September 29, 2004
Vagile is Always Serious


Himitsu reports on a Ethereal Plane expedition and rescue in her latest journal entry.

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Exploring Kismia's Island


Drablak tells of exploring the KI interior in his latest journal entry.

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September 28, 2004
Swimming Lyfe


In his latest journal entry, Azriel reports on a trip to Lyfe Town.

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September 25, 2004
Rebels Overrun Puddleby



Rebels have overrun Puddleby and have held the town for an extended period. Read more in Lundar's most recent update on the ELF Blog.


Bakunan reported to TMN: 'This flaming zombie image is from the late stages of the rebel invasion, when rebels were on fire. The fire was 'contagious.'"

Merlisk sent this image of East Gate in flames.

The ELF Blog has reports on the ongoing progress of the invasion and the end of the invasion.

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Drablak's Thoomings


Drablak has started a new journal, Drablak's Thoomings. In his most recent journal entry, he reports on joining the staff of Puddleby University.

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September 23, 2004
Discoveries on Kismia's Island


Azriel and friends have been exploring Kismia's Island again. Check out his most recent journal entry for the latest news.

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September 19, 2004
A Trip to the Ethereal Plane


Martin has provided a report in the Open Hands forum on Yor's study trip to the Ethereal Plane.

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Omega Becomes a ThoomCare Affiliate


Omega became a member of the ThoomCare Affiliates today. Omega is the first new member of the Affiliates in several years. The clan is pleased to be affiliated with a healer of Omega's skills and reputation.


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New Additions to TMN Favorites


Two new additions have been added to the TMN Favorites icons:

Eyes of Puddleby: In addition to regular Chaos Storm updates, Eyes of Puddleby contains a variety of guides and other collections of information useful for exiles. Eyes of Puddleby is maintained by Himitsu.

University of Puddleby: Within a very short period of time, the organizers of the University of Puddleby have assembled what is likely the most extensive and well-planned schedule of events in the history of exile. I ordinarily would not add such a new organization to the Favorites so quickly, but in this case their efforts have certainly earned it.

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ELF Visits GI and MI


Vequalir reports on a ELF Clan Hunt of Gungla Island and Melabrion's Island in the most recent entry on the ELF Blog.

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Phineas' Island Controlled by Rebels


Norm reports in his journal entry for 42 Autumn 555 (9/18/04) that he's been warned to steer clear of Phineas' Island (once known as Tenebrion's Island) because rebels are firmly in control there.

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Catenae Scrolls Updated


Jeanne sent the following announcement to TMN:

"I updated the Catenae affiliation's Web site at with a new look and some new information."

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September 18, 2004
Clan Hunter Scrolls


K'vynn sent TMN the following announcement:

"Clan Hunter has been able to recover its scrolls and reestablish them in a new location, thanks to the Puddleby Archives. Visit for the new shelves. The Hunter clan scrolls are now under the control of K'vynn's scrollkeeping skills, and the membership, links, and history portions have been made current. Clan Hunter has been growing steadily since year 552 (OOC: late 2003), and it was becoming obvious that the scrolls were needed as potential new members asked questions about the clan. The clan has a rich history in the lands as one of the oldest clans and as an active clan. Clan Hunter is working now to bring other sections of the scrolls, such as the Newcomers Guide, current with the times.

Tshahr'tsei, K'vynn
Clan Hunter Scroll Keeper"

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Wild Wednesday


Puddleby experienced a Wild Wednesday phenomenon recently. I took some pictures:

Mai's Garden flooded
Pig on temple
Portal in Town Center
Chaos in Town Center
More chaos in Town Center

TMN received the following report from Bakunan:

"The Ancients briefly gifted Polanna with the dream of every mystic, which she used to fry kudzu and Juliosaurs. Unfortunately, the power proved to be too much for any mortal. When she fell, her powers took out everyone in Town Center."

In addition, Therian posted a report on the Wild Wednesday on the Winds of Dawn Clan Forum.

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September 16, 2004
Back to School


Lundar reports on registering for classes at the University of Puddleby in his most recent entry on the ELF Blog.

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September 15, 2004
Whirlpool Passes


Azriel reports on the Whirlpool Passes of Kismia's Island in his latest journal entry.

