October 30, 2003
New Fundin Hunt Announcement


Fundin sent this announcement to TMN:

I have planned 2 more trips to the foothills.


1. The first is a weekend one for Europe, the U.S., and the rest of the world too. Hopefully, all might be able to make this. Elenis will be leading. I'm working on a new tactic for this trip with Elenis and Yor. It will take place on Sunday, November 16, 2003. We will meet in the town center 10 minutes beforehand, and we will leave as promptly as we can. This might change, so please hang around town until I sunstone an announcement.

We will be meeting at:
6:30pm GMT/UTC
7:30pm/19:30 CET (Central European Time) (+1)
1:30pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) (-5)
12:30pm CST (Central Standard Time) (-6)
10:30am PST (Pacific Standard Time) (-8)

2. The next midweek hunt will be in November some time. This trip will NOT be going to the Pitch Cave. I'm giving that area a rest. We will be exploring around the Foothills and surrounding areas. I'm trying this option to make the trip a bit more fun rather than a "sit around" type of hunt, which got a bit boring last time for many. Yor will lead (I think) and the date is to be announced.

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Mystic Hunt


Oriole reports in his latest journal entry about a mystic hunt in the Vermine Tree.

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Cody and the 4th Circle Test


Cody reports on trying to pass the 4th circle test in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 05:43 PM
Rescue in the Valley


J'dy reports on a large rescue in the Valley in her latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 05:38 PM
Working to Become a Champion


Icy reports in his latest journal entry on his efforts at ore-gathering and to become a Champion.

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Mani Acquires Chain


Mani reports in his latest journal entry on the acquisition of his first chain.

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Swept up by the Sparkles


Norm tells his readers about Pogue Mahone's aborted portal movement in his journal entry for 62 Winter 552 (10/29/03).

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Azriel Reports on Feast Days


Azriel's latest journal entry features a report on rescuing Yor on the Etheral Plane, watching kudzu grow, and inspecting some renovations to local buildings.

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October 29, 2003
Feast of Tsrrin Begins


The Feast of Tsrrin has begun, and costumes are available in town.

Super Chicken points out that pumpkinheads are performing a play:


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Minis and an Albino Maha


Mala of the Order of the Mini sent TMN the following report:

"The Order of the Mini was out hunting in South Forest, discussing important matters like sunstone tuning, shopping, and fashion. Eventually, we found ourselves looking at gold skirts and started heading home, dreaming about buying one. Suddenly, the air was filled with growls and the ground rumbled under a hundred charging paws. Dozens of Artak Cougars were upon us, and we barely made it to the hospital alive. More fell, as Island Panthers and other kitties covered the snell, in what seemed a giant exile hunt. And then, its white mane flashing among hundreds of dark furs, appeared an Albino Maha! What a rare sighting!

"Exiles had already started coming to our rescue, and more arrived as the last beasts were slain and the Albino Maha cornered. It fought fiercely but fell fast. Then Benylin scooped its pelt and generously offered us all to roll dice for it. Caesia was the lucky winner, and we subsequently sold the pelt for the profit of all Minis.

"There will probably be a Mini Party thrown in too, so keep your ears open!"

Mirror mob
Albino Maha cornered

Posted by Para at 09:33 PM
Chaos Storm #309


Chaos Storm #309 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

Posted by Kiriel at 10:57 AM
October 28, 2003
Friendly Sun Wyrm


Azriel's latest journal entry contains a report on an encounter he and Silky had with a non-aggressive Sun Wyrm.

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October 26, 2003
Stinkfist's Pirate Crew


Hor reports on an hunt with the Pirates of Lok'Groton in his latest journal entry.

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Concert by Xepel


Philo has updated his journal with a report on a concert by Xepel.

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October 25, 2003
Mandu's Story


In Mandu the cat's new scroll, he reports on how he arrived in Puddleby. Aside from writing his history, he's also been working with some macros.

Posted by Para at 08:53 AM
Polerand Hits the Road


Polerand has left exile and departed for a quest to find Mai. Who will exiles find to blame for things now?

Posted by Para at 08:06 AM
Fundin on the Foothills


Fundin reports on an update to his Foothills Journal:

"I've posted an account of my recent Foothills trip, some details about Klur's attempted sabotage, and my own IC and OOC views on what's happening in the world!"


Yor has posted a report on the Foothills trip.

Posted by Para at 06:40 AM
Foot and Glove


Aravir has reports on the recent foot-grabbing contest and on inspecting the long-closed cave of the Order of the Glove.

