November 26, 2017
SNN Reports: Important state of Puddleby information


Breaking news from SNN: Important state of Puddleby information

More info and poll on the Clan Lord Sentinel.

Posted by Para at 08:33 PM
November 19, 2017
Stripgenerator Clan Lord Comics


Hoggle posted on the Sentinel some great selections from the Stripgenerator comic strips he and other clanners (including Daimoth, Largo, Gorvin, Skirwan, Reckinyards, and Batkat) were creating some years ago.

Later in the thread, Hoggle supplies links to the collections and wonders if there might be more out there to find...


Posted by Para at 08:50 AM
November 16, 2017
Fairgrounds Chat


Some of us gathered in the Fairgrounds last night to discuss recent concerns.

A transcription, Fishwrap-style, is included below.

Paramedic is now Clanning.
You begin sharing your experiences with Pengy.
Peasant says, "Greetings, Lord Paramedic."
Peasant says, "This is the 'Out of character' area."
Peasant says, "You can talk about anything in here."
Pengy says, "almost certainly"
Pengy says, "Hi paramedic"
Paramedic says, "Hi"
Leinis says, "It'd be kinda a bummer if the GMs put a whole bunch of effort in to some story line but it never gets solved in the end"
Leinis ponders, "Unless the GMs wanted to make something that would last forever unsolved..."
Pengy says, "I think there's a bug in one of the ethereal mazes which I never tracked down"
Pengy says, "that prevents collecting all the ethereal items"
Leinis asks, "Lugubrion's?"
Paramedic says, "Just posted the news on TMN. Still processing it myself"
Pengy says, "I'd have to look up old notes"
Pengy asks, "Yeah. Weird isn't it P?"
Leinis says, "I haven't heard of anyone doing that one"
Pengy says, "Umbrion's maze has the bug"
Leinis says, "It's not doable some of the time but we're still able to get the helmet most zodiacs"
Pengy says, "maybe I should try to fix that but it's complicated and I've forgotten a lot of it :)"
Pengy asks, "It's just one zodiac it doesn't work?"
Leinis says, "Perhaps"
Leinis says, "Geraldus would know more"
Pengy says, "can all 6 ethereal items be collected"
Leinis says, "What with being a wizard and all"
Pengy asks, "?"
Leinis asks, "There's 6?"
Leinis says, "We've only ever collected 4"
Pengy says, "Pretty sure there's six"
Leinis thinks, "Geraldus thinks to you, " so, yy s" I would suggest heading south."
Pengy ponders, "Maybe I didnt' finish it..."
Geraldus thinks, ":p"
Leinis says, "We're able to do Helm, Sword, Belt, Boots"
Shakyamuni thinks, "everyone should come hunt with us"
Moggle thinks, "wheres that?"
Lorikeet thinks, "same place"
Moggle thinks, "no pf"
Leinis asks, "I'm guessing we're missing something like a shield and armor?"
Leinis ponders, "I don't think we've ever seen Sombrion's keep besides his crystal room"
Pengy asks, "How long has Thoomcare been running now?"
Paramedic says, "15 years"
Leinis asks, "So, if CL goes under, do you have any plans for epic story line invasions?"
Paramedic says, "When I started it, blogs were pretty much new"
Paramedic says, "It needs to be updated"
Pengy says, "Same problem :)"
Paramedic says, "I had thought I would update it this year but things came up, and just did not have time"
Pengy says, "I have no particular plans Leinis but it would be nice to have some fun"
Paramedic says, "Yah, same problem"
Tara is now Clanning.
Paramedic says, "In my mind, we had a few more years."
Paramedic says, "It sort of seems like the account portal is the biggest issue"
Paramedic says, "Hi Tara"
Tara says, "erro"
Pengy says, "I think there's more to it than that"
Leinis says, "That and the fact that there haven't been any real updates for over a year now"
Pengy says, "As I understand it the client itself is expected to fail on apple"
Leinis ponders, "More like 2 even..."
Pengy says, "on Apple's next OS update"
Pengy says, "and windows is even creakier"
Paramedic says, "Mmm."
Pengy says, "and also the world building tools we use"
Pengy says, "Hello Tara"
Tara says, "sup"
Tara says, "apart from the apocalypse"
Paramedic says, "Yeah apart from that"
Tara asks, "so , client code is outdated ?"
Pengy says, "At the moment I can't even open the editor to see the item number of the ethereal shield to give one to Leinis..."
Tara asks, "for new OS's windows and Mac ?"
Tara asks, "the hampsters wont work no mores ?"
Pengy says, "beat them harder"
(Tara eyes Leinis)
Tara asks, "you takin notes ?"
Tara says, "cos ... I cant write :)"
Paramedic says, "I suppose the client is 32 bit"
Leinis asks, "Oh me?"
Tara asks, "so ... best case scenario ... ?"
Leinis says, "I suppose I am recording this"
Tara says, "yessum Leinis :)"
Leinis exclaims, "Smile for the camera!"
Paramedic says, "Hi"
(Tara beams and blinks her non exsistant eyes)
(Paramedic smiles)
Pengy says, "• Your Ethereal Helmet vanishes in a puff of mist."
Tara says, "Erro"
(Leinis): Vogue! Strike a pose!
Tara says, "Erro"
Paramedic says, "Hello hello"
Tsune says, "hi"
Tara asks, "so account portal borked, client old and soon to be kaput?"
Tara says, "erro"
Pengy says, "Yep"
Paramedic says, "Sounding that way"
(Tara is looking for answers)
Pengy says, "Like week old herring left in the sun"
Leinis says, "Kinda makes it sound like the idea of making CL open source is pretty moot"
Caramel asks, "so a thoom delicacy, in short?"
Tara asks, "So best case scenario is ? ( open source ? if possible?"
Leinis ponders, "Bunch of spaghetti code that's spoiled"
Tara exclaims, "eh code is just a language we dont speak yet and as im not a fen! I can learn languages!!"
Paramedic says, "Well I think I have the paid up for a couple more years. =)"
Tara says, "though I cant write..."
Leinis asks in Sylvan, "Mew?"
Caramel says, "i have to admit, it seems a real due diligence assessment of the situation seems, in itself, a complex process"
