March 31, 2003
Clan Lord Suggestion Box


Add your comments to Vagile's Clan Lord Suggestion Box:

Posted by Para at 09:28 PM
March 30, 2003
Drablak Moves His Scrolls


Drablak has moved his scrolls to a new location.

You can find them at from now on.

Posted by Para at 09:30 PM
New Version of TuneHelper

ocarina.gif tuborn.gif

TuneHelper 2.0a1 (OS X 10.2 ONLY) is available for download.


Posted by Para at 04:26 PM
Adventurer's Guides


The Winds of Dawn Clan has made available a series of "Adventurer's Guides." "The Foothills" and "Adventure Organizing and Planning" are among the topics.

Posted by Para at 03:15 PM
Cobra Assault


Hor reports on being attacked by ten cave cobras at once in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 02:53 PM
Avoid the Noid


Ruen tells of her first trip to the Arachnoid Cavern in her journal entry for 82 Summer 549.

Posted by Para at 07:02 AM
Irksome Tae-Su and Rafirr


Azriel reports in his journal entry for 83 Summer 549 on some map issues, a surprise Tae-Su attack, and Rafirr refusing to auction catsbane.

Posted by Para at 06:55 AM
Healer Power


A recent discussion thread on c.s.m.g.a. mentioned a visionstone of Lard Almighty and Lorikeet displaying some impressive healing power as the last standing healers in a battle in the Orga Outback. No one has been able to find a complete visionstone of the entire engagement and rescue, but thanks to Lex, TMN is able to present this partial visionstone, showing Lard and Lorikeet managing to stay on their feet even when things were looking hopeless.

Posted by Para at 06:49 AM
Wise Passes Fourth


ThoomCare member Wise has passed the fourth circle test for healers. Click here to view a visionstone. Congratulations to Wise!

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March 28, 2003
DT: Still Using 68K?


Ann GM has posted a message asking for responses to a survey for those people still using the 68K version of the client.

Posted by Para at 05:56 PM
March 27, 2003
RC Responds to DM Dunny Challenge (Finally)


Rising Claw responded to Dwarven Militia's Dunny Slaw challenge today (er, a couplea days late... hey, I overslept! What kin I say!). To quote:

To the fabulous Dwarven Militia:

We accept the challenge of a Money Hunt on Sunday, erm, two weeks hence
(lemme see... how's April 13 sound? too far along?).

We do, however, protest the banning of puns during the contest. This
would be akin to asking DM to neither shout "BEER!" at the top of their
lungs, or, for that matter, quaff a drop of the amber brew.

All other banned items listed are acceptable.

We await your reply.

-- Odesseus of S'kour
Chief Mischief Maker, Clan of the Rising Claw

Posted by Odesseus at 10:49 PM
Lyfes, Maps, and Coins

azriel.jpg aravir.gif drablakwithrock.gif hor.gif

Azriel reports on hunting on Kismia's Island in his journal entry for 79 Summer 549.

Aravir reports on a Bane of the Black Heart clan hunt and a coin chase in town.

Drablak has made significant improvements to his Map of Puddleby Island.

Hor has had his first visit to Kismia's Island.

Posted by Para at 07:21 PM
March 26, 2003
Chaos Storm #278


Chaos Storm #278 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

Posted by Kiriel at 10:39 AM
March 25, 2003
J'nder Presides


Feauial has coverage of the recent wedding of Frucesca, Fundin and iTornade.

Posted by Para at 12:30 AM
Tree Graffitti


Azriel comments on some coin hunting peculiarities and tree markings in his journal entry for 67 Summer 549.

Posted by Para at 12:23 AM
Trade with 'Brions


Lundar has a full report on the completed trade with the 'Brions.

Posted by Para at 12:16 AM
March 23, 2003
Megamouths, a Chain, and a Wedding

hor.gif norm.gif ruentriumphant.gif

Hor has a report on the wedding of Frucesca, iTornade, and Fundin.

Norm tells of fighting megamouths and baltoises at sea in journal entry for 63 Summer 549.

Ruen's journal entries for 28, 53, and 60 of Summer 549 tell of her recent musical inspiration and the first use of her new chain.

Posted by Para at 04:06 PM
Bridges and Paths


Sielk has news of his progress in supplying materials for the KI bridge and of a breakthrough in pathfinding in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 08:24 AM
ELF Hunt in Snaggy


Lundar has news of an ELF hunt in Snaggy.

Posted by Para at 08:19 AM
March 22, 2003
Many Sasquatches and a Wedding


In his latest journal entry, Hor reports on the upcoming wedding of Frucesca and the dwarfs Fundin and iTornade as well as a hunt in the Valley.

Update: directions to the wedding are available in Hor's journal entry above.

Posted by Para at 01:04 AM
March 19, 2003
Lundar Announces 'Brion Meeting


A message from Lundar:

Greetings fellow citizens of Puddleby,

There will be a meeting with the 'Brion Brothers at 10pm on Lundi, the 64th Day of Summer (OOC: 3pm PST Sunday) in Tenebrion's Conference Room. The purpose of the meeting is to settle the last remaining issues concerning the trade of 6 teleportation stones for a permanent portal to the Ethereal Plane, and to answer any questions that exiles may have for the 'Brions. If all goes well with the meeting, the stones will be handed over to the Brothers, and the agreement will be sealed.

This meeting will be open to the public, and all exiles are welcome to attend. All attendees will be expected to act in a respectful and orderly manner throughout the course of the meeting. Disruptive exiles will be asked to leave, or removed from the Conference Room physically. If things become too unruly, representatives will be chosen to help moderate the discussion.

This will be great milestone in our relations with the 'Brion Brothers, marking an increased cooperation with our powerful neighbors. I hope to see many of my fellow exiles there at this meeting, to witness and take part in this truly momentous event in Puddleby History.

Ma'ta Lundar et'Lotharen

Posted by Para at 02:49 PM
March 18, 2003
Garden Discovered in Orga Village


On an exploratory CoNGA trip to the Orga Village, Elenis Reyav discovered he was able to open a path that previously had not been openable despite many tries. This path led to a small garden area in the same snell. We were unable to locate any additional paths in the garden area but perhaps there is one that requires training in a pathfinding book we haven't yet located. The path to the garden seems to require full training in Giayl's Guide to Hidden Ways.

Posted by Kiriel at 11:35 PM
New Nocturnity Journal


Nocturnity the Thoom now has a journal.

Posted by Para at 11:06 PM
East Cove


Azriel tells of a hunt at East Cove of Kizmia's Island with Mujin-kun, Tyndall, Sabbit, Birch, and Sakura in his journal entry for 42 Summer 549.

Posted by Para at 10:15 PM
March 17, 2003
Orgas, Sunstones, and Speaking Thoom

hor.gif newhimitsu.gif aravir.gif

Hor reports in his latest journal entry on hunting trips to TGBG, Orga Village, and Devil's Island.

Himitsu has updated Eyes of Puddleby to reflect the latest chaos storm.

Also, Aravir reports he has learned the Thoom language.

Posted by Para at 09:19 PM
DM Challenges RC for Dunny


Dwarven Militia has challenged the current reigning Dun'ilsar, Rising Claw, with the following:

1. The Money Hunt.

Both clans will meet at Bart's pub in central Puddleby at the appointed time. All members of both clans, having deposited all their coins in the bank, or disposed of them in some other fashion will leave the pub and attempt to gain as many coins as possible in the next 45 OOC minutes. At the end of the 45 minutes, a count will be made of all the coins that are in the pub. That means that the only coins that will count are those that have been returned to the pub, any coins outside the pub at the end of time will NOT count towards that team's total.

Banned for this contest:
Purgatory Pendants
Gifts from other exiles

2. The Search.

I don't believe that this challenge has been accepted before. Both clans are to meet in Cassia's hut. Having removed from their inventory all building materials, members of both clans have 45 OOC minutes in order to gather all the building materials available. Members have to return to Cassia's hut at the end of the 45 minutes. Only materials inside the hut at the end of time will be counted towards the total. Materials are to be donated to Cassia's building project.