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September 12, 2004
Tenebrion on the Rocks


A large group of exiles discovered Tenebrion passed out in a cavern on his island. Find out more in Vequalir's entry at the ELF Blog.

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September 11, 2004
Upcoming UP Classes


Maeght sent the following announcement to TMN:

"University of Puddleby classes featured September 13-17:

"Please note: The University of Puddleby is located in Puddleby Hollows. Classes gather there unless otherwise stated, then move on to field trips.

"Attention Newbies! Tired of falling and being poor? Come to New Exile Survival Skills on September 13 (8-9 pm EDT/5-6 pm PDT), taught by that wily warrior zo Paranoidos. Lecture and field trip.

"Mysterious, provocative, heartbreaking! Learn the History of Exile. Introduction on September 14 (9-9:30 pm EST/6-6:30 pm PST), taught by the always fascinating Ezail.

"Breathtaking Adventure! Ethereal Planes Expedition (Obtaining the Amulet) on September 15 (noon-2 pm EDT/9-11 am PDT), taught by the incomparable Yor, expeditioner extraordinaire. Lecture and field trip.

"Spinetingling Excitement! Snagglewood Expeditions, September 16 (9-11 pm EDT/6-8 pm PDT), taught by the extraordinary Connie Crete, fighter-healer-mystic and dedicated beer drinker. Lecture and field trip."

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Drake Rescue Frustration


More than a few exiles were frustrated with the slow progress of the recent rescue at the Drake Den. Read more in Anfyr's report at the ELF Blog.


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Drablak in Resplendent Blue


Read all about the recent successful FMOCR in Anfyr's report on the ELF Blog.


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Nettle, Drablak, and Shakyamuni


Shakyamuni sent TMN the following announcement:

"Nettle, Drablak, and I wanted to thank everyone for helping Drablak get his special stone, and coming to our wedding. We are sorry that the festivities got interrupted by the drake stealing Lorikeet, and are glad that so many came to her aid.

"I am grateful that Algy was able to come and be my bestest man, and that T'liiq has agreed to let us adopt her. Our family is rich beyond compare with love, and joy thanks to all the fantastic exiles who shared our special day. Special thanks to my sister Juren and Taryn who catered the entire affair, including a complete bar and every imaginable scruptiousness. Coriakin proved his skills at writing a wonderful wedding march that fit in so perfectly for the FMOCR theme of the wedding, that was played so well by Sor and Phineas and Coriakin.

"Pictures are available on the ELF scrolls and there will be a visionstone or two put into the Puddleby Visionstone Repository soon.

"With warmed hearts,
"Nettle, Shaky and Drablak"

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September 10, 2004
Busy Azriel


Lots of news from Azriel this week.

He took part in the Drake Den rescue (see above).

He won a Sword of Souls in a raffle.

He was part of a very successful hunt at the East Cove of Kismia's Island.


He ran into some trouble in the Orga Outback (see above).

He also made trips to the Dred Passage and Tenebrion's Island.

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Drakes Rage


Bakunan sent the following report to TMN:

"Just left the library briefly in the early morning hours of day 10 of Autumn, 555. Algernon was snatched by a Fire Drake. In the time I was hunting, Tonoto and Fantasia (in that order) were also roasted and abducted. Kazik reported that the drake went into the healer's guild to get Fantasia.

"After the Shak/Drablak/Nettle wedding, a Fire Drake grabbed Lorikeet. Seems like we have Fire Drakes (1 or more?) with a taste for high-level healers. Unfortunately, not many exiles out of the library at this time, and no mystics, so a Drake Den rescue was not possible."

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September 06, 2004
An Open Hands Excursion


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

"Late in the evening on Soldi, 80th day of Summer, 555, a group of exiles including myself, Chmee, Cruniac, Kazik, Borkiron, Bir Guzzyl and Salinger set out for an excursion to the plains, by way of Midpass and the north passes. Most of the group were Open Hands members, who, true to their mission, were more than happy to include me and the other nonmembers on their quest.

"A good time was had and much experience gained by all, and of course we took pictures. There was a bit of confusion (above) when a starbuck invaded our initial photo location, but we were finally able to get into formation and pay tribute to the day's adventures (below)."


