July 29, 2002
Crumbling Necklace


Koric is seen here turning away in horror as Gurgi's expensive Catsbane Necklace crumbles to dust. Also featured in Koric's latest journal update for Autumn 80, 546 (7/28/02): a temporary trap for the Juliosaur and accounts of travels on Umbrion's Island.

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ELF on Noth


In his Sketch of the Day for Day 351, Year 546 (7/27/02) Lundar reports on an ELF hunt on Noth, large bounties placed on undine by Satana and Demonica, and a rescue in the Dark Temple.

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July 27, 2002
Slime Chases Norm


Norm's journal entry for 76 Autumn 546 (7/27/02) tells of his experiences during the recent slime invasion.

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July 26, 2002
Return of Slime


The slime returned to Puddleby today. Exiles made a stand in Mai's Garden. Many of the slime monsters seem to have disappeared or left town before they were all defeated. One harmless slime stood by the libraries and appeared to dance, long after the invasion was over. More pictures are below; click on the images to enlarge them.

Thanks to Larno for providing the images.

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Date Details

detros.gif waxingcrescent.gif

Winds of Dawn has a new scroll, Date Details, that reports sun times, zodiac, and moon phase information.

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Exiles Rocked


Azriel reports on adventures in the Valley. Angry Mother Sasquatches attacked exiles with large rocks.

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Under Noth


Kirth Gersen has become a squire of the Order of Hunter, according to his latest joumal entry, for Autumn 66, 546 (7/25/02). He also reports on fighting Large Sand Wurms and on a trip to the Under Noth.

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July 25, 2002
Tyranis Makes Third


ThoomCare healer Tyranis Calgar has made Third Circle. Congratulations, Tyranis!

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Rescue in KI East Cove


Azriel reports on a hunt gone wrong in the east cove of Kismia's Island. Rescuers arrived to help the situation promptly.

While fallen, Azriel observed something interesting: "Curiously, while we were waiting for help, I watched 3 of the cobras attack and kill a tan Lyfelidae (possibly an Orgaberry or Wyrm)."

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Wanted: A Flask


Norm has a new journal update for Sombdi, 65 Autumn 546 (7/24/02). In it, he tells of a recent unfortunate incident with some sand wurms. He also reports that he is searching for a flask to continue his rock-related experiments.

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July 24, 2002
Thoom and Potato


Today's update to Hor's journal features a battle with a drake, a Thoom with his potato, bear and wendecka hunts, and other stuff.

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Yor Shows Gold Ore


Kirth Gersen's journal entry for Autumn 62, 546 provides more information on gold in Melabrion's Mines.

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July 23, 2002
Witch Fashion Show


Residents of Puddleby averted their eyes as the local witches held a fashion show in town center.

Read below for the transcript.