Banned for this contest:
Purchasing materials from other exiles
Purgatory Pendants

As per Dun'ilsar rules Rising Claw has one week to reply with their challenge and one of the decided times (to be posted later).

Speaking for myself, I may protest the banning of puns! Bah!


Posted by Odesseus at 02:34 AM
March 16, 2003
Getting a Chain


Ruen went hunting in South Forest to raise funds for a chain. Read about it in her journal entry for 24 Summer 549.

Posted by Para at 10:45 AM
March 15, 2003
Green Beer; Zapped Dwarf


Lirr has a report on the introduction of brambleberry beer in his journal entry for 30 Summer 549.


Norm was on the receiving end of a few lightning bolts too many during the recent unsuccessful FMOCR. Read more in his journal entry for 26 Summer 549.

Posted by Para at 03:07 PM
Tao of Trillbane Now Accessible!


Today a group visiting the foothills discovered that the Tao of Trillbane, in the cave near the waterfall, is now accessible to those with full training in Giayl's Guide to Hidden Ways. This does not seem to be the next book in the pathfinding series, however, but rather one further along, as none of those with full training in the first book were able to comprehend it. Attempts to locate the second book have thus far been unsuccessful.

Posted by Kiriel at 12:44 AM
March 13, 2003
Training with Rodnus


Sielk reports in his latest journal entry on training with Rodnus and continuing to work with the Kismia's Island bridge builder.

Posted by Para at 09:52 PM
Pathfinding with Feauial


Feauial reports on hunting and pathfinding in his latest journal entry for Summer 549.

Posted by Para at 09:36 PM
Rocks and Drakes


Azriel's journal entry for 22 Summer 549 includes reports on soloing a drake and on finding a powdery white rock.

Posted by Para at 09:13 PM


Hor has a report on the recent Sylvan Spring Festival.

Posted by Para at 09:08 PM
Fishwrap #53 Now Available


Fishwrap #53, "Roll the Dice," is now available.


* Odesseus Interviews Sabriel
* Lirr Asks Exiles About Gambling
* "A Scribe's Tale" by Fundin

Lirr tells about his experience as a reporter in his journal entry for 15 Summer 549.

Read below for the full text.


Issue #53: "Roll the Dice"
[March 13, 2003]


* Odesseus Interviews Sabriel
* Lirr Asks Exiles About Gambling
* "A Scribe's Tale" by Fundin


This issue of Fishwrap Magazine is brought to you by the following
* Antiscian Clan
* Clan Pogue Mahone
* Clan Rising Claw
* Modest, for Clan Blue Team
* Aneirin, for the Order of Akara
* Frucesca
Announcing Dr. Frucy's Psychiatric Practice! Consultations by
appointment only; all patients welcome!
* The Order of the Golden Maha
* Sor, for Sun Dragon Clan

"TMN: Thoom News You Can Use"

Unsuccessful FMOCR
Ruen on ELF Meeting
Azriel and the Wall of Noids
The Equip it Right Storm - Chaos Storm #276
ELF in Melabrion's Mines
DFU Expands
"This Is Gonna Hurt"
Thoom Council Gathers
Hor vs. Undine
Slime Strikes Puddleby

for more information on the above stories, see TMN at:


New Journals

Here's a list of some of the newer exile journals:







Odesseus says, "Okie, I'm going to ask you a few questions"
(Sabriel nods)
Odesseus says, "I'll try and keep em to the point, and you can answer
them however you want"
(Odesseus smiles)
(Sabriel smiles)
Sabriel is a Sylvan, is female, is a Healer, and is not wearing the
symbol of any clan.
She is holding a moonstone and a wooden shield, and she is wearing a
sunstone, a shiny medallion, a sylphstone ring, what looks like a
closed locket, a healer's shirt, a second-circle healer's skirt, a
pair of shoes and a pair of pearl earrings.
Odesseus asks, "Okie... how long have you been in the Lok'Grotons?"
Sabriel says, "Well, I was exiled.."
(Sabriel smiles)
(Odesseus nods)
Sabriel says, "I don't know how long ago.."
Sabriel says, "A little while though"
(Odesseus scrawls on a piece of parchment)
Sabriel says, "12-14 zodiacs maybe"
Odesseus says, "Ah.."
Odesseus asks, "Why were you exiled?"
Sabriel says, "=/"
Sabriel says, "Well..."
Sabriel says, "I ran a bakery back there"
(Odesseus nods)
Sabriel says, "Somebody, I don't know who"
(Odesseus scribbles some more on the parchment)
Sabriel exclaims, "changed my berries for rotten ones!"
Odesseus exclaims, "Oh, no!"
Odesseus says, ":"<"
Sabriel says, "Yeah"
Odesseus asks, "Then what happened?"
Sabriel says, "7 people got very very ill"
Sabriel says, "1 died... =/"
Sabriel says, "I was exiled without trial"
Odesseus says, "Oh, my! terrible"
Sabriel says, "As harsh as it sounds..."
(Odesseus writes some more)
Sabriel says, "I am almost pleased that it happened"
Odesseus asks, "Umm hmm?"
Sabriel says, "Not for the poor person"
Odesseus asks, "Why is that?"
Sabriel says, "But for the new life I have here"
Odesseus says, "Oh, I see"
(Sabriel looks sad)
Odesseus asks, "So, tell me about how things have been for you here?"
(Sabriel smiles)
Sabriel says, "Very well"
(Odesseus nods)
Sabriel says, "I have found that 'most' exiles are very kind and giving"
Odesseus says, "Ah, good, good"
(Sabriel smiles)
Odesseus asks, "But not all?"
Sabriel says, "No..."
(Odesseus nods)
Sabriel says, "As in all places, some people have to make things..."
(Odesseus scrawls on the parchment)
Sabriel says, "harder."
Sabriel exclaims, "but on the whole I have found the unlikely truth
that most exiled people are very kind!"
(Odesseus nods)
Odesseus says, "Yes, true"
Odesseus says, "Ok..."
Odesseus asks, "What has been the best thing to happen to you since
coming here?"
Sabriel says, "Oh..."
(Odesseus smiles)
Sabriel says, "Well...when I passed 2nd...I was amazed at people
congratulating me"
(Sabriel smiles)
Odesseus asks, "Ha, really?"
Sabriel says, "That has been a highpoint."
(Odesseus smiles)
Odesseus asks, "Any exceptional adventures?"
Sabriel says, "No, well, not any exceptionally good ones..."
Odesseus says, "Ok, fun ones for you"
(Sabriel smiles)
Sabriel says, "Yes, I have had many fun adventures"
Odesseus asks, "Any in particular?"
Sabriel says, "I enjoy luring in the undine hut..."
Odesseus says, "Ah..."
Sabriel says, "I do tend to get everyone killed though =D"
Odesseus says, "Fun place..."
Odesseus exclaims, "Heh!"
Sabriel says, "which is the high point"
(Odesseus laughs)
Sabriel says, "My friends are used to it.."
(Odesseus grins)
Sabriel says, "but a few people who are kind enough to brick for us.."
Sabriel says, "have not been amused"
(Odesseus chuckles)
Odesseus says, "Some people are just too serious."
(Sabriel smiles)
Odesseus asks, "How do you like being a healer?"
(Sabriel smiles)
Sabriel says, "I love it"
(Odesseus nods)
Sabriel says, "I enjoy helping others"
Sabriel says, "I give clothes and stuff to exiles newer then me =)"
Sabriel says, "Healing lets me do this to everyone =)"
Odesseus exclaims, "That's very nice!"
Odesseus asks, "If there was one thing you could tell a new exile,
what would it be?"
Sabriel says, "where the rat towers are =D"
(Odesseus chuckles)
Odesseus asks, "How about older exiles?"
Sabriel says, "No, bad example"
Odesseus says, "OK, new exiles first then"
Sabriel says, "Well.."
Sabriel says, "Something about how alone you are much less then you
are with others"
(Odesseus nods)
Sabriel says, "We all depend on others to get us through life"
Odesseus says, "Ah, true"
Odesseus asks, "and older exiles?"
Sabriel says, "Maybe the same thing"
(Odesseus chuckles)
Sabriel says, "I think it is the most important thing in this world"
Sabriel says, "Other then having fun =)"
(Odesseus nods and writes that down)
Odesseus says, "OK, in keeping with TMN tradition..."
Odesseus says, "You get to ask the interviewer one question."
Sabriel says, "...."
(Odesseus smiles)
Sabriel says, "er..."
Odesseus says, "anything"
Sabriel asks, "How about... What you would tell a new exile?"
Odesseus exclaims, "oh, heh... good question!"
(Sabriel smiles)
Odesseus says, "Well, ummm..."
Odesseus says, "To not be afraid to ask help of others..."
(Sabriel nods)
Odesseus exclaims, "And to get into trouble a lot!"
Sabriel says, "I'll keep that in mind =)"
(Odesseus grins toothily)
(Sabriel smiles)
Odesseus exclaims, "So that old, grey furred fens can come rescue you!"
(Sabriel smiles)
Odesseus says, "Thanks Sabriel, for taking time to talk to me..."


