March 18, 2010
Chaos Storm #642


Chaos Storm #642 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read any further!

Delta Tao's "What's New" for v642:

3/17/2010 v642
There was a time when a fool and his money were soon parted, but now it happens to everybody. — Adlai Stevenson (1900–1965)

* Mushrooms?
* The widely reviled “balance tax” has been waived in certain cases.
* The Hunting Preserve is, uh, reserved for hunting. In particular, management reserves the right to refuse to serve the vitally-challenged. It’s all part of the conservation service! Please observe all posted regulations.
* No crashes in 404 days and counting.
* You’ll have to explore to discover the rest of this Chaos Storm’s changes. Enjoy!

Note: As previously announced, we’ve stopped building the Mac “.ppc” client. If you had previously been using that client under OS 8.6 or 9, you may be able to use the Carbon (“.osx”) client. Despite its name, that one is supposed to be able to run under OS9 & CarbonLib — but no promises: we’re no longer able to test this assertion... which is exactly why we had to drop the PPC client.

Also note that if you log into the game using the v639 PPC client, it’ll attempt to auto-update itself to v642. But that attempt is doomed to fail, since there’s no v642 PPC client available for downloading. Instead you should download the Carbon client yourself. You’ll need to use something like Stuffit Expander to decompress it.

On the other hand, if you’re a daring thrillseeker, and you’re using Mac OS X 10.4 or later, you might want to try out this preview of coming attractions.

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March 16, 2010
Charlos Interviews Pazuzu: From the Fishwrap Archives


From deep in the Fishwrap Magazine archives, I have found a previously unpublished interview with Pazuzu by Charlos. The interview (OOC circa late 2003) is provided here in its entirety.

