December 29, 2006
Sentinel: New Accounts Again Available


New accounts are once again available at the Clan Lord Sentinel. For more information about the registration process, please read Vagile's announcement.

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Shaky's Bawkmas Images


Shakyamuni reports in his most recent journal entry on Bawkmas decorations in Puddleby, the opening of Snowy Grove, and a trip to the Slate Caves.

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December 28, 2006
Updates from Azriel


Azriel has updated his journal with reports on Chaos Storm #466 and Chaos Storm #469. Within these journal entries you will find information on expeditions to Deathtrap Noids, the Slate Cave, Metzetli Island, as well as a report on the new fighter tests, and much more.


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A Rocky Performance by Rakshasa


Measle reports in his most recent journal entry on this year's Bawkmas pageant, which was followed by a brief bard concert.

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Scarmis Insanity


Asenath sent the following report to TMN:


I wanted to speak to an ether expert in Cimmbrion's garden maze, which is located beyond the Scarmis queen chamber on Ash Island. I recruited a group, but we ran into some bad luck entering the queen's chamber. Everyone fell. Except me. I scooted into a corner behind a fallen Cinnamon, just out of reach of a hundred angry Scarmis. I managed to stay alive long enough for the entire group to get templed and then return for revenge. With me holding all the Scarmis at the far end of the chamber, the others quickly planted a kudzu fort at the other entrance and then cleared the area. I finally fell as my rescuers were about to reach me, after almost 30 minutes in this seemingly impossible position. Thanks to the hard work and persistence of many exiles, I was finally able to reach the maze and speak to Leradla to continue my ether studies. I look forward to being able to serve my fellow exiles in crafting ethereal items.


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December 21, 2006
Bawkmas Pageant


"The Wench Who Stole Bawkmas" will be presented in the West End Theatre on the 22nd of December at 8:00PM PST. You can read more about this Puddleby Players production on the Clan Lord Sentinel.

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That Cat Can Dig


Measle has updated his journal with news of sea shanties, vermines eating a well-known pirate, rolling for iron, and Largo's shovel of dreams.

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December 20, 2006
Sea Orga; Creed Advances


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail Para!

I have two things to share with the good citizens of Puddleby.

One is an odd sighting by Yharren and myself of an orga wandering right on the ocean! I've seen sea chickens, but the orga was a new one on me. Even after it was killed, the corpse floated gently on the waves.


The second is a bit more exciting for me. I am proud to announce that I have passed the fourth circle healer test. :-D It's a Bawkmas miracle! Thanks to everyone who gave me support and congratulations!





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December 13, 2006
Chaos Storm #472


Chaos Storm #472 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

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December 12, 2006
Exploring Metzetli Island


Kerrah sent the following report to TMN:

Hello Para,

Earlier today, Daimoth and Naferu assembled a group to venture deep into Metzetli Island. After successfully navigating the rainforest, we entered the Tepui of the island, which was a first for many of the exiles in the group.

Carefully Sala Dragon lured each Utsanna-Raja Yorilla and Sazaja (green, tenacious, ripper-like creatures) until the entry snell was conquered. From there, we moved southward to encounter Wyverns (previously believed to only reside in Sarra), Sazajas, and other Yorillas of various types, including the Sezuma Yorilla, a menacing silverback ape that stomps on the ground and causes earthquakes.

Having come this far, the group decided to try to venture into a valley within the Tepui that had not previously been explored. It was learned that a jungle vine could be affixed to the rocks, and while Jeepers held most of the creatures far from the entrance, we climbed down into the valley, ready to attack.


Unfortunately, things started going south rather quickly when Jeepers was ambushed by a Sezuma Yorilla, which I unsuccessfully tried to brick.


Naferu tried to avenge my death by bloodblading the Sezuma while Lorikeet and Gandor rodded it, but sadly the Sezuma got the upper hand, and put an end to our hunt.


Still, thanks to the talents of everyone involved, we traveled farther into the Tepui than anyone had ever traveled before, and we look forward to the day when we can conquer the Sezuma den completely.


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December 10, 2006
Mini Mansion Designed by Local Chicken


Welcome to the first edition of "Puddleby Pads with Para." Today on Puddleby Pads, we'll be taking a guided tour of the Mini Mansion with the designer, Super Chicken.