Prue says, "this seems a fine opportunity to do a fashion shoot of witch eveningwear"
Ire says, "we're jet-setters, you know."
(Paramedic rolls his eyes)
Prue says, "simple black rags say "chic""
(Tere shows a feathery ankle)
(Samwise glances over at the witches)
(Samwise shivers)
Paramedic says, "Hrm."
Prue shows what looks like a disturbingly hairy ankle to everyone.
Samwise ponders, "If they weren't so freaky they might actually be pretty"
Prue says, "Accessories are everything..."
Prue shows what looks like a pair of gaudy imitation ruby slippers to everyone.
Mayo says, "err"
Samwise says, "Well"
Agent says, "As well as one can be with soooo many witches about anyways :)"
Paramedic says, "Sensible yet stylish I suppose"
Prue says, "we witches appreciate comfortable shoes"
(Tere says, "sensible shoes, even."
(Tere shows her Witchenstocks)
Paramedic says, "Hrm"
Prue says, "you can wear crepe soles and still kill on the battlefield and dating scene"
Ire says, "we have a whole line, now"
Paramedic asks, "Are non-witches interested in this clothing?"
Prue says, "they better be"
Ire says, "witchy wear is for the most discerning exiles."
Ire says, "oh, yes."
Tere says, "if they know what's good for 'em."
Paramedic asks, "Is it comfortable? Yet alluring?"
Ire says, "exiles that dress in our wear live longer lives. it's a fact"
Tere says, "of course."
Tere asks, "aren't you feeling allured?"
(Ire flashes her teeth at Paramedic)
Paramedic says, "Well, I'm not really sure what that feeling in the pit of my stomach is"
Prue says, "show off"
(Tere rests a talon on Para)
(Prue rubs her tooth)
Ire says, "that is just the lust. we get that all the time."
(Tere nods)
Paramedic says, "Doesn't feel like....lust, really"
Ire says, "It's lust."
Tere says, "you are a thoom."
Prue says, "it's lust"
Tere says, "its rare for you to begin with."
Tere says, "lust."
Samwise ponders, "Why are they lusting over Para?"
Samwise ponders, "poor thoom.."
Drib'thgin ponders, "I think he's s'posed ta be lusting over them"
Ire says, "see? a sheen of sweat on is brow. lust all over. I've seen it."
Prue says, "little known fact...."
Prue says, "before the advent of witches..."
Paramedic asks, "So, ah... what's in for witch shoe styles this year?"
Prue says, "theem were a little wrinkled hunched over race"
Ire says, "those are the dark days, before witches."
Tere says, "dark dark dark"
Paramedic says, "Mmm hmm."
Ire says, "we like black sandals"
(Tere cants in Witch)
(Ire wiggles a crusty old toe)
Prue says, "Prue prefers ruby slippers."
Paramedic says, "Ah the traditional black sandal"
Prue says, "silver slippers are ok, but not in a world of color."
Tere says, "I prefer blood red shoes of... skin."
Tere says, "no"
Tere says, "silver slippers are for a black and white world"
Tere says, "or perhaps grey"
(Prue nods)
Ire says, "not bad shoes, for a Thoom, Thoom."
Paramedic asks, "How about accessories? What goes well with witchy clothing?"
Tere says, "brooms."
Ire says, "brooms."
Prue says, "growths"
Ire says, "and big heavy pots."
Prue says, "nothing says "formal occasion" like a pointy hat"
Tere ponders, "filled with halfling"
Ire says, "you should look sexy as you make stew, we say"
Drib'thgin ponders, "halflings!?!?!?!"
Paramedic says, "I'm surprised the broom thing isn't passe"
(Tere glances at Samwise)
(Ire does, too)
(Samwise glances at Tere)
Prue exclaims, "it's a classic!"
Seld'kar ponders, "Run Sammy!!!! i think they're getting hungry"
Samwise ponders, "They are always hungry"
Tere says, "never goes out of style"
Paramedic says, "Ah I see, it just keeps coming back every year"
Prue shows what looks like a broomstick to everyone.
Ire says, "how can you go wrong with a broom? timeless."
Prue says, "basic broom. should be in every bewitching wardrobe"
Ire asks, "oh, say, para, do you like my black stole?"
Ire says, "it's made of cat."
Paramedic says, "It's lovely"
Ire says, "coalcat, I think.."
Paramedic says, "Appalling yet functional"
Tere says, "no meow included"
Ire says, "yeah, it's nice and quiet"
Ire says, "and it's been scraped by real witches"
Paramedic says, "Well, ladies, I do have to be going, but you'll be pleased to know that ..."
Samwise ponders, "Any other thoom but Para would have fallen by now"
(Tere takes out a tape measure)
(Tere measures Para's torso)
Paramedic says, "due to the high speed of TMN, you're already on the front page"
Ire says, "that's marketing."
Tere asks, "oh?"
Tere says, "charming."
Prue asks, "are the pictures flattering?"
Paramedic says, "Quite flattering"
Tere asks, "how could they be anything but, Prue?"
Prue says, "true true, sister"
Paramedic says, "it's a lovely set of poses"
Prue asks, "what about our fee?"
You hand Prue 2 coins. You have 105 remaining.
You hand Tere 2 coins. You have 103 remaining.
Tere says, "very good."
You hand Ire 2 coins. You have 101 remaining.
(Prue rubs two coins together happily)
Tere says, "thank you Para"
Paramedic says, "your fees"
Paramedic says, "thank you all"
Ire says, "hey thanks."
Paramedic yells, "Thoom!"
(Ire bites a coin)
Prue yells, "Prooo!"