(As Zorton holds his strange looking stone, magic fills the air...)
(Zorton glows brightly)
(Charlos glows brightly)
(The aura of magic surrounding Zorton fades...)
Zorton asks, "I'll just be waiting over here then, ok?"
Charlos says, "Much obliged Zort, won't be long."
Charlos asks, "so Pazuzu... how'd you come to be exiled to Puddleby?"
Pazuzu says, "I have no memory of anything that happened before I landed here."
Pazuzu says, "The first memory I have is being handed a club."
Pazuzu says, "Which was fine, because I have an inherent sense of how to defend myself."
Charlos asks, "How long have you been in the 3rd circle?"
Pazuzu says, "Somewhere in the neighborhood of 18 zodiacs."
Pazuzu says, "However, a belt is merely an accessory and doesn't denote the skill of the one wearing it."
Charlos says, "I noticed you're wearing the symbol of OWE..."
Pazuzu says, "Of course I am."
Pazuzu asks, "Would you expect anything less?"
Charlos says, "No, I don't expect anything less..."
Charlos asks, "Just wondering how it came to be. What led you to join this clan?"
Pazuzu says, "I have strength beyond reproach and a natural ability to lead fellow exiles into battle."
Pazuzu says, "Therefore, it was no surprise to me when I was offered the symbol of the White Elephant."
Charlos says, "You talk about a natural ability to lead..."
Charlos asks, "Do you see yourself as a leader of OWE? If not now, perhaps sometime in the future?"
Pazuzu says, "Without question."
Charlos asks, "Why no question?"
Pazuzu says, "In my eyes, the clan symbol means more than sharing experiences with my fellow elephants."
Pazuzu says, "What it should mean is being a part of something greater than oneself."
Pazuzu says, "Dedication and mutual support are essential to a team gelling into one unified fighting force."
Pazuzu says, "In time, I feel that I will rise through the ranks to eventually be granted the reigns of power."
Pazuzu says, "Nothing has greater meaning than my clan, and its eventual restoration to its undisputed top position."
Charlos asks, "What kind of fighter do you see yourself as?"
Pazuzu asks, "Right now, or becoming?"
Charlos says, "Both."
Pazuzu says, "For what you call a 3rd circle fighter..."
Pazuzu says, "I see my abilities as being beyond such."
Pazuzu says, "Alliances I have formed, within my clan and without..."
Pazuzu says, "And an astute knowledge of weaponry..."
Pazuzu says, "Allow me to believe that I will rise and one day become a part of the upper echelon."
Charlos asks, "Specifically, do you see yourself specializing in anything in particular?"
Pazuzu says, "My specializations will be knowledge known only to me."
Charlos says, "Fair enough."
Charlos says, "I've heard from a few folks that you have a "no frills" approach to training..."
Pazuzu says, "This is true."
Pazuzu says, "I prefer not to have anything interfere with adding to my strength."
Charlos says, "So... no skinning? No pathfinding? No chaining? No..."
Pazuzu says, "Don't even ask about Mentus."
Charlos says, "Understood. No frills."
Pazuzu says, "Quit saying frills."
Pazuzu says, "Frills implicates some sort of gimmick."
Pazuzu says, "It's known as: All business."
Charlos asks, "Where are some of your favorite places to hunt?"
Pazuzu says, "Well, recently I have been dabbling in hunts on Kizmia's Island."
Pazuzu says, "For the most part, however, I normally stay confined to the main isle."
Pazuzu says, "I'm known to be a frequent visitor to the Valley, the Savanna, as well as Noids."
Charlos asks, "What about the Ethereal Plane?"
Pazuzu asks, "What about it?"
Charlos asks, "Ever been out there?"
Pazuzu says, "I have been there a handful of times."
Charlos asks, "Do you find it interesting? Is it a place you might see yourself returning to?"
Pazuzu says, "It is a place I would like to explore in the future."
Pazuzu says, "At the moment though, most of my information about the EP comes from PTF."
Charlos asks, "Have you attended any PTF hunts?"
Pazuzu says, "I'd be more than happy to, but I've never been invited."
Charlos says, "They're a good group, some of whom you've hunted with outside of their designated hunt time."
Pazuzu says, "Yes, I've been on hunts with most members and count two as clanmates."
Charlos asks, "How about Orga Territory?"
Pazuzu says, "I have no problem with killing Orga."
Pazuzu says, "Places that lie deep in Orga Territory, I will only venture into with a stout crew."
Charlos says, "By stout...."
Pazuzu says, "And what I mean by stout is.."
Pazuzu says, "Everyone within the crew must be constantly thinking and know what they're trying to do."
Charlos says, "Sounds like you have a good idea of who that crew would be composed of."
Pazuzu says, "Yes, I've been here long enough to know who should be on a hunt and who shouldn't."
Charlos says, "Let's talk about your friends a little."
Pazuzu says, "First and foremost: Natas, my teacher and mentor."
Pazuzu says, "Yosaku, my right hand dorf."
Pazuzu says, "Afrit, Yor, Deathlord, Jo'Maril, Praetorius, Shorty (aka Aries), and of course Althea."
Charlos says, "Well, it's funny you mention Althea..."
Charlos says, "I'm curious..."
Pazuzu says, "Not that it's any of your concern..."
Pazuzu says, "I will say this though:"
Pazuzu says, "Althea is the finest sylvan fighter in the lands,"
Pazuzu says, "Untouchable by any other, and I hold our relationship to be dear."
Charlos says, "You have been seen, from time to time, in the presence of other sylvan females..."
Charlos asks, "Care to comment?"
Pazuzu says, "Guilty as charged."
Pazuzu says, "Just let me say this though:"
Pazuzu says, "'Thea is the only one who holds my attention."
Pazuzu says, "A few things I'd like to add..."
Charlos asks, "Yes?"
Pazuzu says, "Since you have no questions on these subjects..."
Pazuzu says, "I have trouble understanding the logic of fighters who don't believe in Detha."
Pazuzu says, "To me that is like saying 'I'm gonna kill this Orga Hatred with a chokehold.'"
Pazuzu says, "It's a silly endeavor and will only make one look foolish."
Pazuzu says, "In regards to bloodbladers:"
Pazuzu says, "They should do their best to see to it that skills attained from normal trainers are up to snuff before they make themselves a nuisance."
Charlos says, "Thanks a lot for your time, Pazuzu, it's been informative."
Pazuzu says, "Likewise Charlos, I appreciate you taking the time to interview me."
(Charlos waves)
Pazuzu yells, "cya'round Zort!"

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March 13, 2010
Support Your Local Thoom


From time to time, I ask for some help in paying the expenses involved in maintaining TMN. Please consider donating a few bucks with the PayPal link if you enjoy the site.

Thanks, everyone, for continuing to read and help out with TMN. Special thanks to the recent contributors who have helped with the coverage of the Forest Uprising!