Super Chicken says, "I like the kitchen the best"
Paramedic asks, "So this is the Mini's House?"
Super Chicken says, "well 2nd to the garden"
Super Chicken says, "yup"
Super Chicken says, "the mini wardrobe is still incomplete though."
Paramedic asks, "Do they call it the Mini Mansion?"
Super Chicken exclaims, "yup!"
Super Chicken says, "the mini mansion"
(Paramedic nods)
Super Chicken says, "anywho, i thought the rebuilding of the mini mansion's garden area might be news."
Paramedic says, "Yes, it is worthy"
Super Chicken says, "ah good"
Paramedic asks, "Who redid it?"
Super Chicken says, "i did"
Paramedic says, "Oh really"
Super Chicken says, "i redid it all, but there were mini donations"


(Paramedic takes notes)
Super Chicken says, "but i got to do all the designs myself."
Super Chicken says, "it took awhile to figure out what to do down here in the kitchen"
Super Chicken exclaims, "Mmm mm chicken soup!"


Paramedic asks, "How so?"
Super Chicken exclaims, "It's not cannibalism if i'm in turtle form!"
(Paramedic nods)
Super Chicken says, "oh umm, the kitchen was just difficult to figure out how to make it look "kitcheny""
Paramedic says, "I see, I see"
Paramedic says, "let's look at the garden area again"


Super Chicken says, "I think i'll redo it a bit more... but that's about it."
Super Chicken says, "There are a lot of different plants in here"
(Paramedic nods)
Super Chicken says, "two vased plants are in here, but the vase part is covered up by other plants."
Paramedic asks, "This took you quite a bit of time?"
Super Chicken says, "and then some zu, a buncha flowers and varity of other things"
Super Chicken says, "the head of the tree giant down there."
Super Chicken says, "ya this took awhile to do."
Super Chicken says, "it also took several different umm..."
Super Chicken asks, "several different attempts?"
Paramedic says, "I see, I see"


Super Chicken says, "i basically rearranged everything over and over again"
Paramedic asks, "to get it just right?"
Super Chicken says, "figuring out what looks good where, trying thigns in different spots."
Super Chicken says, "experimenting what goes good with what."
Super Chicken says, "well, it's all about combinations."
(Paramedic listens)
Super Chicken says, "like umm. the pond combined with the plants along the edges of the pond to cover the "rug edge""
Super Chicken says, "a more advanced aspect of the design is this curve down here of the two doorways"
Super Chicken says, "how the edges of the doors curve into one another forming a walk way out of the lines of flowers"
(Paramedic examines the workmanship)
(Paramedic nods)


Paramedic says, "It looks great, SC."
Burrito is now Clanning.
Super Chicken says, "and of course between there are trophies in here, Zu trophies, and other things you can't walk through. it's kind of a maze in some parts, especially in this area"
Super Chicken says, "but it's possible to get through"
Paramedic says, "Yes, that's nice"
Super Chicken says, "but yar. that's about it"
Paramedic says, "Excellent"
(Super Chicken nods)


Paramedic says, "it is newsworthy; I'll post a story soon"
Super Chicken says, "neat"
Paramedic says, "thanks for showing me"
Super Chicken says, "make sure ya give the entire mini clan credit. buncha minis donated"
Super Chicken says, "i was just the designer"
(Paramedic makes a note)
Super Chicken ponders, "and primary donater ;D"
Paramedic asks, "Anything else you'd like to mention about it?"
Super Chicken says, "umm"
Super Chicken exclaims, "yes!"
Super Chicken says, "the most important part... listen very closely..."
Super Chicken blows his horn.
(Paramedic listens)
Paramedic exclaims, "Gah!"
Super Chicken blows hard into a sea horn.
Super Chicken exclaims, "Horned you good!"
Paramedic says, "Oh the sea horn is lovely"
(Super Chicken scurries off!)

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December 09, 2006
Hot Orcipus Night


Rakshasa sent the following announcement to TMN:

Hey Para,

Measle's debut album on Fowlplay Records, "Hot Orcipus Night," has just hit the shelves of the library.