Pengy says, "grr"
Leinis asks, "Heh gave yourself all the coins?"
Tara says, "Im reading sentinal ..."
Leinis ponders, "Hmm, if CL is going under, should I untrain?"
Tara says, "add me FB anyones if wants ..."
Tara says, "cos...."
Pengy says, "It could be a year from now"
(Tara wipes a tear away)
•You seem to heal more effectively.
Pengy says, "don't be rash"
Tara says, "I .... will miss yall ..."
Pengy says, "but the writing seems to be one the wall"
Leinis says, "Hmm well let's see"
Leinis says, "What are my current goals"
Paramedic says, "Yeah I don't think this needs to be imminent, and the news message said as much"
Leinis says, "Mistral Kestrel morph I think"
Caramel says, "well, can we assume the financial cost seems to be minimal enugh to not be a major factor, except if we have to pay employees"
Leinis says, "Not much else to look forward too"
Pengy says, "I hope it all goes open source and whoever wants to download the whole schmozzle can"
Caramel says, "well.."
Caramel says, "open source will mean fragmentation or nothing n many cases"
(Pengy nods)
Paramedic says, "It might be the only option though"
Pengy says, "I find that more palatable than crowdsourcing"
Leinis picks up an Ethereal Sword.
Caramel says, "i think the gm post touches the other big issue."
Caramel says, "people been calling dead game for about 13 years"
Tara says, "I like the idea of crowd sourcing"
Caramel says, "now, it is practically true at certain hours"
Tara picks up an Ethereal Sword.
(Tara sparkles)
Caramel says, "i am sure pengy can testify how hard it can be to work for weeks on something enoyed by so few"
Paramedic says, "there are a dedicated bunch who still stick around though"
Caramel says, "it is not rare to see stora as the player online..."
Tara says, "and old players whom keep tabs on the game"
Pengy says, "I see people still play here"
Paramedic says, "yes"
Tara says, "The news has not spread yet I would be interested to see what old players say"
Tara says, "and Joe"
Leinis says, "Has Joe heard the news? :P"
(Pengy shrugs)
Tara says, "Ann commented on the sentinal"
Tara says, "said will talk to him"
Tara asks, "so .. im guessing maybe not ?"
Shakyamuni thinks, "come east"
Tara says, ""you feel the etheral sword gusing your arm""
Tara picks up a pair of Ethereal Boots.
(Tara kits her self out)
Tara picks up an Ethereal Helmet.
Paramedic says, "thoom"
Caramel asks, "you seem the most active Gm of the last few years Pengy, what,s your take on the current situation?"
Caramel says, "or at least the most visible, if nothing else"
•You seem to heal more effectively.
Pengy says, "Yappy is way more involved than I am"
Pengy says, "Eldon sticks his nose in every now and then"
(Paramedic nods)
Pengy says, "Slarty too"
Leinis ponders, "Yappy doing all the work and Pengy getting all the credit eh?"
Tara says, "Thats Penguins for you"
Tara says, "all about the glory"
Caramel says, "i a a dev, and i partially understand the underlyig complexity of porting old crap to newer OSes.."
Pengy says, "and there is a GM with almost no public persona who we all the most to"
Pengy says, "He is the one who keeps the whole shebang running"
Leinis asks, "Hamster GM?"
Leinis says, "Someone's gotta make the wheels turn..."
Pengy says, "he patiently taught me to script here and fixed so many of my mistakes"
(Tara waves to Xrak)
Tara says, "Erro"
Xrak says, "heya"
Caramel says, "and i also understand that i have been blessed remaining a player, and not become invovled beehind the scene"
Caramel says, "sorry had a hiatus due to that bison"
Paramedic thinks, "Thoom"
Shakyamuni thinks, "Thoom Thoom"
Paramedic thinks, "Thoom"
Tara thinks, "Thoom ThoomThoom"
Tara ponders, "chickens brb"
Tsune asks, "main issue is client support?"
Paramedic says, "account portal support and client support"
Pengy says, "As I understand it Tsune it's ancient code of the client and the world editors"
Paramedic says, "yeah"
Pengy says, "Account support _could_ be handled manually although it is a real pain for whoever does it"
Paramedic says, "and, to be honest the code for client and world editors was I think...eccentric...even back in the early days"
Pengy says, "eg: An ancient player just contacted us asking for access to his old charcters"
Pengy says, "someone had to look it up, cross reference email addresses, check it's who they say they are..."
Pengy says, "assign new passwords"
Pengy says, "etc et"
Paramedic says, "yeah"
Pengy says, "so many people have multiple characters across multiple accounts and out of date email addresses"
Paramedic says, "20 years ago people still had their old dialup accounts"
Pengy says, "You were fancy. I had to use carrier pigeons"
Caramel says, "i had a betetr internet 19 yeas ago :p"
Caramel says, "ok, i am cheap and i get what i pay for currently, but still :p"
Xepel is now Clanning.
Paramedic says, "Just saw your Sentinel post xepel"
(Xepel frowns)
Paramedic says, "Yeah"
Pengy says, "There is discussion about whether we should pick a date and make that the finish. Or keep chugging along losing people until it is irretrievable and broken"
Xepel ponders, "Also all my macros are broken. Step one..."
Xrak says, "should at least let us fight mobius :P"
Pengy says, "Both are sad options"
Leinis exclaims, "Oh hey it's Xepel!"
Paramedic says, "yeah I have mixed feelings about both of those"
(Tara waves)
Leinis asks, "Xepel got any music?"
Xepel says, "Working on fixing macros"
Leinis says, "Wooo"
Pengy asks, "Does bard stuff still work?"
Tara says, "or ... some geniuses recode and regraphics and and ... ."
• You hear Xepel's music...
Xepel starts playing his starbuck harp.
(Xepel): Endless Blue
Xepel exclaims, "Yay!"
Tara says, "id reset for that"
Manjushri is now Clanning.
Xepel ponders, "Oh no, Pengy isn't in range!"
