June 30, 2004
Master Bodrus Speaks


Rincewind sent TMN this report:

"Last week, a few exiles were sitting in the town temple discussing recent events. It seems, however, that Master Bodrus did not approve of this, and he was rather disparaging about the fine citizens of Puddleby present. Fortunately, Tater was present to sort him out. After a quick "discussion" and a well-placed right hook, Tater had Bodrus behaving more respectfully again."

Posted by Para at 08:30 PM
Ether Storm


Rincewind sent the following report to TMN:

"After a particularly severe ether storm today, which filled the sea with ether clouds and other assorted ethereal nasties, Melabrion appeared and started to investigate. Although he managed to repair the rift in the ether layer, he wasn't happy, and said that it remains delicate and unstable. He was certain that this and other recent storms are due to the rising popularity of using ethereal portal stones as a quick route to Purgatory (and hence home). He said that the use of these stones is damaging the ether. He strongly advises that people stop using the stones in this way before irreparable damage is done."

Posted by Para at 08:20 PM
June 28, 2004
The Newbielympics Are Coming!


The Newbielympics are coming to town! They will take place between July 24th and August 8th. For more information, see the Newbielympics scroll. Winds of Dawn is taking donations now for prizes, so if you'd like to contribute, please contact a Winds of Dawn member. We are also encouraging other clans and organizations to schedule their own special events in tandem with the Newbielympics, so see a Winds of Dawn clan member if you want to set something up.

Posted by Kiriel at 04:41 PM
June 27, 2004
Catching Up Is Hard To Do


Things are finally settling down here at TMN after the recent short-notice move of the TMN Headquarters a few weeks back. I'll finally get the winners of the Ad Art Contest #2 posted in the next couple days. Meanwhile, here are a few reports TMN received but did not get a chance to post earlier. I found them under some boxes of salmon jerky.

From Usagi:

"Greetings everyone,

"I'd like to let you all know about another change for Kismia's Island. We know about Rowl's presence, and his ability to lyfe upright exiles, destroying their necklaces. I have a fun addition: The South KI Hut is out of commission! What do I mean, you ask? Well, there are large boulders next to the door. No entry into the hut is possible. I found this out the unfortunate way after leaving the hut and being unable to re-enter. One depart later, I'm here to tell you about it. Sorry there's no picture, but I didn't have time to stand my ground to draw one while being killed by cave cobras. Probably should have, as I died anyway."

I got this from Usagi a while back. Does anyone know what the status is with these boulders now?


TMN received this note from Daine about a recent rash of book raffles:

"Phantasmonomicons are taking over! Get your own raffle house. *mutter


Aprender sent TMN this report a few weeks back:

"There's a new rug in the raffle house."

This raffle is long over, but it does make me wonder: are carpets showing up for raffle regularly now, or was this unusual?

Posted by Para at 11:11 PM
Waiting for the Mirror


The cloud is near the mirror today, and exiles are waiting for the chance to enter. I've been through the mirror myself, but am glad to help those who continue to wait for the opportunity.

Posted by Para at 08:52 PM
Gem Replaced


Droch sent the following report to TMN:

"A group of exiles escorted Lister through the KI tunnels to the gemless statue in a successful attempt to restore the rock to its original setting today despite Fat Alice's offers of wealth and fame. Upon placing the rock in the statue, we all felt an air of peace and health settle over the room, but other than that little changes were noticed at first. The reactions from the exiles present at the restoration varied from happiness to frustration, as it seems that some wanted to further explore the powers of the gem before replacing it. There has been no news on the status of Groar as of yet, but that will likely be just around the corner. Stay tuned, exiles!"

Posted by Para at 06:42 PM
Fat Alice's Wand


Callus sent the following report to TMN:

"Mjollnir was in town with the wand given by Fat Alice to cure those exiles inflicted with the lyfe disease. Four exiles were cured: Lister, Stinkfist, Coeur de Leon and Rincewind. Then something not-so-surprising happened. The wand had used up all of its charges! There was a brief outcry for Fat Alice's blood to be spilled before a group went to go speak to her. The discussion that was held was quite brief: Alice offered the exiles another wand for the paltry sum of 200,000 coins. She also expressed a keen interest in the gem, but has little in the way of offering in return."

Posted by Para at 06:00 PM
Search for a Missing Thoom: "Myself"


TMN is announcing a search for a long-missing Thoom, known as "Myself." I think he used an alternate spelling of his name after the Ripture War. I need his help in trying to resolve some problems with the Thoom Mailing List. Does anyone know how to contact him?