Exiles who want their faces rocked off by awesome music are advised to go check it out at


Measle has posted a journal entry about his debut release for Fowlplay. He also has initiated the seasonal tradition of offering up images of Santa Chicken sightings with this festive slice of holiday spirit:


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Geotzou's Green Thumb


Measle reports in his journal entry for 12/1/06 on Geotzou's formidable use of kudzu and Bulgatra's impressive chaining abilities.

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Norm Escapes Library


Longtime Puddleby diarist Norm reports in his journal entry for Terrdi, 71 Autumn 564 (11/26/06) on the recent successful Orga Camp raid just prior to the Feast of T’srrin.

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Attack of the Azurites


Yor sent the following report to TMN:

Strim all,

A few days ago, I took TKA to DTN. After a rough start we took DTN 1. Then to my surprise, most of TKA was eager to try the dreaded DTN 2. So we started off aggressively and surprisingly got a foothold. From that point we secured the entire cave. More Arachnoid reinforcements kept showing up but we kept fending them off. Then suddenly something strange and unexpected happened. Three puddles of water appeared where there was no water before. The water seemed to be seeping through the wall. All of the sudden Arachnoids emerged from the puddles! And they were Arachnoids like we had never seen before. Azurite Arachnoids and Striped Azurite Arachnoids! They were tough but not tougher than some of their brethren, like Slate Arachnoids. They did not throw webs. We came close to all falling to a pack of Azurites but ultimately prevailed. The group was later killed by the sudden appearance of several Arachnoids, including Pitch and Albino. I managed to escape into the ethereal plane but unfortunately I was unable to chain anybody. But the questions remain. Where do these Azurites come from and which tribe do they belong to?


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Grande Opening: Memorial Petting Zoo


Phineas sent the following announcement to TMN:

Have you ever wanted to enjoy animals in the convenience of confined spaces instead of having to chase them around in large, open areas?
Have you ever wanted to embrace a wild animal instead of vanquishing it? WELL NOW YOU CAN!

Please join Rinauld the ex-rebel and Phineas for the Grande Opening of the Memorial Petting Zoo! Friends and family are welcomed to frolic with deadly venomous cobras, ravenous arachnes and blood-soaked bunnies!

Date: Terrdi, the 65th Day of Winter 565 (Saturday, December 16th, 2006)
Time: 7:00pm Pacific Standard Time
Location: The Memorial Petting Zoo, Phineas Island (formally Tenebrion Island)
Directions: Enter Phineas Island from the south and travel three (3) snells north, and then one (1) snell east. Look for the bright pennants.

Admission is FREE! (Some attractions require a modest fee to enjoy.
The cost of park admission does not include food and drink.
Concession stands and souvenir shops are available.)

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Praying for Vermine


Inu Teisei sent the following report to TMN:

Dear Paramedic,

Today I will recount a cautionary tale about praying for vermine (and taunting a GM...).

Here's what happened.
Inu Teisei says, "funny i am gaining experience here in tc jawing away..."
DragonHawk says, "yep"
DragonHawk says, "that happens]"
Inu Teisei says, "must not be any GMs on to shut me up"
(Inu Teisei giggles)
DragonHawk ponders, "not nearly enough"
(DragonHawk grins)
Inu Teisei asks, "Oh Eldon, wherefore art thou Eldon?"
(DragonHawk looks up)
DragonHawk says, "he aint up there."
Inu Teisei asks, "Dost thou not thinketh I have not gabbeth enougheth today?"
DragonHawk says, "noeth."
(DragonHawk grins)
Inu Teisei asks, "dost thou not wanteth to send uponus me a large vermine attack?"
Inu Teisei says, "shall i pray"
DragonHawk ponders, "bah large vermine"

DragonHawk says, "suuure"
DragonHawk says, "why not"
Inu Teisei ponders, "they chew me up pretty good"
(DragonHawk grins)
You pray, "do not send any large vermine to tc"
Your prayer disappears into the heavens.
Inu Teisei says, "'/pray do not send any large vermine to tc"
Inu Teisei says, "reverse psych"
DragonHawk says, "that oughtta do it"
Inu Teisei says, "bwa ha ha ha"
DragonHawk says, "hah"
(Inu Teisei bwa ha ha ha's)
Inu Teisei says, "ah figured out the pose finally"
Inu Teisei says, "notice how everyone has cleared out of tc....."
(Inu Teisei giggles)
DragonHawk says, "heh"
Inu Teisei says, "right on cue"
You equip your dagger.
You killed a Vermine.
DragonHawk says, "wow"
Inu Teisei says, "why go hunt when you can pray for exp monsters"
Inu Teisei says, "dinner come here"

The attached screenshots show what happens at the end of the discourse above.

vermine prayer 1
vermine prayer 2

Inu Teisei has now redone her tattoo as an act of contrition.

