February 26, 2009
Dangers of Diplomacy


Fen President Largo was recently spotted in Town Center, severely wounded in the aftermath of a diplomatic mission.


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Progress in Construction of the Alliance Castle


Construction workers on the site of the Alliance Castle indicate that much progress has been made, though the area remains dangerous.


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Noids, Wendies, Butterflies, and Dredwood


Cammie has added some new entries to her journal:

Entry the Twenty-seventh: MAP excursion to Dredwood
Entry the Twenty-eighth: Valentine Adventures!
Entry the Twenty-ninth: Back to the spider caves



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Hunter, Pazuzu Advance; Open Hunt Splits Into Two Groups


Torin has added some new entries to OWE News:

Hunter Enters 7th Circle
Midbie Adventure Party
Book 1 Again
MAP Goes to Dredwood
Splitting the Open Hunt
Pazuzu Enters 6th Circle


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February 25, 2009
Measle and the Puddleby Players


Measle sent the following report to TMN:

G'day Para and Puddleby,

A new visionstone short by the Puddleby Players and a new journal entry for you. Also the deadline is approaching for bards' submissions for the next big play. Hurry up and finish if you want to see your work incorporated into a big musical, bards!


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February 20, 2009
The CLUMP Makes a Move


The CLUMP has a new address:


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February 11, 2009
Chaos Storm #585


Chaos Storm #585 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read any further!

Delta Tao's "What's New" for v585:

2/11/2009 v585
If you cannot be a poet, be the poem. ó David Carradine

* No crashes in 314 days and counting. The record is 723 days.
* Youíll have to explore to discover the rest of this Chaos Stormís changes. Enjoy!

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February 10, 2009
Hu'uf Bellowlungs Comes to Puddleby


Phiros sent the following report to TMN:

Hu'uf Bellowlungs, an engineer, dropped by Puddleby today to see about the tower horn complaints. After careful inspection, he deemed that the horns weren't broken, just downgraded to the B-6 model. The east rat tower, however, still had the old C-7 model which could be heard well into town. Apparently a mix-up in the paperwork.

He said we can downgrade the C-7s, or upgrade the B-6s. Regardless, he's going to consult with his foreman and have someone take a full inventory.






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February 09, 2009
Noids Invaded by Super Noids


Cammie sent the following report to TMN:

Greetings Para!

We were hunting in the passes when we heard of an unusual number of exiles falling at Noids. Upon entering the cave, we discovered the Noids had been overrun by their much stronger, meaner cousins!


Several exiles were fallen at the bottom, and we had to fight through this angry mob of Olive, Malachite, and Slate (I believe?) Arachnoids.



This intrepid reporter went all the way to the bottom for some live-action news, and ended up, well . . .




This fella had a name I couldn't quite wrap my tongue around, and boy was he mean! Note this reporter observing bravely from a distance. :)

In the end, all the Noids were defeated and all exiles rescued. This was a great opportunity for teamwork, and all involved stepped up to the challenge. We win!!


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February 08, 2009
York's Boomerang


Kisa has posted two new entries:

He repaired the piece with tape

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Open Hunts and New Members for OWE


Torin has added some new entries to OWE News:

Pathfinder Escort
Tater Joins OWE!
The Trouble with T'rools
Terise duMiroir and Zin Join OWE!
Sightseeing in Orga Lands
Abyss and Noth




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York has a new journal.

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Puddleby Players Seek Bard Assistance


Measle made the following announcement on the Clan Lord Sentinel:

Hear ye, hear ye.

Puddleby Players are hoping to perform a musical and we need the help of Puddleby's bards.

We need songs with lyrics so we can put them into our next production. Basically we'll have a look at all the songs sent in to us and write a play around them so that they can fit in to some dramatic context. All bards will be credited for the work they put in. Love songs, sea shanties lowbrow humour and high art. All genres are welcome. They don't even have to specifically written for this musical. If you have a song with words gathering dust in your music folder, send it to us.

What we don't need
-Lyrics without music and music without lyrics. The one exception would be if someone volunteered to do an overture incorporating all the music's highlights in one piece.
-Duets and trios. Unfortunately I am PP's only bard so duets and trios are out unless you want to join our theatre troupe as well. We rehearse every Tuesday night (US Tuesday nights that is, Wednesday afternoons for us people in a civilized country).

What we do need
-Submissions as early as possible, well before the deadline. The quicker we get songs, the faster we can start writing.

