June 29, 2002
Wedding and Pies in the Meadow


"Dead bugs, explosions, pies, love...that's art all right"
- Prue

The Puddleby Pie Project was held today in the Meadow, at the same time as the second wedding of Babajaga and Sleipnir.

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Exiles began to gather in the Meadow early, some for the wedding, others bearing pies for the Pie Project. Most exiles intended to attend both events. Sleipnir was quietly informed that many of his guests seemed to be surreptitiously carrying pies. He muttered in shock, "How awful." Sor brought along his presents for the bride and groom, which included a large insect corpse.

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Prue showed up to announce the beginning of the pie exhibition, and Healery commenced the wedding ceremony. The tension was quite high at this point, as people could be heard nervously coughing and fidgeting with pies.

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As soon as Babajaga and Sleipnir completed their vows, the pies began to fly. The bride, groom, and many others were hit with many pies. All this pie energy unleashed in the same place and at the same time caused some sort of disturbance in the ethereal plane, and the Meadow was rocked by a powerful ethereal explosion that injured many guests. Chum's involvement in this explosion is still under investigation.

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After everyone was healed, a reception was held in the Meadow, and exiles danced to the "Duck Song." Prue made the following announcement: "The Pie Project has a few extra funds...therefore, we will hold an art contest to commemorate this fine event! Winner will receive his or her choice...3000 coins, or a 21 pie salute!"

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The celebration in the Meadow ended on an ominous note. The ethereal explosion caused a rift to the ethereal plane to open inside the tree of the sunstone seller. An ethereal stalker was attacking guests. The bride and groom were informed of this serious situation. The rift eventually closed on its own, but not before several exiles were left fallen and stranded in the ethereal plane.

What follows below is Prue's report on the Pie Project. You can also find out about how to enter the Puddleby Pie Project Commemorative Art Contest.

From Prue:

Well, the Puddleby Pie Project went off without a hitch. Unless you
count a massive ether explosion at the end as a "hitch". We choose to
view it as cosmic applause for the greatest cooperative art orgy in the
history of the world.

Babajaga and Sleipnir served as stunning mixed pie media sculptures.
Prue was also the canvas for the work of several contributing artists.
(And don't think we'll forget it!) Sor offered an unexpected entry not
in pie form... his inspired and inspiring "Dead Scarmis and Swamp Feral
with Chain". Experts suggest that this last bit of creative genius was
to blame for the big explosion. Most everybody else blames Malkor.

Visionstones of the event will be made available soon. IF YOU HAVE


And now for more exciting news... In the words of HGM, "It's not over

That's right! The Puddleby Pie Project is the event that keeps on...
eventing. We had a little money left over from the pie fund. With some
added coins generously donated by the ever-charitable Sisters of
Benevolence, we've arranged for a CASH PRIZE and a space in the main
hall of the Puddleby Museum of Exile Art. To what end, you ask?...

We are pleased to announce:


Here's the skinny...

WHAT IS THE CONTEST?: The winning entrant will submit the best piece of
original art memorializing the spirit of the great Puddleby Pie Project
exhibition. Deciding what that means is left as an exercise for contest

WHO CAN ENTER?: The contest is open to all exiles.

WHAT DOES THE WINNER GET?: The winner will receive their choice of A)
3000 coins, or B) A really super 21 pie salute. They also get to have
their work displayed in the Museum for the rest of time.

WHAT IS SECOND PRIZE?: People laughing and pointing at you.

WHO PICKS THE WINNER?: The winning entry will be chosen by a vote of the
official Puddleby Pie Project sponsors. Votes will be weighted based on
sponsorship level. Diamond Sponsors will get 5 votes each. Platinum
Sponsors get 4. Gold 3. Silver 2. All the rest get 1 vote. Anonymous
sponsors, if we have their names, will get to vote just like everybody
else. In the event of a tie, the Sisters of Benevolence will take the
cash prize and go on a nice vacation.


HOW BIG SHOULD MY SUBMISSION BE?: Prue thinks submission in any form is
just dandy. But that's not what you wanted to know. We are waiting for
word from Musea on the dimensions of the space. We'll let you know as
soon as we can.

Ideally, contest submissions should fit in a 150 x 150 pixel
space. Submissions that don't fit in a 175 x 175 space get displayed on
Junko's heap. Artists should use the System Palette for all colors.

CAN I ENTER MORE THAN ONE PIECE?: Sure. Why the heck not?

WHERE DO I SEND SUBMISSIONS?: Send all submissions or inquiries to


That is all.


Posted by Para at 03:39 PM
Pies for Puddleby


From Prue:

The day of the Puddleby Pie Project exhibition is just about upon us!

We've had a number of new contributors, including a new Diamond
Sponsor... Janus! Thanks to all.

And a very special exile gave what few coins he had to the Project... my
nephew, and Sleipnir's very own son... DESTROYER OF WORLDS! Bless that
beautiful, beautiful boy.

Exhibit distribution will commence about 4 puddlehours before the
exhibition time. That'd be around 11AM, PDT by the Emperor's clock. The
distribution point is currently secret... the Project has received
unconfirmed threats to disrupt distribution. If you want to be a
contributing artist, just get to town. Instructions will be released
over sunstone. You need not be a sponsor to receive art supplies.

Sadly, Sleipnir delivers his regrets that his wedding party will be
unable to assist in exhibit transportation. Alas.