Posted by Para at 10:19 AM
June 26, 2004
The Death of Rowl


Callus sent the following report to TMN:

"After a nine-hour power session of hunting today, an exhausted group of exiles managed to outfight and outlast Rowl on his own turf.

"We chased him all across Kismia's Island to the glaciers, where he fortified himself within the 'skating rink' area. After a grueling battle at the bottlenecked entrance, Rowl--now weary from summoning other lyfes and quite frightened of our determination--fled to the glacier caverns where he was surrounded and defeated.

"Lister found the gemstone that Rowl had stolen from the underground statue. After some discussion, the group felt that we should try taking the gemstone to Groar at the boatmaking hut. We arrived and showed the gem to Groar, but Groar did not seem interested.

"At this point, Fat Alice began sunstoning Lister in an attempt to bargain for the gemstone, offering 80,000c and the wand of lyfe-curing (it was my understanding that she initially offered the wand to us as reward for defeating Rowl). Lister flatly refused Alice's offer, and discussion ensues as to what to do with the gemstone."

Fighting our way up the icy slope towards the skating rink area.
Battling for a foothold in entrance to the skating rink area.
Rowl makes his escape from the skating rink area! (Note that Snowlion took Rowl down to yellow *in one hit*--and Rowl simply took SnowLion down.)
Rowl flees into the caves, with the exiles in close pursuit.
The final stand of Rowl!
Lister claims the prize.
Meeting with Groar.

Posted by Para at 09:37 PM
Sasha Reports on Rowl


Sasha has a report on Rowl's theft on the ELF Blog.

Posted by Para at 08:58 PM
Sor Reports on the Rowl Theft


In addition to Callus' report, TMN also received this report from Sor on Rowl's theft:

"There was some good adventuring today! It was a full moon day, and after a successful Orga Camp raid, it seems several lyfed exiles sensed some kind of excitement coming from Kizmia's Island. Yor promptly organized a party to check on the unguarded gem, but lyfes were in their strongest form from the full moon, so it took some time and a fair number of exiles to survive and progress up to the center of the lyfe caves. Along the way, lyfed exiles sensed various feelings emanating from Growl, which Rincewind was smart enough to try to analyze. He even sacrificed and got lyfed to get a better feeling of Rowl's behavior! It turned out that Rowl was just ahead of us when we reached the central snell, and we saw him jump from the statue, holding the supposedly powerful stone! We were unable to stop Rowl, of course, and he fled with the stone.

"We weren't sure what to do next: chase Rowl, or check on Groar, who would likely be his next target. Rincewind thought about using the empathic abilities in lyfed exiles, and they all put their heads together, feeling out for Rowl. It worked beyond expectation and they were able to see him hidden in a snowy tree, trying to figure out the use of the stone!

"Unfortunately, the expedition had been long and exhausting for most, and we agreed to exit and get fresh reinforcements at that point. There weren't enough willing exiles for that so the chase is postponed until there are enough willing souls again. We must act fast before Rowl gains even more power from the stone!

"Sun Dragon Clan will attempt to lead an expedition on Kismia's Island this OOC Saturday, 10 AM PST. The goal is to locate Rowl (although he may just come to us...) and try to retrieve the stone and defeat him (we have no clue how to do this yet!). Alternatively, we may try to wake Groar up to help figure out what to do with Rowl. Motivated exiles are welcome to take part in this noble endeavor; just be warned that there is a high risk of getting infected and departing in the end. Chaotic fights and furious action is almost guaranteed, though!"

Posted by Para at 12:01 AM
June 25, 2004
Callus Reports: Rowl Takes Gemstone


Callus sent TMN the following report:

"A group was in the KI tunnels earlier when tragedy struck: Rowl has taken Groar's gemstone!


"2) Rowl leaps down from the statue, gem in hand!


"3) Our attempt to surround Rowl and reclaim the gem results in our being crushed!


"4) As we fall back to the safety of the southern tunnel, Rowl sprints by us with the gemstone firmly in his possession!

"A group was reforming to hunt Rowl and reclaim the gem; Rowl was last detected hiding in a tree within the glaciers of KI."

Posted by Para at 11:35 PM
Lyfes, Webs, and Norm


Norm has an update on the lyfe situation and a report on some of his recent expeditions in his journal entry for 48 Autumn 554 (6/23/04).