The deadline is one month from the posting of this announcement on March 8 2009 with the performance date tentatively around the end of May sometime. Submissions can be PMed to me here at the Sentinel.

Start writing!

sentinel_by_kani.png Discussion on the Clan Lord Sentinel.

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Captain Scabfoot's Unfortunate Condition and the Perseverance of the Fen President


Arianrhod sent the following report to TMN:

Today I exited the library expecting to visit the auction house, Radium and then headed back to study some more. However, I was quickly distracted by a group of exiles discussing a certain "Captain Scabfoot" who had been sued and sent to jail due to a special condition he was suffering from. This condition caused the lowly pirate to spontaneously turn into a liche (or greater death. I'm not quite sure which it was). It's unclear to me whether Scabfoot was corrupt or possessed, but with him in jail, President Largo decided to take advantage of the situation and head off the Dark Temple for some answers. He quickly secured a group of exiles to stay behind and watch Scabfoot and then rallied together a team to invade the Temple on Ash Island.

As the group gunning for the temple was short healers, I decided to tack myself on and followed the powerful exiles into the dark place. Largo planned to find whatever was possessing Scabfoot and eradicate it before things turned ugly. However, Wangah Rah did not exactly agree with this plan. He arrived shortly after we came to the pentacle that leads to the Inner Sanctum and promptly summoned various ghastly creatures to fight us back. His plan might have worked if not for the fact that the ghosts saw him as a threat as well and quickly beat him senseless.

After this we went searching through the temple only to get defeated, lose many great warriors along the way, and have Scabfoot escape from prison back in Puddleby. Throughout the defeat, President Largo decided that the best course of action would be to gather up all of the fallen, bring them back to town and then come back for a rescue.

All would have been fine, if not for Wangah Rah returning with us and placing a dastardly curse upon Babajaga and Largo. He used his Darkstone as a tool of necromancy, churning their blood and turning them into mindless undine who were void of all free will. Meanwhile, our powerful fighters were already trying to fend off a Greater Death. Things seemed to have taken a turn for the worse until out of nowhere, Babajaga and Largo regained their sense of self and were able to control their animated corpses. They used this to their advantage, and with some team effort were able to destroy the Greater Death and rescue all of the fallens.

Until today, I had no problem with Wangah Rah, seeing him merely as a man who yearned for knowledge and wished to use it for the greater good, even if that meant sometimes being on the bad side of society. However, there is no possible way that turning our President into the living dead could be good for anyone but himself and the foul creatures residing on Ash Island.

I suggest everyone watch out for him, for he is very dangerous and quite unpredictable.





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Largo Waves White Flag?


This image and description were deposited anonymously in the TMN mailbox.

The Orga, inflated by their own ranger-training efforts, began an invasion last night against Puddleby. Orga Vermine trainers were unleashed upon town, who had befriended Crypt Rats, Florese Vermine, Cerebs, and other various nasties.

After a strong rally against the vermine trainer, exiles met with heavy opposition in East Field. Numerous bolting locks held the exiles at bay for a while, but strong rodding efforts by Tara, Mephisto, Lorikeet and others proved overpowering to the Orga magic-users.

Exiles then pushed on to the Orga Camp, meeting a small pocket of resistance in the meadow. But after a stunning show of strength by the orga, Fen President Largo conceded defeat after a long battle in the OC. Exiles were unwilling to heed this flag of submission, and defeated a staggering force of Fury, Wrath, Frenzy, and Hatred.

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February 07, 2009
Final Fentasy


Hoggle has posted Final Fentasy to SNN.

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February 05, 2009
Mantuans and BROs


Suu'ub sent the following report to TMN:

Hey Para,

Here are a couple interesting snapshots I took recently. The first, a spawn of Mantuans that Slarty treated us with to conclude a recent fairgrounds discussion he held. They sure are beautiful and brutal beasts. The second, a recent Orga invasion had led us to OC, where we encountered BROs as far as we could see. We were successful in both attacks!



Posted by Para at 07:08 AM
Ethereal Plane "Execution"


Illora Mone sent the following report to TMN:

Dear Paramedic,

I sensed an urgent call of invasion by Ratbane and hurried from the library, to find that town was no longer in danger. When I met Ratbane, he recruited me for the party taking on Ash (there was one on TI, I believe). Our small party encountered tough resistance (four Carousers and a Marauder) in the Village, though there was little else by the time I arrived. After several attempts on Village, resulting in the successful killing of at least one Carouser, we were sitting back in Horde, healing up, when a man showed up but didn't attack us.

