September 29, 2005
Troilus and Measle


Measle reports on his problems with Troilus in his most recent journal entry.

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September 25, 2005
Farewell from Haro


Haro sent the following announcement to TMN:

To confirm the rumors flying around (and to get you to stop asking me!): I am indeed leaving the lands soon.

I am hoping to find my son. I have not seen him since I was exiled. I may or may not return, but one thing is for sure: if I do return, it will not be any time soon. I am hoping to get my son here safely, but I may not return from my adventures. If I don't return, I hope you treat him with the same kindness and acceptance that you have shown me. Farewell! I remember all the good times we all shared (most of them seemed to end up with me falling a lot). I will remember those few people I got to know during my brief stay in Puddleby. I will wish you all luck in any upcoming battles (I hope to see the beginning of a war before I have to leave). I thank you all for your kindness, time, and occasional good karma. In the immortal words of Super Chicken, "Bawk!"


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Quakes and Drakes


Largo sent the following report to TMN:

Hello, it is me again, Largo.

Unlike past, happier, things I have written for TMN, I am forced to bear tidings of distress, war, and death.

Gaia's good earth seems to be acting especially odd, and her creatures seem frightened as of late. Some, if not all of you, know of the recent rise in arachnoid activity, generally pertaining to invasions.

Though it was assumed before that these were organized attacks on our fair town, I fear that they are the 'noids panicking from some problem with the earth.

Some of you may or may not have noticed that there have been many earthquakes lately. A few days ago, hundreds of panicked rats converged on our town. A few days before that, dozens of drakes and death vermine did the same.

Even the reclusive meshra have not been spared strange activity, with a few recent panic attacks.

Gaia's creatures are susceptible to sensing disaster, especially the 'noids, who commune so closely with her earth. You will note their desperation was notable before that of others.

I feel we should take these attacks, earthquakes, and other varied things as a sign from above. I beg of you, nay, implore you, to help me and the few interested parties try to understand what is happening.

I fear dark days are ahead.

Ever yours,

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University of Puddleby Now Open


I did a walking tour of the University of Puddleby today. The facilities are impressive. Look below for a few more pictures.





These pictures cover only a fraction of the entire university. You'll find the campus in southwest East Forest, not far from Puddleby.

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TMN Housekeeping


Favorites button added for Clan Lord Informer:

Favorites button added for Puddleopedia:

Coriakin's Music link in right-hand column updated to reflect new URL:

Removed from right-hand column (dead links):
Phantasm Guild's forum
Soul Hunter's Clan Lord Guide
Better Living Through Fast Feet
Thuja's personal page at

If there are updated URLs for any of the above dead links, please let me know.

Two flippers up for Rieger and Ann for their work on the Informer project.

Check out the Puddleopedia. I think it's a great resource.



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September 24, 2005


HWC Tyndall passed away Thursday, September 22, 2005. You can read more at the Clan Lord Sentinel.

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In his latest journal entry, Azriel encourages other exiles to investigate the Cloud and reports on trips to the Pitch Arachnoid Caves, the Ethereal Plane, and Gungla Island.

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Crius Speaks; Darshak Invade

Cena sent the following reports to TMN:


Wow, I never knew he talks. Well, he's a nice guy, and he gave us beer; but then he just stopped talking!


Gil-Galad and Stinkfist were drinking, and Largo got into a little fight with the two. They asked me to "get him," so I dueled him. I almost won when Stink came out and killed Largo. Gil then chained him away somewhere. Largo got mad and departed and then sued Stink! Nothing happened, and then a pirate invasion right after it. I wonder.....

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September 21, 2005
Chaos Storm #408


Chaos Storm #408 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

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September 18, 2005
Rescue on Kitty Beach


Connie Crete sent the following report to TMN:


So I were on my way ta a hunt but was waitn on sum folks when one o tha mystics (I fergotted ifn it were Valtrim or Hepta on duty) said Umzara needed help yonder on kb. There were sum garbled message about a pmr, but since it be silly ta have a pmr on kb, it had ta be sumthin else. Anways, Sabine comes and fixes tha falled Umzara up and Raul founded tha maha. It were really a pmr.


Anyways, Geo tooked over brickin duties and I went back ta my regularly scheduled drinkin.


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In his latest journal entry, Drablak reports on a trip to Gungla Island, his ongoing Cloud research, and an rat invasion of Puddleby.

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September 16, 2005
Pirate King Not Dead


Stinkfist sent TMN the above announcement.

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Clan Destine Hunts Cloud & Dred


Rhone sent the following report to TMN:

Once upon a time, a little-known clan would've been in danger from the maha and boloks that stalked the sands of Kitty Beach. The clan that was never there is all grown up now. The guest of the hunt was Largo, a fen fighter. The Tri-Power Destine Rod (Sim, Sabine, and Creed) held every animal with force while the hunt leader, Bakunan, and his fell blade hit every bear and maha weak point with grace and ease. Largo threw down a tag on everything with four legs. As for myself . . . between the falling and low blood count, I fought hypothermic conditions and frustration as below zero temperatures caused my bloodblade to freeze and bond with the inners of my wounds.

