February 28, 2008
Kerrah Poses; Chicken Nests


Azriel has updated his journal with a report on Chaos Storm #530. Highlights: Azriel gets lyfed, donating to Daangrus Diggins on the Cloud, hunting the Metz Rainforest, and Super Chicken turns domestic.


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Lugubrion Exploration Group Preparing for Action


The all-Thoom Lugubrion Exploration Group is preparing for a new mission. Read about the details in Eden's journal.

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Journals of Yazza and Kor'gah


Yazza sent the following announcement to TMN:

H'loi there.

After many years of them collecting dust, the journals of Yazza and Kor'gah have resurfaced.


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Ethereal Portal in South Forest


Lirr sent the following report to TMN:


Your long lost journalist has a new report.

Today, or rather this night, Fordi, the 59th day of Winter in the 570th year of the Ascendancy (OOC 2008-02-28), I discovered an Ethereal Portal close to Puddleby. It's located in the South Forest, just one sne'll south of the southern east farms.

Several exiles experimented with it, and Darkmos was even able to enter it and survive long enough to take a portal back into the South Forest. Gremlins was the first exile to come help me investigate the portal and after a while Darkmos, Raymond Shifter, and Starsword Eojek joined the curious crowd. At one point ethereal critters started to leak out, but as far as I know, only slugs made it. They made it very uncomfortable for me.

I include a sketch of the portal.

-Lirr of Singdeep

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February 24, 2008
Vermine Invade Puddleby


Fyr'hiel Nai'nien sent the following report to TMN:

H'loi Para,

Just wanted to let you and your readers know about a large vermine invasion that happened a few days ago. It was about midday, when Puddleby was wracked by a series of very large earthquakes. Once the earth finally settled, vermine began pouring out of the ground from all directions. The vermine ranged from little rats, to fearsome Large Death Vermine. The whole invasion lasted for about an hour, at which point a party hunting in Toks returned to town to clean up the mess. The attached sketch shows me doing my part to keep the invasion at bay.


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Measle on "Trial of Manticore"


Measle has posted his report on the Puddleby Players' production of "The Trial of Manticore"

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Noivad on Fire


Torin has updated OWE News with two new reports:

Busy on TI
Sarra'dons, Beware!


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Megamouths and Alley Cat


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail Para,

I have a couple more amusing sketches of the megamouths in town, if you are interested in adding them.

I'd also like to submit a cute sketch of Alley Cat taking on a would-be invader of our fair town. Several of us egged Alley on as she kicked Darshak heiney. It's good to have an Alley Cat on our side!




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Salad the Alley Cat Returns


Salandra sent the following report to TMN:

Salad the Alley Cat is back! He disappeared for some time but recently appeared in town again. No one knows where he was while he was gone but he seems to have learned some new tricks while he was away.


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February 17, 2008
"The Trial of Manticore" Available on Visionstone


Inu Teisei sent the following annoucement to TMN:

Hello Para,

After many months of rehearsing, Puddleby Players finally presented "The Trial Of Manticore"! For those that could not attend, I have posted a copy of the visionstone (made by the one known as the Dour Wench) to the Laughing Academy site.

The link to the visionstone is in the top section entitled "New News".

The visionstone contains most of the preshow entertainment, the performance itself, and a bit of the aftershow celebrations.

OOC Note: (1) It was made on a Windows machine and is zipped. (2) Turn off saving your text log while running it, as it has a bit of a spaminess to it.

-Inu Teisei



sentinel_by_kani.png Discussion on the Clan Lord Sentinel.

More You Zo graphic courtesy of SNN

If you'd like to find out more about the Trial of Manticore, search for "Manticore" on TMN.

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February 16, 2008
Megamouths in Town


Measle reports in his most recent journal entry on an unusual appearance in Town Center of Megamouths.

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Largo in Disguise?


Several exiles present today at the celebration of Fen President Odesseus noted that a member of the audience seemed to resemble in voice and manner former Fen Vice President Largo. Could Largo have disguised and shaved himself to attend the ceremony?

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Scoop Found


CJ parker sent the following report to TMN:

Scoop found, no ice cream though!