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Smoke on the Water


Smoke has appeared on the ocean, west of Puddleby. Could this be an indication of volcanic activity?

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Gold Ingot


Drue'Dreemi invited me on a trip to forge a gold ingot. While we were waiting for the group to gather, Yor used the Separ to remove the lump from Fleming.


We had to fight some Tok'Hans on our trip through Melabrion's Mines.


Eventually, we found Lolk'era, who charges 2000 coins to transform gold ore into an ingot.


The trip was successful. But a question remains: what to do with the gold ingot?

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Flashback: Bartok


From the archives of Paramedic's Notebook:

The tale of the war with Bartok is told here:
The War with Bartok
The Destruction of the Altar
The Restoration of the Altar

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July 22, 2002
Himitsu Promoted


Himitsu has been promoted to Journeyman Mystic.

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Chains in the Valley


Hor's most recent journal entry features the story of a recent Valley rescue.

Azriel also has a new report on hunting the Valley.

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July 19, 2002
Eyes of Puddleby Update


Eyes of Puddleby has published its list of changes from the last chaos storm.

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Game Preserve


The Game Preserve is a new area for inexperienced exiles to hunt. It is located east of the South Farms. More pictures are below; click on the images below to enlarge them.

Thanks to Vivi for providing these images to TMN.

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Darshak Attack


The Darshak came to town.


The fighting was furious. After the Darshak were finally expelled from town, exiles engaged in a lengthy battle at sea with these pirates. You can read more about it in Lundar's Sketch of the Day for Day 311, Year 546 (July 18th, 2002). More pictures are below; click on the images to enlarge them.

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Hunting in the Lily Pond


Hor's journal reports on a recent expedition to the Lily Pond.

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Slug Attack in Town


Aravir reports on a slug attack in north Puddleby.

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July 17, 2002
South Gate Towers Renovation


The South Gate Towers are now scheduled for renovation, pending the acquisition of the necessary materials.

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How to Contact Umbrion


Umbrion has sent TMN instructions on how to contact him when he is not available via the sunstone network. Read below to find out more.

Umbrion told TMN: "My sources inform me that some of your scholars desire a means to contact me when I am busy with my experiments. This is that means."


You'll need to remove the part that says "NOSPIDERS". I put that in there to keep Noids from harvesting Umbrion's enchanted mail address.

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Juliosaur Rages Again


Aravir reports in his most recent journal entry on another attack in town by the Juliosaur.

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Rock Research


According to his journal entry for Lundi, 32 Autumn 546 (7/16/02), Norm has discovered a black rock. Norm is now pressing forward with his rock-related experiments. TMN hopes to provide coverage of the first public testing of the explosive yields of various combined rocks.

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July 16, 2002
A Dark Feeling


Lundar's Sketch of the Day for Day 297, Year 546 (July 15th, 2002) tells of a series of expeditions to locations that give exiles "a dark feeling." No new information was revealed during these explorations, but Lundar also reports that the trips have spurred a 2000 coin reward for more information about this mystery.

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Nice Hat, Malkor


From the archives of Paramedic's Notebook: Malkor participates in the Puddleby Drinking Contest, before the Ripture War.

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July 15, 2002
Lundar on Ice


Lundar's Sketch of the Day for Day 294, Year 546 (July 14th, 2002) tells of a trip to Tenebrion's Tower to meet with Lalerad, the Ethereal Amulet trainer.

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July 13, 2002
Floating Fur


Koric's journal update for 15 Autumn 546 (12 Jul '02) features reports on Umbrion's Island, the Pie Project, floating lyfe fur, Pyra's fireworks show, and Master Coronus.