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Zorton Port Rescue 2: The Sequel


Yor sent the following report to TMN:

"Some people may recall Zorton's port rescue in the Foothills Passes some time ago (reported here on TMN). Well, yesterday he pulled it off again and once again I was the victim. OWE had taken the weekly clan hunt to Phinseyland to kill rebels. When we reached the keep, I decided to scout the outside of the keep via Flander's poppy field. When I entered, it was packed and I ended up on the wrong side of two Rebel Knights. I was quick work for the horde of angry rebels. I wanted to depart because I didn't want yet another bloodbath there, but Zorton insisted he be given the opportunity to use his strange stone to retrieve me. The timing had to be absolutely perfect or he'd end up just like me. Before long, low and behold, Zorton appeared and I was swept up by him and his strange stone and instantly brought to a safe location near the other Elephants (and Farhope). Zorton did fall in the process but was immediately raised. I had to be hauled to town for more horus where I was raised. What a rescue!"

Visionstone of the rescue

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The Abyss and the Pitch


In his latest journal entry, Azriel tells of recent trips to the Abyss and Kizmia's Island East Cove as well as his announcement of his journal reports of the trips of the Pitch Assault Group.

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Fighting Mud


In his journal entry for 75 Summer 555 (9/4/04), Norm discusses the rebellion on Phineas' Island, the recent announcement of new discoveries in the Pitch Caves, and his recent trips to Melabrion's Island.

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OpenGL Clan Lord Client v353


Version 353 of the OpenGL Clan Lord Client is available for use. Please be aware that it is beta software, and that the user assumes all risk. Also, as with any volunteer effort, there's no guarantee it will always be available. Many clanners use it and are quite happy with it. If you have reports on using the OpenGL Clan Lord Client, you can join in on the ongoing discussion on Clan Lord Sentinel.

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Divide and Conquer


Yor sent the following report to TMN:

"Recently, I was with a small party who decided to brave Sarra with the ultimate objective of getting out safety and killing the wretched Angry Mother Sasquatches that guard the exit. We got a little lucky getting through the exit snell, then we managed to stabilize and carefully kill everything that wasn't on the Angry Mother Sasquatch plateau. After that, we used a clever idea that Nightbird came up with to pick off each of the six Angry Mother Sasquatches one at a time! Sweet revenge! Oooga!"

Sarra Combat
More Sarra Combat

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September 05, 2004
Just Another Brick in the Wall


Phineas sent the following report to TMN:

"Traveler's advisory: a wall is being constructed around the southern shores of Phineas Island (the island formally known as Tenebrion Isle). The rebel guards have fortified this beach, making access to (and retreats from) the beach increasingly challenging, as Malkor, Aival, and myself recently discovered on a recent incident.

"White Wolf was a one-man invasion as he alternately hacked at rebel guards and chained us fallens off to safer beaches (thanks very much, Lone Wolf)! After the beachhead was finally cleared and secured, we were able to examine the erected signs a bit closer:


"A shipping contractor, mm? This plainly means that the constant pressure applied by the forces of Puddleby has finally crushed the rebellious spirit from rebel troops! The rebellion is looking to retreat from the island, and they are in need of transportation to evacuate! Huzzah for Puddleby! Huzzah!"

"I wonder where the rebellion will go?"

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No Petting Zoos


Lorikeet sent the following report to TMN:

"The battles with the rebels on Phisneyland continue today, but this recent series of battles began when the rebel honor knight sent out a sunstone message asking for help in solving his transportation problems. Malkor ran in the south area (I suppose the lure of coins did him in). DeathLord died trying to chain him off, as the rebels have been practicing their surround and pound techniques. A small party entered from the east, and fought to the south, eventually freeing the fallens. This picture shows what happened when Phineas checked the sign, which had previously given the island's name as "Phisneyland." His plans were to create a zoo on the island. You can imagine his disbelief upon seeing the new sign and new fortifications."

(Edited transcription follows.)