PAG & EAT recently held their usual monthly (OOC) meeting to explore the Orga Stronghold. The front door is very well protected, and despite a few efforts on previous trips, we have since given up using that entrance and use the back door instead. It's a longer trip, but a little easier. It requires two mystics to port us, but we are usually lucky enough to have two or three with us, so porting our numbers through the Slate Caves is usually not an issue.

Recently, we found Katpus and Trillbane, and the trips have focused around getting people to Trillbane and PF checking every inch of the Orga Stronghold. This is a dangerous, long, and somewhat tiresome task at times (tree humping as we call it).

We have checked all areas within the Stronghold and found no new areas, although we have found a few shortcuts within the area and a few quicker ways home.

Our main task has been trying to understand exactly what we are doing here, and to figure out what Katpus is meaning by, "if you have any catapult parts or plans, I'd love to see them". We have found three pieces of parchment plans now, and these are the real deal, not the fake ones which we found a while ago in the last snell of the Stronghold. Unfortunately, Katpus doesn't know what to do with these. Although we showed him them all and tried many ways to get him to acknowledge our achievements, he didn't change his tack.

Somewhat disappointed with this fact, the group has been a bit down on the past few trips, seeing no way to actually help Katpus, and finding no clues as to our next goal, As a result, our attendance and willingness to take four-hour (OOC) trips is waning, obviously! The last trip, however, saw what might be deemed as a breakthrough: we found a piece of catapult!

An Orga Loathing, a fearsome beast, dropped a piece of the catapult: a scoop, to be exact. Shiner picked it up, and we then headed towards Katpus. Now, my memory is a little faded on this part, but we all gathered at Katpus and waited for his smiling face to tell us something new as we handed him the part. Well, he took the part but said he needed more, or that's what we think he said. He didn't say that much at all, a quiet one is this Katpus (must be all the years alone out here).

We then hunted around for more loathings. We found a few, but none gave us any more parts. All we can presume now is that we need to hunt down loathings and get parts. How many, who knows; how often the loathings will drop them, we don't know; how long it will take, I wish we knew!

The main focus of the group is now to kill loathings and find parts. We have a goal again, so we hope we can complete it quickly. Our success depends on how lucky we are with loathings, we think. If anyone finds parts, please let a member of our groups know.

When we have any more news, we'll let everyone know. Oh, if I got any details wrong then exiles can correct me. Unfortunately, I don't have any recent pictures of the recent hunts.

Cj parker for PAG & EAT

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New Fen Vice President: Relkin


Relkin is the new Fen Vice President.


sentinel_by_kani.png Find out more on the Clan Lord Sentinel.

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Presidential Speech Delivered in Bard's Field


Odesseus has delivered his Presidential Address. His selection for Fen Vice President is Relkin.

While the speech and subsequent party went well, the end of the celebration was marred by intruding T'roolkin.

An edited transcript can be found below.