For any who are interested, a simple Rapid Pie Exhibition spell is
available at:


More info is available here:

Prue's original USENET post

We'll continue to accept donations of coins to be used for the Puddleby
Pie Project Legal Defense Fund. There's bound to be a litigious art
hater or two.


And now for the list of Puddleby's 94 finest patrons of the arts!:

The List (*denotes new/changed entry):

DIAMOND SPONSORS (20 pies, 700 coins)
Althea & Slyph, social couple of the century
Chum Punkie
Anonymous Sponsor

PLATINUM SPONSORS (10 pies, 350 coins)
Connie Crete
A Most Courteous & Charitable Anonymous Sponsor

GOLD SPONSORS (3 pies, 105 coins)
*Elenis Reyav
Ledward Vicious
Puddleby Incinerate Shepherd Committee
Anonymous Sponsor
Anonymous Sponsor

Anonymous Sponsor
Anonymous Sponsor
Anonymous Sponsor
Anonymous Sponsor
Anonymous Sponsor

*Destroyer, son of Sleipnir
*Tyking II
Anonymous Sponsor
Anonymous Sponsor
Anonymous Sponsor
Anonymous Sponsor
*Anonymous Sponsor

- Prue

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June 28, 2002
Fighter's Pub


Azriel reports on the proposed Fighter's Pub in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 11:12 AM
Expanding the Weapons Hut


There's a new builder (Lindria) in the Weapons Hut, working on building an basement expansion. Presumably this will mean more weapons will be available for sale soon.

Posted by Para at 10:43 AM
Local Thoom in Brambles Accident


I got trapped by some vermine and an irksome undine in the Brambles yesterday. My thanks to Althea, Mr. Fancy Pants, Slyph, and Tifa for helping to rescue me.

Posted by Para at 10:16 AM
Xenos Joins ThoomCare


Clan ThoomCare is proud to announce our newest member: Xenos the Thoom. Xenos is an experienced and well-known healer in Puddleby and will be a fine addition to the clan.

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Darshak Invasion


Aravir reports in his most recent journal entry on a Darshak invasion force with multiple warships.

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June 27, 2002
Two Strange Towers


Hor has a report about two towers on Devil's Island in the journal entry for 43 Summer 546 (27 June 2002) at Fierce and Furry.

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June 24, 2002
Frog in Town


A frog was in town center recently. Frogs are often harbingers of upcoming important events, and many say that the gods punish those that harm a frog. Aravir has more on the story.

Posted by Para at 12:55 PM
Algernon's Harassment

Click image to enlarge

From Kiriel:
Here's a picture of Algernon in the sheep pen that Shepherd put him in. I eventually convinced Algy to depart so he could come back home. There were also two court cases suing Shepherd over it, and in both cases he was found guilty.

Aravir has provided extensive coverage of this story in his journal. You'll find the original story as well as a transcript from WorldWalker, in which Shepherd confessed to being involved in the scheme.

Posted by Para at 12:49 PM
More on Puddleby Pie Project


I'm proud to announce I am a sponsor of the Puddleby Pie Project.

For more information on this upcoming exhibition of all things pie, visit this USENET thread.

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Mongo's Report on Melabrion's Mines


Mongo the Dwarf sent along the following report.
- Para

Howdy Paramedic,

I was recently invited to translate for Melabrion. Nunul was supposed to translate for the group that was there, but seemed a bit out of it (not sure how he slept through those rocks pounding him into the floor, but he did), so I volunteered when they asked for someone that spoke Dwarven.

It seems that Melabrion's miners had broken through to a new cave and nasty things came out (I saw Tok'Han, Rippers and Chami Cobras, none of which I'd seen elsewhere, so I'm guessing some or all of those were the nasty critters).

They felled his miners, and he needed a rescue party.

We did that, and Melabrion gave us some gifts. I don't know what others got, but I was given a keg of beer to share with my fellow rescuers (and, of course, I drank till I fell :).

I recorded the whole thing on a vision stone (including the rescue), and He Who Drinks for me has kindly posted it here:


Please feel free to share that link with your viewers.


Norm the Dwarf also reports on his adventures in the mines in his journal entry for Merdi, 47 Summer 546 (6/23/02).

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June 23, 2002
Wangah Rah's New Scroll


Wangah Rah has created a new scroll of his adventures. The first entry details a recent expedition to the mines of Melabrion.

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June 21, 2002
Fishwrap #49 Now Available


Fishwrap #49, "Xepel and Algernon," is now available. This issue features an interview with Xepel by Jeanne, a report from Monolith on a note he discovered in the South Forest, and from WorldWalker a transcript of a visit to town by Algernon's Keeper.

Read below for the full text.


"I'm still swimming"

Issue #49: "Xepel and Algernon"
[June 21, 2002]
Circulation: 179

Fishwrap Magazine is available on the World Wide Web.
You can subscribe here and also read all the back issues.


* Xepel the Aqua-Sylvan
* A Note About the Mirror
* Keeper Comes to Town


This issue of Fishwrap Magazine is brought to you by the
following sponsors:
* Clan Rising Claw
* Clan Pogue Mahone
* Lundar the Mystic
* Order of Akara

"TMN: Thoom News You Can Use"

Mines of Melabrion
Puddleby Pie Show
Getting a Catsbane Necklace
Lists of Professionals Updated
Pie Show
Ethereal Plane Hunt
Bear Caves
Hunting on Kismia's Island
Nathar the Darshak Killed
Snow Orgas

for more information on the above stories, see TMN at:



Got Mendin', Inc.: Clothing repair by Serra Lorne and Zero-X

Ripped? Torn? Colors Fadin'?