Posted by Para at 06:22 AM
New Journal from Philo


Philo has a new journal:

Philo Tales - The Journals of Philo Mayfire

Posted by Para at 06:11 AM
October 24, 2003
New Journals from Icy, J'dy, Cody, and Oriole


New journals from Icy, J'dy, Cody, and Oriole! Check them out here:


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October 23, 2003
Portal Not All That Useful?


Azriel has a report on the Portal War and the Foothills Expedition. Azriel points out that the portal turned out to not be particularly useful for the expedition anyway.

Posted by Para at 11:42 PM
Klur in Jail


Klur has been convicted in Puddleby Court. Details are still coming in on this story.


Read below for a report and opinion piece from Fundin, an organizer of the Foothills Expedition and use of the portals that Klur and others intend to disrupt.

"The battle for the portal began just as Zorton was about to leave and I was sleeping. A very exciting moment I have to say, considering Zorton had been hanging round with Valtrim guarding the portal for hours, and I was sleeping with one eye open ready to help. We were getting a tad bored waiting for Klur to make his move, and we knew he would...

So as we sat there, I saw Klur exit the library, 'uh oh' I said to Zorton, followed by Malkor, Reye and Baff it could only mean one thing. Klur, Malkor, Reye, Baff, and Grrr came running into Falinea's gardens with Grrr on a chain, how odd we thought, with Klur and Baff being healers! Now that’s recipe for moving the portals if I ever saw one, and no denying it.

So the warning sunstone messages went up and exiles tried to help. Unfortunately, Malkor had decided to surround the entrance to the gardens with Ethereal portals, so only those in the gardens, including myself, Zorton and Valtrim could help, Mephisto, Sabbit and Gorvin (who were hunting on KI heading back through the portal) as did one other exile whose name escapes me (sorry).

After some pushing and pulling, they chained Grrr through to KI. I wasn’t exactly sure of their plan but exiles rushed to the courts to try and sue Klur for sabotage of a pre-planned hunt. The first case went ok, considering we had 4 on the jury, 2 PM, Malkor and Baff, and two others, Mephisto and Slyph. Klur was found guilty after protesting his innocence with some waffle about them being dangerous for exiles (why did he use them on Noth then! One rule for us, another for Klur).

By this point I was running dangerously short of time, Klur and his cronies being the cowards they are had picked possibly the best time they could for themselves, and the worst time for everyone else. What do I mean by this, well they decided to attempt their portal horking exercise at 8.40 BST (7.40BST) a time when most US clanners are just heading to bed and most European clanners are at work, and the rest of the world clanners were few and far between.

I see this as a BLATANT act of cowardice and a snivelling backstabbing way to conduct a ‘war’ as its been labelled, then again we expected nothing less from Klur and his cronies so there you go. Let's take a look into the mind of Klur for a moment. 'I know' thinks Klur, 'as I know everyone apart from a tiny majority of exiles is against me and my viewpoint, if I clan at the time when there’s hardly any exiles, and bring my lackeys with me then the plan shouldn’t fail. I know most of the US clanners won't be able to outstay us by keeping awake (being west coast) and the European clanners all have to work.'

Nice plan I have to say, undoubtedly the underhanded tactics we’d have expected from you. With all the balls in the portal horkers court, we expected to have a major problem stopping you from taking it. Now that you have, expect no mercy whenever you plan to use the portal for anything, I, for one, wished I lived west coast US (OOC) so I could spend more time harassing you.

Standing by your views is one thing, doing it when there’s no-one around to contradict you is another, its almost like you were embarrassed or scared to face us when we were all in Puddleby. Low, very low…"

Posted by Para at 05:31 AM
Portal Movement


Norm reports to TMN:

"At the moment, Klur and his PM buddies are moving the green portal. The purple one is still in Falinea's Garden, but Mai only knows where they are going to put either of the portals."

"They are doing this during 'off hours' in order to avoid problems with other exiles interfering."

Posted by Para at 04:47 AM
October 21, 2003
Norm and the Gossamer


In his latest journal update, Norm reports on working with the Gossamer blade and reflects on the portal controversy.

Posted by Para at 11:51 PM
CL Server Down/Unreachable?


The Clan Lord server seems to be unavailable at this time.

Update: the server went back up Wednesday morning.