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ThoomCare Travels


ThoomCare recently went along on an expedition to the Orga Outback, Dred Passage, and the Orga Village. Seen here are ThoomCare members Ducktape, Paramedic, and Vata.

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SDC Celebrates

Click image to enlarge

The Sun Dragon Clan recently accepted Lister as a member, and threw a large party in town square to celebrate.

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Prue Confronts a Messenger


Prue confronted a messenger in town and dismissed his claims about Peaceton. She asked him to identify his contacts with the residents of Peaceton. More information is available below in the transcript of the conversation.

Prue asks, "Can you identify any of them?"
a messenger asks, "You mean, you want their names?"
Prue says, "That would be a start."
a messenger says, "Hmm."
(a messenger tries to remember)
a messenger says, "I'm afraid they don't have a regular leader, either."
Prue says, "I didn't ask about a leader."
a messenger says, "They're a kind of pure community."
Prue says, "Purely nameless, it seems"
a messenger says, "Yes."
Prue says, "I see."
a messenger says, "They seem to…"
a messenger says, "communicate between them very fast"
a messenger says, "Pretty much like you do here with sunstones"
Hawkthorn asks, "Do they speak common?"
Prue says, "If I may say so, trustworthiness is a good messenger's greatest quality..."
a messenger says, "So any of them could speak to me on behalf of his/her people"
Prue says, "I see...."
Prue asks, "So you can communicate with them right now?"
a messenger says, "Oh, no."
a messenger says, "I don't know how they do that."
a messenger says, "it may be an unique trait of their race."
a messenger says, "Anyway, I haven't been able to return there for ages."
Prue says, "I see."
a messenger says, "Although they pretty much look like sylvans, to me."
Prue asks, "But you were involved in their dealings with our town?"
a messenger says, "only recently."
Prue asks, "So then they are here?"
a messenger says, "I heard that they visited you much earlier"
a messenger asks, "Here?"
a messenger exclaims, "They are not on this island, for sure!"
Prue says, "Yeah... the place that isn't "there""
Prue asks, "so then how have you recently begun business with them?"
a messenger says, "I happened to travel there before coming here."
Prue says, "you say you have been stuck here for ages..."
a messenger says, "Yes."
Prue says, "and that you cannot communicate with them from here"
(a messenger nods)
Prue says, "so explain how you recently became employed with people not here, with whom you cannot communicate"
Prue says, "and you have been here "for ages""
a messenger says, "The thing is…"
(Prue waits)
a messenger says, "What I call 'ages' may seem much shorter to you"
a messenger says, "I'm used to travel all the time."
a messenger says, "So beeing stuck here seems pretty long to me."
Prue says, "and yet you said "recently""
Prue asks, "does your sense of time change that often?"
a messenger says, "Yes, that's recently according to their last visit here"
Prue asks, "oh? so they visited here recently then?"
a messenger says, "Peacetonians told me they visited you many years ago."
Prue says, "yes, I was here when they did."
a messenger says, "So you should know."
Prue says, "and assisted in selling tickets to their domain"
Prue says, "Oh, I know of that visit..."
a messenger says, "I landed here quite recently compared to that."
Prue says, "But I suspect that you, sir, are a fraud."
Prue says, "Your story lacks the ring of truth..."
a messenger asks, "A fraud?"
a messenger says, "Hmm."
Prue says, "You attempt to associate yourself with persons of interest..."
Prue says, "and yet fail at every turn to convince that you have any real association with them"
Prue says, "I think you're a con man."
a messenger exclaims, "I didn't expect to be grounded here!"
Prue says, "And you're on my territory."
Prue says, "so amscray."
a messenger asks, "Your… territory?"
a messenger asks, "Do you own this land?"
a messenger says, "It seems you only wasted my time."
Prue says, "Your grift will be exposed at my earliest convenience"
Paramedic says, "Thoom."
a messenger asks, "Sir?"