Got Mendin', Inc.: Clothing repair by Serra Lorne and Zero-X

Ripped? Torn? Colors Fadin'?

Call on 'Got Mendin', Inc. for all your mendin' needs.

Free quotes from Serra Lorne or Zero-X in all languages!

Serra Lorne is a Dwarf, is female, is an exile, and is wearing the
symbol of the Dwarven Militia.
She is holding a dagger and a sewing kit, and she is wearing a
sunstone, a shirt and a pair of pants.
(got mendin?™ bakin' and brewin' donations accepted, too!)


"Announcing my wedding with Fundin and itornade at day 64 of summer
9:34 pm (OOC 23 March, 3 pm EST). "Busses" to the party meet at East
Gate. All exiles invited; if you are or know a priest please contact us!



Lundar thinks to you, "Yei?"
(Lirr smiles.)
Lirr asks, "Thanks. I am doing a lil survey for Fishwrap Magazine. Can
I ask you a question please?"
Lundar says, "Sure"
Lirr asks, "Which form of Puddlebean gambling do you enjoy the most?
Which game is the best, in your opinion?"
Lundar ponders, "Eep, gambling!"
(Lirr smiles innocently)
Lundar says, "Gambling is bad for your wallet"
Lirr asks, "Oh? So you don't?"
Lundar says, "I didn't say that :)"
(Lirr smiles.)
Lundar says, "If I had to pick one, I'd say blackjack is the most
(Lirr nods!!!)
(Lundar shivers.)
Lirr exclaims, "Thanks on behalf of Fishwrap's readers!"
Lundar says, "nai'tonde"

Lirr says, "Insanelife ...?"
Insanelife says, "Lirr: blackjack"
(Lirr nods)
(Insanelife visits the bank)
Lirr exclaims, "Thanks Insanelife, on behalf of Fishwrap readers!"
Lirr says, "Boris, I am doing a lil survey for Fishwrap Magazine. Can
I ask you a question please?"
Boris says, "sure"
(Lirr smiles.)
Lirr asks, "Which form of Puddlebean gambling do you enjoy the most?
Which game is the best, in your opinion?"
Boris says, "Unequip weapon and run sandbar in north KI waters is my
Lirr asks, "Any other forms, Boris?"
Boris says, "uummm, betting in the Coliseum can be fun as well"

Lirr asks, "Asren, I am doing a lil survey for Fishwrap Magazine. Can
I ask you a question please?"
Asren says, "sure"
Lirr asks, "Which form of Puddlebean gambling do you enjoy the most?
Which game is the best, in your opinion?"
Asren says, "Blackjack all the way, but I do like some slots sometimes"
(Lirr nods)
Lirr asks, "Which slots?"
Asren says, "cheap one with cigars"
(Lirr grins.)
Asren blows a giant cloud of smoke into the air.
Asren says, "I like the dealers in the back though"
Lirr asks, "Basement?"
Asren says, "yeah"
(Lirr nods)
Lirr says, "The free booze is nice"
(Asren grins)

Lirr asks, "Catlin and Twilth, I am doing a lil survey for Fishwrap
Magazine. Can I ask you a question please?"
Catlin exclaims, "Sure!"
Twilth says, "Alright."
(Lirr smiles.)
Lirr asks, "Which form of Puddlebean gambling do you enjoy the most?
Which game is the best, in your opinion?"
Asren ponders, "speakin' o'gamblin!"
Twilth says, "Blackjack. I never win anything in raffle."
Catlin says, "I like the Coliseum"
(Lirr nods.)
Lirr asks, "Where're the best rewards to be had?"
Catlin says, "Haven't spent much time at the gambling house"
Twilth says, "Probably the Golden Butterfly. I hear you can get chains
as rewards."
Twilth says, "And such..."
Catlin says, "The Coliseum and the raffle is the extent of my gambling"

Lirr asks, "Wangah Rah, I am doing a lil survey for Fishwrap Magazine.
Can I ask you a question please?"
Wangah Rah says in Thoom, "Please do"
Lirr asks, "Which form of Puddlebean gambling do you enjoy the most?
Which game is the best, in your opinion?"
(Wangah Rah looks around nervously)
Wangah Rah exclaims in Thoom, "I've always been partial to
blackjack...but don't get me confused with those addicts!"
Lirr says, "Of course not"
Lirr asks, "Anything else?"
Wangah Rah says in Thoom, "Really, I don't care much for any other
form of losing my few and far between fortunes"
(Lirr nods.)
(Wangah Rah shakes his snow-globe and checks for orga.)
Lirr exclaims, "Thanks Wangah Rah, on behalf of Fishwrap readers!"
Wangah Rah exclaims in Thoom, "My pleasure!"

Lirr asks, "Zorton, I am doing a lil survey for Fishwrap Magazine. Can
I ask you a question please?"
Zorton says, "be happy to"
Lirr asks, "Which form of Puddlebean gambling do you enjoy the most?
Which game is the best, in your opinion?"
Feauial ponders, "a question to a mystic?"
Zorton says, "hmm"
Zorton says, "think 21 is my favorite"
Lirr asks, "Anything else?"
Zorton exclaims, "well the slots are nice but they really seemed to be
Zorton says, "I never win on them"
Lirr says, "I certainly know what you mean."
(Lirr grins.)
Zorton says, "with 21 I have had some good days"
Zorton says, "though ya gotta keep an eye on Jack"
Zorton says, "he's got a shifty deal sometimes"
Lirr exclaims, "Oh Jack is a nasty piece of work!"
(Lirr lost a few coins, or more, earlier...)
Foo says, "Heh."
Lirr exclaims, "Thanks Zorton, on behalf of Fishwrap readers!"
Murphy says, "I'm sure Jack deals from the bottom of the deck; those
blackjacks come up far too often to be entirely random"
Lirr says, "Interesting theory Murphy."
Lirr asks, "Murphy, I am doing a lil survey for Fishwrap Magazine. Can
I ask you a question please?"
Murphy says, "sure why not"
Lirr asks, "Which form of Puddlebean gambling do you enjoy the most?
Which game is the best, in your opinion?"
Murphy says, "hmm"
Murphy says, "21 gives me the best chance of winning but roulette
gives out the best prices"
Murphy says, "I'd say that I enjoy 21 the most"
Lirr asks, "Where do you play that? Upstairs or down?"
Murphy says, "upstairs mostly"
(Lirr nods)
Lirr asks, "That Jack again, eh?"
Murphy says, "downstairs is too far to walk to lose money"
Lirr says, "But, there is free booze down there."
Murphy says, "Yes, but if you start getting pissed you aren't thinking
Lirr says, "True true."
(Algernon wipes his nose on his sleeve.)
Murphy says, "and if you aren't thinking clearly you make mistakes"
(Lirr nods)
Murphy says, "and if you make mistakes you lose money"
Murphy says, "and losing money is bad"
Lirr exclaims, "That's some piece of lucid logic!"