Call on 'Got Mendin', Inc. for all your mendin' needs.

Free quotes from Serra Lorne or Zero-X in common, dwarven,
halfling, people, or sylvan!

Serra Lorne is a Dwarf, is female, is an exile, and is wearing the
symbol of the Dwarven Militia.
She is holding a dagger and a sewing kit, and she is wearing a
sunstone, a shirt and a pair of pants.
(got mendin? bakin' and brewin' donations accepted, too!)


Fishwrap Magazine is looking for a few more contributors,
reporters and advertisers.

Advertising rates are quite affordable. Your ad will be read by
well over 170 exiles!

Sponsorships: only 25 coins
Full ads: only 50 coins


Don't forget to check out the frequently updated ThoomCare
Media Network news at


If you'd like to submit some news or pictures to the ThoomCare
Media Network, just email them to me at thoomcare.com.

- Para


Jeanne says, "Thank you for agreeing to this interview. I promise
to make it as quick and painless as possible. ^_^"
Jeanne says, "Question #1"
Jeanne asks, "Why aqua?"

Xepel says, "Before the riftwar, it was different... but the riftwar
has had a huge impact on my life..."
Xepel says, "And turned me taintless."
Xepel says, "Taintless isn't a very nice term for the color... so I
call it Aqua."
Xepel says, "And, since I wear Aqua only... I am the Aqua-Sylvan
Xepel says, "Besides, where I come from, on the mainland, we
lived near the sea."
Xepel says, "You could always see the blue ocean... and it's a
great color"

Jeanne says, "Question #2"
Jeanne asks, "How did you get your fantastic music ability?"

Xepel says, "Music... is hard."
Xepel says, "People think that it is so easy just to write down a
tune from anywhere... but you have to be unique."
Xepel says, "You have to be original... and many people have a
hard time working with the tools we have to write the music with."
Xepel says, "But... the ability..."
Xepel says, "Probably from my past on the mainland..."
Xepel says, "With a little inherent creativity of my own..."
Xepel says, "My grandfather was good friends with a bard..
though my parents weren't the artsy type."
Xepel says, "I must have been encouraged through him..."
Xepel says, "But I think that I developed my music skill myself."
Xepel says, "I try to create new and better ways of writing things,
so they aren't so... mmm..."
Xepel says, "uncreative, I guess."

Jeanne asks, "new music techniques?"

Xepel says, "Dynamics."
Xepel says, "Alternate endings"

Jeanne asks, "exploring the limits of the instruments?"

(Xepel nods)
Xepel says, "Tempo changes..."
Xepel says, "There are so many things you can do"
Xepel says, "With duets and trios you can do even more."

Jeanne says, "I don't see often enough of those."

Xepel says, "It's hard... you need lots of bards in the same spot
Xepel says, "Usually you can find one or two... but trios are hard
to do unless you have enough bards... with the right

Jeanne says, "I see lots of bards that I have never heard play."

Xepel says, "Yeah... that saddens me sometimes"
Xepel says, "I'll see people with gold bard belts that I've never
heard play."
Xepel says, "And I wonder why they wanted to be a bard...."
Xepel says, "I just think bards should share their music."
Xepel says, "Share it with others..."
(Xepel shrugs)
Xepel says, "Some bards think they aren't "good enough""
Xepel says, "A lot do, I think."
Xepel exclaims, "But, if they made it to bard, they've shown talent
Xepel says, "... then again, you may not hear some because they
don't like playing for crowds"
Xepel says, "I know some bards that will only play in privacy..."
Xepel says, "So you won't hear them in town square playing"
(Xepel shrugs)
Xepel says, "it's their choice..."

Jeanne says, "Question #3"
Jeanne asks, "What do you use for inspiration?"

Xepel says, "Oooo.. hard one."
Xepel says, "Usually I think of what I'm trying to make the piece
sound like."
Xepel says, "For Melabrion's contest, I tried to write something
dark and deep"
Xepel says, "Other times... I come up with a tune.. and then come
up with other parts for it"
Xepel says, "It's a bit sporadic..."
Xepel says, "Can't always tell when I'm going to have
Xepel ponders, "I should get me a muse..."
Xepel says, "Commissions make me work harder, though, even
if I don't have the inspiration ;)"

Jeanne asks, "maybe because the clients have a song already
in mind?"

Xepel says, "Sometimes they do."
Xepel says, "Sometimes... it's harder."
Xepel says, "I can't read their thoughts, I don't always know what
they want..."
Xepel says, "But I try to get them to give me details about how
they want it to sound"
Xepel says, "It's easier to create a song within certain bounds
than to create one from scratch..."
Xepel says, "At least I think so, in a way."

Jeanne says, "Question #4"
Jeanne asks, "What do you do when people mistake you for a

Xepel exclaims, "Ack!"
Xepel says, "That hasn't happened in a while."
Xepel says, "But it *has* happened before"
Xepel says, "They'll ask me why I'm not helping to heal the fallen
or something..."
Xepel says, "I don't know. Its probably because of my aqua
clothing... right.."
Xepel says, "Not exactly like turquoise, but something like it."

Jeanne asks, "so what do you do?"

