September 30, 2002
Albino Maha


In his latest journal update, Koric reports on finding an albino maha, forgetting paths, and increasing fatigue with recent Puddleby controversies.

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September 29, 2002
Chaos Storm Report


Eyes of Puddleby has published its list of changes from the last chaos storm.

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Amberdrake Restored


Amberdrake has had her memories of fighting skills restored. After a tip from a wandering merchant in town, she and others sought out a Fen named Leth Nimbletoes with knowledge of potions to cure amnesia. Leth Nimbletoes agreed to prepare the cure, and exiles sought out the ingredients. After drinking the potion, Amberdrake was soon in Midpass testing out the results on some wendeckas.

Click on the images below to enlarge.

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Raging Orgas


Hor reports on large battles with the orgas in his most recent journal entry.

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Larno Passes Fourth


ThoomCare member Larno has passed the fourth circle healer test. You can see a visionstone of the test here.

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September 28, 2002


Lundar reports on the cancellation of the recent FMOCR and on the pros and cons of dealing with the 'brions in his latest journal entry.

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Meeting Hall


TMN presents here Ahh's report on the Meeting Hall, located in the southeast corner of town.

The full article is presented below.

Guide to the Meeting Hall
by Ahh

For the longest time I've wondered what the reason and purpose was for having a meeting hall. After all, we can talk freely just about anywhere, why pay to go in a building and do it? I decided to find out more about this presumably little used area. I headed across town to the area near the park.


Inside, I met a Sylvan named Mabito. Getting right down to business, Mabito told me:
"You can rent this hall for a public meeting for 20c or 200c for a private meeting of up to 3 hours. Please say 'public' or 'private' if you are interested in renting the hall."


"Pay for a public meeting?", I pondered, "and why not use the Purple Tor for private meetings?" Mabito saw I was an easy mark, and persisted: "Please say 'public' or 'private' if you are interested in renting the hall." I finally broke down and told him "private."

Mabito pocketed my 200 coins quickly, then informed me that:
"You will chair the meeting using this talking stick. You will have the room for three hours, or until you adjourn."



I appeared in the middle of the room holding a talking stick. A message appeared, " Try /use ? to get help with your talking stick should you need it."


I noticed this huge area could hold many more then a hotel room. Huge groups of people may attend. Apparently whoever holds the stick, commands its powers. There are commands to allow someone to join, speak, be silenced or to even be ejected.

The list of talking stick commands are as follows:
1) To allow one to speak: /USE /TALK
2) To quiet someone: /USE /QUIET
3) /All can be substituted for in the /talk and /quiet commands
4) To admit someone to the meeting: /USE /ADMIT
5) To deny someone entrance to the meeting: /USE /DENY (Private meetings only)
6) To eject someone from the meeting: /USE /EJECT (Private meetings only)
7) To adjourn the meeting: /USE /ADJOURN
8) To extend your time (one use only): /USE /EXTEND
9) You can also /USE [/TALK /QUIET /ADMIT /DENY /EJECT] to append an explanation
10) To see a list of who is talking normally: /USE /TALKERS

I left and noticed the meeting had adjourned, because I could not re-enter the room without renting it again. Also the talking stick can be dropped but only picked up by you, and it cannot be sold.

What use could the Meeting Hall have? Large groups of people needing to meet and discuss issues, with the capability of keeping meetings free of people who love to cause distractions. The talking stick can allow (if properly used) order in situations with endless debates and arguing. While 200 coins may seem like a lot for this, consider the cost per person when you have large groups in there, and want total privacy.

It appears the only difference between public and private meetings (besides the 180 coins) is that you can't use the commands: /DENY and /EJECT in the public meeting to remove someone, though you can still /QUIET them.

As a follow up, I tried the "/QUIET" command on my unknowing subject, Shen Calin.

/Use /Quiet Shen Calin
Shen Calin quieted.
Ahh asks, "what do you say to that?"
Shen Calin whispers, "heh"
/Use /Talk Shen Calin
Shen Calin can now speak freely.

