being dragged back to town after being attacked by a swarm of rats.

Posted by Para at 05:35 PM
ThoomCare Accepts a New Clan Member


Sausage the Thoom has joined Clan ThoomCare.

Posted by Para at 04:58 PM
South Forest Mirror


Have exiles given up on opening the mirror in South Forest? Fewer and fewer exiles around today even recall the days when the mirror was open and provided travellers with access to distant lands. The mirror circle was once a busy crossroads, and the site of cultural events such as Thoom concerts. As memories fade, the urgency to reopen the mirror has faded as well.

Merlisk the Thoom has written a scroll on the quest to open the mirror, and it contains links to other information on the topic.

Posted by Para at 06:34 AM
May 17, 2002
Catsbane Necklace Difficulties


Azriel warns exiles infected with Lyfelidae disease not to wear a catsbane necklace. You'll immediately and involuntarily rip the necklace off and destroy it in the process. For more information, see his most recent journal entries. Azriel also reports there that Raldin was recently infected after an unfortunate mishap with his catsbane necklace.

Posted by Para at 02:00 AM
May 15, 2002
New Issue of Fishwrap Magazine


Issue #48 of Fishwrap Magazine ("The Sheriff and the Juliusaur") is now available.


* Interview with a Sheriff
* The Juliusaur
* The Light-Buyer
* Exile on the Street
* Horoscopes

Read below for the full text.


"Smells like fish; tastes like paper"

Issue #48: "The Sheriff and the Juliusaur"
[May 15, 2002]
Circulation: 190

Fishwrap Magazine is available on the World Wide Web.
You can subscribe here and also read all the back issues.


* Interview with a Sheriff
* The Juliusaur
* The Light-Buyer
* Exile on the Street
* Horoscopes


This issue of Fishwrap Magazine is brought to you by the following
* Clan Rising Claw
* Clan Pogue Mahone
* Lundar the Mystic
* The Dwarven Militia
* Fierce and Furry - The Adventures of Hor!

"TMN: Thoom News You Can Use"

A Trip to the Abyss
Vermine Invasion in South Farms
Juliusaur Attacks Puddleby
New Map of Puddleby Island
Sielk Reports on Kismia's Island
Norm's Rock Collection
Fat Alice Returns
Aravir's Notebook
Changes to the Dark Temple
Hunting at the Lyfe Cave
Fat Alice Missing

for more information on the above stories, see


Got Mendin', Inc.: Clothing repair by Serra Lorne and Zero-X

Ripped? Torn? Colors Fadin'?

Call on 'Got Mendin', Inc. for all your mendin' needs.

Free quotes from Serra Lorne or Zero-X in common, dwarven, people, or

Serra Lorne is a Dwarf, is female, is an exile, and is wearing the
symbol of the Dwarven Militia.
She is holding a dagger and a sewing kit, and she is wearing a
sunstone, a shirt and a pair of pants.
(got mendin? bakin' and brewin' donations accepted, too!)


Fishwrap Magazine is looking for a few more contributors, reporters and

Advertising rates are quite affordable. Your ad will be read by well
over 180 exiles!

Sponsorships: only 25 coins
Full ads: only 50 coins


I've made a couple of important changes in the ways that I distribute

My clan's new Web scroll is now available at

The front page of features news from the ThoomCare Media
Network. New news items will be posted regularly to this scroll. This
scroll will now make posting important news more efficient and timely.

Fishwrap will no longer contain extensive news links because will serve that purpose more effectively. Fishwrap will
now be dedicated to longer articles and interviews, truer to its name,
Fishwrap Magazine.

Please come visit I'm updating it regularly, and hope to
make it an important source for news for exiles. If you'd like to
submit some news or pictures to the ThoomCare Media Network, just email
them to me at

- Para


Paramedic says, "Readers, this issue we have an interview with the
sheriff of Puddleby, Noivad."
Noivad says, "it's all about the community"
Paramedic says, "Welcome, Noivad"
Noivad exclaims, "Hi Para!"
Paramedic says, "You know the routine. I have 5 questions for you."
Noivad says, "ok"
Paramedic asks, "1) What's the state of law enforcement today in
Noivad says, "Well it's ok, I guess, but there's a big problem"
Paramedic asks, "really?"
Noivad says, "yes"
Noivad says, "people aren't reporting crimes"
(Paramedic nods)
Noivad says, "ya see, a lot of people think they can fix their problems
themselves by flaming the other party which makes things worse.
Noivad says, "when what they really need is a good moderator"
Paramedic asks, "and people don't turn to you as often as you'd like?"
Noivad says, "You've seen me in action, when I'm not taking sniper
shots I'm a pretty fair guy"
Noivad says, "I've been able to solve a few disputes here and there
when people do come to me"
Paramedic asks, "From where you derive your authority? Are you a self-
appointed sheriff?"
Noivad says, "most definitely"
Noivad says, "well kinda"
Noivad says, "Marfisa and I had a campaign that lasted well over a
Paramedic says, "Ah yes"
Noivad says, "and then eventually people started calling me sheriff"
Noivad says, "so self appointed? yes."
Paramedic asks, "And now, she's had nothing to do with
that, right?"
Noivad says, "um, no comment"
(Noivad winks)
(Paramedic nods suspiciously)
Paramedic asks, "So, law enforcement is still in a rough stage here in
Noivad says, "yes"
Noivad says, "a genuine frontier town"
Paramedic asks, "Do you see things getting better?"
Noivad says, "Maybe"
Noivad says, "I've appointed 5 deputies"
Noivad says, "maybe 6"
Paramedic asks, "do they help?"
Noivad says, "I think so"
Noivad says, "they rarely file reports"
Paramedic says, "hmm"
Noivad says, "Tessa or was it... Lumina, or one of them wanted to do a
(Paramedic listens)
Noivad says, "If I had the chops I would have prepared a scroll where
you could report things"
Paramedic says, "Scroll work can be time-consuming."
Noivad says, "The problem is finding someone who is good at that scroll
work and is willing to become a deputy"
Noivad asks, "maybe we should chain Vagile to the sheriff's office?"
Noivad says, "Make her do all the work like she did on that other
Noivad says, "though, I must say, Thuja doing it would be awesome"
Noivad says, "she does nice work"

