August 29, 2006
Orga Altar Chat


Connie Crete sent the following report to TMN:


So I camed outta tha liberry last night and tha orgas was up ta their pesky tricks. I stopped and talked ta a couple o 'gratii and warned em ta share healers and stick close ta groups.

It seemed they was coordinatin sum purdy clever charges on town from Brown-Pants, so I popped round ta see ifn Razzy were yonder. He sure were, and so were Sabine, Jo, Ogant and Kalian. We had a quick chat about tha orgas wantin an Altar with nuthin really bein decided. So there Razzy decided it were time ta quit tha field o valor and were takin us ta visit his friends yonder at OV (or mebbe HH) when Jo offers him Umbybeby's Altar. Ogant had sum issues with us givin other folks' altars away, but I figgures its up ta Umby ta defend his stuff so long as we keeps ours. Well, Jo bout that time pipes up that tha slime cave orgas thinks tha HH/OV orgas is wimps and tha slime cave guys prolly has an altar. So down we goes ta tha slimecave and Razzy calls out Bzapper tha Lock. Razzy needs a few suggestions on how ta negotiate and sumhow manages ta offend Bzapper. Bzapper fried Razzy and folks camed and raised us. Tha slime cave were tuff tuff, and since folks knowed it were tha OV folks causn troubles, we left tha slime cave fer another day.

Tha real concern be why is tha HH/OV folks feels they needs an altar. I kin see Ogant's concern in givin anythin ta them folks. I'ma worried that tha HH/OV folks has sumthin they is scairt o enough ta need an altar.






-Connie Crete

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Chaos Storm #457


Chaos Storm #457 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

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August 27, 2006
Thanks from a Thoom


I've provided some snacks and beverages in Town Center, courtesy of the ThoomCare Media Network.

Thanks for reading, and send me some news.


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Metzetli Island Open Hunt


Crunch sent the following announcement to TMN:

CoNGA will be holding an open hunt to Metzetli Island on Tuesday, September 12th, starting at 9pm Pacific time. New and inactive players are welcome, the point of this hunt is to get people who feel disconnected from the higher levels of the game a chance to see what lies ahead in a new and exciting area.

The meeting place will be the wedding chapel in the western part of South Puddleby, just west of the courthouse. Feel free to invite potential new players, Agratis are welcome.

Read more at the Clan Lord Sentinel.


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August 24, 2006
Orga Appears in Temple from Purgatory


Wangah Rah sent the following report to TMN:


Disturbing news. Recently, as I was meditating by the altar, a lone small green orga appeared, a bit low on health. It was visibly confused, and proceeded to wander around a few moments, occasionally touching the altar. Soon after, it seemed to get its bearings and became hostile as usual. It may be quite problematic if orga appear in the Temple from Purgatory, as this one appeared to do. If it continues to happen, perhaps they will emerge in a dazed state initially, and then will need to be quickly eliminated. Be on guard, and please continue to inform exiles of important happenings.

On a related note, I've recently begun constructing a small laboratory to study the orga in, and would appreciate donations of orga trophies, especially those of a newer variety. Tanki!


On behalf of Team Two-Eyes,
-Wangah Rah

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Puddleby Hollows Cage Match


Lorikeet sent the following report to TMN:

Hi Para,

You may have heard that Kalian was preparing a ring for Ranger Morphing competitions. It seems he got it finished yesterday, and decided to try out some bouts. I understand he had a two-fighter one-healer grouping for the first bout, but I wasn't there to see it. However, when he announced, "Cage Match happening in Puddleby Hollows! Round 1 almost over and 2nd round will start shortly after! ss me to get inside," I went over to catch the action. For the second bout, he had a free-for-all for all the fighters who were there. You can see in this picture how much care he put into creating a warm atmosphere for spectators!

As the fight progressed, more and more fighters fell.



At the beginning of the contest, it was agreed that Atkus boosts would be given near the end. The remaining fighters were having a whiff-fest, so Kalian called for the Atkus boost, and Lucy was there to comply. (I believe William was boosting from the right side as well.)


After the boosts, it was much easier for the fighters to hit each other. Kalian declared Daimoth the winner.


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August 20, 2006
Llehn ryn Rhav'tsath (and Friends) Visit Sarra


Kerrah sent the following report to TMN:

Hello Para,

Recently, our group was bored and looking for something new and exciting to do. A couple of ideas were bantered around, and we decided to attempt Sarra.

Notoriously known as a land that's not for the feint of heart, we gathered our resources and planned for the "inevitable" depart.


Sadly, Ansset could not join us for the hunt, but he did let us into Sarra. Once we were let in, thanks to some excellent running by Mujin-kun, and some amazing zuing by Kalian and Daimoth, the first snell was successfully conquered.


We proceeded to lure other snells, but a combination of one of our healers needing to leave and finding several Sarra'yrms that just didn't want to be killed led us to declare victory at that point and leave Sarra.


When we got to the exit, I learned from the group that there were a great deal of young sasquatch in the snell to come. Cautiously we exited, but even the large quantity of sasquatch were no match for us, or for my skinning blade, although I think I'd like to come back another time and take on all the Angry Mother Sasquatch that have sought refuge to the east.


Upon re-entering Gungla, we all had to make quite a death-defying jump. All of us survived, but Gorvin certainly seemed worse for the wear, as we contemplated whether or not to bury him.


Thankfully, Gorvin got up again before Kalian had a chance to use his shovel, and our Sarra hunt was an official victory! A great job with a very small group, and the depart wasn't inevitable after all!

Thanks to everyone who made this truly awesome hunt possible, but special thanks to Ansset (whom we hope will stay with us next time for some of his world-class Atkus boosts) and Simple (who was very concerned that I might not know how to spell his name)!