Paramedic asks, "Yes?"
a messenger asks, "Was it you who sunstoned after me?"
Paramedic says, "I did ask others to see who you were"
a messenger says, "Ah."
a messenger asks, "And… did they find out?"
Prue exclaims, "Paramedic!"
a messenger ponders, "Odd people."
Paramedic says, "It seems Prue was investigating just that."
(a messenger looks at Prue)
Prue says, "I would be happy to provide a transcript of this conversation, Para..."
Paramedic says, "Sure."
Prue says, "For inclusion with your recent report on this... person."
Prue says, "For shame, messenger...."
a messenger says, "I can't wait to read it as well."
a messenger exclaims, "Oh, sir Twilth !"
Prue says, "trying to capitalize on our town's desire to contact Peaceton"
Twilth exclaims, "Ah! Hello again!"
(a messenger bows)
Prue says, "shame."
a messenger asks, "Capitalize??"
(Twilth nods courteously, and smiles.)
Twilth asks, "By any chance, did you get my letter?"
a messenger asks, "What is the problem with that person?"
a messenger says, "Yes, Twilth , just read it now."
Twilth asks, "Er, which one?"
a messenger says, "That green lady."
a messenger asks, "I fear she has some personality problem, or an overinflated ego of sort?"
Twilth says, "...I wouldn't know."
a messenger asks, "is she ruling you all??"
Twilth says, "I doubt it."
a messenger says, "Hmm."
Twilth says, "So, about getting you a boat..."
Twilth asks, "have you met any of our ship-crafters yet?"
a messenger says, "I told you I just read your letter today"
Twilth says, "I know."
Twilth says, "I asked if you have met our ship-crafters."
a messenger says, "I still have to meet those people."
Twilth says, "Ah."
a messenger asks, "Aren't you exiles supposed to know them better then I could?"
a messenger says, "I mean, you live here…"
Twilth says, "Well... I personally have never met them, I don't think."
a messenger says, "You do leave here."
a messenger says, "If people can build ships here, I assume you would know."
(Twilth shrugs.)
a messenger says, "Of course, I can still investigate."
Twilth says, "I apologize, but I do not know where the ship-crafters live."
a messenger says, "I see."
a messenger asks, "perhaps you you see how they are done before sinking them?"
Twilth says, "We don't pay much attention to them."
Twilth says, "I think we're too focused on destroying them, rather than actually pay attention to the details of the ship."
a messenger asks, "Do you think we could see one of their boats soon?"
Twilth exclaims, "Oh!"
Twilth says, "Well, I could show you their docks."
Twilth says, "The lands are a bit hostile though."
Twilth says, "They are our enemies."
a messenger says, "I see."
Twilth says, "Still, their guards are no real challenge to us."
Twilth asks, "When would you want us to visit the darshak ships?"
a messenger asks, "Yet, would it be possible?"
a messenger says, "I know you exiles are used to fighting."
Twilth says, "Oh, it's possible."
a messenger says, "now would be good."
Twilth says, "I've seen the ships myself."
Twilth says, "Lovely."
Twilth says, "Alright, well, I am a 2nd circle fighter, so we couldn't go without a healer."
Twilth says, "2nd circle means a low-ranking fighter, really."
a messenger asks, "There must be one among all these people?"
Manx says, "don't mention it"
Manx ponders, "especially in town"
Twilth says, "Oh, yes, there is."
Twilth says, "Everyone you see with a moonstone is a healer."
(a messenger looks around)
a messenger says, "Hmm… many are healers here."
Twilth asks, "Are there any healers available for Ash Island?"
Tara says, "sure twilth"
Twilth says, "Lovely."
Prue exclaims, "Tara!"
a messenger says, "Thank you, lady."
Tara exclaims, "whaaaa aaat !"
Prue asks, "You will help this charlatan?"
Tara says, "ujrrrpp"
Tara says, "twilth asked me ......"
(Prue grumbles)
Tara says, "no idea what me doing"
a messenger says, "What a pleasant person this Prue is."
Prue says, "Indeed."
Prue says, "Prue is looking out for the community, as always."
Twilth says, "Yei, the most pleasant witch I've ever met."
(Twilth grins.)
a messenger says, "I have requested to be shown your neighbours' ships."
Crunch says, "Let's kill the messenger"
(Manx chuckles.)
Prue exclaims, "Yeah!"
Prue asks, "To Ash, and a good ol' lynching?"