Court Abuse

Paramedic asks, "2) What is your assessment of the Puddleby court
Noivad asks, "the courts?"
Noivad says, "Mainly abused"
Paramedic asks, "abused?"
Noivad says, "people making bs cases to pull other people out of hunts"
Noivad says, "or people making nuisance cases that just take people's
Paramedic says, "that's not good"
Noivad says, "no it's not"
Noivad says, "that's why I wish Chum would implement the "Hang 'em
both" verdict and the selective banishment from the right to make
Paramedic says, "I was always struck by the fact that when Tarf killed
an ambassador, it never even went to court"
Noivad exclaims, "me too!"
Paramedic says, "Innocent or guilty, the trial should have been
Noivad says, "he shoulda done hard time"
Noivad says, "with a prison mate named bubba"
Noivad says, "Actually, I was pretty pissed off at Tarf for a long time
over that"
Paramedic says, "Many exiles were unhappy with that situation"
Noivad says, "Tarf did get an informal trial"
Noivad says, "look at the way people treated him for months after that"
Noivad says, "he was pretty much a leper for a good few months"
Paramedic says, "You don't see Tarf much these days."
Noivad says, "No you don't. I think that's because he has chosen to
keep a lower profile"
Paramedic says, "Some say he has gone into a self-imposed exile from
Noivad says, "yeah I'd buy that"

Brion Brothers

Paramedic asks, "3) What do you think of Tenebrion and his brothers?"
Noivad says, "Well, they're a group, and you can't make sweeping
generalizations on a group"
Noivad says, "Though to tell the truth, I've never seen them act in a
way that would make me distrust them"
Noivad says, "I don't like any of them, but I don't really know any of
Paramedic asks, "have you been to their islands?"
Noivad says, "yes, many times"
Noivad says, "I even got a portal stone from one of them"
Noivad says, "so long as I agreed that while I had it I'd stay off
their lands"
Paramedic says, "Trespassing is not good"
Noivad says, "I don't have it anymore, so it's ok for me to go"
Noivad says, "that agreement really put a kink in my ability to go on
(Paramedic nods)
Noivad says, "people would always invite me and I'd have to decline"
Noivad says, "it sucked, it was a bad decision to agree to those terms"
Paramedic says, "speaking of hunts..."

Hunting with the Sheriff

Paramedic asks, "4) Where are your favorite hunting places these days?"
Noivad says, "Well, I like hunting in the Scarmis Queen Chamber"
Noivad says, "when I can get in a good group"
Paramedic says, "Ah yes....a very dangerous and exciting place"
Noivad says, "the valley is always fun, so long as it's not
Paramedic says, "The valley is a fun challenge"
Paramedic asks, "5) What is your fighting strategy, Noivad? Weapon of
choice, shield, etc?"
Noivad says, "my strategy is to flow like water"
Noivad says, "Babajaga calls it dancing"
Noivad says, "but I'm much more fluid than she is"
Paramedic says, "So, you like to keep the beasties on their toes"
Noivad says, "Notice I run in circles and strike enemies from all
sides, clearing the way for other fighters to get hits in"
Noivad says, "a lot of my fighter training, meaning how I train
fighters, revolves around keeping out of each other's way to ...."
Noivad says, "more efficiently and effectively hunt"
Noivad says, "if you notice, I step out of people's way and never stand
where I might interfere with other people's movement if at all
Noivad says, "that's why I expect the same of others"
(Paramedic nods)
Paramedic asks, "Is there a beast you hate the most?"
Noivad asks, "hmmm?"
Noivad exclaims, "not really, oh wait!"
Noivad says, "GCP"
(Paramedic listens)
Noivad says, "rats"
Noivad says, "vermine"
Noivad says, "nuisance beasties"
Noivad says, "not because I'm unbalanced like some people and can only
swing once a day,"
Noivad says, "but because they really provide no challenge - no fun, no
(Paramedic nods)
Noivad says, "they just clutter up the landscape, making noise and
making you have to deal with them"
Noivad says, "oh BTW, my favourite weapon is the GA,"
Paramedic asks, "GA?"
Noivad says, "it rocks"
Noivad says, "Great Axe"
Noivad says, "If you've trained right it can be a great weapon"
Paramedic says, "As you know, at the end of the interview you are
allowed to ask the thoom ONE (1) question"
Paramedic says, "that's 1 (ONE) question"
Noivad says, "hmm one question....."
(Paramedic waits)
Noivad says, "I'm thinking"
Noivad says, "I want to make it good"
Noivad asks, "why do you do the Fishwrap, and what do you get out of
Paramedic says, "Good question."
Noivad says, "thanks"
Noivad says, "I think the readers want to know about the thoom behind
the news"
Paramedic says, "I do the Fishwrap because it provides exiles with
information and knowledge they need in a dangerous world"
(Noivad nods)
Noivad says, "It seems to"
Paramedic says, "Fishwrap is very much in keeping with Thoom values of
knowledge and learning"
Paramedic says, "And what do I get out of it? I gain access to this
source of information. Also, Fishwrap has helped to augment my
otherwise meager healer's income."
Noivad asks, "Is personal satisfaction a big part of that equation?"
Paramedic says, "Definitely. I enjoy putting it together, but it takes
a lot of time and I wish I could do it more often"
Noivad says, "I'm sure many appreciate your efforts"
Paramedic says, "I hope so."
Paramedic says, "Thanks Noivad, for an excellent interview"
Noivad says, "thank you Paramedic"


Soulmaster says, "Julius was just an ona chigger, I caught him years
ago. You see, Maz was in town, sitting right here, in fact"
Soulmaster says, "he was talking to Babajaga"
Soulmaster says, "I don't know what about"
Soulmaster says, "I said hi to Maz and sat down"
Soulmaster says, "I thought it would be great to take out my new ona
chigger, we all know how frightened Babajaga is of bugs"

Jeanne says, "I didn't know that."