Posted by Para at 07:41 PM
October 20, 2003
Minis Expand; Play Performed


TMN received the following report from Maquiladora:

"Last night, we inducted a new Mini into the clan, and there were five or six Minis running around all night. At the end of the night, Mala and Sutai put on a play for the Minis and other exiles. Highlights and pictures of the night are available on the Mini scrolls."

Posted by Para at 08:48 PM
October 19, 2003
Creative Falling Contest Results


Congratulations to the winners of the Newbielympics Creative Falling Contest, hosted by the Winds of Dawn.

1st place - Legolas (won an albino maha pelt)
2nd place - Jugia (won a chain)
3rd place - Klio (won a wooden shield)

Posted by Kiriel at 12:30 PM
Baltok Penguinized


Baltok has been turned into a penguin. In a related story, NightBird reports that penguins attacked several exiles last night.

Posted by Para at 10:14 AM
Upcoming Foothills Trip


Fundin sent this announcement to TMN:


For this week's Foothills trip, we will be moving the PURPLE portal to Camp Dred (and possibly beyond) for the duration of the trip. When the trip is over we will move the purple portal back to Falinea's Garden. So expect the purple portal to be in the Foothills on Thursday, October 23 from roughly:

Noon EDT to 8 PM EDT
6 PM CEST - 2 AM CEST (Central European Summer Time) (+2)

Those attending the trip are still expected to be on time, those times being:

5:30pm GMT/UTC
6:30pm BST (British Summer Time) (+1)
7:30pm/19:30 CEST (Central European Summer Time) (+2)
1:30pm EDT (Eastern Daylight time) (-4)
12:30pm CDT (Central Daylight Time) (-5)
10:30am PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) (-7)

Please make sure you read the tactics page and the rest of my information so you know what's going on:

Because we will be using the portals, those attending can simply meet in Camp Dred by taking the green portal (in Falinea's Garden) to the purple portal (in Camp Dred) OR by taking the purple mirror in the Cloud to the purple portal (in Camp Dred). Please wait in Camp Dred until the trip starts. Do not wander away and get killed.

Once the trip gets going, we *might* drag the purple portal with us to the Noids areas so late arrivals can catch up and badly fallens can be brought back to town for healing if necessary. If you are a late arrival, please sunstone me to see if the purple portal is in a position where you can catch up.

Finally, we ask that nobody interfere with the portals during the brief period of time we will be using them. They will be returned to Falinea's Garden after the trip. Thank you.

Posted by Para at 10:03 AM
October 18, 2003
Costumes for Stage Production


A wide variety of costumes are now available for stage productions in the Puddleby Ballroom.


Posted by Para at 02:05 PM
OpenGL Clan Lord Client v307


Here's a reminder to try the OpenGL Clan Lord Client if you are interested. Please be aware that it is beta software, and that the user assumes all risk. Also, as with any volunteer effort, there's no guarantee it will always be available. Many clanners use it and are quite happy with it.

Posted by Para at 09:30 AM
Rescue of Wangah Rah


TMN received the following message from Wangah Rah:

"H'loi Paramedic!

I'm happy to report that I've been rescued! I managed to escape my orga captors briefly, and Zorton managed to gather a party to come to my rescue in the Orga Village. The beginning of the story is at http://homepage.mac.com/wangahrah/orgastory.html, and as I find more information out about my impersonator, Waga Rah, I will keep the exile community informed. I've managed to bring a few orga glyphs back with me, and hope to use this Orgetta Stone as the key to deciphering their language and secrets. Most dire, however, are the indications I've found that Bartok is back...we'll see what turns up.

My thanks again to the exiles who rescued me!

Posted by Para at 02:05 AM
Foot Grabbin' Fun


Super Chicken sent TMN the following message:

"I'm having a Foot Grabbing Contest this Saturday, October 18th at 4pm PST in the bard field. There will be several foot grabbing events with foot grabbing shoe prizes! Pairs of shoes will be given to all the top winners. Super Chicken will be hosting the event and not competing since I'd win, umm... hmm...

Posted by Para at 01:55 AM
While the Thoom Was Away...


In his latest journal entries, Azriel reports on hunting Kismia's Island and on having a Michael Moment.


Aravir reports on a Bane clan hunt on Melabrion's Island.


Feauial has updated his journal with reports on visiting the Dark Cloud and Devil's Island.


Himitsu reports in her latest journal entry on completing her training with Leradla and on learning the language of the Ghorak Zo.


Hor reports on a massive healing of Lundar and on hunts in the Lily Pond and the Savannah in his latest journal entry.