Xepel says, "I just tell them I'm a fighter, not a healer, and then
they end up feeling embarrassed ;)"
Xepel says, "Sometimes I try to do it in a more indirect manner..."
Xepel says, "Just so they realize the mistake without me telling
them =)"
Xepel exclaims, "I was once put on a list as a 4th circle healer...
Xepel says, "That better not happen again ;)"

Jeanne asks, "how do you do it indirectly?"

Xepel says, "I'll put on my 3rd circle fighter belt..."
Xepel says, "Well, erm, not anymore"
(Xepel got rid of that thing a while ago...)
Xepel says, "I think so. I may have just dropped it, or gave it away,
or something"
Xepel says, "It was taking up too much room in my pack"
Xepel says, "Or I'll just point them to my info... which does say
that I'm a fighter, if they look close enough..."

Jeanne says, "Question #5"
Jeanne asks, "Besides your aqua and barding ability, what
would you like to be known for?"

Xepel says, "Well... a few things, I guess..."
Xepel says, "My defensive abilities are fairly good..."
Xepel says, "I should be getting a Detha ledger in not too long of
a time..."

Jeanne asks, "how much do you have?"

Xepel says, "Over 550 lessons"
Xepel says, "But a few people have ledgers already, so it'll take a
while longer"
Xepel says, "I'm trying to get myself involved with the
'brions....researching them, finding more about the 'brions
themselves, while other people research the ether"
Xepel says, "I'm fairly 'pro-brion'...."
Xepel says, "I don't think they will affect us negatively in any
Xepel ponders, "In any big way, at least..."

Jeanne asks, "'pro-brion' meaning that you want to be their allies
and not their enemies if possible?"

(Xepel nods)
Xepel says, "Very much so."
Xepel says, "I'd not like to go to war with them..."

Jeanne asks, "have you been accused of being an enemy of

Xepel says, "No, I've not... which is a good thing."
Xepel says, "The Brion brothers trust me, for the most part. I've
received a pass key.. which is useful... and I trust them, for the
most part."
Xepel says, "They have a lot of knowledge that could be shared."
Xepel says, "I think I'm a bit too willing to trust them... but they
have not shown me any reason not to."
Xepel says, "Their teleportation skills... ether manipulation..."
Xepel says, "We *do* trespass frequently on their property..."
Xepel says, "I'm amazed they don't retaliate any more than they
do... which is not much."
Xepel says, "Everyone is concentrating on ether studies..."
Xepel says, "Few are concentrating on the 'brions"

Jeanne says, "Now you can ask the Fishwrap reporter ONE (1)

Xepel ponders, "Ooo... hrm, hrm...."
(Xepel thinks hard)
Xepel asks, "Who is your most and least favorite 'brion, and

Jeanne says, "hmm, I admit to not knowing or seeing much of
them, especially the recent ones"
Jeanne says, "I should really know more about them but I doubt
I'd have any contact with them."
Jeanne says, "Umbrion has been helpful with his tools"
Jeanne says, "giving us the ability to learn more about the
ethereal plane"
Jeanne says, "I'd put him #1"

Xepel asks, "And least trustworthy?"

Jeanne says, "I think that Tenebrion's desire for purgatory
pendants worries me."
Jeanne says, "wondering what he'll do with them"
Jeanne says, "Tenebrion is the most dangerous"
Jeanne says, "maybe not because he wants to be"
Jeanne says, "but because his studies are the most dangerous"
Jeanne says, "if he studies death"
Jeanne says, "that's very powerful"
Jeanne says, "death and destruction go hand-in-hand"
Jeanne says, "and I doubt they are as wise and all-knowing as
they make themselves out to be"
Jeanne says, "although they are wiser than many of us"

Xepel says, "Probably wiser than nearly all of us.."
Xepel says, "It would be nice to get a few copies of the books
they have..."
Xepel says, "A few, like Sombrion, think exiles are too inferior to
talk to..."
Xepel says, "But most don't."

Jeanne says, "humph"
Jeanne says, "live a few centuries and you think you're better
than everyone else"

(Xepel chuckles.)
Xepel says, "Well, that's what *they* think..."


Dear Mr. Paramedic Fishwrap Editor Sir,

I found this scrap of parchment near the south forest hospital.
Do with it as you will. I think it might be important.

/the top part is torn off

...sun, glaring, burning, I can barely move today. I hope I can find
that oasis again or I will surely die today. I'm going to try and
catch a carrion bird and attach this letter to it in hopes that
someone will find it.

I've been trapped here for years now. I have no idea why the
mirror that I entered from just glares back at me now, it still looks
the same, but I can't enter it, not that I haven't tried. Gaia! I've
managed to kill about 40 sand tigers since the mirror closed to
me, but they keep coming back, no they don't taste like chicken.

I've set noise traps near the mirror, just in case someone comes
through. If only I could just get news of Puddleby. I stay in the
tents that have been near the mirror as long as I remember, I
have no clue who put them up, but they are durable and serve
well enough as protection from the heat of day and the cold of

I swear that damned oasis moves. I've managed to make some
water skins out of the sand tiger skins I have collected over the
years. I tried living in the oasis for a time, but the paranoia that I
would miss someone coming through the mirror was too strong.
I wonder if the other mirrors are impassable too. It must be so
as there used to be many hunting parties here and in the other
lands accessible by the mirrors. I wonder if that wizard who
appeared near the courtyard inside the great mirror had anything
to do with this. I should have paid more attention to his

Found the oasis again, filled my skins. It never ceases to amaze
me, the amount of life here when all else is dead except for sand
tigers, scorpions and carrion birds. Now for my trek back to the

I stumbled upon the desert well again, it's filled with sand and
the deeper I dig, the more fruitless it seems. Every time I seem
to make progress the growls of the sand tigers approaching
bring me back to my senses and by the time I'm done fighting
them the winds have filled the well up with sand again. I'd rather
fight the hundreds of undine in the well than spend another day
in this barren waste land.