(Odesseus clears his throat)
Odesseus yells, "Fens, Exiles, Puddleybians, lend me your coins!"
BlackHand raises his stout in a hearty toast.
(Wangah Rah sips his glass)
Relkin exclaims, "Did you come to see the Vice Presidential announcement? I bet you did? I bet it will be you!"
Ayella raises her glass of fine cognac on high, and drains it in one gulp.
BlackHand raises his stout in a hearty toast.
(Wangah Rah eyes Ayella)
(Relkin throws coins at Odesseus)
Odesseus thinks, "Fens, Exiles, Puddleybians, lend me your coins!"
Odesseus says, "I have come here to say THANK YOU to all that voted for me,"
Relkin yells, "Yay!"
Odesseus exclaims, "and to bestow the honor of FEN PRESIDENT upon me!"
Relkin thinks, "And the crowd goes wild!"
Odesseus says, "And to those who didn't vote for me, ....."
Pun'isher yells, "here here!"
(Wangah Rah nods thanks)
Wangah Rah raises his stout on high, and drains it in one gulp.
Odesseus exclaims, "... neener, neener, neeeeener!"
Pun'isher ponders, "what poise he has"
(Inu Teisei laughs)
Relkin yells, "Huzzah!"
Odesseus thinks, "... neener, neener, neeeeener!"
BlackHand says, "I did not vote at all."
Frozen Ham says, "of course"
Ayella says, "Me either BlackHand. Just eat the food."
Odesseus says, "Yes, though my past runs have been dim, even being beaten out by the accursed None of the Above,"
Inu Teisei says, "sheesh :0"
Relkin exclaims, "Curse you None!"
Odesseus exclaims, "I knew, by virtue if the fact that if I just keep hanging around long enough, I would prevail!"
Odesseus says, "Mostly because everyone would get sick of all the crying, I think."
(Relkin cries like Relkin.)
Odesseus says, "And I have come to you with my announcement for Fen Vice President, the venerable, FenVeep...."
Relkin exclaims, "Oh, here it comes!"
Pun'isher ponders, "I hope its me!"
Relkin exclaims, "I wonder who it'll be!"
Odesseus says, ">cough, cough<"
Relkin exclaims, "The suspense is killing me!"
(Relkin looks around at all the possibilities.)
(Pun'isher waits eagerly)
Odesseus says, ".... the Fen Vee...>cough cough<"
(Pun'isher prepares her acceptance speech)
Odesseus says, "Ack, hair ball...."
Odesseus says, "And to announce my Fen Vice President.... drum roll please..."
Relkin exclaims, "here goes!"
• You hear Wangah Rah's music...
Wangah Rah starts pounding his orga drum.
Odesseus exclaims, "RELKIN!"
Pun'isher exclaims, "!!!"
(Relkin looks around!)
Relkin exclaims, "What a surprise!"
(Bleign claps politely.)
BlackHand raises his lager on high, and drains it in one gulp.
Relkin exclaims, "My goodness!"
Odesseus exclaims, "Come up here, Relkin!"
(Relkin looks around in shock!)
Odesseus exclaims, "Say something to the crowd!"
Pun'isher thinks, "A monumentous occasion.. who would have thunk it!"
Wangah Rah ponders, "Hm. We should hear the orga side of this."
Babajaga ponders, "I have a bad feeling about this..."
Relkin exclaims, "I would never have! Well I...!"
Odesseus thinks, "Say something to the crowd!"
Relkin says, "I don't have anthing prepared or anything..."
Relkin exclaims, "It is such a shock!"
(Relkin pulls out a long scroll.)
Relkin exclaims, "Gee Odesseus, what a surprise!"
Relkin says, "When I first met you, I said to myself..."
Odesseus exclaims, "welcome!"
Relkin says, ""Man is that guy a jerk!""
Pun'isher thinks, "as we wait for Relkin to figure out how to read..."
Relkin says, "But now I can proudly say...."
Relkin says, ""Man, is that guy my kind of jerk""
(Inu Teisei laughs)
(Relkin hugs Odesseus!)
Odesseus asks, "yes, but you thought otherwise later, maybe?"
(Wangah Rah scratches his head)
Relkin says, "Oh no."
Odesseus says, "ah"
Relkin exclaims, "I'm no flip-flopper!"
Odesseus exclaims, "well, good!"
(Relkin looks pretty.)
Odesseus says, "good to know you're no fen flopper"
Pun'isher thinks, "Relkin looks pretty"
Relkin says, "Oh and also."
Odesseus asks, "Well, that it?"
Odesseus says, "oh, um"
Relkin exclaims, "Pun'isher is one awesome gal!"
Relkin exclaims, "That is all!"
Odesseus exclaims, "yeah!"
Ayella thinks, "He is inebriated."
Pun'isher thinks, "well now we can truly see that relkin is wise"
Odesseus exclaims, "ok!"
Wangah Rah asks, "I believe I have a song here to capture the beauty of this moment. May I?"
(Relkin holds up his paws in triumph.)
Odesseus says, "Alrighty! Thank you Relkin! We'll be sending him to an undisclosed place for the rest of the term."
Wangah Rah says, "Thanks for your permission."
• You hear Wangah Rah's music...