Phroon went on a Dark Cloud rescue and explored the caves of Kismia's Island.


Slyph reports on the use of a red healing potion in her new journal entry.

Posted by Para at 12:53 AM
Chaos Storm #307


Chaos Storm #307 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

Posted by Para at 12:16 AM
And the Thoom Came Back


TMN is back. I will get things all caught up shortly.

Posted by Para at 12:00 AM
October 12, 2003
Phroon at Kitty Beach


Phroon reports in his most recent journal entry on a recent trip to Kitty Beach with Juren and Shakyamuni.

Posted by Para at 01:29 PM
Cloak Line Controversy


Questions have been raised about the recent image of a clan line. Bones the Thoom questioned if it might be a fake, and Phroon the Thoom wisely pointed out that Panos appears twice. It appears that the double appearance of Panos was merely an oversight on Super Chicken's part as he tried to stitch together an awkwardly large image. Here is another image sent by Baffette, which verifies the event. Klio has also provided a visionstone of the cloak line.

Posted by Para at 01:20 PM
Interview with J'nder


Fundin sent TMN the following announcement:

"I have my first interview ready for the Puddleby Historical Project. You can read the interview with J'nder here:


"If you have any comments or corrections, post 'em in the comments section or e-mail me.

"Also, there will be an interview with Super Chicken soon, and I still need more exiles to volunteer to be interviewed.

"I would like to do an interview similar to the J'nder one with a fighter and a mystic (not discussing anything secret!) so if you've been in Puddleby since the dawn of time, or near enough, please contact me via the Puddleby Historical Project site. There also some gaps on my timeline, so if you can answer any questions, please do."

Posted by Para at 12:02 PM
Orga Razzia Research


Drablak has updated his very useful Orga Bestiary to reflect emerging information about the Orga Razzia.

Mani has a new journal entry with more information about the Orga Razzia and the Stout Chain.

Posted by Para at 11:25 AM
October 11, 2003
Fundin's Second Foothills Trip


Fundin reports for TMN on the recent Foothills expedition:

"Here are some details of the recent Foothills trip. There is a little piece about what happened and a little rant by me that really needs reading if you are going on the trips:

The next trip is coming soon:

I have also updated the information page:

Hope to see ya at the next one!"

J'nder sent TMN the following images from the trip:

Noids swarm over the fallen
Defensive kudzu wall

Posted by Para at 05:57 PM
Maquiladora Resurgent


Maquiladora has been working hard on her Web scrolls.

You can find links to her site and the site for the Order of the Minis here:


Dig through the Nostalgia section and you'll find some great old images of exiles, including me.

Posted by Para at 03:41 PM
Macro Instructions


If you have questions about the macro system, you might want to check out the Macro Instructions available at deltatao.com.

Posted by Para at 03:09 PM
October 10, 2003
Ethereal Disturbance


TMN received the following report from Kani:

"Tonight there was another Ethereal disturbance centered around Portal Island. The glow of ethereal amulets signaled the beginning of the disturbance, and Melabrion was sensed soon after, apparently investigating the situation. He wasn't sighted by any exiles.


"Before the Ethereal flotsam had been properly put away, Melabrion's presence was no longer felt. Perhaps he had plugged the source. This incursion of Ethereal creatures into our plane wasn't much different from the others. There were several clouds of ether on the ocean, and a few golems on shore."

Posted by Para at 11:24 PM
October 09, 2003
Rescuing Yazza


Aravir reports on a rescue of Yazza on the dark cloud and on Squirrel's lengthy title in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 11:48 PM
Azriel Reports on Foothills Trip


Azriel has a report on the second Foothills trip organized by Fundin. The trip ended with a visit to the Ethereal Plane.

Posted by Para at 11:39 PM
Wangah Rah Now an Orga?


Rumor has it that Ambassador to the Orgas Wangah Rah has turned into an orga.

Merlisk tells TMN:

"I found this parchment during Fundin's Foothills trip."

Posted by Para at 10:01 PM
October 08, 2003
Orga Invasion and a New Orga


Kani submitted the following report to TMN:

"Today there was an orga invasion of town. A Frenzy and several Dreadlocks appeared, along with with assorted smaller orga, including a large amount of Zealots. Some of the orgas managed to infiltrate the temple, but town was quickly regained. It was noted that there were no orgas in East Field.


"Orga Camp was another matter, and it took many hours for us to clear it of the bigger orga (and rescue those exiles that had fallen). As we worked to clear Orga Camp, we were startled by the discovery of a new breed of orga.