As a result, when you "/Quiet" someone they can talk, but it only comes out as whispering, and cannot therefore be completely silenced.
Some of the practical uses of the talking stick could be:

/Use /Quiet /All - Make all talk in the room come out as whispers.
/Use /Talk /All - Gives everyone in the room the ability to speak normally.

/Use /Eject Ahh You really need to take a bath - Eject Ahh with an explanation
/Use /Deny Ahh You may come back here after you have taken a bath. - Deny Ahh from entering the room with an explanation

- Ahh

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More Mystic News


In his latest journal entry, Aravir reports on an appearance in town by Manticore and on another apprentice mystic leaving the Mystic Guild.

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Dancin' Orga


In his journal entry for 60 Summer 547, Wangah Rah reports on Hepta's promotion and on some recent increased orga activity.

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Ethereal Studies


Himitsu reports on continuing her ethereal studies and her thoughts about continuing to be a mystic in her most recent journal entry.

Himitsu's journal has been added to the list of permanent journal links in the right-hand column of TMN.

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September 25, 2002
Surprise Clan Meeting


In his journal entry for 49 Summer 547 (9/24/02), Norm explains how Hepta's promotion happened during an unscheduled clan meeting of the Zouclougeist Alliance.

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Hepta Promoted


Lundar reports on Hepta's promotion to Full Mystic status.

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A Noid Too Far


In his most recent journal entry, Hor takes a look at some lyfes, and travels under the Orga Village.

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September 24, 2002
Who Profits?


Aravir continues to host an extensive discussion of the pros and cons of trading with the 'brion brothers on his Who Profits page.

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Cimmbrion's Garden Maze


Drablak has prepared a new page with maps of Cimmbrion's Garden Maze.

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September 23, 2002
Pie Contest Art Exhibited


The Puddleby Pie Art Contest entries are now on exhibit, and the judges have started voting. Be sure to check out the art on display.

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The Winds of Dawn has announced the first Newbielympics. All Newbielympics events will take place between Saturday, October 19th and Sunday, October 27th. For more information, check out the official Newbielympics page.

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Underbrush and a Frog


Aravir's latest journal entries concern a frog in town and some deep underbrush in the East Forest.

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Orga Problems


Lundar reports on battles with the orga, membership changes in ELF, and speaking with arachnoids on his new journal page.

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September 22, 2002
Thoom Becomes Fen Again


Ruen reports in her journal entries for 35 Summer 547 and 28 Summer 547 on her thoughts on joining a clan, Amberdrake once again becoming a Fen, and some flowers in town.

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Undine and Storage Fees


Norm has updated his journal for 38 Summer 547 (9/22/02) with an account of an island rescue and a picture of him facing his formidable storage fees.

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Dunes and Islands


Hor's latest journal entry covers several hunting trips on land and at sea.

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September 20, 2002
Leogic Leaves


Leogic has left Puddleby and departed for points unknown. Clan ThoomCare wishes him safe travels.

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A Mystic Decision


In her journal entry for 9/19/02, Himitsu writes of her thoughts about the recent Mystic Controversy and the recent Mystic Council announcement regarding the 'brion brothers. She is considering leaving the Mystic Guild.

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September 19, 2002
Black Widows and Greymyrs


Hor has a report on the recent Wild Thursday.

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Kidnapped Fen


Catlin reports in her journal on how the Darshak dragged her off during the recent invasion.

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Ethereal Matters


Drablak has updated his Scroll on Ether and has new scrolls on the Ethereal Plane and the Ethereal Tower.

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September 16, 2002
Melabrion's Mine Rescue


Ruen reports on a rescue in Melabrion's Mine and on a visit to the Arena in the 9 Summer 547 edition of her journal.

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Battle with Darshak


The Darshak invaded Puddleby yesterday. The Darshak invasion was repelled and exiles took the battle to Ash Island, where they were faced with some of the roughest fighting in a long time. Many longtime exiles participated in the fierce battle in the Horde. Click on the images below to enlarge.

Aravir has more on the battle in his journal, including a picture of the invasion of town.