Soulmaster says, "she may deny it, but oh ho ho"

Jeanne says, "even beetles?"

Soulmaster says, "yep"

Jeanne says, "must make valley trips interesting"

Soulmaster says, "on hunts, look closely, she'll turn bright red
whenever they're around"

Soulmaster says, "that's beside the fact though"
Soulmaster says, "anyways"
Soulmaster says, "so I took out Julius' cage... with Julius in it"
Soulmaster says, "Maz, being the icorrigible jokester he is"
Soulmaster says, "thought it would be funny to open the cage"
Soulmaster says, "so he did..."
Soulmaster says, "and obviously, Julius jumped out of the cage"
Soulmaster says, "he started to attack Maz"
Soulmaster says, "then Zaroff saw him, and being... Zaroff"
Soulmaster says, "he cut him down coldly"
Soulmaster says, "but Julius being of infinite wisdom, departed!"
Soulmaster says, "in purgatory he mutated into a super strong and smart
ona chigger"

Jeanne says, "When did this happen?"

Soulmaster says, "oh, 6 years ago I think"
Soulmaster says, "of course, I didn't hear anything from Julius for the
longest time"
Soulmaster says, "little did I know he was gathering his forces in the
Puddleby underground"
Soulmaster says, "he sent a few of not so smart ona chigger generals
Soulmaster says, "they were quickly defeated though.."
Soulmaster says, "there was Juliet... Augustus.."
Soulmaster says, "Orange Julius"
Soulmaster says, "the latest one was Yulius"

Jeanne says, "so did they look like regular ona chiggers?"

Soulmaster says, "yeah"
Soulmaster says, "they all looked the same"

Jeanne says, "were they tougher?"

Soulmaster says, "the chigger was a little tougher"

Jeanne says, "and when you killed them, you got a "You slaughtered <
name>" instead of "You slaughtered an Ona Chigger"?"

Soulmaster says, "yeah"

Soulmaster says, "there were also some bioengineered chiggers"
Soulmaster says, "the first of the bioengineered chiggers was the
Soulmaster says, "quite frankly I couldn't tell the difference between
that and a normal chigger.."
Soulmaster says, "but anyways.."
Soulmaster says, "then there was the chugger, that one make people
Soulmaster says, "like herpetids"
Soulmaster says, "the strongest one was the Julius slave"
Soulmaster says, "it hit as hard as an orga wrath"
Soulmaster says, "but it really didn't have any strength in the other
Soulmaster says, "so it didn't last long"
Soulmaster says, "then there were two special ones"
Soulmaster says, "Julius' mundane twin brother Timmy.."
Soulmaster says, "followed me around, but ran off to south forest"
Soulmaster says, "I'm unsure of what happened to him"
Soulmaster says, "we may yet hear from him again"
Soulmaster says, "and in the same raid as that one, was a chigger
Ayella called.. Digger"
Soulmaster says, "why, I'm not sure, but whatever"
Soulmaster says, "that one walked around attacking people, but it was
Soulmaster says, "no nobody could attack it"
Soulmaster says, "eventually it materialized and some guy killed him"
Soulmaster says, "off the subject of the kinds of chiggers.."
Soulmaster says, "there have been many raids"
Soulmaster says, "they usually aren't publicized because they aren't
very hard to put down"

Jeanne says, "raids where?"

Soulmaster says, "right in town, usually on the garden down there"

Jeanne says, "oh... what sort of raid?"

Soulmaster says, "well, usually they would pop up out of chigger holes"
Soulmaster says, "Julius would do some laughing and such, from inside
his tunnels"

Jeanne says, "oh..... what does? ona chiggers?"

Soulmaster says, "just plain chiggers"
Soulmaster says, "they attacked maybe a half dozen times"

Aravir says, "the first venomous chiggers appeared like that"

Jeanne says, "I never have heard of such a thing."

Soulmaster says, "then, with Digger and Timmy, arrived the venomous

Jeanne says, "when did Digger and Timmy appear?"

Soulmaster says, "on one of the raids"
Soulmaster says, "also when the Julius slave appeared"

Jeanne says, "ah, when did that happen thereabouts?"

Soulmaster says, "a few months ago, maybe.."

Soulmaster says, "and coincidentally, this was the first time venomous
chiggers appeared"
Soulmaster says, "they didn't have their shiny yellow shells though"

Jeanne says, "oh, so the first venomous ona chiggers were red too?"

Soulmaster says, "yes"

Soulmaster says, "a number of weeks later came the yellow ones"
Soulmaster says, "me and Sutai first saw those maybe a few months ago"

WorldWalker says, "for a while the venomous red ones were in East

Soulmaster says, "Julius thought to me, using a sunstone, that his
secret lair was under ash island"
Soulmaster says, "I realize the irony..."
Soulmaster says, "telling me where his secret lair was"

Jeanne says, "even monsters have sunstones now?"

Soulmaster says, "you've seen t'rools with sunstones, haven't you?"

Jeanne says, "no"

Soulmaster says, "well there have been..."
Soulmaster says, "so me and Sutai went to look with a small party,
Rutabaga was the only fighter"
Soulmaster says, "of course"
Soulmaster says, "that was the first time we met with the yellow ones"
Soulmaster says, "the venomous chiggers of today"
Soulmaster says, "they beat us back very fast!"
Soulmaster says, "we were no match for these new chiggers"
Soulmaster says, "so we were forced to retreat"
Soulmaster says, "as we ran away, we could hear Julius laughing at us"
Soulmaster says, "maybe a week ago, there was a raid, but this time it
was all venomous chiggers"

Jeanne says, "under ash island?"

Soulmaster says, "on the lawn down there"

Jeanne says, "oh...."
Jeanne says, "they popped up out of chigger holes?"