Tara says, "and im old ... like really old"
(Tara waves)
(Manjushri waves)
Xepel says, "I'd love to make a CL2."
Manjushri ponders, "bring back Azcatl costume :)"
Xepel says, "Though losing 20 years of progress would probably prevent people from coming back."
Tsune says, "community wouldnt survive a transition to another game"
(Paramedic nods)
Tara says, "I would keep playing ! im 20 plus years old"
Manjushri says, "I would keep playing :)"
Xepel ponders, "It would need to have bard music too, of course."
Tara says, "Ialways played for the people not the experiance"
• You hear Xepel's music...
Xepel starts playing his torjo.
(Xepel): 'Shak Attack
(Paramedic nods)
Tara says, "well .. .not the ranks the experiances have been fantastic"
Tara exclaims, "i married vagile !!"
Leinis asks, "Hey Pengy, would you know anything about how the Labrys damage calculations work or is that a question for Slarti?"
Tara ponders, "RL"
Xepel ponders, "!"
Tara says, "so I have cl to thank for that"
Pengy says, "It is a question not for me, that's for sure"
(Paramedic raises an eyebrow)
(Leinis nods)
Pengy asks, "What are labrys damage calculations?"
Tara says, ":)"
Leinis says, "Weird stuffs"
Leinis says, "It does more damage when there's more things around"
Tara says, "pretty Xepel"
(Tara taps her toes)
(Xepel smiles)
Leinis says, "But us players have no way to put a number on it"
Pengy asks, "Tried 3?"
Leinis asks, "3 what?"
Pengy says, "That's a pretty good number"
Xepel says, "The number."
Caramel says, "3."
Manjushri asks, "Can I have a Master Brion key?"
Manjushri asks, "for all the huts?"
Tara thinks, "pengy is in Fairgrounds"
Leinis asks, "But is it 3 per creature per creature?"
Caramel says, "no"
Caramel says, "3 per creature cubed."
Caramel says, "pengy said "3""
Caramel says, "use 3 everywhere int he maths"
Leinis asks, "3^3^3?"
• You hear Xepel's music...
Xepel starts playing his starbuck harp.
(Xepel): Homeland
Leinis says, "That has 3 3s"
Shakyamuni thinks, "south"
Geraldus thinks, "w"
Tara asks, "Pengy anychance we can get a few GM's together ... here in fairgrounds i nthe future to ...discuss ?"
Pengy says, "No idea"
Pengy says, "We might need compromising pics"
(Whirl wind shows some leg)
Leinis says, "I might be able to pull some up on Watson..."
Xepel says, "I imagine herding GMs is worse than herding cats... or penguins."
Tara exclaims, "would be good to understand what it is exactly, get some clever players whom understand these things and see where it all lays!"
Paramedic says, "Thoom"
Paramedic thinks, "Thoom"
Manjushri says, "Heeee :)"
Xepel says, "I guess it would be good to know what exactly the problems are, besides the account portal (which limits us to our current players)"
Caramel says, "the nice thing about clan lord is that everyone always agreed on one thing..."
Tara says, "yes Xepel"
Caramel says, "which is that everybody had a different set f ideas to improve the game"
Tara says, "if we know exactly what it is ..."
Manjushri ponders, "hard to be in two places at once :)"
Leinis says, "We did Caramel? No we didn't! :P"
Pengy says, "Ann put it about as well as I understand it on the Sentinel thread"
Caramel says, "ok sure, you thought someone else shared your ideas.."
Caramel says, "they lied to you"
• You hear Xepel's music...
Xepel starts playing his xylo.
(Xepel): Chameleopod Massacre
Leinis ponders, "As long as Maeght is around, we will always disagree to disagree..."
Tsune asks, "did v1k break account portal or something different?"
Pengy says, "It's a huge task to modernise the necessary code"
Pengy says, "Unlikely doable by a volunteer"
(Xepel nods)
Tara says, "old code did Tsune from what I understand"
Pengy says, "I couldn't begin"
Xepel says, "Eh, just rewrite the whole thing. Can't be too hard. ;)"
Leinis asks, "Oh you know what Pengy?"
Leinis says, "Just get Trowl to do it"
Tsune exclaims, "last i remember the account portal was new!"
Pengy says, "Fine by me"
Manjushri asks, "How much would it cost (roughly) if we paid to have it ported?"
(Tara takes out her " How to code for dummies " booklet)
Pengy says, "Who could even estimate that Manjushri"
Manjushri says, "I am just here to look good :)"
Caramel says, "quick question..."
• You hear Xepel's music...
Xepel starts playing his starbuck harp.
(Xepel): --The Last Stand-- Renamed By Soulmaster
Caramel asks, "if we got rid of clan xp entirely, could we make account creation ntirely free if automated enough?"
Pengy says, "If it were an easy task the people who have been doing it, would do it"
Manjushri says, "I think we will have to pay some folks for some of the work that needs to be done.."
Manjushri says, "like Ann said.. It's not any of the "fun" stuff"
Pengy says, "It's not even that it's not fun"
(Paramedic nods)
Pengy says, "people have been doing unfun things to make this place run for a very long time"
Leinis asks, "So the problem is only the client side?"
Leinis asks, "Nothing wrong server side?"
Pengy says, "and the world building apps"
Paramedic says, "it's also the world building tools"
Pengy says, "I don't really know Leinis"
Tara says, "hey stora"
Tara exclaims, "how did you get here !"
Tsune says, "he has legs you know"
Pengy says, "There is the server, the main editor, an "apprentice" editor and the client"
Leinis says, "He heard Xepel was playing music"
(Xepel grins)
Pengy says, "all need updating I believe"
• You hear Xepel's music...
Xepel starts playing his starbuck harp.
(Xepel): Spring Showers
Manjushri says, "Xepel I missed your music :)"
Stora says, "well i read i was doooooooooooooooomed@"
Xepel says, "Aww, I do need to get out more often, that's for sure."
Manjushri ponders, "I think Coriakin wrote the song for Nettle/Drabby/Shaky wedding"
Stora says, "pardn me @dooooooooooooooomed"
(Moggle has a question)