I pray to Gaia that someone finds this note. Someone must know
that I am here. Someone must be trying to reopen the mirrors
that brought me here. Someone...

/the bottom part is torn off as well


Monolith The Good
Clan GDI - Keeper of Ferocious Squirrels



Keeper, Algernon's guardian from the Puddleby Home, made a
rare public appearance in Town this evening.

Algernon had a particularly hard several days, being PND for a
long, long time, undergoing several rescues from distant places
where he had been chained to, and two successful court cases
filed on his behalf against Shepherd for abusing him.

Keeper came out to talk a little about Algy's history, and to thank
those who help Algy. As keeper said, "All he needs from his
friends in town is their protection and affection."

Full text of Keeper's visit follows.


Keeper is now Clanning.
Algernon exclaims, "Tywani Cagga!"
(WorldWalker waves goodnight to Algernon)
Loila says, "Algy Can you say Loila? L o i la..."
Habbakuk Lal says, "lol"
Habbakuk Lal says, "that's a tough one"
WorldWalker exclaims, "Good night Algy!"
(Keeper smiles indulgently at Algernon.)
(Algernon smiles.)
Mephisto says, "Funny, Sephorus. You said Keeper had black
(Algernon smiles.)
Sephorus says, "I have a fuzzy memory"
(Mephisto chortles.)
Sephorus says, "Seen one sylvan, you've seen 'em all :)"
WorldWalker says, "Hello Keeper"
Keeper exclaims, "Hello!"
Keeper is a Sylvan, is male, is an exile, and is not wearing the
symbol of any clan.
His hands are empty.
Keeper has 2 good karma.
Kyoujin exclaims, "Algy look! it's Keeper!"
WorldWalker says, "I am pleased to at last meet you"
Naferu asks, "Algernon, do you recognize Keeper?"
Loila asks, "so you going to be ok here Algy?"
WorldWalker says, "Algy has had a very busy day"
Mephisto says, "Keeper.."
(Loila hugs Algy)
(Algernon smiles and hugs back.)
Kyoujin says, "Algy say Keeper"
(Algernon smiles at Keeper.)
Kyoujin says, "Algy say Keeper"
Loila says, "Bye Algy - hope you have fun with the feather"
Habbakuk Lal says, "Algy say Tyranis Calgar"
WorldWalker says, "We've done all we could to help him"
Tyranis Calgar says, "oh well.."
(Thornin grins)
Mephisto asks, "Keeper..was it you that pressured Algernon to
change his name?"
Keeper asks, "Pressured him?"
(Mephisto shivers at saying 'Algernon'.)
Keeper says, "No, no."
Mephisto says, "He seemed happy with the name Idiot Savant.."
Keeper says, "You see, the Marsh Hermit is his adoptive father."
(Loila smiles at Algy)
Kyoujin says, "Algy, say Kyoujin"
Keeper says, "Eventually, the hermit became a little...well, not
really responsible enough to take care of a youngster like
Tyranis Calgar says, "Algy say tyranis calgar"
Keeper says, "So we at the Puddleby Home took Algernon in."
Tyranis Calgar says, "I think algy is drawing.."
Mephisto says, "Keeper"
(Tyranis Calgar hands Algy a cookie..)
Keeper says, "We didn't know his real name, and the Hermit was
too far gone to tell us."
Mephisto asks, "Where is the Puddleby Home?"
Tyranis Calgar says, "yep.."
Kyoujin says, "Algy, say Kyoujin"
Tyranis Calgar says, "Algy is not responding.."
Keeper says, "So we called him Idiot Savant, because of course
he is one."
Tyranis Calgar says, "he is sleeping sorta.."
Naferu says, "algernon say "stop bugging me I've said your
name in my own cute little way already!""
Kyoujin asks, "Algy whatcha doing?"
Mephisto says, "I'd like to know, so I can enroll Loila here."
Keeper says, "In my professional opinion, Loila isn't in need of
our services."
(Valiant cleans Algy's mouth with his handkerchief)
Kyoujin says, "Naferu, say Kyoujin"
Mephisto says, "Well she ran off when I mentioned enrolling
(Keeper smiles.)
WorldWalker asks, "Keeper, do you think we could teach
Algernon to depart when fallen?"
Kyoujin says, "Naferu, say Kyoujin"
(Valiant cleans Algy's nose)
Sephorus says, "That'd be a bad idea Wowaka"
Tyranis Calgar says, "yeah.."
Keeper says, "You're all so kind to Algernon. He's improved so
much since he's been coming out to visit town."
Kyoujin says, "Naferu, say Kyoujin"
(WorldWalker smiles)
Kyoujin says, "Naferu, say Kyoujin"
Keeper says, "Teach him to depart? Well, I suppose you could
(Valiant thinks Algy needs a refreshing bath)
Mephisto says, "If Idiot Savant does not have the brain capacity to
count pass twenty, he certainly could not depart."
Sephorus says, "That would be far worse than rescuing him
each time, WorldWalker"
Kyoujin says, "as many as you can"
Sephorus says, "His tormentors would just make him depart
over and over and over and over"
WorldWalker says, "Hmmm"
Kyoujin says, "Naferu, say Kyoujin"
WorldWalker says, "Well"
WorldWalker says, "Maybe we'll just stick with teaching him to
sleep when he is chained"
Habbakuk Lal says, "algy say worldwalker"
Keeper says, "Yes, that would be a concern."
Algernon exclaims, "Wowoka!"
Sephorus says, "He'd never gain another Horus rank again, nor
another Mentus. He'd be permanently stunted"
(Keeper smiles.)
(WorldWalker smiles at his friend Algernon)
Devil says, "not only would we make him depart, we'd give him
so much bk he'd never come out of purg };-)"
Tyranis Calgar asks, "he trains mentus?"
Mephisto asks, "What if there is an invasion? And we need
Algernon's horus? And we need to chain him to the temple?"
Sephorus says, "Yeah"
Mephisto asks, "What then? Eh??"