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Questions for the Fen President


TMN sent the following letter to Fen President Largo this evening:

March 13, 2010 OOC
Lundi, day 47 of Summer, 578.
Fen President Largo

Dear Fen President Largo,

Our readers have many concerns about your upcoming proposed legislation that would change your position to “Fen President for Life.” TMN would like to ask you some questions about your intentions.

1) Why do you think you should become the Fen President for Life? Would Relkin become Fen Vice President for Life?

2) Isn’t “Fen President for Life” just another way of saying Fen Dictator?

3) How will you be held responsible for your actions and policies if you do not have to face the voters of Puddleby in regular elections?

4) How do you explain your lack of involvement in the current Forest Uprising Crisis?

5) What do you say to those citizens who recommend throwing you down a hole?




-Paramedic the Thoom

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Nemboreal's Visit


Haffron submitted to TMN this report on the recent meeting with Nemboreal:

Nemboreal returned after the Zu raided us a third time. This is the complete visionstone of what happened. It takes some time into the visionstone for him to arrive. I started the visionstone right after a Zu rustled suspiciously.

More images from the visionstone:








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March 11, 2010
Cease-Fire with Nature Reached


Bladebringer sent the following report to TMN:

Bladebringer here with a submission.

A representative of nature visited town today after a drawn-out battle with the flora of Puddleby Island. Nemboreal, a tree giant versed in Common, laid the groundwork for the terms of a lasting peace with the forest. If the road is not removed by exiles, Nemboreal promises the unruly forest will complete the task (perhaps more violently than we'd like).


After speaking with Nemboreal, former road-overseer Romanus changes his tone, and offers to replace the road with something more green, as long as the exiles agree. Stinkfist threatened bodily harm if Romanus tried to accept more stones for the additional work to remove the road.

Nemboreal also illuminated an alternative way to guide lost souls to the University:


Overall, a productive meeting with nature.

Exiles need to make a choice: do we continue this fruitless stalemate with the forest, or embrace the natural and demolish the hexagon road?


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Wild Town Center


Magnic has posted some pictures of a recent Wild Tuesday.

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Pe Ell and Stora


Elfwine sent the following report to TMN:

Caught in the Act!

Recently visited StoraCam. Thought perhaps someone was fallen and Pe Ell was graciously fetching Stora for a much-needed heal. The very next visionstone revealed Pe Ell's true intent. Apparently a portal just outside was awaiting Stora, and not a patient.



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March 10, 2010
Forest Fighting Produces Peculiarities


Captain Stinkfist sent the following report to TMN:

Arrr strange things were afoot during tha most recent battle with tha Forest's forces.

That zu weres out to get me as I had smoked a great many of their comrades at their last failed attempt at negotiations. They seemed to have changed their negotiation tactics from simple demands ta pestering and petty annoying of me.


It may have had tha desired effect. We soon reached an agreement.



Har now that peace was determined to be so, it was time to hammer out tha details.





So tear up this road and bring tha stones to TI for Barny to build my embassy with so we can throw monkey wrenches in tha plans of our real enemy, tha darshak cult.

Now this wont take up all tha stone, I propose what is left over should go to makin some random patio space in town that some people seem to wants for some reason beyond me, mud is comfy.

Arr don't gets me wrong swabs, moving tha road wasn't my first choice, its hardly even my 5th choice, but tha reality is, tha forest be really annoying ta have zu be growin all arounds ya faster than yas can smokes it wherevers ya go.

Also the embassy is going to be really neat.

Proclaimed by,
-Captain Stinkfist, the Pirate King

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March 05, 2010
Forest Fights Back


Lundar has more information on the plant invasion in his most recent journal entry.


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The Earth Will Rise


Starsword Eojek sent the following report to TMN:

In case you were wondering what's with the extra dead greenery lying around, there was an invasion of Tree Giants, kudzu, forest creatures, giant orangutans (not really), Foxweir, and Corsica growths galore. They demand the removal of the road in East Forest. A small "negotiation" was held, where both sides threw around ultimatums. Some of us at a loss looked to those wiser than ourselves, and Gaia was consulted, especially after a certain Sabin Figaro got a message from the lady herself. This is what she had to say, posted to the Clan Lord Sentinel:

The Words of an Ancient



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