Lirr asks, "Hoggle, I am doing a lil survey for Fishwrap Magazine. Can
I ask you a question please?"
Hoggle asks, "hrm... is it about beer?"
Lirr says, "Almost..."
Hoggle says, "k"
Lirr asks, "Which form of Puddlebean gambling do you enjoy the most?
Which game is the best, in your opinion?"
Hoggle exclaims, "hrmph.. like I'm gonna give away my secrets!"
Hoggle shows his chain to everyone.
(Hoggle grins)
(Lirr chuckles thoomily.)
Hoggle says, "I like the 50"
Hoggle says, "Then again I've won like 2 chains, an axe, and 3 lumps
of ore in the past 3 days.."
Lirr exclaims, "Wow!"
Hoggle says, "Then again.. I've also spent some money too.. ;)"
Lirr asks, "Cards or Cubes or Bones anything you play?"
Hoggle says, "I don't really venture too much further than the first
room downstairs"
Hoggle says, "I like to gamble and be done with it.."
Hoggle says, "Some of those other games you have to keep on going"
Hoggle says, "Umm.. the rolling dice one"
Hoggle says, "I want a poker table"
Lirr says, "That'd be nice"
Hoggle says, "or roulette wheel"
Mjollnir says, "that'd be great, Hoggle"
Mjollnir says, "I'd like to set up a national lottery"

Lirr asks, "Squirrel, I am doing a lil survey for Fishwrap Magazine.
Can I ask you a question please?"
(Squirrel raises an eyebrow)
Squirrel says, "yar"
Lirr asks, "Which form of Puddlebean gambling do you enjoy the most?
Which game is the best, in your opinion?"
Squirrel exclaims, "oooh oooh... gamblin!"
(Lirr smiles.)
Squirrel says, "squirrel wuzza big gambler bak inda day"
Squirrel says, "hrmf... slot siz fun..."
(Lirr nods.)
Squirrel says, "but der ferda stoopid folks"
Squirrel says, "ain't gots no odds"
Squirrel says, "an da dice game iz okay... but datsa scam"
Squirrel says, "wud afta blakjak"
Lirr exclaims, "Ah!"
Squirrel says, "jack izza grade a scammer"
Squirrel says, "squirrel always envied dat"
(Squirrel nods to herself)

Lirr asks, "MeRoka, Dorkhor, Yosaku, Garp, and Florine, I am doing a
lil survey for Fishwrap Magazine. Can I ask you a question please?"
(MeRoka shrugs.)
(Yosaku nods)
Dorkhor says, "sure"
Lirr asks, "Which form of Puddlebean gambling do you enjoy the most?
Which game is the best, in your opinion?"
(Lirr smiles.)
MeRoka says, "hunting in rock-filled areas"
Florine says, "dunno"
MeRoka says, "Trying to tag something that one-hits me."
Garp says, "Jack's in the casino :)"
Yosaku says, "trying to hit a landdew with 50 atkus"
MeRoka says, "Nah, that's pure luck"
(Yosaku chuckles)
Lirr asks, "Coliseum at all?"
(MeRoka shakes her head.)
MeRoka says, "I prefer gambling with games of skill/chance."
Dorkhor says, "been ages since I last went there"
(Lirr nods)
Garp says, "I made some coins at it though"
Garp says, "beat 1k earlier"
Garp says, "and won"
Lirr asks, "At Jack's table, Garp?"
(Garp nods)
Lirr exclaims, "Nice!"
Lirr asks, "Any other opinions?"
Garp says, "I spent nearly 3k on the 100c table down below, and it's a
rip-off, we need better returns from the casino"
Lirr exclaims, "Yikes, Garp!"

Lirr asks, "Naferu, I am doing a lil survey for Fishwrap Magazine. Can
I ask you a question please?"
Naferu says, "okie doke"
(Lirr smiles.)
Lirr says, "Thanks."
Lirr asks, "Which form of Puddlebean gambling do you enjoy the most?
Which game is the best, in your opinion?"
Vizer thinks to you, "Boneyard!"
Naferu says, "they all are evil"
Lirr asks, "Evil?"
Naferu says, "and take my money"
(Lirr nods.)
Naferu says, "so I enjoy them as much as having my teeth pulled"

Aravir says, "hello"
Lirr asks, "Aravir, I am doing a lil survey for Fishwrap Magazine. Can
I ask you a question please?"
Aravir says, "Feel free"
(Lirr smiles.)
Lirr asks, "Which form of Puddlebean gambling do you enjoy the most?
Which game is the best, in your opinion?"
Aravir ponders, "Hmm"
Aravir says, "I guess I'd have to say Skea roulette"
Lirr asks, "Any others?"
(Lirr smiles.)
Aravir says, "well, I occasionally give this one a try..."
Aravir shows his chain to you.
(Lirr nods)
* Aravir recovers the Large Vermine fur, worth 1c. Your share is 1c.
Aravir ponders, "Lirr wins 1c that time!"
(Lirr chuckles thoomily.)
Aravir says, "ouch"

Lirr says, "'lo McBain."
McBain says, "Heya"
Lirr asks, "McBain, I am doing a lil survey for Fishwrap Magazine. Can
I ask you a question please?"
McBain says, "Sure"
Lirr asks, "Which form of Puddlebean gambling do you enjoy the most?
Which game is the best, in your opinion?"
McBain exclaims, "Betting on Sylvan cat fights!"
(Lirr snickers)
Lirr asks, "Any others?"
McBain says, "My favorite gambling is betting on the fights in the arena"
(Lirr nods.)
WormTounge asks, "Not the coliseum?"
(Bones Thooms.)
Bones says, "howdy McBain"
McBain says, "Uh, yes the coliseum"
(Lirr grins.)
McBain says, "Heya Bones"
Bones asks, "ah, you are a reporter now Lirr?"
Lirr exclaims, "Yes!"
McBain ponders, "course the coliseum is ruined now that you have to
bring monsters in"
Lirr asks, "Care to comment on gambling, Bones?"
McBain says, "Bones likes betting on sylvan cat fights too"
Lirr asks, "Really Bones?"
Bones says, "yes"
(Lirr nods.)
Bones says, "the sylvans, they do fight well"
Lirr asks, "What about cards?"
Bones says, "only Thoom games"
Bones says, "they don't have any of those in the casino"
(Lirr nods.)
Lirr asks, "Any other forms of gambling you like, Bones?"
Bones asks, "ah, gambling?"
Bones says, "no, I don't gamble much"

Lirr exclaims, "Greetings Althea!"
Althea says in Thoom, "hello Lirr"
(Althea smiles)
(Lirr smiles.)
Lirr asks, "Althea, I am doing a lil survey for Fishwrap Magazine. Can
I ask you a question please?"
Althea says, "certainly"
Tigger ponders, "Run Althea!"
(Lirr smiles and nods.)
Althea asks, "what may I do for you?"
Lirr asks, "Which form of Puddlebean gambling do you enjoy the most?
Which game is the best, in your opinion?"
Althea says, "oh..."
Luminary ponders, "Uh oh. Roaming Thoom interrogations!"
(Lirr grins.)
Station ponders, "Blackjack and 50 and 100c slots"
Althea says, "sorry, I"m afraid I don't gamble much"
Althea says, "but occasionally..."
Althea says, "I've played blackjack"
Lirr asks, "Yes...?"
Althea says, "I suppose that would be my favorite..."
Lirr asks, "And betting in the Coli?"
Althea says, "oh that.. certainly"
Althea says, "yes that's fun too"
(Lirr smiles.)
Althea says, "that's actually the best"
Althea says, "because you get to hang out with friends..."
Althea says, "talk about the fighters..."
Lirr asks, "Critter or exile betting?"
Althea says, "I do both"
(Lirr nods)
Althea says, "sometimes in the same fight"
(Althea smiles)
(Lirr chuckles thoomily.)
Althea says, "it just depends"
(Lirr nods.)