(Kyoujin chuckles)
Keeper says, "He's learned all sorts of things in his visits to
Mephisto says, "That has happened before.."
Devil says, "*cough* I mean "they" not "we""
(Algernon sniffles unhappily.)
Keeper says, "There there, Algernon."
Thornin says, "algy is like that brother i never had, the one who
could only say the same 20 odd statements over and over"
WorldWalker says, "If Algernon has been chained to Alchemist's
Folly, he is no good to us then."
(Algernon smiles.)
WorldWalker says, "Besides, Algernon is our friend"
Keeper says, "Some people aren't as nice as other people, but
most people are nice."
(Algernon smiles.)
Loila yells, "Bye algy See ya later, Have fun with the feather!"
Kyoujin says, "Algy, say Kyoujin"
Algernon exclaims, "Kee-you-jin!"
Keeper is a Sylvan, is male, is an exile, and is not wearing the
symbol of any clan.
His hands are empty, and he is wearing a shirt and a pair of
Keeper has 2 good karma.
Kyoujin says, ":)"
Keeper says, "Say, that's a new one."
(Kyoujin nods)
Sephorus says, "It might be a good idea to let him rest a bit"
Keeper asks, "Have you been teaching him?"
Mephisto asks, "Idiot Savant, do you really get anything out of
repeating others' names over and over again?"
Sephorus says, "He's learned a lot tonight."
You gave good karma to Keeper, Thank you for taking such good
care of Algernon :)
(Algernon blinks blankly.)
Keeper says, "That's wonderful."
Keeper says, "He so enjoys learning new things."
WorldWalker exclaims, "And we enjoy teaching him!"
Keeper asks, "You all know about the scrolls of his past
adventures, I hope?"
Tyranis Calgar says, "see you folks.. later.."
Tyranis Calgar says, "algy remember that name of mine.."
Tyranis Calgar says, "=D"
WorldWalker exclaims, "Yes!"
(Habbakuk Lal nods.)
Keeper says, "I have many sketches from more recent years that
I still need to paste onto scrolls."
Thornin says, "i wuv you algy"
(WorldWalker nods)
(Tyranis Calgar hands algy a cookie)
Undertow E'flei exclaims, "Algernon, say sex machine!"
Keeper says, "He sketches a lot, this fellow."
Sephorus ponders, "As well as his current
(Keeper pats Algernon.)
Devil says, "Algy say sex machine"
Algernon exclaims, "sesmashee!"
Undertow E'flei says, "hehe"
(Sephorus hugs Algernon)
Kyoujin ponders, "it is very late!"
(WorldWalker needs to go, too)
(Keeper blinks.)
Thornin says, "yay"
Keeper ponders, "Who taught him *that*?"
Mephisto says, "heh"
Kyoujin says, "algernon I'm happy you learned my name :)
Undertow E'flei says, "I did, I am a bad person."
Thornin says, "you're my new hero"
(Undertow E'flei sighs.)
Keeper says, "A bad person? Well..."
Keeper says, "It seems an odd thing to teach him, true."
(Kyoujin smiles)
Mephisto says, "I'd teach Algernon how to the Worf salute if he
weren't so slow.."
(Kyoujin waves)
(Algernon sniffles unhappily.)
Undertow E'flei says, "Someone else taught him it a long time
Undertow E'flei says, "I'm not original enough to think of it
Thornin says, "sex machine"
Thornin says, "algy say sex machine"
Thornin says, "damnit"
Keeper asks, "Isn't the Worf salute banned in most places?"
Devil says, "heh"
Thornin says, "you do devil"
Devil says, "Algy say sex machine"
Mephisto says, "Everything on this island is illegal."
Devil says, "noooo"
Kyoujin is no longer Clanning.
Keeper says, "I remember we once had a resident in the Home
who kept doing something he called a salute."
Mephisto asks, "What's another one-fingered salute going to
Thornin says, "someone change his batteries"
Undertow E'flei says, "Algy, please say sex machine"
Undertow E'flei says, "Pleeease"
Keeper says, "Thankfully he got better. We were getting tired of
(WorldWalker chuckles.)
Algernon exclaims, "sesmashee!"
WorldWalker says, "Keeper, if I can ever be of help with Algernon,
please do not hesitate to ask."
Undertow E'flei exclaims, "Huzzah!"
Koppi yells, "WorldWalker reports: Evil-hearted anti-healers take
note - Algernon is my friend, and he will be AVENGED!"
Mephisto says, "Oh my, look at the time.."
Thornin exclaims, "yes!"
WorldWalker says, "I am at your service."
Keeper says, "All he needs from his friends in town is their
protection and affection."
(Mephisto hands Idiot Savant a dirty sock.)
(WorldWalker nods)
Mephisto says, "Happy Easter."
WorldWalker says, "And that I will do"
WorldWalker says, "you have my word on it"
Undertow E'flei says, "It's about a feeling universal love thing,
(Algernon sniffs at the sock, then puts it in his pack.)
WorldWalker says, "Algernon, I must be going to study now"
Devil says, "heh"
Thornin says, "you got it"
WorldWalker exclaims, "Good night Algy!"
Keeper says, "He isn't very good at knowing who will treat him
(WorldWalker nods)
WorldWalker says, "Yes"
WorldWalker says, "He is very trusting"
Keeper says, "He's too trusting, I think, but that's just his way."
WorldWalker says, "It is"
WorldWalker exclaims, "it is what makes him Algy!"
Devil says, "algy do your job dammit"
Thornin says, "yes algy has a very complex personality"
(WorldWalker shakes Keeper's hand)
WorldWalker says, "Thank you for everything"
Marko ponders, ".."
Devil says, "Algy heal Marko"
Keeper asks, "Algernon, why don't you walk west for a bit and go
help Marko there?"
Undertow E'flei says, "Yeah, one time I saw him picking his
(WorldWalker waves)
/SLEEP when you wish to begin studying.