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September 15, 2002
Danger in the Passes


I recently travelled out to the passes to try to rescue Michael. I was trapped and fell en route. I was rescued by K'Pyn and Winds of Dawn. Shortly afterwards, I joined up with Knucklehead and K'Pyn to chain Michael to safety. Click the images below to enlarge.

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Megamouths and Necklaces


Hor has updated his journal with reports on fighting at sea, traveling near lava, fending off undine, and getting a catsbane necklace.

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Chaos Storm Changes


Eyes of Puddleby has published its list of changes from the last chaos storm.

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Lundar Reports on Mystic Race


In his Sketch of the Day for Day 188, Year 547 (9/14/02), Lundar reports on the Grand and Suicidal Mystic Race and on the most recent successful FMOCR.

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Cassia Allin


Cassia Allin is working on building a fort around the new hut at Southwest Beach.

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Basement Sale


Witkus has opened his basement expansion. Downstairs you will find Haron selling a variety of clubs.

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September 14, 2002
Dealing with the Brions


Aravir's journal is hosting an extensive debate about the Mystic Guild's recent decision to work toward a trade with the 'brion brothers.

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Hunting the Savannah


Ruen has new updates in her journal for 89 Spring, 547 and 6 Summer, 547. She reports on hunting in the savannah, a fen'neko changed to a thoom, and her thoughts on the Mystic Controversy.

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Jo Ma'ril Archives Part 3


Here is the third collection of pictures from Jo Ma'ril's archives. Click on the images to enlarge.

For more images from Jo's collection, see the archive at Better Living Through Fast Feet.

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Thoom Writ Large


Local Thooms gathered to spell out "Thoom" in Town Center. Thanks to Zen the Zo for help with the pictures. Click on the image below to enlarge.

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Volcanic Activity


Drablak reports on heightened volcanic activity at sea and recent ethereal explorations in his most recent journal entry.

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Storm Report from Sielk


Sielk reports on the aftereffects of the recent chaos storm in his most recent journal entry, and also discusses recent trips to sea and to the bear caves.

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Koric's Journal Moves


Koric has moved his journal to a new location.

In his journal entry for 4 Summer 547 (9/13/02), Koric talks about the ongoing Mystic Controversy and some changes on Umbrion's Island.

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September 13, 2002
Scenes from Wild Thursday


My slideshow of scenes from Wild Thursday is now available.

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Letter from Mystic Council


Lundar has some important news up at his Sketch of the Day today. He presents a letter from the Mystic Council encouraging a "stone for portal" trade with the 'brion brothers. He intends to be there supporting this endeavor on the next FMOCR raid. (tomorrow, Saturday, September 14th).

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September 12, 2002
Myrm Invasion


Lundar reports on a huge invasion of myrm in town in his Sketch of the Day for Day 177, Year 547 (9/12/02).

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Ratticus Invasion


Rael the Squonk sent TMN these pictures of a huge ratticus invasion of Puddleby last night. Click on the image below to enlarge.

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Wild Thursday


A "Wild Thursday" is expected prior to the Chaos Storm today. During this "wild" time, strange events may happen. When the Chaos Storm does occur, it will undo anything that happened during the wild time.

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September 11, 2002
Hunting the Lily Pond


Sielk writes about the new karma system and about hunting swamp ferals in his most recent journal entry. TMN has added Sielk's journal to the list of permanent links in the righthand column.

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Puzzled Hor


Hor reports in his most recent journal entry on his most recent hunts, finding an uli flower, and dodging meteors.

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Mystic Fallout Continues


Aravir has announced in his most recent journal entry that he has left the Mystic Guild due to his deep dissatisfaction with its handling of the Neige controversy. Recent revelations here on USENET that Sutai once tried to take over the "spirit" of Manticore have raised more questions about the Guild.

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September 10, 2002
Jo Ma'ril Archives Part 2


Here's another collection of pictures from Jo Ma'ril's archives. Click on the images to enlarge.

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September 08, 2002
Noth Underground Rescue


Lundar's Sketch of the Day for Day 159, Year 547 (9/8/02) describes a recent rescue in the Noth Underground. Lundar also reports on the recent bard audition.