Posted by Para at 12:45 AM
Cloud Over Mirror


Aravir reports in his latest journal entry that the cloud was recently over the South Forest Mirror.

Posted by Para at 12:16 AM
Rescue at Scarmis Den


Azriel reports on a Scarmis Den rescue in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 12:13 AM
June 24, 2004
Groar Location Expedition


Tonoto sent TMN the following report:

"Here’s a picture of the Groar Location Expedition, which was successful in finding Groar but not waking him up. We started our expedition around OOC 6pm yesterday (Wednesday, June 23).

"The expedition was lead by Althea and enhanced by the presence of Rincewind. All others participating are shown in the picture. It was a team that worked well together and fought some of the toughest battles that I have experienced on Kismia Island."

Yor has posted an update on the Groar/Rowl situation in the Rowl or FA News forum on Clan Lord Sentinel.

Posted by Para at 11:43 PM
June 23, 2004
Chaos Storm #343


Chaos Storm #343 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

Posted by Kiriel at 03:55 PM
June 22, 2004
Tara's Muffins


Sasha has filed a report on the ELF Blog about Tara's recent plate of muffins, Ann GM meeting with exiles in the Fairgrounds, and Aughra's recent bath.

Posted by Para at 07:48 PM
Stinky Lyfe Epidemic


Droch sent TMN the following message:

"A little friendly public service announcement here! Prompted by the recent stinky lyfe epidemic, Sasha and I took it upon ourselves to remind those infected (namely Aughra, in this case) to bathe. After a lengthy dragging, pulling, and eventually drugging (via moonshine), we pulled Aughra into the bathhouse. She emerged a plucked, combed and rose-scented lyfe (until she lay back down in the mud.) Let's make Puddleby a less stink-tastic place!"

Posted by Para at 03:33 PM
Reign of Rowl Continues


Azriel tells of the continuing rampage of Rowl and how exiles are dealing with it in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 03:24 PM
June 20, 2004


Aravir has a report on a field of poppies grown in Puddleby as well as the appearance of a sand-covered area in his latest journal entry.

Posted by Para at 06:50 PM


Althea sent TMN this picture of a Lyfeline in town center.

Posted by Para at 02:11 PM
June 19, 2004
Puddleby Navy


The Puddleby Navy has a new leader: Stinkfist!

Posted by Para at 08:02 AM
June 18, 2004
The Fat Alice Fund


Phineas sent the following report to TMN:

"Mjollnir has been working hard in town, raising the 25,000 in coins needed for page seven from Fat Alice! As you can see from the sketch, we are very close to that goal! I offered to double the money raised by playing one hand at blackjack, but Mjollnir wouldn't let me."

Posted by Para at 12:46 AM
June 15, 2004
Where is Aravir?


There have been no updates to his journal for quite a while.

Posted by Para at 05:32 PM
Rowl's Reign of Terror


Azriel reports in his latest journal entry on the troubles caused by Rowl and Fat Alice's possible solution.

Posted by Para at 05:27 PM
June 14, 2004
Sylvan Meetings and Senfantia


Recent updates to the ELF Blog include:
Meeting Minutes 6/6/04
Anfyr's thoughts on Fat Alice and on her remarriage
Illusionist Senfantia visiting Puddleby
Meeting Minutes 6/13/04

Posted by Para at 11:17 PM
June 13, 2004
Welcome to Puddleby Hollows


Puddleby Hollows was a hub of activity yesterday as exiles rushed in to rent accommodations. The Golden Trout was at hand to witness the grand opening.

Exile reactions to the opening of Puddleby Hollows can be found on the Clan Lord Sentinel.

Posted by Para at 11:43 AM
June 12, 2004
Golden Trout Returns


The Golden Trout has reappeared in Puddleby, undoubtedly heralding an upcoming announcement regarding the TMN Ad Art Contest!

Posted by Para at 11:09 AM
June 11, 2004
The Sisters in the Museum


Aprender sent the following report to TMN:

"As J'nder already reported to TMN, three of the Sisters of Benevolence were in town a few days earlier, and I was fortunate enough to also be around at the time. I have enclosed two sketches of us visiting the Museum.

"The first is Tere, Prue, Luce, J'nder, and me admiring Manx's portrait of the Sisters. Tere explained who was who in the portrait, and I have added captions to the sketch.

"Front row, left to right: Tere, Una, Ire
"Middle row, left to right: Ashe, Prue, Luce
"Back row: Zen

"As Luce said, it's a shame that Zen wasn't sitting up higher.