He claimed he was a rebel, that the rebels wanted to take Village for themselves. We offered our help, promising not to harm him. At this time, I was still calling for help to Stinkfist, not realizing how successful the rebels would be. With a flood of rebels at our backs, we easily cleared Village of its Carousers--until a Greater Death appeared. Our rebel friends scattered in terror, but after heavy casualties and the arrival of a pair of bloodmages, the GD was finished.

Whimpering William (that was his name it appears, though he was not happy about it) demanded supplies and claimed that the rebels were looking for a secure base. He indicated that he was very low-level and new in the rebel organization, unlike most we have treated with before. He was very polite, though afraid of the bloodmages, but conversation revealed that he favored the capture and selling of slaves. The most curious thing I got from the conversation was that the Theocracy was far weakened from its heydays.

Largo arrived after that, with the promised supplies, but said he wanted something to show for all that we'd given the rebels over the years. By this point William and Stinkfist had been exchanging insults and threats. Without letting anyone else in on what they were doing, Kalian and Stinkfist took up flanking positions around William. Kalian entered through the north door and stood north of William, Stinkfist blocked the south door. Kailan opened a portal to EP, and both Kalian and Stinkfist activated their shieldstones, forcing William through the portal.

Largo followed, but was unable to keep William alive and fell himself.

While the execution was skillfullly done, I wonder at the results if this should get back to the rebel hierarchy. Of course, I'm still wondering if he was even a rebel, and not just bait in a Dar'shak trap.

-Illora Mone

Posted by Para at 12:15 AM
February 03, 2009
Weather Forecast: Froggy


Another image from Astrum Lumini.

Posted by Para at 11:10 PM
February 01, 2009
Images from Astrum Lumini


TMN received a small package containing some roughly drawn sketches. The return address is blank, except for the name "Astrum Lumini."

The images seem to indicate the discovery of a new area.







Posted by Para at 11:23 PM
New Clan: Eghorus Rising


Phiros sent to TMN the following announcement of a new clan:

There are many clans and sparsed organizations throughout the island chain of Lok'Groton. There are even hints at a judiciary system and government. However, as time has drifted on, it would seem that the very threads that keep us better than the Orga, or the Darshak, have been worn thin. Things like music festivals, dances, plays, writing, art, cultural diversity and, at the same time, inclusiveness.

Eghorus Rising wants to bring a light back to these areas, and more. We want to preserve and raise awareness to that culture which has made us more than savage exiles living in a savage land.

Expect encouragement of the arts through contests, festivals, and other events.

Thank you,

Posted by Para at 08:45 PM
Chris Rex's Amnesia; Local Thoom Offends Birds


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail Para,

I wanted to submit some sketches for your fine publication of a few recent incidents in Puddleby.

The first one is purely for entertainment purposes. We all know that Crius can sometimes be a bit ... literal. Well, I was checking the Informer scroll recently and found a rather obvious example of this...


Anyway, the second report is a little more serious and interesting. Long-missing exile Chris Rex made an appearance in town recently. He seemed to have little memory of his past in Puddleby, even having trouble remembering his wife Connie Crete when prodded by other exiles. In fact, as you can see, he even said that Connie was NOT his wife . . . "per se." Whatever that means!




I hope that Chris might return soon so that this can be cleared up . . . perhaps even Connie herself will be around to chat with him.

Finally, I'd like to offer some sketches of the recent Agronox invasion. I understand there was a preliminary bird invasion a few days before, with hummingbirds, black bloodhawks, giant scavenger birds, and other feathered monsters. Some of these made another appearance with the Agronox, but it was these latter huge colorful creatures that seemed most aggressive during the second invasion. They dragged Stora away and did much damage in town center.

When a group went to Metz to try to rescue Stora, we were confronted with a large number of enraged Agronox right on shore blocking our entrance from the cove. As you can see, they were particularly aggressive towards Jeepers, who is rumored to have "caused" the invasion by antagonizing the birds and dragging dozens of their broken bodies around town behind him on a chain.








While in the cove, we were repeatedly attacked by creatures that looked and behaved like Baltoise but were actually called Chicken of the Sea! Finally one broke the security of the beach/water dividing line and flew out over the water to attack us. It took quite some time before a group of strong exiles managed to subdue most of the Agronox and rescue Stora. He was nearly unrecognizable when brought back to town, but was eventually raised.


P.S. Apologies for the profanity in that second-to-last image . . . needless to say I was a bit surprised...

Posted by Para at 08:52 AM