Stora says, "so i want to hear about it from the penguin's beak"
(Tara stares at Stora)
Tara says, "im ......."
Pengy exclaims, "Stora!"
Paramedic asks, "What is your question Moggle?"
(Stora scribbles a note about a new spirit link)
Caramel says, "lets do this again"
Caramel says, "i feel there is some abusable healing xp there"
Moggle says, "Leinis might ne answering it ;p"
Manjushri says, "The visionstone repository is gone? Shaky would love to be able to get the visionstone of his wedding again.."
Leinis says, "I'm not sure I have the answer"
Moggle says, "lets ask"
Moggle says, "about the durvin ranger untraining hole"
(Tara makes a placard)
• You hear Xepel's music...
Xepel starts playing his torjo.
(Xepel): Tav'riel Ferindril
(Tara scribbles on it)
Moggle asks, "is there any kind of fix coming?"
Paramedic says, "Nice, Xepel"
Leinis says, "So suppose you have a ranger with studies and they untrain out of ranger and then back in"
(Xepel grins)
Caramel says, "yes, the world is gonna get fixed, old kitten style."
Leinis asks, "Do they keep their studies? Do they lose their studies? Does Duvin hate them?"
(Moggle nods)
Paramedic says, "I think that visionstone depository is gone, yeah"
(Manjushri nods)
Moggle says, "do you end up with dead ranks"
Tara asks, "?"
Manjushri says, "Just wondered if it was on a disk somewhere"
Tara ponders, "how do you write on a signpost ?"
Caramel says, "i have this feeling my hackerrank score will finally improve once we pull the plug on CL"
Moggle says, "heh"
• You hear Xepel's music...
Xepel starts playing his starbuck harp.
(Xepel): Mini Dance!
Caramel says, "i might even get decent at job interviews."
Pengy asks, "Anyone want a signpost?"
You drop your wrapped fish.
•You seem to heal more effectively.
Manjushri picks up a wrapped fish.
Caramel says, ""You all knew this, but this is Polerand's fault""
Paramedic says, "This might be Polerand's fault"
Tara says, "chickens brb"
Xepel asks, "Is anything not?"
Paramedic says, "We should invesigate that"
Manjushri says, "I heard it was Chum"
Paramedic says, "Largo probably has something to do with it"
(Pengy laughs.)
Paramedic says, "Oh I know it's Chum"
Manjushri exclaims, "It was HOGGLE!!"
Pengy says, "Hi Quirks"
•The Sun rises.
Manjushri says, "Hello Quirks"
QuirksGM says, "Hi Pengy"
QuirksGM says, "Hi everyone"
Manjushri says, "Nice to see you"
(Xepel waves)
(Whirl wind waves)
Leinis exclaims, "Hello!"
QuirksGM asks, "Good to see you too. Did you find that Azcatl costume the other day?"
Caramel says, "MysteryGM"
Paramedic says, "Things have been Chum's fault as long as can remember"
Manjushri exclaims, "YES!!"
QuirksGM says, "Great."
(QuirksGM grins)
Leinis says, "Server"
Manjushri says, "and I wore it everyday"
Leinis asks, "ServerGM?"
Manjushri says, "and now I miss it"
• You hear Xepel's music...
Xepel starts playing his casserole.
(Xepel): Fish Casserole
(Plait waves)
(Manjushri waves)
(Stora waves)
•You seem to heal more effectively.
Paramedic says, "Mmmmm fish casserole"
Plait asks, "whats akk this about?"
QuirksGM says, "I don't know, ask Pengy"
Manjushri says, "Hey while you are here..."
Pengy says, "We were discussing you Plait"
Xepel exclaims, "Chaos! Mayhem!"
Manjushri says, "I just wanna thank you all.."
Paramedic says, "It's a contemplative concert"
Plait says, "oh"
Plait says, "good timing then heh"
Pengy says, "Now we have to observe an awkward silence"
Paramedic says, "We are contemplating the future"
(QuirksGM looks down quietly)
Plait exclaims, "oooor is it!"
Manjushri says, "V1K was a nightmare for you all.. and I think you handled it really well"
• You hear Xepel's music...
Xepel starts playing his starbuck harp.
(Xepel): Ripples
Plait says, "ooh"
Caramel says, "xepel..."
Manjushri says, "And it was a blast with all the invasions and the Darshak thing and such"
Xepel asks, "Mmmrm?"
Caramel says, "could you play this for us:"
Caramel says, ""
Leinis exclaims, "RIIIIPPPPLLLLLE!"
Plait says, "purdy"
(Plait twiddles his fingers)
QuirksGM ponders, "Everyone is so quiet. Except Xepel"
Xepel says, "I'll... uh, get right on that Caramel ;)"
Leinis says, "Oh yeah, btw Pengy I remember thanking you for that big Shak vs Rebel fight a while ago but just want to say thanks again"
Manjushri asks, "So Pengy what is your favorite CL memory?"
Pengy asks, "Anyone else want a signpost?"
(Xepel pretends to write down some notes)
QuirksGM ponders, "Oh, is this a retrospective?"
Paramedic says, "Sure"
QuirksGM asks, "Can I have some wuv muffins?"
(Manjushri smiles)
Caramel says, "sure pengy, i have a slot"
Paramedic says, "Me too"
Pengy says, "Only one person i know bakes them Quirks"
Plait says, "good to see pengy not killing people"
Moggle says, "Taras wuv muffins are exceptional"
QuirksGM ponders, "GM favoritism"
(Manjushri points at Tara)
•You seem to heal more effectively.
Manjushri says, "Shaky has been wuved to PND at least once :)"
QuirksGM pours a glass of tangleberry cordial.
Moggle says, "some say they are to die for"
Paramedic says, "I remember when I had one of the first signposts and I put ThoomCare™ on it and people were stunned"
QuirksGM raises her glass of tangleberry cordial on high, and drains it in one gulp.
Plait says, "that will do it"
• You hear Xepel's music...
Xepel starts playing his torjo.
(Xepel): Incursion
Pengy asks, "Favorite memory?"
Manjushri says, "Aye"
Plait says, "soooo still waiting on book 2 :("
Pengy says, "No idea. So many"
Raul exclaims, "favorite is yet to come!"
(Tara waves to Quirks)
(QuirksGM waves to Tara)
Plait exclaims, "oooh tempo!"
QuirksGM says, "I know Ann said there's at least one easter egg that hasn't been found"
•You seem to heal more effectively.
Manjushri says, "yes I just read that"
QuirksGM says, "I have a few secrets around that people haven't found too"
QuirksGM says, "Or … figured out"