After destroying multiple bears and maha, we left with fresh bruises, cuts, and scars. Only the knee-high snow foot holes and blood-colored snow brought testament to a level of killing rarely witnessed. We continued to Camp Dred where we fought the typical rage group and wraith sent straight from Orga hell. Bir showed up half-drunk to slice the wraith. A successful and glorious hunt. Reading books during this hunt of hunts was Ootog, Claudia, Cyan, and Sian.

"We Were Never Here"






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Noids and a Tunnel


In his latest journal entry, Azriel reports on a FMOCR, a trip to Malachite Cave 3, and the proposed construction of a tunnel through the Cloud.

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September 15, 2005
ELF: A Rescue from Hatred's Hollow


Read about ELF's role in a rescue from Hatred's Hollow in the most recent post to the ELF Blog.

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"This Town Ours Now"


Raul reports on an invasion of Orga Warlocks in his most recent journal entry.

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Feather Hunting


Poesy reports on feather hunting in her latest journal entry.

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September 10, 2005
Line of Fallen in Noids


Legoloras sent the following report to TMN:

We went into Noids trying to save some people. I ended up falling there. This image is of the line of fallen people.

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Studying the Control Room


Drablak is continuing to study the Cloud and its control room, as noted in his most recent journal entry.

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"Blowing It Up" Contest


The Winds of Dawn "Blowing It Up" contest starts today at Noon PDT.

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September 09, 2005
Got Mentus?


Connie Crete sent the following report to TMN:


Befer tha storm, I founded out Sarir be lookin ta hunt sum bugs. That be tha only reason fer him ta be up yonder chattin with Dentir. I means, ya dont think he wants Tykens or nuthin, huh?


Anyways, later on, I was huntin with sum folks and they thought it'd be fun ta do a fh mosey. Lisette be wise when she said, "Never tick off a cute little drunken dwarf with an axe . . . and a camera!"

Mentus, it aint jest fer mystics no more.



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Healers Advance

shakymuni.gif para_sea_wheat.gif

Shakyamuni passed the fourth-circle healers' test today. Paramedic passed the fifth-circle healers' test today.

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Return of Algernon


Algernon has returned.

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September 07, 2005
Sielk: FMOCR, Hunting, and Rescuing


Sielk sent the following announcement to TMN:


I have updated my notes/journal with two entries:

FMOCR, new friends and a rescue
Notes on a Failed FMOCR with Malbec, hunting with new friends in the NWF and NBC, and a rescue in Foothills


Ore Hunting and Kitty Beach Fun
Notes on ore hunting and armor as well as some images of the massive spawns in Kitty beach


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Rowing Mystics


MaryJane sent the following report to TMN:

So now that Mystics are getting a few new abilities . . . we thought it appropriate to share a good tune . . .

Row row row your boat
Gently through TC
Merrily merrily merrily merrily
Life is but a dream.



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Worldwide Webs


Raul has filed a report on the recent Noid invasion in his most recent journal entry.

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Chaos Storm #406


Chaos Storm #406 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

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September 05, 2005
Noids Enraged?


Connie Crete sent the following report to TMN:


Has noticed there been a bunch o recent noid invasions. No real reason's been found behind em. Has seen lots and lots o black widows, webbers, jades, and regular noids. They is serious pesky irritatin.

I suspects it be due ta ranger's abilities. See, Relkin does tha jade-impersonation at tha drop o a hat. Purdy soon, we'll have toise invasions causn Chicken. Gaia only knows why we aint seen lots o bears causn Hoggle and 'myrs causn Grog. I'll be really worried when Hoggle gits tha palidew and Shiner gits tha sas. Lotta daid bodies then.

Here be anuther pitcher. I dont git tha cool many noids pitchers causn I'd spill my beer focusin tha camera.




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Blame Largo


Largo sent the following report to TMN:

It started as a simple joke. Nothing more, nothing less.

A few of us were at Kitty Beach, living it up, throwing paint, and coining. After a few small spawns, Pun'isher prayed to the gods for a spawn of 100 Artak Cougars jokingly. We soon learned that ye should never joke with the gods.

100-150 Artak Cougars were dealt with relative ease by the group (mostly Super Chicken), and some reinforcements called in.

But that weren't the end of it, and I'm glad of that.

Soon we felt the presence of the gods asking if "we were ready for round two." I of course, piped up with a hearty "YES!"

The gods proceeded to summon hundreds upon hundreds of Artak Cougars. And I do mean hundreds. Between all the spawns, there were at least 500 Artaks, Summer Artaks, and Island Panthers.

During this lovely match, I proposed to the gods a perfect continuation. Drakes, of course!

The gods seemed to appreciate my affability, and brought a few drakes in. These were dealt with relative ease as well. Of course, not everyone heard me ask for more, and many blamed it on Pun'isher. The gods are many things, but unfair is not one of them. They spoke in their mighty voices the words, "Blame Largo!"

Gotta love those guys.