Wangah Rah starts playing his gitor.
Odesseus exclaims, "ok!"
(Frozen Ham moshes)
(Ayella smirks.)
Inu Teisei exclaims, "yay!"
Inu Teisei thinks, "YAY it's the banned song!"
Odesseus says, "During my term as Fen President, I promise you to always be open to new ideas and suggestions,"
(Inu Teisei claps wildly)
Frozen Ham exclaims, "more! more!"
Pun'isher exclaims, "i have an idea, Odes!"
Odesseus says, "as long as they are followed by an appropriate donation."
Pun'isher says, "oh"
Pun'isher says, "nevermind"
(Wangah Rah mutters)
Kalypso says, "Hic."
Odesseus says, "I will uphold this venerable position, just as the Fen Presidents have in the past."
Odesseus asks, "Uhmmm.... what was it they did?"
Wangah Rah ponders, "This is chaos."
Ayella ponders, "It's the never-ending speech."
Odesseus thinks, "whatever it was... what was it?"
Odesseus exclaims, "I'd like to thank my clan members of the honorable clan of the Rising Claw!"
Odesseus ponders, "you did vote for me, didn't you?"
Inu Teisei says, "haha"
Wangah Rah says, "I had a better time during my time as a captive of the orga."
Pun'isher says, "but of course"
Relkin says, "In all fairness, 60 of the votes were mine."
Odesseus exclaims, "So without any further ado, gentlefolk drop your kegs and LET THE PARTYING BEGIN!!! Or CONTINUE!"
Pun'isher exclaims, "wot!"
Relkin yells, "Hip hip Huzzah!"
Pun'isher exclaims, "woot!"
Inu Teisei raises her lager in a hearty toast.
BlackHand takes the last muffin from the plate.
Kalypso eats a delicious brownie.
BlackHand eats a tasty muffin.
Pun'isher raises her stout on high, and drains it in one gulp.
Inu Teisei raises her lager in a hearty toast.
Inu Teisei says, "hmm"
BlackHand pours himself a perfect mug of cold ale.
Pun'isher pours herself a perfect mug of cold ale.
BlackHand raises his ale on high, and drains it in one gulp.
Inu Teisei says, "lager does not heal"
Babajaga says, "Getting too wild for me here.."
Windy ponders, "huzzah, now the election is complete"
Pun'isher raises her ale in a hearty toast.
Inu Teisei says, "awe but that works"
Relkin exclaims, "Gee Pun I really thought he'd pick you!"
Pun'isher asks, "i know right?"
Pun'isher says, "but i am glad it was you"
Relkin exclaims, "Who woulda thought it'd be me! Wonderful and glorious me!"
Relkin exclaims, "Me too!"
(Wangah Rah glances around)
Pun'isher says, "now I can still pick on you"
Pun'isher says, "though Odes is now the new Largo"
BlackHand lifts his ale with an unsteady hand, and manages to spill it all over himself.
Inu Teisei thinks, "so who brought the dueling gear?"
Babajaga thinks, "The bard`s field is now littered with exiles who can`t hold their liquor"
Windy exclaims, "root beee!"
Windy pours himself a perfect mug of cold root beer.
Paramedic thinks, "Many kegs appearing in Bard's Field. They all have icons of Odesseus on them"
Kalypso raises her lager in a hearty toast.
BlackHand pours himself a perfect mug of cold ale.
Odesseus sets down his heavy chocolate chip cookie plate.
Kalypso raises her lager in a hearty toast.
Windy raises his root beer on high, and drains it in one gulp.
Windy exclaims, "COOKIES!"
Windy takes a chocolate chip cookie from the plate.
Wangah Rah says, "Hrmph"
Windy savors a chocolate-chip cookie.
Odesseus sets down his heavy pretzel box.
Windy exclaims, "Woohoo!"
Pun'isher is too befuddled to manage the intricacies of the keg tap.
Wangah Rah says, "This makes it quite easy for a sylvan takeover."
Pun'isher says, "ack"
Kalypso crunches on a pretzel.
Inu Teisei pours herself a perfect mug of cold lager.
Windy says, "er..."
Pun'isher yells, "intruders!"
Ayella says, "Oh Goddess again."
BlackHand eats a tasty muffin.
•Pun'isher’s injuries were serious.
Paramedic says, "um"
BlackHand savors a chocolate-chip cookie.
Wangah Rah says, "Oh mai"
Windy raises his ale in a hearty toast.
Wangah Rah says, "Bah"
BlackHand savors a chocolate-chip cookie.
Connie Crete thinks, "tha trools wants tunes agin?"
Relkin says, "gahhh"
Paramedic thinks, "T'rools interrupting Presidential Fete"
Bleign has fallen to an Orf'Kin.
BlackHand eats a tasty muffin.
Pun'isher yells, "stop them they want the beer!"
Connie Crete thinks, "they is mad causn their delegates didnt git ta vote"
BlackHand takes a muffin from near the bottom of the plate.
Pun'isher yells, "relkin odes do soemthign!"
Odesseus has fallen to an Orf'Kin.
BlackHand takes the last muffin from the plate.
Paramedic thinks, "we need help in Bard's Field"
BlackHand eats a tasty muffin.