Fishwrap Magazine is produced by the ThoomCare Media

Publisher and Editor: Paramedic

Senior reporters: Charlos, Jeanne, Norm, Odesseus

Roving reporters and contributors: Althea, Babajaga, Bones,
Callia, Deadmeat, Hellpop, Kiriel D'Sol, Kirth Gersen, Koric,
K'Pyn, Lundar, Monolith, Perkusi, Sor, Sum, Tarf, Tyking II,
WorldWalker, Yor

A newspaper is only as good as its reporters, and we are always
looking for new stories. If you have news you think belongs in
Fishwrap Magazine, send Paramedic some mail (mailbox
#1047) or email him @ thoomcare.com.

Help us someone, let us out of here
living here so long undisturbed
dreaming of the time we were free
so many years ago
before the time when we first heard
welcome to the Home by the Sea

"Home by the Sea"
- Genesis, "Genesis"

Posted by Para at 09:17 PM
June 20, 2002
Mines of Melabrion


Lundar's journal entry for Day 195, Year 546 (June 20th, 2002) describes his recent experience on an expedition into the mines of Melabrion.

Wangah Rah and Hidden have provided more information about the mines in this message thread on USENET.

Lundar has posted a map of the mines in the Eyes of Puddleby files section. You'll also find there a list of changes after the most recent Chaos Storm, posted by Himitsu.

Posted by Para at 11:07 PM
Puddleby Pie Show


Local dwarf and TMN affiliate Norm reports in his most recent journal entry from Fordi, 14 Summer 546 (6/20/02) that it turns out there will also be a wedding in the Meadow at the time of the Puddleby Pie Show.

Click image to enlarge

This can only be good news for the citizens of Puddleby, who will now in one trip to the Meadow be able to pay their respects at the wedding ceremony of Babajaga and Sleipnir and also enjoy what will undoubtedly be the biggest exhibition of pie-crafting anywhere in the world.

Posted by Para at 08:10 PM
Getting a Catsbane Necklace

Click image to enlarge

Kiriel recently led a expedition into Fat Alice's hut to retrieve a catsbane necklace for Anaeka.

Thanks to ThoomCare member Tyranis Calgar for this image.

Posted by Para at 09:20 AM
June 16, 2002
Lists of Professionals Updated


The Winds of Dawn have updated and expanded their lists of professionals. The lists now include the following:

* Alchemists List
* Bakers List
* Brewers List
* Dentir Specialists List
* Full Pathfinders List
* Professional Tailors List
* Skea Specialists List

Posted by Para at 05:46 PM
Pie Show


Prue has announced the date and time of the upcoming Puddleby Pie Show in the Meadow. Bring lots of pies!

Posted by Para at 05:37 PM
Ethereal Plane Hunt

Kiriel sent along these pictures from a recent Ethereal Plane hunt.

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

Posted by Para at 05:29 PM
Bear Caves


Lost in the New Bear Cave? Check out Rakshasa's New Bear Cave map.

Posted by Para at 03:35 PM
Hunting on Kismia's Island

I travelled to Kismia's Island with a seasoned group of adventurers recently.

Click image to enlarge

Hey, that statue looks like me.

Click image to enlarge

I almost got roasted here.

Click image to enlarge

Gurgi ran into some difficulties in the cave. Fortunately, we were able to chain him out and heal him.

Click image to enlarge

We made it to the idol and obtained two tufts of lyfe fur.

Posted by Para at 01:27 PM
Nathar the Darshak Killed


Aravir and Babajaga have accounts of the death of Nathar the Darshak.

Posted by Para at 12:37 PM
Snow Orgas


Lundar's journal entry for Day 172, Year 546 (June 15th, 2002) describes visiting the snowy regions of Kismia's Island.

Posted by Para at 12:28 PM


Hor's journal entry for 87 Spring 546 (16 June 2002) features pictures from Devil's Island.