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Orga Remain Riled


Shakyamuni reports on Kith and Kin on the ongoing battles with the Orga.

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August 19, 2006
Fear and Loathing


Connie Crete sent the following report to TMN:


So it were a quiet evenin and I were out coinin with Andy and Alexia and Del and Therian and Altir. We had jest finished a bitty-fh mosey fer Therian and I were gitn Altir sum ores 'causn he be dun decided ta be a champeen wannabe when tha orgas did what they does so well.

The lured a whole mess o exiles ta tanglewood and picked em off one by one. I admits ta bein one o em. Well eventually, Hoggle and Rubix stays up long enough ta chain and heal folks ta tha meadow. Ok, so TW gits taked back and o course tha next obvious move be ta go ta OC.

So there we is west o oc and there be a couple o dires doin their grenade lightnin. Hoggle aint seen that befer. I thinks its kinda clever. Anyways, we gits W o OC good. And is jest about ta push inta OC proper when lookee here what pops out. Folks chased it ta OC and I dunno ifn they got it or not, causn OC were hot hot hot.


Was cool though! Was a serious mob scene, so every it were every fighter fer himself and tha poor healers was up in tha corner healin up thems what got chained ta em and doin tha odd flicker. And then alla junk got cleared. And then we charged tha bolters, but by then it was jest normal bolters and so OC got tooked.

I studied befer tha bright idea o "hey! lets check OV" happened. Oh ya, and nun o these orgas talked. O course, they were so busy vanqin tha likes o Maeght, Hoggle, and Garr, they mighta jest been /thinkorga'in a lot.


Posted by Para at 04:49 PM
August 17, 2006
Support Your Local News Thoom


If you find regular updates to TMN to be useful, please consider donating a few dollars to help with the expenses and effort by using the PayPal button in the right-hand column. When readers kick in few bucks every once in a while, it makes a much-appreciated difference with the hosting bills, etc.

Thanks for continuing to read TMN.


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Zynx's Bard Trio Competition


Zynx has announced a new bard competition. He and members of Sun Dragon Clan will judge performances by trios of bards.

More than 5000 coins will be available for prizes.

The competition will take place on October 28, 2006 at 1pm EST.

You can read more on the Clan Lord Sentinel about Zynx's Bard Trio Competition.

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Connie Talks to Orgas


Connie Crete sent the following report to TMN:


Ok, so we all knows tha orgas has been particular antsy lately. Wangah's sent in his stories. Del reported yonder on tha Sentinel that onna hunt weirdness happened in DW. So since then, she's been particular innerested in huntin in DW. So we was up moseyin yonder and o course, one o them mini-invasions happened and we was wunnerin ifn it were caused by us bein around in DW, but I thinks that were pure-D coincedence.

Well, durin tha hunt I falled (big surprise) and it tooked a while fer thems ta come fetch me. This be preciselike what happened from after I falled ta when me and Kvynn got rescued causn I dunno which details ta leave out.

