December 31, 2005
Glowing Brightly in the Pitch Cave


Azriel reports in his journal on the most recent PAG expedition.

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Lesser-known Ledger Holders


Measle has posted a list of some lesser-known ledger holders.

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Hunting with Santa


Pun'isher sent the following report to TMN:

Santa Chicken gave me my perfect gift. A hunt with Santa! A few other exiles came along as we braved the infamous Kitty Beach. We were charged with protecting the jolly old soul because Santa had given away everything he had and was unarmed and un-moonstoned! Thanks Santa!

-Your pal, Pun'isher (wink wink . . . remember me next Bawkmas, ya big lug!)

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December 30, 2005
Chaos Storm #422


Chaos Storm #422 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

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Blame Pole-rand?


Pun'isher sent the following report to TMN:

The first polesitting contest took place in Town Center last night. There were eight contestants. It was a tough contest, with splinters being the main irritation.

As the contest lumbered on, the contestants branched out into many puns. As they logged on their mission, the pole-arity of the event made us all question if we wood ever stop. At the end, pole-dancing began. Hey, I made 5c. It hurts, however, when coins are thrown at ya . . .


Reported by me! Pun'isher! On the job!

Posted by Para at 12:15 AM
December 29, 2005
Ferocious Yet Festive


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Heya Paramedic!

I just wanted to send along a photo of some Bawkmas fun. Exiles throughout Puddleby celebrated the holiday in various ways, but one group had a good time one day making a zoo of angry Rudolphs.

Thanks to Santa Chicken and all who made this Bawkmas celebration fun!


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December 28, 2005
Judderly Fantastic


Sutai sent the following report to TMN:

Hi hi hello Para!

I am happy to report that the mystery of Judder and Tremolite is finally solved. Ansset and I happened to be out of the library when Bakunan asked for a bard to help him out with the ingots he had been holding onto. We headed to Hendrux and were pleased to find that he accepted the ingots to make some instruments once only obtained by the Gods.

Tremolite creates a fabulous tooting Tuborn (just you wait, Chicken!), and Judder is used to fashion a beautiful Vibra.

Rumor has it that a Full Mystic must be employed to create the instruments, and to play certain notes on the completed instruments. Happy ore hunting, fellow Bards!


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Santa Chicken's Visit


Eil'daen sent the following report to TMN:

Santa Chicken was sighted in Puddleby for Bawkmas, giving out wonderful presents to all the good citizens in town!

He and all of his Sylvan helpers must've been hard at work to make all of these presents for us! Thanks Santa!!!


Posted by Para at 04:08 PM
December 24, 2005
Chaos Storm #422 Delayed for Frivolous Friday


AnnGM sent the following announcement to TMN:

The v422 update has been delayed until Friday, December 30. It will be a Frivolous Friday (like a Wild Wednesday), during which nothing will count for a couple of hours. I'm not sure exactly when the frivolity will begin, but I'm aiming for around 4 PM PST. You'll know when you see the announcement in the game.


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Kira Consults


Kira has accepted an affiliation with ThoomCare. ThoomCare is proud to consider her a Consulting Physician.

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Puddleby Police Department


Noivad sent the following announcement to TMN:

The Puddleby Police Department (PPD) is experimenting with a new system to keep its citizens informed and has opened its dossier to the citizens of Puddleby. Instead of a simple karma check, now people can go to a place, much like The Sentinel, to find out about other exiles. But this effort cannot continue without you. We need your information about people in your life and especially crimes and other events that happen in and around Puddleby. Sign up at

Also, would all deputies report to the PPD to replace your worn out badges.

[Note: Noivad is just testing this site.]


Posted by Para at 08:43 AM
Bawkmas with Biro


Bakunan sent the following report to TMN:

A friend pointed out that Biro was getting in the Bawkmas spirit. She invited many strangers to the Zoo (although not quite enough for the 12 Days of Bawkmas song), and then made bakery goods for people in Town Center.


Posted by Para at 08:20 AM
Adventure Tour of Death


Saffire sent the following report to TMN:

The second Adventure Tour of Death to the Copper Mine and Giant Rose went very well. Coming on the Tour were Ratbane and Eil'daen, Pud, and Fiona. Leggo and Suu'ub III came for part of it but couldn't stay all the way.