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February 15, 2008
"The Trial of Manticore" Coming Soon

zortoninmeethall.gif manticorelooksangry.gif

Measle sent the following announcement to TMN:

G'day Para and by way of him all of Puddleby,

Another journal entry and a last minute plea to get people to turn up to the controversial new play "The Trial of Manticore" this Saturday at 10:00AM EST.

Pocket mystics have threatened to picket the theatre claiming that the play depicts them unfairly, despite the fact that they haven't read the script yet.

Non-pocket mystics have also threatened to picket, so we could have one of the dullest PvP fights ever seen in the theatre foyer. I urge the people of Puddleby to come judge for themselves, and bring pies and flingerlings. If they like what they see throw it at the protesters, if they don't throw them at the actors, particularly Pun.


sentinel_by_kani.png Find out more at the Clan Lord Sentinel.

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Odesseus Announces Giant Presidential Fête


Fen President Odesseus has announced the time and details of his Giant Presidential Fête:

After thinking and preparing, I've decided to hold the Giant Presidential Fête on this coming Saturday, February 16 at noon Pacific (that would be 3PM Eastern, 8 PM UTC) to be held in the Bard Field.

There will be much to eat and drink, songs galore (by whichever other Bard I can coerce into playing), merriment, and jocularity, AND perhaps we can coerce the Puddleby Players into reprising a section of their earlier played play (which is scheduled at 7AM Pacific, prior to the party, that very day!) The Trial of MANTICORE!

I will be giving my Big Presidential Acceptance Speech and announcing the Fen VP!


sentinel_by_kani.png Find out more at Clan Lord Sentinel.

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February 13, 2008
Chaos Storm #533


Chaos Storm #533 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

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February 10, 2008
Laughing Academy Brew & Brawl Fest


Inu Teisei sent the following report to TMN:

Hola Para,

Today for our Laughing Academy clan hunt we joined the rescue effort at Jades. Well, after our botched—er, fun rescue at Jades, all the participating exiles came back to Town Center and, lo and behold, guess what happened? It was the first ever Laughing Academy-sponsored Brew & Brawl Fest. Granted, we declared it that after it all began, but we did supply some beverages (albeit meager, as it was a spur of the moment thing). Anyway, since it was so much fun, and there were so many fallen, it seemed like the right thing for us to do. So the second Sunday of every month (at around 5pm EST OOC), LA will upon return from our open clan hunt and host a drunken brawlfest in Town Center. Beverages to be provided and maybe a few extra goodies. Exiles are welcome to bring their own paint, pies, and favorite beverages as well! I say this will keep Chikun, our clan brewer, quite busy!

Oh, and another thing, I will be buying hops and yeast in the days before the clan hunts and the follow-on BrewNBrawlFest. See you in the lands!

Pretty sketches attached.

-Inu Teisei






Posted by Para at 10:34 PM
Largo: A Presidency Denied


The good tidings surrounding the recent election of Fen President Odesseus unfortunately do not completely erase the lingering question: what happened to Fen Vice President Largo? Largo would have presumably been the front-runner in a race to replace Manx.


Will Puddleby see Largo again? Or will his legacy remain that of a political opportunity unfortunately missed?