"hiyas guys"
(I dunno about ya, but I talks ta tha folks when I falls)
"so, what is nice orgas like ya doin inna place like this"
(Lots o Orga sayin "Die", "Keel", whatever. Figgure fer every like I says, there be 20 o thems in response)
"any o ya seen Waga recentlike?"
"this be not tha dorf ya seek"
A monster growls, "Waga!"
"Waga good? Waga bad?"
(Keep in mind he been seen in town and be tryin ta help exiles - mebbe as a orga turncoat - mebbe as a reformed orga - I dunno)
"Waga be a ok fella huh?"
"so - like um... we was jest out berry pickin?"
(I really dont wanna be ported ta OV - that'll put a crimp inna hunt)
"no hard feelins?"
A monster growls, "Orga land."
"ya, and a mighty fine land it be"
"whyfer dontcha go ta tha Metz?"
(Truthfully, this bugs me - I aint figgured it out yet - and how often does ya have tha chance ta ask?)
"is purdy land"
"Orga gots trees and caves and stuff"
"ya know Largo tried ta chat ya up a bit ago?"
(I didn't mean this like in "date" but that Largo, he gits around. Anyways, I were referrin ta him tryin ta be friends and all- but that were wayback)
"and so ya is.. um.. doin a lovely job with landscapin"
"has ya tried goin ta Peacetown?"
(Ya gotta admit - there is sum nice flowers yonder)
"has purdy flowers fer ya ta bring back"
(I means, think o what GardnerOrga could do with tha place!)
"so does ya pathfind?"
"I knows ya gots sum books up in here"
"how about that Orga Stronghold?"
"Lots o spidies unnerground"
A monster growls, "Spider bad."
"um.. Die.. that be so permanent"
(Ok, I admits it - tha constant "Die" "Keel" mantra dun gotted ta me by this point)
"I know!"
"we likes ta squish tha spidies"
"bad spidies"
"we is all kinda sorry bout kinda trapsin through yer back yard ta bash tha spidies"
(A blatant lie, but heck, Ima tryin ta talk my way outta gaia knows what when they still aint ported me)
"and tha trees! thems moves around a lot"
"so sum o them spidies has webs"
(Heck, between Fundin's Skein Reward and tha possibility o webwalkin shoes, I'll talk ta anybudy)
"thems webs slows ya down dont they?"
A monster growls, "Two eye. Talk much."
"yeppers I talks as much as I drinks"
"ya'll need a beer?"
(I means, ifn he were gonna raise me, I'd split a keg with him)
"beer be tha great equalizer"
(Behind any great drunk be a pisspoor philosophizer)
"oh, that reminds me..."
"ya knows how yer all over tha place? does ya explore lots?"
"causn I figgures ya is as curious about tha lands as I be"
A monster growls, "Orga land. Big."
"and likes ta explore and bash tha critters fer coins"
"oh ya!"
"whyfer aintcha at tha Abyss coinin?"
"causn I sees ya here, I sees ya there, I sees ya tha other place"
"but never tha Metz and never tha Abyss"
"come ta think o it, hasnt seen ya in Melly's basement neither"
"ya ever hunt tha tok'hans?"
"sum slippery snakes they be"
"so orga land be big alright.. lots o coins"
"lots o critters"
"and ya know what really be neat?"
"tha way ya slips in and around Jannars Grove"
"I figgures there be sum paths there ya knows I dont"
"dont suppose ya knows Voolcon?"
(Connie Crete clicks and whistles)
"ya knows? tha lil guys with tha zerkers?"
A monster growls, "Talk Altar."
"Which altar?"
"causn it occurred ta me a while back.. oh, I guess last zodiac"
A monster growls, "Altar!"
"there is more'n one Altar.. whyfer we dont hook ya up with another one?"
A monster growls, "Altar!" (different fella)
A monster growls, "Altar!" (yet another one)
A monster growls, "Altar!"
"whatcha wunnerin?"
"see? there be one yonder on Thieves..."
"is inna tent"
A monster growls, "Show."
"so - dont know many folks what uses it.. and it'd look FABULOUS in yer village"
"oh, does ya have .. what were that thought I jest had?"
"well I fergot"
(I gits ta thinkin so much I fergits sum o what I thoughted. Is worser tha more beer I has and worstest when I aint had beer inna while)
"show ya tha altar on Thieves?"
"so Orga Land be big - right?"
"so ya knows other Islands - lands across water?"
"tha one like 4 islands up"
"gotta Altar"
"that were tha thought!"
(sumtimes I remembers eventually - in this case I actually did)
"does ya gots Purgatory?"
"I is convinced when ya gits bashed, ya goes ta Orga Purgatory"
A monster growls, "Altar!"
(Ya knows, sum folks dont got ADD? Surprise me that these orgas dont!)
"jest like when we gits bashed we goes ta Exile Purgatory"
"right, tha Altar on Thieves"
"so ya said "show" show ya what?"
A monster growls, "Bring Altar!"
"thats heavy!"
(Oh, um.. I gots ta start doin sum fast talkin so I dont accidentally trade tha altar what aint mine and I has no intention o tradin away - away.
Ask Dande why there is two aways there)
"it dont jest pack up like a portable altar"
"has ya tried liftin it?"
(Mebbe I shouldnt o said that)
(Bout this time tha huntin crew be recovered and comin fer me - Manqy pops in ta grab me)
"oh dont mind Manqy, he be a zo"
"but - about this "bring altar" biz.. um.. uh.. ahh.... I sorta is um.. not kinda able ta do that"
A monster growls, "Altar!"
A monster growls, "Altar!" (different one)
A monster growls, "Altar!" (still another one)
"now look, I knows ya gots sum cousins yonder on Thieves"
A monster growls, "Altar!" (huh, their vocabulary be expandin)
"Altar - Thieves"
"so they're down yonder, why dontcha sneak in tha tent and borry that altar?"
A monster growls, "Altar. How. How Use?"
A monster growls, "Tell."
"um.. ah.. well, ya knows? Ima not percisely sure?"
(I aint o course. While I be a fighterhealermystic, I aint sure HOW tha altar works - jest that it does)
"it jest sits there"
"all .. tablellike"
(I may be drunked, but I thinks tellin em how ya taps tha altar and it brings ya back yonder be a bad idea)
"and we pops in from Purgatory ta there"
"but tha actual "usin" I dunno ifn we does"
A monster growls, "Life?"
"I hadnt thought o tha Altar bein alive"
"is more like "base""
(O course as I says this I has this crazy vision o orgas runnin around yellin 'alla yer base belongs ta us')
"Life - what be life?"
"so like tha Altar be there - and ifn we goes yonder.. now tha 'thereal plane used ta go ta Purgatory, but now it goes ta tha Portal Isle"
A monster growls, "Purg Tor. What?"
"so anyways, I dont think I acutally uses tha Altar as much as it uses"
"Purg Tor.. is a -not-orga-land"
"so yer out huntin stuff, like spidies"
"and then"
The Orga Warlock glares at Manquilor.
(bout here tha huntin group almost gits me and tha strangest thing - tha orgas chain me southeast fer ta keep talkin)
(Connie Crete waves)
K'vynn yells, "Mreow!"
Connie Crete yells, "beer"
K'vynn yells, "connie?"
Connie Crete yells, "beer"
(well, alla orgas follows and regathers)
"hiyas guys" (tha orgas)
"beer, OrgaTalker"
(then they goes and chains Kvynn)
"I see ya found Kvynn"
K'vynn asks, "Ghrre'tsei Connie?"
Manquilor yells, "ber?" (tha crew still be far off, but at least on tha snell and makin progress)
"well, Kvynn, me and OrgaTAlker is discussin Purgatory - PurgTor"
Dandelion yells, "Any Fallen? Hurtin'? ... Jus' need a l'il TLC?"
Connie Crete yells, "beer"
K'vynn yells, "Milk!"
"and Ima tellin em how they kin have tha Thieves Isle Altar"
"and they says "Bring Altar""
"and I says "well, um, is too heavy""
A monster growls, "Purg Tor!"
K'vynn says, "i've never seen an altar moved."
"and O-T "Orga Talker" wants ta know how PurgTor works"
K'vynn asks, "Oh?"
"so anyway, I was sayin Ima not sure that I makes tha Altar do anythin"
"but it jest kinda brings me back"
K'vynn asks, "odd. the brion brothers were exploring that as well?"
The Orga Hemlock glares at Delirium.
"and we was gitn around ta does Orgas gots Purgatory"
A monster growls, "Bring? Bring back?"
K'vynn asks, "Back to?"
Delirium has fallen to a lightning bolt. (Uh-oh - rescue delayed a hair)
Connie Crete yells, "beer - careful over there"
Delirium is no longer fallen. (Whew)
"so - about what happens when orgas fall"
"oh, ya, we agrees spidies is bad"
K'vynn asks, "Do they go to Purgatory?"
"so there ya be falled, Orga boy, ya departs right?"
"and comes back ta larn better how ta bash tha exiles?"
(lots o tha generic "Die" "Keel" rhetoric)
"we does this a lot"
"well agin, thats jest it"
"Ima not sure we uses tha Altar so much as it calls us"
"I means - does ya "use" beer? or be Beer part o nature"
"Ima thinkin Beer and tha Altar jest be, and we likes ta think we controls thems"
K'vynn asks, "Connie, weren't one in pieces once?"
"that be history - I hasnt never seen it in pieces"
"so technically, I caint say that be possible"
K'vynn says, "purrsonally, i've only seen it in one place/piece."
A monster growls, "Village!"
(Connie Crete would reach over and kick sumone) (I were so mad at Kvynn fer even bringin up tha possibility in their hearin, I could spit!)
A monster growls, "Attack?"
K'vynn asks, "Pirate Altar?"
"yep, tha Pirate Altar"
A monster growls, "Kill!"
A monster growls, "Village! Danger. Help."
"no! tell me they aint attackin than village"
(Tha rescue dun arrived!)
Delirium yells, "FB: MY rat!!!!"
(Tha orgas charges north)
"ya'll be careful now"
The Orga Hemlock glares at Delirium.
Dandelion yells, "Give us our folx back"
Connie Crete yells, "here they comes"
K'vynn ponders, "oh oh"
Connie Crete yells, "careful guys, it be a mean world out there"
(We is rescued and goes on ta storm tha village)