Lirr whispers, "Luminary, may a roaming interrogator ask you a
question, for Fishwrap Magazine?"
Luminary whispers, "Uh oh...what did I do?"
(Lirr chuckles thoomily.)
Luminary whispers, "Sure, Lirr. Fire away"
Lirr whispers, "I am doing a lil survey for the Fishwrap... do you
Luminary whispers, "Not with money..."
Lirr whispers, "Care to elaborate, for our readers?"
Luminary whispers, "We exiles gamble with our health, every day. I
think that's enough"
(Lirr nods.)
Luminary whispers, "Besides...I'm just a poor mystic."
Luminary whispers, "Can you spare some boat fare?"
(Luminary grins)
Lirr whispers, "On behalf of Fishwrap's readers, thanks!"
(Lirr hands Luminary an undisclosed amount.)

Lirr asks, "Manx, I am doing a lil survey for Fishwrap Magazine. Can I
ask you a question please?"
Manx exclaims, "certainly!"
(Manx smiles.)
Lirr asks, "Which form of Puddlebean gambling do you enjoy the most?
Which game is the best, in your opinion?"
Jack Vintian waits patiently.
Manx exclaims, "The best game is cash slots!"
(Lirr smiles.)
Jack Vintian hands Michael his winnings.
Lirr asks, "Anything else?"
Manx says, "I think second..."
(Lirr smiles and nods.)
Manx says, "I like the 100 copper slot."
Manx says, "because I won my horn there the first time."
Lirr says, "Ah"
Lirr exclaims, "Thanks Manx, on behalf of Fishwrap readers!"
Manx exclaims, "Thank you!"
(Manx smiles.)
Manx ponders, "Thooms are so polite."
(Lirr chuckles thoomily.)

Lirr exclaims, "heya!"
Sor exclaims, "Hello!"
Lirr asks, "Sor, I am doing a lil survey for Fishwrap Magazine. Can I
ask you a question please?"
Sor exclaims, "Of course!"
(Sor glances at Jack in the corner)
Lirr says, "Thank you! The setting here in the casino is perfect..."
Sor says, "Hmm…"
Lirr asks, "Which form of Puddlebean gambling do you enjoy the most?
Which game is the best, in your opinion?"
Sor says, "Well..."
(Lirr nods and listens.)
Sor says, "My favorite game would be blackjack, if I was still gambling"
Lirr asks, "But you aren't?"
Sor says, "I started with slots, but blackjack really made me rich"
Sor exclaims, "oh no!"
Sor exclaims, "I quitted!"
Lirr says, "Ah…"
(Sor shrugs)
Lirr asks, "Boring?"
Sor exclaims, "No!"
(Lirr grins.)
Sor exclaims, "Expensive!"
Lirr says, "Aha."
Sor says, "and …"
Sor says, "bad for health"
Lirr asks, "How do you mean?"
Sor asks, "I can become an obsession you know?"
Lirr exclaims, "It can??!"
Sor says, "You only think about winning more,"
Sor says, "or making back what you lost"
Lirr asks, "No, really?"
(Sor nods)
(Lirr shifts uneasily and smiles.)
Sor says, "I hear there's even…"
Sor says, "an association…"
Sor says, "Anonymous Gamblers or something."
Lirr says, "Maybe interested Fishwrap readers can find out more for
themselves, if they want?"
Sor exclaims, "Certainly!"
Sor says, "But since I quitted, I don't bother"
(Lirr nods.)
Sor says, "However,"
Sor says, "I recommend to be careful with gambling"
Lirr says, "Alright."
Sor says, "The temptation of easy money…"
Lirr asks, "How about betting in the Coli?"
(Lirr nods.)
Sor exclaims, "Ah, the Coliseum!"
Lirr asks, "Yes?"
Sor says, "unfortunately,"
Sor says, "it is no longer what it once was :("
Lirr asks, "How is that?"
Sor says, "Almost nobody bets nowadays"
Lirr says, "Ah..."
Sor says, "Fighters only go there to practice for tests"
Sor exclaims, "or to gain experience !"
Sor exclaims, "Before it was a good place to win or lose fortunes!"
(Lirr grins.)
Lirr says, "Filthy business that, ranks."
Sor exclaims, "Yes indeed!"
(Lirr nods.)
Sor exclaims, "Don't get me started on ranks!"
(Sor grins)
(Lirr chuckles thoomily.)
Sor blows his horn.
(Lirr grins.)
Lirr says, "Well..."
Lirr asks, "Anything else to add?"
Sor says, "Hmm…"
Sor says, "Not that I can think of."
Lirr exclaims, "Thanks Sor, on behalf of Fishwrap readers!"
(Sor bows)


Since being exiled to Puddleby in the year 539, I started to take a
great interest in my surroundings, not least of which so that I could
survive and find my way around safely. It didn't take long for me to
meet many kind exiles, many who helped me to learn my trade and to
gather my thoughts in these new and wonderful surroundings.

After a short while, I started to keep records of my training, my
kills and other such details. You see. I was a statistician back on
the mainland, under the Emperor Mobius, until I became too thorough in
my work. It revealed some of his more shady dealings, and before I
knew it, I was on a boat to Puddleby with many others.

I sometimes spend time on my own studying my books of stats, seeing
how I should vary my training or how many times I've fallen to rats.
It all provides a fascinating insight into my time in Puddleby. So,
I've decided to share some snippets of my books with other exiles.

The first exile I met was Bulfar of the Dwarven Militia, who sadly
isn't seen in the lands much anymore. He's still in the library, I've
been assured. I hunted with many exiles in my early days, but I fondly
remember Ugo Fuxfell and Yor showing me the Tree Giants Breeding
Grounds for the first time (I was a five-day-old exile!). I can also
picture with dread being shown round the Noid caverns by Glaurung,
Tuzar, Goliat and Pookioko. That was a truly terrifying experience as
my skill with an axe at that time was purely for trimming my beard.

Critters Killed:
Vermine 10343
Large vermine 8076
Rats 7908
Oompa Loompa 13
Knight of Ni 3

Bolok Cougar 53
Island Panther 48
Rats 6
Saturnus 3
Mujin-kun 3
Actually I've fallen 1379 times since I've been exiled, that's more
times than I have ranks!

Received 1859
Given 3030

I have shared a total of 1217 exiles in my time.
And luckily for me, my spirit has only departed my body 12 times.

Time Clanning:
The most worrying thing I have discovered is that I have spent close
to 1500 hours out of the library, that's 62 days of RL time!!!

When I look through my tomes of information, I dread to think how many
books would be used to detail the exiles from the Ripture Wars and
before. The mind boggles as to how many vermine they will have killed.

Now I've shared my tomes with you, I hope you've found some of it
interesting. Long-time exiles, if you keep tomes of information
yourselves, I would love to see them sometime. Perhaps you can share
some snippets such as these. Just see me in town if you have anything
for me.

Statistician/Warrior/Pathfinder/Skinner and most importantly BEER
drinker of the Dwarven Militia

Fishwrap Magazine is produced by the ThoomCare Media Network.

Fishwrap Magazine is available on the World Wide Web.
You can subscribe there and also read all the back issues.

Publisher and Editor: Paramedic

Fishwrap is always looking for new stories. If you have news you think
belongs in Fishwrap Magazine, send Paramedic mail at the Puddleby Post
Office (mailbox #1047) or email him @

Advertising rates for Fishwrap:
Sponsorships: only 25 coins
Full ads: only 50 coins

Posted by Para at 08:40 PM
Unsuccessful FMOCR


Kirth Gersen tells of a failed FMOCR in his journal for 15 Summer 549.