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Lundar Moves His Scrolls


Lundar has moved the location of his scrolls (and redesigned them). They can now be found here:


His Sketch of the Day for Day 279, Year 546 (July 13th, 2002) tells of a recent rescue in the Valley complicated by seven Valley Panthers.

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July 12, 2002
Norm Finds Yellow Stone


Norm reports in his diary entry for 14 Autumn 546 (7/12/02) that he has discovered a yellow stone, adding to his rare rock collection. TMN will continue to bring you extensive coverage of his dwarven rock hunting and rock-related experiments.

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July 11, 2002
Rylantar Joins Catenae


Rylantar has been accepted into Catenae, Puddleby's guild of dedicated chainers.

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Links List Updated


Kiriel D'Sol has completed a new version of the list of Clan Lord links once maintained by Worg. It is the most complete list available (I checked out all the links myself) and visitors are encouraged to submit new links or update old ones.

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Haricot's Kitchen


Hor's journal entry for 06 Autumn 546 (July 10, 2002) features accounts of trips to the Noids and the Pods as well as a peek inside Haricot's Kitchen.

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July 10, 2002


Twilth reports that he has been contacted by a messenger from Peaceton. Rumors of this town have floated around Puddleby in the past, but have never been verified. What follows below is an interview TMN conducted with Twilth.

Twilth says, "Apparently the Peacetonians hired him to find out if there was a Puddleby."
Twilth says, "Once he got to Puddleby, he was supposed to stay there until further instructions."
(Paramedic listens)
Twilth is a Sylvan, is male, is a Fighter, and is wearing the symbol of The Sect of The Rising Fenix.
He is holding an axe and a squire's shield, and he is wearing a sunstone, a shirt, a pair of pants and a pair of shoes.
(You notice that he is half-human.)
Twilth has 23 good and 3 bad karma.
Twilth says, "Later, after a brief conversation, he went off in his boat to travel back to Peaceton and reported what he saw."
Twilth says, "He later came back to town, and asked a few exiles to bring a message to me that..."
Twilth says, "he couldn't make it to Peaceton."
Twilth says, "We've been keeping in touch with letters."
(Paramedic listens)
Twilth says, "He's told me that the extremely bad weather has made it impossible for him to travel..."
Twilth says, "without a bigger boat."
Twilth says, "So now he's asking if we exiles could make a larger boat for him to travel in, so he can make it back to Peaceton."
Paramedic says, "Where is he now?"
Twilth says, "I understand that he is still currently residing in Puddleby."
Paramedic says, "Interesting"
Paramedic asks, "Many exiles had come to believe Peaceton was just a scheme run by Vagile. You think it's a real place?"
Twilth says, "According to him, it is a real place."
Paramedic asks, "So what can exiles do to help?"
Twilth says, "I don't know. I'm doing all I can to help him out."
Twilth says, "But I realize that this isn't a job for just one half-elf."
Paramedic says, "Indeed."
Twilth says, "I don't personally know the shipcrafters of this town."
Paramedic asks, "You trust the messenger?"
Twilth asks, "Why would he travel all that way for a prank?"
(Paramedic nods)
Paramedic says, "People are just suspicious after what happened last time with Peaceton"
Twilth asks, "What happened?"
Paramedic says, "Well, tickets were being sold...."
Paramedic says, "there was lots of publicity about going there"
Paramedic says, "and then...nothing happened"
Twilth says, "I see."
Paramedic says, "So maybe this time will be different."
Twilth says, "Well, it would be foolish to turn a blind eye to this man."
Twilth says, "I'm all for helping him get a larger ship."
Paramedic says, "If there are other developments or you contact him again, let me know."
Twilth says, "I will."
Twilth asks, "Do you have any suggestions?"
(Twilth thinks.)
Paramedic says, "Well, once I post this to TMN there will be more interest"
Paramedic says, "And others may have ideas too. We'll see what happens."
Twilth says, "Thank you, Paramedic."
Paramedic exclaims, "Glad to help!"
Paramedic yells, "Thoom!"
(Twilth smiles.)