Lookin at tha orga society, it seems ta be an oligarcy o sum form what is havin ta answer ta tha masses. That be why one orga kin not give inta tha pressure ta keel and instead question me. But alla tha orgas has tha freedom ta voice their 'pinions.

We need a plan

Tha plan

Or die

Daimoth aint alone

Orgas pick their battles

Posted by Para at 02:11 PM
Invasions Continue, Hellraiser Now Furniture


Dandelion sent the following report to TMN:

Sol., 8 Autumn, 563

Dear Paramedic,

There's trouble, trouble, and more trouble brewing among the okras. Strange chanting and incursions into town, and smiling. I hate it when they smile. There've been okras of sorts I haven't seen before, with strange new powers.

We met in the Meadow, today, to help Ansset, K'vynn and Xel with something or other they were doing. Suddenly, there were bolts everywhere and many of us fell. The rest is a bit of a blur. There was a rescue . . . more fell . . . more rescues . . . bolters in town . . . people yelling about the altar being altered. At the Mystics' urging, when the town was safe, we took the fight to the Okra Camps. There was more than one kind of bolt coming from OC1, and many were very badly singed. MrFancyPants came up with a clever plan and the okras' resistance was soon cleared. We moved through the other Camps, one after another.

On the way out, Taryn found a fallen Hellraiser and we healed him up. But those bolts did something to him, I fear. He was unmoving, his eyes vacant. Not wanting to leave him there in that state, we knocked him out with the help of Diana D'Fey, and dragged him back to town. I've got him propped him up in my living room, holding the violets 'til we figure out what to do with him.

Falinea's Blade
Violent Fens
Thoomcare Consulting Physician
Baroness, South Farms Empire

Posted by Para at 01:19 PM
August 16, 2006
Chaos Storm #455


Chaos Storm #455 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

Posted by Para at 10:30 AM
August 14, 2006
Book Four Mystery


Fundin sent this report to TMN on behalf of PAG some time ago. Due to a mixup at TMN Headquarters, the report was misplaced. I'm finally posting it today.

The following message may contain spoilers. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the information below.

We entered the Pitch caves aiming for PC14 and the silent book there. Today's trip went very smoothly, and we found success.

We tried a new strategy of not zuing off the pit in PC7 but luring it all out, and that took a while longer but led to a smoother exit from PC7 later. It turned out to be useful when the group ended up waiting a bit longer than expected at the north end of PC7, and the absence of webs flying allowed the group to survive two backspawns there. We tried a new strategy of luring out PC10 through the path, but that had some bugs in it, so we ended up doing it the usual way with a runner and zuer. It took a bit of effort to conquer PC10, but after that it was smooth sailing to lure out PC11 and then PC14.

Upon reaching the book, we found it had a name this time: Master Janis' Mental Mysteries. So no more pathfinding here, costing Yor some serious change in various bets. Instead, Malkor was able to start training in this skill. Somewhat surprisingly, J'jh also was qualified to train and she signed up as well. She apparently has a substantial amount of Mentus training, which may make the difference.

It is an ambiguous name for a book, so we really don't know what it teaches yet. Hopefully the rank message will shed some light on this. I'm guessing it boosts overall mental energy or perhaps regeneration, and that it won't have many lessons (5-10) and likely only 1 chapter, but time will tell.

After visiting the book, we headed to PC16. PC15 was relatively light, with just a couple Slate Noids and Crimsons, and PC16 was very light indeed. Curiously, Malachite Noids lured into PC15 from PC16, which does not happen elsewhere in these caverns. The PC16 blue mushrooms yielded two more azure spores, so we now have four of these. Still no use, but one hopes we'll find some new potion to have analyzed somewhere about, sooner than "soon".