Posted by Para at 11:36 AM
June 15, 2002
Exploring the Lyfe Cave


Drablak updated his scrolls with a new journal entry on exploring the Lyfe Cave.

Posted by Para at 01:33 AM
June 14, 2002
Cobras and Wendeckas


Koric's Journal entry for 72 Spring 546 (12 Jun '02) features accounts of hunts on Umbrion's Island and in the Valley, and also reveals some changes in the membership of Clan Hunter.

Posted by Para at 06:29 AM
June 13, 2002
Blue Sheep


Shepherd reports on blue sheep on Kizmia's Island.

Posted by Para at 05:23 AM
June 12, 2002


The 72 Spring 546 (12 June 2002) journal entry at Fierce and Furry features some images from recent hunts.

Posted by Para at 10:19 PM
June 11, 2002
Rescue in the Lava Room

Click image to enlarge

This expedition came to an unfortunate fate in the lava room. Fortunately, rescuers were available.

Click image to enlarge

The rescue became a little more complicated when a liche showed up.

Click image to enlarge

The liche was successfully defeated soon after the rescue was completed.

(Thanks to Kiriel for these images)

Posted by Para at 08:44 PM
Exiles Visit Tenebrion's Keep


This party of exiles recently went on an expedition into Tenebrion's Keep.

(Thanks to Yikes for the image)

Posted by Para at 07:39 PM
Slime Invasion


Azriel reports on the recent Slime Invasion. Shen Calin fell to overexcitement during all the ruckus.

Posted by Para at 01:28 AM
Savannah Tomb


Aravir has a new addition to his catalog of archaelogical sites: the Savannah Tomb.

Posted by Para at 01:18 AM
June 09, 2002
Yor Saves the Day


Babajaga's Diary entry for Week 23 describes Yor's skills at chaining.

Posted by Para at 09:23 PM
Theme Chaining


Hor's journal entry for 59 Spring 546 (09 June 2002) has a report on Sor's recent "Theme Chaining" competition.

Posted by Para at 01:21 PM
June 07, 2002
Ethereal Research Illuminated


Curious about the latest developments with Ethereal Amulets? Check out Drablak's scroll on Ethereal Research.

Posted by Para at 04:08 AM
Chaos Storm Changes


Eyes of Puddleby has a list of changes from the recent Chaos Storm.

Posted by Para at 03:34 AM
Lists of Professionals


The Winds of Dawn scrolls now feature lists of professional bakers, brewers, and tailors.

Posted by Para at 03:11 AM
Healer Grudge Match in the Arena

slyphshepherd1.gif slyphshepherd2.gif

slyphshepherd3.gif slyphshepherd4.gif


Slyph and Shepherd took their grievances to be settled in the Arena. The pictures tell the story.

Posted by Para at 02:56 AM
Local Dwarf Surrounded by Wyrms


Norm recently found himself in a difficult situation in the Rocky Cavern. See his journal entry for Fordi, 48 Spring 546 (6/6/02).

Posted by Para at 02:41 AM
Dr. Malthus Leaves Puddleby


Aravir reports that Dr. Malthus, who was involved in the diagnosis of lumps and the use of the Separ, has left Puddleby.

Posted by Para at 02:36 AM
Just Dew It


ThoomCare representative Larno helps out as exiles are ambushed on a Dal'Noth hunt. Hor's journal entry for 7 Spring 546 (06 June 2002) has all the details.

Posted by Para at 02:31 AM
Wendecka Uprising


ThoomCare arrives at the scene of a recent battle between wendeckas and exiles.

Posted by Para at 02:19 AM
Thooms All in a Row


Thooms gather in the traditional Thoomamid formation. I'm not sure how those Sylvans slipped in there.

Posted by Para at 02:12 AM
June 05, 2002
Scarmis Bestiary


Drablak the Thoom has made available an excellent Scarmis Bestiary. More than a bestiary, it also features a useful guide to the Scarmis Pen along with maps. Highly recommended.

Posted by Para at 12:12 AM
June 04, 2002
ThoomCare on Patrol in South Forest

thoomcareinsf.gif rescueatbrambles.gif

Members of ThoomCare were helping out in South Forest recently, healing the wounded.

Chaos Storm is expected soon, and with luck it will bring some new news to Puddleby. As Lundar points out in his most recent entry (Day 122, Year 546/June 2nd, 2002), things have been very quiet lately.

Posted by Para at 11:57 PM
June 03, 2002
Taladwy on Sparkle Stones


Taladwy has published her research on sparkle stones in Aravir's Notebook.

Posted by Para at 09:49 PM
Orga Bestiary Updated


Tired of confusing the various types of orga? There's help available. Drablak has updated his Orga Bestiary.

Posted by Para at 07:22 PM
Sheep Lays Egg


Shepherd reports in his journal of an egg-laying sheep.

Posted by Para at 06:56 PM
Rescue in the Bear Caves


The Fierce and Furry journal entry for 31 Spring 546 (02 June 2002) features accounts and pictures of battles with a drake, wyrms, tree giants, and also mentions a rescue by ThoomCare in the New Bear Cave.

Posted by Para at 06:25 PM
June 02, 2002
TMN Returns


Your thoom editor took a brief vacation but is now back and looking for news.

Posted by Para at 07:39 PM
Getting a Catsbane Necklace


Norm's Diary entry for Gradi, 31 Spring 546 (6/2/02) describes Norm's recent trip to get a catsbane necklace.

Posted by Para at 07:35 PM