Posted by Para at 01:33 AM
Ruen on ELF Meeting


Ruen has a report on the recent ELF meeting in her journal entry for 6 Summer 549.

Posted by Para at 01:18 AM
Azriel and the Wall of Noids


Azriel's latest journal entry (18 Summer 549) covers a rescue at the East Cove of Kismia's Island and encounters with a drake and some noids.

Posted by Para at 12:37 AM
March 12, 2003
The Equip it Right Storm - Chaos Storm #276


Chaos Storm #276 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

Posted by Kiriel at 11:43 AM
March 10, 2003
ELF in Melabrion's Mines


Lundar's latest journal entry has reports on an ELF meeting and subsequent hunt in Melabrion's Mines.

Posted by Para at 08:17 PM
DFU Expands


Azriel has joined the DFU. Read more about this in his journal entry for 10 Summer 549.

Posted by Para at 08:06 PM
March 09, 2003
"This Is Gonna Hurt"


Ruen recently went hunting with Anfyr, Mazulan, Omega, and Zeitgeist. Also, she has acquired a flute from Hendrux. Read more in her journal entry for 2 Summer 549.

Posted by Para at 05:04 PM
Thoom Council Gathers


Aravir reports on a meeting of the Thoom Council in Town Center. Traditional ceremonial flags were worn by the participants.

Posted by Para at 04:43 PM
Hor vs. Undine


Hor deals with drakes, penguins, mahas, and undine in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 04:21 PM
Slime Strikes Puddleby


Here are some pics of the slimy creatures that attacked town last night.They were tough! Sometimes a big one would split into two smaller ones, and sometimes two smaller ones would combine into two bigger ones! Some exiles complained that the small ones were hard to hit. I managed to nail most of them, but also took considerable injury. Many exiles fell to them, even strong ones! I ran away a few times, zipping into the liberry to get a quick heal. I tried to round up a few fallens, but my chain broke on first try! Lots have been saying chains are breaking more nowadays. I wonder if the salty air is corroding them faster? Or what?

Posted by Odesseus at 03:52 PM
March 08, 2003
Opxe's Expedition to the Foothills


Opxe reports on a recent trip to the Foothills and a hunt with the Evergreen Circle in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 08:19 PM
Skeletal Slaying


Norm's been practicing at the Skeletal Contest. Read about it in his journal entry for 1 Summer 549 (3/8/03).

Posted by Para at 08:09 PM
Winners of EldonGM's Contest


EldonGM announced the winners of his contest today in a ceremony at the Fairgrounds.

1st Place: ELF
2nd Place: Rot and Wilt
3rd Place: Phineas
Honorable Mention: Nox Sorora

Lundar also has a report on the ceremony. For more information, read below for a transcript of the proceedings.