Soulmaster says, "yes"
Soulmaster says, "and soon after that, Julius had us going to ash
Soulmaster says, "we headed through the scarmis lair, following the
trail of chiggers"
Soulmaster says, "taking a detour to kill the queen"
Soulmaster says, "there were masses of chiggers inside"
Soulmaster says, "by the time we got through, he, and whatever he had,
had escaped"
Soulmaster says, "we headed back, having learned that his lair was
somewhere past the scarmis"
Soulmaster says, "then, a few days after that"
Soulmaster says, "maybe one or two"
Soulmaster says, "there was a chigger raid on town, venomous ones
Soulmaster says, "Julius sunstoned me, telling me he wants us to build
him a temple!"
Soulmaster says, "the tallest thing in Puddleby!"
Soulmaster says, "he said if we didn't, he would destroy town"
Soulmaster says, "then, just yesterday, as you know we met the
Juliosaur, but there were events leading up to it"
Soulmaster says, "me and Sutai were sitting in town"
Soulmaster says, "Julius sunstoned to me.."
Soulmaster says, "'come to my garden maze to find my greatest
Soulmaster says, "of course, we assumed it was the maze past the
scarmis pit"
Soulmaster says, "but, alas"
Soulmaster says, "there weren't enough fighters or healers to get us
Soulmaster says, "so we went to ash island and looked around, then came
quickly back"
Soulmaster says, "when we got back, two chiggers spawned that were
attacking rats"
Soulmaster says, "and even a wendecka"

Jeanne says, "back to town?"

Soulmaster says, "yes"

Jeanne says, "there was a wendecka in town?"

(Soulmaster nods)
Soulmaster says, "the wendecka ran to west town, and started running
and trampling rats!"
Soulmaster says, "it ran right over them!"
Soulmaster says, "then it got to the docks"
Soulmaster says, "and jumped into the water"
Soulmaster says, "....but wendecka can't swim.."
Soulmaster says, "then we got back to town"
Soulmaster says, "one of the two chiggers I spoke of early.."
Soulmaster says, "he was attacking rats at the time, and we followed it
to west town"
Soulmaster says, "then we followed him to the docks, then through the
Soulmaster says, "then to ash island, then to the area outside the
scarmis pit"
Soulmaster says, "we have a few fighters and healers, but not enough to
Soulmaster says, "the chigger waited for us!"

Jeanne says, "so this ona chigger got on a boat? how do you know it
went to ash island?"

Soulmaster says, "he swam"
Soulmaster says, "like a shredder"

Jeanne says, "ooooh, so you saw it on the water?"

Soulmaster says, "just went into the ocean"
Soulmaster says, "yup"
Soulmaster says, "we sat there and waited, outside the walls near the
scarmis pit.."
Soulmaster says, "a valley hunt got out, and they went to help us"
Soulmaster says, "so then we pressed on"
Soulmaster says, "we followed the chigger through the first part of the
pit, to the northwest chamber"
Soulmaster says, "we had Iho run things, while Mr FancyPants and Falken
I think kudzued"
Soulmaster says, "then we followed the chigger through to the maze"
Soulmaster says, "oh yes, I forgot"
Soulmaster says, "you know the wendecka?"
Soulmaster says, "we think that may mean there is a chigger/wendecka
Soulmaster says, "yes, it drowned"
Soulmaster says, "I'm sure we'll find out though"

Jeanne says, "so why do you think there's an alliance?"
Jeanne says, "do you think the wendecka was trying to make way to ash

(Soulmaster nods)
Soulmaster says, "and it ran out of the temple while we were pushing
around a small chigger"
Soulmaster says, "interrogating it"
Soulmaster says, "anyways"
Soulmaster says, "back at Julius' Garden Maze"
Soulmaster says, "we followed the chigger through there"
Soulmaster says, "there were many twists and turns.."
Soulmaster says, "we lost it at one point, but it came back, and we
continued following it"
Soulmaster says, "at one point it even seemed lost, which is strange"
Soulmaster says, "I guess chiggers don't have the best sense of
Soulmaster says, "anyways"
Soulmaster says, "it got back on course.."
Soulmaster says, "and soon, we met up.. with the Juliosaur!"
Soulmaster says, "the Juliosaur was a monster of immense power"
Soulmaster says, "with it spawned many venomous chiggers and red
Soulmaster says, "it almost defeated us more than once"
Soulmaster says, "but with kudzu and clever chaining we all got out"
Soulmaster says, "but, to mock us, it dropped a tombstone"
Soulmaster says, "it said "Defeated by Chiggers""
Soulmaster says, "it may even still be there"

Jeanne says, "where was it dropped?"

Soulmaster says, "near the centaur zodiac stone"
Soulmaster says, "and a strange NPC that had snow at her feet"

Jeanne says, "what was her name and what did she say?"

Soulmaster says, "she didn't say anything, we couldn't get to her"
Soulmaster says, "and her name escapes me.."

Jeanne says, "just a minor detail"

Soulmaster says, "we ran away screaming like little babies"
Soulmaster says, "not even scratching the mammoth creation"
Soulmaster says, "finally we got back to town"
Soulmaster says, "we thought it was over.."

Jeanne says, "I think I saw you all come in."
Jeanne says, "You seemed relieved to be in town."
Jeanne says, "I saw Sutai kiss the ground."

Soulmaster says, "but then, the Juliosaur burrowed up from the ground
on the lawn!"
Soulmaster says, "of course, we were all surprised"
Soulmaster says, "I'm sure, as you saw, many fools went to attack it,
with great failure"
Soulmaster says, "lots of chiggers attacked as well"
Soulmaster says, "it was never even scratched"

Jeanne says, "It was green once for a few seconds."
Jeanne says, "then it troilused"

Soulmaster says, "they tried many many times to kill it with boosts"
Soulmaster says, "it had unbelievable troilus!"

Jeanne says, "I saw Zorton try a few times."

Soulmaster says, "it hit harder than a hatred many times"
Soulmaster says, "nobody could hit it no matter what"
Soulmaster says, "eventually I had to leave"
Soulmaster says, "and and the last I heard of it is that it was lead to
the east forest"
Soulmaster says, "it probably burrowed back into the tunnels"

Jeanne says, "I can't believe it would die to natural causes."