"The Orga Razzia possesses some qualities making it unique from other orgas. This orga seems like an Orga Anger and an Orga Zealot rolled into one. In addition to having more health and detha than your regular Zealot, it can pull exiles. It also can chain exiles, if it so desires (Zorton and Garpy found this out the hard way). Three of the first five Orga Razzias dropped Stout Chains, one of which Cronos picked up. My theory is that a Stout Chain wouldn't slip when dragging things through webs.

"The smiths were consulted, but as of yet they haven't yielded any ideas as to how we in Puddleby would be able to make additional Stout Chains."

Posted by Para at 06:39 AM
October 07, 2003
Phroon on KI


Phroon reports on a hunting trip to Kismia's Island in his new journal.

Posted by Para at 11:50 PM
Ethereal Training and Knighthood


Himitsu discusses ethereal training, parties, and knighthood in her most recent journal entry.

Posted by Para at 11:43 PM
Dustatia and Clanhouse Construction


The Nosy Thoom returns! This time we have a guest Nosy Thoom, Drablak:

"I've always wondered about the lady in the clanhouse that apologizes for the dust because they are redecorating. She's called Dustatia and there is a crumbled wall under construction on the right side of the northernmost room (where you can register a clan).

"I've always wondered what the redecorating was about, if there was perhaps some extension planned for that room. One thing I think the clanhouse lacks is a registry that you can consult: a tome in which you could look up the members of a clan. They are, after all, registered in that building so they must keep a record of it."

Posted by Para at 11:35 PM
Chicken Grab Foot


Super Chicken sent TMN this picture of foot grabbing in town center.

Posted by Para at 10:40 PM
SDC Defeats WoD in Dun'ilsar


Sor sent the following report to TMN:

"Challenged by the Sun Dragon Clan, Winds of Dawn proposed and chose a new 'Hide and Seek' challenge. Seven 'hiders,' independent from both clans, had an allotted time to hide in safe places anywhere within Puddleby Island. When time ran out, both clans scattered to roam the island and check all the places they could. The use of Mystic skristals was forbidden. Only the first seeker to pull each hider would score for his or her clan, and 4 points were needed for victory. SDC quickly took a lead with 2-0, but there was a bit of confusion when hiders came out of their places while the referee had not acknowledged SDC's 4th victory pull. The final score of 4 to 1 was eventually announced and we all gathered in town for snacks and refreshments. It was a fun and exciting contest, done in a friendly competing spirit!

"Thanks to our volunteer hiders Lokar, Cyrano Cartier, Kitto, Skytears, Kelfer, Robin Hood, and Yor, and to Omega for judging the event."

Dun'ilsar Hide and Seek start
Dun'ilsar Hide and seek ending

Posted by Para at 10:04 PM
Pog Loyt Relents


Dandelion reports to TMN:

"Pog has seen da error of 'is ways an' sold me a ledger at last.
Call off da glares an' tanks ever'one fer yer help!"

Posted by Para at 07:48 PM
Shovel Shopping


Azriel reports in his most recent journal entry on acquiring a shovel, finding a few path, and switching to some Detha training.

Posted by Para at 07:03 PM
October 06, 2003
Hor Gets Pinched


In his latest journal entry, Hor reports on some difficult situations at South Beach and on Kismia's Island.

Posted by Para at 11:36 PM
Creative Falling Contest Deadline Approaching


The deadline is fast approaching for submissions to the Newbielympics Creative Falling Contest! All submissions must be done via visionstone (to allow folks from all time zones to participate), and entries must be received by 1pm Pacific time (GMT -7) on October 11, 2003. The Winds of Dawn is hosting a special Newbielympics event: a Creative Falling Contest open to all exiles below Lord/Lady status. For more details, see the Newbielympics Creative Falling Contest Scroll!

Posted by Kiriel at 01:58 PM
October 05, 2003
OpenGL Clan Lord Client v305


Here's a reminder to try the OpenGL Clan Lord Client if you are interested. Please be aware that it is beta software, and that the user assumes all risk. Also, as with any volunteer effort, there's no guarantee it will always be available. Many clanners use it and are quite happy with it.

Posted by Para at 11:40 PM
Melabrion's Mines Expedition


Sielk's latest journal update has an account of a trip to the newly discovered areas of Melabrion's Mines and a report on his recent attempt to pass the 6th circle test.