Update: studying Master Janis' Mental Mysteries allows you to have more than five in your think group.

Posted by Para at 03:38 PM
Clan Lord Advertising Contest


Delta Tao is holding a Clan Lord Advertising Contest.

The contest includes two grand prizes: one for best Web page and one for best banner ad.

Deadline for entries is September 9, 2006.

Discussion can be found on the Clan Lord Sentinel.

Posted by Para at 12:09 AM
August 13, 2006
Exiles in Blue


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

I know everyone is probably more interested in the Orga War and stuff, but . . . c'mon . . . this blue fashion trend is starting to get a little creepy!


Of course I'm not serious . . . but I do offer the attached sketch as evidence that the trend is spreading!


Posted by Para at 08:50 PM
Creed and the Pony


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail Para,

Something very exciting happened to me recently. I was sitting in town, not doing much, when out of nowhere, a beautiful grey pony appeared from the vicinity of the temple. He walked into town and onto the grass in front of the free library. I immediately approached him, as I have a great love for ponies and horses of all sizes. I tried to pet him, and to my delight, he seemed very friendly!

I have written all about this encounter on my scroll at, along with many sketches. I hope other exiles will visit and read about this wonderful pony. I have been told that this type of thing has happened before, and I hope the pony/ies will return again one day. If they do, I hope they are treated with kindness!


Posted by Para at 12:24 PM
August 12, 2006
Ongoing Orga Crisis


Wangah Rah sent the following report to TMN:

Latest Orga War update:

Today the orga sent a specialized force of half a dozen warlocks, which quickly felled the few in town and kidnapped me. They demanded to be told of the altar, which I refused. Drue soon was kidnapped as well, and in order to buy time told the orga he would tell them about the altar. We were rescued from OC, but a warlocked slipped into a passage in a bush, and a force of warlocks took the temple and began peforming a ritual on the altar.

Currently, the altar sends out bolts of lightening, and orga are being seen in Purgatory. Several strong fighters fell and departed in order to eliminate a number of warlocks and small green orga from Purgatory. Be wary and please keep other exiles posted of the latest happenings with the altar sabotage!

-Wangah Rah

Posted by Para at 12:30 AM
August 11, 2006
"No One Pisses Off Orga Like Wangah"


Wangah Rah sent the following report to TMN:

H'loi Para-

Town was invaded recently by a band of orga. From their appearance and style of attack, it was evident it was the tribe living in the Orga Camp and beyond, to the Stronghold, rather then the new tribe, even though startling new orga, such as the Orga Malice made appearances.

More notable was the Razzia who was leading this group. As seems to happen all too often, the orga discovered my presence among the exiles and made a point to kill and kidnap me. This time, however, some interesting information was revealed, and rescue came quickly. I've recorded a transcript of the event as best I can remember.

After the kidnapping, exiles stormed their way to OC4, where (in typical exile fashion) the Razzia was promptly executed, rather than being held for interrogation. Stay vigilant, and watch for orga spies!

-Wangah Rah


Achates thinks, "Kill the Razzia!"
Achates thinks, "I have a machete for the Rassia!"
Kalian thinks, "sorry was trying to kill thier leader"
Hoggle yells, "BEER!"
Wangah Rah thinks, "Save him if you can. I need to interrogate him about Bartok."
Achates yells, "Hurt?"
Wangah Rah yells, "H'loi?"
A monster growls, "Die!"
Wangah Rah has fallen to a lightning bolt.
Wangah Rah yells, "Eeep!"
Hoom is now Clanning.
Achates thinks, "Meadow being secured"
Noivad thinks, "trapped N of Meadow"
Kalian starts dragging you.
Wangah Rah exclaims, "Don't let em kidnap me!"
Kalian thinks, "healer in medow for wangah?"
Manx is now Clanning.
Sala Dragon thinks to you, "the razzia knew your name when I mentioned it"
A monster growls, "Kill!"
A monster growls, "Kill!"
A monster growls, "Waga!"
Wangah Rah yells, "No!"
Zynx says, "sorry"
Zynx says, "sorta forgot you were on my chain"
Wangah Rah says, "You did your best, Zynx"
A monster growls, "Waga."
A Rat munches on your toes.
Wangah Rah says, "Go back to Bartok, slave"
A Rat bites your gaping mouth.
(Wangah Rah growls)
A monster growls, "Yes."
Something starts dragging you.

*At this point, myself and Hoggle were chained off by the Razia, and were pursued by exiles for quite some time before the Razzia lost them, eventually bringing us to the campfire in OC1