Soulmaster says, "neither could I"

Jeanne says, "I'm sure that we haven't heard the last from Julius

Soulmaster says, "it's probably in Julius' secret underground lair on
ash island"
Soulmaster says, "and I don't doubt that we saw the only Juliosaur"
Soulmaster says, "and Julius may yet make creations stronger than

Jeanne says, "I heard that Madcat talked to Julius. Is that true?"

Soulmaster says, "I take everything that Madcat says with a grain of
Soulmaster says, "while I suppose it could be true.."
Soulmaster says, "I have heard no proof to coroborate his story"

Jeanne says, "I doubted it but thought that I should ask you for
Jeanne says, "I'll have to talk to him to see what he says."
Jeanne says, "I'll certainly take it with a grain of salt though."
Jeanne says, "As you're a far more reputable source for information."

(Soulmaster smiles)
Soulmaster says, "Julius isn't keen on showing his face"
Soulmaster says, "and he probably would have done it when we all were

Jeanne says, "Do you have any idea of what Julius looks like? Does he
look like Julisaur?"

Soulmaster says, "I'm not positive"
Soulmaster says, "he's probably a larger form of the juliosaur"
Soulmaster says, "much meaner looking as well"

Jeanne says, "and probably even tougher"

(Soulmaster nods)
Soulmaster says, "and faster.."

Jeanne says, "I don't look forward to that battle."

Soulmaster says, "neither do I"
Soulmaster says, "but it will come"

Jeanne says, "If we can't take out the minion, we won't be able to take
out the boss"

Soulmaster says, "Julius is bent on the destruction of Puddleby, and
taking over the world"

Jeanne says, "At least it doesn't have tiny goals."

(Soulmaster chuckles)

Jeanne says, "That was certainly a deeper story than I thought."
Jeanne says, "This didn't just happen overnight."

Soulmaster says, "not at all"

Jeanne says, "I had no idea that all of those things happened."

Soulmaster says, "Sutai has seen more of it than anyone else"
Soulmaster says, "you may want to ask him about his take on it"

Jeanne says, "really? I'll have to ask him about that"
Jeanne says, "your information has been splendid"


High in the hills of Norlan there lived a small family of a father and
his three kits. The father had little land and was joined with no
prowls, so he had a difficult time finding enough for his young kits to
eat. The kits were lackluster and getting ill. The father fretted, but
he had no food and nothing to trade for any healing herbs.

That night, before a small fire, he prayed to the Light-Buyer* to come
and take his light in exchange for well-being. The Light-Buyer appeared
before him with his long claws and dripping teeth. He looked hungrily
at the fen-father. The fen-father said "O, Light-Buyer, please, I will
exchange my light for the welfare of my hungry kits!" The Light-Buyer
smiled, a nasty, crooked grimace and said, "Ah, well, so you shall have
what you need. I will come for your light when I'm ready." With that,
the Light-Buyer vanished, although his red-glowing eyes hung in the air
a second longer, evilly mirthful, before vanishing. The father shivered
and thought to himself "what have I done?"

The next morning dawned clear and bright, and as the fen-father emerged
from the hut he spied a small heard of deer on the edge of the forest.
He picked up his spear and quickly raced after the herd. They fell
before his spear at nearly the slightest touch! And he noticed that his
small barren plot of land was now overrun with game! Giddily, he ran
about looking at all the creatures that stood nearly still for him, and
in his glee, tripped over an outcropping of rock. Looking at the rock,
he saw that had gold ore in it! With the game and the gold, the father-
fen had well means to raise his three kits, and they grew strong and
tall. They went off to different parts of the fen lands to learn
different professions.

Time passed and the fen-father grew older. One night while the father
rested on his mat, the Light-Buyer appeared in the hut, huge and mangy.
His long, dirty claws sheathed and unsheathed. Saliva dripped from his
huge fangs. His eyes glowed a fierce red in the light of an oil lamp.
"I have come for your light." he growled. "But I am yet young!" the fen
father protested. "It does not matter, it is time." said the Light-
Buyer. The Light-Buyer's eyes grew bright and the fen-father began to
fall very ill.

As it so happens, the fen-father's kits, grown up and accomplished,
happened to be visiting their father. Hearing the commotion from their
father's hut, they rushed in to see the looming form of the Light-Buyer
standing over their father, who was writhing in agony. "What goes on
here!" exclaimed one of the kits. Their father, in painful gasps, told
them the story. One kit, a son stepped forward.

"I am one of the reknown healers in the land. If I can ease his pain,
will you let him go?" The Light-Buyer chuckled and said "Fine." The son
concocted many, many fine cures, things that even now we still use to
raise the horribly ill. But no matter the herbs eaten, poultices
applied, the son could not ease his father's pain.

Another kit, a daughter, stepped forward. "I am a reknown warrior. If I
can topple you, will you let my father go?" It was all the Light-Buyer
could do to keep from laughing. "Very well." With a loud rour, the
warrior daughter charged the Light-Buyer. She sprang on him with a
force that would have knocked down a dozen of the finest Y'mar
fighters. Indeed the hut shuddered from the impact. But it was like
running into a mountain. Still again and again she pommeled the Light-
Bringer until she was bruised and bloody. The Light-Buyer had not

The last kit stepped forward, a tall lithe female. "I am a member of
the People's Senate." This time the Light-Buyer laughed aloud. "So what
can you do?" he said, "Bore me away?" And he laughed again, saliva
flying around the room. She merely shrugged and said "I can do little
compared to my brother and sister, save ask such a great power as
oneself of a small favor." The Light-Buyer smiled the crooked, evil
grimace and said, "And what favor would that be?" The fen pointed to
the oil lamp, now nearly empty of oil. "Do you see that lamp, O, all-
powerful one?" The Light-Buyer snorted "I am not blind." "Well, since
you caught us off-guard, can you restore our father's health for the
time it takes for that oil to burn away? I hear you can be merciful in
such times." The Light-Buyer looked at the lamp, close to guttering and
stroked his mangy beard, but then chuckled to himself. "Very well. As
you say, I can be merciful. But for only as long as it takes for that
oil to burn." Immediately the fen-father rose up, looking fit and