(Plait picks his nose)
(Tara scratches notes)
Xepel says, "Too many trees to bump, not enough time."
Plait says, "tell me more"
QuirksGM says, "I hardly see you bump any trees anymore, Xepel"
Xepel says, "Well"
Manjushri says, "It's hard to know what are dead ends and what we just haven't figured out"
Xepel says, "Gotta let the newbies do _something_"
Xepel ponders, "We've got some newbies around somewhere, right?"
QuirksGM says, "Well, yes. That gives us more time to add new stuff while you figure that out, Manjushri."
(Manjushri smiles)
Moggle ponders, "have we"
Whirl wind ponders, "I fall like one, that counts right?"
Caramel says, "xrak is our resident newbie."
Caramel says, "except he passed like 8th circle now"
(Moggle smiles)
(Paramedic applauds)
(Tara checks her pack)
• You hear Xepel's music...
Xepel starts playing his starbuck harp.
(Xepel): Golden Prayer
Plait says, "thta was intense"
•You seem to heal more effectively.
(Pengy claps)
Tara says, "I think I got the ingredients ...."
(Xepel smiles)
(Tara runs to check)
Plait asks, "did someone say book 2?"
Plait says, "sigh"
QuirksGM says, "This may sound tone-deaf, since this is a death and doom discussion, but I have a new area that may be ready in the next month or two."
Xepel says, "..."
Manjushri exclaims, "That is awesome!!"
Plait says, "nice"
Pengy says, "brb"
Moggle says, "oo"
Whirl wind ponders, "Please be in the EM"
Manjushri yells, "You should take us all on a tour :)"
Plait says, "gone toget some fish i bet"
Manjushri shows his wrapped fish to Plait.
Moggle asks, "is it going to be in mtn?"
QuirksGM says, "I'll take you on a tour if the world runs out of time before you can take yourself."
(Manjushri smiles)
(Whirl wind cheers)
You gave signed good karma to QuirksGM, excellent.
Manjushri says, "It was fun coming back after a long time and find the Eastern Mountains"
Manjushri says, "that is really well done"
Raul exclaims, "cant wait quirks!"
QuirksGM says, "We've had fun unveiling them. Sorry it's been so slow."
Whirl wind exclaims, "Its an excellent area!"
•You seem to heal more effectively.
Tara sets down her heavy muffin plate.
Moggle exclaims, "yay!"
Plait says, "oh my gosh"
Whirl wind says, "Yall do what you can, we always look forward to them"
QuirksGM takes a muffin from the plate.
Moggle takes a muffin from the plate.
You take a muffin from the plate.
Plait takes a muffin from the plate.
Tara thinks, "Muffins git yer hot Wuv muffins ere"
QuirksGM eats a tasty muffin.
Pengy takes a muffin from the plate but clumsily drops it on the ground.
Moggle eats a tasty muffin.
Tara yells, "git um whilst they hot !"
Pengy takes a muffin from the plate but clumsily drops it on the ground.
Plait eats a tasty muffin.
Caramel takes a muffin from the plate.
Manjushri ponders, "oh Quirks is a goat..."
Raul says, "hope the game survives somehow"
Pengy takes a muffin from the plate but clumsily drops it on the ground.
Manjushri takes a muffin from the plate.
Pengy takes a muffin from the plate but clumsily drops it on the ground.
Pengy takes a muffin from the plate but clumsily drops it on the ground.
Plait says, "oh the peril"
Caramel eats a tasty muffin.
Pengy takes a muffin from the plate but clumsily drops it on the ground.
Manjushri eats a tasty muffin.
You equip your muffin.
Tara sets down her heavy muffin plate.
Pengy takes a muffin from the plate but clumsily drops it on the ground.
Spice takes a muffin from the plate.
Pengy takes a muffin from the plate but clumsily drops it on the ground.
You slip your muffin into your backpack.
You equip your muffin.
You equip your Purple Tor Inn key.
Plait exclaims, "thats the stuff!!"
Tara ponders, "my wuv seems to have faded"
You equip your muffin.
Manjushri asks, "Pengy don't your flippers work?"
Leinis takes a muffin from the plate.
(Pengy sighs)
Raul takes a muffin from the plate.
Leinis eats a tasty muffin.
•You seem to heal more effectively.
Raul eats a tasty muffin.
You feel suddenly queasy.
Paramedic eats a tasty muffin.
Manjushri says, "wait maybe it's like beer and I can give you one"
Plait says, "Tara how I have missed those"
Manjushri takes a muffin from the plate.
• You hear Xepel's music...
Paramedic says, "oog"
Xepel starts playing his gitor.
(Xepel): 7/8!
Paramedic says, "Man those muffins still hit your stomach like a rock"
Paramedic says, "a rock of death"
Manjushri ponders, "these aren't as strong as they use to be"
Plait says, "same batch form last year :)"
Manjushri eats a tasty muffin.
Tara posts a sign.
Paramedic says, "Yeah these seem to be a DeathMuffin Lite"
Save Clan Lord!
(Plait grins)
Manjushri says, "Tara your Wuv is getting weaker :)"
QuirksGM says, "Skimped on the wuv, perhaps"
(Tara eyes Quirks)
•You seem to heal more effectively.
Tara says, "I did not do that"
Tara says, "thats all Stora"
Manjushri says, "Barely even touched me :)"
• You hear Xepel's music...
Xepel starts playing his starbuck harp.
(Xepel): Blink, the Spriggin King
Tara says, "Stora killed Quirks"
Pengy has fallen to the overwhelming aroma of wuv..
Leinis has fallen to the overwhelming aroma of wuv..
Paramedic has fallen to the overwhelming aroma of wuv..
•You are easily healable.
Tara has fallen to the overwhelming aroma of wuv..
Xepel has fallen to the overwhelming aroma of wuv..
Moggle has fallen to the overwhelming aroma of wuv..
(Manjushri laughs)
Plait says, "horaaa"
Tara says, "Malkor ... I miss him"
(Xepel coughs)
* You are cured of the poison.
Leinis says, "Hah"
Moggle says, "taras cooking"
(Tara guffews)
Xepel exclaims, "The music must go on!"
Plait says, "like poetry in motion"
Whirl wind says, "ooww"
(QuirksGM dusts itself off.)
(Manjushri claps)
Tara exclaims, "hey im a great cook!"
(Pengy wuvs up a storm)
Leinis says, "The text to speech"
Paramedic says, "Man this is some cure"