Hoggle thinks, "they got away with wanga."
Gunslinger says, "slippery aint ya"
Entil'Zha thinks, "Oh c'mon, who didn't see that one coming?"
Wangah Rah exclaims, "Tell Bartok exiles are too strong!"
Wangah Rah exclaims, "You'll never get the altar!"
A monster growls, "Kill!"
A monster growls, "Weak."
A monster growls, "Die!"
(Wangah Rah growls)
Hoggle exclaims, "grr!"
Hoggle says, "blast you"
(An Orga Razzia laughs.)
Noivad thinks, "regrouping meadow for a sec"
(Wangah Rah frowns)
A Rat feasts upon Hoggle's toes.
Wangah Rah asks, "What relation do you have with Bartok?"
Wangah Rah asks, "Does the new tribe serve him?"
A monster growls, "Bartok Tribe strong. You weak."
Wangah Rah asks, "Do the orga in the Stronghold serve Bartok?"
Gunslinger yells, "HUNTER!"
A monster growls, "Kill!"
The Orga Warlock glares at Gunslinger.
Hoggle yells, "get em here!"
A Rat pokes at your body parts.
A monster growls, "I serve."
(Wangah Rah grumbles)
A monster growls, "You serve."
A monster growls, "All serve."
Wangah Rah ponders, "They're too stupid give information."
The Orga Shaman bows his head and mutters an unholy prayer.
The Orga Warlock smiles.
Wangah Rah ponders, "Blast"
A monster growls, "Kill!"
Wangah Rah says, "You will never get the altar again. So you will always lose"
Wangah Rah asks, "What are Bartoks plans?"
A monster growls, ""
A monster growls, "Kill!"
Achates thinks, "In the name of Falinea!"
(Wangah Rah frowns)
A monster growls, "Die!"
Hoggle is a Dwarf, is male, is a Ranger, and is wearing the symbol of the Dwarven Militia.
He is holding a gossamer and a wooden shield, and he is wearing a sungem, a catsbane necklace, a parachute, a shirt, a belt of the wild and a pair of pants.
(I'm not small, I'm just far away (Whim is my Zoa))
You are now speaking the dwarven language.
Rel'lim thinks, "group east of oc for those still alive"
Wangah Rah asks in Dwarven, "Hear that Hoggle?"
A monster growls, "Kill!"
A monster growls, "Kill!"
A monster growls, "Kill!"
Hoggle asks, "what?"
(Wangah Rah switches to languages he hopes orga can't understand)
Hoggle says in Dwarven, "oh"
Hoggle says in Dwarven, "yes"
Wangah Rah says in Dwarven, "Bartok's alive and after the altar"
Rel'lim thinks, "err west of oc"
Whim thinks, "Zo east"
A monster growls, "Kill!"
Taryn thinks, "we knew that :)"
Achates thinks, "We know ghorak directions :)"
Hoggle hollers in Dwarven, "x"
Wangah Rah says in Dwarven, "I can tell for certain now these are the old tribe of orga, not the new."
Hoggle asks in Dwarven, "but they are allied?"
You are now speaking the dwarven language.
Wangah Rah says in Dwarven, "He just says they serve Bartok"
Wangah Rah says in Dwarven, "I don't think it is smart enough to say more"
Whim thinks, "is east of meadow clear?"
You are now speaking the common language.
Achates thinks, "Building up at oc passage..."
Smiles thinks, "yes"
Wangah Rah asks, "Razzia, do orga fight other orga?"
A monster growls, "We fight."
A monster growls, "All who not obey."
Wangah Rah asks, "Why fight?"
A monster growls, "Power."
Wangah Rah asks, "Who not obey? Where live?"
A monster growls, "Rock..."
Achates thinks, "Selling orga fertilizer! Real cheap!"
Noivad thinks, "we have a force gathered W of Orga Camp FYI"
A monster growls, "Orga tall rocks..."
A monster growls, "Die!"
Leggo thinks, "hah"
Wangah Rah asks, "Slime rock? Live there, who do not obey?"
A monster growls, "No obey. Will."
(Wangah Rah takes mental note)
A monster growls, "Kill!"
Wangah Rah says, "Exiles fight with orga."
Wangah Rah says, "Orga who do not obey, will fight with exiles."
A monster growls, "Kill!"
A monster growls, "Die!"
Wangah Rah says, "Bartok die."
(An Orga Razzia laughs.)
A monster growls, "Kill!"
Rel'lim thinks, "bring in rod"
A monster growls, "Kill!"
Wangah Rah says, "You not obey, you fight with exiles. Kill Bartok, live in cave."
Manx yells, "rod here"
A monster growls, "Die!"
A monster growls, "Cave bad."
Wangah Rah says, "Orga live free beyond cave."
Wangah Rah says, "Not have to die for Bartok."
The Orga Warlock glares at Manx.
Manx yells, "help on rod"
A monster growls, "Kill!"
Wangah Rah says, "You live free. Not die for Bartok. Not fight exiles."
A monster growls, "Fight free"
Whim thinks, "They took my Hoggle"
Romuli is now Clanning.
A monster growls, "Strong kill weak. Strong grow stronger."
Whim thinks, "Save Hoggle!"
Wangah Rah says, "Strong will die, unless leave Bartok"
Whim thinks, "I am going to kill the one who took Hoggle"
A monster growls, "Kill!"
(Wangah Rah frowns)
A monster growls, "You die."
Hoggle says in Dwarven, "now ya got blue zo mad.."
Whim thinks, "we are west of OC"
Wangah Rah says, "We die, we come back."
A monster growls, "Die!"
Hoggle says, "now ya got blue zo mad.."
Wangah Rah says, "We have altar."
Wangah Rah says, "You die, you die."
Whim hollers in Dwarven, "Revenge"
Wangah Rah says, "You bring us to town. Then you not die."
A monster growls, "You not know power."
Wangah Rah says, "You go, join free orga."
Wangah Rah says, "You have power? Power to die when Bartok say die."
Whim hollers in Dwarven, "taste my blade"
Sloppy Joe has fallen to an Orga Malice.
Taryn yells, "Out!"
(Wangah Rah frowns)
A monster growls, "You know power."
A monster growls, "Die!"
Sloppy Joe is no longer fallen.
Wangah Rah says, "Mystic know power."
Wangah Rah says, "Use stone magician bring."
A monster growls, "Die!"
Wangah Rah says, "Razzia not know that power."
Achates thinks, "Retreat to meadow!"
Wangah Rah says, "Razzia bring us back. Razzia and orga join free orga. Will teach you power. You teach us your power."
Taryn yells, "fallen?"
Wangah Rah says, "I teach you power. Summon orga from Stronghold."
Hoggle says, "i dont believe this orga is capable of conversation on any deeper level than following the orders of his master."
A monster growls, "Waga talk fast. Two eyes. Show bad. No trust."
You are now speaking the dwarven language.
Wangah Rah says in Dwarven, "I agree"
Whim thinks, "Don't worry Hoggle we will save you and Wangah.. I will have the orga blood"
A monster growls, "Stonghuld?"
Wangah Rah says in Dwarven, "But at least it's not bringing us to stronghold"
You are now speaking the common language.
Wangah Rah asks, "Bartok live...where Bartok live?"
A monster growls, "Bartok is all."
Hoggle asks, "why does bartok hate 2 eyes?"
Wangah Rah asks, "Bartok fear mystics?"
Finegas is no longer Clanning.
A monster growls, "Bartok fear no thing."
Wangah Rah asks, "Who make magic stones?"
A monster growls, "Bartok give power."
You are now speaking the dwarven language.
Wangah Rah asks in Dwarven, "Is Bartok back like he was before, or is that just a god name doyou think?"
Astral Duck thinks, "Quack attack!"
Whim thinks, "REVENGE will be mine!"
Hoggle asks in Dwarven, "you are speaking dwarven eh?"
Wangah Rah says in Dwarven, "I'm speaking dwarven when I don't want them to understand"
Wangah Rah says in Dwarven, "The're too dumb to understand all of common"
Hoggle says in Dwarven, "ah"
You are now speaking the common language.
Wangah Rah asks, "Bartok, same Bartok of long time ago?"
Hoggle says in Dwarven, "i suspect bartok is something we may have not yet encountered."
You are now speaking the dwarven language.
Wangah Rah says in Dwarven, "A long time ago, Bartok stole the altar, and was reportedl sighted in Purg"
Wangah Rah says in Dwarven, "But I don't know if this is the same one"
A monster growls, "Bartok is. Bartok was. Bartok will."
You are now speaking the common language.
Wangah Rah asks, "Orga have language?"
Wangah Rah asks, "Or just speak like two eyes?"
Hoggle says in Dwarven, "oh, im not well versed in orga history."
(An Orga Razzia grunts.)
(Wangah Rah takes careful note)
Wangah Rah ponders, "Gotta learn that..."
You are now speaking the dwarven language.
Wangah Rah says in Dwarven, "At least they're not using orga water torture."
Hoggle asks in Dwarven, "are orga evil?"
Wangah Rah says in Dwarven, "I don't think they're evil"
Wangah Rah says in Dwarven, "But stupid and violent, yes"
Hoggle says, "orga"
Hoggle asks, "you know of dark bubbling?"
Hoggle asks in Dwarven, "isnt that the name of that dark force?"
Wangah Rah says in Dwarven, "I don't know if he understands dwarven"
Hoggle says in Dwarven, "i asked in common."
Wangah Rah says in Dwarven, "Ah, right"
Entil'Zha yells, "Death or glory!"
Wangah Rah hollers in Dwarven, "Save me!"
Whim hollers in Dwarven, "I am coming and I will have blood"
Aravir says, "ack"
You are now speaking the common language.
Aravir says, "So close..."
Wangah Rah exclaims, "Now you die, Razzia!"
Brune yells, "glory sure sounds better!"
Astral Duck starts dragging you.
A monster growls, "Die!"
A monster growls, "Die!"
Wangah Rah yells, "Last chance to turn back!"
Hoggle yells, "kill em gorv"
Whim hollers in Dwarven, "hatred"
•You sense healing energy from Brune.
Hoggle yells, "razzi is the one you focus on"
Taryn yells, "it snuck thru trees!"
Brune says, "no one pisses off orga like wangah"