The daughter kit nodded, leaned over and blew out the flame. The room
was cast into total darkness, much to the surprise of all. "You may
leave now, Light-Stealer," came the female's voice from the dark. A
great growl and howl rose up as the Light-Buyer realized he had been
tricked and a great wind whipped through the hut for a moment as the
Light-Buyer departed. After the wind died down, another, smaller light
of a lit piece of kindling sprang forth lighting up the smiling kit's
face. She reached over and capped the lamp and handed it to her father.
"Find a cliff and hurl it off so none may burn the oil." They rejoiced
at the great wisdom their kin had displayed in outsmarting the Light-

The very next day the father fen hurled the lamp from a cliff where it
shattered into thousands of pieces, and lived for a long, great time
from that day forward, enjoying his health and the love of his kits.

* Light-Buyer is a rather rough translation from fen. A fen's light is
that which keeps us alive, the light of life. When we die, our light
goes up to join the stars, which are lights of heroes and great fen of
our past, to rejoice and revel for all eternity. If a fen is terribly
dishonorable or unworthy, their light, instead, sinks down into the
earth, cold and dark for all eternity. Down in the earth are demons
that use the fallen lights to warm themselves and torment the fallen
lights even more. Few fen do fall into the earth, however, so the
Light-Buyer, a corrupt fallen fen, can grant a living fen a favor in
exchange for their light. Since a demon sometimes cannot find a light
to warm and entertain itself with, it sends the Light-Buyer to fetch
one of those who are in debt. Thus comes the nickname "Light-Stealer."


Ogh exclaims, "Hmm!"
(Ogh shrugs)
Charlos says, "20 questions"
Charlos asks, "1: Where is your favorite place to hang out?"
Ogh says, "Hmm?"
Ogh asks, "Charlos mean, for hunt?"
Charlos says, "sure, or just hang out..."
Ogh says, "Ok?"
Ogh says, "Ogh like run in South Forest"
Ogh says, "Nice trees and lots of furry beasts."
Charlos asks, "2: What do you do there?"
Ogh says, "Oh, uh."
Ogh says, "Mostly get warm up."
Ogh says, "before more difficult hunts."
Charlos asks, "3: How many weapons do you have?"
(Ogh counts)
Ogh says, "Look like? 7"
Charlos asks, "4: How long would it take you to solo a Savanna Maha?"
Ogh says, "Hmm."
Ogh asks, "Perhaps? 15 sec ?"
Charlos asks, "5: If you could brawl anyone in the Arena right now, who
would it be?"
Ogh says, "Hmm? Charlos would be good pick :)"
Charlos says, "hehe"
Charlos asks, "6: Which is yer favorite Super-group (PMF, LIFE, PTF..
(Ogh sighs)
Ogh says, "Aah."
Ogh says, "Ogh never hunt with them"
Charlos asks, "but if you could hunt with one, which would it be?"
Ogh says, "Not sure."
Ogh says, "PTF perhaps."
Charlos asks, "7: If me an you fought em all in the Arena right now,
would we win?"
Ogh asks, "All groups against us both??"
Charlos says, "or just PTF"
Ogh says, "er? us die quickly :)"
Charlos says, "hehe"
Ogh exclaims, "Them be strong!"
Charlos asks, "8: How much Pathfinding training do you have?"
Ogh says, "No pathfinding"
Charlos asks, "9: Who's yer tailor?"
Ogh says, "erm?"
Ogh says, "No favorite tailor"
Ogh says, "Probably Koden"
Charlos asks, "10: Do you tip em, or are you a stingy bastard?"
Ogh asks, "Tailors need tips??"
Ogh says, "Ogh must be bastard then :)."
Charlos asks, "11: Is killing Tors bad luck?"
Ogh says, "No."
Ogh says, "It be good for berves."
Ogh says, "er, nerves"
Charlos says, "ah"
Charlos asks, "12: Have you ever read Fishwrap magazine?"
Ogh says, "Yes, Ogh try to read it"
Ogh says, "It be written too small, though."
Ogh says, "With difficult words"
Ogh says, "Ogh want zo version!."
Ogh exclaims, "With pictutres!"
Ogh exclaims, "With pictures!"
(Ogh calms down)
Charlos ponders, "note to editor: bigger print, smaller words,

[Editor's note: try, Ogh.
- Para]

Charlos asks, "13: What is more appealing: Beer gut, thoom gills or
(Ogh grins)
Ogh says, "Mini-skirts be more exciting."
Charlos asks, "14: What do you think of Telemain's Loyalists?"
Ogh says, "Not much. But Emperor is no good, so?"
Ogh says, "Ogh probably don't like loyalists."
Charlos asks, "15: What's yer favorite source of exile news?"
Ogh says, "Hmm."
(Ogh thinks)
Ogh says, "Koric journal"
Ogh says, "then?"
Ogh says, ""
Charlos asks, "they've got pictures?"
Ogh ponders, "when it work"
Ogh says, "Koric have pictures"
Ogh says, "Always go to nice places"
Ogh says, "Fishwrap is good for in-depth reviews, though."
Charlos asks, "16: Whose yer favorite bard?"
Ogh asks, "er, favorite bard?"
Ogh says, "Probably?"
(Ogh concentrates)
Ogh says, "Ack."
Ogh asks, "What be the name already?"
Ogh says, "A sylvan"
Ogh asks, "Xepel?"
Charlos asks, "Xepel?"
Ogh says, "Probably."
Charlos asks, "17: Got a favorite song they do?"
Ogh says, "Yes, 'duck' :)"
Charlos says, "hehe"
Ogh says, "Ooh, Baltok's chapel too."
Charlos says, "Yer exiled to *another* isle by yourself. You can take
one item you now possess with you."
Charlos asks, "18: What do you take?"
Ogh says, "Hmm."
(Ogh thinks hard)
Ogh says, "sunstone"
Charlos asks, "so you could talk to your friends?"
Ogh says, "Yes."
Charlos asks, "19: On a scale of 1-10, how painful was this interview?"
(Ogh smiles)
Ogh exclaims, "It be fun!"
Ogh says, "so? 3"
Charlos asks, "20: Any shout-outs?"
Ogh yells, "Oooga!!!"
Charlos says, "heh"
Ogh says, "It be Ogh favorite."
Charlos says, "22: Thanks for your time. This is your Dorf on the
street with Ogh for Fishwrap Magazine?"
(Ogh bows)
Charlos says, "thx Ogh"
You gave good karma to Ogh
Ogh exclaims, "Ogh thank!"
(Ogh feels important!)
Ogh says, "Charlos , arena fight now? ;P"
Charlos says, "hehe"
Ogh exclaims, "Yuk yuk yuk!"
Charlos yells, "DorfCare?!! We'll pass the fargin circle tests with
both beers tied behind our backs!"