Eldon GM says, "First: this contest is very subjective"
Eldon GM says, "I know that :)"
Eldon GM says, "However, I have noticed some VERY good roleplaying in the past 1.5 months"
Yazza thinks, "tan'ki ferindril"
Mjollnir ponders, "has it been that long already?"
Eldon GM says, "It's been very hard picking a winner"
Gauntlet ponders, "They wait 'till I'm off to college to do this."
Zorton ponders, "drum roll please!"
Eldon GM exclaims, "That being said...let's start!"
Mjollnir asks, "do we get to hear the nominations first?"
(Coriakin claps)
Opxe says, "hehe"
Xel says, "Heh"
Trowa says, "heh"
(Insanelife notices some wrinkles on Mjollnir's face)
(Drenn smiles)
Xepel exclaims, "Wooo!"
Ayella says, "oooh"
(Zorton chuckles.)
Polerand ponders, "Oooh, noise."
(Trowa's ears hurt)
Kojiro says, "For best supporting actress.."
Opxe exclaims, "more noise! more noise!"
Ayella exclaims, "heh!"
(Gauntlet snickers.)
Eldon GM says, "I would like to give an Honorable Mention to the Nox role-players"
(Ayella blushes.)
Eldon GM says, "The story was well done"
(Opxe nods)
Elise exclaims, "Yay! Nox!"
(Xepel claps for the Nox roleplayers)
Drenn ponders, "Story?"
Fleming exclaims, "Grudos, Nox!"
Dar'floh ponders, "good one"
(Coriakin claps for the Noxies)
Kalian says, ":D"
Ayella ponders, "we had a story?!"
Drenn ponders, "This is my life!"
Zorton ponders, "nox who’s dat?"
(Xel claps.)
Smok ponders, "This way I can kill Algernon if Rot and Wilt don't win."
Eldon GM says, "Please thank Naamah for sending me the pictures"
(Insanelife wonders who Noxies are)
Ayella says, "will do"
Zorton ponders, "missed that I guess"
Eldon GM says, "Now...coming in third place...."
Eldon GM yells, "Phineas!"
Opxe ponders, "poor luna"
(Coriakin claps)
(Ayella laughs.)
Kojiro says, "lol"
Xel says, "Woot."
(Xepel claps!)
(Polerand smiles.)
(Yor claps.)
Opxe says, "hehe"
(Zorton cheers!)
(Drenn claps!)
Polerand asks, "Is he here?"
Coriakin yells, "Yay Phinny!"
(Kalian claps)
(Opxe claps)
Fleming exclaims, "Woo!"
(Seld'kar claps)
(Kestral smiles.)
(Lirr smiles.)
(Mjollnir claps)
(Xel claps!)
Dave ponders, "Who is distinctly not here... ;)"
(BFskinner): BFskinner claps
Polerand says, "Doh."
(Dar'floh cheers)
Xel says, "Nope, heheh."
Mjollnir asks, "what did he role-play?"
(Polerand claps anyway.)
Eldon GM says, "I really enjoyed Phineas' story"
(Havok claps.)
Ayella ponders, "Silly Phi-Phi!"
Mjollnir swats at a passing insect.
Xepel says, "He was digging out the mines."
Insanelife says, "heh, you can’t give places to those who don’t attend"
Retro is no longer Clanning.
Anfyr ponders, "He... Um... Isn't here"
Eldon GM says, "I was loving every minute of it"
Nigel is now Clanning.
(Coriakin chuckles)
Xel ponders, "Phin's story wasn't just mining, heh."
Census is now Clanning.
Opxe says, "it was a great story =)"
Kojiro ponders, "again, not really role-playing"
Eldon GM says, "He'll get one full rank for Third Place"
Dave ponders, "A interview visionstone with Phin laying around somewhere."
Xepel ponders, "Oh, all I saw was the mining."
Opxe exclaims, "!"
Trowa says, "heh"
Yazza ponders, "nice!!"
(Insanelife chuckles)
Mjollnir ponders, "thats the THIRD place prize!"
Polerand ponders, "A rank of Blastus"
Mjollnir ponders, "i should have entered"
Eldon GM says, "I'll keep his prize for when I see him"
Coriakin ponders, "One rank isn't really that much. ;)"
Retro is now Clanning.
(Dave): Thoom
Kojiro says, "Good idea, he might be training Mentus"
Yor ponders, "I knew he was a RRW"
Mjollnir says, "heh"
Xepel ponders, "For non-RWs, it is."
Opxe says, "his interations with Kahn were great"
Insanelife ponders, "a rank of beheadus would be nice:0"
Yor ponders, "I knew he was a RW"
Eldon GM says, "Now...I had some difficulty determining which should be 1st or 2nd of my picks"
Polerand flips a coin. It comes up heads.
Eldon GM says, "I decided the following...."
(Ayella jabs Polerand.)
Eldon GM says, "Coming in at Second Place...."
Eldon GM yells, "Rot and Wilt!"
Mjollnir says, "congrats"
Drenn says, "heh"
Kojiro says, "woot woot"
Trowa says, "woo"
(Xepel claps)
(Xel claps!)
(Insanelife claps)
(Coriakin claps)
(Drenn claps.)
Fin Sgurr exclaims, "woo!"
(Kalian claps)
(BFskinner): BFskinner claps
Fleming exclaims, "woo!"
(Ayella cheers)
(Mjollnir claps)
(Kestral smiles.)
(Polerand claps.)
(Havok claps.)
(Lirr grins.)
Xepel says, "Congrats Wilt and Rot"
(Seld'kar claps)
(Yazza applaudes)
Dave yells, "Go Rot and Wilt!"
Trowa says, "congrats"
Honor thinks, "Congratulations go out to Silenae, who has just passed the third circle fighter test."
Drenn ponders, "Always liked them."
(Zorton looks sternly at the brothers of Oblivion)
Dave ponders, "Wonder who is 1st then?"
Madcat thinks, "wooo"
Xepel thinks, "Congrats!"
Dagiris thinks, "Nice job!"
Kalian thinks, "congrats"
Havok thinks, "congrats"
Skyraker thinks, "congrats"
Ayella exclaims, "eek!"
Eldon GM says, "Each will get one rank and one free character slot."
(Rot grins)
Talin thinks, "congrats!"
Wilt exclaims, "!"
Leos thinks, "congrats"
Yor says, "congrats"
Anfyr exclaims, "!"
Dave says, "Oooh"
Xel says, "Nice ;)"
Xepel exclaims, "Wow. Nice!"
Mjollnir says, "wow"
Kojiro says, "ooh neat"
Opxe says, "…"
(Coriakin grins)
Polerand says, "Nifty."
Skywalker says, "wow"
Anfyr says, "Wow"
Rot says, "sweet"
Silenae thinks, "thank you all for your support"
Drenn says, "Sweet."
Paramedic yells, "Thoom!"
Seld'kar exclaims, "nice!"
Yazza ponders, "even nicer!!!"
Ayella says, "heh he says "sweet" ;p"
Ramone is now Clanning.
Polerand ponders, "Killing all the mystics would be pretty handy, too ..."
Eldon GM yells, "Coming in at First Place...."
Dave says, "....."
(Insanelife smiles.)
Xel says, "Drum roll, please.."
Elise says, "hee"
(Coriakin laughs)
(Anfyr laughs.)
Havok says, "hehehe"
(Opxe chuckles)
Eldon GM yells, "The ELFs for holding the Spring Festival!"
(Xepel cheers!!)
(Ayella cheers!)
Polerand says, "Whoot"
Xel says, "Woot."
Fleming yells, "A'viva!"
Dave says, "Woah"
Xepel exclaims, "Woow!"
Coriakin yells, "Yay ELF!!!!"
(Anfyr cheers!)
Kalian exclaims, "yay!!!"
Elise exclaims, "Very nice!"
Tonle says, "yay"
Lirr yells, "A'viva!!!"
(Mjollnir cheers wildly)
Seld'kar yells, "a'viva"
(Kestral claps)
(Yor claps.)
Xepel yells, "A'viva!"
(Xel claps.)
(Ramone grins)
Anfyr yells, "Tav'reil Ilsar'pyr'din!!"
Dave yells, "Fleming, let me join real quick."
(Insanelife smiles.)
(Polerand claps.)
Dar'floh exclaims, "WOHOO!"
Ayella yells, "A'viva!"
Yazza yells, "Huzzah!!"
Opxe yells, "A'viva!"
Dar'floh yells, "Ilsar'rin!!"
(Drenn applauds.)
Eldon GM exclaims, "Congratulations!"
(BFskinner): BFskinner claps
Fleming says, "Tan'ki"
(Xepel grins and smiles)
Paramedic says, "Thoom."
(Opxe claps for Fleming and ELF)
Zorton ponders, "everyone who attended gets a rank ?"
(Algernon plays with the bright red ball Eek gave him.)
Eldon GM says, "As a clan, I am prepared to hand out 4 ranks in whatever way you see fit."
Drenn exclaims, "Give them to me!"
(Insanelife smiles.)
Mjollnir ponders, "each?"
Insanelife exclaims, "me!"
Eldon GM says, "If you make me do hard fractions, I'm zapping someone"
Silenae is no longer Clanning.
Insanelife ponders, "i'm elf"
Mjollnir says, "heh"
(Anfyr laughs.)
(Coriakin laughs)
(Drenn laughs.)
Fleming ponders, "Hmm"
Xepel ponders, "Hmm."
Opxe says, "hehe"
Ayella ponders, "Give 'em to Fleming."
Eldon GM exclaims, "And!"
(Yazza giggles)
Anfyr ponders, "Fleming, Xepel, Lundar, and....?"
Mjollnir says, "oooh"
Polerand ponders, "Mmmm, hard fractions ..."
Eldon GM shows his museum space token to everyone.
Xepel ponders, "Ruen?"
Coriakin says, "4 / 24.746 ="
Xepel exclaims, "Oooh!"
Drenn says, "ooooh"
Mjollnir says, "ahh"
(Coriakin grins)
Seld'kar says, "ooooooh"
Smok ponders, "Oh!"
Opxe says, "nice"
Drenn says, "ahhhhhh"
Ayella exclaims, "Wonderful!"
(Polerand needs it spelled out.)
Mjollnir says, "a commemorative statue"
Opxe says, "very good idea"
Eldon GM says, "You now have a space in the FIRST room of the Museum"
Dagiris thinks, "Anyone have a spare feather or egg?"
Coriakin exclaims, "Ooh!"
Mjollnir says, "ooooh"
Fleming ponders, "Wow."
Xel says, "Ooh, better."
Yor says, "Congrats ELF"
(Seld'kar claps)
Yazza ponders, "the graphics to the Night flower...."
Ayella exclaims, "oooh priority baby!"
(Yor smiles.)
Drenn ponders, "gimme!"
Xepel says, "Woohoo =)"
Ice says, "wow"
Polerand says, "Nifty."
Kojiro says, "Dammit Yor, I told you we should have had a public break-up."
Eldon GM says, "Redeem with Muzea"
Gauntlet ponders, "Time to go."
Algernon says, "It feels like it's 5:59 pm on Terrdi, Day 3 of Summer."
Mjollnir says, "well done ELF"
(Yazza smirks)
Polerand ponders, "Hah"
Yor ponders, "sigh"
(Coriakin claps)
Joly is now Clanning.
Opxe ponders, "large night flower piece …"
Slave thinks, "Sav Cave is up, thanks to Talin."
Gauntlet yells, "Thanks for livening things up for us, Eldon!!"
Yazza ponders, "HUGE"
Mjollnir ponders, "hes glowing"
(Opxe smiles)
Eldon GM asks, "Who from ELF would like to take the token?"
Tad is now Clanning.
Xepel says, "I would"
(Yazza points at Fleming)
Eldon GM says, "Front and center, please"
Drenn ponders, "All of them?"
Ayella ponders, "Fleming?"
Fleming says, "Go Xepel."
Xepel says, "But Fleming should ;)"
Insanelife says, "Fleming"
Smok exclaims, "I hate Elves, but your party must have been hot!"
Xepel says, "Ok ;)"
Elise exclaims, "Yay Xepel!"
Trowa says, "front xepel"
Eldon GM says, "I would encourage a piece regarding the Spring Festival, but there are no restrictions."
(Xepel nods)
Smok ponders, "I heard of the bonfire, I was jealous!"
Polerand ponders, "No restrictions ... hmm"
(Xepel smiles)
Eldon GM says, "within reason"
Zorton ponders, "I'd a got married but nobody wants to love a mystic... it just anit PC"
Polerand ponders, "Doh"
Xepel shows his museum space token to everyone.
(Eldon GM grins)
(Mjollnir chuckles)
Anfyr ponders, "Well, since I intend on convincing them to do more festivals... It works ;)"
(Ayella cheers)
(Ayella smacks Drenn)
Drenn says, "oof"
Eldon GM exclaims, "Congrats all!"
Xepel ponders, "Woo =)"
Elise asks, "Eldon, will we be doing this again?"
Kalian exclaims, "yay!!!"
Kojiro says, "bye ElbowGM"
Eldon GM exclaims, "Glad you asked, Elise!"
Polerand says, "That makes three of us Dave"
Algernon says, "It feels like it's 6:07 pm on Terrdi, Day 3 of Summer."
Insanelife says, "sxuse me for a se here Wilt"
Insanelife sets down his log of wood and strikes flint against steel until a flame appears.
(Algernon hums tunelessly on the kazoo Hidden gave him.)
(Insanelife lights Eldon on fire!)
Trowa exclaims, "insane is trying to roast eldon!"
Wilt exclaims, "BURN!"
Eldon GM says, "The judging committee for the next RP Contest (with smaller prizes :) will be..."
Polerand says, "Mmmm"
Rot says, "BURN"
(Wilt chuckles.)
Mjollnir says, "there’s no need to set him on fire Insane"
Anfyr says, "Ehm"
Anfyr says, "Hi Zorton"
Xepel says, "Ooh."
Eldon GM says, "4 Reps from ELF, Rot, Wilt, and Phineas"
Wilt steps on the fire and puts it out.
Elise says, "very nice"
Trowa ponders, "GMs are retardent"
Ayella says, "ooh nice idea"
Xepel says, "Woo =)"
Anfyr exclaims, "Neat!"
Insanelife says, "pfft"
Ayella ponders, "odd number?"
Dave asks, "Do any of the judges accept bribes?"
Firebird is now Clanning.
Mjollnir asks, "so we all have to come up with a story to kill the mystics?"
Polerand says, "I hear Phineas can be bought off."
Trowa says, "eldon"
Elise says, "No ties"
Ayella ponders, "and nai noxy!?"
Snowy is now Clanning.
Anfyr says, "hehe"
Xepel ponders, "They were honorable mention, Ayella."
(Insanelife glances)
Mjollnir says, "harsh"
Smok exclaims, "Lightwurms have been needing a muzzle for sometime!"
Eldon GM says, "I don't think I'll be able to give out all the extras next time, but the ranks can be given"
Algernon says, "It feels like it's 6:14 pm on Terrdi, Day 3 of Summer."
(Ayella hrmfs.)
Elise says, "No praying for the deaths of fellow exiles, Trowa"
(Smok growls)
Eldon GM says, "Let's say...."
Tonle is no longer Clanning.
Eldon GM asks, "in 6 months?"
BFskinner says, "An evil mystic turns all the mystics into rats and I kill them :)"
Trowa says, "i didnt ask him to do it"
Xepel says, "Sounds like a plan."
Seld'kar ponders, "zzz"
Trowa says, "just wonderin if he could"
Anfyr says, "Means we have time to figure things out"
Algernon says, "It feels like it's 6:16 pm on Terrdi, Day 3 of Summer."
Polerand ponders, "Enough time to get Polerand pregnant"
Dave says, "..."
Seld'kar asks, "Eldon can make trowa into a rat?"
J'jh thinks, "congrats ELF!"
Xel says, "lol ;p"
Drenn ponders, "eww"
(Ayella looks at Polerand in disgust.)
Opxe ponders, "hehe"
Dave says, "heh"
(Dar'floh smiles)
Rot says, "Servants of Oblivion will be born of this, it will come to pass that all Lightworms will perish."
Trowa says, "oooo a rat"
Polerand ponders, "Pfft, you know you wanna see that baby"
Drenn asks, "Polerand... will you have my child?"
Mjollnir says, "i’d like to be a frog by day and a lyfe by night"
Algernon says, "It feels like it's 6:17 pm on Terrdi, Day 3 of Summer."
Eldon GM exclaims, "now....let's have a party!"
Smok asks, "So do I let King Algernon live Rot and Wilt?"
Xepel exclaims, "Woo!"
Polerand says, "I need a little more romance."
Insanelife says, "yay"
Elise exclaims, "Yay!"
Xepel yells, "A'viva!"
Spinner is no longer Clanning.
Drenn says, "Hey, I'm romantic."
Elise asks, "THis isn't another Tok party is it?"
Maeght is now Clanning.
Census is now Clanning.
(Anfyr nods at Firebird.)
Ayella says, "Love the glow "
Yazza thinks, "A'viva"
(Drenn): smooch
Polerand says, "I'm not seeing it, yet."
Dave asks, "Beer?"
Zorton says, "monster Number 347"
Eldon GM sets down his heavy beer keg, deftly fitting a spigot into the bunghole.
Trowa pours himself a perfect mug of cold beer.
Eldon GM pours himself a perfect mug of cold beer.