Posted by Para at 01:42 AM
Memorial Petting Zoo


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail Para,

I put on my Roving Reporter hat recently when Phineas asked me to accompany him and Connie Crete to check on the progress of Rinauld the ex-rebel and his memorial petting zoo.

As you can see, Rinauld immediately mentioned that he needs more supplies to finish this project.

However, Phineas appears a lot more optimistic!



Rinauld certainly seems the hardworking type, and enthusiastic about his work. I hope everyone will do what they can to help out by contributing logs and stones to the memorial petting zoo!


Posted by Para at 01:36 AM
"I See Blue People"


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail, Para,

Chance and I both had odd encounters recently in Town Center. I'm not sure if this is a new fad or fashion trend, but whatever it is . . . it seems to be contagious!



Posted by Para at 01:12 AM
August 03, 2006
Chaos Storm #453


Chaos Storm #453 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

Posted by Para at 09:58 PM
August 02, 2006
Skein of Silk Confounds Exiles


Fundin sent the following announcement to TMN:

The Skein of Silk Contest has stopped. No one has been able to solve it, so we have stopped offering a reward. Should anyone solve it in the future, please let us know, and we'll see if we can help with a reward.


Posted by Para at 09:45 PM
Discovery and Exploration of Metzetli


Jo Ma'ril sent the following report to TMN:

TKA had some adventures in the jungle of Metz Island two zodiacs ago. We were searching for Boondoggle. It all started when Gubara came to town looking for Boondoggle. Ansset and Suu'ub III took off looking, while the rest of us stayed to glean more information from Gubara about where Boondoggle might have gone. Soon after, there was a sunstone message that a new island had been found.

The following message may contain spoilers. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the information below.

Since then, we had been pushing hard, trying to locate poor Boondoggle before he fell prey to the vicious Haremau, the swift Rudremau and the deadly Yorillas.