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December 07, 2006
Underwater at Metz


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail Para!

I hope this report finds you enjoying your journey!

I want to share a couple of sketches I made while on a trip to an unusual place that was completely new to me, and I believe new to most of the exiles I was with. Manx led us to an underwater area at Metz that was very difficult to get to. It was an extremely strange place. We were able to breathe underwater without the benefit of potions, but the current was so strong that we had to fight tooth and nail to get to the entrance we were trying to access.

Finally, we made it to the bottom of what seemed a ruined and neglected staircase, and on entering found this tiny clearing. As you can see, it was barely large enough for everyone in our group to squeeze in. If you look closely next to Melben you can see a slight blue glow. It may look like a moonstone's light in this sketch, but it's actually a different kind of energy—sort of a buzzing ball of blue light that sizzled and snapped as we watched.

The blue light was harmless to the fighters and mystic in our party, but any healer that stepped into it got "zapped" as if by a bolter in CD. You can see the result of Taryn's experiment with standing on the sizzling blue light for a few moments.

Apparently there are places on Metz where red and yellow lights like this one exist—red ones that zap healers and yellow ones that zap mystics. Melben believes there must be a connection, but time grew short for our group before we could do more than a brief examination. Each exile tried touching and standing on the light, walking over it, etc. Some tried equipping various weapons, using moonstone or cad—in short, we did everything we could think of to affect the light in some way, with no result.

If anyone has further information, please comment here or contact Manx or Melben. We have a new mystery on our hands!


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December 06, 2006
Trip to Peaceton Goes Wrong


Kalypso sent the following report to TMN:

Esteemed Paramedic,

Recently, Odesseus deftly talked me into a trip to Peaceton. (Actually, he promised to behave and I resolved to sleep with my dagger, just in case.) We were careful not to miss the boat and once it had departed the dock, dear Odes informed me that he hadn't brought any money! I tossed him a few coins and we whiled away the long hours playing blackjack, building up our meager reserves. Being the sleepy fen that he is, I spent lonely hours fishing and wistfully listening to the sunstone messages from the Puddleby Isles.

Not knowing if we'd be thrown off the ship at the end of our journey, Odes and I came out of the ship's library at an uncodly hour to disembark. We looked briefly in the nearby town, and Odes killed an arachnid that was wandering about. I don't know what kind it was, as I was hiding. The last thing I wanted to do was fall so soon after arriving.

Because of the hour, we decided more sleep was in order and began to look for a safe place to bed down. Most unfortunately, we picked exactly the wrong place and when we next woke we were heading back to Puddleby on the ship! We were both so disappointed, and tried to devise ways to at least get back to Puddleby in less than four days. We soon came to the conclusion that though there are at least three ways to fall on the ship, there really is no way off the ship, so we wallowed in our sorrows with drink and gambling.

We woke ragged and hung over on the Puddleby dock, home again after what was quite possibly the shortest Peaceton trip in history.

Your humble near-newbie,


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December 03, 2006
Thoom on the Road


News updates are a little slow right now because I'm traveling. I'll get caught up soon.


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December 02, 2006
Clan Destine: Still Never There


Bakunan sent the following report to TMN:

Hail Para! It has been about two Puddle-years since the last official Clan Destine hunt, but today found most of us out of the library at the same time. We were in good spirits, catching up, although Ootog (the one in the middle) did not look like his usual Zo self. Maybe we will see Cyan and Bir Guzzyl soon as well?

If anyone has heard from Sian or her sister Cyrrhi, please post. Even if she can't make it out of the library, we miss her and hope she is doing well.



Posted by Para at 08:36 PM