Leinis says, "Can't spell wuv"
Pengy is no longer fallen.
Leinis is no longer fallen.
Tara is no longer fallen.
Xepel is no longer fallen.
Moggle is no longer fallen.
(Plait grins)
Leinis says, "So it's double-you-you-vee"
You equip your moonstone.
Manjushri is sharing experiences with you.
•Your healing is blocked.
Spice is sharing experiences with you.
Raul is sharing experiences with you.
Moggle says, "having just read the cl news"
Xrak is sharing experiences with you.
Moggle asks, "will there ever be a a cl2?"
(Stora scribbles a note about a new spirit link)
Moggle says, "if you can get the devs"
•You seem to heal more effectively.
Moggle says, "I'm a dev btw"
QuirksGM asks, "Do you want to make CL2?"
(Tara eyes Moggle)
Moggle exclaims, "yes!"
QuirksGM asks, "What would make it CL?"
Manjushri asks, "I like CL1 can we jsut save that?"
Moggle says, "the same rank system"
QuirksGM says, "(To your question: I don't know.)"
Paramedic says, "Extra Lord"
Moggle says, "the class system"
Caramel says, "LandLord"
QuirksGM says, "CL2: More Clans, More Lords."
Whirl wind says, "Give Mystics lazer beam eyes"
Paramedic says, "Yes"
Moggle says, "basicly take everything byt the mystic class ;p"
Manjushri ponders, "dummy me still had my ring on :)"
• You hear Xepel's music...
Xepel starts playing his conch.
(Xepel): Ethereal Forge
Paramedic says, "Clan Lord 2: Land Lord"
Moggle says, "I'm semi serious"
Leinis exclaims, "Lordclan!"
Manjushri says, "I like Mystics"
•You seem to heal more effectively.
Paramedic says, "apartment management RPG"
QuirksGM says, "I always thought mystics were one of CL's best features."
Manjushri says, "They make me feel strong"
Xepel says, "Just make it in Unity, instant cross-platformability."
Whirl wind ponders, "Clan Lord: What the Hell is East"
(Whirl wind agrees)
Tara says, "but thats ...whats needed.. .a love of the game a passion and a willingness..."
Caramel says, "çmystics are the best thing in this game.."
Caramel says, "and like the best things in real life, they shall remain elusive"
(Tara holds back a chuckle)
Tara says, "yes..yes they are..."
(Plait picks his nose)
QuirksGM says, "Except Whirl wind, she's fairly easy to find."
Manjushri says, "I agree Quirks.. I could never play one, but they are really cool"
(QuirksGM focuses on its skristal.)
Moggle says, "If I was doing it I'd use Ogre3d raknet recastdetour"
Paramedic says, "I think I have some Wuv Muffin stuck in my intestine"
Whirl wind says, "I wear yellow to blend in"
Moggle says, "could use replica manager to syndicate"
Tara exclaims, "i always have some stuck para does me no harm!"
Plait asks, "All i can say is people are starting to really dig retro shit and this world is retro as hell... isnt that a good place to start?"
(Paramedic nods with bulgy eyes)
QuirksGM says, "I'm hoping that we'll find a way to keep things going, myself."
(Pengy retros)
(Manjushri slaps Para on the back to break some wuv loose)
Moggle says, "ahh"
Tara says, "true plait"
QuirksGM says, "Whether we find someone to write a new client — I don't know. I'm not saying this on behalf of any other GMs."
Paramedic says, "Clan Lord: the Intellivision port"
Caramel says, "well, one queston is..."
• You hear Xepel's music...
Xepel starts playing his starbuck harp.
Paramedic says, "retro gaming at its finest"
Manjushri says, "I would rather we ported what we have.."
Plait says, "damn nice grass skirt pengy"
Caramel says, "we need someone to handle "the customer database" aka account portal"
(Tara listens to Quirks)
QuirksGM says, "Since Clan Lord is a glorified chat room, it only needs to work well on platforms where text input is easy and fluid."
Caramel asks, "mac client is now orphan or we still have a dev?"
QuirksGM says, "People have had various ideas for how to port it to the iPhone or iPad over the years, but none that ever came to fruition."
Plait says, "all I heard was blah blah b;ah dev"
• You hear Xepel's music...
Xepel starts playing his gitor.
(Xepel): The Foxhunt
(QuirksGM grins.)
(Plait is a little lost)
Pengy says, "Play CL with Siri"
Caramel says, "well, lets face it, nobody on the gm front was really helpful to skirwa when he was motivated"
Plait exclaims, "Steam!"
You just received anonymous good karma.
Moggle asks, "I don't know the code base of cl but if its 20 years old, well could you do that?"
Xepel says, "It's the CL way. Secrets at all cost. :p"
Manjushri says, "I am so not technical... I am just here to be good looking"
•You seem to heal more effectively.
QuirksGM says, "That's fairly true, Caramel."
Caramel says, "and since he has gone with the dodo, even the login handshake know how is lost to the public land"
Pengy says, "I don't think it is about secrets"
QuirksGM says, "I thought "they" eventually helped him, but I may be mistaken."
Pengy says, "I think it's more about a lack of feeling empowered to make big decisions"
Moggle asks, "does cl have something that wraps the rendersystem?"
Caramel says, "without him, i would have never been able to complete the mapper...."
(QuirksGM nods to Pengy.)
Manjushri says, "I think we need Joe to either give it to us all the way.. or not.."
Manjushri says, "and actually get involved again"
Pengy says, "I'm happy to talk about anything but some stuff just isn't mine to talk about"
Caramel says, "he had to tell me the image format, mainly, but he also desribed the tcp/udp arrnagement to me and the login handshake."
QuirksGM says, "Even now, I would not just hand out CL's source code to someone who asked nicely — even if they were a player in good standing in our community."
Caramel says, "i dont have the info anymore, and without it i cant make a client on any platform"
•You seem to heal more effectively.
Moggle says, "ok"
QuirksGM asks, "Are you suggesting you would be interested if it were available, Caramel?"