Posted by Para at 11:30 PM
Norm Pours Potion


Norm reports on a rescue at Kismia's Island in his journal entry for 56 Autumn 551 (10/5/03).

Posted by Para at 11:20 PM
October 04, 2003
Foothills Trip 2 Reminder


Fundin sent TMN the following reminder:

Pitch Cave/Foothills Trip: Thursday, October 9th, 2003

"Another hunt to the Foothills will take place, led by Yor. I'll be organizing and recruiting, he'll be leading, just as before. I have also planned the next one for October 23rd, same times as before.

"Please feel free to tell other exiles who'd like to come that there will not be any restrictions on exiles. However, we were short of boosting mystics as the 2 I had lined up had to drop out, so any boosters please feel free to come along; there will be lots of shares. Also, we almost ran out of Zu last time, so please start farming!

"This time we will be going to the Foothills via the Grotto Trainers for those who wanted to go last trip and couldn't.

"Please take time to read the information section as it contains many notes on the pitch cave 'Dos and Don'ts.'

"I do understand that many US clanners want to go on a big Foothills trip and Elenis has kindly offered to lead a weekend trip. Dates and times coming soon."

Read more at:

General Site - http://fundin.puddleby.info/
Foothills Index - http://fundin.puddleby.info/fh_index.html
Next Trip Date - http://fundin.puddleby.info/fh_next_trip.html

Posted by Para at 09:35 AM
October 03, 2003
PTF Takes Pitch Noids Cave


Drablak sent TMN the following report:

"Last Monday, PTF accomplished quite an exploit. With the help of a few other exiles, PTF took control of the Pitch Noids Cave, thanks to a successful strategy laid out by Yor and Natas.

"We made it to the entrance to the cave in a record 45 minutes, thanks to Zorton, and then had a smooth stroll through Dredwood, the Orga Stronghold, then the Malachite Lair, and then proceeded to enter the cave. After an initial run that failed, we tried a second time to zu the noids away from the entrance, and this time we succeeded.

"With our healers rodding the sticky webs thrown by the noids, we took on the critters one by one, and when we could we made chain runs to gather our fallen comrades.

"Although the noids threatened us a few times, we were always able to re-establish our position, and we never had to retreat from the cave. After only 2.5 hours, a score of exiles stood in the middle of the pitch noids cavern, with all the foes vanquished!

"Then, sadly, just as we were about to move towards the pathfinders' book, a rather suspicious massive spawn of albino noids appeared amidst the group. A few made it out of the cave but were then overwhelmed there as well.

"Even though the expedition finished on a sad note, a group of exiles stood victorious in the Pitch Noids Cave!"

Posted by Para at 12:25 AM
October 02, 2003
Melabrion's Mine Discovery


Gurgi sends along news of a new area discovered in Melabrion's Mines:

"I thought you might be interested in these images of an expedition into a new area in the caves under Melabrion's Keep. We unfortunately didn't complete the exploration because Praetorius fell on the wrong side of the second path, and he was the only one with us who could open."

Flame burst
Waiting on the other side of the path
Not a friendly place

Posted by Para at 09:07 PM
Winds of Dawn Assembles


Himitsu has a report on a recent large gathering of Winds of Dawn members.

Posted by Para at 08:27 PM
Puddleby Pubs and Drinks Guide


Drablak has assembled an impressive collection of information on the pubs and drinks available in Puddleby.

Posted by Para at 08:19 PM
Marlow Sells Grapes


Juren sent TMN the following report:

"The 305th chaos storm has brought Marlow to Puddleby. He buys and sells grapes in the northernmost building in town. When he noticed I didn't want any grapes for ten coins, he lowered his prices to nine coins. I wonder how much he'll pay for grapes."

Posted by Para at 08:03 PM
October 01, 2003
Jazz on Porting


TMN received the following report and images from Jazz:

"Recently, I got lucky enough to emerge from the library when there was a group going to the Foothills. I wanted to send along some sketches of Zorton porting the group for those who may not have seen that sort of thing before. Sadly, Yor and his chain gang did not port the first time because the target was too full, I guess, but brave Zorton departed and brought Yor and company on the second try. Porting is a super useful skill, I think. I wish there were more people that did it like Zorton (and that actually clan!). It allowed me to explore the Foothills again for a while without having to dedicate hours to it. Thanks to Zorton, Yor, Gurgi and the rest who made this trip possible!"

Posted by Para at 08:42 PM
Chaos Storm #305


Chaos Storm #305 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

Posted by Kiriel at 10:12 AM