January 31, 2006
Measle Squired


Measle has become a squire. Read more about it in his most recent journal entry.

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January 24, 2006
Deathtrap Noids


In his most recent journal entry, Azriel reports on the dangerous new cavern known as Deathtrap Noids.


Azriel also reports on expeditions to Kismia's Island, the Foothills, and a recent FMOCR, as well as his thoughts on farming Sun-zu.

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Chaos Storm #426


Chaos Storm #426 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

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January 22, 2006
Creepy Catsbane


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hi Para,

I have a couple of news reports that I just haven't had time to send you until now. None of these are particularly earth-shattering, but some of your readers may find them interesting or entertaining.

On a recent MI hunt, my clansister Sian and I saw something neither of us had seen before: Baby Wendecka! I managed to quickly sketch one of them before running to join the rest of the group. We actually saw three or four during that hunt, and I saw another Baby on another hunt soon after. But I've never seen them before that day or since.

I'm also attaching a sketch I made near the Camp Dred portal. As you can see, a group of us were preparing to enter the pf to Foothills. But I was distracted by the interesting site of a pinch of catsbane sitting in a tree. This catsbane may or may not be the same one that was spotted sitting on some rocks inside Camp Dred a couple of weeks ago. Its behavior certainly is odd! No one seems to be able to pick it up—it just sits there out of reach and taunts us!

Last but not least, I thought I'd thank Panos on behalf of my friend Antha for taking her and Finegas on a long mosey recently. It was very kind of him to shepherd two younger exiles through some very difficult areas so they could gain some experience. Among other places, they went to Crawler's Revenge and then —as you can see—the tah'xis cave (spelling?). Antha and Finegas both managed to tag this Blind Amphibia and gain a vanq when it succumbed to all of our blades (mostly Panos and Finegas' blades!).

Live from somewhere in Puddleby,
-Creed of Clan Destine



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Pitch Assault Group Needs Recruits


Fundin sent the following report to TMN:

Due to the ever-changing cycle of life, the Pitch Assault Group needs more members. Please see The Sentinel for more details.

-Fundin for PAG

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January 21, 2006
Orga Visits Bank


Buckwheat sent the following report to TMN:

Recently I emerged from the library, and things were very quiet in Puddleby. All the exiles around were off in various places hunting, so I was alone in town. At least, I thought I was. An Orga Frellock decided to take advantage of the situation, and I spied him sneaking into town and looking around! I followed him around into many places, including our bank, where he seemed to be especially interested. Fortunately he didn't see me, and I managed to make this sketch.

What could the Orga be up to? What's their interest in our bank? Where did this Frellock come from? This is a most disturbing development indeed.


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January 19, 2006
Destine Invades MI


Rhone sent the following report to TMN:

"We Were Never Here!": the echoes faded softly like the white sand on the beaches of Melabrion's Island. The sand and rock now stained red with the blood of young sasquatch, with numbers low and power lacking, we trio of explorers were left with one option, the mind. With sweat-beading-destine-tactics the healers formed rod-bricks while my bloodblade proved sufficient to vanquish the SAS before they could make us fall. With the sun setting and temperature dropping, we returned to Puddle Isle with our coin purses a little heavier and with the knowledge that MI was safe once more. This is what our time has rewarded us. To believe that we once ran at the sight of great vermine . . .

We now stand proudly before the young sasquatch, blades sharpened and cads glowing . . .

Clan Destine
3rd Circle

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Spring Farms Cleaning Hunt 10


Farhope and the Winds of Dawn clan are organizing a tenth edition of the Spring Farms Cleaning Hunt.

Says Farhope: "It's time to show again to the farmers that we support them . . . and to the vermines that we will kill them all when they dare to invade our farms."

The hunt will happen Spring 72 of 561 at 6:15 PM.

(OOC: January 22, 2006 at 1 PM Pacific Time, 9 PM GMT).

Meet in North Farms.

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Bakunan sent the following report to TMN:

Hail Para! I was sitting on this, but your recent plea for news has touched me. Farhope was expressing concern that with the disappearance of most of the regular spores, that beer bread would become more expensive than iron metal. We were tipped off that mutated mushrooms sometimes yield regular spores, so we checked the town mushroom. Lo and behold, bump the 'shroom and out pop non-mutated spores! We should rename it Hoggle Mushroom, in honor of our anonymous tipper.


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Return of Largo


Largo sent the following report to TMN:

Hey! It's me, Largo again.