Plait says, "oooh funly"
QuirksGM says, "(This question does not lead to any promises)"
(Paramedic almost forgot how good Xepel's music is)
Manjushri says, "Jazz has spoken before of being interested.."
(Xepel grins)
Plait says, "bravo"
Caramel says, "look, considering my general laziness, betting on me alone is risky"
(Manjushri claps)
• You hear Xepel's music...
Xepel starts playing his starbuck harp.
(Xepel): Nacerean's Lament
Manjushri says, "Well done Expel"
Moggle says, "if your intrested I'm cloud on the Ogre forum"
Caramel says, "but i would at least consider getting the mac client going"
Tara asks, "So..... how do you get everyone on board .. to talk ?"
Xepel says, "Xepel. Pronounced as if the X is a Z"
Moggle says, "some of my works there"
Caramel says, "i have no clue how to handle ajava or windows client though"
(QuirksGM notes Moggle's fondness for Final Fantasy.)
Tara says, "Ann Joe Chum et all"
Moggle says, "I'm mostly instred in graphics and shaders"
QuirksGM asks, "Is anyone here using the Windows client?"
Whirl wind says, "yeah"
Raul says, "ya"
Plait says, "aye"
Caramel says, "this said, the world editor server side.."
(QuirksGM nods.)
Caramel asks, "i assume this is a mac tool curretly?"
Xepel says, "I'm on the windows client, though I don't prefer it :p"
QuirksGM says, "Yes, Caramel"
Caramel says, "ok"
Whirl wind ponders, "I also use the Mac"
Plait says, "windows client is cool"
Plait says, "have to res down though"
QuirksGM says, "If we were going to save CL with a new client, I imagine we'd want to start with one that was able to run on modern macOS systems."
Caramel says, "strangely enough, if i was to access the world editor, I,d be in "conflict of interest" with myself and my mapper :p"
QuirksGM says, "Only if you had access to the world."
Caramel says, "yeah true"
Caramel says, "but my general idea is..."
Tara asks, "So a re-write of code ?"
Caramel says, "1) there are not enough people in general to justify the effort..."
Caramel says, "2) ok, then lets ignore point 1, and we'd need to divide the work across several people to make it viable"
Manjushri says, "I think a lot of folks might be showing up again"
Caramel says, "a third point is how do we deal with "the CL world""
Pengy asks, "Then who coordinates that effort Caramel?"
Plait takes a muffin from the plate.
Caramel says, "even in the last 15 minutes, we heard the "CL2" idea vs "eep the old stuff""
Moggle says, "I don't know the cl code but if its 20 years old I don't know if I'd be much use"
Plait eats a tasty muffin.
Caramel says, "err keep.."
Tara says, "Cl invokes a lot of passion in its player base, im hoping that saves it ( perosnally )"
Caramel says, "i personally am in the camp of "keep the old""
(QuirksGM waves to Dorian.)
Moggle asks, "its all in c?"
(Dorian waves.)
• You hear Xepel's music...
Xepel starts playing his conch.
(Xepel): Freedom
(Dorian remembers where the fairgrounds are!)
Manjushri says, "I agree with you Tara"
Moggle asks, "all fixed memeory allocation?"
Caramel says, "but what does that do for getting new players and stuff, i dont know"
(QuirksGM grins.)
Plait says, "horaaa"
Caramel says, "i am not sure there is an exit to the situation"
Moggle asks, "or has it been updated?"
Plait exclaims, "have a muffin!"
Plait takes a muffin from the plate.
Manjushri says, "Let me just say... I never played a game.. but this place is different..."
QuirksGM says, "Dorian, we're chatting about doom and gloom proclamations about Clan Lord."
Manjushri says, "I am by no means a gamer"
Plait eats a tasty muffin.
(Plait twiddles his fingers)
Dorian says, "Yup, I've heard there are some of those floating about."
Tara says, "targeting a newp layer base is easy enough, FB ads for starters cost near to nothing but... as the player portal is some what borked"
Caramel says, "i am strangely close to manjushrion this"
Dorian says, "Gloomy enough to raise the dead."
Pengy says, "I don't know Moggle"
Caramel says, "player portal is clearly an issue"
QuirksGM says, "Yes, unfortunately neither Pengy nor I are the infrastructure experts."
Caramel asks, "is there someone who knows how the stuff is structured under the hood anymore?"
Tara exclaims, "you both are just the " lookers" of the mob right !"
QuirksGM says, "yes."
Raul asks, "any idea the problem with account portal?"
Caramel says, "ok"
QuirksGM says, "Not specifically, but the gist is that the code itself is old enough that it would need to be redone from scratch."
Caramel says, "ok"
Caramel says, "but basically.."
QuirksGM says, "Thanks, Tara."
QuirksGM ponders, "Extra rune sticks for that one"
Tara ponders, "chicken outside the window"
Caramel says, "we have a db with "accounts", containig personal info, and linked to "characters", who dont have perosnal info..."
Tara ponders, "Elvira"
QuirksGM says, "That sounds about right."
• You hear Xepel's music...
Xepel starts playing his starbuck harp.
(Xepel): Dreamy Daze
Caramel says, "and we ask people to create accounts by paying money, or chnage race/name/sex by paying money"
Caramel says, "i maight simplify slightly"
QuirksGM says, "(Or create new characters, yes)"
Caramel says, "so..."
Paramedic asks, "Alas, I need to get to bed. Can someone move aside for me?"
Tara ponders, "chicken check brb"
Caramel says, "see ya para"
Tara says, "bye Para x"
QuirksGM exclaims, "Goodnight, Paramedic!"
You just received good karma from Tara, :)
Paramedic says, "You all keep me informed"
(Plait waves)
(Xepel waves!)
Moggle says, "nite"
•You seem to heal more effectively.
Xepel says, "Good to see you around, Para."
(Spice waves)
Pengy thinks to you, ":)"
Caramel asks, "considerint the inherent difficulty of hooking money stuff together , do we eed the $ thing?"
Manjushri thinks, "Goodnight Para!! Write this up :)"