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Making a Potion


Kirth Gersen has updated his journal, with information on PTF, Bick's, Umbrion's Island, and potion making.

For more information about Bick's, visit Eyes of Puddleby where you can access a visionstone of the new basement area.

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A Bad Trade


TMN has learned of corrupt business transactions taking place in Town Center. Malkor here is giving his Spriggin Stick to Luce to give to Elenis Reyav. Elenis will not receive the stick. The investigation is ongoing. A visionstone of this bad trade (sent to TMN by Elenis) has been sent to the Puddleby Visionstone Depository.

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July 09, 2002
Juliosaur Returns



The Juliosaur once again went on a rampage through Puddleby.


It escaped this trap by eating the kudzu.


The Juliosaur's attack is particularly ferocious.


As usual, the Juliosaur left the scene of the attack by burrowing into the ground and escaping.

Thanks to Leogic for providing the visionstone of this attack.

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Kalian and Umbrion


Wangah Rah has updated his journal with some thoughts on Umbrion and Kalian.

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July 08, 2002
Hunting Astral Guardians



After a rescue in the Dark Chamber, I helped a small band go hunting in the Dark Temple. There and on the Astral Plane, we hunted Astral Guardians.

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July 06, 2002
Rescue in Snaggywood


Azriel reports on a rescue in Snaggywood in his latest journal entry.

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An Update from Lundar


Lundar has updated his scroll, with new information on Pyra's visit to town, the re-opening of Bick's Tavern, the new path found in Alchemist's Folly, a recent ELF hunt, and lava walking.

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Ethereal Update


Drablak has updated his scroll on Ethereal Research.

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It all began with an ethereal invasion.


After that, people in town were changed into butterflies.


Public servant Pyra showed up in town soon afterwards. She was only supposed to put on a fireworks show, but she was sorely tempted to set fire to a building or two.


After much soul-searching, she decided against burning buildings and moved to town center to start the fireworks.




Lundar's Library has more information and a visionstone of the show.

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July 05, 2002
Encounter with Samael


Thanks to Himitsu for sending TMN this transcript from Blaise. Both are members of Winds of Dawn.

This is a cleaned-up log of my encounter with Samael following the recent Storm. I've added some comments in brackets.

It's 1:48pm on Merdi, day 69 of Summer, 546.

[I'm visiting the Puddleby underground, and am examining the tunnel east of the "Under Construction" guild. A shadowy undead form is hovering.]

Blaise says, "Hello"
You just received anonymous good karma, *You feel something lightly brush your mind
Samael growls, "H'loi."
Blaise asks, "What's happening?"
Samael has not disclosed his race, is male, is an exile, and is not wearing the symbol of any clan.
His hands are empty, and he is wearing a sunstone.
(He is betrothed to Lilit, father of Lilim and Gens Dea.)

Samael growls, "I know nothing of what the noids seek."
Blaise says, "Really."
Samael growls, "If that is what you speak of."
Blaise ponders, "I wonder what the noids seek?"
Blaise asks, "Is there anything of interest here?"
Samael growls, "I do not know what you are interested in."
Blaise says, "Life... the universe... everything."
Blaise says, "You know"
Samael growls, "There are many things interesting about this part of the universe... but they are beyond mortal sight."
Samael growls, "Mortals, for instance. They live yet they know they will cease to exist."
Blaise says, "And yet some portion of themselves continues on..."
Samael growls, "Sometimes."
Samael growls, "Souls can be rent and shredded like any garment."
Samael growls, "But there are worse fates."
Blaise asks, "What do you seek, Samael? Why are you here?"
You just received anonymous good karma, *Samael's gaze seems to bore into your soul.
(Blaise feels nervous)
Samael growls, "I am here because this is a very interesting place, for those of the Goddess."
Blaise asks, "This is the Goddess that Luna serves?"
Samael growls, "Do you know what we are under?"
Blaise says, "No Sir..."
Samael growls, "Perhaps that should be your first step in discovering if there is anything interesting here."
Blaise says, "Hmm"
You gave good karma to Samael.
You equip your moonstone.