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Mystic Controversy Update


Norm the Dwarf has some thoughts on the recent Mystic Controversy in his journal update for Terrdi, 71 Spring 547 (9/8/02).

In related news, the QuestTracker discussion group is conducting a poll to determine how exiles feel about the issues involved in the Mystic Controversy.

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Hunting the Foothills


Hor offers a detailed description of a recent expedition to the Foothills in his most recent journal entry.

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Bard Audition Report


Aravir has a report on the recent bard audition.

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September 07, 2002
Jo Ma'ril Archives Part 1


Long-time exile Jo Ma'ril has graciously given TMN permission to display some images from his archives. This is the first installment. Important exiles from Puddleby's past are visible in this set of pictures (Ejax Parr and AlthePal, among others). What differences do you notice from today's Puddleby? Click on the images to enlarge.

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Undine Attack


The undine attacked today. Undine came pouring out of the hut into the east fields. A hooded shadow even managed to get all the way to town center. Exiles formed a task force and put an end to this uprising. More pictures below; click on the images to enlarge.

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Know Your Vermine


In her journal entry for 68 Spring 547, Ruen reports on hunting in the South Forest.

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September 06, 2002
Chaining in the Passes


ThoomCare member Amarais Fina is seen here chaining fallens on a rescue in the passes. Read about this and more in Ruen's journal entry for 61 Spring 547.

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Karma and a Mystic Promotion


Aravir has news of karma experiments and a report on a variation of Wutold's fish song, along with news of Ruby's recent mystic promotion.

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Rescue in Cove


I took part in a recent rescue in the Kismia's Island Cove. Thwack had fallen in a dangerous beach area, and several fighters and healers were needed to retrieve him. Click on the image below to enlarge.

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Mystic vs. Mystic

neige.gif manticorelooksangry.gif

The recent mystic controversy still has Puddleby society talking. Discussion can be found here on USENET and in the Winds of Dawn discussion forum.

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September 05, 2002
Muddy Hut


Drablak reports in his latest journal entry on a muddy hut in the southwest farms.

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September 04, 2002
Foxweir Frenzy


Hor reports in his latest journal entry on a foxweir attack.

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September 03, 2002
Frogs in Town


Aravir reports in his most recent journal entry on frogs in town, Law'n St'ple talking to exiles, a chigger invasion, and asking the Mystic Council for some clarification on their stance with regard to the Manticore-Neige Controversy.

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The Talking Statue


Mr Bunco says, "Be the first to see the magical mystical talking statue."
Mr Bunco says, "This baby dates back to the time of the Ancients."
Mr Bunco says, "Wow the kiddies."
Mr Bunco says, "This will be the most astounding thing you ever see in your lifetime."

Visited the talking statue lately?

(This public service announcement brought to you by the Foundation for Talking Statues.)

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Fourth Circle Lorikeet


Lorikeet has passed the fourth circle healer's test.

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September 02, 2002
Orga Attack


Aravir has news of a very large orga invasion.

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Visiting the Astral Plane


Drablak writes of a trip to the Astral Plane and of hunting Melabrion's Island in his latest journal entry.

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September 01, 2002
Neige and Manticore


Wangah Rah now has an account of the recent Mystic Controversy, which continues to rage throughout Puddleby.

TMN will be glad to post views from either side of this controversy. Opinion pieces can be posted to the Comments section or submitted directly to the editor. The best ongoing discussion of this matter continues to be found in this Winds of Dawn discussion forum thread.

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Ferals and Fighting Mystics


Hor reports on hunting in the North Forest and the Greymyr Village, and on a mystic fighting competition in his most recent journal entry.

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Mystic Controversy


Puddleby was rocked yesterday by a mystic controversy that still has many exiles angry. By the end of yesterday's events, a FMOCR had been ruined and multiple court cases had been conducted. Exiles have started asking serious questions about the intentions and motives of the Mystic Council.

Aravir has some extensive coverage of the controversy.
Koric also has a full report.
The Winds of Dawn discussion forum has a thread on the subject.
Neige defends his actions here.
Xel has made his own full report available here.

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