9/3/04 10:33:21p Rebel Honor Knight thinks, "I offer a large payment for the person who helps me solve my transportation problems!"
9/3/04 10:33:43p Zorton thinks, "what transportation problem do you have?"
9/3/04 10:33:55p Rebel Honor Knight thinks, "I have a number of troops I wish to move to another island."
9/3/04 10:34:44p Rebel Honor Knight thinks, "I offer a huge weight of coins and a land grant."
9/3/04 10:35:04p Maeght thinks, "I thought there was a question about the title to the land?"
9/3/04 10:36:47p Rebel Honor Knight thinks, "I need to move more troops than will fit in mere row boats. I seek larger vessels."
9/3/04 10:37:02p Maeght thinks, "have you considered canning them?"
9/3/04 10:37:26p Asclepius thinks, "Talk to the darshak."
9/3/04 10:37:37p Rebel Honor Knight thinks, "I am sure it is all very amusing now. We will see who laughs when I solve this problem!"
9/3/04 10:39:04p Rebel Honor Knight thinks, "I own this island. I would appoint the person who aides me as governor of another island!"
9/3/04 10:39:26p Shen Calin thinks, "Doesn't Phineas own that island you are on..?"
9/3/04 10:39:30p Maeght thinks, "of course all your paperwork showing title to that other island is in order, yes?"
9/3/04 10:40:29p Rebel Honor Knight thinks, "What need of I for paperwork? I recognize no paperwork!"
9/3/04 10:40:47p Maeght thinks, "so you're illiterate too?"
9/3/04 10:41:17p Ezail thinks, "It's a piece of paper (aside from a head) you're after... Isn't it?"
9/3/04 10:41:43p Rebel Honor Knight thinks, "I offer 20,000 coinds for the paperwork that Phineas stole!"
9/3/04 10:42:01p Maeght thinks, "how would you recognize it if it was returned?"
9/3/04 10:42:01p Ezail thinks, "Then you have use for paperwork, don't you?"
9/3/04 10:42:24p Rebel Honor Knight thinks, "Play not your lawyerly tricks upon me!"
9/3/04 10:58:11p Rebel Honor Knight thinks, "I have instructed my masons to build fortifications on the beach of my island."
9/3/04 10:58:19p Rebel Honor Knight thinks, "You respect them and I'll respect your island."
9/3/04 11:13:01p Rebel Honor Knight thinks, "Many new rebels have joined my cause!"
9/3/04 11:13:46p Daimoth thinks, "You must realize that no force can defeat these ridiculous exiles."
9/3/04 11:14:06p Maeght thinks, "a ludicrous force might be able to beat us"
9/3/04 11:14:26p Rebel Honor Knight thinks, "There is nothing ludicrous about my forces!"
9/3/04 11:14:37p Sor thinks, "Phineas is here! he will solve everything I'm sure!"
9/3/04 11:15:13p Rebel Honor Knight thinks, "50,000 coins for his head on a stake! 20,000 coins for the deed he carries!"
9/3/04 11:15:22p Phineas thinks, "*choke*"
9/3/04 11:16:45p Sor thinks, "So, Phisneyland needs help?"
9/3/04 11:17:00p Rebel Honor Knight thinks, "Phineas, perhaps you would like to drop by for some Elderberry wine and we can discuss this?"
9/3/04 11:18:00p Phineas thinks, "You people better not be tearing up the curtains in my keep! I paid a lot of money for those!"

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Cowering or Fleeing


Connie Crete sent this report to TMN:

"This new guy Dark Honor Knigget be makin a great deal o noise about Phineas. Umbybeby also made an offer fer Phin's new keep. I knows he been holdin out on tha bards low alla these many years, and offers this as a possible solution. We kin hold an auction fer tha Phineas trophy and deed between Umbybeby or DHKnigget. That should solve tha Mellybeby cashflow prollem nicely fer tha armor we may or may not want.

"I were havin a bad day when I tooked this pitcher causn 'sumbudy who'll remain nameless' skinned a 98c VP in front o me."

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September 04, 2004
Pants of Power: Stylish, Yet Deadly

Kojiro contemplates the Pants of Power

Lorikeet sent the following report to TMN:

"Shortly after the chaos storm, there was again a large force on Tenebrion Island/Phineas Island. Having misunderstood the sunstone chatter, I landed on the west beach. While there, Kojiro used his Pants of Power. (That's me under the tree. :p) The flames kept bouncing back and forth from rebel to rebel. All the damage in this picture was done by the flames, which continued long after he was dead."