[I follow Samael west to the Guild]
Under Construction
Blaise asks, "Samael, is the Sanctuary over that spot?"
Samael growls, "Not directly."
Samael growls, "Your moonstone... it is painful to me."
Blaise says, "I shall move away then"
Blaise asks, "Does the power of the moonstone come from the Goddess?"
Samael growls, "The moon, like all of creation, is part of the Night Mother."
Samael growls, "But the moonstone derives its power only from the moon."
Samael growls, "Luna is a priestess of the Night Mother."
Blaise asks, "Does her use of the moonstone interfere?"
Blaise says, "I am very unschooled in these things"
Samael growls, "It does not."
Blaise asks, "Is there any word I may carry back to one of the Exiles for you?"
Samael growls, "I shall find them when I need them."
Blaise says, "Thank you for the conversation then"
Samael growls, "Be ware of the Darshak."
Blaise asks, "In general.. or is there a current danger?"
Samael growls, "They grow stronger each day."
Blaise asks, "To what purpose?"
Samael growls, "To destroy Puddleby."
Blaise says, "Oh dear."
Blaise says, "Thanks.... good bye"
(Blaise considers what he has heard today)

[Samael heads west]
[I sprinted past a new spawn of spiders all the way to Diggin's tunnel.
Surprisingly, Samael was there.]

Blaise exclaims, "You move fast!"
Samael thinks to you, "These walls are nothing to me."
[I exit]

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July 04, 2002
Rocks to the Head


Kirth Gersen has updated his journal, with accounts of his trip to the Valley as well as info on the bloodblader's ring and ethereal boots.

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Mysterious Tree


Azriel reports in his latest journal entry about a mysterious tree at the edge of the Plains near the Chamelopod Forest.

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Outpost Update



Rael the Squonk and I conducted a tour of the areas south of Puddleby, checking for changes after the recent chaos storm. Unfortunately, there has been no change in the status of the Outpost that has been long under construction next to the South Forest Hospital.

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Invasion of South Farms


South Farms was invaded by Noids yesterday. Immediately afterwards, a second invasion hit, this time of vermine.


"Ouch! Not in the face! Not in the face!"

Aravir has more information and pictures of this invasion, including a picture of the new Pitch Arachnoid.

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Alchemist's Folly Discovery


A new pathfinder's pathway has been discovered deep inside the cavernous maze area of Alchemist's Folly. So far, though, no one has been able to break through.

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New Clan Directory


Kiriel D'Sol has created a new clan directory. This new directory has more detailed and recent information on clans than previous lists. I have added this page (along with several other new ones) to the list of links on the right.

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July 02, 2002
ThoomFest in Town Center



The first ThoomFest in a long time was held in the center of town yesterday. Thooms formed a thoomline and a thoomamid. Shamhat threw some pies at the thooms in formation.


The assembled Thooms then gave chase to Shamhat and surrounded her, expressing their disapproval with a loud chorus of thooming.

Aravir also has an image of ThoomFest available at his scroll, as well as some thoughts on deadly poppies.

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July 01, 2002
Ethereal Plane and Umbrion's Keep


Norm's journal entry for 55 Summer 546 (6/30/02) has more information on the rift in the Meadow and also tells of a trip to Umbrion's Keep.


Hor also has updated his journal with information on the Pie Project and other recent events in the meadow. See his entry for 55 Summer 546 (6/30/02).

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Rescue in the Valley


Azriel reports in his most recent journal entry on a rescue in the Valley.

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