Just writing in to let you all know I've returned from my extended studies. I focused mainly on Puddleby history and poetry during said studies, and am very glad to be fighting again, as poetry is boring.

It's good to see everyone again. Cena and I had an especially tear-jerking reunion (see picture). Shortly after re-meeting each other, we made a short trip off-island. We met some pirate friends on Fire Island, and then rested a bit on Centaur's Island.

I hope to be meeting up with the rest of my friends, and peace-making with Orga again very soon.




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No News Is Good News?


I haven't posted any news in a while because I haven't received any submissions in quite some time. I hear there is some sort of new Noids cave, but no reports have made it to TMN . . .

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January 13, 2006
The Wrath of Zynx's One Good Idea


Zynx submitted the following report to TMN:

The last two weeks saw the New Year's celebrations, in the form of a Frivolous Friday, to close out the Bawkmas season, which was loads of fun. During the celebrations we had loads of fun, being allowed to be any critter we wanted for a few hours. There was a great battle in Town Center, in which we fought some re-creations of my ideas. My One Good Idea held out for a long time, killing most it came across in one hit. Alas, it was eventually slain.

I passed the third-circle test only a few days ago and I am now trying to qualify for gossamer. It is a boring and tedious exercise, let me tell you. While working on my gossamer qualification in the Vermine Tree, I met an unusually large and diverse swarm of vermines. They included many GV, about a dozen DV, a couple of Dark Vermine (as you can see from when I had nearly cleared the Vermine Tree) and even one solitary Demonic Vermine. Man it was tough, but I managed to clear it with much effort. I very nearly fell several times; thank the Gods for Troilus.

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Booty and Piracy Explained


Cap'n Stinkfist reports via Koppi:

Ahoy me hearties - report to the Captain . . . Cap'n Stinkfist teaches "Bootyology and Piracy" this coming Sunday at 11 AM PST.

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Yor Grunts Happily in the Abyss


In his latest journal entry, Azriel reports on Tremolite and Judder, Warlocks in the Orga Camp, a trip to the Abyss, and a trip to the Slate Caves.

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January 12, 2006
Chaos Storm #424


Chaos Storm #424 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

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January 11, 2006
Jades Invade


Cena sent the following report to TMN:

Hey Para. Well, the noids are back after their holiday break, and here's a picture I took of the action.


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January 08, 2006
Field Trip to the Valley


Chance sent the following report to TMN:

Today (Sunday, January 8 at 11 AM PST, OOC) I had the pleasure of attending Professor Kerrah's lecture entitled "Suffering From Chronic Fur Loss? Get the Skea lowdown from an expert." The lecture was extremely informative, and led to a field trip to the Valley--a place where many of the younger exiles attending had never been.

Everyone agreed that they learned a lot from Kerrah, and everyone also made many coins on the Valley hunt. I would like to thank Kerrah for the class, and also thank Fiona as university dean for organizing the adventure. Attached is a photo of the class participants gathered by the shroom by the Valley entrance, ready to plunge in to the unknown!

Cheers to all,

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A Trip to Lake Leonin


Zynx sent the following report to TMN:

I would like to report that a trip to Lake Leonin and the Orga lands beyond there (beyond the waterfall in the slime cave near South Pass) is being organized for (tentatively) Saturday, January 21st, sometime between 4 and 7 PM PST (7 and 10pm EST).

We need at least eight good healers and about eight fighters. More details on this expedition can found on the Sentinel.

To you folks out there, please feel free to join us. Although eight and eight are the minimum required, more are welcome to join us.

BEER! and SDC!


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January 07, 2006
Sasquatch at the Coliseum


Ghorak'ha sent the following report to TMN:

Hi. I fell in the Coliseum, and there was a Sasquatch in the fallen room! We attacked it, and it was soo hard to hit, but I managed to hit it anyway. Skywalker did most of the hits, and we had a few healers helping. Calmcacil wasn't healing very much; he was attacking the Sasquatch and hit it a few times! At the end, Calmcacil chained it. I don't know what he did with it, but he disappeared and appeared again with a vermine on his chain instead of the Sasquatch. Well, it was fun killing it!





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Learning About Plants


ELF has been studying the plant life of Gungla Island. Read more about it in Fleming's recent report on the ELF Blog.

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January 05, 2006
Kerrah on Skea


Fiona reports via Koppi:

Suffering From Chronic Fur Loss? Get the Skea lowdown from an expert . . . Professor Kerrah lectures and leads a field trip Sunday, January 8 at 11 AM PST (OOC).


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