"The second sketch is a close-up detail of the portrait alone."


Posted by Para at 07:55 PM


Kani filed this report with TMN:

"When the night was deep, many deadly poppies began popping up wherever Tigger walked. He at first denied anything to do with them, but after he surrounded himself with them and fell, it became apparent that he was their source.


"Even the Sentinel caught on.


"He claimed to be collecting them for Tara's muffins."

Lundar also has a report on Tigger's poppy-spouting paws on the ELF Blog.

Posted by Para at 06:17 PM
Bard Concert and Audition

ocarina.gif tuborn.gif

Baraboo reports via Koppi:

"Bard concert and audition 7:30 PM Summer 89th (6 pm PDT June 11), in the Bards' Field."

Posted by Para at 04:32 PM
Blowing It Up Contest


Farhope sent TMN the following report:

"Here is a picture of the end of the Winds of Dawn Blowing It Up intra-clan contest.

"More info can be found at the Winds of Dawn Clan Forum: http://www.windsofdawn.org/forum/showthread.html?t=1909"

Posted by Para at 12:47 AM
Before the ELF Blog: The Book of Days


Fleming has recently restored The Book of Days, a collection of early adventures of ELF, as noted on the ELF Blog. I highly recommend checking out these stories and images from times long past. Here are a few more samples:



Posted by Para at 12:37 AM
Azriel Gets Around


Azriel reports in his latest journal entries on trips to the land of Sarra, Kismia's Island, the Ethereal Forge, Orga Village, and Dal'Noth.

Posted by Para at 12:22 AM
June 10, 2004
Ue Mg Sr Cs Os Ym . . .


In his journal update for Summer 554 (6/10/04), Norm reports on Fat Alice selling off pages of an encrypted book for large sums of money, Rowl the super-lyfe continuing to whack exiles vigorously, and a warning for Mork that comes just a little too late.

Posted by Para at 11:59 PM


Kani submitted the following report to TMN:

"Today a particularly fierce lyfelidae was encountered on Kizmia's Island, and by the time I arrived on the scene, it was near the hut on the south beach of the island. None of the assembled party were able to hit 'Rowl' except through luck. Many strong fighters and healers were felled in a single blow, and Rowl was able to pull and push fallens. Rowl did not change forms when the sun rose. He remained in what some might call the "night" form. I also noticed while fallen that an abnormal amount of Harvest lyfelidae seemed to spawn when Rowl was near."



"Rowl wasn't any easier to brick than it (he?) was to hit."

Posted by Para at 06:28 PM
The Sisters Appear


J'nder sent this report to TMN:

"A rare sighting of three of the "Sisters of Benevolence" in town yesterday.

"They kindly showed Aprender their picture in the museum, helped on a KI rescue, and expressed their intent to obtain a couple of pet Zos before leaving. Mork declined to be a pet, can't think why. Oh, and it was Luce's birthday, which is why she's wearing the furry costume.... I think."

Posted by Para at 03:55 AM
Two Years Gone


Kirth Gersen has returned to Puddleby after a two-year absence. Read about his return and recent adventures in his most recent journal entries from Summer 554.

Posted by Para at 03:45 AM
June 09, 2004
Chaos Storm #341


Chaos Storm #341 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

Posted by Kiriel at 02:17 PM
June 06, 2004
Burning Exile


Ayelwen sent this report to TMN:

"It appears that Garr was lost fallen on GI for 2 whole Puddleby days! He was munched on badly by Co'acha's. It isn't pretty. A few were making burial plans for him. While others were discussing what to do with his valuables, Andrea managed to get one of his socks. We pulled all the Horus that was in the lands to try to raise Garr but even with Lorikeet there, we couldn't get him off of PND. Horus himself would have been a great help but I'm beginning to wonder if he know what it looks like outside. I'm not sure if we'll be able to raise him today. His wounds looked pretty bad. But I'm glad we at least got him back home. Now we can proceed with the burial ceremony."

Posted by Para at 10:52 AM
June 05, 2004
Norm and the Blood Meshra


Norm reports on further exploration of Gungla Island in his journal entry for 63 Summer 554 (6/5/04).

Posted by Para at 09:55 AM
Mystics Stepping Out


Lundar reports on an unusual convergence of mystics and their tour of Gungla Island in the ELF Blog's most recent entry.

Posted by Para at 09:37 AM