Posted by Para at 06:05 PM
Rot on Trial


Nocturnity has written an article describing his experience with Rot and Wilt in the myrm hive and the subsequent trial and conviction of Rot.

Posted by Para at 05:59 AM
A New Zoo


Exiles are gathering a new collection of animals for a zoo in Mai's Garden.

Posted by Para at 05:39 AM
March 07, 2003
TMN Web Badges Available


TMN now has Web badges available. If you'd like a graphic to use on your Web page to link back to TMN, feel free to use any of these official ThoomCare-approved images.

Click below to see more TMN Web badges.



Posted by Para at 04:40 PM
Lirr Reports on DFU


Lirr reports in his journal entry for 86 Spring 549 that he has become a member of the Designated Falling Union.

Posted by Para at 10:56 AM
March 06, 2003
Designated Fallen Union


Azriel has a report in his journal entry for 83 Spring 549 on Master Horus seeking Coeur de Leon to give him an Affiliation Medal for his founding of the Designated Fallen Union (DFU).

Posted by Para at 09:49 PM
Hor and the Orgas


Hor reports on the recent orga invasion in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 12:35 PM
Horus Moves


Blaise reports that Horus has moved from his usual position.

Posted by Para at 09:51 AM
Kirth Attends FMOCR


Kirth Gersen has a report on the recent successful FMOCR in his journal entry for 80 Spring 549.

Posted by Para at 12:43 AM
March 05, 2003
Azriel vs. Sunwyrm


Azriel reports on hunting sunwyrm in his journal entry for 79 Spring 549.

Posted by Para at 10:37 PM
Evergreen Patrol


Aravir reports on the Evergreen Patrol in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 10:24 PM
March 04, 2003
Eldon's Contest Results Soon


EldonGM will announce the winners for his contest this Saturday at 4pm PST. The winners will be announced in the Fairgrounds, and refreshments will be served.

Posted by Para at 06:53 PM
March 03, 2003
Hor Reports on FMOCR


Hor's latest journal entry offers a full report on his trip to the most recent FMOCR. Hor joined up with Feauial and Panos for some recent hunts. Read about these trips in Feauial's journal entry for 64 Spring 549.

Posted by Para at 03:24 PM
Building a Bridge


Sielk reports on making more donations to the KI bridge project in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 03:19 PM
Flower Ball


Several exiles have filed reports on the Flower Ball in the Bard's Field:

Aravir (Aravir also reports on the bard auditions before the Ball)


Lirr (72 Spring 549)

Opxe (Opxe also reports on a rescue of Kani in the Sasquash Valley)

Ruen (69 Spring 549)

Posted by Para at 03:08 PM
March 02, 2003
Lundar Kidnapped


Lundar was kidnapped by Rot and Wilt; read more about it in Lundar's latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 11:05 AM
March 01, 2003
Lirr and Wilt


Lirr reports in his journal entry for 63 Spring 549 on catching Wilt in the act of setting a trap for mystics.

Posted by Para at 08:44 PM
Lar Shardik


Lundar reports on the Lar Shardik, or Feast Hunt, in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 07:20 AM