Largo, a painting by Hoggle

As we look forward to a new Fen Administration, and think of those past, let's review the final entries in Largo's Journal, which unfortunately did not get posted onto TMN previously:

The Ninth Page: Largo and the Wendecka Invasion

The Tenth Page: Largo and the New Myrms

The Eleventh Page: Largo and the Heralds

The Twelfth Page: Largo and the Heralds II

The Thirteenth Page: Largo on Wangah Rah

sentinel_by_kani.png Discussion on Clan Lord Sentinel.

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Darshak Invaders and Darshak Rebels


Aravir reports in his journal on a recent Darshak invasion and on the appearance of Darshak rebel Kurt Bentarm and three of his men.

sentinel_by_kani.png Read Noivad's Sheriff's Report and discuss further on Clan Lord Sentinel.

Posted by Para at 08:39 PM
Ash Valley


Torin reports on a PTF hunt at Ash Valley in the most recent OWE News report.

Posted by Para at 12:17 PM
Presidential Disarray?


Newly elected Fen President Odesseus has a rough political road ahead of him. The Fen Presidency has been under a cloud for months as former Fen President Manx and former Fen Vice President Largo have both vanished from Puddleby during their time in office.


During these troubled times, exiles await Odesseus' acceptance speech and the announcement of his pick for Fen Vice President. TMN will bring readers the news as soon as it is available.

Posted by Para at 10:29 AM
February 09, 2008
Puddleby Players Announce "The Trial of Manticore"

zortoninmeethall.gif manticorelooksangry.gif

The Puddleby Players have announced their new upcoming production:

"The Trial of Manticore"

sentinel_by_kani.png Find out more at the Clan Lord Sentinel.

Posted by Para at 09:41 PM
Big Presidential Bash


Fen President Odesseus will be holding a party to celebrate his election next Sunday (OOC). To find out more, check out the discussion on Clan Lord Sentinel.

Posted by Para at 01:54 PM
February 05, 2008
Odesseus Wins Fen Presidency in a Landslide


TMN Breaking News

Odesseus has won the Fen Presidency with 66% of the vote.

#453: Who has your support for the office of Fen President?
10 (6%): Daimoth
10 (6%): Kerrah
105 (66%): Odesseus
26 (16%): Phineas, a.k.a. Fen-eas
7 (4%): None of the above
1 (1%): Abstain
159 voters

This is the largest victory in the history of the Fen Presidency. Odesseus has a clear mandate coming out of this election. Pundits are already speculating about the rising fortunes of Odesseus' clan, Rising Claw. This is a remarkable political comeback for a candidate who lost out to "None of the Above" in the last election.

This election also includes the largest turnout in the history of the Fen Presidency. More exiles than ever made it to the polling booth, and when they went they voted predominantly "Odesseus."


For purposes of comparison, here are the tallies for the previous elections:

#431: Who has your support for the position of Fen President?
22 (20%): Daimoth
56 (50%): Manx
9 (8%): Odesseus
13 (12%): Tigger
12 (11%): None of the above
0 (0%): Abstain
112 voters

#420: Who has your vote for Fen President?
17 (12%): Lorikeet
4 (3%): Manx
36 (25%): Tigger
77 (53%): Valtrim
10 (7%): None of the above
0 (0%): Abstain
144 voters

#350: Who has your support for the position of Fen President?
44 (38%): Lorikeet
23 (20%): Manx
22 (19%): Odesseus
9 (8%): Polerand
19 (16%): None of the above
0 (0%): Abstain
117 voters

sentinel_by_kani.png Discussion on Clan Lord Sentinel.

Posted by Para at 03:59 AM
February 04, 2008
Fen Presidential Polling Almost Over


Only a few hours remain to get your vote in for the next Fen President.

Choose from:

Phineas (a.k.a. Fen-eas)

Posted by Para at 06:02 PM
February 03, 2008
T'rool Trouble


Kani sent the following report to TMN:

H'loi Para,

Just thought I'd share recent events of note.

It was an ordinary autumn morning, and a crowd of us were lounging in town as only exiles know how, chatting and listening to Janus play tunes pilfered from various bards. We heard a shout from the east, "This town be ours!" but suggested that the erstwhile invaders come back later.

A few moments afterwards they showed up in a large, well-organized crowd. They didn't attack, though . . . just demanded muzack!