Using K'vynn and Ansset's skristal abilities, we set off in the direction of Boondoggle. This path took us all the way to the south bank of the river.


We then entered a beautiful and dense rain forest, where we encountered numerous Yorillas and Haremau. We also found monsters previously unfound anywhere, including the beautiful but dangerous Agronox.

In the jungle we climbed trees, swung from vines and did everything we could to reach Boondoggle. Alas, we all fell before reaching him.

We persevered though, and we eventually made it to Boondoggle after several attempts.


Boondoggle's crew had been wiped out on the expedition and we assisted him in getting back safely to Puddleby. Once there, he flirted with Entil and told us of his many adventures. He also let us have his Machete and his Vine Rope for future island expeditions. Now that Boondoggle is safe and sound, he is trying to raise coins again for another expedition to the island, or perhaps another island.

In the meantime, we will continue exploring the island.

-Jo Ma'ril

Posted by Para at 09:34 PM
Creed Reports from Metzetli


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail Para!

Members of the PAG group graciously allowed me to be their guest on a recent hunt, when they decided to try something new and visit Metzetli Island. I certainly got to see areas of Metz that I had not yet been able to visit, including the rainforest, where I got to climb a tree and then jump into the river to float almost all the way to the exit beach. I offer a few sketches of the adventure—a good time, I believe, for all!





Posted by Para at 08:29 PM


Kalian Noreal sent the following report to TMN:

Greetings Para,

Earlier in the day while hunting deep within ZI with PAG, I noticed Melabrion's presence in the lands. Having been years since I had seen my Master, I sunstoned him to see how his research on things had progressed. After a short talk, he told me that he was close to a breakthrough with shieldstones, but one of his sarirs named Sarahia had become lost. I told him that I would keep an eye out for her. I had a few mystics try and locate the name but with no luck; her presence was not to be found in the lands.

Hours later, after getting back from ZI, I noticed Sarahia in the lands. I asked Xel to locate her, and he told me that she was not on Puddleby Island but could help me no further for he was busy in the bard field at the time. I next asked Zex if he could help me find Sarahia. We headed to Melabrion's Island and started the search there, only to find that she indeed was on that island but on the Gungla side.

I asked Lorikeet and Daimoth if they could help me escort Zex to find the whereabouts of the lost Sarir. The search led us right to the Khororan Villagers' stone circle in the southwest part of the island's marsh. We found her sitting behind one of the rocks. She was a bit shocked to see us at first because she had borrowed a ring from Melabrion and was now hiding from him. I told her that I was there to bring her back to Melabrion. She explained to us that she needed to find a source of earth power to test how to increase the shieldstone's "effectiveness." (See picture above.)

We suggested a few places and ultimately decided that Ha'and in Greymyr Village would be the best place to go to complete her test so that I could bring her back to Melabrion.



She concentrated and channeled the earth energy but could not control it well enough. The duration was amazing, but I had to stop it, because she was wincing. At the same time, I yelled at her to take the ring off. Melabrion thought over the sunstone network, "Stop her!" We couldn't get it off. It broke.


I had to bring her to Melabrion right away now. I couldn't stop at anything for anything or it might be my neck instead of hers.


We started heading out through South Pass, where Xel and Kani had tracked our location. Suddenly, Sarahia's shieldstone let out a burst of energy blasting Kani and then myself.


We jumped into the pathfinding spot in South Pass, but Sarahia found this to be the perfect time to get away. She didn't want to go back out of fear of what Melabrion would do when he found out what she had done. Sarahia made it all the way to the Orga Camp by the time we had caught up to her. There was a strong army of orga holding her within their camp. This was my chance to get her back and return her to my master because now that she was fallen she could not run away from me again! As soon as I got the chance, I slung my chain around her before anyone could heal her and I ran straight for my master's keep. All I could think in my mind was "it's only a sarir . . . not an exile."

She yelled, and she pleaded for me to not take her to him . . . for she would become "nothing". But I cannot disobey my master even if this might be her fate in the end. Melabrion has not made a judgment yet on what is to happen to Sarahia. He must now examine the ring and research the consequences of her actions.


-Kalian Noreal

Posted by Para at 07:47 PM
Boats, Beer, and Bards: A Success


MaryJane sent the following report to TMN:

Dear Paramedic,

A fabulous time was had by all at the "Boats, Beer, and Bards" event hosted by the Dwarven Militia. I thought I would send along a report along with a few sketches.

It all started with calm seas and a pep talk on Centaur Island. We had a last-minute change in the route to make up for the fact that some folks may have broken their boats on GI and not been able to get off. So, the first stop was MI.

First stop: drinking two beers on MI beach

The race then continued along its announced route, and it was a close call. Mr. Largo would have come in second, but he was too drunk to make it around TI and just popped onto CI instead. Raul took first, followed closely by Kinon, and Farhope brought it to a close in third place. Special commendation goes to Kayander Mere who raced despite the worst weather possible. He hung in until the very end and was a real trouper!

Handing out the awards

Once we finished up the beer at all the stops, and sobered up enough to make it to the Bard Yard, we were treated to two songs for the bard portion of the events. Xel was kind enough to play Coriakin's entry for him. Coriakin was trapped on the boat back from Peaceton and could only hear the festivities over the sunstone network.



Next, Blackhand stepped up, and in his best drunken stupor sang a grand song for us.

Blackhand singing

We awarded him an honorable mention and a cask of beer for giving it a go without any training. Finally, we awarded Judder to Xel for his performance, teamwork, and for being a nice bard.

A great time was had by all, and you can bet that DM will be having more events soon. Keep your eyes on our scrolls at for more information about us and our drunken escapades.


Posted by Para at 07:19 PM