Posted by Para at 07:21 PM
November 15, 2017
Chaos Storm #1042


Chaos Storm #1042 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read any further!

Delta Tao's "What's New" for v1042:

11/15/2017 v1042
But now the days grow short
I’m in the autumn of the year
And now I think of my life as vintage wine
From fine old kegs
From the brim to the dregs
And it poured sweet and clear
It was a very good year.
— Ervin Drake (1919–2015)

* No significant changes this version.
* No crashes in 1,693 days, and counting. (A record!)
* Today marks the 1042nd week of the game’s existence, more or less. This means that Clan Lord has been up and running, almost continuously, for just over 20 years. Happy anniversary to us!

However... as you will have noticed, the Account Portal has been out of order for some months now. Unfortunately, we’ve concluded that, for reasons of time and resources, we are unable to revive it. This means it’s basically impossible to sign up new players, or for existing ones to modify their accounts, add new character slots, transfer characters, etc.

Moreover, we have to recognize the writing on the wall for our current Mac and Windows client apps. Both are technologically out-of-date by decades, not just years. We’ve nursed them along as much as we could, but without drastic rewrites they’re not likely to survive more than, say, 12–18 months.

Even if we had the time, skill, and resources to rewrite the clients (not to mention our associated internal world-building tools), we’re still stuck with game assets — primarily artwork and sounds — that, although they may have been acceptable or even ambitious back in the late 1990’s, are nowadays woefully inadequate. They would all have to be redone, from scratch, to look and work reasonably decently on modern hardware.

Finally, even the least observant of players will have noticed that the pace of world enhancements has lately slowed to a trickle. Many of the volunteer GMs and their helpers and the artists and contributors who had put so much time and effort into the Clan Lord world over these last 20 years or so, are now inactive. Without their enthusiastic participation, the game world stagnates.

We have enormous gratitude to all our dedicated players and wonderful collaborators. We’re interested in your thoughts; we’ve started a discussion on the Sentinel, where together we can work out the future of Clan Lord.

A chat tonight with Pengy

Posted by Para at 09:53 PM
November 07, 2017
Village Hunt


Tas Furfoot sent the following report to TMN:

Taryn hunt in Village. But we were fighter 'lite' but healer heavy (like more than 4... maybe 6? I forget!) even hadda Mystic with us, a REAL one as Connie would have put it (Drabby). I had nice things to say to SunBlaze's custume! We died lots, and Taryn delegated and made me a rod! For a while that worked pretty well, except I can't rod more than 2 things at once and we got 3+ things sometimes . . . then it went to pieces . . . kinda. We got most folks out except those who needed to leave earlier.

Same hunt: waiting patiently to rescue... Chmee, Tas, and DC next to portal to Village in east town:


-Tas Furfoot

Posted by Para at 08:26 PM
November 06, 2017
Zombie Nite


Tas Furfoot sent the following report to TMN:

There was a notice of a raffle taking place during Zombie Nite. Here are some pics. I helped Coldy keep track of what he was giving away. I got a keg of black beer which I shared with everyone afterwards (and falling to it, of course). It worked out great; everyone got something. Just enough folks and stuff to give away. Ok ok, I'm not sure Shadowmutt got anything....


-Tas Furfoot

Posted by Para at 07:11 PM
A Depart Hunt


Tas Furfoot sent the following report to TMN:

Lori, kinda, dared Connie to do a depart hunt cause Lori said to Connie, "I've never departed on your hunts.' So Connie took that as a dare. Yup, we departed by going to Ash Town. Then we went to Metz. And I found a new costume. Sorry no photos of departsville with Lori. SO i can't PROVE we did it . . . well, maybe in the logs . . . so this is us headed to Metz Forest. Two BBers, a ranger, Connie, and Lori and Tas. What could go wrong? We survived!

-Tas Furfoot

Posted by Para at 06:35 PM