We started off with visiting the Copper Mine and looking through the cave it was in, then headed to the Giant Rose in the NW Forest, also managing to get there without too much trouble. Here is the group inside the Rose (Leggo who was with us in the Copper Mine had to leave before we set off for the Rose):


Since we had managed to visit the two announced places quickly, Ratbane suggested visiting Biffledink (Suu'ub III had to leave at this time). Most of us had never been to Biffledink's place before. However, we ran into a bit of trouble, the group getting separated and pestered a lot by many Herpetads and Herpetids. Fortunately, we met Dorian, who with his pathfinding knowledge, got the group together again, and Ratbane led us to Biffledink's place. Unfortunately, with the delays, we seem to have missed him, but it was still a new place for many of us.


On the way back to town, we ran into trouble again, but were rescued by a large group, including Leggo, and also Patch Logan, who had just passed his third-circle Fighter test only some minutes earlier. Congratulations to Patch.


I started Adventure Tours of Death as an experiment, because I didn't like seeing newer exiles going to or being taken to the same few hunting places over and over again, and I wanted to go to less commonly visited places. They seem to be successful so far, those who come say they enjoy them, and I myself am getting to visit places I didn't even know existed. If more people come, it will be possible to go to farther away and more dangerous places, but there's no shortage of places even with a small group or all new exiles. I'll have more tours in the future, so watch for announcements.


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December 22, 2005
Merry Bawkmas


The Bawkmas season is upon us once again. I'd like to thank all the readers and contributors to TMN. Best thoomy wishes to all!


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Polerand Returns


Polerand is back. (Image is of Polerand Classic™.) Let the blame begin.

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Holiday Grove Time


Azriel reports in his most recent journal entry that the Holiday Grove is once again open.

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Santa Chicken Coming to Town


Santa Chicken sent the following announcement to TMN:

My Bawkmas preparations are complete! My bag is full of Bawkmas joy, and so is my tummy! (beer)

For those exiles who aren't too busy studying this Bawkmas, come out and visit Santa!

OOC December 25th I'll be out of the library off and on. Santa'll give stuff out all day long!

One small note . . . hee hee . . . someone gave me a present to give to someone . . . and i marked it poorly . . . and don't know who to give it to! If you could PM Super Chicken on the Sentinel, or contact me some other way that would be great. ( I know what the item is, I just don't know who to give it to!) Sorry, Santa's getting senile.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Santa Chicken

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December 18, 2005
Tragedy in Noids


An ongoing cycle of rescues and disasters have plagued exiles in Noids this evening.

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December 15, 2005
Chaos Storm #420


Chaos Storm #420 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

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December 14, 2005
Chaos Storm #420 Delayed


AnnGM made the following announcement on the Clan Lord Sentinel:

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the v420 Chaos Storm will take place on Thursday, December 15, one day late. Thanks for your understanding.


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Lirr Updates


Lirr has updated his journal with news of the recent Pirate Rumble and the upcoming Bawkmas celebration.

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New Year: 561


Borkiron sent the following announcement to TMN:

Hiya Para,

It's the new year 561 in Puddleby, which I didn't even notice had come, but Revelor reminded me and others about it (thanks, Rev). As far as I know, there was no celebration, which was a pity. It's a shame that people generally don't keep track of Puddleby years passing.


Anyway, happy new year to everyone, and maybe we can have a belated celebration soon anyway?


Posted by Para at 11:27 PM
Confrontation on Ash Island


Zynx sent the following report to TMN:

Dear Para,

I know this is about a week overdue, but this previous weekend, a major event took place. Rotbeard, a rogue pirate captain and his loyal servants, in union with the ever-threatening Necro, came to blows with citizens of Puddleby on Ash Island. Captain Stinkfist led the charge and after several hours of fierce combat, we came out victorious. Many fell with great honour on the battlefield and our healers served us in great faith.

Attack on the Dark Temple

Casualties of War

Fall of Rotbeard

Posted by Para at 10:45 PM
More on the Pirate Rumble


Bakunan sent TMN the following images from the recent Pirate Rumble:

Early action at Ash Island

Rotbeard is not happy when the flamethrower is on the other end


Rotbeard is easily distracted (and is Grog a leech?)

Too bad I whiffed

Rotbeard's crew must've ate too many baked beans

Reason not to enter Dark Temple when it is raining goodies outside

Reason not to enter Dark Temple while Necros is a sore loser

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Pirate Rumble


Norm reports in his journal entry for Somdi, 79 Autumn 560 on the recent pirate rumble on Ash Island.