Enba the Rat
While things in your life appear normal, there is something that will
greatly effect you soon. It is cloudy, but I see a large tattoo, a love
poem, and a roguewood club.

Elixus the Cat
A Sylvan bard will fall madly in love with you this zodiac. While that
sounds nice, it gets ugly when the lovesick musician shows their
emotion by following you around and playing the "Duck" song over and
over. And over and over...

Shaer the Healer
Worn out from a large keg fest in town, you will pass out from
exhaustion in the spirit wood. A dream of a long dark tunnel and a
flood of water will awake you with a start. You are even more shocked
to find yourself surrounded by spriggins who are chanting "One of us!
One of us!" Hey, don't blame me, it's your fortune, not mine. Just be
thankful I didn't mention the other part of your dream that had that
twisted thing about brambleberry curd and three Zo's (ick). As soon as
Puddleby develops psychiatry, I suggest you spend a few coppers getting
some help.

Oobiscus the Foxweir
Nothing. I see nothing. Oh sure, the usual will happen: hunting,
healing, scrying, falling. But other than that you are due for a very
boring zodiac. Jeez, man, do something different! But you'll have to
wait till NEXT zodiac to do it. Yep, not a damn thing.

Eghorus the Rooster
Those born under the Rooster will have a rough time of it at the Golden
Butterfly. Even Lundar will feel sorry for you after Jack Vintian gets
through with your purse. Get ready to sell come rouguewood clubs if you
want any coppers this zodiac.

Ina D'Xus the Warrior
A great surprise will await you this zodiac when the unknown seventh
Brion brother requests a meeting with you. You will gaze in awe upon
this brother known as "Elvisbrion" as he serenades you in Tenebrion's
audience chamber with swirling hips and a groove that would shake the
ethereal plane itself.

Fishwrap Magazine is part of the ThoomCare Media Network.

Publisher and Editor: Paramedic

Senior reporters: Charlos, Jeanne, Norm, Odesseus

Roving reporters and contributors: Althea, Babajaga, Bones, Callia,
Deadmeat, Hellpop, Kirth Gersen, Koric, K'Pyn, Lundar, Monolith,
Perkusi, Sor, Sum, Tarf, Tyking II, Yor

A newspaper is only as good as its reporters, and we are always looking
for new stories. If you have news you think belongs in Fishwrap
Magazine, send Paramedic some mail (mailbox #1047) or email him at his

You rise like a wave in the ocean
And you fall gently back to the sea
Now I want to know how to hold you
Return to me

You shine like the moon over water
And you darken the sky when you leave
Now I want to know how to keep you
Return to me

"Return to Me"
- October Project, "October Project"

Posted by Para at 11:37 PM
A Trip to the Abyss


Koric reports in his Journal entry for 44 Winter 546 (14 May '02) on a recent trip to the Abyss. The trip through the Dark Temple and the Astral Plane went well, but the party of exiles met fierce resistance in the Abyss itself. Ultimately, they were forced to depart. A subsequent trip to Umbrion's Island proved far more successful, fortunately.

Posted by Para at 06:35 PM
May 12, 2002
Vermine Invasion in South Farms


Large numbers of vermine invaded the South Farms. Unfortunately, all of Puddleby's fighters were otherwise occupied, and the town's healers and mystics were forced to deal with this threat on their own.

Thanks to Bones the Thoom for submitting this story.

Posted by Para at 11:18 PM
Juliosaur Attacks Puddleby

Puddleby was attacked by a Juliosaur (some sort of giant chigger).


The Juliosaur was essentially unstoppable. Shortly after this, it ate Booboo kitty.


Exiles watched as Kojiro fought the Juliosaur. Kojiro was unable to withstand the assault of this gigantic bug.


For a while, the Juliosaur was trapped in the Orchard.


After some time in the Orchard, it headed back to town for another rampage, and then it was finally trapped in Mai's Garden.


The Sentinel stood by and watched as Malkor was mauled by the Juliosaur.

At last report, the Juliosaur was led out to the forests, where it still roams freely.

For more on the Juliosaur, read Fishylish's report at

Posted by Para at 10:49 PM
May 11, 2002
New Map of Puddleby Island

A new map of Puddleby Island is now available.

Update (5/12/02): The map's creator is anonymous, but the art is based upon an original map designed by Ann GM. See here for more information.

Posted by Para at 09:15 AM
Sielk Reports on Kismia's Island


Sielk has filed a report on his recent adventures on Kismia's Island. He successfully acquired a catsbane necklace with the help of other exiles. His pages on the Hunter Challenges are worth checking out also.

Posted by Para at 04:00 AM
May 10, 2002
Norm's Rock Collection

According to his diary entry for Terrdi, 24 Winter 546 (5/9/02), Norm continues to collect strangely colored rocks. He hopes to use them to prepare an explosive device. Such a device might be able to bring down a wall which prevents entry into Trillbane's library.

Posted by Para at 12:41 PM
Fat Alice Returns

Koric reports in his Journal entry for 24 Winter 546 (09 May '02) that Fat Alice is back and is now selling chigger poison cures, for 1000 coins. He also describes recent expeditions seeking Scarmis Eggs and Ethereal Boots.