Janus played for a while, but when they offered to let us keep the town if we'd give him over, he took off. An invasion commenced—including t'rools not seen before, such as Jun'kin, Bar'kin, Kil'kin and Deth'kin. Given the names, it sounds as though the t'rool people have been tutored by the Orga.

Ayella showed up later to play harp, but the t'rool-kin rudely interrupted her (sketch below, Ayella not pictured).





Posted by Para at 05:37 PM
Odesseus Makes Campaign Statement


Odesseus sent the following political statement to TMN. TMN will provide any of the candidates with free space to present their views.

My Statement For Fen President

by Odesseus

So now that I'm Fen President . . . aren't I? Is the voting over? No? Well, hm.

Ok, IN THE HIGHLY LIKELY EVENT I am voted Fen President, first of all I'd like to say I've been the runningest Fen president EVER! I've run for Fen President every time! So I've had LOTS of experience running for Fen President.

Unfortunately, I've also LOST to everyone else, every time, even against people who didn't care that they were running. So I know the taste of defeat, but I also know how to RISE ABOVE IT!

I'm also the clan leader of Rising Claw (hence the Rising Above It idea, get it?), one of the most respected and long-lived clans. That counts for something, right? (Sorry, but our scrolls got burned in an invasion a while ago and I haven't rewritten them . . . soon!)

SO If I'm elected, what will I do? First and foremost, I will take ALL of the traditions the previous Fen Presidents have undertaken, whatever they are, and undertake them myself. So I'll be the undertaker for all previous policies! (What were they, anyway? Did they do anything?)

ALSO I'm an equal opportunity Fen. I welcome ALL RACES and ALL CLASSES to be ruled by me under the Fen Presidency. I am a BENEVOLENT dictator, er, President. Just ask anybody In Rising Claw! Ignore the cowering and flinching.

Vote for ODESSEUS! I know what I'm doing! Really!*

* The part about knowing what I'm doing is just a slogan. Actual results may vary.

My name is Odesseus, and I approved this message.



Posted by Para at 01:32 PM
Candidate Images Surface


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail Para!

The race for Fen President seems to be heating up.

Several anonymous sources have contacted me in the last few days with sketches of some of the candidates for Fen President. Of course, I cannot vouch for their authenticity.

It seems no candidate is safe from opposition research! According to my sources, these sketches purport to show:

Odesseus ... in infant meshra form?

Odesseus ... is a closet mystic?

Althea ... crashing a thoomline? Trying to curry favor, perhaps?

Phineas ... sleeping on the job? Possibly in a drunken stupor?

Kerrah ... stealing coins from fallen exiles?

Kerrah ... laughing at the horrible suffering of a victim of the dread disease of lockbeak?

Daimoth ... laughing over the bloody corpse of his victim, the beloved Chum?

I offer these sketches for the exiles of Puddleby to view and judge as they will.


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February 01, 2008
Call for Candidate Statements and Pictures


Now that the election is full swing, TMN is seeking election statements and images (inspiring, embarrassing, or otherwise) of the candidates: Daimoth, Kerrah, Odesseus, Phineas.

Exiles, be on the lookout for the messages the nominees are sending you! Ask them about their positions, and let them know how you feel.


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Your Fen Presidential Candidates


It's time to introduce the candidates for the Fen presidency.

This painting by Largo says it all.

Kerrah is no stranger to Puddleby's political scene.

Odesseus' political philosophy centers around new solutions for old problems.

Phineas, a.k.a. Fen-eas
Phineas has overcome many setbacks on the campaign trail.

Polling is open now. Vote today! As the Zo say, "Vote early, vote often, and hurt those who disagree with you!"

Coming soon to TMN: "Largo: A Political Tragedy"

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Fen President Balloting Has Begun!


Castior Photes says, "Here are the current questions to be voted on."
Castior Photes asks, "#453: Who has your support for the office of Fen President?"
Castior Photes says, "a: Daimoth"
Castior Photes says, "b: Kerrah"
Castior Photes says, "c: Odesseus"
Castior Photes says, "d: Phineas, a.k.a. Fen-eas"
Castior Photes says, "e: None of the above"

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