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Farewell from Samwise


Samwise has left the world of Clan Lord. He donated the majority of his things to Santa Chicken in hopes that this would be one of the best Bawkmas ever! TMN received the following personal goodbye announcement from Samwise:

Hullo, hullo! Followed by a sad farewell. I will miss everything about the town of Puddleby, but it is time that I set sail for faraway lands. Funny . . . It will be odd starting somewhere else when never having had a profession even here. I wonder if they can use a really good self-healer wherever my boat ends up landing. Gah . . . that makes me wish I had stayed here and helped out Troilus. Anyhow, I am rambling. I donated the majority of my clothing and items toward Puddleby having the best Bawkmas ever, so it had better happen! During the festivities, I only make one wish for everyone:

Drink as much as you can fill!

Drink to the Ripture Wars, and those who lived through such horrible times. Drink to the introduction of higher-circle tests! Drink to the times we raided the Orga Camp, or the many hours in Noids! Drink to Blue and to Pixi; to Vagile and Chum! Drink in remembrance of those who have left, and drink even more to those who are still with you! Drink to the guilds of old, and still more for the introduction of the new! And when you have run out of things to drink for . . . remember me, Samwise, who traveled across the lands, through the unknown and never accepted an actual profession other than perhaps that of the Troilus teachings, yet always carried a book in my left hand and my ocarina in my pouch.

Well, the winds are right, and the tide seems correct. It is time I finish this note and continue my journey wherever it may end. Goodbye Puddleby . . . I will miss you.


(Unfortunately, Samwise did not include a picture of himself, so I had to use this stock image of Santa Chicken from the TMN archives. -Editor)

Posted by Para at 09:02 PM
Vermine Tree Attack


Calmcacil sent the following report to TMN:

Hi exiles,
I was hunting with my new friend, Silphene. We had the idea to do a lazy hunt to the Vermine Tree. Here you can see what was going when we were there.

We were surrounded by many animals. We asked for help, and Manx joined us and fell also like me. So our lazy hunt was over, we had to make a big adventure.


Goodbye for now.


Posted by Para at 08:48 PM
December 10, 2005
Necro and Meshia


The following letter was sent (with attached pictures) by Meshia to Puddleby:


I fear I have contributed to the growth of Necro's powers. What that means, exactly, I'm not sure. I fear the Dark Temple and what evils it holds. I fear Necro. I tremble at the thought of what he put me through. I was sacrificed for the sake of Necro's powers. Unable to scream or fight back, I waited for the inevitable. Necro thinks, "It is done." I was then left to rot in the depths of Ash Island. I give my thanks to a single horse whom rescued me from the verge of death. I offer my deepest, most sincere apologies to the exiles of Puddleby and only hope that they may forgive me in time.

With regards,




Posted by Para at 03:20 AM
December 09, 2005
Wangah Watches Sparkles


Wangah Rah reports on a trip to the Cloud and on his experiments with summoning in his most recent journal entry.

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December 08, 2005


Fleming reports at the ELF Blog on the "Very Important Agratis" Dun'ilsar challenge.

Posted by Para at 11:51 PM
PAG's Breakthrough


The following report may contain spoilers. If you are concerned that such information is something you would prefer not to read, please do not look below.

Greeting all,

Well, PAG had its biggest breakthrough since we found the second book; we reached the end of the Slate Cave complex! Woot.

The trip started off as usual with no real hope of getting much further than our weekly trip to Purgatory, and even when we reached the port stone we held out no hope: we have never landed successfully into SC8 and lived. Anyway, today was different, we landed, and our plan worked. We secured the area after a long fight, and proceeded to dig our way west. We then lured SC9 until its was empty, then we finally entered SC10, a room made from a different kind of stone, similar to PC5 and the room holding the second book. I can't tell you how amazed everyone was! We also sent a small group via a teleport stone to see where it went, but it just landed in the waterfall caves: no new area there, just a quick way out we guess.


Within this room (SC10) we found a blocked lid in our way. We were so close but still a mile away. Damned Orga too . . . we could hear their drums playing from beneath the lid, teasing us, but we could find no way to enter the area above. So to us it looks like this might be a way into the legendary Orga Stronghold if only we could get past the lid. Although we were upset to find a dead end after many years of work, we were pleased to get to the end of the complex, with so much hard work paying off (to a point). We hope the way might open soon.

So what's next, well, PAG still has many unexplored areas in the PC area, we just gave up because the area was kicking our ass every week. I guess we need to re-address our aims at these areas and hope they might lead us to another way in, or perhaps, as we all hope, to some tools to help fight the Noids more effectively, plus the way to the Stronghold.

Whatever happens, we will keep together as PAG and keep on exploring.

-Cj parker for PAG

More information can be found in Azriel's journal entry.