Posted by Para at 12:20 PM
Aravir's Notebook

Those of you interested in the archeology and cultural history of the Lok'Groton Isles should check out Aravir's Notebook. "Since my arrival in Puddleby, I've discovered that there are many strange ruins and artifacts in the islands. I intend to investigate these things, and use this notebook to report on my findings," says Aravir. He has been working on studying various archaeological sites in considerable detail. (Check out the Wuss.)

Posted by Para at 09:58 AM
Changes to the Dark Temple

Click image to enlarge

The undine have set about remodelling the Dark Temple. It now looks more menacing. The forces of evil are clearly alive and well and in the mood for renovation. Let's hope we don't see more redevelopment of this sort.

Posted by Para at 12:40 AM
May 09, 2002
Hunting at the Lyfe Cave

Click image to enlarge

Hunting at the Lyfe Cave and Cove has become a popular destination for some exiles. Here you see me joining one of these expeditions. It's still a dangerous task, though, because of the risk of infection. Azriel tells the tale of his recent infection here. "Things were going fine until a Starbuck Lyfelidae cornered me in coming back into the cave. I felt an awful pain and fell, and knew that I had been infected. Sigh."

Posted by Para at 11:57 PM
May 07, 2002
Fat Alice Missing

Koric reports in his Journal entry for 10 Winter 546 (06 May '02) that Fat Alice is missing. This is troublesome, because she is an important source for the cure for lyfelidae infection. Koric also reports that before she disappeared, Fat Alice offered to brew a cure for Venom Chigger poison.

Posted by Para at 02:03 AM
May 05, 2002
Ghastly Presence Attacks DC Expedition

Click image to enlarge

Several members of a Dark Chamber expedition team were attacked and fell to a Ghastly Presence. Rescue teams arrived on the scene shortly afterwards.

Posted by Para at 01:56 PM
Ethereal Clouds Chase Local Thoom

Click image to enlarge

Three more Ethereal Clouds were discovered today in Purgatory. Fortunately, they were quickly destroyed by Iho and Mephisto.

Posted by Para at 01:41 PM
Bear Rampage

Click image to enlarge

Bears went on a rampage in the New Bear Cave. Successive waves of rescuers all fell to the bear onslaught, leaving as many as eleven exiles fallen.

Posted by Para at 08:30 AM
May 04, 2002
New discussion group: Eyes of Puddleby

Eyes of Puddleby is a new discussion group for those interested in exploration. From Himitsu's announcement: Eyes of Puddleby is "a group which investigates and explores Puddleby and its surrounding area for dangers, changes, and odd happenings."

Posted by Para at 07:38 PM
Qual the Wizard Cured With Separ


Yor has posted an account of the final battle with Qual. A visionstone of the events is available there as well as a textlog of "Qual's Undewing."

Posted by Para at 05:18 AM
May 03, 2002
The Cave, continued

Koric's Journal entry for 85 Autumn 545 (02 May '02) has more information on the cave near the eastern shore of Kismia's Island (aka Umbrion's Island). Large numbers of lyfelidae make it a challenging area for hunting, reports Koric. A picture of the cave is available on Koric's scroll.

Posted by Para at 03:03 PM
Tunnels under Puddleby

If you've ever been curious about the extent of the tunnels under Puddleby, you'll want to check out Worldwalker's scrolls. His Maps of the Puddleby Underground are a very useful resource to those wishing to explore the caverns underneath our feet.

Posted by Para at 02:41 PM
Artwork from Odesseus and Sor has an art gallery with new contributions from Odesseus and Sor.

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A Rift, Thooms, and Flags


I've got a few old pictures I've wanted to make available, and this new forum makes it easier to publish them. Here's one from a while back, when the rift that took people to a strange dungeon passed through Puddleby. Several Thooms formed a flag parade in front of the rift.

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May 02, 2002
Rescue at Kismia's Island Goes Terribly Wrong

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Several exiles fell at the site of a rescue at a cave on Kismia's Island. Lard Almighty suffered from many vulture bites. As many as 6 or 7 exiles were fallen inside the cave, and more than a few had to /depart.

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Lundar's Sketch of the Day entry for Day 324, Year 545 (April 25th, 2002) reports on two significant developments.
1) Puddleby's dwarves have completed construction of new underground tunnels leading to the Brewery and the Purple Tor Inn.
2) The 'brion brothers have been working on building walls to guard their keeps.

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Serac Wyrms

Babajaga's Diary entry for Week 17 has a report (but unfortunately no picture) on monsters known as Serac Wyrms. "Terrible creatures by the way. I wince whenever I see one and run behind the nearest healer to hide. One icy breath from one of those, and I am close to falling if not fallen," she says.

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A bad situation in the Lava Room

The Norm's Diary entry for Sombdi, 61 Autumn 545 (4/26/02) has a great picture of twelve exiles all fallen in a lava pool. His scroll also has his new picture by Sor.

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Chains that bind

Catenae, Puddleby's chaining guild, has moved their scrolls to a new location. Jeanne is the new webmaster. The founder of Catenae, Cronos, is leaving Puddleby for a while. There has been no formal announcement yet, but it appears the new leader of the group will be Kiriel D'Sol of the Winds of Dawn clan.

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In the Beginning

There are still a few rough edges here, but I think I have things working well enough to consider open for business. My thanks to Kiriel, Worf, and Phroon for their assistance in getting this project off the ground.

My plan is to shift more of the news-related items from Fishwrap to this site, and dedicate Fishwrap to becoming more of an article-related magazine. I think that will make each project easier to work with and easier to read as well. Whether or not Fishwrap Magazine stays with Yahoo Groups is an open question, and moving it to another forum or means of distribution is definitely under consideration. My apologies for not publishing a new Fishwrap in a while; I hope to correct that soon.

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ThoomCare goes to the Foothills


ThoomCare participated in a recent expedition to the Foothills. Kensington and I are seen here with the large party making our way through the passes.

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May 01, 2002
Welcome to the new ThoomCare site



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