Anyway, I got yelled at a little, and some more Artaks came. People came, and people went. But nearly every citizen that wasn't studying showed up at one point.

'Tis a good thing to feel the favor of the gods, even if it is only for a while.

Super Chicken working hard
"Teach them well!"
"Want to go again?"




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Darnok Advances


Darnok sent the following announcement to TMN:

Hey Para,

Not sure if this is noteworthy, but I managed to pass the 7th circle healer test today. According to Suu'ub, there are only six of us now: Suu'ub, Thuja, J'nder, Axell, Vequalir, and myself.



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Pitch Cave Update from PAG


Cj Parker sent the following report to TMN:

Pitch Cave Update: news from the front

There haven't been many updates about our progress recently, so I thought I'd tell Puddleby how things are on one of the frontiers of our lands.

There are possible spoilers below, please don’t read on if you’re likely to mind.

To quickly summarize, we have found the 2nd pathfinders' book in a cave we called Pitch Cave 9 (as it was the 9th cave we found). You can see reports of these areas from in previous postings on TMN. During one trip we managed to get some members of our group to the book to train with it. This training opened up opportunities with the 3rd pathfinders' book. After a few trainings with these books, we managed to find a few new areas we could open with our pathfinding skills. One area was a deeper section to the Pitch Caves; the other a new area that had Slate Arachnoids.

Thus was born the Slate Caves, an area even more difficult than the Pitch Caves. It contained slate noids, even harder to hit than the pitch, and with more darkus to boot! Your worst nightmare, really.

Since we reported on finding the slate caves, there hasn’t really been much to report. We have mapped a few new snells, in both the Slate and Pitch caves, but have found nothing of note yet. Most of the mapping has been via suicidal runs, but we have managed to control and explore four of the Slate caves, and 10 of the Pitch Caves. Maps of these areas can be seen here (we hope one day that others will find them useful):

Slate caves 1-4

Pitch Cave 10

The other maps are works in progress and will be released in time.

On a more somber note, we seem to have hit a bit of a brick wall the past six months (OOC) and have spent our time hunting rather than exploring. This has its benefits, but isn’t as much fun as exploring. The main reason for this is the loss of some key members: exiles like Sor, Tater, Natas, Thuja and Nightbird have all escaped the lands. Good luck to them, but they are sorely missed.

Also, the sheer difficulty of the areas, the unforgiving terrain (no safe area!) and the intelligence of the adversary (critters who pull you!) are making life on the cave front hard work. On top of that, we have encountered a new challenge: permanent webs on the floor. These webs make it nearly impossible to fight on, as you can’t swing because you move so slowly! It doesn’t seem to phase the Noids though, who dance across them like they weren’t there!

There is some good news. We have filled the gaps in our ranks with other exiles, the gaps in the leadership have been filled, and every week we get a little tougher, heal a little faster, and, fortunately, the bloodbladers (ever the key) hit a little harder. We also learn a little more, map a little more, and hopefully can progress a little more.

So there is little new to tell since we found the slate caves, nothing new area-wise or creature-wise, but we still persevere every week, and hope one day soon we will make a breakthrough. When we do, we’ll be sure to tell you about it.

Lastly, we are coming up on our 100th trip within a week or so. I can’t believe it’s been that long. Thanks to all the current and former members of PAG for sticking with it, plus all the guests we’ve had along for the ride (see depart!). Also thanks to many other exiles for all the help we have received, from helping on FMOCR so we could get the much-needed stone, to supplying kudzu, to forging armor, healing our PND’s, etc., etc. We wouldn’t be still doing this without the help of the community.

-Cj parker for PAG

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Rhone sent the following cryptic message to TMN:

Yaba master MASTER Rhone reporting,

The yaba proved yoy today with exile Largo being promoted to Yaba Master. My short teaching of Yaba and Yoy are quickly becoming yoyed as everyone realizes the yaba they can obtain. The Yaba Yoy Yoy Registry, headed my Largo and Myself, wishes many yoys, double yabas, triple yabas, and even a special daba to the exiles of Puddleyaba. May we all one day Yaba together. A yoy goes out to Cradles, Simster, Bakin, Sabilles, Birametrics, Cyommy, Siahons, Ootish, and Clauders, the first clan to incorporate Yaba, "Yoy Yoy Destine."

Yoy Yaba Yoy,

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September 03, 2005
Meshra and Artaks


In his most recent journal entries, Raul reports on invasions at Kitty Beach and by meshra.

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Tarf the Dwarf


Still dead.

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Interview with Bob the Archer


Aprender sent the following message to TMN:

Greetings Paramedic,

A new talk/variety show will launch shortly with an interview with Bob the Archer on the life of the unprofessioned and his clan, the Winds of Dawn—who they are, what their mission is, what they do.

Time and place: Saturday, September 3, 5:30 pm PDT, in the Theatre in West Puddleby.

This will be the first show of what could be a recurring, if not regular, event: a Puddleby Talk or Variety Show. If you have anything to say or an act you can perform, do share it with the town.

More information, suggestions, and discussion is at


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