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September 02, 2004
Pitch Assault Group Update


Fundin and CJ Parker sent TMN the following announcement:

"The group of exiles who successfully breached areas up to and including Pitch Cave 1 to 5 (as named by them) have located another 4 caves and a second mystic teleportation booster. We have also located where we suspect the legendary second pathfinder book lies and a cavern so full of arachnoids we have so far been unable to penetrate it!

"You can read about in Azriel's Foothills Expedition Reports For the Pitch Assault Group. Currently we are in the process of exploring these areas, and when we have more news it will be made public. You can read about our trips each week in Azriel's diaries, as we will be making these available to everyone from now on. Azriel will post each week.

"Please be aware that these trips are still privately organized and are by invitation only; we still aren’t proficient enough to allow guests or new members. However, I do keep my eyes open, and in the future we might look for more members. There's also a certain aspect of this area that only allows us to bring a certain amount of people past a certain point. So group size for each trip has to be kept under a certain level or else people have to be left behind (probably to fall and depart). We have no control over this.

"When we make sufficient breakthroughs in these Pitch Cave areas and learn the secrets behind them, then the possibility of guests on trips may arise, and maps may become available. When we have something worth showing we will do so!

"You can read more about my own thoughts on how I formed this group at"

Discussion can be found on the Sentinel.

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September 01, 2004
Chaos Storm #353


Chaos Storm #353 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

Posted by Kiriel at 08:13 PM


TMN has reason to believe that Thoom scientists are on the verge of a breakthrough in fishing pole technology. Details forthcoming.

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Tarf The Dwarf


Still dead.

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Abyss Rescue


Dandu sent the following report to TMN:

"Sir Dandu, a Knight of the Watch, would like to send this report about the Abyss raid that went horribly wrong, and the following rescues that continuously failed. Approximately were 10 fallen all the time, never getting more chained out without losing just as many. It was a horrible scene with much fire and much gore."

Natas drops in
Fallen in the Abyss (sent by Shakyamuni)
The eventual rescue

"However, the intelligent and creative exiles found ways to keep their time occupied as they lay there on the Abyss floor. One way was poetry. Attached below is a documented scroll of the poetry composed by the fallens while waiting for a 'successful' rescue."

Abyssal Poetry

Jinx yells, "there was group in the abyss, their thinking was a little a miss... they fell in the pools, the silly fools, and needed rescued because of this."

Maeght yells, "fire rats chewing me/hot flaming gasses in hell/terribly fallen"

Dandu yells, "As I just inside the Abyss, there was no way that I could miss, a big pool of lava, that is hotter than java, and when hit makes the sound of a hiss."

Naferu yells, "abyss smells poopy, exiles lying for hours, in their very own feces."

Jinx yells, "I did it again today, I guess I'm in a rut. I miss another opportunity... to keep my big mouth shut."

Dandu says, “I was just sitting in town, with nothing to do, when I heard the Abyss was calling for few. I rushed to the Temple, I ran up the stair, but at the top I found much despair. Everybody entered that large red cloud, and the screaming from inside was getting real loud. All the exiles were fallen, they had not a chance, when all of the sudden I took a glance. I found some fire above me, some flames to the side. I knew there was no one, for hope to reside. And now still I sit, waiting inside. For that special someone, to chain my furry hide.”

Jazz yells, "I am now burnt toast/going to depart, sadly/return for revenge”

Harper yells, "’Tween fire and dark spirit, heroes and fools lay fallen low, praise those who still try"

Maeght yells, "in foul hellfire lie/fallens in sulphurous ash/hope's light remaining"

Maeght yells, "there once was a builder named Chalta/who spammed all exiles re: Alta/the tired in the Abyss/thought nothing amiss/as they waited for delayed rescue, whose fault-a?"

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Winds of Dawn Visits Gungla


Himitsu has updated her scroll with the following reports:

Lesser Sand Wurm Debacle
Himitsu's First Locate

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Warlock Attack


J'nder sent the following report to TMN:

"There were huge disturbances on Tenebrion's Island this morning. Many exiles fell to rebel guards and mercenaries aided by what appeared to be Warlocks who threw flames.

"The pictures show some of the party that rescued Harper, Astral Duck, and Xepel amongst others."

Warlock battle #2
Warlock battle #3
Army of knights

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