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Bears Love Honey


Axell sent the following report to TMN:

Hello Para :-)

Today, I had a great hunt with my old friend Coeur de Leon in the bear caves. Unfortunately, we didn't find Cinderella . . . only some Chestnut bears. As you can see, DFU is still alive!

Remember our motto: "Friends don't let friends fall; use a designated fallen."


Posted by Para at 07:43 PM
Scraps of Parchment


Afrit sent the following report to TMN:

There has recently been very suspicious Darshak activity on Ash Island: "Bribed Guards" and "Drunken Guards", very strong elite forms of Darshak, have gathered on the shores of Ash. I joined up with a large rescue party that went to Ash to help some fallens, and after we had cleared the fray, we noticed some very unusual artifacts which were strewn about Ash Island. Several pieces of wood and metal, perhaps parts of a ship were tossed about on the ground just east of the Dark Temple. There were also several pieces of torn parchment, with notes faintly readable, alluding to some sinister Darshak plot:

You can make out: "...exiles constantly decimating workforce..." on a dirty scrap of parchment.
You can make out: "...much work ... Necro is merciless..." on a dirty scrap of parchment.
You can make out: "...ship weighs approximately 2,500 tons..." on a dirty scrap of parchment.
You can make out: "...have seen relic ... Rotbeard dangerous..." on a dirty scrap of parchment.
You can make out: "...wooden sledge half completed..." on a dirty scrap of parchment.
You can make out: "...relic of great power..." on a muddy scrap of parchment.
You can make out: "...suspicious ... worth risk..." on a dirty scrap of parchment.


Your guess is as good as mine as to what these Darshak are up to, but whatever it is, I'm bettin' they ain't makin' us a big bow-tie-wrapped present.


Gaz sent the following report to TMN:

I've heard there are signs of strange things going on, on Ash Island. Something about Rotbeard and a ship and Necro and a powerful relic. I don't have any visionstones, but if you go you will see there are notes dropped from the south beach entrance to the Dark Temple. Maybe it has something to do with Rotbeard's challenge on Saturday. That fellow is cracked if he's dealing with Necro (even if he isn't planning on living through the experience). I wouldn't want my body where Necro could raise it and torment me eternally.


Posted by Para at 07:31 PM
December 04, 2005
Shaky's Pony


Shakyamuni sent the following report to TMN:

Today as I went on a simple rescue, I managed to get a little surprise.

I was found by a lovely pony for a few hours.

He ran away on another rescue on Kitty Beach, but for a while I was treated to a strong protector.

Here are some pictures and a short movie.



Posted by Para at 10:26 PM
V.I.A. Challenge Report


Relkin sent the following report to TMN:

Nine clans attended the latest Dun'ilsar event, a Very Important Agratis challenge, hosted by Neko No Kessha. Each clan did their very best to protect their Agratis, but in the end Winds of Dawn's lone Agratis Mellin (as inhabited by Farhope) managed to survive. Rankings can be found at


The winning tactic of the day: hiding in corners.


Agratis Brax of House of Swech did a fine job of both evasion and hiding. Here, Torin walks by his expertly chosen hiding spot. Later, Brax is forced out by a hungry Island Panther, is spotted by Hunter, and despite a valiant run, eventually falls to Mellin.


OWE and ELF seemed to have somewhat of an alliance. Here, Relkin runs for his life, without time to investigate the large rock Agratis Denden of ELF is hiding behind.


Lundar has also reported on the V.I.A. Challenge at the ELF Blog.

Posted by Para at 07:27 PM
Lundar On the Edge


Lundar has filed a report on Mary Jane's Mystic Cloud Event for the ELF Blog.

Posted by Para at 03:30 PM
December 03, 2005
Norm Passes Sixth


In his journal entry for 46 Autumn 560 (12/3/05), Norm reports on passing the sixth circle test and on a trip to Gungla Island.

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December 02, 2005
Pirate News Update

stinkfish_not_dead.gif tara.png

Stinkfist and Tara relayed the following announcements to TMN in Town Center:

Stinkfist says, "Rotbeard has bribed darshak to fight against me"
Tara yells, "I am the Pirate Queen"
Tara ponders, "arrrr"
Stinkfist says, "thats all i gots ta report"
(Paramedic nods)
Stinkfist says, "journalize it up a lil bit"
Tara says, "i gots a report for ya"
Stinkfist says, "toss a spin on it"
(Paramedic takes note)
Tara says, "anyone who trys ta take me crown ill ...ill .... smush um good"
Stinkfist says, "arr that goes fer me"
Stinkfist says, "but replace smush with shank in tha back"

Posted by Para at 12:33 AM